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机架组装 Frame assembly

上图为 huxley 全部 RP 零件,需用电钻进行修理扩孔 For all above Huxley RP parts, need electric drill repair reaming

M6 螺母 M6 垫片 M6 平垫 M6 nut M6 gasket M6 flat mat

组装 2 个这样的 3 角架 Assembly two such three Angle frame

According to the chart assembly 按图组装

The next step 进行下一步

对于轴承和轴套部分需要用热熔胶加固,防止松动. For bearing and shaft sleeve parts need to use hot melt adhesive reinforcement to prevent loosening.

像上图一样组装完成 Like as the complete assembly

运动小车板组装 The small moving plate assembly

轴承上用热熔胶加固 Bearing with hot melt adhesive reinforcement

T2.5 同步带长度为 600mm T2.5 synchronous belt length is 600 mm

Z 轴 限 位 座 和 电 源 开 关 安 装 The Z axis limit and power switch installation

X 轴电机安装 The X axis motor installation

X 轴皮带安装 The X axis belt installation

Z 轴螺杆安装,放入弹簧和 M5 螺母 Z axis screw installation, in the

spring and the M5 nut

Z 轴螺杆上头,需磨凹槽 Z axis screw top, grinding groove

放入 M3 紧定螺钉 In the M3 screw set






Y 轴限位组装 Y limit assembly



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