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Reputation Management Firm Slams Negative Listings sends ripoff reports and other complaints to the bottom of the list. Showing no signs of slowing, reputation management service RepReboot makes another huge splash by publishing videos demonstrating the complete removal of ripoff reports and other complaints filed against their brand new website The words "refreshing" and "transparent" don't typically apply to reputation management or any type of seo services, typically because of closely guarded trade secrets and methods that may seem unlikely to win new clients. However, these are the words floating around the buzz-o-sphere whenever the name RepReboot comes up. It's no surprise when the founding partners unleash regular weekly videos showing step-by-step how they're sending ripoff reports and other complaint style web pages to the bottom of the search results. And get this: they're doing the case studies on their own branded keywords. This isn't your usual "red widget, blue widget" white paper, RepReboot is using terms their own customers would type in for due diligence. It's a gamble that seems to be paying off in dividends, as the RepReboot Youtube channel fills up with views and subscribers, Twitter is Tweeting, and Facebook is closely following this startup, leaving fans hanging onto every word, or in this case, click. In an industry that looked to have given in to a handful of VC backed players, seeing the scrappy young RepReboot take center stage is both exciting and impressive. When asked how their outside-the-box strategies are affecting sales, founding partner Jeremy responded "we're getting the type of clients you'd expect large marketing agencies to have already been working with. We have one department store client who's been an icon in the southern US for over 50 years. I was amazed when I got the online request." One thing's for sure: 2013 isn't going to be a repeat of 2012, and we can thank a couple of savvy Internet experts out of Dallas for that. News Source:


Reputation Management Firm Slams Negative Listings