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June 22 – Mid-Sommer

December 2013 Volume 97 Issue No. 12

GLADE JUL OG GODT NYTT AR December 7 Yulefest & Bazaar December 9 Lucia Party December 12 Ladies Dinner December 14 Sharenet Auction December 20 Christmas Party December 25 Christmas December 30 Folk Dance Party

President’s Message

If you’ve read most of my columns this year you’ll note that I grew up here. I spent my formative years in Suquamish and when I was 9 years old made the big trek to a new house in Poulsbo. (Okay – to a nine-year-old it was a big leap!) Our house was on land that had been logged a couple of times, and one thing I definitely remember were the huge stumps left around (they must have been original ‘old growth’) and occasional finds of saw blades, an axe, and various other logging equipment. Later, when I’d hang out at the library (my grandmother was one of the assistant librarians) or talk to some of my relatives, I learned a bit more about how the logging industry affected our area. I also remember a painting hanging up in my Bystrom grandparents’ house that fascinated me - it was done by one of my great aunts and all I could read was something that looked like “A THAY” on one of the boats that appeared to be down in Liberty Bay. Because my grandfathers were fisherman, (and because a few close relatives roamed around Poulsbo, including the docks) I also learned a little about the fishing industry in our area & the west coast. My wife and I have tried to make sure we always take a bit of a road trip during the summer. My kids have seen a lot of the western half of the US! We saw the coast from Neah Bay to San Diego, Death Valley, the upper Sonora dessert, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, the Treasure Valley, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon and everything in between. For every Portland, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City or Phoenix there are many smaller towns – Barstow, La Grande, Klamath Falls, Alturas, Livingston. It’s interesting to see which towns have an apparent sense of their history & which do not. Of course, as I’ve previously mentioned, I don’t think we have to worry about Poulsbo and Kitsap County. I have to commend all the various organizations – like our Lodge – that make sure we know how we got to the Kitsap of today. I hope they feel like I do, that we can always take those things we’ve done in the past & try to improve on them as a roadmap for the future. Let’s face it – that’s why our organization was founded, to give Norwegian immigrants a helping hand (and a good chance at improving the future) when other groups wouldn’t.

This is my eleventh column, and next month will be my last. I’m not quite ready to say all my goodbyes yet, but once again, here’s to a vibrant Poulsbo – past present and future! Tusen Takk, Tony


Mark your calendars for a fun time at the Sons of Norway and also making money for a local charity that provides food, clothing and toys to local families in need. This annual event requires your participation to be successful, by opening your hearts and wallets to support those in need. Please bring useable items that can be auctioned. All monies raised, along with food and toys, goes directly to the Sharenet organization, located in Kingston. So bring a potluck dish and unwrapped toy for children, non-perishable foods and most of all, your holiday spirit to this worthwhile annual event.




2 Library 4:30-7


3 Tai Chi 10:30



5 AdvNorwegian

Kaffe Stua 11am-2 pm


Leikarringen Santa Pancake Breakfast 5:00 to 7:00 Norwegian Language Menu Dinner Beginning 5:30pm Adv. Beginning 6:30 7:30 Board Meeting Adv Int. 7:30pm


Beg Folk Dance 78:15, Beyond Basics 8:15-9:15 9 Library 4:30-7




Beg Folk Dance 78:15, Beyond Basics 8:15-9:15

6Nordic Needleworkers 10 to 1 pm


7 10:00


Vestre Sund Mannskor 7-9 pm

Friday Night Dinner 6-8 pm 4:00


Trivia Night 6 pm Trolls Den


12 AdvNorwegian 13 10-12

Christmas Kaffe Stua Woodcarving 6-8:30 11am-2 pm Vestre Sund Mannskor 7-9 pm

Nordic Needleworkers 10 to 1 pm


Friday Night Dinner 6-8 pm




7:15 Lodge Meeting Ladies Club Christmas Dinner

Leikarringen Party 6pm


16 Library 4:30-7




Tai Chi 10:30


Adv Norwegian 10-12

Norwegian Language Beginning 5:30pm Women’s Book Adv. Beginning 6:30 Discussion 1:00 Adv Int. 7:30pm Liberty Bay Books Leikerringen 4:30-7:00

Kaffe Stua 11am-2 pm

Trivia Night 6 pm Trolls Den

7:13 Lodge Meeting


23 Library 4:30-7

ADVENT Beg Folk Dance 78:15, Beyond Basics 8:15-9:15



Women’s Book Discussion 1:00 Liberty Bay Book Store


30 Library 4:30-7

Lodge Membership Tom and Jerry evening and free dinner for members



Nordic Woodcarving 6-8:30 Needleworkers 10 to 1 pm

Lodge Closed

5:00 to 7:00 Menu Dinner

Friday Night Dinner 6 - 8 pm

Forste Jul Dagen

Julaften 29


Tai Chi 10:30

Nordic Needleworkers 10 to 1 pm

Woodcarving 6-8:30

5:00 to 7:00 Folk Dance Christmas Menu Dinner Party 7pm

2 0 1 3


Woodcarving 6-8:30

Tai Chi 10:30 Norwegian Language Beginning 5:30pm Adv. Beginning 6:30 5:00 to 7:00 Adv Int. 7:30pm Menu Dinner


31 Tai Chi 10:30

Folk Dance Christmas Potluck 5 pm Troll’s Den OPEN Beg Folk Dance 78:15, Beyond Basics 8:15-9:15 Leikerringen 4:30-7:00

NEW YEAR’S EVE Nyttarsaften 1





To Help with Tuesday Night Dinners please call Ralph Naddeo@ 253 565 2319. More Crews/Volunteers are needed for Friday Night Dinners, contact Doug Stuart 360 801 7242 or Barb Mitchusson 360 779 4553. For various reasons, menus and/or the cost of meals may vary from time to time from what is shown on the calendar. Call the lodge office or Trolls Den for the most current information regarding meals.

November Meeting Highlights North Kitsap School District Superintendent Patty Page spoke. Golden Members Tommy Thompson and Grace Overby were awarded their golden membership pins. Lodge Royalty was introduced: Queen Breanna Bolliger, Princesses Carly Tizzano and Eleanor Krafsky New members: Laura McDough, David Person, Gridge and Kailee Frahm, Susan Baxter, Felicia Doyle, Lloyd Wayne Parris, Les Faulk and Austin Carver. Treasurer Kathy Moncrief reported that we are $2,740.82 in the red, explaining that $2500 had to be paid for quarterly L & I taxes and other quarterly expenses. Youth Director Alisha Anunson invited everyone to the the Children's Christmas Party on December 9th at 6 p.m., at which Lucia and all the young lady dancers will be in white and wearing the candle crowns. Annica Hanson earned her bronze, silver, gold and enamel sports medals in swimming and folk dance this year. The 5 to 7 year old dancers performed at Liberty Shores. Sports Director John Emrick asked that those interested in the sports medal program should see him for information and record cards. He is also trying to plan a pool tournament. Youngsters welcome to both. Cultural Director Grace Overby reported that plans continue to be underway for Julefest. Anyone willing to make saffron buns contact her. At the December 10th meeting two Norwegian exchange students will speak about holiday traditions in Norway and will help at Julefest. Scholarship Director Phil Swenson held the drawing for the advent calendar box. Ladies Club President Darlene Burke said that December will be busy with baking the first week of December for the Bazaar on the 7th which will be from 10 to 4. Dec. 11 will be the Christmas Kaffe Stua and the 12th will be the Ladies Club Christmas Dinner Party. The Vikings' Calendar will be on sale soon. Upcoming Events: Oct-Dec.-Portable Silent Auction; Nov. 30 Lodge Christmas Decorating Day-10 a.m.; December 1st. the HDPA Santa Claus Breakfast, coupled with our regular breakfast; Dec.2-6 Ladies Club Baking days; Dec. 7 Christmas Bazaar and Julefest; Dec. 9th Children's Christmas Party at 6 p.m., featuring Lucia program; Dec. 11th Christmas Kaffe Stua; Dec. 12 Ladies Club Christmas Dinner; Dec. 20 Lodge Tom & Jerry party; Dec. Jan & Shorty's Martha and Mary Giving Tree in Trolls Den. Board Action: Policies and Procedures for Youth completed for manual and adopted Motion to send $30 to Scandinavian Radio Hour Christmas Greeting Motion passed to begin Lodge Meetings at 7 p.m. beginning in Jan, 2014 Historic Photos donated to Poulsbo Historical Society Motion to spend up to $300 to purchase table top display unit Julie Swenson announced Christmas Kaffe Stua will be on December 11 from 11 to 2-There will be ricekrem, rollepolse, rommergrot and pea soup along with many other specialties. Lutefisk Dinner plans and workers are being lined up. It will be Jan. 25th . Fat Tuesday Float Contest at the Clearwater Casino-- Bar Manager Doug Stuart put in our application and we were chosen. We are to decorate a red wagon, which he has picked up along with the guidelines. The wagons will be on display for a week in February and will depend on the votes of those viewing them. Feb. 9th Pancake Breakfast is being planned vs. the regular 1st Sunday. There will be a boating event in town from Feb. 7-9. It will be our regular pancake breakfast, but expanded and on the 2nd Sunday. Financial Benefits Counselor Ralph Naddeo welcomed the new members and explained that we are not only a fraternal organization, but an insurance company as well. He also spoke of the need for a living will. Kathy Moncrief reminded board members that the Man and Woman of the Year will be nominated at the December board meeting. Jan Peterson played piano for this meeting.

2014 Lodge Officers Pres. David Rice, VP Glenn Robbins, Sec. Barb Mitchusson, Assist. Sec. Julie Swenson, Treasurer Kathy Moncrief, Membership Sec. Mary Gerstel, Counselor Wade Moncrief, Soc. Dir. Rhonda Mitchusson, Co-Cultural Dirs. Grace Overby and Elisabeth Moseng, Youth Dir. Alisha Anunson, Sports Dir. John Emrick, Pub. Dir. Judy Morgan, Foundation Dir. Phil Swenson, Auditor (2014) Sue Dabinett, Trustee (2014) Rob Kodalen, Trustees (2013, 2012)-open, Historian, Ralph Naddeo, Marshall Donna Kodalen, Assist. Marshall Roger Swenson, Greeter 1 Donna Rice, Greeter 2 Ă…sa Chapman, Musician Marlene Taylor, Editor Joanne Graves.

FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER Back to the Future One of my favorite pastimes is going to the public library. The public library system has to be one of the best kept secrets. I have at any one time 40 to 50 books and DVDs on order. The libraries order and carry almost all of the latest books and DVDs. I cannot remember the last time I rented a movie DVD or bought a current book. Our local library will search the states for out of print books and order them for you. I recently requested a book that was way out of print and they found it somewhere back east. As some of you know, I love to bake and I am always looking for old cookbooks. A couple of weeks ago I found an old copy of, “The Joy of Cooking”. The copyright is 1931, 1936, 1941, and 1943. The author is Irma S. Rombauer and she has more than 3200 recipes in the book I found. I like old recipes because all the ingredients are basic and not artificial. In some of the old books one can find recipes that the owners had saved. In this book was a newspaper ad from the Oregonian dated 5-28-1954. One side had recipes but what was very interesting was that when I turned it over, on the other side was part of an ad from a grocery store. Now let me take you back to 1954. For sale was Fancy Navel ORANGES, 5lb. Bag for 49c, Blade cut Beef Pot Roast 39c/lb., T-Bone steak 69c/lb., and the one that brought it back to the Future was GROUND BEEF; 3lbs for $1.00! ...when I compared that with an ad from Fred Meyer where ONE Pound of ground beef was $2.99. Therefore in order to buy what one dollar would buy in 1954 you would have to spend 9-10 dollars today. That means that if your income in 1954 was $500/month you would have to be earning $4500 to $5000 today just to maybe have the same lifestyle you had back in 1954. OK, you can say so what! That happened before I was born and in 15 to 20 years or more I’ll be retired and

living off of Social Security and whatever pension money I have. If it takes 9 to 10 or more dollars to have the same purchasing power we had in 1954, how many dollars will you need just to survive 20 to 30 years from now? One idea that is being used is to take your “Required Minimum Distribution” from your IRA and put it into a Flexible Premium Annuity. The Annuity grows tax deferred. Twenty to thirty years down the road when a few extra bucks will come in handy, you can tap the annuity. It will be nice to be able to afford to go to the grocery store and have enough money to buy, with change left over, one pound of Ground Beef! You can email me at “ for more information and also a Free Financial Review. Marlene Taylor, a Charter Life Underwriter, (CLU) will be able to assist you in all of your estate planning needs. She can be contacted at 360-4265595. Ralph M. Naddeo Financial Benefits Counselor

Saturday December 7 Bazaar 10-4 Julefest 4-5:30 Start at 10 and stay through the evening. Enjoy traditional Norwegian foods and find treasures at the Bazaar. Don’t forget the wonderful singing and Julefest festivities. See you there. Volunteer help needed: Saffron buns. Please bring to the Norse Room by 3:30 pm.

Vestre Sund Mannskor For men who enjoy singing. Thursdays 7:30-9:00 in the Marine Room. Christmas Break Dec. 12, 19, 26.

Youth Tidbits Our November Lodge meeting was a wonderful time to see and meet our new Royalty as she is crowned Miss Poulsbo Sons of Norway! The new Lodge Queen will be at the Bazaar and Julefest as the Lucia bride, as well as representing our Lodge at Viking Fest and Midsommer. At each of these events she will be wearing the beautiful crown donated by Dahlquist Jewelers, who has been supporting our royalty in this way for many years. Thank you Dahlquist Jewelers! Our youth dancers are hard at work Mondays preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Watch for them at Julefest and the Lutefisk dinner! The children’s Lucia party will be Monday, December 9th in the Marine Room and everyone is invited to celebrate with us. A truly beautiful traditional Lucia procession will be presented by our High School dancers, and carols and song dances around the Christmas tree. Join us as we pass down part of our cultural heritage to another generation!

Folk Dancing Folk Dancing - Mondays 7-8:15 Beginning 8:15-9:15 Beyond Basics LIVE MUSIC CHRISTMAS PARTY Dec. 16 Potluck Snacks. No partners needed. Leather soled shoes preferred. Coordinator and Teacher - Julie Buckel 360-394-9698

Facebook Page We have 172 likes on our Facebook page, can we make it 500 before the end of the year? wayPoulsbo

New Years Eve

For a number of reasons, it was decided that there will not be a New Years Eve Special Meeting Times party; however, the Trolls Den will be The December 10th Lodge Meeting will open and it is hoped that you will come begin at 7:15 p.m. and have a cocktail with members and guests. If you have guests at your home, January, 2014 Lodge Installation meeting will be held on January 28th, bring them on in. Please feel free to beginning at 7 p.m. bring an appetizer to share with your group and enjoy a drink with friends. Starting January, 2014, general Lodge meetings will all begin at 7 p.m.

Woodcarving Thursdays 6-8:30 Call Jeff Iller for info 360-698Trivia Date Changes Due to the holidays, Trivia night will be held on December 5th and 12th.

Nordic Needle Workers Fridays 10:00-1:00 Continuous instruction in Hardanger and other handwork available Call Grace 360779-2460

December Holidays

Dec 1 is the first Sunday in Advent. Christmas Dinner Advent is the beginning of the holy & Tom and Jerrys Christmas season in Norway. Dec. 20th is the Lodge Membership Tom and Jerry evening and free dinner The advent wreath with the four candles is traditional in homes. One lit for each for members. Sunday. Shining stars are displayed in Ladies Club News living room windows, Christmas The Ladies Club had a very nice lunch decorations made, Christmas songs at our November meeting. I hope sung, special food made, seven kinds of everyone had a plentiful and peaceful cookies are traditional. Julenissen visits Thanksgiving. The Ladies Club homes with children. Dec. 25 is called Christmas Party is scheduled for Forste Jul Dagen and is a stay-at-home December 12th. Cocktails will be at family day. Dec. 26 is Annen Jul 5:30 and dinner served at 6:00. Again Dagen, a day for visiting family and this year, Doug has graciously offered friends. Nyttarsaften, Dec 31, is to prepare our dinner. We have hired a celebrated with solemn church disc jockey to play selections of services, glimmering parties, classical Christmas music for about an fireworks, and serious goal setting. hour. Dinner for members is free while guests are $5.00. If you did not Veterans Appreciation Night sign up at the meeting, please let me This was a special night for all who know you are coming. Doug will need attended. The program was organized a head count for ordering supplies. by John Emrick. Gordon Nicoll was The first week of December will be named the Veteran of the Year. After devoted to baking for the bazaar on the program, many folks enjoyed December 7th. Get out your best dancing to the music of Buddy and the holiday recipes for our bake sale. Undecided. Monday Dec 2 will be candy and Sports Report wrapping poppers. Tuesday, Dec 3 will Anyone interested in the Son's Sports be cookies. Dec 4 is Kaffe Stua, and Medal Program should see John. Thursday, Dec 5 is breads. Friday Youngsters are encouraged, as well. Dec 6 is Kringle and lefse dough making. On Friday, we will set up the Also, we are organizing a pool Marine Room and wrap goodies. Bring tournament at a local family friendly your craft items for the craft table. billiard hall. If interested, sign up in the Saturday Dec 7th is the big day. The Trolls Den we need a minimum number bazaar is from 10:00 to 4:00. If you of players to open early for a group. are free to help, please let me know, but come down anyway and enjoy the Over the past 32 months, we have beginning of the holidays in Poulsbo. enjoyed 17 different sporting events, The Christmas Kaffe Stua is December involving some 130 Lodge members. 11th. Our new officers for 2014 are Thanks to all for the participation and Barbara Mitchusson has once again enthusiasm, John Emrick been nominated for president. Linda Library Abercrombie is VP, Sherry White Open Mondays 4:30-7:00 Closed secretary, Mary Gerstel treasurer, for Christmas Break Dec. 23 and 30. Donna Daly social director, and Open before and after lodge meeting. Melinda Dietlein counselor. I wish everyone a very joyous holiday season. Darlene Burke

Lodge Royalty Queen Breanna Bolliger has special ties to the Lodge as a third generation member. Her great-grandfather Jorgen Tweiten had held the offices of District 2 President and International Director. Her great-grandmother Irma Tweiten started Leikarringen dancing with the Lodge young people. Lodge Princesses are Carly Tizzano and Eleanor Krafsky.

Dec. 10 Lodge Meeting Meeting starts at 7:15 Two Norwegian exchange students are going to tell about the holiday customs in their area of Norway, their schools in Norway, fun activities, etc. Thea Clementz goes to Kingston High School this year. Bjorn Jalborg to West Sound Academy. Plan to attend this fun program.

Tusen Takk To: Joseph Graves with Alex, Simeon, Mathew, and Declan for taking down the flags, folded and handled them very respectfully. Skip & Sandi Walsh, Melinda Dietlein, Vicky Bockleman, Pris Callaham, Tino De Gouveia,Tommy Pelland. Judy Morgan, Kristin & Sammi Holt, Maggie Gresham, Rob & Donna Kodalen, Stan & Grace Overby, Bob Loveland, Ingvar Carlson, Susan Metcalf, Mary Gerstel, Barb Mitchusson, and David & Donna Rice for cleaning and polishing the Lodge on Oct. 26.

Scholarships Information for scholarships to Heritage camps and colleges are available through Phil Swenson. He can be contacted at 779-6545. UPCOMING EVENTS Dec 7 – Bazaar 10:00 – 4:00 Julefest 4:00-6:00 Dec 9 – Lucia Children’s Party Dec 12 – Ladies Club Christmas Dinner Dec 14 – Sharenet Auction Dec 20 – Lodge Christmas Party Dec 30 Folk Dance Christmas Potluck Jan 25 - Lutefisk Dinner

Non-Profit POSTAGE PAID PERMIT #7 Poulsbo, WA 98370

Sons of Norway Poulsbo Lodge #2-44 P.O. Box 653 POULSBO, WA 98370

DECEMBER 2013 check our Website:

Måken Identification Statement Måken is a newsletter of the Poulsbo Lodge No. 44 of the Sons of Norway, a non-profit organization located at 18891Front St. Poulsbo, WA 98370. Published monthly. Issue date, number and volume are located on the front page. No ISSN has been assigned. The newsletter is sent to all members of the Poulsbo Lodge at no additional cost. Each issue has a circulation of 1,000 Editor: Shirl Nadeau Office Manager: Vicky Spray 360-779-5209

Troll’s Den Happenings

Be sure to come in and enjoy the extensive array of menu items from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. Trivia challenges are on December 5 and 12.

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A monthly newsletter from Poulsbo, the Norwegian town in the Northwest of the US.

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