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Summary ď ś 'South Korea: LTE-A and 10Gbps Broadband to Drive Operator Investments,' a new Country Intelligence Report, offers a precise, incisive profile of Korea's mobile and fixed telecommunications and pay-TV markets based on comprehensive proprietary data and insights from our research in the Korean market. Published annually, this presentation-quality, executive-level report provides detailed analysis of the nearterm opportunities, competitive dynamics and evolution of demand by service type and technology/platform across the fixed telephony and broadband, mobile and payTV sectors, in addition to a review of key regulatory trends.

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Key Findings  The South Korean telecom service market produced revenue of $37.7bn in 2013, up 8.5% from the previous year on the back of strong mobile data growth. Mobile data will drive future growth as well, nearly doubling in annual revenue from 2013 to 2018.

 South Korean operators are planning to implement a second round of LTE-A upgrades in the second half of 2014 to achieve 300Mbps download speeds, and a government-led pilot of 10Gbps mobile broadband aims to make such speeds nationally available by 2020.

 At 61% of total revenue, mobile communications are the main segment of Korean telecommunications, and that share is expected to grow to 67% by 2018. Fixed and mobile data will grow to 52% of total revenue in 2018, up from 42% in 2013.

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Analysis ◊ South Korea in a regional context: a review of market size and trends compared with other countries in the region. ◊ Economic, demographic and political context in South Korea. ◊ Regulatory environment and trends: a review of the regulatory setting and agenda for the next 18-24 months as well as relevant developments pertaining to spectrum licensing, national broadband plans, number portability and more. ◊ Demand profile: analysis as well as forecasts and historical figures of service revenue from fixed telephony (including VoIP), broadband, mobile voice, mobile data and payTV markets. ◊ Service evolution: a look at changes in the breakdown of overall revenue by fixed/pay-TV and mobile sectors and by voice, data and video from 2013 to 2018. ◊ Competitive landscape: an examination of key trends in competition and service provider performance, revenue market shares and expected moves over the next 1824 months. ◊ An in-depth sector analysis of fixed telephony and broadband services, mobile voice and data services, and pay-TV services: a quantitative analysis of service adoption trends by technology/platform as well as operator, average revenue per line/subscription and service revenue through the end of the forecast period. ◊ Main opportunities: this section details the near-term opportunities for operators, vendors and investors in South Korea's telecommunications and pay-TV markets. Reportstack Contact

Key Benefits  This Country Intelligence Report helps executives build proactive, profitable growth

strategies by offering comprehensive, relevant analysis of South Korea's telecommunications and pay-TV markets based on insights directly from the local market players.  The report offers a wealth of data on the telecom and pay-TV markets, with the

mobile and fixed segments examined in detail.  The competitive landscape and the major players are given extra attention,

enabling local players or prospective market entrants to gain the insight they need.  The broad but detailed perspective will help operators, equipment vendors and

other telecom industry players to succeed in the challenging telecommunications market in South Korea.  The report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation

quality that allows it to be turned into presentable material immediately.  The report concludes with an exploration of the opportunities available in the

Korean market to operators, vendors and investors.

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SK Telecom, SK Broadband, Korea Telecom, LG U+

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Lte a and 10gbps broadband to drive operator investments  
Lte a and 10gbps broadband to drive operator investments  

'South Korea: LTE-A and 10Gbps Broadband to Drive Operator Investments,' a new Country Intelligence Report, offers a precise, incisive profi...