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The Newsletter for Repton School Autumn - Winter 2016

Election Fever

Microsoft Showcase School We are pleased to announce our award of Microsoft Showcase School status. Repton is now one of 851 schools worldwide to hold this award and one of only 34 in the UK. The Microsoft Surface Programme is currently being rolled out and is complemented by Office 365 ProPlus and hosted via Microsoft Azure Cloud technologies. This award recognises our commitment to the use of ICT in teaching and learning at the School and is part of our eminent and progressive classroom practice.

Trip to America

Arkwright Scholars

With less than a month to go until the presidential election, Repton’s Sixth Form Politics and History pupils witnessed first hand the tension throughout America’s capital during their half-term trip to the United States.

Sam Riley (L6P) and Tom Hvass (L6O) received their Arkwright Scholarships for Engineering during half term in London and were accompanied by Head of Design Technology, Mr Setterington. An Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is the most prestigious scholarship of its type in the UK to inspire and nurture the country’s future leaders of the engineering profession. The scholarships are awarded to high-calibre students through a rigorous selection process.

In Washington, a tour of the Capitol Building and the Library of Congress was followed by a visit to the Arlington Cemetery and John F. Kennedy’s grave, where the ‘Eternal Flame’ resides. During a brief stop in Philadelphia, the group was given a guided walking tour of landmarks such as Benjamin Franklin’s home, his grave and the Liberty Bell. Arriving in New York, the group was met with bright lights, aggressive advertisements and shopping opportunities as far as the eye could see before making its way to the Empire State to observe the city at night. A visit to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island allowed pupils to learn about the immigrants that early America was built on, whilst a visit to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum at Ground Zero allowed for time to reflect and observe. The group also met with inspirational Fire Captain Mitchell, who was on the scene after the first plane hit the WTC.

Biologists discover Wales

A group of 34 intrepid Upper Sixth biologists set off on their annual pilgrimage to Margam Discovery Centre in October. On the first day, a visit to Bracelet Bay on the Gower Peninsula gave them the opportunity to study the ecology of the rocky shore ecosystem and the adaptations to life in this extreme environment. Saturday was spent sampling the weird and wonderful invertebrates lurking at the bottom of the freshwater streams and ponds. Prizes for the biggest dragonfly nymph and the smallest cased caddisfly nymph were eagerly competed for. Sunday saw a visit to Kenfig National Nature Reserve with the special plants, birds and insects that depend on this type of coastal habitat for their survival. Whilst studying psammosere succession and completing a core-practical were the aims of the day, a picnic was enjoyed on the beach, and that evening the Biology Field Trip Quiz Extravaganza took centre stage – it was a close affair with Matt, Oscar, Mimi, Catherine and Peter’s team winning by just one point. The final day was spent checking the traps (one toad, a slug, a field mouse and two bank voles) and consolidating the learning from the previous days.

Field Weekend In early October the CCF troops arrived at Beckingham for their testing overnight navigation exercise. Within minutes they made their way in House formation to the bivvi site to set up their harbour areas. Each cadet was tasked with leading, navigating or pacing a leg of the exercise. By 2300hrs all cadets had successfully made it back to their harbour areas, exhausted and ready for a good night’s sleep. In the morning the cadets rose to a cold, two degrees, damp, mist filled wood line. As the mist cleared and temperatures increased the morning was spent on first aid, navigation, camouflage and concealment, introduction to the cadet rifle and tactical movement in the field.

Repton Factor B Block pupils competed for the prestigious title of ‘Repton Factor Winners 2016’ at the start of the new academic year. Based around the theme of the Rio Olympic Games, the year group was split into eight teams with a mix of genders and Boarding Houses to ensure that new pupils met as many others as possible. The teams competed in a variety of challenges set around the School. They searched for the oldest graffiti in the Library, shot rockets at an army on Chapel Hall, built egg towers in DT, learnt some Repton lingo in English and completed marine training on the Paddock. There was a real sense of excitement, fun and sportsmanlike competitiveness shown (and that was just from their team leaders – some of the newly appointed Upper Sixth prefects!).

Autumn - Winter 2016

Admission of Scholars The inaugural Admission of Scholars Ceremony took place at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term, recognising the achievements of the new B Block pupils who had been awarded with a scholarship upon entry to Repton. Scholars are expected to show the highest level of endeavour and be a role model to all fellow Reptonians.

GCSE & A Level Results

Our A Level pupils achieved outstanding results this year, with 18.9% of the entries receiving an A* grade and 54.8% being awarded an A* or A grade. Rebecca Williams (M), secured her place at Trinity Hall, Cambridge with five A* grades and also won a Choral Award. Four other pupils had places at Cambridge confirmed: Liza Hartley (F), Charmaine Tam (A), Roddy Freeman (C), and Maxim Hibbs (S). Thomas Croghan (C) achieved the grades he required to read PPE at Oxford University. There was also an excellent set of GCSE results with six pupils gaining an A* for each subject they sat, and more than a quarter (27.6%) of Repton’s entries were awarded an A*. Alice Earwicker (L6A) was awarded 12 A* passes. Lucy Goodacre (L6A), Arnav Rai (L6P) and Samuel Riley (L6P) received 11 top grade passes each, and Bobby Fordi (L6S), Isabel Hurren (L6A), Matthew Jankinson (L6L) and Qasim Khan (L6C) each achieved 10 A*s.

American Dream Mimi Tarrant (U6M) has been awarded a place at Harvard. She will spend four years in America studying for her undergraduate degree whilst continuing to play hockey at a high standard. Mimi has received excellent feedback from Harvard’s Admissions Committee who have praised her academic, extracurricular and personal achievements and expressed their belief that she will be a particularly good match for the opportunities and challenges at the university.

Special Mention • Out of 15,000 entries from around the world Lucas Pringle (5P) won the secondplace prize in the international Ayn Rand Institute’s Anthem essay competition.

New Library Resources

School Gold CREST Developments for Peter

An exciting resource is now available for all pupils on the school network.

The end of the first half of the Michaelmas Term was marked with the School coming together for Lists to celebrate the achievements of pupils over the first seven weeks of the academic year.

The JSTOR Secondary Schools Collection offers access to the full text of over 2,200 leading academic journals. It provides excellent support for the teaching and learning of a wide range of subjects and is especially useful for Sixth Formers conducting independent research and EPQs. Micro-libraries have been established to give pupils the opportunity to read books in other areas of the School such as the Grubber, Sports Centre and JCR. The new Junior Reading Group will provide a chance for junior members of the School to curl up with a book of their choice for an hour in the afternoon. A chess board and other board games are also now available in the Library for those who would like to enjoy the quiet.

The Headmaster took this opportunity to introduce two new pupil bodies: The Captains’ Club for sport and The Academy for scholastic and co-curricular activities. The Aims of School have undergone a significant process of reform with the addition of a Set of Values: Wholeness, Truth through Learning, Excellence as an Aspiration for all and Respect for the unexceptional in each other. A new publication, The Headmaster’s Reading List, was also introduced. The reading list features over 150 titles recommended to pupils by members of Common Room.

Peter Williams (U6L) was awarded a prestigious Nuffield Research Placement, spending his summer holiday completing a placement at the Royal Derby Hospital to work on a real-life scientific project. His project was assessed, by leading scientists in the East Midlands, to be worthy of a Gold CREST award - the highest level awarded by the British Science Association - and he was also encouraged to submit his project to the National Big Bang Science Competition.

Great Expectations

Artpidemic The haunting adaptation of Dickens’ great novel showcased the creative and technical abilities of pupils from all year groups, both on and off stage in the 400 Hall. With a beautiful set and costumes realised by the Art and Textiles departments, Pip’s extraordinary story of childhood hope and adult regret was a memorable theatrical experience. Hattie Nieper (3F) was spectacular in her portrayal of Young Pip, as was George Shirley (L6N) as the older counterpart. The audience was captivated with a mesmerising performance by Abbey Lloyd (U6G) as the bitter Miss Havisham and Sam Riley (L6P) perfectly portrayed the sympathetic and loving nature of Joe Gargery. Well done to all cast and crew.

Chamber Choir perform on BBC Radio 4 On Thursday 10th November 30 of Repton’s finest singers travelled to Manchester to perform for the BBC Radio 4 Daily Service broadcast. After a rigorous audition process their singing was broadcast live to 250,000 people over the airwaves from St Emmanuel Church, Didsbury. The radio show is one of the longest running in history and the choir rose to the occasion magnificently. It was a particular privilege for them to be able to sing the tune ‘Repton’ as part of the service and for the presenter to go into detail about its history with the School.

Art in Repton has mutated into a new highly infectious strain. Symptoms include sudden bursts of performance art, uncontrollable spasm of the shutter-finger, stitch, protracted trances before subtly beautiful objects and unpredictable acts of pulchritude. In one outbreak the great expectations for the set of the school play were thoroughly lived up to and our theatre was transformed into an oneiric otherworld of faded magic-realist glory. B Block Artists are testing out a vaccine in the form of a mural painted to clad the inside of the Lych gate in the centre of the village to honour Holocaust Memorial Day. Even Boarding Houses, departments and the Hall itself have caught severe cases of Painting and Photography installation. Our Photographers brave infection daily to win competitions and have their work published. Strike a pose anywhere and you will probably hear a quiet, repeated click from somewhere nearby.

Cambridge Organ Scholar Kyoko Canaway (U6G) has been awarded a prestigious Organ Scholarship at Gonville and Caius, Cambridge for October 2018. After a four-day interview process involving three academic interviews and organ auditions, Kyoko was delighted to learn that she would receive a scholarship and read Modern and Medieval Languages at the distinguished college. Before that Kyoko will spend a year at Chichester Cathedral where she has also been appointed Organ Scholar.

Autumn - Winter 2016

Junior School Play: Animal Farm

Christmas cards

Residents of Repton and the surrounding villages have received a copy of the Christmas Services from St Wystan’s Church. Its cover features a wonderful design from our talented Upper Sixth artist Harriet Glover (U6M). The bright and eye-catching image speaks powerfully of the message of Christmas.

An ensemble company of pupils from B and A Block led the audience into a farmyard bristling with collectivist zeal in a short, fast-moving and appealing adaptation of George Orwell’s satire Animal Farm. The show was performed and technically managed entirely by 13-15 year olds and the result was a memorable evening’s entertainment.

Christmas cards featuring winter scenes around Repton are also now available to purchase from the School Shop. The new cards are ideal for sending back home to family or to Old Reptonians and a pack of six A5 size cards costs £5.50.

Out of the Box This term’s Studio Play showcased the talents of an incredibly versatile band of young actors who entertained us with their ever so slightly twisted retelling of classic folk tales. Out of the Box was an intriguing performance comprising three short but thrilling tales. Venetia Mair (L6F) played a fantastic Bluebeard alongside Scarlett LloydDickinson (4G) who impressed the audience playing the doomed bride. Elli Henson (L6A) and Varvara Kurdakova (L6F) were hilarious as the two sisters in Beauty and the Beast and Teddy Fluck (4L) made quite an impression as the Emperor in The Emperor’s New Clothes. Well done to all cast and crew.

House Unison Weeks of committed rehearsals culminated in strong performances from the Houses for the annual Unison singing competition. The Mitre, superbly led by Arabella Heap (U6M), were awarded first place with their performance of We are Young by Fun. The Upper Sixth girls ironically dressed up as grannies and took to the stage in junior school skirts, slippers and grey wigs. Runners-up The Abbey and Latham were also praised for their carefully crafted performances by the judge.

Repton Resounds Over 150 pupils in Years 4-6 from Repton Primary School and Foremarke Hall attended the Repton Resounds singing day on Thursday 3rd November. Coming together in Pears School, the children spent the day learning a variety of songs including a Gospel Medley, Grandma Rap, African songs and many others including actions and spontaneous dance moves! During the day the pupils were treated to a demonstration of the organ in the School Chapel, and heard from the Repton School Chamber Choir who sang Rutter’s ‘I will sing with the spirit’. The final Celebration Concert, attended by many parents and supporters, was a real treat and pupils performed with energy and enthusiasm. A super day of singing!

Cup Fever


The Repton football teams have enjoyed some wonderful cup success over the course of the Michaelmas Term. The 1st XI led the way with wins over Wellington College, Highgate and Bury Grammar School in a run to the Quarter Final of the Boodles ISFA Cup for the second consecutive year where we just lost out to old rivals Shrewsbury in a tight 2-1 away defeat. They will continue their quest for silverware with both Staffordshire and Derbyshire County Quarter Finals next term.

Over the summer the boys’ team made it through to the final 16 in the Glanvill Cup. The team of Dom Lea (S), Joe Cook (C), James Finnigan (N), William Davies (O) and Tom Nevill (O) finished in a final position of 9th in the nation.

The U15A team are having a stunning season, having also made it through to the Quarter Final of the Investec ISFA Cup. This has included wins over muchfancied teams such as Priory School and Aldenham. The latter was achieved on penalties with Eno Nto (3P) equalising with the last kick of the game before Harrison Solomon (3P) slotted the winning penalty in the shoot-out. They then followed this up with victory in the District Cup Final which was played at St. George’s Park. This is the third consecutive victory for this year group in the competition. They are also through to the Semi Final of the Staffordshire County Cup which will come to a climax next term.

After four phases of competition, the junior boys were crowned regional champions in November and qualified for the national finals. They are now one of the top four schools in the nation from the 650 schools that started. The finals will be contested in December at the Bolton Arena. Good luck to Martin Thomas (5O), James Murphy (4S), Alex Ottewell (4N), Kilian Hoppner (4L) and Archie Hill (5C).

Finally, the U14A team also lifted the District Cup with an exciting 3-2 victory over a talented Robert Sutton team at St.George’s Park. They are also through to the last 16 of their ESFA competition with the next tie due to be played in early December whilst the U16A boys have also made it through to their County Cup Quarter Final.

Midland Champions Siblings in Kenya’s

National Polo team

Congratulations to the Girls’ U18 XI who are Midland U18 hockey champions for the 15th year in a row. Outstanding performances from the whole squad throughout the tournament ultimately saw them defeat Trent 2-0 in the final. Days later, and inspired by the U18’s success, the U16s competed in the Midland finals where they beat Wellingborough, Oundle and Oakham before another final against Trent. Christina Jowett (4F) secured a 1-0 victory with the only goal of the game, meaning that the U16s too are Midland Champions.

Megan Griffiths (5M) was selected during the summer to play for the Kenyan U18 National Polo team alongside her brother Harry Griffiths (U6N) who captains the team. This was the first U18 tournament played in Kenya for some years and was made up of the best players in the country with the Kenyan side going on to win the tournament.

England Call-ups During half-term 18 pupils played in the Futures Cup tournaments and HiPAC training camps. As a result of their performance the following pupils have now been called up to the England Hockey National Age Groups Squads (NAGS). U18 Boys: Elliot Killington (L6S) and Finley Newton (L6C), U16 Boys: Jeremy Nelson (5L) and Xavier Teyletche (4N) and U18 Girls: Nicole Bowen (U6F) In addition to these selections Esme Burge (U6G) has flown out to Chile with OR Erica Sanders to represent England in the Junior World Cup. Ollie Rogerson (U6C) is currently training with England U21 squad and Charlie Collins (L6P), George Rice (5N), Ben Foxley (U6P), Alice Bennett (L6G) are training with Wales U18s. Stuart Kentwell (5N) played in the Pan American Games in June for the USA U21 team.

Autumn - Winter 2016

Hockey in Hamburg Olympic Success Over half term the U16 boys’ and girls’ hockey squads enjoyed a three day hockey tour to Hamburg. Whilst there the teams had training and matches at Gross Flotbek and Club an der Alster as well as games at DHC Hannover where they met with ORs Daniel and Taschi Cierpka who organised select XIs to play against us. Both sides performed amazingly against much older opponents – Immy Neiper (5F) was the first to score in a match against Hannover’s U20s that eventually finished 2-2. The boys suffered a 3-6 loss to Hannover’s U18 side but it was a fantastic experience and great to play against OR Dan.

Olympic fever hit Repton over the summer as the School celebrated the achievements of alumni and close friends. Almost 200 people gathered at the Sports Centre to watch GB swimmer Adam Peaty power his way to GB’s first Olympic gold medal of the Games and a new world record in the men’s 100m breaststroke event. Peaty trained up to eight times a week at Repton, working with his coach Melanie Marshall who was the school’s swimming coach. The celebrations continued with the historic success of team GB’s women’s gold medal-winning hockey squad in Rio. Four of the squad members were educated at Repton. Georgie Twigg, in her second Olympics, was joined in the GB squad by Shona McCallin and going with them as travelling GB reserves were Joie Leigh and Ellie Watton. The scorer of Germany’s first goal in their bronze medal-winning match was Charlotte Stapenhorst, another former pupil. We are delighted to announce ‘An Evening with Adam Peaty’ on Friday 3rd February. Tickets are available from

UK School Games

Stop the press!

Ten pupils competed in the UK School Games this September. Jess Richardson (L6G) participated in the Judo competition and Rebekah Walton (L6F) in Athletics. The remaining eight pupils were all selected for Hockey; George Rice (5N) and Alice Bennett (L6G) represented Wales and Molly Brealey (U6G), Rosie Campion (U6F), Mia Foster (U6G), Jamie Greenwood (U6S), Sophie Holliday (U6F) and James Sookias (U6S) played for England.

Owen Randall (3O) and Will Hobson (4S) have been signed to the Derbyshire Mini Academy Elite Player Pathway. Congratulations to them both. Eno Nto (3P) has been signed to the Derby County FC Academy.

In November Jess was also part of the England U18 Judo team that competed in Flanders.

Cricket The 1st XI concluded an excellent season with a win on Speech Day over Repton Pilgrims. Captain Joss Morgan (S) concluded his Repton career by hitting the winning runs and scoring 84 not out – a fine way to finish! This left the 1st XI unbeaten in the last seven weeks of term and final ten games. Notable mentions should go to Joss Morgan (S) who recorded the fine achievement of scoring over 1000 runs in his two years in the 1st XI, to Callan Harvey (O) who top scored with over 600 runs and also to Jack Bull (O) who became only the second bowler to take over 25 wickets in a 1st XI season since 2009. James Sookias (U6S) spent the summer playing for Derbyshire CCC 2nd XI as their wicketkeeper.

Philippa Wilson (U6G) has been selected for the Loughborough Lightening Talent Squad. This elite group of players forms the development squad for Loughborough Lightening, one of the UK’s top 10 Super league teams. Phili was also part of the School 1st VII who have qualified for the regional finals that are to be played in January.

Girls’ U18 ISFA National 7s Winners Spirits were high as Repton fielded possibly the strongest ever team. After defeating three time champions Bede’s 3-1 in the semi-finals, the final was a case of déjà vu with King’s Taunton, last year’s winners, the opponents. The game was a highly tense affair, finishing 0-0 and going to extra time before penalties. Anna Jowle (U6M) stepped up to score the first penalty before Taunton responded with a goal. Hannah Davey (L6F) then hit a superb penalty that was somehow saved by the Taunton number one. Isobel Emmett (U6M), who had dazzled throughout the tournament, took the third penalty and fooled the goal keeper: 2-1. Standing tall, Abbey Lloyd (U6G) saved the final Taunton spot kick and then was mobbed by her grateful teammates, celebrating Repton’s first Girls’ ISFA 7s title.

Autumn - Winter 2016

Phizz-whizzing Dahl Day Repton celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of one its most famous alumni, the world-renowned children’s author Roald Dahl, by inviting pupils and staff from local primary schools to visit and enjoy a series of Dahl-related activities. The Year 5 and 6 pupils experienced playing Fives, taking part in a workshop with the Junior Literary Society, visiting the Dahl exhibition in the Library and finishing their visit with tea in The Priory, Dahl’s former Boarding House. The Headmaster engaged the children in a game which involved learning about Dahl’s creative use of language and culminated with the Headmaster dressing up as a very familiar Dahl character. The Houses also celebrated the centenary with many themed lunches and teas. A beautifully illustrated booklet was also made available to all pupils and staff to mark the occasion and provide more information about Dahl’s time at Repton.

Remembrance Sunday Dress to Impress & Sale of Work The School gathered to commemorate the fallen at its annual Remembrance Sunday service. The choir, under the Direction of Mr OIiver Walker, sang magnificently, not least in the motet, For the Fallen. Our trumpeters added solemnity to the service and the CCF were a credit to the School.

This year’s Dress to Impress saw pupils and teachers don fancy dress in a fundraising effort. Repton was awash with whacky and wonderful costumes including french maids, sumo wrestlers, hippies and cheerleaders. Government and Politics teachers Mr Couldrey and Mrs Parish embraced the frenzy of the US presidential election by dressing up as the two candidates days before the results were announced.

The Headmaster preached on the importance of honouring the memory of heroes who survived and those taken from the storm of war, asking us to live each day in light of the sacrifices made that we might live in freedom and peace.

The annual Sale of Work featured a huge variety of different stalls, activities, food, competitions and crafts organised by pupils, staff and the village. The Headmaster’s debut on The Priory’s ducking stall was a particularly popular attraction and the day ended with a truly spectacular firework display. Funds raised by Dress to Impress and the Sale of Work will be added to those from other charitable activities this term. The money will go to support a wide range of local, national and international charities.



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The Newsletter for Repton School

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