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November 2013 Volume 97 Issue No. 11

President’s Message An Ode to Fall and Lutefisk I just got done helping with the annual 101st First Lutheran Lutefisk dinner. I assume most in the Lodge know the history of that event (after all, I know one of our Lodge past Presidents has been a longtime greeter for the event, and many of our Lodge members – both on the board and off – have also worked the FLC even). There are many out there way more qualified to give you the history on this event so I won't even try. (For those of you who are really curious, head on down to the Poulsbo Historical Society - I know those folks can give you the history of the event in detail from start to finish.) For a lot of years, the arrival of fall leaves heralded a number of things – football at the high school, lutefisk, and at the end (of the leaves falling), Halloween. From my personal (historical) perspective, I remember starting out working the Lutefisk dinner as a Boy Scout “parking attendant” at about 12. I had to work a 'whole' 3 hours or so – which was practically all day if you are a kid. At the end of my shift I had meatballs, potatoes and lefse (hmm...what was missing there?). I recall also helping move lutefisk from the “cutters” to the kitchen – my father, mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles (and great aunts & uncles), along with all flavors of cousins, worked the event in various capacities. I distinctly remember my father and Aldeen Smalaaden showing me how they cut the fisk and the distinctive aroma in both the fish cutting area and in the kitchen. I remember also people running back & forth trying to figure out the score of the Huskies and Cougars games on the radio and the cheers that went up from the kitchen (and diners) when they realized a touchdown had been scored! This dinner was one of the many events in town that caused me to realize what a truly unique community we are living in! Note that our Lodge also has its own Lutefisk dinner coming on Jan 25th. I've been proud to be able to help with that dinner for a number of years too, and we have a great crew of folks (you know who you are!) and I salute them for making that a premiere event in the Lutefisk circuit. (Yes, there is a whole list of similar events for the next four months – and if you need those dates, we have a great list

from Christine Anderson of Leif Erickson #1 that will help you.) For now, put that 01/25 date on your calendar, it's not too early – and if you can't make it down to volunteer (Judy & Vicky among others would appreciate your help) at LEAST come down and have a great meal. And who's very probable we'll be celebrating the Seahawks making a playoff run just about that same time. Tusen Takk, Tony

Veterans Appreciation Night Patriotism is the key word for this annual event to be held in the Marine Room on Saturday, November 9. Admission is free for Veteran members with all or part of a uniform and $5 for other members. Come and enjoy a meal from the Canteen from 5-7 pm. The bar will also be open. The program at 7pm features speaker Lt. Commander Richie Taylor. A performance by the choral group The Independents will share many familiar patriotic tunes and will have a video display of images of our Armed Forces on the big screen. Flags from the past will be on display. Dance to Buddy and his band Undecided downstairs in the Viking Room at 8pm.







3 AdvNorwegian 10-12 Ladies Club 12:00

Tai Chi 10:30

7:00 Board Meeting


Kaffe Stua 11am-2pm


1Nordic Needleworkers 10 to 1 pm



Vestre Sund Mannskor 7-9pm Friday Night Dinner Woodcarving 6-8:30 6-8 pm Special Dinner


Wii Bowling 6pm Trolls Den

3 Pancake Breakfast

4 Library 4:30-7



Tai Chi 10:30 Norwegian Language Beginning 5:30pm Adv. Beginning 6:30 5:00 to 7:00 Adv Int. 7:30pm Menu Dinner Beg Folk Dance 78:15, Beyond Basics 8:15-9:15

Nordic Needleworkers 10 to 1 pm

10-12 Kaffe Stua 11am-2 pm

Woodcarving 6-8:30 Vestre Sund Mannskor 7-9 pm

7:30 Lodge Meeting

Friday Night Dinner 6-8 pm

9 Veterans Night 5 p.m. Canteen 7 p.m. program 8 p.m. dance music

Trivia Night 6 pm Trolls Den Special Dinner





Tai Chi 10:30


Women’s Book Discussion 1:00 Liberty Bay Books



Library 4:30-7

Kaffe Stua 11am-2 pm


Norwegian Language Women’s Book Beginning 5:30pm Adv. Beginning 6:30 Discussion 1:00 Liberty Bay Book Adv Int. 7:30pm Store Live Music Dance 5:00 to 7:00 Party 7-9 Menu Dinner Leikerringen 4:30-7:00

25 Library 4:30-7 26 Norwegian Language Tai Chi 10:30 Beginning 5:30pm Adv. Beginning 6:30 5:00 to 7:00 Adv Int. 7:30pm Menu Dinner Beg Folk Dance 78:15, Beyond Basics 8:15-9:15

15 Nordic Needleworkers 10 to 1 pm


Woodcarving 6-8:30 Vestre Sund Mannskor 7-9 pm Friday Night Dinner Wii Bowling 6-8pm Rick 6pm Trolls Den Mitchusson & Crew Steak Special Dinner


Tai Chi 10:30


14 Adv Norwegian 10-12

5:00 to 7:00 Menu Dinner

2 0 1 3

7 AdvNorwegian 8



Adv Norwegian 10-12 Kaffe Stua 11am-2 pm


Nordic Needleworkers 10 to 1 pm

Woodcarving 6-8:30 Trivia Night 6 pm Trolls Den Special Dinner

Friday Night Dinner 6 - 8 pm

Vestre Sund Mannskor 7-9pm

27 Kaffe Stua 11am-2 pm




Fri Night Dinner 6 - 8 pm

30 10:00 am Lodge Christmas Decorating

Lodge Closed

Leikerringen 4:30-7:00

To Help with Tuesday Night Dinners please call Ralph Naddeo@ 253 565 2319. More Crews/Volunteers are needed for Friday Night Dinners, contact Doug Stuart 360 801 7242 or Barb Mitchusson 360 779 4553. For various reasons, menus and/or the cost of meals may vary from time to time from what is shown on the calendar. Call the lodge office or Trolls Den for the most current information regarding meals.

Permanent Gift of Love We are fast approaching the Holidays. It is also the time when we think of gift giving. One of the best gifts a parent or grandparent can give to a child is a gift of permanent life insurance. The Sons of Norway have given us three ways that this can be done. The three are; Viking Voyager, Nordic Elite II, and Single Premium Whole Life. How does each work? Viking Voyager is designed for: Sons or Daughters, Nieces and/or Nephews, and grandchildren and great grandchildren. Certificate owner (Parent or grandparent) may choose to make either annual payments or a one-time single premium payment that provides a life insurance benefit of $10,000, $15,000, or $25,000. At the owner’s option (parent or grandparent); at the child’s age of 26, the life insurance can be converted to a permanent plan of life insurance regardless of the health of the child. Children age 17 or younger are eligible for Viking Voyager. Nordic Elite II is a more flexible plan. Life insurance and premium amount are flexible. The best way to explain this is what I have done for our granddaughter. The policy amount is $100,000; the premium amount is $100/month, with options to purchase future amounts of life insurance, regardless of her health. The reason for this type is to build up cash value for her use in the future. If she becomes uninsurable, the option can be used to purchase more. The policy can be designed to keep up with inflation. The last type has become very popular with grandparents. Single Premium Whole Life is where you make one guaranteed single premium payment and the policy is paid up with no additional premium payments ever! This is where a grandparent, with funds from savings accounts, retirement accounts, CDs, inheritance or an insurance payout, can make one payment and the life insurance is guaranteed to age 121. Single Premium Whole Life is an excellent way to transfer your assets to your heirs—tax free when arranged properly. Marlene and I can explain each of these types in detail. Some of you make think why not term? When you purchase Term Insurance you are renting the policy. Permanent is what it says, and if done right cannot be canceled. It is also like the Eveready battery: it is a Gift that keeps Giving! You can telephone me at Ralph M. Naddeo (253) 565-2319 or email me at “”.Marlene Taylor, a Charter Life Underwriter, (CLU) will be able to assist you in all of your estate planning needs. She can be contacted at 360-426-5595.

Poulsbo Sons of Norway Bazaar and Julefest Saturday December 7 Bazaar 10-4 Julefest 4-5:30 Be sure to come to the Lodge on Saturday December 7, 2013 for our annual holiday Bazaar. It will be held in the Marine Room from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. Some of the things available to purchase are Scandinavian gifts, crafts, wood products, rosemaling and much more, as well as treasures from our white elephant table. Also available for sale will be Juleneks, a sheaf of grain traditionally hung out for the birds. For your eating pleasure there will be pea soup, rommegrot and for younger appetites, there will be hot dogs, soda and chips. Lefse and Krumkake making will be demonstrated and cooked to order. A variety of delectable baked goods will be sold by the Ladies Club. Attendees will also enjoy entertainment provided by the Poulsbo Leikarringen folk dancers and singing by Vestre Sund Mannskor. A silent auction will also provide a variety of interesting items in support of the Sons of Norway Scholarship Fund. Come for the Bazaar and plan to stay for the Julefest starting at 4:00 pm. Julefest will be from 4:00 to 5:30 pm at Muriel Williams Waterfront Park and Kvelstad Pavilion this same day. After introductions, Miss Poulsbo will light the Waterfront Christmas Tree. Vocal selections by Vestre Sund Mannskor will be followed by the audience dancing around a small Christmas tree on the stage. A Norwegian exchange student will assist with some traditional Scandinavian song games. After the torchlight Procession by Sons of Norway Vikings, the echoing sounds of the Viking Horn announce a long boat emerging from the darkness with Lucia on the bow. The Vikings, with their torches, escort Lucia, our Lodge Queen, and her court to the Pavilion. Lucia is then presented with a fire starter with some of the Original Jule log from Norway. The royalty is escorted to the fire pit by the Vikings. After the fire is lit, Viking Brian Davis gives a proclamation on the Jule Fire Ceremony. Lucia and her princesses pass out saffron buns. Santa and Nisse arrive for the children on a fire truck. Hot dogs, cocoa and cider are available for purchase during the event. Please plan to attend this beautiful program. Dress warmly; the event goes on regardless of the weather. For more information please contact Vicky Spray at the lodge office, 360-779-5209.

Rhonda Mitchusson, Co-Cultural Dirs. Grace Overby and Elizabeth Moseng, FOR THE GOOD Youth Dir. Alisha Anunson, Sports Dir. John Emrick, Pub. Dir. Judy Morgan, OF THE ORDER Foundation Dir. Phil Swenson, Auditor (2014) Sue Dabinett, Auditor (2013) Amy Swenson, Auditor (2012) Phil October Meeting Highlights Swenson, Trustee (2014) Rob Kodalen, The cultural program was Dave Trustees (2013, 2012)-open, Historian, Shields and Jerry Reitan presenting a Ralph Naddeo, Marshall, Donna video and informational program about Kodalen, Assist. Marshall, Roger the Poulsbo Boats Swenson, Greeter 1 Donna Rice, Greeter 2 Åsa Chapman, Musician New members: Kristin Lacroix, Marlene Taylor, Editor Joanne Graves. Suzanne Arness, Terri Lally, Emilee They will be voted on at the November Cleaver, Trent Martinsen and Ray meeting. Nominations may be made Weber; from the floor. The 2014 District 2 convention date Building Association Secretary Barb change to June 4-7, to be held in Mitchusson announced there are plans Eugene, OR. Treasurers' Report being made for a great deal of work in showed the Lodge to be $5,152.43 in the black for the month of September. the Marine room to ready it for the 2016 Centennial. Bldg. Assoc. Member Youth Director Alisha Anunson said that there would be a dance workshop Kristin Holt and Office Manager Vicky Spray went over every detail of the on Oct. 28 with Toby and Ginny of room and created a list, which includes Vestafor from 7 to 9. Sports Director cost estimates. Ladies Club President John Emrick encouraged members to Darlene Burke said that plans are participate in the Sports Medal Program. He has score cards available. underway for baking events at the Lodge and making craft items for the Social Director Rhonda Mitchusson th Christmas Bazaar. King Viking Chris announced the Oct. 18 Ocktoberfest Whitley said that the big event coming dinner, Halloween Party, featuring th up for them would be the Julefest karaoke with Vee on Oct. 25 . There activities. He hopes that more people will be a costume and pumpkin will become Vikings and invited them contest. Publicity Director Judy to the meetings and events. Viking Morgan had a detailed report of Calendars will be available and cost activities and their promotion at $10. District 2 Treasurer Phil Swenson various venues. She will be on the and Julie had been to Adult Heritage Scandanavian Hour on Oct. 25. Veterans' Appreciation Night on Nov. camp at Trollhaugen. 9. Rhonda Mitchusson is working with Board Action 10/01/13 John Emrick for this event. Auditor  Allowed use of Marine room David Rice thanked members for for Miss taking security detail and gave a Poulsbo/Kitsap/Silverdale special thanks to Ralph and Katie practice for $250 each session Naddeo who have done upwards of 20  Changed Installation and Lodge events. Joanne Graves encouraged all Meeting night to Jan. 28 members to get in their contact information.  Vote on policy introduced by Vice President Judy Lucas: Nominating Committee Member Kathy When personal property (other Moncrief presented the slate of officers than monies) is offered to the for 2014, hoping to fill the two Trustee Lodge, the Board of Directors positions, which are still vacant. The shall first determine whether or slate is as follows: Pres. David Rice, not the property has a use at VP Glenn Robbins, Sec. Barb the lodge or that a plan of use Mitchusson, Assist. Sec. Julie can be developed, before Swenson, Treasurer Kathy Moncrief, acceptance of the gift. A Membership Sec. Mary Gerstel, Counselor Wade Moncrief, Soc. Dir.

motion was passed to adopt this policy. Our Lutefisk Dinner will be Saturday Jan. 25; $22-adults; $10 children 10 and under. It will be held from noon to 5 p.m. Phil reminded those holding Policies and Procedures Manuals need to have them updated and he will do it.

Norwegian Classes Mondays 5:30 Beginning, 6:30 Adv. Beginning, 7:30Adv. Intermediate Thursdays 10-12 Advanced Call Stan Overby for placement 360 779 2460 No Classes Nov.11 or 28th

Women's Book Discussion Third Tuesdays at 1pm at Liberty Bay Books. Chosen book for Nov. is The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgersson by Selma Lagerlof, 1909 Nobel Prize winner for Literature.

November Ladies Club News The Ladies Club had a very nice lunch at our October meeting. We had a fun program, a game of picking and exchanges gifts. Our nominating committee has provided us with a full slate of officers for 2014. Barbara Mitchusson has once again been nominated for president. We will vote for our officers at the November meeting. Our November program should be very special The Ladies Club Christmas Party is scheduled for December 12th. Doug has graciously offered to prepare our dinner. We need to think about our dinner selections, which include pork, chicken or salmon. We are also considering some type of entertainment that evening. Keep thinking about what you would like to do to celebrate the season. Lastly, we began our discussion of baking for Julefest. The first week of December will be devoted to baking for the bazaar on December 7th. We will bake most of that week. Please get out your best holiday recipes for our bake sale. Have a fun Halloween and I hope to see everyone at out next

meeting November 7th.

Christmas-time Decorating Lodge Christmas Decorating Day will be Saturday, November 30 at 10 a.m. It will be the time when we make the Lodge look beautiful and festive for the holiday season, beginning with our own Bazaar and Julefest on December 7th. Please come and help. Workers will receive a free lunch.

Portable Silent Auction Appearing at Lodge events for the scholarship fund. Auction ends at Bazaar/Julefest Dec. 7.

Woodcarving Woodcarving Thursdays 6-8:30, Call Jeff Iller for info 360-698-7175. All levels of expertise welcome. No class Nov 28.

Folk Dancing Mondays 7-8:15 Beginning 8:15-9:15 Beyond Basics Live Music Party Nov. 18 Potluck/Snacks No partners needed. Leather soled shoes preferred. No Class Nov. 11 Veteran’s Day Coordinator, Julie Buckel 360 394 9698

Vestre Sund Mannskor For men who enjoy singing. Facebook Page Thursdays 7:30 -9 in the Marine We have 172 likes on our Facebook Room. No class Nov. 18 page, can we make it 500 before the end of the year? Call Warren Rosvold 360 930 0504 wayPoulsbo

Youth Tidbits Our November Lodge meeting is a wonderful time to see and meet our new Royalty as she is crowned Miss Poulsbo Sons of Norway! The new Lodge Queen will be at the Bazaar and Julefest as the Lucia bride, as well as representing our Lodge at Viking Fest and Midsommer. At each of these events she will be wearing the beautiful crown donated by Dahlquist Jewelers, who has been supporting our royalty in this way for many years. Thank you Dahlquist!

Library Open Mondays 4:30-7:00 (Closed Nov. 11) Open before and after Lodge Meetings

Nordic Needle Workers Come on Fridays 10-1. Continuous instruction in Hardanger and other handiwork is available. Call Grace 360779-2460


Nov 9 – Vet’s Night Dec 7 – Bazaar 10:00 – 4:00 Julefest 4:00-6:00

Tusen Takk to David Shields and Jerry Reitan for their informative presentation on the Poulsbo boat they are restoring. Best of luck on this worthwhile project.


Dec 9 – Lucia Children’s Party Dec 12 – Ladies Club Christmas Dinner


Please mark your calendars for a fun time at the Sons of Norway and also making money for a local charity that provides food, clothing and toys to local Our youth dancers are hard at work families in need. This annual event Mondays preparing for the upcoming requires your participation to be holiday season. Watch for them at successful, by opening your hearts and Julefest and the Lutefisk dinner! The wallets to support those in need. Please children’s Lucia party will be Monday, bring useable items that can be December 9th in the marine Room and auctioned. All monies raised, along everyone is invited to celebrate with with food and toys, goes directly to the us. A truly beautiful traditional Lucia Sharenet organization, located in procession will be presented by our Kingston. High School dancers, and carols and So bring a potluck dish and unwrapped song dances around the Christmas toy for children, non-perishable tree. Join us as we pass down part of foods and most of all, your holiday our cultural heritage to another spirit to this worthwhile annual event. generation!

Dec 14 – Sharenet Auction Dec 20 – Lodge Christmas Party Jan 25 - Lutefisk Dinner

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Be sure to come in and enjoy the extensive array of menu items from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. Trivia challenges are on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays.

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