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We saw you at ... Lithuanian Days celebration at Schuylkill Mall

From left, Nadya Dereskavich, Freeland; Barbara Dereskavich, Barnesville; Toni Stone, Summit Station; and Joseph Dereskavich, Barnesville

Annual Pioneer Day fetes mining heritage

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Caroline Coyle, San Diego, left, and Sandra Coyle, Minersville For more photos from Lithuanian Days, see Page 4

Pioneer celebration

Ashland coal mining attraction presents annual event of food, fun, history, heritage BY ERIC PEDDIGREE COPY EDITOR


isitors to Ashland’s Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine & Steam Train Inc. on Saturday will have the opportunity to celebrate one of the state’s most popular attractions by stepping into the county’s mining past. The 21st annual Pioneer Day will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Pioneer Tunnel grounds and nearby Higher-Ups Park. The event celebrates the 51st anniversary of the Pioneer Tunnel as a tourist attraction. Two of Pioneer Day’s unique features include the coal mine excursions and steam train rides. Bill Billus, mine guide, said the mine tours run continuously throughout the event. On average, the tour runs about five times per day. On Pioneer, Day the tour will make a minimum of 15 to 20 trips into the tunnel, Billus said. “I like to see people walk down and say, ‘Where does the mine tour go?,’ ” Billus said, to which he replies, “Down the hole.” Billus said people are surprised by the choice of activities at the Pioneer Tunnel 2

If you go

· Event: 21st annual Pioneer Day celebration · When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday · Where: Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine & Steam Train Inc., Ashland, and HigherUps Park · Information: Call 570875-3850 or visit Coal Mine & Steam Train. He said people will come looking for the mine tour, not realizing there are rides on the “Henry Clay” steam lokie, or vice versa. It gives visitors an opportunity to experience a piece of history they didn’t know was available to them. “It works out equally either way,” Billus said. He said the mine tours average between 300 and 500 visitors during Pioneer Day, but the whole event gets much more people. “You could probably triple that for the people who come for the vendors and events,” Billus said. Billus said this year’s attendance will depend on weather. However, sometimes rain changes people’s plans to go other places, such as an amusement park, and they head to the tunnel. “The number seems to



People wait to board the Henry Clay lokie cars for a scenic ride around Mahanoy Mountain at the 2012 Pioneer Day celebration that featured lokie rides, mine tours and a plethora of food, crafts, music and other activities at the Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine & Steam Train Inc. and nearby Higher-Ups Park, Ashland. stay pretty even with the previous year,” he said. There will be plenty of music and entertainment throughout the day. The Breaker Boys will sing coal mining songs and tell stories around the Pioneer Tunnel grounds. Local band Memory Lane will perform classic oldies at the bandstand at Higher-


Ups Park from 1 to 4 p.m. The park will be bustling with activity Saturday. A craft fair will be spread throughout the park with more than 80 vendors selling unique, hand-crafted items. Many local community organizations will also be fundraising and displaying pictorials and information. The food vendors are a

highlight of the event. The choices include region favorites, such as haluski and pierogies; picnic staples, like hamburgers and hot dogs; and special treats, such as the return of popular Egyptian food stand. This year, new stands will offer artisan baked breads and homemade french fries. The Anthracite Museum,

South 20th Street, will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with tours scheduled at 11 a.m., noon, 1 and 2 p.m. Free parking and shuttle service will be available at Gitman Bros. parking lot, 23rd and Centre streets. For more information on Pioneer Day, call 570-875-3850 or visit www.pioneertunnel. com.

‘Kick’ sequel too much of not-so-good thing “I Hate Reboots,” reads a funny T-shirt that comic book/movie superhero nerd Dave Lizewski wears in “Kick Ass 2” — an obvious shot at “Spider-Man,” “Superman” and other franchises that wind down, then return to life entirely too soon on the big screen. But how do you feel about superhero sequels that pretty much nobody asks for, Dave? And we’re not talking about “Percy Jackson” here. “Kick Ass 2” comes three years after the modest ($48 million) success of “Kick Ass.” Covering much of the same ground, with a lot of the cute worn off or aged out of — Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) is no longer a preteen, Kick Ass himself (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) strains to look like a high school senior — the sequel is notable for some amusing bits, a few cool scenes, and its wince-worthy violence and staggering body count. So Dave suffers terrible beatings and Hit Girl delivers worse ones, with blood and bullets and worse. And the mobster’s son once known as Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) rounds up a posse of evil henchmen, becomes a super villain and kills or maims scores of cops and civilians. But here’s what works. Dave and Hit Girl talk about teaming up. They go to the same high school, after all. “We should be like Batman and Robin,” he begs. “NOBODY wants to be Robin,” she snaps back. Hit Girl is hitting puberty and having second thoughts about this night vigilante thing. She is thrown in with some mean-girl cheerleaders (led by an amusingly nasty Claudia Lee), and they try to teach her the joys of makeup, making out with boys and Union J. (They’re the hot boy band of the moment, the One

much of his life to acknowledge. Yes, he named the troubled “Lisa” project after her, but he only mellowed enough to accept her much later in life. And the story Direction in this comic-book ends before his last great act universe.) All the high school of stubbornness — relying stuff plays as wacky with a on diet and other ineffective hint of reality about it. holistic means to battle a Dave, meanwhile, finds perfectly treatable cancer. himself throwing in with The boardroom intrigues others who have taken to (Dermot Mulroney, J.K. Simwearing costumes and mons and Matthew Modine prowling the night streets, turn up as Apple bigwigs looking for injustice. here) are a bit dull and tend Because they call themto dominate the movie. selves Justice Forever. Jim It makes for a decent but Carrey is a bit out there as rushed film, and makes you Col. Stars & Stripes, a bornwish this team and their again mob enforcer, Donald ASSOCIATED PRESS effort had been aimed at a Faison makes a dopey Dr. “Jobs,” an Open Road Films, stars, from left, Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak, Ashton cable TV miniseries. NothGravity and Lindy Booth is ing less than the history of Kutcher as Steve Jobs, and Ron Eldard as Rod Holt. the tart who calls herself the modern world can be Night (rhymes with witch), ie that jokes about comic est hits and shortcomings. film captures the sad arc of gleaned from this one life, who becomes Dave’s parbook fanboys but stops short It’s superficial, but that the bromance between Jobs and squeezing it into two amour. of mocking them the way plays into the hands of the and the tech whiz and solder- hours makes “Jobs” more of What’s missing from this the first film did. Coming at film’s star, Ashton Kutcher. ing savant Steve Wozniak a chore than it should be. comic-book adaptation is Big the end of a comic book-satu- He may be a screen light(Josh Gad), a nerd’s nerd “Jobs,” an Open Road Daddy, the father played by rated summer, it would be weight, but the impersonwith a lot of interests. He release, is rated PG-13 for Nicolas Cage, who gave the too much of a good thing ation, starting with that basically invented the persome drug content and brief first film that last dollop of even if it were a good thing. famous walk, the famous sonal computer and went strong language. Running heart, who taught Hit Girl “Kick-Ass 2,” a Universal explosions of temper, and into business with Jobs not time: 122 minutes. ★★ her moves and who lifted release, is rated R for strong the hissing, spitting, insultjust for the challenge, the Matthew Vaughn’s “Kick violence, pervasive language, ing take-downs the man was money and the adventure, Reading Movies 11 & IMAX FRI-TUE 8/16-20 Ass” right to the edge of zany. crude and sexual content famous for, are spot on. DON’T JUST SEE A MOVIE, but for the chance to hang EXPERIENCE IT AT There’s no villain with the and brief nudity. Running The film is framed within out “with the coolest guy” Reading Movies 11 & IMAX 30 N. 2nd Street presence of the first film’s time: 95 minutes. ★★ 610-374-2828 · the crowning glory of Jobs’ he’d ever met. FREE GARAGE PARKING Mark Strong. Mintz-Plasse, Digital Projection & Sound and Apple’s comeback, the “Jobs” Stadium Seating “Jobs” details the odd even with henchmen and Tickets are now on sale for: 2001 arrival of the iPod, a Mortal Instruments: City of Bones: IMAX – diets, fast cars and Bob Dylan women he names “Genghis The new biopic “Jobs” is a Begins Wednesday, August 21 music delivery device that Showtimes for Friday, August 16 through mania of its hero, but never Carnage,” “Black Death” and solidly informative and Tuesday, August 20 was as “revolutionary” as BARGAIN TUESDAYS ALL SHOWS ALL DAY $5.25 really gets under the skin of “Mother Russia” (funny), is entertaining “Brief History (Excluding IMAX, Additional fee for 3D) every product Jobs pushed of Apple,” as seen through this adopted kid craving the lone villain and leaves NOW SHOWING IMAX: Elysium IMAX3D (R) 1:10, 4:10, 7:00, 9:40 for and hyped. “Jobs” flashes the eyes of its co-founding something to be desired. acceptance. We understand FEATURING IN REALD DIGITAL 3D: back to the hippie kid who PLANES IN DIGITAL 3D (G) And director Vaughn him- genius. We experience 30 his passion for design, but (4:20), 9:40 PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS IN years of Steve Jobs’ mercuri- recognized talent, and then self, whose way with action his “Eureka!” moments — DIGITAL 3D (PG) inspired, nagged, badgered 9:40 al life and times, with plenty (“Layer Cake”) and fantasy realizing portable CD players (4:05), JOBS (PG13) (1:35, 4:25), 7:15, 10:05 (“Stardust”) added up to the of tastes — but only tastes — talent to accept nothing less are “junk,” the unveiling of LEE DANIELS’ THE BUTLER (PG13) of triumph plus a few dashes than products — personal (1:20, 4:10), 7:00, 9:50 right touch in the first film, the Macintosh “1984” TV PARANOIA (PG13) computers, onward — for of comeuppance. (1:45, 4:35), 7:30, 10:15 is also missed. Writer-direccommercial — play as bland. KICK-ASS 2 (R) which “the market doesn’t Arrogant, selfish, obses(1:15, 4:15), 7:25, 10:05 tor Jeff Wadlow’s sequel The saga makes note of PLANES (G) sive, an idealistic, perfection- exist yet.” (1:30), 7:10 lumbers from cool action but doesn’t dwell on the ELYSIUM (R) Director Joshua Michael ist credit-hog who rolled over (1:30, 4:30), 7:20, 10:10 sequences and funny segdaughter Jobs refused for WE’RE THE MILLERS (R) Stern (“Swing Vote”), workfriends, adversaries, colments into dead ends. And (1:30, 4:15), 7:30, 10:15 PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS (PG) ing from a Matt Whiteley leagues and lovers with a the violence is, if anything, (1:05), 7:10 SMURFS 2 (PG) West Coast Video script, is most at home more extreme and more real single-mindedness that fit (1:20, 4:20), 7:15 2 GUNS (R) New Releases First! underlining — complete but lacking the “consequenc- his lurching, simian gait — (1:40), 7:15 WOLVERINE (PG13) the movie about him only with soaring violins on the es” that were the point of (4:30), 9:50 Elmer’s Hobby Shop THE CONJURING (R) has time to hint at what Mark Millar’s comic book. soundtrack — the red-letter 9:40 New Release CHILDREN UNDER 3 NOT ADMITTED TO PG13 or made the man tick and can That makes “Kick Ass 2” moments in Apple’s history, R RATED MOVIES AFTER 6PM Plastic Models First! SHOWTIMES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE more sour than sweet, a mov- only touch on Steve’s greatespecially early ones. The





We saw you at ... Lithuanian Days

Eva Stanus, left, and Mary Ann Kane, both of Port Carbon

Jennifer Bowen, left, and Gary MacCready, both of Orwigsburg

Josette Machese, left, Ashland, and Karen Domalakes, Frackville Nicholas Bucas, left, and Andrius Bucas, both of Chicago

Eileen Barlow, left, and Jean Straka, both of Shenandoah

Photos by Jacqueline Dormer

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Reader’s good fortune may have led to demise of lucky machine at casino

Dear Mark: I recently had the good fortune of hitting a sizable jackpot on a slot machine. It took over an hour to be paid, plus, they opened the machine, not once, but twice. Here is the funny part. I returned the following month, and the machine was gone. Do you think it was because of my jackpot that the machine was removed? Nate S. Although, Nate, you did not mention your jackpot’s size, when the win is over a specific amount, it is commonplace for a casino to verify a sizable win. To make sure the chips within have not been tampered with, the casino will run various tests to ensure that there is no hanky-panky going on. Those tests are required because of a statu-

Under-achievers that do not maintain the profits the casino is looking for are either relocated, or Deal Me In simply removed. Sure, Nate, your slot machine paid handsomely, but every machine eventually pays its top-end jackpot. You just happened to be that lucky son-of-a-gun who tory requirement where was sitting front-and-cenyou play or it is the casino’s ter when it did. operating procedure. I do not believe, Nate, that Hit or stand the disappearance of your Dear Mark: machine is related specificalI am not sure if you have ly to “YOUR” good fortune. answered this question All slot managers place their before, but is the player betmachines strategically to ter off when the dealer hits maximize customer appeal soft 17 or the dealer stands and potential casino earnon all 17s? ings, and one of their variMatt R. ables is that each slot A “soft” hand indicates machine is required to prothat a player or dealer duce its weight in gold to cannot go bust by taking hold its placement in the slot an additional card; otherwise, the hand is “hard.” lineup.

Mark Pilarski


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tional hit on a soft 17, eight Gambling wisdom of every 13 cards (Ace, 2, 3, 4, of the week 10, Jack, Queen or King) God not only plays dice, either improves the dealer’s he also sometimes throws hand, or keeps it the same. the dice where they cannot Moreover, if any of the be seen. other five cards are drawn — Stephen Hawking, (5, 6, 7, 8, or 9) the dealer “Nature” (vol. 257) still has some chance to (Pilarski can be reached at escalate his or her ue with another draw. My recommendation, Matt, is to search for a game where the dealer stands on a soft 17. Most casinos will indicate 2501 West End Ave., Pottsville directly on the table layout These Leagues looking for Bowlers: whether the dealer stands Wed.-Sportster Mixed - 4 on a team-6-8pm on all 17s, or must hit a soft Queen B’s-Women - 4 on a Team 6:30pm 17 and stand on hard 17 or Thurs.-Trio-Mixed - 3 on a team 7:30pm better. Call to sign up


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For example: An Ace, 6 is a soft 17. An Ace, 6 and 10 is a hard 17 since now the Ace must be counted as a one. As a player, you are better off when the dealer stands on all 17s. When the rules allow the dealer to hit soft 17, he or she has a chance to improve a so-so hand, plus, they can’t bust with their next hit. Also, when the rules allow the dealer to hit a soft 17, you are giving the house an additional two-tenths of one percent advantage over your play. Here’s the deal, Matt. When a dealer gets that addi-


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The Rockettes are joined by a live camel in the lobby of Radio City Music Hall in New York on Tuesday. They were on hand to kick off the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the venue’s annual “Christmas in August” event. The Rockettes are, from left, Tara, Nicole, Melinda, Danelle, Dani and Traci.


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