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Some of his Ancestors and Descendants

Campi.l ed · by

William Hedrick Maddox, M.D •

. 1944




PREFACE .., ......

One regrets exceedingly that the efforts to obtain the dota of all of the descendants of Joseph and Elizabeth (Nuzum) Dickinson hove failed. Many fomilies are represented by names only. Visiting each family to obtcin the details hps been impossible. While some heve been indifferent or negligent J other members of this excellent fo.mily have been most helpful rnd - to. all of them our 路 thanks ond Ctpprecil1tion are given. One onnnot filention all of t hem by nome. But the cont inuing inspirction for the proseoution of this work hos been Mr,. Hadley Vi. Dickinson of Bollefontnins, Ohio. Without his constant intorest, labor and encourogoccnt it would not hnve been accomplished. Credit is given to some of the others in the record of their families. Without consciousness of the part they wore playing in the devQlopmcnt of our country, these honest, industrious and God foaring people hnve boon the backbone of our prosperity and by their attitude toward lifo and citizenship they hcve seen our notion grow from its establishmont to its present groatnosa. They deserve ~ll honor Dnd cpprooi~tionJ oven though none of them attainod high position in our governmont or n~tionnl roputntion. This work h~s been n ploQsuro and its fruition in this imperfoot history is ostoemed as on cChievmont. Wauseon, Ohio



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Dickinson Family Historl

Trndition and Early



IN The yo~r 776, there appocred rt the court of Hnlfdan Huilbcin, lung of Norway, a soldier of fortune, d rver, u nntivo of the Uplands. Burke, in his Extinct Pecrago, says ho wns of noble birth end n direct descendant of the dignified hero, Thor. Prof. ?hilip H. Dunh~m of tho University of Oxford, in his "History of Scr.ndnnovia" snys he wes originally n shopherd, end followed his flocks and herds up the craggy nnd icebound sides of tho sucshntten, ~ .snow-crownod poak, which lifts its mighty hood 8000 feet flbovo the seD. One doY' as ho fed his flocks on tho lowlands, n roving bond of Nbrthnon, struck by his grart hoight ~nd npporcnt physicol strongth, captured him nnd took him off to sea. HGro ho followed nn cdvcnturous lifo for mony, during which~ It is said he visited the coosts of Icelond nnd Groenland cnd ovon reached tho coasts of Now England, e country peopled by de scendant s of his, no orly 0 thousand yo nrs l .':'!tcr. Be this as it nay, just c. thousand yeors prior to the indepundonco of Aucricn, Iv~r sudd~nly reappeared in Norway cnd prosented himsolf ot the Norso King's Court. Being of hondsone presonce nnd stnlwort bUild, and moreovor, hcving achieved c reputation thB t rJD do his nam.o fGr:1oUS throughout Sco.ndc.nevin, he was welconod with open urns by the r.go d [lonorch, tho lost 00.10 descendant of the greet Wodon, thct occupied the throne of Norway. Dissensions wore continually taking place at Court; rival chiefs wero aspiring to tho crown; and tho , old king wes fillod. wi th apprehensions lest tho crown of his cncontors should be wrested fran hin. He hrd but one Child, a daughter, Eurittou, the darling of ~is old agc; a oniden with blue eyes and golden locks - n striking oont»ost to the bont forn cnd white locks of her aged siro. The oppeorcnco of rvor at Court, howover, soon chc.ngod tho nspe ct of affairs. Halfdc.n connissionod hin gonoral of his orny, end by his powerful Did, ord~r was soon rostored. But estill greoter honor Qwoited this advonturous child of fortune. The lovely Eurittc8 was given to hin in norriGge and tho birth of their son, Eystoin, in 780, wns f.mde thc occnsion of grof·t rCjoic'ing throughout Norway. By 0 royol decroc the infant prince was ncdc the suc cossor of his venerable grnnd siro who died cbout 790. Iver becnn.e r8gcnt during his son's f:1inority, who ~sslliled the reins of power about 800. After n long end prosperous reign, during which he raisod Norwoy to n height of prosperity novor before attained, h~ diod in 855, le~ving issue J three sons thct we Imow of ~ First, Harold, his successor; socond, RogeIW/old, of whoa hereafter; third, Mfllnhulo, ancostor of tho groet Norr1!'n house of Dc Tocui, hereditary stnndord bonroT's of Nornondy, fron a younger son of WhOr.l, who s()ttle d ct Lindsui, County Essox, England, tenp. Vf111ion the C-onqucror, springs the noble Scotch house-of Lindsey, Eorls of Crawford Dnd Balcarrus.


Rogenwald was born about the year 820. By his father he was created Earl of Maere and Raumdahl, in the Uplands, Norway. When his brother Harold Harfagr succeeded to the throne of Norway in 855 he beca.m.e a firm ~upporter of the t monarch in his plans to subdue the independent chiefs of Norway, and was largely inztr-~~mental in establishing Hereld as King of all Norway" He als~ leo .a lerR;8 fleet again&lt the ' Drkney B.nd Shetland l~la.nd S J which. 1I.e W. l"estQd f ram 1JtJ.e dom.inion of th~ King at S~·Dt s! ~. nd oy fiarcld iNa£ c.reat',e'o. Sovereign Ee.:rl of Orkney) i.n saal) and was fau.ncler of two powe::r.t'll:.l lj~ne s of prince$ J th.e eJ4er t)f which ri&led th.e Orj~ney and Shetland , Isles for :five centurj.os f:peqlJl.ently interlna"1"yilJ.1!. wi th the royal line of Scotland.; and tn.e younger of wh'lch became Duke s ccf No~malldy 8 l1. d. fimally,- t." n~s of' England. R~genwald, or as Forsyt.h in bis.; PBeautie£ ('?,i Scotland" calls him, Ronald, diect at Rosslyn CastltF in ~, oo Crkn<eys in 910. Forsyth says he was one and tb.i .:rty ye£lrs old when he died, but the best du, tlhu~:rities say h.~ was ' ninety. His tomb wos discovered during; "(·he. ] atter pa-rr. {;Ijf the last century while some repa!!'£ were b8 .i .ng mad~ in. Rosslyn Cnapol, ho left issuo four sons. j

:D'irst - Rogenwald, Earl of Macro and RalOdahl, in tl)e U~lands.

Socond - E~"ner, Sc;oond Earl of Ol'kney. His 6reat great granddaughtor, Mprgarot, Countess Palatine of Orkney, married Madoc, Eerl of Athole, son of Earl Mehacro, who was n younger son of King Duncan First, of Scotland, and a brother of l"Io.lcolm Cunmore, thus carrying the title to the royal lino of Scbtland. Third - Manifred, who conquered Denmark, nnd was the great grondfathe r of Crnute, King of Donmark and Ellgland. Fourth - Rolf, of whom more hereaftor. Rolf, or ~s he wns more familivrly known, Rollo, was one of tho most adventurous princos of his [·go. Ho was born about tho yenr 850. At an onrly age ho took command of a largo float of ships nnd sot out on n pirnticnl cruise. He first modo descents on the coosts of Scotlnnd, but tho sturdy Scotch soon sent him ~bout his business. He next tried the oastern cnd southern COGsts of Englrnd, with equal success. He then enterod the mouth of tho ScheIdt and rnvogod Frioslcnd. But e more inviting field soon offered itsolf to his repccious grasp. France was ct th~t time groaning under the miserable; rulo of the imbecile successors of Cha rlemenge. In 876 ChArles 10 Chuuvc (tho Bald) was King of Neustrio. His throne was beset by insurgent nobles and princes. Rollo soon become aware of this stEltc of nfftirs, ond in NovE;mbcr 876, he entorcd the mouth of' tho Seine, and soon conquerod Rauen, which ho made his ho~dquQrters, but ChorleS bought him off in 877. In 881 ho again enterod Franco Dnd was defeated ot Snncourtj but strnngo to say, the Fronch bocame domoralized at the close of the dey end enabled Rollo to collc«t his sCQtterod forcos and retire in good order. Ho rucoptured Rouon, July 25, 882, but rotired before the close of ' too ye c.r to Norway. ·

3. In the fall of 885 he again ent ered Franc e and sai ling up the Seine laid siege to Paris. Ti!e siege lasted from November 25, 885 to October, 886, when Charles bought Rollo off for BlOO in silver. For the next three ye ars Rollo assisted his father, Earl Rogenwald in the subjugation of the Orkne ys, but in 889 he once more visi ted Franc e 9.11d. overran Brittany, and once again he was bought off and retired. For the next fourteen years we lose sight of nollo. He is said t a have been one of' those adventurol1.8 North-men Who visited the coasts of Newfoundland and New Englana. vd.tb. Eric the Red, in 901-2. In 903 he again made his appesraf)ce in ll"r8.l1cG and burned Tours but soon. retired. In 911 he si~ge to Paris a second time. Charles 10 Simple (the ~lmpJe) wns now King. His advisers sow the folly of treating w.i.-Lb tho fiorce Northm0n in the old weyand by their advice , Charles sent the Archbishop of Rauen to offer him th'e of his dQugh~or, Gisolo, in marriCtge Gnd nIl the oountr y 'Del,ween the seQ (Englj sh chennol) th0 rivers Eptc, ond Aure, sn.d the tront~ers of Ma~ie B~d Brittany. The mooting betwoen Cnarles and ROll] 0 t ook ~p}ace at t. he town of S·t , CIa ir > on t be i8l't e ~ RollG camp lain.ed that the country offored him was sterF.Le, Chtarles offored him Bri ttnny in addition, 9 very generou$.: offer, consideril1g tho fGct that Bri ttnny di d not bell>ll(3; to him. Thr-t was D very small mntter to Rollo, howevor, ~hc> could win by the sword wh8.t he could not acquire by pUl'c:haso. When tho Archbishop requosted Rollo to kiss Charles in acknowledgomont of tho lottor's sovereignty, thG formor oxcloimo d, Nose -bi-got t l (No, by God) G t which tho French aoughod rnd , nicknGmod the Normans bigoths.. Rollo ordered ana of his followers to perform this office for him, but the churl did it so roughly, thDt tho told King was throv'Jn on his beck ad~idstth0 jeors 'c,nd laughtor of his lovin -: subjects. Guizot, in the history of Franco tolls hhis st'O'rYm.ll.'ch more dram~ticallY, '~hen mptters hod been arrang0d xx The Bishops toJd Rol10 that h w~o receivod such a gift as the duclq of l\10TllJan.d.y wa.s b~1+.nd t.OI 1\:155 the king~ s f~()t ~ 'N·inrer; quot.h RoltlG J !'If/1111 beuo..tlile k.·nee bef<Cj're t~be knree£ ijf any, and I will J<is.s the. foot 6i none/- ," -At tho soli ci tot ion of tho Franks he then ordere-d. one of his wo.:.rriors to kiss the king's fGot . 1'[1'3, remoining bolt upright, t oo-k hold· of the King ~ s foot: , rei s~d it to his mouth 2nd. so ma ke t he king tnll backward, which caused gront bursts Qf laughter ond much disturhance 8,ID.Ong st the throng ,xxx u Rollo Vl&$ /)a~ti.s~d by tho Archbishop of Rouen in the fea st of Eplphany' in Ja.nuary 912, r nd racei vcd. tho Chri sticn namo of Robert; and at Ea.ster W[lS me rried to Gisele with gror;t coromony : To tile astonishment of ell Christendom this bo.rbnrinn be-caIno one of tho wisost f.tnd ablest princes of Europo, Ho diod in 917 lOfving with possiblo others: First, Willicms) S,.:,cond. Duko of Normandy; second , Goeffrey, Bount of Rouen; Third, W~ltu~, Oount of CMon. Vh:.. ltor, Count of Cuen, received a grant of the town and castle of Cnen from his fother, Rollo, D nd from him is said to sprung: Gaultier de Caen (Wolter of C6en) ono of the Nurme.n companions of tho Conquoror, Go.ultior's name does not


~: ";.·.;..~. Sl~, .:!.:V.-.,; •.~~r.,...•~. .~;.~. , ..... ;;',: ~.:~. . . .


~:;.;.?' ;t",~

··1:·~·~~;.~j~: ·

~~~~~~~--------------~--------~~~~~~~~~~~~--~~~ ~-.~--------"f'

appoar on any of tho English rolls of tho Conquerors, but is only 'to be found on tho roll in tho church of Dives, Normandy, published in thG latter part of the last century, by M. , Deipold do L~sle, membor of the Institute at PHris. A copy of this book will be found in the Astor Library. N~w York. Gaultier is said to hove received a grant Qr the Soxon Manor of Kanson on the Aire, in the Vlast Riding Q\f' Yorkshire, but no such manor appears in Domosdny~s w~rk ~~r do we know anything further of Gaultier than thet he cd·lite ovor wit h Wi 11 lum in 1066, n nd t hat a dO 's candnnt of l1d.~ wa.s Ole rk in Chnncery,' temp •. Edward I ~ Baako, in hiH Biogrophical Dictionory of the Juogcs of England s~ys; "John do Cc.on was CLief Clerk in Chancery from 1292 t~ 1'304; he held tho gront seal os Cl,onccllor nnd in 1298 act~)4 H1 Exchequer ns Locum tenons for the Chrncollor. He wa~ re.eei vcr of Petitions to tho Parliament of 1305-7 and that of l~lQ. He died in London in 1312, 'le~ving issue" T lO be st Quthori tle s s~y thet tbe nome Dickinson e t. tIler comGS :fro:Jl the Man.or of KCiD.son, in Yorlu;::hiro or Crom jke· nnmc (De <"~~iH1:. - de Oaell's son and that Hugh DikonsQ)nt or Dicconsin, who was living in or near Leeds, t2.h~l'J lIGut'V VI. was a descendant of John de Caen. There are many way~ of spelling t~o nomo; we giv~ them in ordor of their antt~~ity! Du Caen (or by som.e DoKenson) Dikenson, Dic consifiJ; Dickenson, Dickinson, Dickorson; Dickonson, Dickeson, Dickison ~nd Dickason. This is tradition only so far as rel.~tcs to tho connection botween our race e.nd tho N<?>rthmen., Tho facts rog~rding Hollo nnd his sires being pretty well outhenticctcd by history.

(Presumably written by Mr, Wharton Dickinson> laLe. of scranton, Pa., as the first chDptcr of 0. contemplat.ed Ulvt not publishod history of tho Dickinson family. CQ~ied from the report of tho Dickinson Rounion held nt AtnhoT.'st,, Ll-ug ~ .. 9 "' 9,



S\,~V'e · rtt. C e ntu r 'j e:; ~.ld psed b · °tw ee!l. t h'e l\J(::}l-m~n conq ue st of !:ngl~H1d. i 11. 1. c::J6~ ~ nd. t lle . cQ)lD.lng ClL' the fli.r st Iii ci:einson to Am.eric~ ! We 1lave bu.t brief an~ discoanectgd recordE of this

. p':eriod. (, John. Diekonson of Leeds i England, who died in 1525; .i~ sat cl t~ ~ the progentir of nIl AiilGricen Dicksinsons. A(~ceptonce I. ;thls st.G\tement is difficult. However, the Virginic and. it.1· .i"yla lid familie s troce to this John in direct line. fit..Jt immigrClnt of whom we have record wos Nc..thoniel Dickinson who c~e to M~ssGchusetts in 1829. HiS descendonts wore a multitude and were distinguisaed as clergymen cnd oducators. The poetess, Emily Dickinson) is from this femily , But Nathaniel '8 EL&Blish ancentry has not been found. TU0

Threo brothers, Walter, Henry, end John, Q,urkers, cum to Virginia in 1654. IJlalt er later movod to T~lbot County, M~ry1and. They founded a largo and prominent family among whom was the distinguished John Dickinson, Rovolutionary patriot and signer of tho Constitution of U.S. Others Bame to Lo~ Island end ot he r loe ali ti es. All have had the same qualities which have bean fundamental to our notional charaoter,

Joseph Dickinson and Family (

' !alh


development and prosperity. We justly esteem the Dickihson families as standing in the for efront in our nation. None are better. Like many of our families, the name has various spellings, but in the final determination all have e common orit; Ln" Our own family in America was founded by Joseph Dicl:: jn s.o17.\ an immigrant in 1725. He was Q Q,uoker and his deSC~e nddnt5 for several generations adhered to that felth. Cons Q,,{u e'n.t, ,I 'f ,they Were opposed to war end violence. ' The most distinguished member of this t[~mily was tho colebrnted Anno Dickinson of Philodelphin, whose lcc t~ye on sltvery wc..s given for six nights in Vir-shington, D., C.. and was attended by Prosident Licnoln c nd his Cnbj,net . The proceeds, $6000000 were given to the Froedmo.ns Aid E:o.ciet.w路" She was the d a ughter of Joseph Dickinson who was a gr aHd.s~ w of the first Gaius Dickinson, and not in our direct li ne '-

Joseph Dickinson and Family


The earliest records we have so far been able to find of our branch of the Dickinson family are in the records of the 路Mt. Mellick, Ireland, Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends, as recorded in the genealogical notes of Gilb,e ft Cope in the library Of the Pennsylvania Historical Soci.ety ~ Philadelphia. "Daniel Dickiitson, born 1674 in 8ompe1 Parish, England, son of Daniel and M~. ry.;21" l'j


Children of Daniel and Elizabeth: i. Deborah, born, 1599-5-1B,Fineec1ash,Kings Count. v d. 170B-I0 ii. Richard, born, 1701 ... 3-15, Fine ec1ash,Kings Count " , d. 1701-3-15 iii. Thomas, born 1702-2-11, Euen~erryJ Kings County, d. 1702... 2-22 iv. Mnry , b. 1705-2.. 6, Edenderry, Kings County, d. 1776-1-29 v. D~nie1, b. 1705-2-,6, Edenderry, Kings County d. 1709-3 1 - vi. Jo seEh, b. 1706-12-27 1 Edenderry, Kings County Awhmeod in a History of Dolnwore Co., PO. t p. 504 SOy0 : "Matthew and Jane Dickinson of Cumber1in, Eng., had a son Duniel near EQcnderry, Ireland, in 1696. Daniel's son, Jos e' h went to Au1erica in 1725 (dl:1tes may be wrong.) "However, inasmuch as the nome Matthew is not found runong the descenaants of Joseph whilo D~niel is frequently found, and considerin~ Cope's usual accuracy, it ,sooms morc probably thDt Cope is correct and the eorlicst ancestor of whom we hevo positive record is D~niel Dickinson, of Sampol Parish, Cumberland County, England. This Daniel married Mary and their son Deniel, born in 1674, went to Kines County. Iroland and married Elizabeth , (possibly Elizabeth Lincoln,WHM) and had the children abovo recorded. Joseph Dickinson sailed for America. in 1725 as n8erly as wo CWl learn, when he was 18 or 19 of nge. Aloxander Harris hos included in his Biographicnl History of L~ncDstor CO. t Ptt. 1872, p. 160, c contribution of Isnac Vlnlker, a descendant of Joseph Dickinson: "Josoph Dickinson emiereted to this oountry from C~berl~nd England. by way of Ir~land about the yoer 1725. The ship on which he came, a posseng0r~ hoving struck on a rock, causing it to loalc so ropidly thBt it WD.S impossible to keep the vessem nfloat,. ond was r1bout givGn up as lost, and the passengers were prepAring to meet thoir fato, whon Joseph Dickinson volunteored to go d'own under the water on thE;. outside of ths ship cnd stop the. lank, which hcznrdous undertaking ho accomplished by inserting pieces of dried boef in the crevices. Ho was united in merri cgo to Eliznbeth, dc.ughtor of Guyon Millor ' of Konnett, Chester COUllty in the yec.r 1732, When he removed nnd settled in S~lsbury Townshi~. Ho hnd two sons, Jose~h end Geius, ond seven dcughters. Hi~ son G~ius nnd his grandson Joseph continuod to reside on the property, while his son Joseph purohased land tho resided in Sodsbury.

Dickinson and Fami.l owno e of and Josoph Hood of Bart who were members of the LogislDture at difforent times, wero the gret~t grnndsons of Joseph Dickins on; also Jacob T. Go st an d Isnnc WnIkor of 8ndsbury, Anna Dickinson of Phi'lodolphie, o.nd Mory Louisa Walkor, of Richmond, Va., but now Mnry Louisa Roberts of Robertson, Toxns, ere both grout grond-drught ors of his son, Gp,ius Dickinson. .

c 1nson,


.He was 0. man well oduc Dted and was ~ n (; steemo1 and vclUE! ble member of the denominfltion of Friends. His a'reat grnndsons, Jrmos nnd Lewis Dickinson, stlll reside on. ~. h~ property in S(llisbury, and J .. C.,D ., Powno.ll, one of tlle descendonts of tho fifth genoretion,. holds the prope rtw tn. Sadsbury."

Rogcrdlng the ship story, Miss ~essie G.raham of PhilodGlphin, D. descendant of the seventh tSenerati~n., falud in Copo ts notes n furtm r cccount of this incicJ.entt.' 1 t- t$ said thet he stC1ye d under t he water for ten m~n\lit ~ S o.nd. a com:'.1e nt snys: "Don't you know how you would feel if you ' jH~ Jd your brocth for two minut c s? So you know whnt to think: of thct storytt. She odds: "It probnbly seemed like ten minutes or more to tho people in the bOE'.t, end they didn't have QccurQt~ timo pieces li~o we". Josoph Dickinson went first (7) to Hnddonfiold, N,.Z" ., :~.f.e had brought wi th him 6 ccrtifiG8te from tho Mt. Mellick Monthly meeting. It is not until 1732 thet we find rec~~"6 of him in Chostor County, Pa. Tho Q,uaker records nrc r0ther eltbornto: The ccrtificote to Pennsyl vnnin: "From our Monthly Meeting held ot Heddon's'field in th£ Co., of Gloucoster and Provinco of Now Jersey this lOt.h dey of tre 5th Month, A.D. 1732, to the Month Meeting to be hold nt Concord or elsewhero in the County of Chester in Pcnnsylvcnio. sondoth grootings: Donr Frionds, these moy acquaint you thnt tho boarer ~eruof, Josoph Dickinson, hr.d desired D certificnte of this meting in order to Joyne himself to your n10 ~ting. NON these moy cortifico thnt Due nnd ordily Inquiry hath been mndo Dnd occording to the best of our Inspection he hf.lth been of an hone st, Sobor nne. ordorly convcrsction whilst enongst us ond also clerr of nIl Ingogoments upo~ ~~P account of morricge with ony in these pcrts. So wo roeoEruend him to your Cpro Desiring his further Growth in the truth cnd your friends end brethren in the Snne. Signed in nnd on behalf of said meeting •. (by 22 s. )

Tht) Dbovo certificate was deposited with Newnrk, now KGnnett, Monthly moeting. ' "Joseph Dickins on cne. Margaret one. Eli znbcth Miller eppeored horo and doclnred thoir intontion of tr:king 00ch other in m.orrin go, which is pnssod for thE; first time, cnd tho young mon produc od 0 Certifi COt0 of his Conversation cn( cloarnc ss on tho occoun~ of norriogo to this creating to th0 satisfcction thGroot. (This was in Newark Monthly meoting hold at Kennett, ' 2d of 7th lIo., lS32)

Joseph Dickinson and Family 8 .• At our Monthly r~cting of Nowark held at Center 7th of 8th mo. 1732: -"Joseph Dickinson and Elizabeth Miller a ppeared here and signified they continue d their intention of marriage with Each other , it being the second time and the young man produced a certificate to the satisfaction of our Last meeting and having consent of paren ts and partie s concerned The refere thi 11eeting Leaves them to their Liberty to 8 ccomplish the ir marriage co rding to t ruth and appoints John Heald and Tho. Carlton to see the orderly accomplishment thereof and me ke ~eport to our ne xt monthly me eting, And r ~ turn thC3 1Uc.'1rrie ge Certific €l.te to be recorded. At the next meeting, . 4th of the 9th mo. 173~: "The Friends appointed to see the orderly Dccomplis~~ of t ~e marri age of Joseph Dickinson nnd Elizabeth Miller .make T'epC> j~ t: it was acco.Q).plished c.ccording to good order" ~ "The ma rr in ge certificete being rec ot&ed by Newokr, naw Kennett, Monthly meeting show s thnt Josoph DJ.c k.l s on of Ca lae in ye County of ChestGr and Province of Penrt.5ylVtth:l. a, smi t h~ end Elizabeth Mille r of Kennett, County c.fores·ai.Cl were rlurried on tho 25th of 8th Mo. 1732 a t Kennet t M~etj' . nq/l (Signed by 47 witnesses) .

In such fashion was Joseph Dickinson nerried. 2. 3.

Ten children were born to this union: i. Margaret , b. Ja11,. 9 t i~34 ,n •. Aug. 31,1751, John SCl5. t· l ' , . Sodsbu~y ii. Sarah b. m. May 4, 1757 ,William . Thotcho r S[ld S OU~'''ir . iii .. GOlen b. ' May 14 t l737cr. ME).y 26, 1757, Mnry Nowlin IVa Ellzabeth,b. Ju11 13,1739 m.Apr.5,1759 , Jnmes Moere, . . SodsbuI Y v. Mory b. Nov.10,1741 m. Jon.10,17&O,John Con per, SDdsbur:,' vi. Honnah b • Fe b • 12 , 1746 vii.Deborah b. m.July 31~1765,~d seph Ge3 t, S£1dsbu:.y b • . l!Iny 22,1749 ~.(1)Apr.16,1777,Eliz ct0 th viii. Joseph Chalfont (2)Nov.19,1806,Phoob o Morris,Newtown CClsi'lcn Ix. Doniel b. Sept.27,1751 x. Jam s b. Oct.15,1756 ,

4. ' 5.


7. 8. 9.

10. 11.

Joseph Dickinson purhcQsed land on PequGc Creek in Selsbury Township, Lancastor County. Toot tre utmost good feoling existod betweon Jos eph Dickip.son om. Goyon Miller is evidenced by the nunborous deeds given by GGyen Miller, fr.ther of Joseph's wife, to Joseph Dic kinson. Tho 8Elrliost of which we found record in Lnnc Dstcr County wa s on Aug. 16, 1738 ond was followed by doeds in 1739 and 1742, the l e st bGing for l ond grGnted to Gnyen Miller by "John P"nn, Thoons Ponn Qnd Rich8 rd Penn, Esquires, true and a bsolute Proproitcries and Governors - in chief of yo Province of Pcnnsilvnnic x x x unto ye sd Goven Miller~,




' . '.':. ·\~.:!~}!l1~{~ .

i:)O I tit we nave b~~ft~Uha bie--to tind the dates 5t ~ :~~:""". _... - ~----'--,~­ of either Joseph Dickinson or his wife Elizabeth. We oan ohly infer the approximate dates trom the facts that a deed dates May 11, 1771, for land in Salisbury Township is given by Joseph Dickinson and wife to Gaius Dickinson, while a deed dated Oct. 19, 1780 is given by Joseph Dickinson to Gaius Dickinson.. We conclUde that Elizabeth died between 1771 and 1780, while Joseph was still 1i ving in Oct. 1780.' He would then be 74 years of age.

These deeds are deserving of more detailed consideration. Lancaster, Pa., Deed Book DD, p. 408. Joseph Dickinson and ux'r to Gaius Dickinson; mado the oleventh .day of the Fifth Month in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Soventy one, betwe0~ Joseph Diokinson of the Township of ' Salsbury in tho County of Lancaster Dnd Province of :ponnsylvania, Yeoman, and Elj.zabeth his wife Qf tho one PEt.rt ~ and Geius Dickinson (oldest Son end Hair at Law of thG said Joseph and Elizabeth) of tho Township of Robeson in tho County of Berks and Province aforosaid, yeom8n, of th@ othe~ port, x x x in considoration of Five Shillings lawful money x x x 2 certain pieces x x x of land lying ond being in. Salsbury Township x x x contDining thi.rty ncros end three acres (which two Pieces or Parcels of land 0 certain Gay~n Miller, (fether of tho soid Elizobeth Dickinson( surveyed t o tho snid Elizob0th), being port of 0. trnct of land ho had j. n thG soid Township of Solsbury by PcquoD Creok ond which two pieces or parcels of It'nd the said G~lycn Miller by his tleecti Poll dotod the fourteenth' Day of tho Sixth Month One Th()iII-~a1Jd Seven Hundred and Thirth eight entcrod in tho office of recording of deods in nnd for the County of Lancaster x ~: y: granted to the soid Elizaboth Dickinson in foo simple. Wi tnosso s: Rob crt Hust on .( Signa d) J osoph Dickinson Josoph Dickinson,Jr. Elizabeth Dickinson Daniel Dickinson This deod tells us that Joscph Dickinson married Elizaboth, daughter of Gayon Mi11or, that Goius was their oldost son and the t there wore two otm r sons, Joseph, ,T.: o.nd Deniol (GDius' son Doniel would bo only 8 yoars ole.)


Deed B:~. DD, p. 410, Joseph Dic kinson to' Gaius Dicki.n 8 01: mado the nineteonth Day of tho Tenth Mvnth in tho Ycor of our Lord O~e Thousnnd ~evon Hundred end Eighty botween Joseph Dickinson, Senior x x x pnd Ga.ius Dickinson of Robinson Township x x x convoyod by too Gayen Miller and Margarot his wife boginning at a Cornor of tho Lend leta of Joseph Dickinson's wife convoyed to Goius Dickinson x x x • (signod) Josoph Dickinson. From this we lo~rn thrt the wifo of Gryon Miller wos Mnrgprct cnd thnt Elizcboth, wife of Joseph, hrd died. Gcyon Dickinson, usually called Gcius, wqs the eldest son of Josoph end Elizaboth (Miller) Dickinson. Ho WDS born in Solisbury Township, Mny 14, 1737, [lnd evident 1y ,wos ncmod originolly for his mother's frther. He morriod M~y 26, 1757, Mary Nowlin. ThO very interesting ~11i0d familic s uro takon up sopnrDte ly.

Joseph Dickinson and Family


A cho.raing story is tol( by Mr. G. M~ Ren~ er in the Lancastor Inq uiror for S~!'tm. 8, 1877. Gap Ite;n.s; ,) nHavin ,~ given in D. former crticle for the Inquirer a bC.faf eGc(}u..n 路~ of the ancestry of Azma Dickinson end of her tlQ s~.e.nt (en hor grent grondmother' ~ aide) fr~m tro distin.u:u.l shed f&mi17 of Nowlins and th': t the daughter of Nc.th8niol Mewl), n VICU1 joined in marriage wi th Gaius Dickinson x Xc. In Go] ~ ,i')i.a1. times and during the odministration of Hon~ Get).-rr~e Th.~m,a拢J) Liout. Gov. of ?n., N~tho.nlel Newlin, r\ grandson of 1)1J,Lh.o.las Newlin, wes then r0siding noer Concord, in whnt is noVJ Dolawaro County, t\nd was joined in mnrri~ ga with the dalJ~,1r1-, er of Isaac Taylor, Sr., of the srune plnea, and s0ns; they hud severnl doughtors. N~thcnlel Newlin was elected meLlber of the Provincial Assembly from Chester County. Ii. wont to Philadelphia accompaniod by his wife who went with him to lead his horso back to Concord. During the absenco o~ tho parents 0 gypsy come to the houso and told tho girls' fortunes. After she hed entertained the older girls with her stories, they asked hoI'- to toll little Mary's fortune. Tne Gypsy told her thr.t she would get a good husbond ond hevc fivQ sons Dnd five d~ughtors and 100 nico little grandchildren cnd that she would first sec hor husbrnd riding horsoback in tho now Lancaster County, at whioh the girls all started laughing as thoy thought they woule nevor soe Lcnccstar Cvunty. Their grnndfnthc r, Isacc T6yIor having bought 8 tract of lend at tho Gnp in 1746, to which he coved ijnd built e three story house with throe porch; s, known now as tho olg GOp H~tel, being nurrlod to V[Elry BulIn, deughtor af TlJ.oncs Bulla, the Newlin girls were invited to the woddin'i They roc.o nIl the woy' fron Concord the d.ny bclBorc nnd on the corning of tho they wero sitting on tho high porch. Thoy saw e conpany approc.ching on horsebock. "Vlho", snid Mt:try, who had grown np in the rIof\ntir16, "is the young non wi th n girl on bohinC' hin?"., It was Gaius Dickinson And his sister. R0f:10Llboring the story cnusod MDry to toke a strong interest in GDius that led to an ottQchnont which lod to norriDgo. Whon bIary diod she hod 99 grandchildren one tho day aftar hor death the lOOth wes born".

It is with the grestost roluctc'nc 0 thr: t one questions tho cccurncy of so delightful c story, but the requiroments of history nro eXGcting, so wo cust record Gilbert Cope'~ 'reply, published in the anew pnper on Nov. lOt 1877. "Isaac Tnylor is believed to hevo been the son of Juhn Tcylor, of Whiltshire. EnBlan~.


'.\i~ ;.~,:~ ,<-.,' ~, ).·,~.:,. J',:\"',..;t.," ~l:~r,'.!:,-":'~ ,'




·~tt~~:,(·:;~· ,


Joseph Dickinson and Family 1 • Turning now to statements by the correspondent of the Inquirer, we are infonmed that a daughter of this Isaac Taylor, then in or near Concord, became the wife of Nathaniel Newlin, a memb er of the Assembly a nd grandson of Nichole s rJewlin; em tmt their doughter Mttry married Gc.ius Dickinson, whom she fir st sow in Lancaster County on the oce.asion of her morri8 ge of he r uncle Isaac Taylor, Jr., to M"ry Bulla x x' x. In the first place, Nathaniel Newlin,. the fother of Mary Dickinson, was not a member of the Assembly, though his grand father of t he some name was, EI rxl hms grandson djd not marry the daught er of Isaec or any otm r TI-'ylor. Again 8S Mary Newlin and Gaius Dickinson were married in 1757, it seems improbr.ble thv.t their first meetiIl@' should have occurred et the tim~ o~ TtJY1or's marriege to r~1Gry Bulls, which was in 1761. A.l1 of which is correct, os we shall se~ later. Guius Dickinson wes of intensely religiaMs nature end we find him referred to as the "worthy and respe ct abl,. ministe 'i. of the gospel nt Sadsbury". He ovidently believe d to the :full extent in the Q.ueke r doctrine of non-res ' anc 0 and opposition to war and doubtless froe ey pr-es sion to hL~ beliefs during the R~volutionr.ry Were In the

P~n~sy~voniQ Archivcs~

ncres p. 71,1767, Gaius Dickinson 300 p. 279,17?9~ Goius D1c~inson Tory :p. 409,1780" Goius Dic"inson IJ.518,1781, Gc.ius Dicnnson 1'. 659,1784, Guiu~ Dickinson 125 J


Sc;;rie s 3, vol. 28, we horses cottle sheep 2' 10 3

.r l~ Jl,d : tax: 10 Sh

b36 ~.S 1:1 "0,, b




6 10

(1) .


Vlc oonclude tlwt his opposition to the war was so outspoken that he was classed as a Tory in 1779, but atoned to some extent by paying n tax ofJ36-7-6, about 175.00 dollars in the next year, 1780. After thnt hsa tnxes opproxim8te tho normal rote. Ha moved from the Sadsbury Meeting with his family to Exeter meeting .. AUg. 31, 1758, then back to S'adsbury with his wife and younger ohildren, Esther, James, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Mary and Deborah, April 27, 1785, where he continued his membership throughout the rest of his life. He die d Oct. 2, 1800, t he record being found in the Bi ~]e of his son, Joseph Dickinson • . His will is recorded in Lancaster County, Pa., dated Jan. 21, 1797 and proved Oct. 14,1800. His executors were Nathaniel and Jame s Dickinson of Salisbury Township; ~ nd his heirs were ' his wife Mary Dickinson, and children, Nathaniel, Joseph, Doniel, Isaac, JD.n~ s, Esth6 r, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Mary [0 nd Deborah. His wife Mary {Newlin} Dickinson died April 23, IB18 in .. _. her 79th year, os rocorded in Sodsbury Meeting. Th0ro were twleve children of this merringe:


Joseph Dickinson and Family 12. 1. JOSGpfi,b.Apf11 5,1758. d.July 27,1758 11. Nathaniel, b. May 22,1759, m. Dec. 5;1787, Rachae1 Moore iii. Joseph, b.Mar.5,1761, M.Mc.y 10,1782, Elizobeth Nuzum at Robeson 15. iv. Doniel, b.Apr.20,1763,m.Apr.7,1785,Rebecca Grubb 16. v. Isaac, b.Mar.16,1765, m.Mcr.28,1787, Mary Williams 17. vi. Esther, b.Dec.13,1766,m.Oct.3,1787,Thom2s Passmore 18. vii. Jamos,h.Moy 11,1769,d.Dec.29,1839,m.SarDh Truman 19.viii. Elizebeth,b.Feb.20,1771,m.Dec.7,1789,J~mes Trumnn 20. ix. Cyrus,b.Moy 25,1773,d.June 21,1773 21. x. Rebecca,b.Sept.25,1774,m.June 29,1796, Joshua Chambers 22. xi. Mary, b. m.May 29,1796, Celeb Chclford 23. xii. Deborah, of whom we h8vo no record oxce~t those above.

12. 13. 14.

Vie sholl not attempt to follow the fl'milios outside of the direct line. We come now to the third gem rati on in America of our branch of the Dickinson family, and [' colorful history it iso


Joseph Dickinson, son of Gaius and Mery, W2S born in Robeson TONnship, Berks ~ounty, Pn., Morch 5, 1761. He was the third c~~ld, the first (of the same nome) hoving diqd in early infoncy [\nd the second, Nathaniel, hcving been n{4rue-d for tho mt.ternel grandfathe r. In duo time he grew to IDC.nhood end presented himself c..nd his sweethel~rt before the Robeson Meeting where they doclC'rDd their intention of The rost is told in the very quaint a. nd dignified !!lorrie go certific:-:to, tho original. of which is preserved. Wheroos, - Joseph Dickinson, son of Geius Dickinson, of the Township of Robeson, in County of Borks and Province of Penna" and Elizabeth Nuzum, Daughter of RichDrd Nuzum of Township, C~unty and Province aforesaid, h~ving dG~lored their intention of IllCrringe with each otrer bofore two several monthly meetings of the people called QUrkers, nnd hoving consent of p['rents and pnrties concerned, r:.ccording to tho good order used amongst them~ Now tm S8 arc to cortify whom it mny concern, thl:' t for tho full accomplishment of the ir snid intenti ons, this tenth day of tm fifth mont h,. in tho yo or of our Lord One Thousand Seven-Hundred and Eighty two, they, tho said Joseph Dickinson and Eliznboth NuzUm, npperrod rt a mooting of tho soid peop!:; at their meeting house in Robeson Towhship end the said Jos eph Dickinson tnking the said Eliznbeth Nuzum by tho hond, did in a solemn manner openly declare thct he took her to be his wife, promising through divine cssistGnco to be unto her Gloving and f a ithful husb ond until derth should soprrcte thorn, or words to th ~ t effect â&#x20AC;˘ . And thon r:nd tmro in tho said rssembly, sho, tho soid Elizabeth Nuzum, did in like mcnner declore thr.t she took- the soid Joseph Dickinson to be her husba.nd, promising through divine assistance to bo unto him 0 loving r-nd faithful wife until deeth should separate them, or words to thct effect.




·.";\i~~jJf1"' .:.::;,\-;r.<:!,.;


Joseph Dickinson and Family 13. And moreover, the soid Joseph Dickinson rnd Elizabeth Nuzum (sho ['ccording to t he custom of morringe nssuming the nome of her husband)

As 0 furtto r confirmoti on theroof did then e nd the ro to these presents set the ir hnms: Jo soph Dic kinson E _iznbeth Nuzum And wo being present at the solemnization of tIE and subscription, do £IS witnesses hereunto subscribe our nDtles, tho d [lY (1nd year ['bove writ ten: O. Huophrey Wm. Humphrey Lydi:: Humphrey Hc nnnh Jackson l... nn Jackson ISDUC Bonsall S€lrah Bonsall Daird Jofkson Eli~abeth Jr.ckson Susnnnr,h Scnrlo t Ephri Ll m Jackson MGry Juckson Jr.f10 s Thornton Ann Thornton J ohn Wrig ht Elbcnor Plw-;1.'"1e r De vis Philips John Sc e rle t, Jr.

Goius Dickinson Ri chn rd Nuzum. Mary Dickinson Hnnnnh Nuzum N0thc niol Dickinson Daniel Dickinson, Jr. Ism;c Dickinson Deniel Dickinson Rennch Dickinson Esther Dickinson JOl1 c th c.n Worrnll John Nuzum Zlize.b oth Coope Sonuel Coope John s..lith Lysi n Ylo·rra. ll Kezie Worrall M::ry F OR rson Est he r '.'/ or raIl Benjamin 'Jlorroll Benjcmin Sc a rlet Rebeka h Sc c rlet Thon" s Nuz W!l.

On the b(lck of t he original is written: "Jos o ph DicJ<inson Mrrrir ge certific f' te, r e corded in Boo le h., P:.g e 77ft. The original certificcte was held by .Mrs. Ruettr.: Gr. rw oo d. unt il he r derth [ nd then po ssed on to Mr. Che ster U:.rquis. of Middleburg, Ohio, who has also the I n ter certificrte of Eliz c both (NUZW1) Dickinson cnd Sanuel Gregg. Joseph Qn~ Elizabeth lived in Berks County until 1802 o. nd 011 tm ir childr on we ro born thore. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

i. ii. iii. iV'. v. vi. vii.

Gaius, b. Fob. 23, 1783 Blizobeth, b. Dec. 9, 1785 Thows. b. Nov. 13, 1788 J os e ph, b. June 8, 1792 Rich a rd Nusum., b. M::r. 8, 1795 Rcnnoh, b. Nov. 25, 1797 Rub 8CCO, b. Oct. 6, 1800

THe pioneer spirit which hed actUE:ted Joseph I to como to An e ric a and G:.i us I to sett 10 in Berks County while the country was still a wilderness now led Joseph II toward tho west and the first move was to Harrison County, Va. (now W. V~.) of which Clcrksburg is the county seat.


·1 ,":

J os~ph Dic!:inson. and Family 14.'!.. ___ _ Records of the Rostono Montfiiy Meet~nii "Sept~ _3; 1802 - Joseph Dicki!1"3on prodUced a cert} fi,)ate from Robeson. Monthly M~eting dated A'y::.°c, 29, ~.802, for self, wit'e"bA 1~11 and seven children, Gaius, Elizabeth, Thomas, Joseph, Ri '~hard Nuzum, Hannah, and Rebecca";"

Their devotion to too church in. which t.be7 were T.earecil and trained. is stlOwn by the fact tbat tile R-ea .I;n . tm~ Meeting is in Fayette County, Fa., which is 0i.'J. iJ,lle bc:n:"'d~l"" of West Virginia; !:wd that Monongalia or Pre~;rtDn ( o lJnr·v ., W,Va. lies between Fdty~JGte and Harrison countie s ., Arui j Ll 18Q2 there were no ]/I:lprbved roads. Yet we may s·u.rmise tb.a t such difficult'iss ta.xed their devotion to the limits as future development £ w:iLll suggest.

Tn the iaJ.l1t records for HarriflOD CC';.n·~y for 1806 in the state lX/').r-a)~)' a.t Richmond, Vu., we i'U ':,J'.j ·~.~l District of Jacog Copli.n: taxa ble s- b .l:ae-k£ ,- hor £08- st ud s- t a:{ Dic;it"~pn!-J j-oseph 2 D 3 0 30 1 0 2 0 24 Di c~ ~Cln, Ga:t s

We J iet not iool<: for otrer :rf'BI'SI as' ~sr.Q1Jlished the fElct that li~1."ri!3on County, formed in J784" C1!l.d 114;)t S~Il1E!- ' earlier 0l" formed county would (. ontal.n tl1.e recordsc In ilSO?r "fi1t;maS, the second son, t.hen 19 yeers Df B$te ceme to Oh:l{?!r :(,taturning thE; next. yeal.' 10 Virginia. Thomas says that p~caus~ of the slav~y questHHl they decided flfJ move to 0hl~: wilere according to th~ Ord.i.nanoe of 1787 slavery was forover prohibited. Tr¥.ev moved again ,into the wilderness in 1811 and began to carve aut a home and a living in LogQn County, Ohio.


In the meantime sover~l things h~d happened. The oldest son. Gr:ius, ood ml(\rried Mary Hall .and Vie read in the- recoy'd of the Red Stono Meeting far April 1, le08~ "Ga.iI.l'..Sl nicldns~n com.plcined of for mnrriage to one no.t .a m~Dlbe:(' and lIl~tel' Disowmd Juno 3, 1808." So fr.r h.e.d the eldes:t S(Jn stt"eyed from liuoko r tenet s tho t he would I!WX'1'Y whe re the heert called, '[\nd ho would obey the lew for mus tering c Also we re~d: Elizabeth Dickinson, April 1, 1808, now Ray, complQ.ined of for mDrrioge to one not e member, dilllowned Sopt. 30, 1808. Was she tho oldost deughtor or tToseph ['nd Elizobeth"? Next vIe find: J~n. 1, 1817, Ccdwnlcder Dtckinson disowned 1-22-1817) for drinkil1f to excoss ond absconding. He is not of our fnmily. 'l'hc nome "Cnclwclader" would indic a te thet ho was D. descendant of So.m.uo 1 Dickinson, of Talbot Co., Md., who IJ:Qrriod M:::.ry Cndw(lluder. In 1810, Thomr~ s was married to Meria Lowe ond Josoph hes grown up to be 19 years old. So three years later, when they trnnsferred their church membership ,we reed: July 29, 181~, Joseph Dickinson, wife E1iz~beth end three minor children, Richerd, Nchhoh ond Rebecca, certificnte to Darby Creek Mont hly Moeting, Ohie.

Joseph Dicki;;;n-, ' ~!;:-~= CertifIcate same date. April 28, 1815, Thomns Dickinson oertificnta to Darby Creek, Ohio. In tha History of Logan County, Ohio, 1880 (0. L. Baskin Be Co.) page 401, we find: "In the yeer 1811 Joseph Dickinson como from Virginia. He lived two years in a c~b~n where Oren Outland's house now is in Z~nesfield and after that one year near Bellefontaine. He then bought of Simon Kenton 160 acres in the southeast corner of Survey No. 34~9 o.nd commenced improving where J .VI. Ea'ston lives. After eighteen months he lecrned thDt Kenton's title to the land was worthless. He fortunc.tely recovered beck his purchase money but lost his lobor in improving the land. :-: ', ' ~.~ '. ,


• •

-. .


. . , . . . . ..

.. t '

' . " . , .. . . .





. ,


;' . $

. '


.... ..,,.






"'" J

_ .

' .... . . "

' . .



.. ..:,

• •



He then bought of Jnmes Catlett 125 acres in Dcndridge'a survey No. 3220 woo re John H. Die kinson now reside S". No record of the Kenton transaction is found in the Logan oounty records. In vol. A.p.26 is recorded the deed from J'ames Catlett to Joseph Dickinson on Feb. 24, 1818. After the donth of Joseph Dickinson, Jo.o. 24, 1832, t he land was acquired by his son, Richrrd Nuzum Dickinson then passed to his son, John H. Dickinson. Then through his daughter Alice Edna Dickinson, who married Joseph ~. Miller, it passed to their son, Elmer J. Miller. who is the present ,1941) owner, So it remains in the Dickinson family. III the Logon County- history referred to above, p.408. we find tho following story: "While Joseph Dickinson lived in Zo.nestield(in the spring of 1812.WHM) on his first coming to tho county, His ExcGllency Gov. Meigs visitod Zcnesfield with his stotf for the purpose of inspecting tho blockhouses and other defences of the post. It was resolved to make his visit tho occasion of Q grand reception nnd Grandmother Dickinson, than whom none knew better how to spread an excellent repast, was charged with the dut,y of providing for the creature comforts of the Governor and his attendants. The arrangements bade fair to be carried out in good order. The soldiers belonging to the blockhouse with the arned Ind ians were drnwn up in line ani received their distinguished visitor with a grand salute whose echoes rolled down the valleys bringing a horseman in hot haste from tre extreme south end of the county supposing the post had . suffered an a ttack from t he enemy. But what was the mortification of our excellont hostess to be compelled, while his Excellency was making his round of insI6 cti on, to observe thE) imperturbnbl!' brQ~es trom time to time gra.vely enter her cobin ond unceremoniously appropriate such of the viands as suited their fancy until when tho hour arrived for her honored guests to dine thero was nothing lett but such screps ' as the dignifiod red men de~med unworthy of the ir a ttent1 on".

Paper found by Hadley W. Dickinson Rech Reeved of Richerd N. Dickins()n the 24 of 1818 octobor JelS ~e UoLQ o~ BenJamjn G~ lor one !).unO.l'oo' Bilii fi.cteen dC.t.BTS 50cent~ one or. . ltllhn \!N.oljQ. for S€\feuCyt' dalel's 000 or., }1'oberc' krmst.rcms ftvr ttr..trJy Onr.) 0",::. EiIJ1J 11 h(J'pe .10. J' twa lve d,q ie l' S ono 0 ' ! .Lowe f:>r twenty ~ei1ern on\3 0~1 ~-Oh[i CD! ill. s for fiftesn for colex:s·,niJl ,

Robec,co.h R Dlckinson mark Joseph Dickinson died len. 24, 1832, aged 70 years, 10 months and 19 days, He is buried in the Hicksite cemetery

at 'Zanesfield where marks hi s gr[lX8.


modest stone of



His wife! Elizabeth (Nuzum) Dickinson, married Jen. 23,

1839 Sl1mlJ.el Gr:rqg~, who died Mereh .2:3~ 1843. iEljJze1)eth died in 1860 as near a.s we cnn ascertaJn, ag~d BbbLlt 97 years. She is buried beside Joseph Dicki.nson. Mrs, ) FlizlDbeth Ann Windhnm, aged B+. in 1933 was a daughter (If Isalah Dickinson and gr~noQaughter Bt Elizabeth (Nuzum) Dickinson. She said . that when she wes nine yenrs old h€r grand.mothor was a very - hcndsorne old. lSdy wit h white h~irt very white skin sn:i bl ue eyes. She was V''(ry proud. Will


Joseph Dickinson

Probo.te Court of Logo.n County, Bellefontaine, Ohio Au~nistration

Docket B. page 8. Cummon Pleo.s


Be it :-emembered thot on the twentytlllird day of April of April t~riD. t):tj' our court of common pleas for tre county of Loge.n and ,state of OJ.l io being he Id at the court houee, town of Bellefontaine in the county afore said in the ya-ar- of our Lord ei~l1'teen and thirty two bafere the Hor.ourable Gaorgs 13. ijalt presj.4ent Judas of ou.:r. cou.rt of common pleas und Levi Gtn'Weod Ja.e.s McPl~<arsan and Reinert Smi th esqs his associ&t,edi lW1g,es of SQid court Irjl~ last will ane. test,~ne nt of Joseph Dickinson scnr. late 0::: ~gan County Deceased was p:-etiuc.eQ in open court the last wj 11 anD. Te>~aliJent of the said dOC9Q'Scd by the affirmotio~ of A~:rfHl 8:fown and H:orton H. Br0vm two of tJ.le sub,cn8ribing wi tnes56S tIJ:eret~ ~ An9. thereupon the seme was e.:3'tablished to be the Itlst will and Testament of tho said JOSOI,h Dickinson £enr. deceesQd a.nd th0 court ordor t mt the same b&_ o.dmitted to record in. tne Probate records of this court~whicb ' will 1s in the words and figures following th~t is to soy -


I Joseph Dickinson or tne county of L()gfn tihd Sthte ·'m"'-Ohio in this my lost will and Teston;> nt (hereby revoking c,i.1 former wills) co direct th~t my wife if she should outlive me sholl hcve the sole use of my house and plont~tion on which I ncm live wi th so much of my personal e state os may be necessary for her own usc if she shall elect to tcke the same in lieu of her right of DONer therein and I do further direct thnt the balance of my estate roal or personal shall os soon as can be after my decoase sold or otherwise disposed of as mny appear most likDly to concuce to the otvont~ge of the parties interested on: oy will is thot 011 my just end lawful debts be first poid out of tho proceeds too reof em that on the deceoso of oy wife (if she shoumd outlive me) all the pnrt of my estote which cry have been retained for her use both rcnl ond personol shetll be sole! ond thDt all tho proceeds theroof with the proceeds of all other sales of ony pert of oy estotc r:fter oy debts ore pC'ie:. sholl be divided as follows towit First thnt oy doughter Elizabeth Ren should receive five Dollrrs thoreof - Tpon tMt mysons Goius one. Joseph shell recive r»wh Q!lli '1'eat_ part of what recains anJ. that all the reoainder be divided share about ahd equally aoongst my sons ThorlS.s and Richarc. and dn~ht ers Hannah anc~ Rebecca. The port essignec. to flY wife being consicerec. as in lieu of her right of Dower Ant I hereby appoint Thomos Dickinson and Snmuem Starbuck Executors of ' oy last will end TestDnent. Signee. ane. senled on this 17th of the 8th nonth in the ye or of our Lord 1831.


. ; #JL.JJ._'L'1.~ ,.- it7trnrrfifTt

. Joseph Dic ldnson

JII'# if' lnrsea11/"f.t '/.'.J.


Witnesses present at the signing #7'f##lfl(.fIH#~ Ecnund Maroon, Aaron Brown ~ Jospuo. scott, Horton Brown ~~~ ¥ ~

~ p7



~~~~7~ ~

Executors bond wos $600.00 Records from the Bible of Joseph Dickinson

Joseph Dickinson Son of Gaius end Mary Dickinson was born the 5th of the third oonth, 1761. Elizobeth Nuzum Do~hter of Richord one. Hannah NuzUQ was born the 18th of t re Secone. nonth 1763, now Dickinson Gaius Dickinson son of Josoph and Elizabeth Dickinson was born the 23rd of the ~ocond month 1783. Elizabeth Dickinson e.oughter of Joseph one. Elizabeth Dickinson was born tho 9th of the Twelfth oonth 1785. Thonos Dickinson Son of Joseph un! Elizabeth Dickinson was born tre 13th of the Eleventh month 1788. Joseph Dickinson son of Joseph and ElizDboth Dickinson was born tho 8th of t he Sixth flonth 1792. Richord Nuzun Dickinson son of Joseph (1nd Elizabeth Dickinson was gorn the 8th of the Third nont~ 1795 •


J' ~seph y~ ('kinso~:1 and Femil.y 18. Hannah D1. .:;1nnson e: 2 '. L3f:t er or-T6f~0,~r [t~rE""llZ:tDU=eff DlcK'ltr:.fb1'lwas bor::'1 the 25th of tho Eleventh no:t. . tb. 1797 ..

Rebecca Dickinson c[l"Jghter of ~·o8e:p :J. and Elizabeth Dickinson wos bo~ tte 6th of the Tenth Dantu :GJO.

Our J'['t.h' rGai UFi Di~kinson depo this life mom sec one: c.oy of the ten·th n Oi.1':;b 1800 Oil: Vlns buried in ~~' :::i one. s Eur 1101 g:!"ounc1 nt SGd9bu ~ y D~ the sixth toy in tha aftornoon tho Third dey of tho ;.'10 ilthc Ri chord j{1.:Z"'J.!:1 clop::! :::-ted thi s lif e the Twentieth of the Seve!1th :'.1o.nth JtJ22. J')s oph Di Jl,:i.n ·'3 8 n dopcrtcd this life the Twenty fourth of the o


oOl).'~ h 1~32.

8m,m el G:;:-oge? dO ")Q rtod t his lifo on


2:?d of !.1arch 1843.

- - - -·. ;;-.:;·-, ~b -' lk":'ll:Jr T: , ; '-:-::--~;-_--~"I-----r: . .~M.-~~H -O-", ()yo, •.." y ,r,v8 ~.c ... .l.. ·"' L""" . _.In.,;;,') ..l) ~_ . ~ < r~ ,- ~ •

(l11 1941 at Kent on, o~~o.VnII\n who is t he s o n of oJ sntm Grunt Dickins ol'., Horpe:r; 01110, a Son of Isaiah Dickinson. (who was A son of Richord Nuzun Dickinson .. VJHM) Copied fron Walker Dickinson" s copy by VlHMj

_________________G~a~l~ou~s~'D__ i~ck=:i;n~s~o=n~a~n~d~F~am==i~l~y~__________~19_.____ PI maNSON. Gai us (Joseph, Gaius, Joseph in America, Daniel in Ireland, Dante ::' in England) Born Feb. 23, 1783 in Berks county, Pa., oldest son of Joueph and Elizabeth (Nuzun) Dickinson. Moved with the fe&iJy to Harrison CO' I (now) W.Va. in 1802, where he paid taxes in 1806, the only year checked. Moved to Logan Co., Ohio, with all of the family in 1811, thence to CIa rk county, Ohio. Married, Dec. 4. 1804, in Harrison Co., Va., her mother consent ing, Mary Hall who was born , daught er of Richard and Mary (Nut ter) Hall. Richard was born Aug. 13, 1767, soh of Capt, John and Phoebe (Oges n,Nixon) Hall. Richard died before 1804. He marriec.. August 31,1790, Mary Nutter, who was born , daught~r of Capt. Thomas Nutter of Nutter's Fort IE ar ClarksbiJ_rg, (W) Va. The Halls lived in Harrison Co .. on Coon's Run. As a result of this ~arriage we read in the reco~d of the Redstone Meeting of Friends for April 1, 1808: "Gaius Dickinsbn complained of for marriage to one not a member ,and mus toring. Disowned June 3, 1808 ft • Vie have not (1940) been able to find the parentage of Capt. John Hall or his former residence. Nor have we found the record of Phoebe Ogden-Nixon, his wife. Phoebe was a name frequontly found in the history of the prominent Ogden family of New J'orsey and Maryland. One assumes that the hyphenated name was acquired by a previous marriage to a Mr. Hixon. "

Richard i.. ii. iii. iv.

and Mary (Nutter) Hall hau: Daniel Hall Rebocca, m. William McIntyre Mary"m. Gaius Dickinson Henry v. Jeunes vi.. Sarah vii. RiChard, m. · Susannah ; Res. Badfard Co. Tenn. We ore in the same situ£'tion with regard to Capt. Thomos Nutter, However, in a history of harrison County,W.Va., by Henry Hammond, published in 1910, pEge 372, we read: "Thomas Nutter entered his homestead of 400 acres about two miles from Clnrksburg on the west side of Elk Creek and on the rODd to BUCkhannon in 1775, end pre-empted 1000 ocres adjoining. On thi s tract was bu ilt the frunous Nut ter' s Furt, which was a herbor of refuge for the n0ighborhood during the Indian The census of 1782 shows thot he had a family of eight in the t year. Dotes of birth [' nd death E ro unknown. Some of the original settlement right is still owned by his descendo.nts." In a history of W~st Virginia and its People by Thomns C, i\1iller and Hu Mnxwell, 1913, vol.2, p.2l6, we find: "Nutter. This family is of En.::;lish descent, prominent in the pioneer days of Halori son county. x(Q.uotation from Hl:!iUmond, above.) x The following Nutter marriages were

Gai us Dicldnson and F&miiby


probably amol1..g the children of Thomas 'Nuttor: RGchel Nutter marriod M:'y 40 1785, Isac.c Richards, Christophor Nutter married JU)1(;; 28) 1785, R",'bocca Mooroh8C'.d. Jom Nutter mnrr iGr: Oct. " 2~ 1.786, Elizabeth Cott.riJ.1. MARY NUTTER marI'i da. Aug. ~l~ 1790, Richard x x l)a€~ 237: trou.y brothars vame :1'l:~m ErJ61and and set t 10 () in Hat rri son c~u.n1y' x x Tnomas Nut ter w:L th a company of o:-·hcr me r:.. f ollL9we.~. savages from lialr:.... 6.son county to what is now the vicin.iir of' n. (in [{i.t.chie Co. ,V/lIM) where they overtook 8171/>. killed ono of 'the leaders of tre band who managed to c.I"~wl under a cliff ~E rocks 'where his skeleton was found a nU~Der of yenrs l~. ter .. x XU Chri stopl1e r Nut ter was Q soldier 1n the army led 'by Georgo Rogers Clark which took Vinc.sllnes during the Revo lut ionary VIa'!'; Vlhetho r he was a ~on or 8 or" th~ r of Thom:. : s we do not know. Thf't Thomas was ~n immigrant :L$ doubtful. James Nutter was an inl!':lig:li'ant to Virginia i.~l 1952. "Nutters Delight", 150 !1.cres, ' WDS sUi"veyed for Chl'ist~:p4~n' Nutter, Sept. 23~ 1665, in Somerset Co., Md. Other Mutters aro mentioned, bU.t the naoe Christopher cQrried dourn to a son of TnorJ.£'s, s~gG5t a rolations:hipo On pc-go 333 o:f tl1~ Miller History: tiThe immigrant {Nuttor¢l prob£lbly came from Dorsetshiro, Englf.'nd, in the early p2rt of the 16th eentli'!'Y x x. Thomr, s Nut tor, gront grnnd son of the imnigr o.nt :;~ x Severnl Nuttors in tre contincmtol AnnYf two from Harrison couu,ty x Xo " On April 16, 1832, Gnius Dickinson and his wife M&ry sold for $25.00 the one $ixth undivided intero st in the land owned by 11cry Hall (Richard he.vlng died) to Thomas Knotts. M/.,ry Dickinson made her m.ark. On March 4, 1848, Gaius Dickinson sold to John H. Dickinson (son of Richard Nuzum Dickinson, brother of Gaius) his interest in the estate of his father, Joseph Dickinson, for $2~.OO • •8 Mary did not sign this deed it is presumed she had died before 1848. Gaius Dickinson is soid to hove lived about 4 miles from Springfield on the road to South Charleston. On Aug. 4, 1840, shortly before the deeth of his wife Feb, 13, 1842, he purchased from his son Daniel a lot in Vienna vi age. In the census of 1840 for Clark county Gcius Dickinson does not appeor cs a head of family. In Harmony township D. J. Dickinson hQd one mole bet~een 60 ond 70, one feoalo between 40 Dnd 50. This may hrvG been Daniel, his f nther ond Llothmr living with him. Errors creep into a census e.s well 28 mndo by tho copyist Emd the oldest mole U(1Y be in the wrong decnde. In the 1850 census Goius Dickinson 58, is listed in the family of Lewis Hodrick. His finnl years were spont with his dcughter, Mrs. Ruth Hodrick, e.t soutjll Chcr18ston where he died Dec. 3, 1858, the body hevinr boon found by railroad man returning from their work. H", hf'd been gc.trerinc nuts and probr.bly died from eppplexy. He is buried in tr£ H~drick lot in So. Chnrleston ceaotory. The gravestone inscription reads: "Gains Dickinson died Dec. 3, 1858,aged 75 yrs!9 mo. 10day." Mary (Hall) Dickinson died Feb'. 13, 1842.




_ _r--.--~--,--........_ _ _ _ _ _~ _ _ _........:..l:':;~.('~f':.. -,-'_ _ _ _ _~~_

Gaius Dickinson and Descendants '!heir gr-anddaughter, Mrs. Margaret (Hedrick) Miles, writes:

"x x Ruth had a proud old ancestry, dating bock to the ~ish Quakers and French HuguEnots. Martyrs blood tl.ov.-eJi i:1 Ru1h's veins. Her mother Ca.Il18 trom the French ani told [{m.ny tales of the religious persec'fL't.:ton and unwavering faith of her aneestors; mile her father boasted of hiS 'l~ka~ foroi'athe rs and · tho ir great devotion and learning. Ruth's hone lias a ll' e st ono but there was an air of rE)1'inc~nt and culturo about it. She bad learned many fino old poems and maBtorpiecos of oratory !'rom hor fath~ TIho had loved ' 1o doclaim them in all the old school sty-1.e of gGstUl"C, atti t' and voico. Fran her mother Rutlr had learnod to fashion her dress with the exquisite taste arid finish 01' the J'roDch, Wl well as 10 mop hoI' house daintily rod l7'oll. We find hoI' singing choerily as sha Jays her table with 17hi to china Wi. th a blua stripe, oo-wor forgetting tho Itnosegays" of oldrashloned fiOllJcrs, mtq pinks, lilacs, rosos or honeysuckle, lti tlil. a sprig of ro.s.emary or lavender alJraya to be :found in her ~den. ~re was a fi ni sh and air about everything she a1id 'that charmed her husband and wuia never failBd 11;) expect some now surpriso in Slape of dainty dish or flower, which mde tho 11tt1.a v11'o happy and proud "to be tho wito of IDu:l.s Hodrick. 1t So far as we Imm: Gaius and Mary (Hall) Dickinson had fivo children:





53 34 35



John Daniel Ruth,


iv; Eliz£1both ,. b. v. Richard

J'an. 9. "1808, in lL~ison Co~, (W.) Va; 5, 1810, in Harrison Co., (W.) Va.



The date o:f his birth is not kncmn. His vifots nmno t1as Nolley. He crane for n viait !'rom lor-o. at ono time. Bess Weiss kneu J'im (J'ames Dickinson) tlt Kl]<hqrt, Ind., mo is s;l,rpposod ·t o, be Co son of John Dickinson. J'~ had a dn\l€P-. tor, mancho, idlo corrospondod .Ii th IDss. Bl.o.ncho had a brother 1Zho mlS killod on the raUroad. By Florance Bonmtt '32. DA.NlKL DICKINSON b. ; in , son of Go.ius and Mary (HBl~) Dickinson. Moved °uith tho family 1x> !Jlgnn Co. ~ O~ in lBll; thonce 1n Clark Co. . m. Mea. 10,. l834, ' "by JDtIi.Cs Crou, J.1?~, IQdia. starbuck, the Ucenso hilving been issued Jan.25, If:l34. (Logan Co. PDob. CT. reccrd.) Oll J"uly 24" 'l.B3S he purchasod f'rom Hezeldah starhlck 13) .cres of l~ (Deed ° Book J, p~ 1.91, IDgan 00.) far ~O.OO vmich he and hiJi vdte Iqrdia. sold Fob. 27, l.83~ to Erasm.a Bonnett :rcr ~OO.OO. (Deed Bk. J. p. 54?) At this time he "8S a residcI$ at Clark Co. In tho ' first dead hoois named .Daniel J. Diekins:>n, alhough indoxod as Daniol S. On J'uly l4.l.836 ho had purchas.od far $1.05.00 :from Jolm H. DYnes Dlld t7if'e 10t 54 in Vienna v.i.llilgo which hc .a nd liis wifo Iqdfu'rold Aug. 4. 1840 for $200.00 w his fnthor, Gaius Dickinson. (~od Bk. S. p. 605, ~lark Co.)

In the 1.S40 cansus of Clark Co., lL?.rmony Tolp. uo 1'ind: D. J. Dickinson: 2 m.!llos 5 yrEh or younger; 1. mnl.o 15 10 20; 1 tomnle 40 1n 50; 1 mo.l.e 60 to 70; 1 female 5 or younger; 5 fomnloB 15 to 20. Names oxcept hoads of ...... 11es- . ' nrc not rocordod until the 1850 cenSUl8~ , It ia o.sswrod that this is l)@iol Dickillson 11110. t.hat ho had at least throe children. Ho docs not appear in tbo 1850 census ibr Clark Co. and tlO have found no further rocord of him (111 1940 - WIll).

Geius Dickinson 'a nd Descendants 33. R~ Jan. 9, Oct. 5, m.I Apr.2p, b. d.


DICKINSON 1808 in Harrison Co. , (new) W.Va. 1874 at So. Qharleston, Ohio. Burie'd in -So. Charleston. 1826, lewis Hedrick, grandson of Jacob Hedrick.

JACOB HEDRICK was born in Scb.leswig-lWlstetn about 1736. He ma.r:ded about 1'766 Barbara , whether before or after caoiing to ~rica ~'e 4c not knOll'. He served in t be Revoluti on as pri va te in Capt. Andrew Irvin9 1 s Co., 1781, 1782, of the First Pennsylvania Regiment, Continental Line. After the Revolution he moved t::> Kentucky, living in Fleming County. Children: i.

11. iii. iv.

Michael Jacob John Betsy

v. vi. -vii. viii.

George Nicholas


PHILIP HEDRICK was born in 1772 or 1773. "lio lIII.rriod abouD 1'95 Letitia Foley. He livod in Fleming -County, Ky. until 1812 when he ~vod to Clark County, Ohio. Childron: i.

-ii. iii .. iv.


Sanuol ww:is 'Anna

Isaac Honry

vi .. vii.

viii. ix. x.

Mahala Rebecca David joseph Lav.ina

LEWIS HEDRICK was b. Jan. 17, 1800; d. Sopt. 16, 1871; m. Apr. 26, 1826, Ruth Dickinson (No.33) Thoy resided ncar South Charloston, Ohio: Both arc buriod in So. Charloston cemctf:lrY. Thoir home was notabl0 for a boautifu1 st,ircaso mado of fine mod .. They had 16 childron. 34

35 36 37

i. -ii. -iii. iv.

38 39 40 A1

vi. vii'. -viii.


wtty, b. May 5, 1827, in Clark tlO. d. Julian, b. Sept. 5, 1828; d. May 1, 1921, (Georgo Kious. Ifalinda, b. Fob. 4, 1830; d,. Oe t. 22, !l.908; m. Nov.. 18,1858 Amanda, b. Nov. 4, 1831; d. May 7, 18~:; m. Oct.18, 1864, w. d. 1921 F. Thanas ElizabOth, b. May 17, 1833; d. May 20, 1917; m. Doe. 16, 1868 Mahala, b. Apr.15, 1835; d. Oct. 31, lE78j not rmrr1cd PhiliP. b. Oct. 14, 1836; d. Jan. 27, ,864; not marriod Sarah Jan.o, b. Sept. 3, 1838; d. Mar. 13. 1906; m. May_3l~1859' , Wary


42 43




45 46










Lewis, Jr., b. May 9, 1840; d. Jan. 23 or 25, 1908, at Barren, Mo. Ruth, b. Doc. 10, 1841; d. ~rox. 30, 1899; m. Juno 27, 1871. John Graham lAvinia Augusta, b. Nov. 3, 1843; d. May 13, 1928; m. 1887 1, B. Roberts William, b. Apr. 22, 1845; d. Jon. 24, 1890; m. ~uno 28, 1882 b. Jan. 26, i847; ; m. Nov. 25, 1885. Dono. Kolsey Margarot, b. Apr. 15,. 1849; d. Jan. 15, 1922; m. Jun. 7. 1894, J. B. Milos Carolino~ b. Oct. 28, 1850; ; m. Fob. 24. 1875, W. o. Byrd Howard Frank, b. Sop. 14, 1852; d. Jan. 23, 1921; m.


Gaius Dickinson and Descendants


35. JULIA.ANN HEDRICK, second child of Lewis and Ruth(Dicld.nson) Hedrick, was born near South Charleston, OhiO, Sep. 5, 1828 an.d died at Mar811aD.~ MO ., May 1, 1921, a~ed ~2 years; and is buried at I.ar18J.', Uo . She m. Mar. 2l~J.8~~ at So. <Cha.rle~t@n, 0., Lorenzo Dow Hicks, who W88 b. Feb. '21, IB29 at il()~ CharJeston and d. June 17, 1905 at Lamar, Mo., aa;ecl 76,: burj.eCi at; I;.ana-r-n if.e. Vias t.ha sen uf Ne-.vt,I;)n ~nd Mary or Nora (Bonn0t 路~J Hj.eks. llew~f) was the SOQ. of Thomas Hiaks: Po Sep. 28, 1760, in NoVT York: d" Apr. 13;, 1817) 111~ 1781" PameUa Newton and had 9 children, Newton bcing tl1C youngost. 'Ihgy sEd 路tJ ed in NJ8.I'yl:md and later removed to Ross Co., Ohio. Children: 50 i. Carolino, b. Jan.. 27, 1853 at So. Char10ston, 0.m~Dec ..29,l'a-91, at Carthage, Mo_ , Edmund Hamilton Adams, who was boO Scpo 18, 18~~ Qt ae.l oLt, His. and d. I~ar. 21, 1916 at lamar, Mo. Burricd at Lamar. Children: (Cal, i. Sarah Edgcll, b; Scpo 14, 1883; Rcs.R .. ncon Road,Bq1i9rly, 51 ii. ~raru( Hicke, b. Nlir. 28, 1886, ~es.60 Birkhoad Plac~ 52 Toledo, Ohio 53 i i i. He lon Loui se, b. A'J1lr. 11, 1888; d. Mar . 30 t 1888 iv. Donald Doolittle, b. Sop. 18, 1890; Res. 1304 Huntington 54 Drivo, So. PasadcQa, Cel. v. Dorothy Susan, b. Scpo 18, 1890; Res. ZUgenu Fiold Apt. 55 st. Joseph, Mo. Twin of above 06 vi. Julia Hodrick , b. July I, 1993; d. Fob. 1, 1896 57 vii. Dwight Edmund, b. Scpo 29, 1896; 30s. 3673 Norriswood Avo. Memphis , Tonn. 58 ii. Frank, b. Fob. 24, 1855 at So. Chcrlostan, 0., d. Jan.7, 1892 at st. Louis, Mo . m. June la, 1891 at st. LouiS, Aline F. S. Taylor. No childron. 59 iii. Stolla Beverly. b. Oct. 27, 1867 at Litchfield, Ill. Resides 668 So. Odell AVO., Mnrsh2.l1 , Mo. 81:e is Libraric.n of tho Missouri Vvlloy Collogo at Marshall, 1\"10. 36.. MALINDA ~lliDRICK, third child of LeV7is a.nd Ruth (Dickinson) Rodrick, nos born ncnr South Charleston, Cl~路rk Co., Ohio, Fob .. 4., 1830 and d. Oct.23, 1908 in Boston, Mass. Buried in Mt.Sterling cometery. She file Nov . 18, 1858 at So. Charleston, GBorge KiOUS, who was b. Feb ... , 1814 at and d. nov. 27, 1888. Buried in Pleasant cometery, Mt . Sterling, O. He 1,.1aS tho son of Adam and Kious Resided ncar Mt. Sterling, Ohio. Children: 60




62 63

iii. i v.

64 65

v. vi.

Adam, b. Aug~ 26, 1859; d. Aug. 4, 1916 at Columbus, Ohio. Buricd at Mt. St0rling. Lewis RenfroV7~ b, May 9, 1860; m. Oct. 25, 1888, Lorona Shaftr Mi.llj" ,. b. Sept. 15, 1862; m. , Charlos J. Wdsner Linna May; b.. :Mar. 19, 1864; m. May 18, 1887, Edwin }'. Mille!George H. b, Oct. 7, 1865, m. , Louise 1,lorris Pearl, b. Aug. 16, 1868; m. Dec .. 25, 1889, Hev . Charles J. Jones

60. A.D.hM KIOUS, b. Aug .. 26, 1859, son of George and Malinda (Hedrick) Kious; d. Aug. 4, 1916 at Columbus, Ohio; buried a~ Mt. Sterling. m.. Mar. ,1881, at Mt. Sterling, Mary YOWlg, dau. of and Young. Mary was b. and d. Children:

Gaius Dickinson and Descendants 66 67 68 69 70

i. ii. iii. iv. v.


Frederick; b. 1883 d. Ralph, b. Apr. 1883 Seymour, b. Sept. 15. 1884 George, b; Dec. 4; 1888 Sherman, b. 1891; d. May 26, 1927

61. LEv"lIS RENFREW KIOUS, called "CHff", b. May 9, 1860, ne'ar Mt. ste-r'l'mg, Ohio, son of George and IVlalinda (Hedrick) Kious; resided near Mt. Sternf1~, o. Member of Legislature. m. Oct. 25, 1888, at Mt~ Blanchard, O~, wr~TJ:a, Shafer, ' dau. of Solomon and Mary E. ( ) Shafer. Lorena was b. 1'JJ]:Y 3J., 1865, at Findlay, Ohio~ Children.: 71


Cliff ord Shafer, b.' Dec ~ 31, 1889, near Mt. Stsr.'l :Ul~1 o. ; Regina Dixon, chu. 0-:': ) Dixon. Regina was b;. i. Doris, b. Dec~ 20, 191~ iin Lorena, b. Sept. 13, : 1.9U Resides at Mt,B}.9.J1'; .hard.-


72 73 74

i i .' Mary Louise, b .. Jan.- 26; 1893, in Chicago, Ill.


m.. DeG .. 17, 1914; at

William W. Gill,


,. son of Res.,

:t â&#x20AC;˘ i5. " iii., iv.

75 76 77 78 79





Rowena-, Virginia; , John Kious, Charles

b. b., b. b.

Apr .. Jar:.." Feb .. Mar.

22, 19Hi U, 1918 2:f, 1920 1$, 1925

Lewis Renfrow i Jr., b. Sep.' i5, 1895

mrena, b., Mar .. 24 ,' 1900

m. IvIar. 22,' 1927; Paul Fischedick, at Paul was b.' L '

81 82


John fuomas, ' b. July 26;' 1900

Elizabeth,' be' Oct.' 8,- 1904

63. LINUA MAY KIOUS t b. ' Mar. 19, 1864, at Mt. Sterling, OhiO, dau. of George and Malinda (Hedrick) Kious. Residos: 160 Hallock St. Youngstown, m. Mny 18, 1887 at Mt . Sterling, Edwin F. Miller , b. Oct. 10, 1863, son of David R. and Isabel M. IV!iller i.



Hugh D0Witt, b. May 7, 1891 at Crulftcld, O. 1914 at Youngstoon., o. Mary Ann Lloyd, b. Junc5, 1889 at Oril1ia, Can. i. Richard McI.enn , b. Oct. 25, 1915 At Youngstown H. Jean KiOUS, b. June 10, 1917 i i i . Edwin Lloyd. b. June 23, 1919

m. Sept. 84 85 86



Isabel, b. June 13, 1905 at Youngstown, 0

64. GEORGE H. KIOUS I b ,. Oct. 25, 1865, ne ar Mt, Sterl ing. 0., son of Goor go and Malindn (Hedrick) Kious. Residos Houston, Tex. m. wuiso ~:i:orris at South Solon, O. b. dau. of 88


Holan, b. Oct. 24, 1900

Gc.1UB ,Dickinoon and DOsc_0Il ...... cw.;...,n-t.;...s______________--'2.5



Ruth Hedrick, b. Mar. 24, 1905

65. PAARL KIOUS, b. Aug, 16, 1868, daugb..ter of George and Malinda (Rs-dy.ick) Kious. M. Dec. 25, 1889, at Mt . Sterling, 0., Rev. Charles J. Sohes, tP<> ; son at 90 i. Carl ii. Kenneth iii. Pearl Catherine iVa Frederick v. F-rank McDonald 38. ELlZABE'lli HEIDRICK 1:1'3.8 b. May 17, 1833 neal' So. QharIe ston, Ohi.,. &lau. of Lewis and. Ru1il.. (Dicki!lstlll) Hedrick. She d. May 20, 1917 at MontJ?'e;je.,.~ Ind • . Buried in MontpeHer cemetery. She m. Dec~ 16, 1868, at So. Charieston, 0., Addison Hewitt JijaJlido;r, Vlno was b. Dac. 28, 18"30, at Sinking SpriQ.\l',i3t; Highland Co., Ohio, StHJ..of Daniel Frailey and lIary Williams (Hewitt )lltJdclOXe He. d. Feb. 9, 1918, at Memtpelior, Ind. ar:.d bu:r:1.ed thoro



Mary- Kedrick, b. Mar.






at Hillsboro, Ohi0 1


2, 1883, at Hlllsb"4'fl, whero buriaiL. Wi IJ.i am Hedrick, b. Oct. 1:1, l872., at Hillsbor0 ..


mr J"Wl.e 29, 1899, at Tedrov:Y 1 :j=u..lt4n ~o., Ohio by R~v. PalCl(:er P. Pop~, Ada Florence ~e:fiflfJ, b. Sept. 30, 18'70, dalU,~ of Cornolius Milt6J:). and $a:rah .Ann (Eldredgo) Spring. i~ Cornolius Spring: ·~~ . Ju~e 19, 1900; d. May 2,1901 at Tecumseh, Micl} . f an.d ~~rJed there. i i r William RollQ1ld~ b" Sept., 3, 1901 a.t Tocumseh, Mich. m. Sept. 2, 19;2bl.' ~t Ironton, Ohio, by Rev. R. T. Stimmel, Virginia Isabel Sherman, b. July 25, 1903, do.u, of John T. and Cnrrio Moria (Smith) Shcrnnn. Resides at Lawrence, Kansas. i.Margaret Jean lladdbx, b. Oct. 12, 1936, at Lawrence, Ka."'lsas

93 94

95 96



So. Charleston, John Judy, b.

97 98 99

i. 11 • iii.


1838, near So. Charleston, 0.,


d. Mar. 3, 1906 at


m. May 31, 1859, at Three children

William H. Edgar Lewi s


43. RU'lR :m:DRICK was born Dec. 10, 1841 near So. Charleston, Ohio,the tenth child of Lewis and Ruth (Dickinson) Hedrick. She m. June 27, 1871 at So. Charleston, John Graham, b. Feb. 18, 1839, at , son ot Robert and Anna (Davidson), He d. lv-Jay 8, 1902; buried at Mt. storling, O. Ruth d.. Mar. 30, 1899; at 14t, Sterling. Children: 100


101 102 103

Anna, b. Dec. 31, 1872 near Mt . Storling, O. m. Doc. 31, 1902, William Brown, b. Jan. 19, 1867, son ot William and Hannah ( ) Brown. Childron: i. Lucile, b. 1my 3, 1904; m. June 6, 1926, Verling Rugh Honard Grahsn, b. Feb. 4, 1907, (son of John and Sarah ( ) Rugh Honard, b. Nov. 24, 1876, near Mt. Sterling m. Mar. J.2, 1899, 1'11 nni e M. Brown, dau of Wm. and Hannah






) Brown. and sister of .Anna Grahah's husband .. Ruth Hannah, b. Sep. 2, 1902; m. ~ug. 27, 1922. Willi~ Murray, son of Clark and illa ( Murr~

105 106



Helen M., b. Apr. 6, 1908

b. NQv. 27, 1881, near Mt. Sterling, ~lJc. Oue of -ib,e,.. prQlprietors of the Sherwooc1. School of Music. Teache.r of Piann. ~lizabeth, 4901 Walton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

45. WIILIAM IIj~NRY tI:~DnICK, b. Apr. 22, 1845 nea.r So.CharlestiJ>I1), 0" twelfth child of kwis a~ _d Ruth (Dickinson) ffeddck.~ He was ("t). · ~e(!u~T' with his mother of his father's ostate, and ad~ln)strator of his mQ1ber's estato·. He removed to Carthage, Mo. about laag.~ whero he died Jan. 24,1890; buried at Carthage, Mo. m. Jun. 28, 1882 at , :&me J. Larrimer, b. Jan. 5, 1856 at , iaugAter of 107













iii. iii.

117 U8

119 120 121 122 123 CJonrad, b.


in Fittsburg, Kan. in st. Louis, Mo.

Halon Cathorine, b.



Let'1s Hedrick, III. b, July 16, 1885. .Addrass: Carthage, Mo. m. Oct. 9, 1910 at Carthage, May Ed, dau. of J. W. and Etza t wards, b. Edwards, of linglish doscent. i . Forn :&lizabeth, b. Apr. 25,



EugcllG Fredarick, b ..

iv. Ruth



Helon ~~iOt a. Apr. 23, 1883, at m. Jan. 20, 1903 at Carthage, Mo., Conrad F. Zii.tmmcrman, b. at , son ox·


Earnest Wilford, b. Dorothy May, b.

William Larrimor, b. Fob. 1'1, 1888, near CartlJ8.gc, Mo. m.• Apr. 20, 1911 at Carthage, Dolly Walker, b. in Tonn i. Marie Lorone, b. Apr, 28, 1912; d. ]ab. 24, 1924 i i . Charles, b. Arthur Loc, b. Oct. 7, 189O, at So. Charleston, O. m. Oct. 25, 1913 at Abilene, Kan., RUby Ellwood, b. , dciu. of , at Topeka, Kan. i. Walla co , b. at Topeka, Kan. ii. Warren Bert, b. , at st. IDuis, Mo. iii. Robert ~llwood. b. at st. Louis, MO. iv. Donald Iee, b.

48. CAROLINE IIEIlUCK, b. Oct. 28, 1850 near So. Charleston, OhiO, was the fifteenth child of ww1s and Ruth {Dickinson} H.driok. She m. Feb. 24, 1875, William Otway Byrd at So. Charlosmn. He was b. May 24, 1850 at Sinking

Gaius Dickinson and

Descen;..:.d;;.s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Springs, O. and d. July 1, 1891. Buried at Sinking Sprines. of Samuel (). and :Frances E1Ganor ( ) Byrd~

He was t b. .3


S?r i~f,5 .,


Jeanne , b. Mar. 16, 187? at Sinking m. Oot. 6, 1900 at John Edwin




ii ..


iE ..


2:.1. '0


-J "

Howard Carleton, b. ,


~lI.ald .J1 "




-Byrd Louise





Me J en Owenna









E.dgar Lewis

Charles Willing. b. Oct. 16., J.B82..

Not mar:;:.-j.cad

Mary l!."velyn, b. April 7~ 1~1 at S-Lnking S:1?rio~SJ O. d. July 24, 1914. m. Aug. 30, 1907, Autie Fjpya GaJJ, son of J. H. and Flo ( ) Gall i. Ruth Berneace, b. July 29, 1908 ii.

James B,yrd, b. AUG. 24, 1910

49. HOWARD FRANK HEDRICK was the sixteenth and youngest child of Lewis and Ruth (Dickinro n ) Hedrick. He was born near South Charleston, Clark County, OhiO, Sept. 14, 1852; and died at Joplin, Mo ., Jan. 23, 1921, aged 68 years, 3 mo. and 9 days, and is buried at nebb City, Mo. He rmrried May 14,1905 at Carthage, Mo ., Fannie Stukey, who was born. Nov. 24, 1878 at Jasper, Mo., the daughter of Ephriam and Louisa (SWishor) Stukey. Children: 135 1. Philip LeWiS, h. Sept. 10, 1906, at Wobb City, MO., m. Nov. 3, 1930, at Kansas City, MO., Goldie Vlilford, who was b. June 21, 1908 at Thief River Falls, Minn., the dau. of Frod J. and Rourina (Hanson) Wilford. Child 135 a i. Doloros Juno, b. June 20, 1932. Philip is now a non-commissioncd officer in the U.&.-.Arn:W (1932). 136


Harold H., b. Mar. 4, 1909 at Webb City, Mo .

Mrs. Hedrick married (2) Mr. Frank Beckman and resides at #410 North 22nd st.. Parsons, Kan. 34. ELlZABE'IHDICKmSON. b.- :rwiay 5,1810, in Harrison Co., (no\7) VI . Va., dau. of Gaius and Mary (Hall) Dickinson. She moved with her parents to Logan Co., O. then to Clark Co., Ohio. She married Dec. 23, 1830 in Clark Co. 0., Erastus Bennett, who was born Oct. 28, 1804 and died Aug. 30, 1887 and is blU'ied west of South Vienna, O. He .:was the son of Henry and Lydia (Hammon) Bennett. Henry die d Oct. 4 ., 1828, aged 47 yrs. 2 mo. His wife Ivdia died Aug. 17, 1855, aged 72 yrs. 5 mo. Elizabeth died Nov. 4, 1893 aged 83 yrs.

us Dickinson and Descendf'Jlts 28 .-------------------C..-ai---~~~~--~-----------"~--------------------~5 mo .. 29 da. and is burjed. beside her husband. Clark Co., Ohio. They had 8 children: 137 143 144 145 146 147 148 149

-1. -ii. iii. iv. -v. -vi. -vii. viii.

T:cey lived in Harnorw Twp.,

Lydia Ann Bennett, b. Nov. 24, 1831 Gaius Ray Dickinson Bennett, b. July 14, 1833 Baby, son, b. Aug. 30, 1835; d. Oct. 11, 1835 Ruth Bennett, b. Nov. 27, 1836 Lucy Bennett, b. Apr. 23, 1840 Laura Bennett, b. Feb. 17. 1845 Henry Bennett, b. Oct. 28, 1851 Mary aennett, b. Dee. 15, 1856; d. July 12, 1893; m. Dowell Morris." (Mary is also Biven as Mary Morgan Bennett.)

137. LYDIA ANN B~~TT, b. Nov. 24, 1831; d. Nov. 3, 1884, dau of ~astus and Elizabeth. (Dickinson) Bennett. m. William E. Yeazell. ']hey had 5 children: Ros. Cold Springs, O. i. James Yoazel1, 138 139 ii. Jan.o Ye:s3ell, m. Silas Engle m. William H. McClintock, Moore140 iii. Ellen Yeazell, field 'Iwp. 141 iv~ Elizabe~ Yeazel1, m. Waltor Marsh, London, 01 m. E. Ovorturf, of Madison Co". , 0 .. 142 v. Mary Yeazoll, 143. GAlUS R.b.Y DICKIN30N BENNETT, b. July 14, 1833, "in Harmony Twp., Clark Co., Ohio, son of Erastus and ~lizaboth (Dickinson) Bonnett. d. Apr. 20, 1920, at Lily Ohapol, Madison Co., o. Buried noar Lily Chapel. m. Oct. 14" 1880, by C. W. Bostwick, V.D.M., 1Iary A. Gierich, who was born Nov. 19,1860, dau. of Lewis and Barbara (Kuehnor) Gicrich. Five children: 150 151 152 153 154

-i. -ii. -iii. iVa


Aldon L. Bennett, b. July 1:5, 188.1 Wesley E. Bonnatt, b.Sept. 5, 1883 Emma Bennett, b. Dec. 50, 1890 Ray Bennett, b. May 27,. 1892; d. Aug. 18, 1894 Florence Mao Bennett, b. " Apr. 7, 1838

150. ArDON !..EVilS BENNETI', b. ' July 15, 1881, son of Gaius Ray Dickinson and Mary (Gierich) Bennett. m. May 22, 1918, in Franklin Co., 0., .Anna Madge Wright who was born Sept. 26, 1888, dau.of Charles and Elizabe1h (Starck}Wrigh"t



Paul G. Bonnett, b. Aug. 30, 1919

151. Y1ESLl!."""Y E. BEi.mETT, b. Scot. 5, 1883, Res. Chicago, Ill. Son of Gaius Ray Dickinson a."'1d Mary (Gierieh) Bennatt. m. Meh. 23, 1913, Meta B100mc Who was born Juno 17, 1895, dau. of and Ida (Scnroottor) B1oome. She came from Germany whon 5 .years old. ~ey have no childron " 1;:>2. " EMMA BENNETr, b. Dec. 30, 189b, Ros. Lily Chapel, 0, dau. of Gaius Ray Dickinson and Mary (Gierich) Bonnett. m. May 28, 1919, Harry S. Wright 156




Mildred Florence Wright, b. Apr. 7, 1920. She is a registered nurse in Cincinnati, O. (1940) Charles Gaius Wright, b. Oct. 2, 1921; d. June 17, 1937

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...;Gnius Dickinson


Descondant;;:;s_ _ _ _ _ _----.;.;;29~-

Res. Atlanta, Ga~1943) 1.54. FLORENCE MA.l!; BfNN£;TT, b. Apr. 7, '1898. dau. of Gaius Ray Dicl\ and Mary ( He:rmett. m. June 26, 1920 at Li 1y Chape 1, 0., Pear.t -.t.i.rut~y. 158


Ivalene Kinney, b. Oct. 13, .1921

m. (2) May 18; 1934, :r.eslie W. Wietal.

He died Sept. 3), 1942.

Records from the of Gaius Bay Dickinson Bennett On a cortificat 0 ~ Ga ius R.D, Bennett and I\(! i B3 Mary A. Gerich tlere married Oct. 1.4t :~ 1880 1.Jy C. W. BostVlick, V•• S)! M~ Wesley Bonnett and. Mota Bloomo marrled March ?,~ 1,913 Aldon Bonnett 8..''"llla M. Wright married :May ~ un8 Harry S. Wright and. :ti.n.."lJlla Bennatt married May 2ft 1919 Poar1 Kinney and Flor::mco Mao Bonnett wero mar·c:· ) ·1 wslie Wiefel and 1ii'lo!'ence B. Kinney wore nar:r i cd Louis Aldan BOIme tt was Born July tile 15, 1881 Wesley E. Bennett was :Born Soptonber 5, 1883 :&!ma Bcnnc-t t was barn December the 30, 1890 Roy Bonnett was born. May the 27, 1.892 Florenco Mao Bonnett was born April 7, 1898 Paul G., son of Aldan and Anna Bennett, was born Aug. 30, 1919 (::..920 Mildred Florence, da ughter of Harry and Fmr:na Wright, was born April 7,: .. Chnx1es Cklius Wri.@:lt born Oct. 2, 1921 Ivalcno Kinney vms born Oct. 13, 1921 Ray Bonnett was -born Nlay tho 27, 1892. Died Aug.' the 18, 1894, aged 2 years·, 2 months and 22 days Galus Ray Dickinson Bennett was lnru. July 14, 1835. Died April 2l ,1920 Charles Gaius Wrigh~, son of HaITY and i:mna Wright, was born. {)ct. 2,1921; Died June 17, 1937

(F.n.d of recores in Gaius R. D. Bennett' s Bib~e.) 145. RUlli BENNETr, b. Hov. 27, 1836,dau. of Erastus and Elizabeth (Dickinson) Bennett. n d. popt. 14, 1919 m. Mch. 16, 1.862, Henry Slcmtz







162 163 164

-iv. v.


Addie Florence Slentz, b. Aug~ 30, 1864 William E. Slontz, b. Apr. 12, 1867; m. Emma Layburn. 2 children Lydia Ann Slontz, b. July 18, 1870; m. Thomas Trainer. 3 children Mary Pearl Slentz, b. July 12, 1873 Willis Slentz, died young John G. Slentz, b. Dec. 8, 1877

159. ADDIE FWRZNCE SLEN'lZ., b. (Bennett) Slentz. m. Feb. 18, 18 ;l ..

li. iii. iv.



30, 1864, ,Perry Grube

dau. of Honry and Ruth


~.~~. ..,


·...............;;....;.;_'40"-~----'--~---------~____~~:~.~·:·~$§;;'.r·. .________ ;. ._____o....-_~-,;",:~"",;i:%"~·..::::'·i",,J~~,,",;'....· _._ _~..........__ IF'"


------------------Gaius Dickinson and Descondants 162. MARY PEARL mmr.z;., b. July 12, 1873, Res. So. Vienna, Ohio dau. of Honry ailQ ~ijth (Sennott) Slentz. m. Ja~. 13, 1892, John lrancis Hodge

165 166 167 168

-1. -ii. -iii.


1{i lUam lie Hodge, b. Nov. 7 ~ 1.892'l fJod.e,s, b. Mch. 5, 1t19t5 ,1o:ren!!e Mildred Hodgo, bo JlU1S2f), 1898 l>c1:!";t, l'bige, b. Aug. 22, 19c.9

165. WILIAl\.l H., l'I{JD(;f, b~ Nov. 7, 1892 Son of John FranC'i9 004 Mttry Pearl ( Hodga.. Blancho Snauffo~-' 169 170

171 172


iL iii" iv 4

'I1ta1-i ~EllG Hodgo Ri.crr47d Hodge J1arth8 ~:}.i2.aboth I~ll'tt7.

JIrm. lio dge



166. RU'JR Honae, ~ .Mch. 5, 1895 dau. of John Franc-i.~ ~1.d Mary Poarl (Slentz) Hodge. Leonard Goodtello~.





175 176

iii. iv.

; m. Apr. 18 , 1940 William Leonard Goodfellow, b. Frances ClynlCr John Richard Good follow , b. sept. 20, 1917; m. Betty Bumgard..'I1Cr Phoebe Ellen Goodfellow, b. June 26, 1920 Gone Lvuis Goodfellow; b. ~r. 5, 1925

167. FLORENCE rvULDRED HOWE, b. Juno 20, 1898, dau. of John Francis and. Mary Pearl (Slentz); Hodge. Goorge J. .A81o 177 178 1'79


H. iii.

m. Mch. 17, 1915,

m. lvlch. 19, 1927.

Mary Elizabeth Aglo, b. Feb. 2, 1928 Gocrgo Ja.mes .AgIo, b. Sept. 25, 1930 John Louis AgIo, b. Aug. 7, 1936 "

168. DORIS HODGE, b. Aug. 22, 1909, dau. of John Francis and Mary Poar1 .(Slentz) Hodge. m. Mch. 15, 1932, Go orge Schwarz.

, 180 18Jl 182

i. ii. iii.

Georgo David Schwarz, b. Jan. 17, 1933 Willian Honr" Schwarz, b. Dec. 6, 1933 Carl E~gonc Schwarz, b. Jan '7, 1940

164. JffifN G. SLENTZ, b. Dec. 8, 1877, son of Henry and Ruth. (Bonnett) Slentz. m. JWle 20, 1908, Nellie Garst 183 184 185

i. ii. iii.

1i.'U'glret Slentz, b. Mary Jecncttc, b. Hanry Slentz, b.


; m.

146. LUCY m:NNE:rI'. b. Apr. 23, 1840 dau. of uastus and Elizabeth (Dickinson) Bonnett. m. Garlott. Hor daughter, Mrs. Bessie Woisse, lives at Howe, Ind.



:, ':J.j:.\'t[f!.;


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-..::;G¥.~s_..Qickinso n and Descendants 147.

LAUR..A. B~71\ "" Feb. 17, 1845.


51 Hawkins.

148. m:Nf.Y BDfflETr, b .. Oct. 28, 1851, sar. of $ ~ll4 ELftzaPa'~h (Dickinson) ~me:~t~ Hmr-.f d. Mc. 29, 1930, at ii/cst Jefter-$4l"p, 0,. J 1l'J. AdDi.e . 186


f'{.DWa:t<J g.ennett, b. May 29, 1975, d. Feb. 12, 1907. 1B. }lt1~e. ~ 1. " f;iora


m. Mary

Bennett, b.

Henry ~Gtt lJ1. t2.) PI(J,·, ):J, 1882, Mary GTilS J~~, ,;,;"ho was born Oct. 30, 1856 in Gear~e.s., .r/.le J Orp ({au. of Charles and Frederica Grass Icy • 188 189 190 191 19£

-~. :!...

-iiL iv" -v~



Benne tt t b. Apr. 29, 188.4.

Cafc!1//.:/' nQ :Bennett, b. June 24, 1885 :Ruth 11qJUI~1);t, b. July 13, 1892; d. Deco 4, 1911

ChM-iES Willert Bonnott, b. Sept. 3, 3293

"4i1ld !fIn Bennett, b. Aug. 3, 1896

188, :tLlZABn""rJ 'Wf;IfflSIT .• b. Apr. 29, 1884, dau. of Hon..",:,}, ~1)d #lI):t (G-.rasslcy) Bonnett. m~ Dec. 24, 1905, William Kent, who was born June ~, JJiiQ, son of wander and Rebecca Kent. 193 194

-i. ii.

Wilma Kent, b. Oct. 30, 1914 Eugeus K&nt, b. Feb. 3, 1923

193. Wllif.LA. KENT, b~ Oe;t. 30, 1914, dau. of William and Elizabeth (Bonnett) Kent. m. Dcc. 11, 1933, William Scha1lhaas, who was born Oct. 30, 1908 at Gallaway, 0., so n of Charl.o s and Caroline Schellhaas.


195 196 197 189. dau. of brother Re1tecca 198

i. ii.


Ronald FranciS Kent, b. Oct. 22, 1934 Kenneth Dean Kent, ,b. Ivlay 3, 1936 Helen Kay Kent, b. Feb. 7, 1939

CArlO LINE BENNETI', b. June 24 f 1885, Henry and Mary (Grassley) Bennett. m. Nov. 26, 1904, levi Kent, of William Kent, who was born June 26, 1880, son of Leander and Kent •. i.

199 . ..

Ralph Lewis Kent, b. June 11, 1906; m. May 2, 1931, Dora Daily, b. Dec. 26, 1909, dau. of Floyd and Daisy DailY. i. Rosemary Kent, b. Aug. 16, 1939

191. CH.ARLES WILLERT BENNETI' , b. Sept 3, 1893, So.n of Henry and W.I8.ry (Grassley) Bennett. m.. July 18, 1828, Catherine Hunter, wh 0 was born Nov. 4, 18 • 4



Donald Bennett, b • .Aug. 8, 1929

192. LYDIA ANN BENNETr, b. Aug. 3, 1896, dau. of Henry and Mary (Grassley) Bennett; m. Dec. 24, 1917, Cecil Forrest, who was b. Feb. 24, 1895, son of Fletcher and Ida Forrest. 201 i . Cecil Bennett Forrest, b. Mch. 21, 1920 ii. Donald ~lwood Forrest, b. W~y 16, 1921 202 203 i i i . Mary Evelyn Forrest, b. Dec. 23, 1922 204 iv" James Dale Forrest, b. Oct.• 6, 1928 205 v. Robart Martin Forrest, b. Sopt;~ 24, 1930



DiCkinson apd Dc-...9 .. ~f-·,)'::..:c



___ __

- - .II.~,

No. 25. SecD ilCi ell t 10 of Joseph ani ~ izabE. ttl (Nuzwn) I'icid noon.. was b. Dec. 9, 17~5 in. ~r~s County, Pa. m. Aug" 2J, 1866,1 lsaac ffea in Harrison County t (now) W,

va,- Hr:zr

parents gave then -r. ptr!


-1b thj.s DJil.rr:i.age

wi tnessed ty Allen. t?ea am John Rodgers. FJ.f..z~ t;h. loc}r.€&. six lncnlh~ 0(' 'l>eing 21 yeCl.1'~ ~I~ ~~. this marriage to "of.).e 11,.ot a f;,o'1 sb.e 'M?S disowned by the. lle<tsto17e Mon.tIlly meting o:f Frien48 on $ap-t.? )0.) ,18OQ~ She and her husband m~JeJ to (.(()~U county, Ohio, where thel' were @f}8)O&1 jIlSmhe:r.s of the HicksHe QJ.Jaker church at Zanes:fio1d micll vras b~i1.t in 1829. We know certainly of "n)} i'JD'.e. child. Doubtl.ess there 'Were other:1. i.

206 20'1


209 210 207.

Rebeeca Rea, b .. Jan. 2, .lOO9 in Virginia. m. Apr. 1, 1830, Ira Brown, who was b. Dec. 27, 1806; d. June 11, 1834, san of Aaron an.d .Anna (stanton) Brown.. i. EZra Brown, b. Apr. 30, 1631; m. Rp~. 17, 1853 i i . Elizabe1h Brovm, b. Jan. 13, 18"3:3; d. Oct. 7,l.84O , age 7 yoars, 9 months, 24 days Rebecca (Roa) Broon m (2) May ~1, 1845, Enoch M. Scott, uho was b. Feb. 28, 1810; d. July 22, 1880. ~70 children: i i i. Mary-.Ann Sco tt, uh 0 m. . Henry- • Res. ne ar Zanosfield. iv. Child diad in ini'aney.

EZRA BROWN, b. Apr. 30, 1831; m. Apr. 17, 1853, Rachel Outland, dau. (Taylor) Outland. i. Charley F. ~rann, b. Feb. 22, 1856; d. sept. 2, 1863 ii. Frank S. Bronn, b. Sept. 26, 1861; d. Sept. 21, 1863 iii. Cora Broun, b. Oct. 21, 1864

of John and Sarah A.

211 212 213

Robocca Roa and Ira Brown '6I'G said m have bean -tho- 1"irst.. couple 1n bo married in tho Hicksi to Q,uakcr church. A gravestoro in tho Hicksi to cemetcr',{ marks the graves of Rebecca and hcr second husbaJilld, Enoch M. Scott. We have found tho fo1lrning Roa marriages in Logan County: Robert Rca to Mary Grubbs, Oct. 24, 1819 Daniol Ray and Scidmond, Dec. 20, 1820 Allen Roa ani Mariah Bishop, Jan 25, 1821 Isaiah Rea and Rebecca Grubbs, O'ct. 1, 1833 Isaac Rca and Mary Stanfield, May 3, 1837 . Isaac Rca. is thought to be a. son of ISD-QC ond Eliza.beth. Lovi Rca and IiYdia Nouma, Feb. 28, 1839 Ruth .Ann Roa and .Amos Tb.ompson., Apr. 22, 1843 Said m be a grnnddau.ghiwr of Isaac and ~lizaboth. Wo do not knag if these may be children of Isaac ~d ~iznbetn (Dickinson) Roa. Certainly Robert, Daniel ond Allen flare not. Allen Roo. uas mtnoss to the oonson.t of :alizo.both Dickinson ani may haw beon n brother of Iaunc, as may Robert, who was probably tho father o~ ~orgorot Raa, mo married Martin M. Dickinson. ILltor doscendants of the Roa fcmily have not bean f'ound_


Joseph Dickinson and Descendants

No. 26". ~OMAS DI<Yt"..IlJSON was ~he third child of J0s~ph and ~lizaheth .. (Nuzum) Dl.ckinron. He ,laS born ~n Berks County, Pa'J l~ov8 1-3, l798 f alU..d .... died in Lo~an CililJ.U.tYl Ohio, May 10, 1879, aged 9D 1e.a:rs;> 64ll0).l1J7.S CJ.ruJ fj da,Ys" He is btU' in t b.e Gosnen Friends cemetery De ar: ~11.esf.i eld. Ph. 1.0 ~ wbere a modest stone marks bi.e ~]' He married June 'I" 1.~tQ in H~:ri~ti. C(().un.ty (now) W.Va ., Maria~v~ 1 who was born in 1792 in YJ·r.eJ IQJa, d8'll,Uh-Je~ of Cepba~ (?) an.d ~ar:il1.gor) Lowo. Maria died ii!ll 18&7 a.iJQ. :."16 burifld. bGsl d-.;: her husbarul". The:, were tho mos t prolifia t:Jt:tffl@ 1;>ickW<1.n fami]j.eG~ Thom'ls Dickinson 'RBS 8 lll8.ll of' groat oner(!3 ald wi4e if1lf.lugnce.c He put'(~h"~ the i-':ll:m on uhicb :i'lE? hied for tmny yoars in 18\30) jLl~ ·t 100 ye.EfrfJ baf()4."E:! ~, a f'irs't Dickinson rEliUllon in Ii=>gan Gounty. r.rhcse ·reu.nt"ns hcwa. o.een held an..., nually up to the prese:n..t. (1943.) Children:


214 215 216 217 2.l8 219 220 221

222 223 224

225 226 227 228


:Eliza D::"C'Jrinson, b. Nov. 20~ 18-10 ,~ i i . Robert )J( Dickinoon, b. Mar; ~.!} • 1812 ;. .., 41-i1i; Susan Dickinson , b. Juno lo~ fg13 1815 iv;" Maryr.1?ol~~DicItinson, b. Jan.G, }.Gl~) .£1. Aug. ~B-]6 tL 3 v. Joseph ~olson Dickinso~, h., Mar" . 27, v1~ Margarot-Poggy-Dickinsoll; b., Sep t • .1-1 " Hl'1.1 vii. Hannah Dickinson, b. Doc. 28). tetE ... viii. Marti n :Marroon Di<:kinsan, bO' fE'ih 20 t 1820 sept .• 15, l832 Gardnor L. Dicki.noon, b. pac •. lS, iS2.i.; d .. ix~ x. Duncan KC.Arthur Dickinson, b. Da~. ~) ~ xi. .Joshua M. ~ickins,on:, b. Fob • l$-~ JB24 xii~ Mart1il.a Patsy Dickiruron, b. :Mal'. ~fj3\ ]$25 xiii. .Anna Dickinson. b. Aug. 15, 1826; ~. Oct. 10, 1832 xiv. LeWis Dickinson, b. Nov . 20, 1827 xv. Samuo1 s . Dickin30n~ b. Feb. 17, 1829


Thomas Dickinson dictated the story of his lifo ~hich, with the account of his :funeral, was published in tho Bellefontaine Examiner as follows: OB;[TU.ARY

Tho Late Thomas DickinsoIC. 1hamas Di~inson died at hia residence about six miles east ot aello1'ontaine on the 19th day of May 1.879, at the advanced ago of 90 years and six months. Tile · to1lm"ring narrative vms dictated by him before his death: ttl ~as born in Berks Cotlnt.y, near Ronding, Pennsylvania, on the 13th day of NoT<1llbor" 1788. L'I1 1802 I moved with my par 0..'11 ts to Virginia, Harri son. Cotmty, 11ellr Chrksburg; cnd. in 1807 cmno to Ohio and. worked for .Tohn G&rwood on tho first :::.ill built in tho northern part of Ohio, loca.;'i:od mur uhero East Liberty i~ fltNI s~tlllated . 1 uorkcd hard for six dolln.L's a montjI. Wont to Vlr'g;l.lQia i n ,BI]B-~ and in ISIO uns llk.".l'ried to Mario. LoUD. At this tinD tho su bje~t of S'le.'v ery was be-ing discussed, and my father and I wero ' Q.uakers and 11181'6 op;posed to slavery, o.nd in t he S}~ring ot l8U fo. tho r and I concluded to ~iVOQ tbe St~te all account at our uVGrsion to s:kvr:;ry m.:.'\kin.g . it un.pleasn"'l.t for US; and in. AU@lst uc urri vod a.!ci John Garcio ods t near East Liberty, ~I1.d f~tJJt~· located at Zanesfield. Thuro '70ro savell childrOl1 ill my father's fcraily . I firs·t ssttlod Oll Q 51"1ul1. piece of ground at tbe fo ot of the Mi tchinor hill of too. ~st side of Zcnes.field on the Liberty rood, and built a li'l;t13 log cabin ncer Mad Ri vcr . In tho Whiter of 1812 I '!,:'lOnt to Sandusky; lnid out throe ni€J;J.ts; hD..d to scrape tho SllOW o.f1cy to got a placo ro sleop. While Ii ving at this cabin the IndiQr..s bothered us a groat deal, und ..hon I was Quay from home my nife had to tnke t!1C WO Children and go

Xoseph Dickinson and Descendants

down on the prairie and sleep for fear the Indians would come to the house in the night. I moved from that place in 1813; moved i-'3 the head waters of Cherokee; put up a small house and oovered it wi. th. ..bcll~k; here I had bad luck; I throwed a splinter at my mare and killed tel':'; the wolves killed all of my sheep. I laid off ~ hat while cuttin$ a big tree and cow ate that up; and that night, having no door but jUSlt a place cut foj(' one, tho cow came along and drew my pants out and ate tnem up (being all I had); I felt a little discouraged; and the next day the cow ate bucIDeye leaves and she diad; whilo hly wifo and I \lore skinniJ)$ tho cow the cabin got on fire and burned everything we had. We had three children; I carried two a.."ld my wife one and we wont back' to Zanosri. aId to roport OUI bad luck. I then was enlistod as a Minute man under Captain Schuyler, a.nd. was under the employ of tho Govornmen-i; for two years acting as guard and as. a Minute man; and dt-ovc 'ox tcJun after the war was over. I lived ncar ZalBas路.. field until 1830 when I moved onto the far.m where I now live and have lived for nearly fifty years. In 1820 I went back to Virginia and mothar lJ:lrie gave me a feather bed and I brought it from Virginia on oorsebackt n


I~. Dickinson, at the time of his death, had living 10 children 85 grandchildren and 120 great grandchildron and 2 great great grandchildren. Judge Bennett said the funeral was the largest he had attended for many years - the procession be~ one mile in length. The funeral services were conducted by Roverend John D. Elliott assisted by his estimable lady, being of Quaker denomination. .As NlI'. Dickinson always held to their manner and form of worship he did not make a loud profession of religion but had ' certain religious rules that he always adhered to. He pitied littleness, loyed goodness a~d admired truthfulness and greatness.

His record ns a neighbor, a ,ci tizen <llld a soldier, and in every capaci ty of life is too well mown to need any eulogy at my hands. And us the long procession moved out, it could bo observed that many distinguished persons wore prescnt, and as tho long line of procession moved along many persons stood by tho roadside with uncovered路 heads, eager to catch a glimpse of the procession that was conveying to its last resting place tho remains of one of the noblest men of earth. He was buried in the burying grounds of th e Quakers no~r tho placo whero he first sottled on coming to the statc by tho side of his venerable wife surrounded by tho Quakor friends. From tho Bellefontaino ExumillOr. (qbath (Nuzum) Copy of records f'rom the Bible of Thomas Dickinoo u , son of Josoph n.."1d Eliz~ ~

Marriages. 26

Thomas. Dickin son and Moria Lowe, lIl..".r:ried 7th of 6th mo., 1810


Susan Dickinson was married to Benjamin Butler the 4th of 8th mo.,

1830 Births. 227 228 217 ----215 216 217


Lewis DiektnSOn was Samuel S. ickinaon Eliza Dickinson was Robert L. Dickinson Susan Dickinson was Polly' Dickinson WIlS

born 20th of lith mo., 1827 was born 17th of 2nd 110., 1829 born 29th of 11th mo., 1810 was born 15th of 3rd mo., 1812 born the 16th of the_,. 6thmo., 1813 born 6th of th~ lst.....lllQ., 1815 _

Joseph N.Dickinson was born tne 2ILn of the 3d mo.,1816


Joseph Dickinson and Descendants


Bible Recoras of Thomas Dickinson


: eg&,-y Dickinson was born the 17th of the 9th mo., 1817


Hannah Dickinson was born 28th of l2:th mo., 161.8 Martin M. Dickinson was born 20th of 2nd me. > 18·20 Gardner L. Dickinson was born 18th of 12th IDC'.) l821 Duncan M. Dickinso n was born 3rd of 12 th mo .1822 Joshua M. Dickinson was born 18th of 2nd mo., 1@24. Patsy Dickinson was born 25th of the 3rd mo ., 1825 Anna Dickinson was born 15th of the 8th mo •• 1826


222 223 224 225 226 ",

Deaths 222"

226 217

Gardner L. Dickinso n died 15th of the 9th. mo., 1832 Anna Dickinson died the 10th of the lOth mo., 1832 Polly Dick1ttaon died in the 8th mo., 1815

Joshua Clifton Dickinson, M.D., of Tampa, Fla., has this Bible. has added the follOWing records to the original.


Lewis Qlark Dickinson, born July 1st, 1849 Married to Mary J>.key Feb. 20th., 18'73 Joshua Clifton Dickinson born Jan. 29th, 1885 Married Mary Martin Dec. 20, 1913 Joshua Clifton Dickinson, Jr. born April 28th, 1916 Joshua Clifton Dickins<?n,. .Tl". married Lucy Freeman Jackson April 13th, 1936 Joshua Clifton Dickinson 3rd, Born Feb. 12th, 1937 Photostat copies of these Bible records were prepared by Dr. Dickinson.

214. ELIZA DICKllJSON, b. Nov . child of 'l'homas aud Maria (Lowe) Benjamin Butler. (Logan Co. Pro Martin M. Dickinson on pa~

29, 1810, (Bible record) was ~~e oldest Dickinson. She married Aug. 1, 1833 Ct. Record.) She died after 1881. (See ) Nothing further is known of this f.amily.


ROBERT L. DICKTI.JmN, bom March 15, 1812, oldest son of Thomas Maria (Lowe) Dickinson. Born in Logan Co., Ohio.


We quote from a history of Logan County, 1880, p, 646: "Robert ~ickinson., farmer; P.O. North Grconi'ield; was born in Jefforson township :March 15, 1812,. and is tho oldest of a family of fifteen children vfuo wsro born to Thomas and Maria (Lowo) Dickinson, who came to Logan County ~bout the year 1810, locating south of zanesfiold and raisod a largo family. He was engaged in running nne of the first sawmills oroctod in that part of the COli..l1try. .As a business man ho QS not considsrod a marked success, yet his sons have arison from poor boys to woalth and affl~


Thomas Dickinson and Descendants



ence and are now among the most successful in the countI~Y. Having little or no school advantages yet they managed to secure en.oligh to enable them to transact any business that comes in their line and e" !1.?;:3.1'ners upl! of this worlds goods they have i'ew superiors in the count.v" Robert was married Jan. 24, 1833 to Rebecca Stevenson , who was born Feb. W J, 1~13 in Lake n'ownship; she is tho daughter of John and Jennie (P..atfi eld) Stevonson. Sht~ was a native of Virginia, he frolJ} Kentucky, and they carne to this county before the war of 1812 and were among the nwnber who sought refuge in the. block howao from the Indians. Shortly ai'ter Mr. Dickinson was married ho settled in Rush Crook near the lake; he afterwards camo to, Jofferson and settled at the head of Mad B.iver, purchasing 103 acrose ~is ho soon t:rll.tlOO for land in Perry Tp. on the Grubbs place. In 1865 he moved to North Gl'(>E'1),D" field uhere he- now resides. Aftor years of hard laoor and pioneer li:fo h.e is in possession of 640 acres of land. Of the ton children born to him oight aro living, - Jan;,e (Mrs. A. Grubbs), Susannah (Mrs. lsaac Henry), Henry C., Attorney at Lau; George; Eliza A. (:Mrs.:E. Powers); Deliveranco; Elliott and Joshua. Mr. Dickinron and wi fe are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. His father was a roomber of the"Friends". Robert L. Dickinson. died iilay 19, 188'7 and is buried at Bollefontai ne, His wife, Rebecca, died May 3, 1890 and is; buriod in Bellefontaine cern. Their children numbered tCrD. according to the above record. Unfortunatel.y the family Bible was burned ro records are ~ost. The record as we have it follows: -i. Ruill Jane, b. Nov . 4, 1834; m. Sept . 19, 185'1 Atwell Grubbs 229 1836; ffi. Isaac Henry. No children 230 ii. Susannah, b . 231 -iii. Hcm.ry Clay Dickinson, b. J 1.UlO 20, 1839 -lv. George Dickinson, b. 232 ca. 1841 233 -v. Eliza .Ann Dicki.nsOi.l, b. Mcll . 5, 1843 vi. Delivorance Dickinson, b. 234 -vii~ Elliott Dickinson, b. 1850 235236 -viii. Joshua DickL1SO 11, b. Dec. 8, 1852 KillLod in Civil War 237 U. laFayette DickillSO:l , b. 238 x. Died in infancy.


229. RU'IH JANE DICKINSON, b . Nov . 4, 1834, dau. of Robert L. a:rl Rebecca (Stevenso:1) Dickinsolj. d. Jan. 3, 1895. m. Sept. 1.9,1857, (Logan co. Pro ct. rocord) Atvmll Grubbs Who was b. May 26, 1832 or 1830, a nd d . July 10, 1900. Both are buried i:1 Greon lawn cemetery ncar West ManSfield, Ohio. They ,lOre far.w.ors . 8 children: ' 239 -i. GcQ~go Allen Grubbs, b. Oct. 10, 1860; d. Juno 5, 1939 MO -ii, JCl1~;. io Robecca Ck"ubbs, b. Apr. , 28, 1862; d. Mch. 25, 1.928 241 -iii. French Atnell Grubbs, b~ Aug. 22, 1.866. Res. Big Sandy> fuorrt. 242 -iv. Lewis Leander ~bbs, b. Jan. 22 , 1869; d. Feb. 11, 1935 2~3 v. Minnie Bello Grubbs, b. Moy 22, 1871 near West Mansfield, Ohio. m. Jan. 4, 1902 at hcr Lome by Rev. E. N. limg, Charles ~llis Winner, b. ' July 13, 1869. No children. 244 -vi. A:1i s e Wihifred Grubbs, b. Jml. 12, 18'74. Ros. West M~sfield 245 -vii. Nettie Ruth Grubbs , b. Jar:... 22, 187'7; d. Dec. 2.3, 192'7; at Anderson, Iild. m~ Honxy Buey. No children. 246 viii. Virgil May Grubbs, b. Aug. 22, 1879; Ros. Chicago, Ill. m. , Leslie Lenis. No children.

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants


" 23~. GEORGE ilLIEN GRUBBS, b. Oct. 10, lE?60j d. June 5; 1939 m. , at 1..anesi'ie1d, O. Mary Elizabe1h Winner c Sb~ was b. Nov. 16, 1862; d,. Feb , 2O} 1939




Gr ubbs, b. Apr. 28, 1889 a"(j



m. ApE ., ]?, 1918 John Dennis of D::>ill ing, Ohio. m. (:2. ) Aug. 4, 1934, Purrill Trepanier. Res. Bowling 248 249


250 251

Green. Ohio Jean i-lizabetb. Dennis, b. Forest Grubbs, b. June 4, 1893.


i. ii.

Ros. Oolumbus, O~io

Eugene Gru1;lbs Charles Grubbs

240. JENNIE ~CCA GRUBBS, b. Apr. 28, 1862; d. Mch. 1928 at Lorai n ~ Ohio. m. Charlos Jaquos of East Libc:;:oty " Ohio. 252 i. Clifford Ne1l?on Jaques, b. , Res. Toledo, Ohio m. Margaret McDonald 253 i. Donald Jaques 254 ii. June Jaques 255lJ.1 e Byron Jaques 256 ii. ~ Jaques, m. Fred Crane. Res. Chicago, I l l . 257 iii.. Mirmie Fern Jaques, m.. Ed. pugh. Res. Clove land , Ohio 200 i '\W. Martha Ruth Jaques, m. Mr. Vlirt (2} Ofi'ensend

241. m. 259 260

FRENCHATNEIL GRUBBS, b . Aug. 22,1866. Etta Ri l oy Short i ~ Donald Grubbs i i. Virgi nia Grubbs.

ilos. 1i1igSandy, Mont •




Ii bcrty, Ohio . 261

m. i.

262 263

264 265


22, 1869; d. Fob. 1:L, 1935, at East Josie Clapsaddle. lloyd Grubbs, b. , ~lah Boxley. 11 Joel st., 'I'oJDdo, Ohio i; UC'lyd Nelson Grubbs ii. June Grubb. 13.l.. Carol Grubbs Lottie Grubbs, b. ; d. Aug. 15, 1934. Bellofon.taine. m. , Ed Boctticher. No chi1dPou

244 •. ANISE WINllRED GRUBBS, b. J ~1 . 12 , 1874 ; m. Doc. 19, 1896, J a co1 Olapsaddlo. Ros. Vlest Manst'io1d, Ohio. 266 i . Atwell Clapsaddle . Res. Bcllefontaino l Ohio 267 ii. Raymond Lee Clapsaddle. Res. lilest Mans:fio1d, Ohi o 268 iii. John Da vid C1apsaddlo. Res. Ma~sfiGld, Ohio , L


m. 269 270 271

RALPH A'lWF.LL CLAPSADDlE, b. Res. Belle f ontaine, Oh i o , Opal Reilly of Millersburg, Ohio. i~ Ross Clapsadd~ ii~ Madelino Clapsaddle iii. Robart Cla psaddlo By Mrs. Minnie Winoor.

Dickinson . and '_________-Thomas - - -.----___ _--_0Descendants -_--_'_._----- ._.___ _38





231. HENRY ~LAY DICKINSCN, born June 30, 1839 in Rush Creek TovJnship, Logan Ccunty, Ohio, third child and ~ldest son of Robert L. and Rebecca (Stevenson) Dickinson. ~lIe ~tj eel Aug .14, 19<::6 and is buried in Bellefontaine cemetery. H~ ~a~~IQd Oct.1G,l86l Jo se~ hine Inskee p , 'dho ~vas born k )r.23,l83 8' 2.1. Nl ,:~d.dJ ,eburg} Chi.), a:ld died Mch.5,189ÂŁ., the daughter of David Bo.d. M.artl')a (Downs~ Insk~e p . ' . Eenry Clay Dickinson "las the first law-yet' J.rr.. this branch of the Dickinson family. HO d much his christIan; namfl turned his th,l>U1,shts to that profession is a mattel ' for ~pecuJ.ation. He mova9. to Union County in 1861, about the time of his marriage, ~(tleJ'(3 he was a successful farmer and where four children were bbrn. About 1870 or 1872 he removed to Logan County near East Ll'berty, jhere he continued farmip..g, combining with it the operC' ~ tit:;!ll of a saw mill for two years and studying law. He was admitted to the bar in 1873. He removed to Bellefontaine in 1875 and began the practiQe of law, being at that time 36 years of afle and having a family of five children, .one having died. That. Feql.lired courage of a high order. Duri ng 1817 and 1878 he was aSSl~ciated with Mr. steen in the law firm of steen and Dickinson, bu..t after th:::.t practiced alone. He ",faS a successful l-a'tlyer G.nd was hi.~h ly res ' ~. ected by his many relatives and friends. He was a memoer of the United Presbyterian Church, of Wilfred Lo%:e, .K11lights of pythias and was a leader in thE; Republican party. He wa$ always anxious that his cpilG.reh shoulC lead uprigbt lives and never disgrace the Dickinson name. That brings results, as the lives and charactE.!rs of his children demonstrate ., He Vias in possession of the family Bible of his father iNhich was unfortunately lost , ';Ii th ita valuable records, when his house burned in 1892. His grandson, John patrick vickinson, started to follow in his footsteps in the pra~tice of law, but his career vias interrupted by death at the age of 35. 272


273 274 275

-ii. ' -iii. iv.



277 278 279

-vi. -vii. -viii.

Alice Dickinson, b .Oct.3,1852. Died at fo ur months of age. John Fletcher Dickinson, b .Feb.16,1855 Mary Eviline Dickinson, b . Nov.29,1866 Martha, b.Apr.26,1869. Not married. Res. Orient,O. (1930) Robert Pearl Dickinson, b. Feb .21,l872 in Logan Co .. ,Opio Har ry stamates Dickinson, b,June 23,1874 Jeanette Dickir..son, b.i1ay S9" 1877 Isabelle Dickinson, b.D~c.14,1880



273. J CTll'r FLSTC:IER DICKINSON, b.Feb.15,1865j buried in Bellefontaine cemetery. m.Sep.25 7 1893, Blanche K. Thompson, dau.of Alexander Thompson and sis ter of Mrs. Hadley Dickinson. 280 i. Robert L. Dickinson,b.Feb .l, 1900, m. Harriet Kies 281 i. E ~i zabeth Jose phine Dickinson 282 ii. Helen Dickinson,b;Oct .. '2 4,1894; m.Oct.24,1921, Frank Sh(;rburp 283 i. He len Blanche Sherburn, b. Oc t. 23,1923


_-_ _--_ .._----- 39

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants ., .... ..


284 11". Margaret Dale Sherburn, b. Sep .4, 1926 285 iii. Mary Elizabeth 5hel'..ourl1~b.I\";:cho6,1928 Blanche K. Thompson was born July 27,1870,dau. af ~lexander and Mary (Jeffers) ThOf~pson, of Scotch descent~ b.Nov.29,1~G]

qa.jJ ,· vf Henvy Clay m.June:l L , 1891, Thomas H. W""iihl:, at Bellefontaine,O. He i,Jas born AUE>L.b~1849, son of D!'. "baJJ'J'B.s L and Lucinda (Lord) ,{right. 2.86 i. Donald McCloud v/right,b.lvlaw 11,,1892. Res.New York. m.June 10,1941, Eni.d &1.eadowcroft. 2.87 ii. Josephine Lord Wright,b.J4.1 y 7~la~3" Teache ·s in Columbia Univ. 1942. Vlsited ivI:i.norca. 29-8 iii. Dorothy Case 'Jright, b. lI.dar 30, 18g5; m.June 1921, Dewey K. Roberts 2.89 iv. Lucia lalker ,fright, b.Mch.15)1897; m.Qot.26, 1924 John Greenlee. Res ,,42 &1e~.rose ,Dayton,Oh··. n 2.0D i. Thomas lIlright Gl"eell1ee, b .Mch .13,1932;



aDa J as;ephine (Inskeep) Dickinson. 0


ROBERT PEARL DICKH:S ON, b. Fe b .21, 181 Z of Henry Clay and Josephine (Inskeep) Diddnson, d.June 24, 193.L m.Oct.25,1903, Katherine Fogarty, dau.of Patrick and Mary tBrennan) Fogarty. 291 i. John Patrick Dickinson, b o at Bellefontaine; d.rJIch.14,lS·39, aged 35. He ·. .ias a rising young la\vyer. $',,1')

HARRY STAMATE-S DICKINSON, b .June 23,1874; d.Dec.24,1921 Mich. Buried in Bellefontaine cem~tery. m.Aug.?, ]g.94 at .Bellefontaine, O. ~ Mary Lennet Conn, who '\Vas b.Feb.14, 1876 at Bellefontaine, Ohio. 292 i. Harry Clay Dickinson, b.Uay 13,.1895 at Belle~ fontaine; d.Nov.9,1938 at Detroit, Mich. m.Aug.30 7 1923 at Detroit, Clara Lucille Rolby vlho vias b. July 6,.1892 at Detroit, dau.of John and Mary (Peterson) Rolby. 2:,77.



278. JEANETTE DICKINSON, b. May 29,1877 Res. Van Wert, 0. m.Mch.20,1901, Frank H. Hines, ',{ho was born Nov.lO,18?5 son of J.A. and Elizabeth" (Hays) Hines. He is a druggist. 293 i. Howard Hines, b .Feb. 9,1902; m.Oct. 9,1925, Edna SunGerman, b.July 19,1902~ dau. of John and Mary Elizabeth (Gardner) ~~nderman . Lima,O. 294 1. Patricia Ann Hines l • b~June 12,1927 295 ii. Richard F.Hines 7 b.Ju.Ly 20,1933 296 ii. Claude D. Hines,b.Aug.6" .L9a4, rn.June 19,1929, at London,Ohio, Gladys G~ld£n, g.Dec.19,19l0, dau. of 'Thomas and BE:atrice (Workrnnn) Gold.en. 297 iii. Robert C. Hines, b.Octo1,J.9QG. m.~Jay 19,1935, Ruth Bonne'Ni tz. No children (1940) RE:s .. Bel27B. ISABELLE DICKIRSON, b.Dec.14,1880; oit, ': lis. rn.June 4,1901, Lee Wi,lliruns Bort, Who was born June 10, 1872, son of A.N . and Floretta ( ) Bort. He \'las an insurance agent and died 298 i. Holden Parker Bort, b.July 31,1902. Res. Beloit,

_ _ _ _._. Thomas Dtckins,2r; }'l.nd Dc;:scendo.nts 299

2.1fl. ID .


]0 I

-_ . ------.40

Wis. m.May 4,1923, Corrinnc Dowd_ c:.t Belhit, Wis. ii. Lee Dickinson Bort, b. Nov .19, J.9fJ5; R~E .Beloi t, Wis. m.A'Jr.27,1935, at Beloit, ~eEIt~. Cl.Lrfctn'n~ who w~s b.Jan.25,1915 GEORGE DICKINSON, b. about 184-l) , in st oLouis t Mo. De 112. Shaw, i. Jeone Dickinson ii. Albro Dickinson



Oregon .

ELIZA A..DICKINSON, b.Mch.5 7 1843. I1e s. :C:. . . ~l -~r:. Il2-inoiG. of Robut L. Dickinson. m. 5 W.'!IJ, OT R-s.lie Pewters ~)ho ~~ s b. Aug.22,lS40 3,,2 i. John Eniley :. O\ferS, b .June 8- 7 18-633 D~ ii. Robert Po路,l~rs, b .Aug .6} 1866 ;3(94 iii. George Orey or Osey povlers,b.Aug.22,leG8 30\.5" iv. Joshua Collins Powers,O.Dec.3,1871 306 v. Jemefsie POVl ~rs, b.July 22,]974 307 vi. Harry P o路Jers, b .De c .31,1876 30i vii. May Alice POVlers, b.Feb.22..,H17l3 309 viii. Phot;be Florence Fowers 5 b.Oc"[, , 25,1882 m. , J.E.D~vi8. Res. Cleveland, Ohio 310 ix. Fra nk _路 owe rs, b.Feb.25,1885 2~3.


' ..

ELLIOTT DICKINSCU, b. ' 1850. Res. North Gre8nfield Jessie Htlrrison, in Te~as, Henry Co. ,Ohio ,1927. 路 Buried I n Bellefontaine c@m~t.ery. Jessie Harrison '.las born in 1857 in Eenry Co. ~ Ohio ana (lied in 1931. Children r~0t in order: 311 -i. Ch~rles J. Dickinson, b.Dec. ,).S74 at l'LGreenfield, Ohio 312 -ii. Mott Sylvester Dickinson, b. 313 -iii. Robert Ellis Dickinson, b. 314 -iv. Fnnnie Dickinson, b.Mch.4,1877 at N.Greenfie1d ,O. 315 v. Clayton Dickinson, b. r:1.Feb.22,1874~

311 ..

CEARLES J. DICKINSON, b. De c . s1874 Res. ,/est HansSon of Elliott ~nd Jessie (H~rrison) Dickinson , Mary Kerns i. William Dickinson , Bessie Hataway ii" Harj orie Dickinson, b. Res.Springfield, Ohio. m. ,Carl Harshbe.rgQr iii. Herbert Dickinson, b. Rss . Springfield;O.

ficld~ Ohio.

m. 316

m. (2) 317


', "


312. HOTT SYLVESTER DICKIFSCN ~ b. ReB .Akron,O. ll'21 Son of Elliott and Jessie(Harrison) DickinsJn. Dletz Ave. m. : . , at Ridg.vay, Hardin Co. ,Ohio) Watson . 319 1. Ralph Dickinson, b. :.Ln Military Service, 1943 320 i1. Frances Dickinson, 'b. m. Noah Hansley 321 iii. Kenneth Dickinson, b. 322 iv. Allison Dickinson, b. t.lins 323 v. Alice Dickinson, b. 324 vi. Catherine Dickinson, b.


325 326 327

- _._.

vii. Fred Dickinson, b. viii. Robert Dickinson, b. ix. Carl Dickinson, b.



Thomas Dickinson and Descendants


313. ROBERT ELLIS DICKINSON, b. Res.Kent, Ohio Son of Elliott and Jessie (Harrison) Dickinson. m. , Isa Starkey 328 i. Robert D. Dickinson, b. Res.Ravenna,O. 329 ii. Helen Dickinson, b. 330 iii. Charlotte Dickinson, b. 331 iVa Eloise Dickinson, b. 332 v. Gloria Dickinson, b. 333 vi. LoiS Dickinson, b. 334 vii. Perry Dickii1son, b. 335 viii. Patty Lou Dickins on, b. 336 ix. Glen Dickinson, b. 314.. FANNIE DICKInSON, b . Mch.4, 1877 Res. West Mansfiel.d, Ohio. Dau. of Elliott and Hessie (Harrison) Dickinson. m.Nov.ll, 1897, at West Mansfield by Rev. Scott, William Allen Robson, who was born Feb~1,1874 at North Greenfield,Logan Co., Ohio, son of Albert and Farmie (Harrington) Robson. Vim. A. RobSOh died 1840. Buried at North Greenfield, O. 337 -i. Paul Allen Robson, b.Aug.27,1898 at N.Greenfield. 338 -ii. Ruth 'D exter Ropson, b.Mch.27,1900 337. PAUL ALLEN ROBSON, b.Aug.27,1898 Res.W.Mansfield, Ohio. Son of ~ ;illiam A. and Fannie (Dickinson) Robson m.Dec.3l, , Esther Jane Danforth 339 i. William Lee Robson, b.Aug.24,1924 at North Greenfield, Ohio ' 340 ii. KE:rnan McGary Robson, b. Aug. 20,1926 338. RUTH DEXTER ROBSON, b.Mch.27,1900 Res. Dau. of William A. and Fannie (Dickinson) Robson m.Aug.18,19l9, in Kentucky, Cletus LO'./ell BallingE::r 341 i. Genevieve Alb~rta Ballinger, b.May ,1920;d.1938 342 ii. Max Ugene Ballinger, b.I~lay ,1924; d.1925 343 iii. Bertice Carl Ballinger, b .. Mo.y 27,1925 236. JOSHUA DICKINSON, b.Dec.8,1852. Res.North Greenfield, Ohio. Born at North Greenfield, Logan Co., 0., son of Robert L. nnd Rebecca (Stevenson) Dickinson. m.Feb.5,1874, Alic~ Ceceli& Heisher, 1;!ho vms born Nov.12,1853 at Mt.Victory, Ohio, c.nd died J::n.13,19l1. Both are buried in Be11efontaine. Joshua died Feb.23,l909. 344 i. Tessie or Tesia Dickinson, b.Aug.13,1874; d.June6, 1920 345 -ii. James Ora Dickinson, b.July 9,1876 346 iii. Fody Florence Dickinson, b.Dec.18,1878. Res. Cleveland, Ohio 347 iv. Nettie Dickinson, b.Sept.17,1880. m. Mr . Mygrsnt . Lives in Hichigan 348 -v. Dane Dickinson, b.Jan.16,1882; d.Oct.~5,1943



Thomas Dickinson and Descendants ...o..;;.~_~_~ .--~~


345. JAMES ORA DICKINSON, b. July. 9, 1876 Son of Joshua and Alice (Heisher) Dickinson. d.Feb.22,l943 at st. Faul, Minn. m.July 4,1899, Cora Riddle. Three children: 349 i. Porter Dickinson, b. Jan.23,1902. m. 350 i. James Emnert Dickinson, b.June 22,1926 351 ii. Esther Marie Dickins on, b •May 30, 1923 - ~~;"'" 352 ii. Isabell Dickinson, b.Sept.5,1903 353 iii. James Dickinson,b. Nay 10, 1908 348. DAN.O DICKIr SON, b.Jan,,16,1882. Res.Park Rapids, Minn. Son of Joshua and Alice (HeishEr) Dickinson. d .Oct.15, 1943; sick one day with heart attack. Buricd in Park Rapids, Ninn. m.July 29,1907, at La Moure ,N.Dak. by Rev.C.D.Le wis, Kate Griffith, who was born Jan.I,1881 at Rockwood, pa., dau. of John o. and Elmyra (Kleinfelter) Griffith. They had three children: 354 -i. Roscoe David Dickinson, b.Jan.l,1909 at Verona,N.Dak. 355 -ii. Alice Labra Dickinson, b.Nov.20,1912 at Verona,N.Dak. 356 -iii. Mildred Rachael Dickinson, b.Feb.lO,19l4 at Wenatche, ·;lash. 354. ROSCOE DAVID DICKINSON, b.Jan.l,1909. Res. Son of Dan~ and Kate (Griffith} Dickinson. m.Oct.24,1933, Ada Ogden . 357 i. Charles Dane Dickinson, b. Nov.30,1936 358 ii. Douglas Arthur Dickinson, b.Aug .9,1938 359 iii. Tessie Maxi ne Dickinson, b.Nov.26,1939 360 iv. Louise Ann Dickinson,. b. Nov.7,IS4l Res. 355. ALICR LABRA DICKINSON, b. Nov.20,1912 Dau. of Dan~ and Kate (Griffith) Di ckinson. m.Mch.15,1934, Roy ~tevens

361 362 .

i. Margaret Marie Stevens, b.Dec.5,1934 ii. Robert Roy stevens, b.Nov.26,1937

356. IAILDRED RACHAEL DICKINSCN, b.Feb.lO,1914 Res. Dau. of Danco and K8.te. (Griffith) Dickinson. m.Apr.16,1935,John Ande rson. , 363 i. ~~ary Mable Anders on, b.Se pt.13,1936 364 ii. Donna J ean Anderson, b.Oct.12, 1937 iii. Dorothy Carolyn Anderson, b .Mch.4,1938 365 366 iv. Alfred De an Anderson, b .May 2,1939 216. SUSAN DICKINSON , b. June 16, 1813. m. A'. i,g .10,1831, Benjami ne ',I.. Butl8r. (Logan Co.Pr .Ct. record) In the Bi ble record of Thoma s Dickinson the date is given as Aug.4,1830. It is pres umed tha t she died and tha t t he s ame Benjamin Butle r married her s i s t er,} No.214 7 Eliza. No further r e cord has been f ound.

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants


218. DICKINSON, JCSEPH NELSON b. Mch 27,1816, in Logan Co. ,0. the fifth child and second son of Thomas and Maria (Lowe) Dickin-.,:. son. d.July 16,1895. Buried at Zanesfield, O. m.Jan~2l,1838, (Logan C.Prob.Ct.record) at -/iest Liberty, Ohio, M.a ry Ann Corwin who "'las b.Feb.5,1820 in Logan Co. and d.Jan.ll,1894. Buried at Zanesfield, O. The following is quoted from The Baskin History of Logan County, 1880: Joseph N. DicKinson, farming, stock rasingand milling; F.O. Zanesfield. Among the prominent men of Jefferson Township that have worked their way from poverty to wealth and affluence solely by their own exertions is J .N.Dickinson ~"ho '.;-las born in th:is township Karch 27,1816 on what is nm'>l knm-vn as the Shoots property, situated one half mile south of the ~own of Zanesfield. His fathe r , Thomas Dickinson, \,/as born in Berks county,Pa., Nov.13,1788 and emig rated to this locality prior to the War of 1812 • Hi s ""ife Vias Mar ia Lowe, born 1789, a nat i ve of Virginia, and' bore her husband fifteen children, Joseph .being the fifth child and second son of this number. The IiJaj:.or portion of th~m livEd to maturity. Thom~s ~las a constant resident of this township up to the time of his aecease which vIas in his 91st · year, May 17,1879. His wife's death occurred in 1867. The year after Joseph was of age he hired to, his fathtr, applying his earnings as a payment upon 75 acres which he had purchased in Rush township which was nearly all improved. Jan. 21, 1838 he vvas married to Mary Ann CO!'IJ/in, ' -lho is e. native of Monroe tO~inship where she was born Feb.5,1820 on the banks of the Mackachack. Locating on his land after marriage, he r~mained until 1841 ,hen he moved on the place he nOvT oHns, staying one year, and in 1842 removed to Andrew county, Mo., where he angaged in farming and stock raising for six years and returned to this county 1848. The following spring, 1849, he purchased 196 acres of land in Bokes Creek tQwnship where he moved and soon added 500 acres to his first purchase where he farmed, raised stock and run a sawmill until 1860, when he moved into Hardin County where he owned at one time 1700 acres of land. During his eight years of reSidence, wishing to curtail his bUSiness, he disposed of his interests and removed into Monroe township where he purchased 159 acres of land and the Jeffrey Williams mill property which he carried on until 1876 when he moved one half mile north of Zanesfield and purchased the Folsom mill property and 471 acres of land. He has since traded for the Baldwin mills, a short distance south, and now controls and runs both mills Which are among the best in the state for size and location - the ' Folsom mill having a fall of 30 feet. This mill ha.s an extended reputation, custom reachip~ them 30 miles distant. They are prepared to do both custom and merchant work; can run year round either by steam or water power. Mr. Dickinson has now 550 acres of land which, in connection with his mills, represent a large amount of capital, all of which Mr. Dickinson has attained solely through his own merits. Of the fifteen children born to him twelve are living: Hannah (Mrs.Ben Bruce); George; John; Thomas; Mary (Mrs.Randall); Ellen (Mrs.George Henry); Laura ·(Mrs.John P.Williams); Gardner; Amanda;; Benjamin and Joseph at home. Though he is a Republican he is not an extremist in politics or religion. ,.


Thomas Dickinson and De'scen':ants

Joseph Nelson and Ms.ry Ann (Corwi.:l) I'ickinson had 15 chi1... dren of 'liThom t welve lived to maturity: 367 3<38 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 3 76 377 378


-i .. H.3.T'..nah~ b. ; ill" .6e.n l3nlce -ii. Georg; lWashi~ton)~ < Men.. ]J~? 1~411~o M8.ti lda L~ke -i ii. John Hughes,o.Apr .. G4"lM~;m . E,mel.lne L~ke (2) Ar1ge line Lake -iv. Thom~s Jefferson, ;m.~ar1ina Bird VI> Mary Mar ia,m.Sept ~ 13~lS74,m. (1) HerrC'y Rc.ndall No chil dr~n ( 2) Ho~~tiB Doll .~3) Henry 'Turner ~.,rj. &ardner , m,Nancy 'fJillJ.~T:r!s -J::..l ., Jkllel1~ I!.... SeDrge :Henry -VL·. .,- , LalJLra ~ m,J Oal1 p. V{i11Jams ix. Chax] as, 1Ti. Emma cJ ohnsol1 OriJ l.m.G living in ,1941 ; at Tina ,M o ~ No (~!1 ildren. :?:. Ar!J}cuJ.da ~ m "J ohn Pr idmOl' e. • No ctlildren. ·-xi. :ijen,jamin Berner, m.Laura Johnson x:Li . J"os;eph. Le wis, d "peJD.19,19·40; m , l>1~TY Johnson. The three Johnson gir18 we re . By Mrs. Del1i;:l Brenton


~ oldest., j..3t!.ghter of HANNAH lY~CKnJS(:)N, b ", and. )fQ..ry· (COI'Wi\!l) DictdnS0p. . I!1 . , B€.T!

Jose .~h JlY@ls~f1. ~ruce

379 380 381 382 379.

-i .. Ne lson D. Bruce -ii. Olive Bruce iii. Clara Bruce,b . Res .. Marion, Ind. iv. Fran~ Bruc.ia

m.E.B.Shellhc use.



r.l1 .

383 384 380. m. 385

i. Nelson D. Bruce, Jr. ii. Mary Ellen Bruce OLIVZ BRUCE, , J.W. Smith i. Ne lson Smith, b.

Res. Vie st Liberty,Ohio , Res . \ies t Liberty,O.

m. 386 387 388

ioFrank Smith i i .Donna Ruth Smith i i. Raymo:1d S.Li th

368. G~ORGE ll;.SFUNGTOH DICKINS~N, b.Nch.16 ,1841, son of Joseph r~e lson and l-'Iary Ar.n (Cor',lin) Di c kinson. d.Jan.10,1910. m. Oe t .13,1865 in ~ardin Co.? O.? L1at i 1 :13. - Lake 5 b .A p~ .14, 1846 in 3ardin County, .. o::: Harrison and Eliz;j,beth (Day) Lake . d. . Mch.9, 1878 . m.(2) Apr.27,1880, Martha J. Neepe r!b.Mch.28 1 1838 In Logs.n Co. ,,0 . , dau . of ,/illiam and 1:Iartha (Moore) .Neeper. No children by 2n6 Tnal. . riage . , We quote from tpe history, p.747: George V. Dicki!lson , miller; Zanesfi.eld; is th0 SeCorl0. of a fami]).' of fiftpen

children v{hose ;?aren~r. 'v ere Joseph u:1d M~ry An:l (Corv/in) Dickin. \Tho \\rere res:..ciin.;; i :~ Rush CreGlt t.:ownsil.i.p at thE: time our subject 'MEJ.S bornJ 1II1 G.T"(;h 16,1841. Se{jl'r8,'e ~a.s raised to f'arnjng pursui ts vihich 1.) he engaged in 4.1.p to the time of his; 9n"Y 1istmsnt in C'o,,!): '13t.h l:e g't,O.V.r., and. served three year·s 1 bls :full time of enlHlt)11ent~ and was e!f.$a~ed :i.rl ooar.-'ly a:r/. t-he be;ttlcs in which hi~ corrunand partie1.pated 5 was (1J.wals at the front, losing but e i6"ht.~:en days in the tirae (bei!1,§': t :b.en detai\1!;d in his quarters "l"l. accoL1.nt of sickn88s) and was j.n Salme of the most hotly e~nte s'Led hattles of tllt' 'War ~ Durinq; 1J.h~ ~~t· t.e.r part of his ser-vi.ce he wa~ ig ith Sherman in his msrc.i1- i:dl the se8.), bis I'egiment g .:nng O~. t, witll 1075 men at the begtnn:u')'~ was 80J.g,mented. by recruits at d'-I fel.. . eo..t times, maki~ ~tbe euUs:-e J1-1i.mner of 1875 men in all" Only '325 of the nUlnber retu.rlled- kU:tme" tlpo'iJ. /"l:i.s 1"e· tL".1"n to Hardin (Qy' n 1.y h.e engaged in f@.rm.inT,' Dc. t, .. l~ , l&6~ b9 was married to MatiJJ.dt'. Lake 3 who Vias born Apr ·14 i 1846 if) Ha,\,,&in Co., Ohio. She was a dalJl<Jl1~ler of Harrisoa and 1£1..:iz8b;eth '(Day) Lake, both of whom Yfe )"e natives of Kentucky. Jan.l&19 hs Gclj his fa.rm to his brother and removed to this tal,vnship. Th.;; f..)llowing Ma.rch, the ninth day, he had the misfortune to lose his Vol1.fe by lung fever who left to his entire care fi1'e ·childrent - Della A; Thomas J.; Martha E.; Effie M.; and Joseph H. April 27,1880 he was married to his present wife, Martha J, Neeper, who was bOlm in Rush Creek to'vvnship Mch. 28,1838. Her parents, William and 1Iartha (Moore) Neeptar, are natives of this. state. April, 1880, Mr . :JickinsC'n l~c8.teQ at the Baldw'in mills ur:.d. is now engaged in running the sam~, Having contracted rheuwatisill in the service renders him unable far active farming and he was compelled to change his busin~ss in consequence. son~




Alice DickinsoD:1 b.Hov.14,1867;d.Feb.15, m.Dec.6,1929,5amuel ~renton. No children. Thomas Harrison Dickinson,b.Dec.18,1869.went West. Martha Ellen Dickinson, b .Jan.. 22, 1871 or 1872 Effie May Dickinson,b .MaylOj.l874 Jos.3ph Henry Dickinson,b.July 23,,1876~ 1943~

390 391 392 393

ii. -iii. -iv. -v.

MARTR~ ELLEbJ DICKIN'SON r b.Jan.22,187l or 1872, m.Iv1ch.28, Ross Antr:!.m s b.Meh.30,1872, son of George and Marietta (Walton) Antrim " 394 i. Gera!_d -Nilson Antrim,.b .Feb.6,1885; m.Aug .3,1919, Cla:;,"'a Daugherty. 395 i. George Antrim, b.Feb.21,1920 396 ii .. I,JIyron ';lillis Antrim7 b. Apr. 8,1922 397 iii. llliartha May Antrim,b ..May 8,1924



392. EFFIE T':!AY DICKINSON, b.Hay 10 11 1874; m.Nov.21,1893, Oscar Taylor Patterson, who died Dec.18,1937. Res. Bellefontaine, o. 398 i. Walter Tl"'aul patterson,-o.July 10,1901; d.Feb.26, 192CG Not married~ ., ,... .... "

" ,


393 .. JOSEPl{ I~'I\1R,r llTe'raNSON, b.July 23 ~. 1876 . ReG. near Belle Cen:'er, 0. m. June 5~ lSJ8, Jennie ~lhi.tehil1L, who was b. lR77 and died Jan.12.,1&99. J .' )seph Henry Dickinso11 m. (2) Afl'r.§,190J, Ida -4nna ~Iaitz, b. 1883; d. May 7,1940.

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants 399


400 40J.



403 404 405

40G 407

Ma~J Edna Dickinson, b.Ju1y m.i~~ch.16,1920, Ed Burndt. i. Catherine Burndt, b ~

46 12,1898.

ii. Florence Bar"bara 6u.:rnd h:, b .Jan.19 J 1.938. Thomas Nelson Dickin5!cOn, ~) .Jal1e 4,1907 m. , Ada :6:rrannan i. George ~ashington Dickinson, b. 1926 ii. Kenneth Walter Dickinson, b. , 1928 iii. Ralph Allen Dickinson, b. , 1930 iv. Grace Anna D.ic.kinson, b. , 1932 v. William Hobart Dickinson, b. , 1938 By Joseph /iBnry Dickinson

~69. JOHN HUGHES DICKINSON, b. Apr.24 1843 in Nodaway Cr)uI!ty, Mlssouri, son of Joseph Nelson and Mary Ann (Corwin) DickL"1son. d., Apr.22,1930, aged 87 years less 2 de.ys. m.Sept .. 26 1 l867 . ~mmaline Lake, who died shortly after marriage â&#x20AC;˘ . m.(2} Apr.20, 1870, Angeline Lake, who died 1923. They had three chi1dren: -i. E1izab~th Dickinson,b.June 3,187l;d.Feb. 1940 408 409 -ii. Louis Dickinson, b.Aug.17,1872 410 iii. Harry Dickinson, b. ,1882;d. 1885 at Ridgway, 0.

408. ELIZABETH DICKINSON, b.June 3,1871. Res.Van Wert, Ohio. Born at Ridgway, Ohio. d.Feb. ,1940 at Ohio City, O. m. 1887, John Davis. Culp.Res.Logan,O. 411 i. Bertha Davis, m. 412 -ii. Myrtle Davis Rose .Res .Laurel413 iii. Cora Davis, m. ville, Ohio. 4}4 -iv. Glenn Davis 415 -v. Velma Davis 416 vi. Anita Davis -vii. Genevive Davis 41-7 418


Don Davis

Res.Van Wert,Ohio

409. LOUIS DICKINSON, b. Aug.17,1872 at Ri~~ay,Ohio. Res. R. . P.4,Van Wert, Ohio. m.r~ch.12,1902 at Middlepoint, Ohio by Ruv. ~.1.C.Howey, Carrie Belle Kiger, b.Jan.7,188l in Fairfield county, Ohio, dau. of Rufus Finley and Mary Euphemia (Eldee) Kiger. Five children: 4::9 ,i. Infant,b.Feb.18,1903 at Middlepoint,O. d. Feb.19,19Q3 420 ii. Marcella Kiger Dickinson, b.Nov.22,1906 at Middlepoint 421 iii. Trevlyn Kenneth Dickinson, b.Feb.9,1909 at Van Jert, 0. 422 iv. Pollyanna Diekinson,b.Apr.5,1916 at Van ,Jert,O. 423 v. John Finley Dickinson,b.Apr.17,,1918 at lIan Wert, Ohio. John Finiey is serving in the armed forces, 1943. By Louis Dickinson

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants .. 412. m. 424 4-25 426

MYRTLE DAVIS, i. ii. iii.

Swander Ruby Swander Everett Swander Margie Swander

414. m. 427


415. m. 428



430 431 4:"32


i. ii. iii. iv. v.






South Bend, Indiana

Gene A.dams Anna Elizabeth Adams Elenore May Adams John Adams William Adams Roy Adams






Res. Ft. Jennings, Old 0


Van Wert, Ohio

Pennell Dorothy Gene

370. d. 434 436 436


434. m. 437

EMMA DICKINSON, b. , W.T.Eaton i. Trevelyn Eaton,

435. m. 438

BERTHA DICKINSON, b. Res. Toledo, Ohio , W.J.McAlhenny i. Mary Ellen McAlhenny

372. 0, ..

439 440 441

JEFFERSON DICKINSON, b. ; m. , Carlina Bird -i.. Emma Dickinson, b. -ii. Bertha Dickinson, iii. Nelson Dickinson, Calif. Had i. Thomas Dickinson

Res. Big Springs, Ohio GARDNER DICKINSON, b. ; m.Feb.12,1874, Nancy Williams m.Mr. Vlatkins -i. Laura Dickinson m. Mr. Krouse Nora Dickinson i~. Ras. Big Springs iii. Edward Dickinson,

439. LAURA DICKIHSON , b.m. Oct.26,1873, John f. Williams 442 i. Grace Williams m. m.


CHARLES DICKINSON ,b. , Emma Johnson.



443 444

Res. Columbus, Ohio

Res .Cassopolis, Michigan

Res. Tina, Missouri No children

, Laura Johnson:" ,

-i. Belle Dickinson ii. Freeman Dickinson

.Res. Kingman, Kansas

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants






44-7 M 8

BELLE DICKINSON, , C.F. Birkenbaugh i. Carl Birkenbaugh ii. Paul Birkenbaugh iii. Marvin Birkenbaugh iv. Marie Birkenbaugh



Res. Kingman,Kansas

219. daughter, MAIGARET .p,. -Sept.17,1817 (Bible record) the 6th child and 4th daughV;I' of l1J.omas and Maria (Lowe) Dickinson. She Vias called "Peggy" ,ulld l S so recorded in the Bible of Thomas Dickinson. (k Jan. 6, 1907. Buried in cemetery. Obituary: Margaret M. Dickinson was born sept.17,18l7,. and dled Jan.6,1907. She ~18S married to George Corwin, April 11,1837 10 them were born nine children who lived to maturity, seven of Wh.omstill remain; also thirty-seven grandchildren and fourte(m SP"'ea tgrandchildren. A pioneer of Logan county, she remembered many stirring s ~~as of early days. As a friend of the sorrowful, an aid in 1~uble and a nurse in sickness she was well known, having at one time nursed the family of the renowned Simon Kenton. Born in the Quaker church she was faithful and consistent ~ ti all its teachings. Later she joined the Christian church' ~nd afterwnrds, for convenience, she became a member of the Lntheran church of Jerusalem. ' In early childhood she committed t ,u memory ~" number of :P.ymns vlhich were spiritual food to her throughout a long life. The Morning c.nd Evening Prayer wr:.s the expression of h~ r heart and on her lips to her Intest breath.

,. '


And now another day is gone Il1l sing ~ Maker's praise; His comforts ev~ry hour make known, His Providence and grace. ,

But now ~ childhood runs to waste, my sins how great their sum; Lord give me pnrdon for th& past And strength for days to come. And now I lay ' me ~own to sleep Let angels guard ~ head, ~~d through the hours of darkness keep 'I'heir watch around my bed. With cheerful heart I close my eyes, Since God will not remove, And in the morning let me rise RejoiCing in His love. ~

m. Apr.ll or Apr.l7; 1837, at Zanesfield, Ohio, George Lybarger r:orwin who 'Iins born Aug.12,l815 in Zanesfield, son of Phineas . ::mc1 Mtigdnlene (Dovenbarger) Corvlin. , ?hineas died in the year of the "great Vlindf2,11." George died Sunday, July 28,1895, aged 79 years, 11 months nnd 15 deys. Buried in - Orville Emmons Corwin,Samuel George Chamberlain and Mrs.Eliza Jane Chamberlain give the middle name "Lynxwiler".

_ _ _ _ _ _--:;;T~h.;.;o;.;;;ma;;;:;.;;;s~D.~ckinson and Descend,!nts read:


In the Baskin History of Logan County, 1880,page 774, we

George Corwin, farmer, P.o. Zanesfield, is a native of Log an County and was born Aug.12,1815 in Monroe Twp.' There were eight children in the family, he being the '4th that were born tQ hi s parents, Phineas and Magdalene (Dovenbarger) Corwin. Ph :i,neas was a nativ~ of New York, his wife of Virginia. Phineas ,~ .S of a mechanical turn of mind and in the early times used to 路tJ1iwafacture 'i'/ooden moldboards for farmers t use. He died in the yeal.'> of the great "windfall." George then re'mained with his 'ffli)Hle r until he was 23 y~ara of age. Apri l .l.7 ,1838 he was JlJ)arri.ed to Margaret Dickinson who was born {n. Hov., 1817 in Monne. Twp., daughter of Thomas and Maria (LoWe) Dickinson, who were. among the first settlers. After Ge'or<ffe was married he 10<.;ate d on the survey where he now lives-. He f :i.rst took a lease 'C>f some land. which he farmed. In 1844 he ruade a trip to Andrew. Co . ,Mo., and stayed a short time. The COUll.t r-y not suiting him he returned and located on the Ruddy farm . In ]857 he located on the head of Nettle Run ','There he purchas ed 65 acres at $10.00 which was all "'l oods and a vast swamp and " w8uld have mired a snipe" as he termed it. He had but $10.00 to begin housekeeping with, building him a rude cabin, he and his ~ofife began to work in earnest. He noW' has 161 acres of th~ choicest land in the county. What was once 'lorthless is now the most valuable. Fourteen children have been born to them, r.ine of them living: Philip in Rush Creek; Ann M.~now Mrs.F.R.Wren; Eliza J.-Mrs.路 Th os.Chamberlain;Levi L.; Emma-Mrs.J.Bowers ; Ettie-Mrs.John Sutton; of Hardin county; Saybert A.; Martha"W.Lrs.Sutton; and Thomas Zaccheus. During all his travels Mr. Corwin bas never been sued and he has sued but one man who o....,ed him for eight years. They had 14 children of whom ten lived to maturity~ 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459

Charles Corwin,b.:~ .. i nf'ancy Philip Jacob Corwin,b.May 1,1843 Milton Corwin, b. ;d.aged 18 Ann Maria Corwin?b. m.F.R.Wren. No路 children. m.Feb.18,1864 v. Levi Ledigh COFNin,b. m.Nancy Short No children -vi. Eliza Jane Corwin,b.Aug.l0 ~ 1850 -vii. Harriet Emily Corwin,b.:r-rov ,,26,. 185l -viii. Mary Etta COI",iin,b.Feb.24, ~3'4 -ix. Saybert Austin CorVlin,b.l&S5, d.Dec.22,1932; m.Delilah Odel" -x. Martha Elizabeth Corwin,b.June 22,1857 -xi. Thomas Zaccheus Corwin,a.June ~,1934;b.Mch.4. Nos. 12, 13, 14, died in i n~ancy. (1861. i. -ii. iii. iv.

450. FHILIP JACOB COR;lIN, b .May 1,1843 at Rushsylvania,Ohio, son of George L. and Margaret (Dic.kinson) Corwin. d.Dec.10,1913 at Belle Center, Ohio; buried in BelleCenter Cemetery. m.Mch.2, 1865 by Rev.John Lawson, Sarah Ann Wren. one child, Andrew F. Corwin. m.(2) Oct.l,1874 at Bellefontaine,O. Jane Ann Kautzman who vias b.May 28,1849, dau. of Peter and Elizabeth (Loahr) Kautzman. She d.Uov.4,1928. Buried in BelleCenter cemetery. 460 i. Andrew F. CorwiTh b. d.Aug .. 2,1908 at.

____________~T~h~c~ma~&~D~i~c~k~i~n~s~o~n~a~n~d~D~e~s~c~e~n~d~a~n~t~s~______----__~5C 461 il62

463 464 465 466


Markle, Indiana -ii. George Bower Corwin, b.Nov.30,1875 at Walnut Grove, Ohio (vania,O. -iii. Thomas Peter Corwin,b.Apr.13,1878 at Rushsyl-iva Martin Eugene Corwin,b.Jan.12,1880. Res. Bellecenter, o. (field,O .. -v. Clifton \lilliams Corli/in, b .Feb .25,1883 at Zanes-.· vi. Irena Estella, b.Mch.12iI885· d.Aug.3,.19ll. -vii. Everett Loahr Corwin,b.Nov.23,1888 at Rushsylvania, Ohi 0 • -viii. Goldie Odessa,b.May 23,1893. R6s.Roundhead,Ohio

4 ,151.. GEORGE BOWER CORWIN, b.Nov.30,1875 at Walnut Grove,. o. Re.s" Findlay, o. m.Apr.24,.1909, at Hillsdale,Mich. Daisy Miller. 468i. Philip Corwin 469 ii. Harry Corwin 4?D iii. Marj orie Corwin 4-71 iv.Benjamin Corwin 4{;2" THCMAS PETER COINfIN, b.Apr.13,1878 at Rushsylvania,O. Wes" Columbus, 0. m.Oct.5,1898 at Silver Creek, Hardin Co. ,0.,

by Rev.Ira Richards, Elsie Elizabeth stout, b.July 7,1877 at BcllGcenter, 0. ~ dau. of Joseph W. and Mary E. (Bell) stout. 472 -i. Emmett Lawrence COI"din,b.Mch.30,1900 at Yelverton, 0. , 473 -ii. Thomas Floyd COFtrlin,b.Oct.9,190l at Bellecenter,O. 474 -iii. Lois Mae CorwinJb .lvlay 27,1904 at B6llecenter,0.


EMMETT LAWmNCE CORdIN, b.Mch.30,1900. Res. Columbus, O.

m. June 6,1925, Ethel Allen ~75


477 473..

i. Ralph OWen Corwin,b.Apr.13,1927 ii. Mary Elnora Corwin~b.Ju1y 3,1932 iii. Glenn Allen Corvfin,b.Nov.22,1934 THOMAS FLOYD CORVUN, b.Oct.9,1926. Res. Columbus, Ohio. Martha Brink. m.(2) Apr.1935, Elizabeth Gaub. i. ';1 i lliam Gaub Corwin, b .Sept.6 , 1936


-478 ~.



LOIS 'MAE CORWIN, b.May 27,1904. Res. Blanchester, Ohio 30,1926, H.Ray Wagner i. ThoIIl8.s Edvlin Wagner,b.Mch.17,1929 ii. Betty Mae Wagner,b.Aug.12,1933 463.

MARTIN EUGEl\TE CORlIN, b.Jan.12,1880 at Zanesfield, Ohio. in Logan county; Ohio~ Daisy Ethel Ruble,b.Nov.8, 1882. Martin Eugene Corwin was a farmer, later a miller" and removed to Anaheim, Calif. in 1942. 481 i. Marie Corvfin,b.Jan.15,1908; m. 1936 at Bloomington, Ind. Earl D. Bryant. Res.Blooming·ton, Indiana. 482 i. Rebecca Ann Bryant,b.Feb. 1939 488 ii. Harold Bryant,b.,1941 484 ii. Harold W• Corwin, b.Mch.15,1910,in Logan ·Co. ,Ohio m. 1931.,Leanna DeLong at lile st Mans fie ld, Ohio. They have seven children, names not knovm. m.~ct.26,1906

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants





iii. Lloyd E. Corwin,b.Aug.4,1911 in Hardin County,O. m. 1938 in Orange,Calif. Betty i. Betty Corwin iv. Thomas G. CO~lin,b.Ju1y 25,1912 in Hardin Co.~o. m.July 4,1941 at Akron ~ Ohio. Res. 1067 Jay Ave., Akron,Ohio. No childr路-; n in 1943. v. Ch&rles A.Co~/in,b.Juws 13,1913 in Hardin C6 .,0. m~Oct.18,1S40,at :jvapa.kaneta 7 0hio,Donna Metz.ger~ b.June 6,1914 at Wap ako~eta ,O.,dau.of CyrU 2 2nd Molly(Johnson) Metzger. " . i. D0U61as Terr~y C~rwin1 b.Dec.10,1S41 vi. Donald E.Corwin"b.5ep .. )..i.'j1914 in Hardin Co.,Ohio. m.July 4,194l,at Bellefontaine,O. Hannah of Rushsylvania,O. i. Ronald Lloyd Corwin, b .May ,1943 vii. Boyd W. Cornin,b.May 9 1 1917 m.Feb. ,1939 in Anaheim or Orange, Calif. i. Cheri1ee Corwin,b.Dec. sl942 viii. Arthur H... COr\vin,b.May 17,1919 in Logan Co.,Ohio. Not married. In the army. ix. Doris M. Co~vin,b.July 1,1924 in Logan Co.,Ob~o Attending the U. Of Indiana at Bloomington.


487 488

489 490 491

492. 4~

194 495

By Charles A. Corwin,;/f auseon, Oh :.. o,

he resides and is manaber ' of , the City Loan

S@. .t-) t~23,1943, Com~. any.



464. CLIFTON WILLLAJ\1 CORIlllT, b.Feb.25,1883. Res.Rushsylvania, Ohio. m.Mch.31,1906 at Rushsylvania by Rev.Kuepper, Mary Margdret Fegg,b.July 3,1884, dau.of Orvi1 Risley and Nancy Jane (Rosebrook) Pegg. 496 i . Thomas Pegg Corwin,b.Feb.18,1907; d.Feb.2l,1907 497 -ii. Martha Louise Cor-;lin,b.Ncv.9 7 1909 498 -iii. Dortha Jane Corv/in~b.Feb,.28"t19 12 499 iv. Olive Josephine Corwin1.b.(];ct.? 8 ,1914 5DV v. Mary Helen Corvvin,b.June 28~, 1916 ~Ol vi. David Wellington Cor~vin,b.Mch.15,1919 p02 vii. Doresa Fern Co~楼in,b.Feb.28,1923 4~7. MART.tIA LOUISE CORNIN, b.Nov.9,1909; m.Feb.13,1931,J;;unes Colson Kerns. 503 i. John Clifton. Kerns,b.Dec.ll,1932 504 ii. Mary Anne Kerns,b.Aug.26,1934 505 iii. Joseph William Kerns,b.Mch.21,1936

498. DORTHA JANE COWiIN, b.Feb.28,1912; m.Nov.29,1933, Rolford Lovella Terrell,b.Nov.21,1902 506 i. James Edward Terrell,b.Nov.10,1935 507 ii. Paul Le'ld is Terre;ll,b.June 13,1937



508 509 510 I

EVERETT LOAHR CORw'lIN, i. Thomas Corwin ii. Clair Corwin iii. Myr1e Corwin




, "Thomas Dickinson . â&#x20AC;˘

anc;i .


4G'. ' QQLJ)D Qt)ESSA CO~N, b .. May m. ,. John Fay 611 i .. DorQthy Fay 512 ii. Paul Fay 513 iii. Jo~~ FaYt ~r.

DeScendant.! :.

. ,





454. ELIZA JANE COmaN, b.Aug.1051850 at Zanesfield, 01:i)~ daughter of George and Margaret (Dicl\.j,'].Son) Corwin. m.. Nov.19,l8?O at Bellefontaine by Corvan C~~berlain who was born Jan.19,1843 at franklin, Ohio, son 0f William and Eliza (Dixon) Chamberlain. Mrs. Cora Dunaway writes: "In an e>ld letter dated Jan.l, ]887 my father's oldest brother addressed the envelope 'Corvan Chamberlain' but in the letter he, uncle Sam, used the name k-rQm I instead of ;'Corvan." "His name at birth was 'Corvan' but ~h9n Tom Corwin 'vIas running for Governor father's schoolmates called him 'Tom COI"V/in' and it became so general that he accepted the. name. Signed his name T.e.Chamberlain. I never heard any '3ther name. We know the story through mothE-r." 'arvan Chamberlain died Apr.7,190? Buried at three children: ' ~14 -i. Sa~el ~orge, b.Nov.14,l872 at~est Liberty,O â&#x20AC;˘ . 515 -ii. Cora Marg~ret,b.Jan.23,l87~ at East Liberty,O. ' 516 -iii. Oliver Jesse, b.Feb~23,1878 2t East Liberty,O. 514. SAMUEL GEORGE CF.AM5ERLAIN, b.Nov.l4,1872. Res.Anderson, Mo. son of Corvin and Eliza Jane (Co~lin) Chamberlain. Named fQr Samuel Chamberlain, an uncle and George L.Corain, grandfa~her. Born at \1est Llberty,Ohio. m.~ept.19,l895 at East Lib~ erty,O. by Rev. Fred Cope, Clara May Green, who was born May 11, J873 at Pickerell Tovln,O., dau. of Robert and Eunice (Kline) G:roen. Three children: 517 -i. Claude Robert Chamberla1.n ~ -p.June 13,1896 at East Liberty, Ohio ;5)18 -ii. Helen Margaret Chamberlein;o.J'uly 12,1898 at East Liberty, Ohio ' 519 -iii. Ruth Marie Chamberlain,b.July 27,1908 at ";'ierce City, Mo. 5~? CLAUDE ROBERT CVAMBERLAIN b .June 13,1896 Res. son of Samuel G. and Cl1:', ra (Green~ Chamberlain. m. nt Kirkwood, Mo., Katherine Mnrgaret Jekel. 520 i. Claude Robert Chamberlain, Jr. b.Nov.30,1922 at Thayer, Mo. 521 -ii. Alfred A~st Chamberlain, b.Sept.4,l924 at Thaye.r, Mo. , 522 iii. Betty Ruth Ch,amberlain, b.Aug.5,1925 at And~rson, Mo. 523 iv. Gt:.orgia l'vlay Chamberlain, b.Oct.3,1926 at And~rson, Mo.

521. ALFRED AUGUST CHAMBERLAIN, b.Sept.4,1924. Res. son of Claude R. and Katherine (Jekel) Chamberlain. m.Nov.6,1942 at Anderson,Ho., Helen ijuth Leach 524 i. Mergare:t Ruth Chamberlain, b.Oct.16,1943

____________~T~h~o~ma~s Dickinson and



518 . HELEN MARGARET CttA.\ffiERLAIN, b .July 12,1898, Res., daughter of Samuel G. and Clara M. (~'reen) Chamberlain. m.Apr.24, 1921, at Anderson, Mo., Dewey Elmer Cole ,1923 at Joplin,Mo. 5 25 i. Harmony Louise Cole, b. ,1925 at Anderson~JIo. 5Z6 ii. Beatrice Marie Cole, b. g19 ..


27 ~ 1908,

Res. '

da u .. of Samuel G. and Clara M. (Green) Ch amberlain.

m . Mch.ll~1942

a 1 San Diego, Calif., Othie' Vance Hawkin S 52.7 i. Rebecca r.1ay Hawkins, b.feb.3,1943 at Jopli n, Mo. 0


·5 ·L.5 .· CORA MAffiARET CHAMBERLAIN, b.Jan .. 235,1876 at East Li b E'rty, dau .. of Corvan and Eliza Jane (Corwin) Chamberlai n. Named fc·r ~r andJn o the r, Margaret (Dickinson) Corwin. Res.East Libert y,O . m. Se p t . l,1904 at East Liberty by Rev. Robert· Dunaway, John Brnmett Dunaway, Who was born Jan.14,1874 at Zanesfip,ld,O., son of Jor dan and Martha (Pollard) Dunaway. 5 28 i. Mary Edith, b.Aug.12 ~1908 at North Lp.wisburg ,O. 52~ ii. Ra.mona, b.Feb.20,1910. ( d ~lJi ch . 19; J928. 530 . iii. Unn~med infant,b. 51917 ; live d a few weeks. 516. OLIVER JESSE CHAMBERLAIN, b . Feb.23~1878 . Res.North Le-"v'isburg , 0. Born at East Liberty, son of Corva n and El iza Jane (Corwin) Chamberlain.. m.June, 19,1915 at Ii ~ :...e'P.~_ sburg by Rev. Horn, Carrie Hunter who ".'l as born Nov.7,1878 a t N. Le ,\fisbur g, dau. of William and Mary (Moore) Hunter. 531 i. Thomas Corwin, b.Jan .. 13 ,1917 at : ierce Cit y, Mo. 532 ii. Mary Jane, b. Aug.3,1919 at Monett, Mo. 533 iii. Oliver Jesse, Jr. b.Mch.30,1921 at Columbus,Ohio 455. HA·RRIET EMILY CORWIN, b.Nov.26,185~ at Rushsylvania,Ohio dau. of George L. and Margaret (Dickinson) Cor'v vin. Res.Akron,O. aged 86 in 1937. m.May 17,1873 at Rushsylvania,Ohio, Joseph Hull Bower Who was b.May 11,1848 in Hardin Co., 0. d.Apr.8,1927. 534 i. Effie May Bower,b.Se p .20,1874; d.Aug.18,1887 535 ii. Orpha. Susannah BO'd er, b.Oct.14,1876. Not .m arried 536 -iii. Otis Bushnell Bovfer,b.Sep.25,1883, at Rushsylvan:ia 537 -iv .. Olin George Bower,b.May 2,1886 538 -v. Ernest OScar BOVler,b.Sep.16,.1891 536. OTIS BUSH}~LL BOVffiR, b.Sep.25,1883. Res. Lorain,Ohio m. Nov.25,1909 at Lora in,O., Pauline stolba. 539 i. Bruce otis Bower,b.Oct.27 7 1914. Teacher in Lor~ ain High School (1937). 537. OLIN GEORGE BuviER, b.May 2,1886. Res.Chicago,.!ll. m.Dec.31,1914, Margaret Schulsvig. 540 i. Mildred Margaret Bower,b.Oct .. 20,1915 541 ii. Norma Orpha Bower , b.Aug .. ll,1921 538. EIDi'EST OSCAR BONER, b.Sep.16,189l. Res.Cleveland, Ohio. m.Aug.19,1919, Josephi~e Forsythe.



; »


MARY ETTA COR#IN, Res. #530 WhitwQ'rth Ave., Brookhaven, Res. McComb,Miss, in 1943 o ,reb.24,1854 in Logan Co., Ohio, daughter 01:' @e~rge L. ard. Ma~~aret(D±ckinson) Corwin. Named fpr he~ ~andm~ther, Mar~ (Povenbarger) Coro-'w'lin. m.. Jan22 ,187fl j at her nOA.1t£ :im Loga"1 C.a. 'by Rev. Jesse Roberts, Jonathan sut;t,(!;m'Jl wbo '!fIas b~H'n June 2';!-, HM3 in Logan Co., son of' ·.Jal ter W. and t a f hT)(D (N2ighbarger) .~lJtton. 9 children: 042. -i. Milton b.Jan.l,1872 in Logan Coo;Ohio ., 4'3 -ii. Maude b.Jt:,ly 5 9 .]374 in Hdrdin Co.,O 544 iii. Guy R. b. Ap.r.lo. ~ 1&7t; m. . ,Edi th semester., No children . Res.742 Kensington Ave. ~ PJJ;;, e ~J": ,N.Jersey 543 iv. Grace b.June 12.,1878 i :o. if.a.rdin Co.Ohio m. , Joseph Poew.ll'1 1i/(j Children. Res. 426 C~stadenD. Ave -"1 $an Fr, Calif'. 646 - v. Gertrude ,_ b.MflY 27 ~J.880 in Ha.rdin Co. ,Ohio 5471 -vi. Lillian, b.Apr.4,1!Nt2. i n LOl,r:c.n Co., Ohio 54fJ, vii. May b.Feb.9,H~84 j t.. Lo!, ,.:-. Co ., Ohio d. Mch.19,1898 549 -viii. George Walter, b.Sep.3 5 1886 :;.'::. !.of·J ·n Co., Ohio 050 ix. Frank b. July 2J.,, 1'S91! Hr. Pir.dlay,Ohio d. 1941. m. ;: 1{elen Ittenbaugh. No children. Res ,. 2~) 1' ga~:,:,arnento st., , San Franeis-co, C~ ·lif'.


542 . !~nLTCN SUTTON Res. 3227 'IV . I>:1cKinJ..ey SlvdalvIil\vaukee, Wisconsin. b.Jan.l,1872 in Logan Co., 0. s~ n of' Jonathan und Mary Ettn (Corwin) Jutton. d. . 194. rn . , a.t . by Pe nrl Hughes (deceased). m. (2) , Jennie Rif'e 551 i. Caroline, b. 1903; m. ,John Burnham. Res. Catlettsburg, Ky. 552 i. John Milton,b . June 9 . J931 553 ii. Jane b .June 7 ).1934 554 ii. Milton, b. 1905 ~ not ma.rried in 1934..


543 . MAli"DE b.July 5~1874 Etta (Cor\/in) m. (2) Eugene 555

SUTTON' Res.530 Wlj.i t'vlorth Ave., Brookhaven,iVliss. in Herdin Co., 0., dau~ of' JDnathan 2nd Mnry Sutton. m.. " AnthJ.(~ny stef'fan (deceC'.sed) McCormick i. 'Sutton Steff'an,b.June 23,1906, m. ,.Betty Becker. Adress i_ C/o 'TimesPicayune, New Or1eans,La. (Miss. '. 546. GERrRUDE SUTTON Res. 530 Whi tworth Ave .Brookhaven, b. May 27,1880 in Hardin Co., 0., dau.of Jonathan and Mary Etta (Corwin) Sutton. m. , Bert Bruce Dodd 556 i •. Bruce,b.Nov.4,1901. Addr. Box 11, Hartville,O m. Wanita Dye (1.934 557 i. Bruce Dodd, Jr. q.M2.Y 23,,1931

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants





b.Apr~4t1882 in Logan (C~~v~n) Sutton. d.

CJ.eland, who d. 5~8

f}59 5~tJ

Res. 3825 Juania-j-,C'. st., St.L0uis,Mo. dau. of JOJ?,aHld-.n und Mary Etta ,1942. m. ~ Delbert H.


1942 i. Dorothy Cleland,b.Dec.lO,1907 ; m. , Lyrm Fisher. Res.334 So .)1ar;,.i: t st. ,Troy,Ohio i. J .Lyrm, Jr. ,b.Jan~97~. ~9:12 (1933 ii. Cleland George,b.Sept". 26 '11933; d.Oct.l,


ii. Mary Elizabeth Cleland, b .MIch, 21~ 1910


iii. Kathryn Sutton Cleland, b.5:E'pt.2 ;1 1912

(Tenn. 549. GEORGE :.fALTER SUTTON Res.929 Ea3'~. Hill Ave .Knoxville, h ·, Se :)'t.3, 1886 in Logan Co., Ohio, son of tf'onat·hal"). and Mary Etta (Corwin) Sutton. m. , Mayme French. 5G3 i. Walter French Sutton, b. 19J.7 457. Oh,f o.

1932. lJG4 ~5 ~6

5$7 568

SAYBERT AUSTIN COR,IIN, b. IB,5, · fi'es".e.t Santa Fe, Son of George L. and Margaret (Dic~in50n) Corwin. d.Dec.22, m. ,Delilah Oder. Said t-~ hav, e Iw.d 5 children. i. George Clyde Corwin,b.Octq22,,11?'7}. Res.Bellefontaine ,Ohio i i. Earl Conlin, b. 1882 ~ ''l. ., iii . Ethel Cor,; {in, b. d. when 18 years old iv. R ~ y Corw' in" v. Paul Corviin,

458. Y..ARTHA I:LlZABETH CORWIN, b .June 22,1857, Res .Ansonia,O. Dau. of George and Margaret (Dickinson) Cor.lin. m.Apr.22,1876, Dr. Jasper G. Sutton. Ollly one child is found: 569 i. Jesse Carr Sutton 570

i. Dorothy Sutton

459. THOtJ'.AS ZACCHEUS CORNIE, b.Mch.4,1861, Res.Zanesfie1d,O. Born in Logan Co., 0., son of George L. ar..d l·Iargaret (Dickinson) Corwin. d.June 3,1934. Buried in Equality cemetcI"'J,Rushsy1vania, Ohio. m.Dec.7,1877, Nancy Ann Titus" ,'!ho was b.Sep.22, 1858 near Rushsy1vania,Ohio. She d.Jan.26,1935. They had six children: 571 -i. Bertha Myr1e Co~vin, b.Mch.26,138l 572 · -ii. Charles George Corwin,b.Sept.9,1882 573 ~ii. Hariet Catherine Cor~in, b.riug.12,1884 574 -iva Orville Emmons Corwin,b.Oct.7~1886 575 -v. Asa Bram Corwin,b.Jan.3,1896 -vi. Jilmuth Titus Corwin,b.Aug.27,1898 576 571. BERTHA -M YmE COR.IIN, b.}1ch.24,188l. Res. Oldest c.hild of Thomas Zaccheus and Nancy Ann (Titus) Corwin. d. Nov .11, 1908 at '~1isdom, Mont. Buried in Equality cemetery near Rushsylvania, Ohio. m.Nov.28,1899 at LaLevievf ,Ohio, by Rev. Van Horn, Emerson Marion Smith, who was born Apr.2,1881, son of Francis M. and Elizabeth ( ) Srrdth. ' They had four chi_dren: 577 -i. Ruth Hazel Smith, b.Oct.ll,1900 at Tippecanoe

. .'


582 !)ft3

977 .

City, Ohio -ii. Wilmer Corwin Smith, b .May B ~ 1902 at Bellaire, Hichic:an iii. ArthUr Smith, b.Aug. ,1904~ d~July ,1905 -iv. Naomi Myrle Smith, b.Nov.2,J9D8 at ~f'isdom,Mont .



b .oct.ll, 1900 :ij3S . Springfield,O. (Corwin) S·m.ith. m.June 5,,1920 at Bellefontaine, Ohio, Allen A. McKune . !578 -i. Virginia Ruth McKune, b.May 1'11921 at Bellefontaine, Ohio. ii. Martha Joan McKune, b ..Aug.P2./1 1.92..5 at Bellefontaine 879 OSo iii. John Emerson MCKune, b.sept" t6 -; .l~30 at Bellefontaine, Ohio Dau ~ of Emerson 1',11. and Bertha M.

,5 78. VI ffi INIA RUTH McKUNE, b .May 1,1921 Re s • of Allen A. and Ruth Hazel (Smith) Mc1( m.July 17,1940, George C. Allen. 578a i. James David Allen, b .July 7, 1.94} iI.~ll.

583. NAOMI MYRLE SMITH, b.Nov.2,1908 ., ::3 . ciau. of Emerson M:. and Bertha Myrle(Corwin; S'mi't-h. m.oct.15,1927, Walter R. Patterson. ~83a i. Ralph Emerson Patterson, b.Mch~1411929i d.Sept.14, 1929 (1931 583b ii. Elizabeth Ann patterson,b.Sep.t.,16 i .l931;d .Sept.16,. 583c iii. John Nile Pat:terson,b.Apr.9,1934 583d iv. Helen Patricia ·Patterson, b.Nov.28,1936 583e v. Grace Maxine Patterson,b.June 29,1939 . 581. . n;l~R CORWIN S~.nTH, b.I!Iay 8,1902, Res. son of Emerson £,1. and Bertha I,'l yr1e (Corwin) Smith. m.Oct.3l,1930, Albena Schunk. No children. 572. son of

CHARLES GECRGE CORWIN, b.Sept.9,1882, Res.Bellefontaine,O. Thomas Zaccheus and Nancy Ann (Titus) Co~vin. m~Hov .29,1907, at Salt Lake City, Utah, Lena Stanchfield 584 i. Gladys Lucille Corwin, b.l1ay 25,1911 m. 71931, Emmett Evans Res.Columbus,Ohio. 585 i. Diane Evans,b.May 29~1935

573. F.ARRIET CATdERINE CORv'/n! Res .West Mansficld,Ohio b.Aug.12,1884 near 1r1~Mansfield . Named for her grandmother Titus vlho was Harriet Bnker. m.July 5,1908 at Belle Center,O., by Rev. C.H.~!-o nosr.lith, John Lloyd Elliott who vms b.Dec.6,1882 near Vi. Mansfield, son of Hamon Hartley and Nancy Elizabeth (Bell) Elliott. 586 +-i. Howard Gerald Elliott, b.Jan.7,1909 nen.r W.McrlSfield, Ohio It 587 -ii. ThomE~. s Hartley Elliott,b.Oct.28,1910 " It II ":iii. Jor4~ Wilson Elliott,b.July 23,1912 588 II II 589 -iv. George Elden Elliott,b .J:Ich.15,19l4 II n 59.0 -v. Byron Elbie Elliott,b.Nov.16,1915 U 591 vi. Thelma Isabel Elliott,b.Aug.23,19l? · " n 592 vii. Robert Gary Elliott,b.Nov.2,1919 " m.July 5,1942,Janet WilguS.

______ . ____~T~h~o~~s 593

5 94 ~9?




Descend~~_ s______.______


viii. Leona Catherine Elliott,b.Dc c~ 9,1921 near W.Mansfield, Ohio. m.Dec.27,1942 ?Natn~n J.Wildemuth ix. Mary Imogene Elliott,b.Jan .30; l925 near W,Mansfield,Ohio n x. Charles Franklin Elliott,b .J~n · 5 11927 " It xi. Phyllis Kathleen Elliott,b .Awg,4 ,193l "

586. HOWARD GERALD ELLIOTI', b .Jan. 7,1909 Mch.20 , 1933 , Doris Mae CronA:leton 597 . i. Marilyn Fern Elliott,b.Se p t .,7 . 1934 598 ii. John Milton El1iott,b.Jan. 20. J937 599 iii. Beverly Ann Elliott, b .May ]5 J J.939 Tn,

'687. THOMAS 1n" May 11,1933, Goa i. 6Dl ii. 602 iii. 6da Iv. 604 v. 6Q5 vi.

HARrLEY ELLIOTT, b.Oct.28, 19JO Bernice Almina Morris Joan Marie Elliott, b .Dec .lO d ·9J3 Clara Catherine Elliott,b ,. J~Jle 25 ~ 1935 Shirley Almina Elliott,b.Aug' t. ."j-h) 1937 Connie Sue Elliott,b.Apr. 7, J 940 Bonnie Lou Elliott,b.Apr.7 !',.r.940 .. ~wins. Thomas Hartley Elliott ,Jr. ~ b ,JiJ.n.e 22,15)41

588. JOHN WILSON ELLIorT, b.July 23,19 12 m.Oct .29,1938, Pauline McKilli pp 605 i. Judy Kay Elli9tt,b.'sept.20,1 94D 589. GEOIDE ELDEN EILIGrT , b.Mch.15,1914 m.June 19,1934, Pauline Winifred Armstrong 607 i. Maryln June Elliott~ b.pec.13,1934; d.Jan.26,1935 608 ii. George Ralph Elliott,b~July 10,1936 609 iIi. Sherry Kay Ell1ott,b.Jan.15?1938 610 iv. Nina Eileen Elliott, b~Ju1y 2,1940 611 v. Robert Gene Elliott, P. Nov.5,1941 590. BYRON ELBIE ELLICTT, by N'ov.16,1915 m. Aug.l1,1940, Hilda Evelyn Moffett 612 i. Barbara Lynn Elliott, b.oct.25,1941 574. ORVILLE EMMONS COR~'1IN , b. Oct. 7,1886. Re s • seat tIe, Wash. m.Se p t. ,1912 .at Butte.,Mont. by Rev. Dr. Siere, Loretto L.Lossl. 613 -i. Joseph Lossl Corwin,b.June 20,1913. Res.Deer Lodge , Mont. 614 ii. Louise Gertrude Corw in,b.Oct.6,1916. Res.Si1ver Bow, Montana. 613. J OSEPH LOSSL CO~/IN, b.June 20,1913. Be ssie Carpenter, at Seattle , Wash.



575 ASA BRAM CORWIN, b.Jan.3,1896 at \'lest rlansfield,Ohio. Res. East Liberty, Ohi o. m.Se p t.15,1915, at West Mansfield, Grac e Alvina Riffle. See No.1185, p.93 615 -i. Naomi Geraldine Cor,l/in, b.July 14,1916 at SpringfielJi, 'Ohio 616 -ii • Hazel Maxine Corwin, b.June 1.,192.0 at S ~·ringfield 617 -iii. Margaret Ann, b .July 1,1922 at Degraff ,Ohio 618 iv. Asa B. Corwin, Jr. b.Aug.31,1926 at Rushsylvaniap


_______ !hQ~s.J?i£.k_iI}!.Q!L.and _De~.s.~p.1~p~~____



615. NAOMI GE~T.JJrNE COHNIN, bll'July 14 "J91G, meDec.25,1939, at LibertI : oni'J :~ ~Ioward Franklin Rob~Cll}'btAlJ.g,.Z~;;'''1917, Sf>O of Charles L, f(~b5t'jlI. . . . ~r9 i. ,lcattn n"ward RobsOD,b.July 2&,1.940 620 ii. Judi.ill Anne Robson, b .. AiJ71olo.4~.942 816~ HAZEL WtXJ}.1O CO~VnN, b.June 1?lg20:; ;m.S;ept .l,1940 in ~en.tucky~ Jam~s Edward Mar-lne. Ii> 2.1 i, lJavid Edward Mar ine , b .AtJ.f!, .. ~fi 1942 ~ 17..

MAroA.~T Allm CCRTtIfIN, b.July 1\11922; May 5,1942, 11qym~nd Pierre Evans, sou. or A Ie .. P .Evans of ·S ecl.verton, Michigan.. . '622 i .. Margaret Rea Evans, b.Ap:r~29 ,19AS )1/'1.

576. V-iIUIDTH TITUS CORWIN, b.Aug.27,1898.·~e5 .3h8lby,0.(1937) fm"Feb.6,192l, at ~Hnchester, Ind. by Re v .. Me ts~[' , :J..eo na Dell Coats, who was b .. Ap r , .s~ .lB97 at Wincheste~"'1/ JneL an.d d"Oct .16,1927 at Bellefontaine ,O~ lBu!'ied in Winches ter ceml!t.el"'Y . She was the dau. of Russell J. ama Orra (Wysong) Coat.S.t. 623 i. lvi<~.r~ha Eileen,b.Nov .l ~~192J at· ,13el1e,o. 624 ii. I'~'Jight Otis Corv"in'-b.Oct ~ L.'}.,1925 II II 625 ii i.. William 'Edward Corwin, b .. Sep t.,,, lS 11 1927 " If ,

220.. HANN'AH DICKINSON, b.Dec.28,1818, rhe seventh child of ·T homas and r.~aria (!.Jowe) Dickinson, in L~an County, Ohio. m. (1) Feb.8, 1338, Ph ir..eas Corwin m. (2) Apr.30~18467 in Logan Co. ,0. ~ James: Stafford (Logan Co., rr.Ct. record.) He ',!as sometimes called Or. lhorras stafford and it is presumed that he bore both ~ames , They lived in B~lle­ fontaint and moved to Muscatine, Iowa, in 1853. They had Bi% children, not ~n order 626 -i. Caroline, b.Feb.27,1850 at Bel ~e fontaine,Ohio , . 627 -ii. Ja"Iles 628 -iii. Thomas 629 -iv. Ma~J 630 v. Samuel, No childre n 631 -vi. Julia 626 . CA~LINE STAFFORD, b.Feb.27,1850; d~~y 3,1934 at West Mansfield, Ohio, ag ed 84 years, 2 months, ~ d::l]s. She was t h 0ught to be the oldest living member of 1J'le Dickinson family. In 1875, she with her husband and three olil£..r children, moved back from Iowa to Logan County and later li.l0YlZd to W. Mansfield . ;n.Dec .. 5,1867 in Iowa, Edward James Gilbert w17-o was b.Se pt.29, 1842 in Kent~England . d .. Jan.12,1927. The~ had 7 chi l dren,surname GIillE Rr 632 i. ",'1illiam Randel, b .. July 19,1868 in 10'. fa. Res. West Mansfie ld 633 -ii. James M.,b.Apr .. 25,1871 in Iowa. Res . Rushsylvania, Ohio .. 634 -iii. Nettie A .. , b.Nov .. l,1873 in IO'v /a; d.June 11,1905 635 . iv. Joshua Leuis, b.Nov.9,1878 at N.Greenfield,Ohio d.May 21,1880 636 -v. Clive Hay,b .June 26,1884 in Ohio


Thomas Dickinson and Descendants



637 638

;-:es .Dela;'''iare ,Ohio

vi. Charles E., b.N~y4,1886 -vii. Harry E., b.Feb.9,1888


Caroline (Stafford) Gilbert had 20 gran~children and 12 gre:at grandchildren at the time of her death .. 633. m. 639 640 641 642 643 644

645 646

JAMES M. GIlBERI', b.Apr.25,187l i. Wilda Gilbert,b. i. Annabelle Reed ii. Russell Reed ii. Johnson Gilbert iii. Wilbur Gilbert iv. Kenneth Gilbert v. Ethel Gilbert vi. Waldo Gilbert

~es~Rushsylvania,O. ~

m.Mac Reed

634. m. 647 648 649 650 651 652 653

NETTIE A. GILBERr, b.N ov .1,1873; d.June ,1905 , Butler i. Ernest Butler res .Marysville, 0. ii. Erma Butler, m. Green,Marion, O. i. Edward Green iii. Leo Butler, .... . .... ;- j . ) . 'Col~iul,O iv. Cosetta B~tler, m. Stitt,Mansfield,O i. Annette stitt v. Erwin Butler' â&#x20AC;˘ 636. OLIVE ~~Y GILBERT b.June 26,1884 Res.West Mansfield,O. m.Dec.25,190l near Walnut-Grove by Rev.Thompson, Ernest Tapp, who was born Feb.17 1 l877 near Rushsylvania, 0., son of Charles M. and Rebecca (Sutton) Tapp. Children, surname TAPP: (Ohio 654 i. Charlotte Mildred,b.Mch.9,1903,near Rushsylvania, 655 ii. Ernest Milton, b.May 28,19~ at If 656 iiL. Lewis Vincent, b.Nov;16,1906" 11 657 iv. Dorothy May, b.Mch.22,1908 " " 658 v. Rebecca Kathryn, b.Jan.20,19l0 II It 659 vi. John Gilbert, b.Nov~28,1912 II It 638. m. 660 661 662

HARRY E. GILBERl', b.Feb.;9,1888.

627. m. 663


664 665 666 667 668 669


i. Harrison Gilb6rt ii. Paul Gilbert iii. Harry Ralph Gilbert

; d.

i. Grace Stafford,b. ; m.Roy Edmundson. Res. Thornburg, Ia~ ii. James Stafford Oscaloosa,Ia. iii. Pearl Stafford, m.Thomas Graver,Deep River, Ia. (Neb. iv. Ida Stafford, m.;Merrill Lewer(? ) Omaha, v. Iva Stafford (Or Ina) m.Cole Chicago,lll. vi. Lucille Staf~ord, m. Tapp, Chicago,Ill vii. Ellen, vi i i. Oscar; ix. Thomas;x~Maude,died young.

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants 628. m. 670 671 672


THOltfAS STAFFORD" b. i. Pearl Stafford, ii. Harile Stafford iii. Cora Stafford






Audobon,la. Melvin,Ia.

MARY STAFFORD, b. Smith m. (2) ~homa.s Rolland i. Frank Smith Res .Mosquera,N. ii. Elizabeth, m. Reid Flint ,Mich. (Mea. iii. Mary Rolland m. Jesse Havens i. Mrs .Fred Bristodean ' Minneapolis ,Minn. 22. John Rolland Havens, iii. Margaret Havens iv. Arlene Havens v. Jesse Havens, Jr. iv. Thomas Rolland, Jr. Pershill5, la. v. Anna Rolland, m.Roy Sabin, Grand View, Ia.

m. (1)

673 674 675 576 677 678 679 680

681 682


JULIA STAFFORD, b. m. Price Res~ Ealboa,Calif. i. Stella Price m. Downs, Victor,Ia. ii. Charles Hibbs Price, Alhambra,Calif. iii. Ethel May Price m. Borden,Glendale.,Calif.



684 6.85

221. MARrIN MA~ON DICKINSON, son of Thomas Dickinson, was b.Feb.20,1820 in Logan County, Ohio. He d. m. Aug.6,1842 (Court Re-cord) Margaret Rea, dau. of Robert and Mary ( ) Rea, natives of Virginia. They had six children: -686 i. Samantha, b •......; d. ; .. .. Fox m. Charle s Fox. 6'87 ii,. Louise m.Wil11am Madden ,688 iii~ Isabel Adelia, b.Apr.lO,.1848; m.Aug.8,1872, L.T .Breedlove 689 iv. Rea 690 v. Cora 69l vi. Baby, died in infancy~ The following is quoted from a History o~ Champaign Co.,O. bl J. W. Ogden, 1881, p .809: , "Martin M. Dickinson, t'armer and stockdealer, P.O., Urbana, O~io, born in Logan County, Ohio, son of Thomas and Maria (Lovle) Dickinson.,. He is a native of Pennsylvania, she of Virginia. They emigrated from Virginia and located in Logan Co. in, 18l2, where they resided until their death. She died in Oct. 1870, and he in 1879. They were parents of fourteen children; ten now survive, Eliza, ,Robert, Nelson, Margaret, Hannah~ Martin, ,Du,n can M., Joshua, Lewis and Samuel.. As early pioneers of that county, tbey experienc~d the h~rdships of those days; he 1,1a$ E:ngaged in the War of l812 , cmd dI'€:W a Jension. About t wo or three years after lcceting, his log cabin burnt with everything .tpey possessed,. wpich in that dD.y was a great cEllam~tv. ~T~ireQlaca hiE hOllsehold goods, he journeyed to Virginia no. OUt4 neo. a !'eat.ner nea. ana. other goods, which he brought \


61 Desc.e ndants . through on horseback, and then started anew in life again. These troubles "tried their souls" but, being a man of energy and industrs he mede progrGss and became possessed· of a good home and large estate before his death. Our subject, at sixteen years of age, v'J'ent to Zanesfield and le<.:.rned the blacksmith trade, "which business he follovved with SLJ.ccess for twenty years, accumulating severQl thousand dollars. Then he turned his ~ttention to fa~ lng end stock raising, following this business in Logan County about seven years, fin2.1ly locnting in ChC:JJ1.paign County, where he has continued thE'; Ge.Ine business. In business Mr. Dickinson hlS been very successf~l, nnd now owns sev~n to eight hundred acres of l.:.nd. He has bnilt a fine residence on his f <., rm on section 8 in S:-.lem t QVln£~nip , whore he has fine improvements and t be~utiful home. He has never held or sought office, but has -given his attention strictly to bUdiness~ being a man of energy ~nd quick perceptions, he has been successful and accumulated a large competency .. Fe was l.:nited in marriage, Nov. (Aug"~IHM) 6, 1842, to Miss Margaret, d&ughter of Robert and Mary Rea, natives of Virginia • . They have six children, five livip..g, Samantha, Louisa, Adelia, Rea and Cora." Thomas Dickinson

686. Fox. 692 693 694



697 698 687. 698a 699 700






i. Vause Fox, d . when 63 or 64. Not· married . ii. Martin D. 'F ox, d.about 1933. Buried in Kings Creek ~emetary. m.Susan Harvey. Three children: i. Frank Fox ii. Harold Fox iii. Melvin Fox iii. Raloh Foxl~.about 1880. Lives in Columbus, Ohio m.Miss Di+=\~ (1). They haloe one daughter. t" ~ 1. iv. Bessie Fox, d. in tpe fall of 1903 of typhoid fever, aged 18 or 19 LOUISA DICKINSON, b. ; m. William. Madden i. Fred Madden, had no children ii. Nathaniel Madden, had no children iii. Mary Madden, m. Andrew Spence. Res.Mingo,Ohio. 4 or 5 children.


688. ISABEL ADELIA DICKINSON, b.Apr .. 10,1848; d.Dec.21,1932 m.Aug.8,1872, Louis Talbot Bpeedlove, b.Aug.3,1848; d.Feb.14, 1875 701 i. Dick T. Br~edlove, b.May 18,1873; d.Nov.l1,19l6; m.Nav.5 1 1906, Sadie M. Dille 702 ii. LonT. Breedlove, b.June 28,1875; d.Aug.l,1930; m.Sept.5~1895, Nettie Dickinson. m(2) June ,1910, Myrtle fuI. Moore. IS:lb3l Adelia (Dickinson) Br(;edlove m. (2) Mch.ll,1882 , Jame .g :!1. Yore, who d. Aug.23,19.17. 703 -iii. Burnett Yore, b.Jan.30,1884 704 iv. Martin Marmon Yore, b.Aug .. 28,1886 692. BUR~TT YORE, h.Jan.30,1884; m.Sept.18,190&~ Beatrice Emma Press, b.Apr.18,1384, dau. of John and Emma (Jordan) Press. 705 i. Bernice Adelia, b.July 16,1908; m.Nov.18,1933, William S. Hill


----.. i. William Burnett Hill, b.Feb.16,1935

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants



706 707 7~ ..

ii. Eleanor Jo Hil1,b.Oct.29,or 30,1938 (By 'Burnett Yore.) MARI'IN MARMON YORE, b .Aug. 28, l88f'-; m.. 5e p11.> 25 ,1908 sAmy

12-. Gwynn, who d.June 23,1911

. i. John Yore, b.Sept.5,1910; m. , IV,( axine Elliott 709 i. Eugene Elliott Yore,b.Mch ..6 1 1.939 Till ii. Donald Martin Yore,b.Aug~4, 1942 711 ii. iii. Twin daughters who died at. birth (~ho d.Nvv .. 2S,]JB 712. Martin M. Yore m. (2) June 10, 1913, f~o osie Kathryn Williams 7~3 iVa Eleanor Kathryn Yore, b.May 10,1921 ~1886. Martin M. Yore m. (3) Mch.lO,1931, Alta E.Gwinn,b.June, Martin M. Yore says that the M, middle initial of Martin M. Dickinson stands for Marmon for a prominent family nearby. 708

BmLE RECORDS OF ADELIA (DICKINSON) YORE. Married Aug.8,1872, Louis T. Breedlove at Urbana Marriages I.A.Breedlove and James R. Yore, March 11,1882 Dick T. Breedlove(and) Sadie M. Dille, Nov.5,1906 Lon T. Breedlove (and) Nettie Dickinson, Sep.5,1895 Burnett Yore (and) Beatrice Press, Sep.18,1906 Martin M. Yore (and) Amy E. Gwynn, Sep.25,1908 Martin M. Yore(and) Flossy K. Williams,JunelO,19l3 L.T .Breedlove (and) Myrtle M. Moore, June ,1910 Births Dick T. Bree~love May 18,1873 Lon To Breedlove June 28, 1875 Burnett Yore Jan. 30, 1884 Martin M. Yore, Aug.~,1886 L.T.Breedlove Aug.3,1848 I.A.Dickinson April 10,1848 Deaths L~T.Breedlove, Feb.14,1875 A.B.Yore Dick T. Breedlove Nov.l1,1916 Amy El1enore Yore,June 23~1911 James R. Yore Aug.23,19l7 L.T.Breedlove Aug. 1,1930


689. REA DICKINSCN, b. ; m.Nov.8,1872, Mary Murphy They removed to Kansas and it is said that Dickinson county,Kans. was named for him. 714 i.Margaret,b. 715 ii.Louise,b. ; m. ,Mr.Ramey or Ranier. Res.Kansas City,Mo. 3418 Garfield Ave. ~IO children by a previouS (7) marriage: 716 i. Earl Coope r 717 ii. Arthur Cooper 718 iii.Jeanette, b. , m.Sep.5,1895,Lon T. Broed1ove, son of Louis T. Br~edlove and Isabel Adelia (Dickinson) Breedlove. Margaret Dickinson m. , Mr. Spe nce and had

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants 719 720 690 .. 72'}


723 724


7'2:6 727


729 730 731



734 735


i. Ruth Spence ii. Ray Spence CORA DICKINSON, b. ; m. Mr. Ora Girard i. Madge, died young ii. Faye, b. ; m.Mr. Geis'e'lman. Res .. J.J2 W.6th Ave. Columbus, Ohio i. Daughter m. Everett Bush ii. Frank Geiselman, iii. Virginia, m. Mr. p ickering. N~ c路:.,ildren iv. Stella, m. Mr. Lansdown. Re s " U}olJana,Ohio v. Addie vi. Reginald, died young. vii. Twins, Ralph, Res. 945 Oxley Road, Columbti.c,CtJ.J " viii. Dorothy, m.Mr. Broshes. i. Robert Brashes ii. John Broshes iii. Betty Broshes iv. Mildred Broshes ix. Alpha By Martin M. Yore

223. DUNCAN McARI'HUR DICKINSON, tE:nth child of Thomas .:md M:::rie.. (Lowe) Dickinson, was b.orn Dec.3,1822 in Logan County,Ohio. He died June 1, 1901 in Carrol County, Mo. and is buried in the Big Creek cemetery, Carrol County. He Ha s married July 27,1845 in CRmden, lby Co., Mo .. to Juli~ Ann Carpente r, who was born Dec.9,1826 in Ha rdin Co., Ohio and died May 3,1872, in Carrol Co. daughter of and (Minor) C ~ rpenter. DuncGn M. Dickinson removed to Missouri in 1842, wht:.; re all the children were born. They finnlly settled in Carrol County, Mo. Eleven children were born to them: b.Apr.l7 ,1847 ,in Andrew Co. ,Molo i. Mnria Jane 736 737 ii. Louis Victor, b.May 4,1850, in Ray Co., Mo. b.Sept.2,1852 in Carrol Co., Mo. 738 iii. Jasper W., iv. Sarah Ellen, b. May 8,1855,in C~rrol Co., Mo. 739 740 v. Robert Leroy, b. May 9,1857 "" b.Oct.23,1859 II" 741 vi. Ewry Ansel, b.Sep.22,186l "II 742 vii. Lydia Ann, 743 viii. Amanda Eliza, b.J unc :IE, 1865, in Logan Co., Ohi 0 "It 744 ix. S am~ntha Rebecca, b .J une 15 , 1865 , 745 x. Martin Ulrich, b.June16,1867,in Carrol Co.,Mo. 746 xi. Harriet Cordelin, b.Sept.28,1871 "" DUNCAN H. DICKINSON路 by

LOUIS VICTOR DICKINSON A brief histo~J of the lives of our parents, Duncan M. and Julia Ann Dickinson, relating to events which happened before our time, but given as best we can remember 'of what we learned and have heard them say. Written by the two eldest sons, Victor and Jasper. Duncan McArthur Dickinson yifaS born in Logan County,Ohio,

______•____~----T~~~-Dickinson and Descendant_s_____


December 3,1882. \Vhen his brother Nelson and family moved to Missouri and set tIed in eithEr And.L'ew or Nodaway county, I am not sure which, Duncan was 18 years of age. Nelson and his family wanted someone to come with them so decided for Duncan to go and they moved through in a wagon. After Nelson and his family had been in Missouri a few years they decided to go back to Ohio, and did so, but Duncan had gotten a piece of land by that time and VIas, in a ""ay, fixed to live on it, so did not go back \l ith his brother, but remained on the land for a while, hoping for the country to be settled up. But it did not improve to any extent and as he lived so far away from anyone andbecame so lonesome, he finally decided that such a life was not worth living and that he \lould do some oth(;r way.; In the summer season the snakesdould craw'l in his house sndoften vlhen he VTould come ~~n at night :'ie would hear the whirr of a rattle snake before he could make a light. Wolves were also very numerous at that time and filled the night air v{ith their continual howling. It looked as though the land \lould never be worth much and there was no market for farm oroducts. So one cold, wintry night when the Him -"las blowing and the wolves were howling around his little cabin, he decided to go vfuere he could live among people. He had a team of oxen and he put the yoke on them the next morning and departed, driving them until he had a chance to sell the outfit. Then he walked to Lexington" 11.'10., and there , found \lork by doing anything he could 'lay his hands to. It Has not long hovever, Lmtil he got in with a man who was hauling freight off the boa~'s up int 0 the tOVTn. Then the great flood of 1844 came and that is I.\{hen he made the acquaintance of Julia Ann Carpenter, our mother. Her parents and family lived in the bottoms near Camden and had to get over to Lexington in a skiff or drown, but they made it safely through the angry 1I1aters. Julia Ann, our mother, was sick at the time with the measles and was not able to sit up. Our father, Duncan Yvas there helping rescue people from the water. He helped get mother out of the skiff or canoe, I do not know which, and cClrried her up the river to a house. After the water went dovm and the people moved back to the bottoms, father got to chopping 'd ood over there and became mCllI'e acquainted wi th Miss Carpenter and later were married. They lived the t' greater part of their lives in Missouri, but went back to Ohio a fe \ 1 times, staying a year or more each time, but alvrays returning to II.I is souri. (During one of these vi si ts to Ohio, the , twins, Amanda Eliza and Samantha Rebecca~ ',vere born, June 15,1865, on the farm of Thomas Dickinson. W.H.M.) They raised a large family~ six girls and five boys, all of Whom are living at this date, June-25,1910, excepting one little sister, the second born, \ Jho died in infancy~ We cannot be thankful enough to our God and our parents that we have l;>een permitted to enj oy the blessings of such a family, as it certainly lis a great pleasure to me to think of the pleasant timEs together. Our mother was only permitted to live about 45 ~ears,which was the worst blow of our lives when she died, but 'l Ie have always had the consolation of knovling that our mother ',l iaS prepared to meGt her God in oeace e_ OUr father liv·ed to be over ;18 Y6ars old and ,fe can be '-


proud of him in many \/ays. In the first place he was a good?father to his family and is yet spoken of in the old neighborhood as being a good neighbor and useful man. The same is also said of him aJ,.l over this country IJfhere he lived ' so long, especially by the old soldiers who· ·were his comrades in· .the war. When I go to one of their funerals one of them always says that he was as brave a man as they ever saw, but that he was merc'i ful to his enemies and always inspi~ed with the very best principle in everything in which they saw him tried. He was a member of the Dunkard church and tried to do eve~J­ thing his God wanted him to do, and left undone the things He didnot want him to do. Our mother was a member of the Christian church and Vie can only think of her as near a perfect person as any of us can be. kip~

DUNCAN M. DICKINSON by JASPER DICKINSON Duncan McArthur Dickinson was born December 3,1822 on a big hill, one mile north of Zanesfie ld, Logan county, Ohio .. His father's name was Th.Jmas; his mother's name we.s Marie, her maiden name being Lowe. They were both born and raised in Virginia. Duncan McArthur grew to manhood on his father's farm in Ohio. At the age of 20 he \vent with his brother Nelson, to . Northwest Missouri, ;" Talking most of the way, carrying his clothes in a knapsack, a distance of 1100 miles. He remained with his brother for a while and then started in search of work... His first job was cutting a set of house logs for \vhich he received $3.50. There Vlere forty logs large enough to square 12 inches at the top, 20 sixteen feet long and 20 twenty feet lono". His next job was at Lexington,Mo. There he got a job of driving a team. He commenced work at $6.00 per month, but soon had his wages raised to $10. He worked there for a while, but it was only a short time until his employer died, after which he commenced cutting cOlrd wood, "'forking at that about two months. Then the river CRme out and he, Hi th some uther wood choppers, made a raft out 0f logs and \/ent to the bluffs. One evening while the people were standing on the hill at Camden,Mo., the~r saw coming dovm the river a flat. . boat loaded with people and ~ousehold goods. It came quartering across the angry waves and landed on the bluffs near Camden. In that boat was a little girl sick Vii th the measles. When it was knovffi that she Vias stricken with the contagion, the crowd stood back, but Duncan. v/alked up and put a blanket about her, took her in his arms and carried her to a h ~ use nearby. He made the assertion th~t he loved her from thG time he took her in his arms. The girl's name was Julia Ann Carpenter and she was about 19 years of age ·,{hile he was 24 at this time. She was born in the same county in Ohio that he vms and came to Missouri with her pnrents when eleven years old. Her mother was dead at this time and she was living with a married sister. They became more acquainted and the next7ear this pretty romance culminated in a happy marriage. Soon after being married they went to Nodaway county, where Duncan's brother lived, and bought 40 acres Df land. The next

Ihomas Dickinson and Descendants



Hi' bnother's wife became so homesick that they sold out and went back to Ohio, but only remained in their home state one year. Duncan had become too much attached to the great prairies of Missouri to give them up and they came back and settled in the northwest part of Carroll county.. They lived there until the spring of 1855, and then sold out and went down into the eastern ~art of the county and bought a quarter section of land near where Bosworth now stands. In 1858 he sold out there and went eight miles west and bought 80 acres of land and went to work to make a home. They worked hard and made a nice start, but in 1861 the great rebellion broke out. He was a free state Imn and the slave holders looked upon him with suspicion. He was a quiet, unassumdng man, but very firm. Everyone liked him at this time. He had a wife and six children and one morning in April 1862 one of the neighbors rode up to the house and calling him out said: "Duncan, I \'l ill give you this mare ,. a beautiful bay saddle mare, and I \,/ill put a new saddle on her and give you two revolvers and I want you to go to Price' s ar~." As yet he had not expressed himself as a Union man, but he looked at his visitor and sais: "Sir, if you want anyone to go to Price's army, you have the oquipment and you had better go yourself; I have a family to take care of." The man said he would take care of them, but Duncan saiq no, and tht:re was war from that day on. In August of th ~ t year he joined the st~te Militi~ and served until the fall of 18?4, , rhl.:. n he was discharged. In the surrunt=: r of 1864 his ,'.T ife took the family and ~{ ent back to Ohio, where his folks lived. .lhen he was discharged he also went b::1ck there, but remained only one ye a r. In路 the;: f2.11 of 1865 he again came back to Missouri. He and his true and loving wife went back on the ir Ii t tIe farm ~li th a large family. They were almost financially ernbarrased and broken in health and spirit. But they 'v iTent to work as best they could to recover their scattered fortunes. But in the spring of 1872 that grim monster,death, came and claimed 路the dear wi.fe and left eleven motherless children, the youngest only 18 months old. Duncan was so distracted that he could scarcely do anything for sever31 years, but he lived after she died and passed away June 1, 1901. A man stepped up to the grave as he \;iT85'路路 about to be lowered and with hat off and with tears in his eyes, said in a sorrowful, quivering voice ~ "There lies a good man; one who never shirked his duty. I served with him in the army. He 'l /as just to his enemies as we l l as his friends; was honest and upright and tried to teach his children to be the same." 736. t~RIA JANE DICKINSON, b.Apr.17,1847 in Andrew county, Mo. Has the oldest child of Duncan McArthur and Julia Ann (Carpenter) DiCkinson. She died oct.20,1925 in Chillicothe, Mo. She married ,1866, Leonidas Shinn ';'rho was bOIi'n July 4,.1840; d.Dec.27 ~1900. Buried at Flymouth,Mo. She m. (2) Helf. No children by second marriage. 747 -i. Cora Belle Shinn,b.Jan.14,1867 in Carrol Co.,Mo. ii. Lewis Ellsvl! orth Shinn,b. ;d.Sep. 1871. 748 Buried in Big Creek cemetery,Flymouth,Mo. 749 -iii. Julia Matilda Shinn,b.Apr.6,l869

Thomas 750

Dicki~on an~ ~esc~~n=d=a~n~t=s ________________~6~7

iv. Robert Orville Shinn,b.Jan.28,1877id.Apr.15,1923 Buried at Chicago,Ill.

747. CORA BELLE SHINN, b.Jan.14,1867 Res.Braymer,Mo. Named for Cora Jickinson. m. ,1886, C.C .Hayes. m. (2) Feb.l,18S9, Noah Hawes. No children by .second marriab e. 751 -i. Sadie Hayes,b.l>.1ch.5,1888 in Bruns', /ick,Ho. 752 - l l . Thomas Clayton J·~ayes,b.Jan.l,1890 753 iii. Robert Orville hayes,b.Oct.16,1894~ d. Buried at ~ lym;) uth,IIo. 751. m. 754

SADIE HAYES, b .1.;Iarch 5,1888 , Thomas C. Robinson i. Glenn C. Robinson, b.

Re s. Ludlo'''' ,Eo.

m. 755 756 757



758 75£; 760 ,. .


i. James " 2.rker Hobinson,b.Se . t.1932 i i. Carolyn Robinson, b .June 14, lS34 .

ii. Hazel Corrine Robinson, b. m. Hamblin TH0Mt~ S CLAYTON T-AYi!:S, b nTan.l, 1890

i. ElmEr ;:"Iayes ii. Clayton Hayes ii i. Victor Hayes,


By lars.Cora Belle Hawes

749. cTI.TLIA Hii.TILDA SEJNN, b.A t;r.6,1867; ti.Apr.19,lS23, (7) in Chillicothe',Ho. m.hIch.5,].883? Fre<ierick lTe icillolt of Brunsli jck',i\~o. m. )2) , JOl1n Max·:1ell. 761 -1. Jor..n.l. Neidholt,b.July 7,1885 $rom Bible record 762 -ii. Claud B. Neidh01t~b.Jan.28,1888 763 -iii. Clarence Keidholt,b.Aug.18,1889 764 -iv. Pansy Li . I:Jeidholt,b.July 3,189~ 765 -v. Earnest H. Heidholt,b.Nov.14,1895 766 -vi. Bernal ti. Neidholt,b.iflay 15,1898 7S7 vii. Charles R. Neidholt,b.Aug.l8,1900 768 viii. John 'W illiam Rw.ssell IvIaxvlell,b.Feb.25,1907



769 770



771 772



773 764. m. 774 775 776


NEIDHOLT, b.July 7,1885

i. Kenneth Ne idholt ii. Deward Neidholt CLAUD B.



Res.Ft.Worth,Texas Res .Ft • .Iorth,Texas Res.Wichita,Kans.

i. Lois Neidholt ii. Deward Neidholt CLi~RENCE

NSIDHOLT, b.Aug .. 18,1889

i. Joseph Forest Neidholt PANSY M. NEIDHOLT~ b.July 3,1892 , Elmer O. Eobbs i. Orville 'i loodburn Hobbs ii. Dorothy Lucile Hobbs iii. Ruth Ilene Hobbs

Res.Chillicothe,Mo. Res • Kansas Cl ty ,Mo.

Thomas Dickinson 765. 777

a~q D~s拢endant~

EARNEST H. :NEIDHOLT? b .. Nov .. 14,1895 i. Mildred Neidholt

________________~6_8 Res.San Francisco, (California

766. BERNAL M. NEIDHOLT, b.May 15,1898 R8s.Chicago,Ill. , B r ovm. Res. Chi cago;l l l. 7 78 i. Fred Wil l iam Neidholt 779 ii. Madlyn Neidholt (Conflicting dates are given by d~fferent people.) m,

737. LOUIS VICTOR . ~,:. ';:: :;~, DICKINSCN, b. May 4,1850. Hes. son of Duncan M. and Julia Ann (Carpenter) Dickinson. He d. in.



i. Anna DickinsQn,b. Res.Carrollton,Ho. m. , Joseph Crammer., No children 781 ii. George Dickinson,b. Res.Bogard,Mo. m. 782 Re s .Bogard,Mo. i. Lester Dickinson,b. (Kans. 738. JASFER VI. DICKINSON, b .Se;") t. 2, 1852, Res. 'dinfield, son of Duncan McArthur and Julia Ann (Carpenter) Dickinson m. 783 -i. Louis A., Diekinson 784 -ii. Charle s li . Dickinson 785 -iii. Ora Dickinson 786 -iv路. ' Anna Dickinson 787 -v. Lula Dickinson vi. Harry Dickinson d. No descendants 788 Res.Winfield,Kans. 78~. LOUIS A DICKINSON, b. son of Jaspe r ~. and Dickinson. m. d. No children 789 i. Nadine Dickinson, b. No children in 1~34 ii. Mildred Dickinson,b. 790 791 -iii. Raymond E. Dickinson, b. Res.Burden,Kans. 791. PAYMCtm E. D:rCKINSON, b. son of Louis A. and Dickinson, (Okla. m. Hes.Fairfax~ 792 i. Bobbie Ray Dickinson, b. , nn 793 ii. Edith Nadine Dickinson, U. Res. Ozark,Mo. 784. CFJ"... RlES N. DICKINSON, b. Di ckinson s on of Jaspe r ",. and m. Res.Ozark,Mo. 794 i. Ruth Dickinson, b. m. , Lee Colgin 795 i. Helen Colgin, b. 796 ii. Harry Colgin iii. Winton Colgin 797 rles.Benedict,Kans. ii. , Victor Dickinson, b. 798 m. d. i. Carrol Dickinson, b. 799 800 ii. Cecil Dickinson

- -

-....---_ ---.---

Dickinson and Descendants 69 ---.-.-..--- -- .- Thomas - ---...... 801 iii. Elaine Dickinson 802 iv. Ronald .Dickinson 803 iii. Regenia Dickinson, b. Res. 7enca City, Okla. m. , 'il ayne Liles 804 i. John Nelson Liles, b. 805 ii. Mary Ann Liles, b. 800 iv. Marjorie Dickinson, b. Res. ::' enca City, Okla. m. ,John Thompson 807 i. John Thompson, Jr. 808 ii. Cliffird Thompson, b. ;

Res.Wichita,Kans. 785. ' ORA DICKINSON, b. son of Jasper- W. and Dickinson m. 809 Res.Wichita,Kans. i. George Dickinson, b. m. 810 i. Gladys Marie Dickinson 811 ii. Elma Dickinson, b. m. , Ray Kunkle; no children. Res . -.l ichita, Kans. 786. m. 812 813 814 ,. ..


815 816 817 818 819 787. m. 820 821 822 823 824

ANNA DICKINSON , b. , H.E.C oon i. Floyd Coon, b. m. i. Betty Jean Coon, b. ii. Eugene Coon, b. m. 路 i, ~ hyllis Jean Coon, b. iii. Earl Coon, b. m. i. Kenneth Lee Coon, b. iv. Helen Coon v. Jasper Coon

LULA DICKINSON, b. , J. S. Yeager i. Durfy Yeager, b. ii. Aivira Yeager, b. iii. Thomas Yeager, b. iv. Edwin Yeager, b. v. Doris May Yeager, b ..

Res.Winfield,Kans. Res .dinfield ,Kans. Res.Sublette,Kans. Res.Winfield,Kans.


739. SARAH ELLEN DICKINSON, b.May 28,1855 in Carroll county, Mo., daughter of' Duncan I,1cArthur and Julia Ann (Carpenter) Dickins on. m.Mch.3, 1881, at Urbane. ,Ohio, Thomas Harris on Brown 'J!ho \,-ras born <.Tan.l,1846 in Ireland, son of died July 5,1930 in Dayton,O.~ buried in IvIechanicsburg,Ohio (License-Feb.l6,1381.) Sarah Ellen died Jan.29,1929 at Dayton; buried at }:Iechanicsburg, Ohio. Children: (1903. 825 i. Maude Estelle,b. Nov.26,1881 at Urbana~d.1901 or 825 ii. Lena I,Iargaret,b. lich .9,1887 at Urbana 827 iii. Curtis McArthur, b.Nov.19,1889 at Urbana 828 iv. Thomas Leroy, b.Feb.27,1894 at Urbana



Thomas Dickinsqn and Descendal}ts .

_ _ _ 70 \


LENA MAffiARET BROlN, Res .Anaheim,Ca1if .Rt. 2,Box 31 b. ~1ch.9,1887 at Urbana,Ohio, dau.of Thomas Harrison and Sarah Ellen (Dickinson) Brown. Named for 1st cousins, Jackson. m•.)e c .17,1908 at Kansas City, Kans. by Rev. J •.I. Nay, Pastor of IstChristian church, Thotnas Erskine Wilson, ,/hg was born Oct.6, 1887 at Kio\va, Kans., son of Abner Thalis and L:olista Ann (Kirkpatrick) Wilson. Children: 829 i. Rob ert Leroy., b.Jan.7,1910 at t:ansas City,Kans. 830 ii. Dorothy Eldeen,b.July 17,lS21 at Long Beach,Calif 831 iii. Jack William, b.Feb.6~1924 at Anaheim,Calif. 832 iv. Margaret Jean,b.July 20,19;:'7 at Anaheim,Calif. 827. CURTIS McARTdlm BROWN, Res. Bellefontaine, Ohio b.Nov.19,1889 at Urbana,Ohio, son of Tho!::as Harrison and Sarah Ellen (Dickinson) Brovrn. Middle name for grandfather. m.June 20,1912 at Belle Center by Rev. J.S.Altman, Eva Martha Anderson Who 'I'las born Apr.20,1891 at Belle Center,O., dau. of Robert S. and Mary Catherine (Perine) Anderson. Children~ 833 i. Robert Altman, b.Mch.30,19l3 at Belle Center,O. 834 11. Gail Eugene, b.July 28,1915 at Be~le Center,O. 835 iii. Mary Ellen, b.Nov.ll,1918 at Belle Center,O. 836 iv. Thomas Anderson,b.July 2,1922 at Belle Center,O. 835. K~RY ELLEN BRO.M, m. Mch.ll,1939 at Bellefontaine,Ohio, John Philip ./ebster. 837 i. John Richard debster 1 b.May 4,1941 828. THOIrAS LERCY BROWN, Res.Dayton, Ohio b.Feb.27,1894 at Urbana,Ohio, son of Thomas Harrison and Sarah Ellen(Dickinson) Bro\vu. m.Nov.2,1918 at Urbana,Ohio, Ruth Harriet Arrowsmith, b. Nov.28,1896, dau.of Wm. G. and Olivia Rebecca (Neibarger) Arrowsmith. Res.1815 W.Riverview,Daytoh,Ohio. Children: 838 i.Janet Ruth,b.Feb.9,1920,d.Oct.3l,1924 839 ii.Harriet Ann, b.Jan.3,1922 840 iii.Eleanor Zane,b.Au[ .17,1929 740. ROBERI' LEROY DICKINSON, Res. Rago,Kansas b.May 9,1857 in Carroll Co., Mo. son of Duncan McArthur and Julia Ann (Carpenter) Dickinson. m. Children: -i. Joseph Roads, b.Aug.27,1878 in Carroll Co.,Mo. 841 842 -ii. Nona Elizabeth ,b. oct. 30, 1885 843 -iii. Demaris Virginia,b.May 12,1900 in Ki~n ('0., (Kansas 841. JOSE?H ROADS DICKINSON Rago,Kansas b.Aug . 27,1878 in Carroll Co. ~ Mo., son of Robert Leroy and { ) Dickinson. m.Aug.2,1904 at in to Bertha Jane Aldrich, who \o/as born dau. of' Children: 844 i. Paul Res. (1930)Wichita,Kans. 845 ii. Martin? m.~ . . at Norma Rai da 846 i.Mitz~ Ruth,b.Aug.23,1933


Dickinson and Descendants 71 -------...Thomas . ._ ------------------842. NONA ELIZABETH DICKINSON Res. Los Animas,Co!l.orado b.Oct.30,1885 in Carroll Co., Mo., dau.of>,.R')tert Leroy" and Dickin~on. m.Dec. ,1909 at t,) Mason L. Shinn, who was b. Children: 847 i. Robert 848 ii. Wayne iii. Lee Margaret ~9 860 iv. Glenn 850a v. Kenneth, deceased

843. DEMP.RIS VIRGIFIA DICKINSON Re s" DuQuion, Kansas b.May 12,1900 in Kingman Co., Kans., dau •. ~f R~bert Leroy and ( ) D::' ckinson. m.Dec.22 ~L~17; at to Virgil Van Geison Hho ';'I as b;. ~ at son of Children: 851 i. Vergili ne Virginia, b. Aug. 'l~ ~ 1918 852 ii- l.Jyneta Vivian, b.Mch. 2.,. J ~ 20 853 iii. Margaret Elizabeth, b.Aug . 20 i 1922 854 iv. Dortha Lorene, b. Jan.29~ 1924 855 v., Lee Els'.l orth, b. Apr.13? 1932 Data given by Robert Leroy Dickinson at the reunion in 1936, at Martih YGre' s home near Bellefontai ne. 741., E\nfRY ANSEL DICKDTSCN, b. Oct.23,1859~Res.Cold~"ater,Kans. son of Duncan McArthur and Julia Ann (Carpenter) Dickinson.


,. '.'

0hildren: 856 -i. Florence Dickinson, b~ 857 ii. Ansel Dickinson, b. 858 iii. Luane Dickinson, b. 859 iv. Fayette Dickins'on, b. 856. FLORENCE DICKINSON,. b. d. dau. of Ewry Ansel anCi Dickinson m. ') Mr. Earp. 860 i. John Earp , b. Res.Kansas City,Mo. 861 i. Be ckie 862 ii. Billie 863 ii. Mary Dickinson, b. Res. m. , Rob~rt .,J arren 864 i. Robe rt l.Ia rren, b. 865 ii. Dorothy Warren, b. 866 iii. Joyce Warren, b. 742. LYDIA ANN DICK!F50H, b.Scp.22, 1861, Res.~go,Kans. dau. of Duncan McArthur and Julia Ann (CaroE::nt~r) Dickins on. m. , Will'iaro .. 867 -i. Adda Brammer, b. 868 -ii. Eva Bran~s r, b. 869 -iii. A. Carthn Br ~mm€r, b. 870 -iv. 5Qdie Brammer, b. d. 871 v. Cath(:. rine Br[\ll~er, b. m. , Judge Mitchell. Res.Edinburgh, Scotland. No Children. . . r.

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants



867. ADDA BRAl'}!l'''ER, b. Res • Wichita, Kans. dau. of William and Lydia Ann (Dickinson) Brammer. m. , ~Elton Peyton. 872 i. Le Royd Peyton, b ,. 8,(3 ii. Bettie Peyton, b. Res.Norwich, Kans~ m. , Bruce Laurie 8:4 1. Milton Lee Laurie, b. b•

3 ',/ 5



iii." Helen Peyton, b. m. , Elbie Clothier. i. Jackie Clothier, b. ii. t b.

8?? 878

.. 11.


868. EVA BRAMMER, b. " Res. Rag 0 , Kans. dau. of William and Lydia Ann (Dickinson) Branmer. m. , Fred Huey i. \/alton Huey, b. 879 880 ii. Ivan Dean Huey, b. , d. 881 iii. Evan Huey, b. 869. A. CARTHA BRAMMER, b. Res. Wichita,Kans .. son of William and Lydia Ann (Dickinson) Brrunmer. m~

882 883 i

i. Eugene Brarrmer, b. ii. Harold BraII1(ller, b.

' ·,

870. SADIE BfW 1MER, b. dau. of William and Lydia Ann (Dickinson) Branuner m. , Mr. Jones~ She d. 8 8 4 i . Herbert Jones, b. ; d. 885 ii. Lee Jones, b. Res. NOfi~ich, Kans. 886 ? iii. Delmer Jones

743. AN.ANDA ELIZA DICKINSON, born June 15,1865 in Logan Co. , Ohio, eighth child of Duncan McArthur and Julia Arm (Carpenter) Dickinson. m.Nov.29,1888 in Champaign county, Ohio, to James Dallas "'oodburn, who was born Nov.14,1855 in Cumberland Co., ~a., son of John and Nancy (Dallas) Woodburn. James D. ::Ioodburn died Sept. 14 or 15, 1937. Children: 887 i. L. Ansel, ·b.Oct.5,1891 in Champaign Co.,Ohio m.Jan.26,1918 at Urbana,Ohio to Ida A. Fuson, who was born June 7,1894,dau.of Charles A. and Mary E. Fuson 887a i. James Dallas,b.Nov.23,1926, in Urbana,Ohio 888 ii. Evas C., b.Oct.13,1895 in Champaign Co.,Ohio m•.!)ec.24,1917 in Champai2n Co. ,Ohio to "De\vitt Weller, who "11aS born Nov.19,1888 at Urbana,Ohio s on of Franklin P. and Llary G. We lIar 889 i. Patricia Dickinson Welle~, b.Oct.26,1921 in Champaign Co., Ohio 890 iii. Grace, d.young 891 iVa Sarah d.young 892 v. Robert d. young

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants




744. SAMANTHA REBECCA DICKINSON, b.June 15,1865. Res ,Norwich, Kansas. Dau. of Duncan McArthur and Julia Ann(Carpenter) Dickinson. Born in Logan county, Ohio, two of Mrs. Amanda Eliza l.Joodburn, No. 743. m. , Mr. Adkins; and (2) Mr. Holloway. Which family the first two children belong to is not known. 893 i. Ralph Adkins, b. Res .Nor~''lich,Kans. m. (Maine 894 i. Gerald Adkins ,b. Re s. ~lindthrope, 895 ii. Ralph Adkins, Jr. b. 896 iii. Louise Adkins, b. 897 iv. Victor Adkins, b. 898 v. Donald Adkins, b. 899 ii. Mabel Adkins or Holloway, b. (Kansas. Res.Kansas City, m. , Bert George 900 i. Helen Ge orge, m. Duffy Brooks 901 ii. Reece George, b. 901a iii. Ruth Darling George, b. iii. Fred Holloway, b. 902 Res.Coldwater,Kans.

,. .


903 904 905 906 907 908


909 910 911


912 913


914 915


916 917 918 919 920


921 922 923

i. Frances Holloway, b. ii. Edith liollowaY1 b. iii~ Doris Holloway, b. iv. James Holloway, b. v. Helen Holloway, Florence Adkins or Holloway, b. m. , Ralph Proffitt i. Linda Lee Proffitt, b. ii. Paul Edward Proffitt, b. Delia Hollovrey (or Adkins) b. m. Mr. Scholle i. Marie Scholle, Frank HollolJ>fay, b. m. i. Betty Lou Holloway, b. Marian Hollo'Nay?, b. m. Hr. t.!cCafferty i. Kenneth IvIcCaffE:rty, b. ii. Kells McCafferty, b. iii. Jack McCafferty, b. iv. Jr. Duncan-Hollo'vfay; b. m. i. Gordon Holloway, b. ii. Iona Holloway, b. iii. Duncan Eolloway, Jr., b ..


Res.Richmond,Mo. d.

(Kans. \ Res â&#x20AC;˘ Coldwater, Res. Res .Parks ,Ark.

Res .vt'ichi ta,Kans.

745. MARrIN ULRICH DICKINSON, b. Res.Carrollton,Mo. son of Duncan McArthur ~nd Julia Ann (Carpenter) Dickinson

tit. :

924 925 926

i. Ray Dickinson, b. m.

i. Roberta Dickinson,b. ii. Ma ry Ellen Dickinson, b.

Res. Carrollton,Mo.

Thomas ----------

Dickinson and Descendants




746. HARlUE"T C01}D£LIA DICKIlI1S0H, b.Sept .. '28?1871, Res. Tacoma? Washiag "f,olt. Yo.u.ngest child of Duncan McArthur and Julia A~~ «(aJpentQ~J pickinson. m. j Charles Pinder. 927 L Jrf:,hr~ Pinder, b. Res.Tacoma, vlash. Dl. , Mr. Potter? 928 ii. Dorot.hy Pinder, b. 929 iii. Charl€S' Pinder, b.

224. JOSHUA Mn J)lCKHJSON Son of Thoma.s BV-Lf. Ma:'t'l.a. c.1.,ov,re) Dickinson. Born in Logan Co., Ohio ~ F8:J.18 J 18~4. ~:rJJble l'E:cord o~ r.rJd?ma::3) Died Feb,.22,1892 in Bellefontair.:; 0.1 ·! c~ . Ma.rri8d JIPJ:y 2·3 J]846 J Martho. Jane Bronsrm. (Logan Co. Pr-oba:te Co urt :i.~~ Cor-d ~ 8k.B 9 p. 8) m. (2) Mar~h 13, tf}.5''7~ Ellen Armstrl>ng. (Prob.Ct. 76k .. C,p.87.) F'rom the Bas1d.n. t/i.s·tory of Logan Co., Unio, 1880, page 596, we quote: "Kale Towns1jiip, ~D5h--UA M. DICKIN30i'J, proprietor of the Loga n House, Be}-1.etora.taine ~ was torn one mile east of Zanesfield, Logan Co.~. Oh}a~ Feb. 18) l~, and is the son of Thomas and M2.ria (Lowe) DicJ.(. . Ln~on. His mo":,iler vIas born i:1 vofest Virginia and his fathe~ J.n iPe-:r:msylvc:.nirl. They were ro.arried in West Virginia a::1d. in 1810 caEle to LJgan County and located in Jefferson Tm.,nsh:.p. They ca me here very poor. They had but on~ horse and a f8"" necessaries of life. Afte:;," remaining in Jefferson Twp. Gome three years they mO·Jed near East Liberty where Thomas Dick:'nson was employed by Duncan McArthur, who was a large land spe~ulator, and remained in his service a short time. Duncar:. McArthur placed the family of Dickinson on 100 acres of land redr Zanesfield which afterwards belonged to them and they, in 1322 5 sold the Sari18 for $4.00 per acre. They tl).en moved to Rush Creek TV/p. where the fath er, Thomas Dickinson, died Hay 12~1879, . at 90~ years of age, a respected and nonored man, being a member of the Quaker church. He was a $Oldier in the war of 1812. His wife died in 1865. Our subject moved with his parents to Rush Creek in l832~ When he was 21 years of age he, in company, purchased 150 acres of land. This is the first land that Mr. Dickinson owned. This l~nd was paid for at $5.00 per acre and Mr. Dickinson paid for the same in manufacturing maple sugar. At 24 years of age he married Miss Martha Bronson. At this marriage he was worth $600.00. ,By this marriage they had four children. After marrying ' he lived o~ a rented farm for a number of years. He farmed near Rushville from 1846 to 1854 when he moved to Perry ~~~, near East Liberty where he remained until 1876 during which time he was engaged in farming and stock raiSing, in which business he has been very successful, making a specialty in raisipg mules and ,las the larg est dealer in mules in Logan Co., having sold from his farm at one time $9000.00 worth of mules. Today Mr. Dickinson avo/ns 970 acres of land and yaluable city property in Bellefontaine. He is proprietor of the Logan House, which is a neat, three story brick building located in the central part of the City, and is recognized as one of the leading $2.00 houses in central Ohio. h~. Dickinson donated <

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants ..;;...;..=--~------


largely money to carryon the late Civil ',1ar. His township has nf;VS 7' U'l.j a man drafted. He again m(l~:,r i~ :(.!.. his present wife be~~ ~l-1.en Armstrong, by whom ther2 81'e thr-e~ cnildren. II Ct ].. 1:::.!.2.'l 0.n g S3Q -i. Amanda, b. ,m. ,William Aspinwall 931 -iiI Lewis, b.July 1,18495 m.Feb.20,1873!Mary Akey 9~2 iii. Keziah, b. ; m. Boals 933 iv. Sarah, b. Martha Jane (Bronson) Dickinson died Jushua M. Dickinson married (2) Mch.13,1857,Ellen Armstrong. 934 Q n ,-,00


-v. Frank P., b.March 8,1~S~ dNov.8,1928 -vi. Jennie E.,b.Oct. 22, l8~~i~~£€~.8,1886,Asa C. Elliott vii. Mack, b.Oct. 20, 1861; died

930. AMANDA DICKINSON, W'i Lliam Aspinwall 937 i. Bernice Moo, b. ~~9' ii. Mack Aspinwall 939 iii. Roy Aspinwall




. ~3l. LEWIS CLARK DICKINSON, b.July 1,1849; m.Fe..b.20,1873, \. ~ ... ,~ ~~ Mary Akey Ilu.\ O. '31> J.......... 940 i. Everett- . .:\ . I\l.~~ \Ii ~~ WDo-~..kC.~o/'-l ~\I~~~-, 941 ii. Joshua Cllftln,b.Jan.29, 8 5; m.vec.20,1913, Mary Martin. 942 i. Joshua Clifton,Jr., b.Apr.28,1916; m.Apr.13,1936 1 Lucy Freeman Jackson. 943 iooJoshua Clifton,III.b.Feh.12,1937

-. ... . ,' ~-

934. FRA1~ P. DICKINSCN, b.Mch.8,1858; d.Nov.8,1928; m.Apr.30,1885, Nettie M. Frey. 944 i. Martha Be lIe, b .Feb .14,1887; m.June 26,1907,. HarI"'J J. Millsr. 945 i. Ralph ::._ :' . ' . _ ~l b .June 16,1908 ii. Elizabeth ;. :~ . .>_:. : ' :,/b.Oct.ll,1911 946 iii. Richard VI. : _,_:!~i. ,~ .... ~. ; ~ b .Oct .11,1911 Twins. 947 948 iv. Mildred Lou,b.Aug.8,1915 949 v. Emily Jane,b.Nov.18,19l9 950 vi. Mary Alice,b.Feb.25,1923 951 Vll. Martha Ellen,.b .Mch19, 1928 952 ii. Emi 1y, b. ,1888 i 953 iii. Grant Frey,b.Aug. ,1889; d.Sept.3,1924; 954 iv. Helen K., b.Sel)t.24,1890; m.May 1,1919, Lerton Hamilton Detrick 955 i. Lucy Imogene, b.Feb.15,1920; 956 ii. Thomas Franklin,b.Feb.8,1923; 935. JEl'nHE E. DICKINSON, b.Oct.22,1859, dau. of Joshua M. 2nd Ellen (Arnmtrong) Dickinson. m.Sept.8,1886, Asa C. Elliott, b.Jan.l,1853; d.Feb.lO,1940 957 i. Lucille,b.Dec.8~1887; m.Jan.12,19l6,Hugh Sager Mead. d. lJiay, ,1944 958 i. Eunice Jane, b.Jan.28,.1817 in the Fhi1li-


Thomas Dickinson and Descendants . pine Islands ii. Mary,b. ,1889 i di~d a few hours later iii. Mildred,b.Aug.ll,lW&; d.Aug.18,1898


959 960



Of Lewis Clark Dickinson the BffGldn History says ,p. 748: 1I1.2wis c. Dickinson~ farmer, P.(hM<::>y'th G-reenfield. Among the enterprising young farmers and 6hoc.JR raisers in the county who are attaining marked success is LeWIS C. Dickinson, who V.Jas born in Rush Creek Township, July Jf.j 'I8'43, and is a son of Joshua and Martha (Bronson) Dickinson· T/1;,€ Dickinson family are among the early settlers of this ~Qun:tr Martha, his wife, was born in Clinton county, this state" Lewis removed with his parents to Perry Twp., March 4, 1~4.~ Le~is remained at home until Feb. 20, 1873, at vlhich time lJ.e Wli'.Si ruarried to Mary J...key, born Oct.25,1845, in Stark Co., Chio~ daughter of Ellis and Ellen (Noble) Akey. Shortly after l:is marriage he located on the James Elliott farm on the east side of Jefferson Twp. 'vlh ich contains 280 acres which he nOVI owns and which is one of the best stock farms in the township. And he has an inexhaustible supply of spring water in every pasture field which never freezes over durir.g the severest winter weather. Mr. D. though a young man (in lS80-vI1IM) has had considerable experience in the handlingand manageffi8 nt of stock, having had for several years past the superintendance of his father's farms and with his own business has afforde1 him advantages that are not often within the range of young men 5 and as a result he is among the most successful of agriculturists of his years~ Sheep is his favorite stock of which he generc.lly keeps about 1000 head. He and his wife are members of the Me,thodist Episcopal Church. They have one child, Ellis Evart, born Dec.30,1875. tI Lewis C. Dickinson lived with his son, Dr. Joshua Clifton Dickinson in Tampa, Florida, in 1930. He brought to the first Dickinson reunion in 1930 a copy of the Bible records of Thomas . Dic.ksins:t.~( , U.s "'gI"am.(J.f'.:t~'J:f9r.~~:-'His.i..ehildren, beside s Ellis Evart and Joshua Clifton, are Martha Eleanor, 961 ilvie 962 to is, who marr ied Mr. Bushong • S31"


941. JOSHUA CLIFTON DICKINSON, b .Jan. 29, 1885, gradua ted from the Eclectic Medical College in Cincinnati in 1907 and now practices Roentgenology (Specializes in X·-Ray) in Tarnpa,Florida. In 1934 he was certified. as a specialist in Roentgenology by the American Board of Radiology, the offici al National body_ In 1942 he is State Councilor for Florida for the Americal College of Radiology and is a member of t he American Roentgen Ray Society and the Radiological Society of North .~erica, SQ he is nationally known. He married Dec.20,19l3, Mary Martin. They have one son, 942. JOSHUA CLIFTON, JR., born Apr.28,1916, who married Apr.13, 1936 Lucy Fre~man Jackson. Th0Y have a son, 943 . Joshua Clifton Di ckinson,III., who was born Feb~12,1937. , pre Dickinson added these records to those in the Bible of Thomas Dickins on. , Dr... Dick:tnson is now (1942) sc.rving in the armed forces as Roentgenologist. He stands very high in his profession and is



._.._ _


a member (1943) of the Board of Chancellors of the American College of Radiology. 225. MARl'HA DICKINSON, called PATSY in the Bible rec.ords of Thomas Dickinson, was born Mch .25,1825 in Logan County, Ohio. m. Apr.12,1846 (Court Record) John W. Jackson. Seven children: 963 i. Lydia J. Jackson 964 -iiI Thomas D. Jackson 965 -iii. Josephine,b. ,1852; d. ,19L16 966 iv. Margaret, b. ,1853 967 v. Curtis, b. ,1859 968 vi. Lena, b. ,1864 969 vii. Josiah, b. ,1866 964. THOlvJAS D. JACKSON, b. about l850~ d . 1915 (?); m. (1) Isabelle Burnett and had: 970 i. Estelline Jackson, b. , m. Elde Hamm 971 i. Eldine 121 Berkely Way,Whittier,Calif. 972 ii. Burnett Jackson,twjn of Estelline. Other children of second wife. 973 m.Frank Haas iii. Maybelle Jackson, 974 i. Frederick Haas 975 ii. Virginia Haas Rivera,Calif. 976 iii. John Haas Rivera,Calif. iv. Frank Haas, 977 m. Edna E __ "Rivera , 978 iv. John H. Jackson, Calif.


"_ < I

William Bebb 965. JOSEPHINE JACKSON, b.1852"m. Glasgow. m. Alice R. i. John Walter Glasgow, 979 i. Dorothy Glasgow (Calif. 980 981 ii. Laddis Glasgow 144 Kelso at.Inglewood, 982 iii. Willis Glasgow 983 m. Estelle F. ii. S. Everett Glasgovl, 415 N.Comstock kUe. 984 i. William Glasgow Whityier, Calif. 985 iii. Frank Morrison Glasgow, m. Ger:~rude S. rn. (2) Katy White 986 iv. Ralph William Glasgow 987 i. Carl Glasgow ii. Eleanor 190 'iI.6th st., Mansfield,O. 988 j.ii. Lydia 989 990 v. Elsie Glasgow m.Edward E. Thomas 991 i. Rachel Thomas 952 i i. He len Thomas vi. Irene Glasgow m. Allen Parker 983 994 i. Katherine E. Parker i. Clare Joe parker (Probably) Woodstock i 995 ii.Barbara Parker (inaccurate) (Calif. 996 997 ii. Dorothy, deceased 998 iii. Patricia (Calif. 966. MAffiAIÂŁT JACKSON, b.1853; m.Charles Darling. Long Beach', 999 i. Susie Darling, m.Quentain Reed. La Habra, (Calif.

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants


1000 1001 1002

i. Margaret Reed ii. Florence Darling i. Alice Spencer

1005 1006 1007 1008 1009 1010 1011 1012 1013 1014 1015

968. 1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 959.

i. Albert T. Jackson,

m. Ida B.

1023 1024 1025


i. Raymond Jackson ii. Rachel Jackson ii. Marion m.Josephine G. i . Orville Jackson ii. P~ ilip Eugene J a cks on, de ceased iii. Joan Jackson, deceacta iii .. Mildr ed Jackson m.Leland Johns i. Richard Curtis Johns ii. Le land Johns, Jr. iii. J anet Johns iv. Paul J'ackson, m.Henrietta P. i . I-hyllis June Jackson

(Calif. ' Chowchilla,

(Calif. LENA JACKSON ~ b. , 1864. m.John Frazier Puente, i. Josephine Frazier, m.Frank Richards,Puente, Califcr nia i. ~orothy Anna Richards ii. Alonz0 J. Frazier m. Elizabeth R. Puente, iii. Lydia Le ota Frazier m. Edwin G.C u,rtis. Whittie r, Calif. i . Ba rbara ,Joe Curtis ii. Mi lton E. Curtis JCSIAH JACKSON, b.1866

m. Emma H.



(Calif. m.Jack Spencer,Long Beach,

9&7- CURTIS JACKSON, b.1859; m.Elnora S.

10m 1004


Whi ttier,Calif.

i. Thomas M. Jackson,b.1900?

-,{ould be 30 now, (1930) De ceased. ii. Howard D. J&ckson iii. Dorothy A. Jackson m.Richard A. Haworth i. Patricia Anna 'Haworth Whittier,Calif.

227. LEWIS DICKINSON, 14th child 2J1d 7th son of Thomas and Maria (Lowe) Dicki ns o n~ was born in LogC',n County, Ohio, Nov.20, 1827 and died Sept.21 1 1887 at his home near Ridgeway,Ohio, c.nd i s buried in the 11It. Vi ctory cemetery .. In a History of Logan County,Ohio, 1880, & Co .. , we find: Page 660 , - Bokes Creek Tovlnship: "Levlis Dickinson, f arme r, P.O., Ridgwc.y~ is a n2,tive of Logan county, born Nov.20,1827. He h~ s been twice marriGd, his first nmrriage occurring March 4,1852 and by this union ';/ere six childrenJoshuc. N.; Delil~,h A. ? Lydin M.; Lydia M.; Henry E.; St.Leger; and Mary C. By his second mnrriage he has three children Minnie, Ella cllld Robe rt. Mr. Dickinson is a farmer by pursuit and one of the sons of honest toil and industry. In the raising of stock his attention is more particularly directed to thp. t of sheep but includes the. stock of all well-to-do agriculturists. He is n member of the Protestant Methodist church. Ridgvmy Circuit."

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants ----_ _----_. - -.- - - -_ ---- ---.---....



Lewis Dickinson died 1887. Married March 4,1852, to Viary Ann Beck, who was born Mar.18,1827 and died ,186a, daughter of Children: 1026 i. Joshua Newton, b.Mch.25,1853, at Walnut Grove. Res. Rushsylvania, Ohio ii. Delilah Adelia, b.May 28,1854 (or ' Delphia Adelia) 1027 Res. Houston, Texas iii. Lydia Margaret, b. Aug.12,1855 ; d~Aug. ,1840 at 1028 WraY i Colorado 1029 i v. Henr~. · 2 lroy, b. July 16, l8 ~7 1030 v. St. Leger, b. Sept.13,186t at Ridgeway,Ohio 1031 vi. Mary- C., b• :DJed. in infancy. Lewis Dickinson married (2) Sept.2~ 1864, Elizabeth Rosebro ok, .wh o was born J an.27,1837, and died Dec.lO,1924. Buried in Mt. Victory ceme"t.e.ry. She was the daughter of Henry and Margaret ( ) Ros abrook. Children: 1032 v'ii. Minnie , b.June 9,1865 1033 viii. Ella Floretta, b. Aug.8,1867 1034 ix .. Rob€r-r. Leonard, b.De c .7,186S 1026. JOSHUA NEWTON DICKINSGN, b.Mch.28,1853, near Ridgeway, Ohio, oldest child or."' Lei..,is and Mary Ann (Beck) Dickinson; d.Sept.22 s 1922 at bJshsy lvania,Ohio; buried there. m.Feb.7, 1878, Nanc y- Jane Predmore. No children. He ~"{ as for many years a traveling salesman and farmer in Oklahoma. 1027. DELILAH ADELIA DICKINSON, b.May 28,1854, dau. of Lewis and Mary Ann (Beck) Dickinson; d.Jan. ,1930, at Houston,Texas m. ,1875, John Madison Kelle r. 1035 i. Jessie ,: b. ,1877 at West Mansfield,Ohio; m.Oct. ,1897 at Ballefontaine,O.,Chester Flohre. Res. Oklahoma 1036 :. '.; -:1, Marian, b •.",'".::. , is with an entertainment company in Chicago. 1037 ii. Alice, b. ,1885 in Kansas. m. ,1904, in Houston, Texas, Samuel Huweiler. Res.Houston. 1038 i. R&bert, an adopted son.

.I • • .• :. ~

1028. LYDIA MAOOARET DICKINSON s b .Aug. 12, 1855 , third child and second daughter of Lewis and Mary Ann (Beck) Dickinson. Died July 11, 1940 in Wray, Colorado. Buried Res. Wray , Colorado. m.OCt.25~1873, William Musselman. 1039 i. Madison, b. ,1884, near Rushsylvania,Ohio m.Nov.25,1903 at St.Francis, Kans., Mary Thor 1040 i. Marie, b. , a teacher in Colo. 1041 ii. Harry7 b. ca. 1887,near Rushsylvania; m. Ruth Knoble in Colorado 1042 i. A son in the Navy •

• I

Lydi a Margaret (Dickinson) Musselman m. (2) Feb .24,1912, in Colorado, F. A. Greatsinger 1029. HEl'Tm: ELROY DICKINSON, b .JulY 16,1857 at Walnut Grove, Logan County, near RidgewaYl Ohio. Fourth c~ld and second son of Lewis and Mary Ann (Beck) Dickinson. died .

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants


- . - - -,....---~----

m.Mch.5,1884, Lizzie Amanda Wallace, at Atches~n,Kans. Res. (1940) Zanesfield,Ohio • . Lizzie Amanda Wallace was b •..July 1.,1862 dau. of and fj:a!l:,;,la Wallace. Res~ Mt .Victory,Ohio; ater Toledo,Ohio. Profess10n: Banker and farmer 1050 i. ~eWis Clyde, b.Aug .1,1886 at Ei'ingham,Kans ~ d,pec.26.1g88 . 1043 ii. Ma.ry T\lTi}a ,b. sept .14,1889 at Mt. ViGtory ;m. at C olumbt1•.g, Ohio-, Frank Davis. Res.Omaha,Nebr. 1044 i, Robert 1045 . ii. Mary Ellen 1046 iii. 13arbara 1047 iii. John AleY-8.nder,b.Apr.2,1892 at Mt.Victory,Ohio d.!lfCl! 9;1935; m. Bu si~e£~q President of Lumber Co. Res.To1edo,Ohio, OttQ:i!IIa HIlls. 1048 i. j>!1:Q,T'Y Margare t 1049 ii Ann




1030. ST. LEGER DICKINSON, b.Sef't.13~186l, 5th child and 3rd son of Le wis and I;l~ry Ann (Beck) Dickinson. m. , in Ka~s. Died ca.1918 in Broken Arrow~Okla . occu~ation, farmer and implement salesman . . i. Minni.e . 1051 1052 ii. CE:ci1 1053 iii. Vej... na) m.H<?-rry Worsham, Att'y in Tu1sa,Ok1a. 1054 iv. Jessie) Twins , represents Standard Oil Co. 1055 v. Ca.r1, b. in S8uth America 1056 vi. Mabel 1057 vii. Ruby 1031. rvT.ARY C. DICKINSON, b. ; d. in infancy. This name is t aken fro m the History of Logan County above referred


Le',; / is Dickinson marriE:d (2) sep .2, 1864, Elizabeth Rosebrook, who was born Jan. 27., 1837, dau. of Henry and llIe.rgaret ( ) Rosebrook.. She died De c .10,1924; buried at Iv:t .Victory cemetery. 103 2 . MINNIE DICKINSON, b.June 9,1865, 7th child of Lewis Dickinson and 1st child of Lewis and Elizabeth (Rosebrook) Dickinson. m.Aug.31,1896, at Rushsylv2nia,Ohio, Rev.David G. Ha~. Res. (1£34) DeGraff, Ohio. 1058 i. I,T&rg8.ret Eliz8.beth, b .June 27,1898 2t Port Jefferson,Ohio. m.Dec.3l,1924 ct Bryan,Ohio 7 Maurice Richard Myers . Res • Sandusky ,Ohio. Business..Ext ens ion Agent of Erie Co. 1059 i .. Maurice Richard, b.Aug.2·, 1927,in Sau"lO dusky.Ohio 1060 ii. John .David, b.Dec.l1,1929 in Tippe canoe City,Ohio 1061 ii . John Dickinson Hall,b.July 24,1900; m.May 28,1985 at Kokomo ,Ind., Mildred Seaward. Res • KendaIh1ville , Ind. Business, Osteopath.

---- Thomas

Dickinson and Descendants


Minnie Dickinson, continued: 1062 i. Martha Jane 1063 ii. Elizabeth Ann, twins born Fe~. 21, ~.928 1064 iii. David Goodsell, b.Aug.7,1903 ; m. N:; ·r~ . ~~E:.?l825, at Tippe canoe City,Ohio, Pauline Ove rh ·:-Jt. of: Toledo, Ohi 0 .. Res •. Savannah,Ga. Business: Ent01l101ogist, G~vernment service. (Ark. 1065 l . David G.III,b.June 2,1927 at Fayetteville, 1066 iVa Nia.I'y Agnes, b.July 3,1905 at Rawson,Ohio m.AidLg .4,1934,Walter E. Berger. Res.lvIiddletown,. OhlC . Efrnployed by the American Rolling Mi lls Co. 1033. ELLA FLOl(rrTA. DICKINSON, b.Aug . 8,1867,daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth (Rosell·rooK ) Dickinson. m.JuI!lp' 1,1899,William Irick. Res. Ada,Ohio. She i.£ a member of the Musical Faculty of Ohio North~rn University. 1067 i. Ea rl Di~kinson Irick, b.~.Iay21,1900; m.. Nov.2,1928, '!. Ma!,j.e. "Deffenbaugh. Res.Lancaster,Ohio. He is te acher in hig h school. 1068 ii. Marjr Bl~zabeth,b.Aug.12,1907 at Rushsylvania. Teache.r of Public School music'lMcCutchenville,O. 1034. ROBERT LE ONARD DICKINSON, b.De c .7,1869, son of Le wis and Elizabeth (Ro8(:bro o~) Dickinson. m.June 15 91893, Ne ttie Mary Ri1ov; d. ,1942; buried in Find1ay,Ohio Res.Findlay.,Ohio; Business, trucking. 1069 i. Martha Rose Ida, b. Nov . 3,1899 ; m.Aug.29,1918, Nathan Statler Kelly. Res .'raos ,New Mexico. 1070 i. Alma Rosalie, b. ,1919 m. ~1940,Thomas Fox 1070a i. Judith Rose,b. ,1941 1071. ,1940, ii. Martha Eileen,b. ,1921, m. Jess Schoolcraft 1071a i. Jessie "Ja ne?b. ,1941 1071b ii. Martha Sue ~ b.. 91942 1072 ii. Kathryn Elizabeth, b.Nov.28 s lS06 at Findlay,Ohio m.Dec.25,1929, Elsea Tharon Rinehart. Res. Findlay,Ohio. Business, Trucking. 1073 i. Robert Thal"en, b. ,1931 (This re c ord was c omp iled by Mrs. Minnie (Dickinson) Hall. WHl\~ ) 228. SA~ruEL S. DICKINSON , son of Thomas b.Feb.17,1829 in Logcn County,Ohio; d. about 1907, m.Mch2l,1850, M~ linda J ~ne Sutton. 1074 -i. Ezrn Dcwling Dickins on,b.Dec.10,1855; d.Nov.2,1904 1075 ii. Minnie 1076 iii. Myrtie Ann, m.l\lr. SiefGrt. ~/ent to CCJ.lifornia 1077 iVa Effie 1078 v. Willia m, went to California

Thomas Dickinson and Descendants â&#x20AC;˘

1074. EZRA DOWLING DICKINSON, b.Dec.lO,1855; d.Nov.2,1904 m.Sept.5,1883, Nancy Kennedy 1079 i. Eva M~ Dickinson, b.Aug.26,1884; m.Apr.20,1907, Webster L. Bell. No children. Res. Bellefontaine, R.P.D. 1080 ii. O:la~ Christiana Dickinson, b.Feb.l2,1892. Not married.

. "

. ....



27. J05EPH DICKINSON, fourth child of Joseph and Elizabeth (Nuzum) Dickins on, was born ~une 8,1792 in Berks County ~ Pa. He removed 1d ith his parents to Logan County, Ohio, ir: 1811, bringing a certificate from the Redstone Monthly Meeti r~ of Friends dated July 29,1814. He died Oct.21,1872 and is buried in the Hicksite Quaker cemetery at Zanesfield,Ohio. Hi s gravestone inscription reads: "Joseph Dickinson died Oct.21,1872, aged 80 y. 3 mo. 13 d." He married Jan.25,1834, Phoebe Cooper. (Logan Co. Pr. ct. record.) He is said to have had one son who died young. Several land transactions are recorde d in the deed books in Logan county.




Joseph Dickinson and Descendants




RICHARD NUZUM DICKINSUT (Joseph,Gaius, Joseph, Daniel of Ireland,Daniel of (England. Born March 8,1795 in Berks County, Pa., son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Nuzum} Dickinson. Moved with his parents to Harrison Co., (now W.) Va. in 1802 and to Logan Co .. , Ohio in 1811. Died Jan.12,1885. Buried in Harper,Ohio, cemetery. Gravestone inscri "'. tion~ "Richard N. Dickinson died Jan.12,1885 aged 89 yrs. 10 m. 4~d." Married Oct.27,1818 in Logan Co., Ohio, by Rev.John Gu:tridge,the t .hird couple married in Logan County, - Margaret Henry, who was born Nov.22,1799 in Culpeper Co., Va., daughter of George and Permelia ( ) Henry. Their marriage license was obtained from Samuel Newell, County Clerk, and their 60th ·d edding anniversary was celebrated Oct.26,1878. Margaret .dd-Ed June 13, 1889 and is buried in Harper cemetery. Gravestone inscription: "Margaret, wife of R.N. Dickinson, died June 13,1889,aged 89 y. 6 I!l. 18 d." They resided in the home now (1937) occupied by Hadley W. Dickinson, a grandson, about 4 miles north of Bellefontaine. Richard Nuzum Dickinson 'Ivas named for his maternal. . grandfather, Richard Nuzum, and received 50 acres of land in VI. Va., by -,/ill of his grandfathc.r, He visited th(; Nuzums in .1 1. Va and the old Dickinson home in Pennsylvania. S€:e various notes on another page. There \/ere 11 ctdldren: 1081


-i . John







Y;;;i v.











1090 1091

x. xi.

H~nry, b.Jan.29,1820; d.Nov.3,1897, m.Nov. .17 or 20,1845, Mary Jane Lemen or Lemon, dau. of ~lm. and Mary LE:men. (Bible and }·rob.Court records vary.) Lydia Ann, b.Se pt.10,1821; d.Nov.11,1896; m.. Dec.9,1840,James Marquis, son of vim . and Elizabeth Marquis. Isaiah, b.Jan20,1824; d.Dec .. 20,1899, m.July 29, 1846, Sarah JcUle Sutherland,by r.1 .L.starr,mininster. Elizabeth, b.Apr.5,1826~ a.June 9~1908; m.Sept .13,1853, Daniel ,i ond;:;;rs. Amanda, b.June 15,1828~ d. m.Mch.26,1855, Orlando Hukill. Hilton, b.Feb .. 26s1830~ d.sept.8,1854; not m2.rried. MargarGt, b.Apr.16,1832? d.oct.8,1854; not mm:'ried. Caroline, b.Feb. 6,1835, d.Mch.18,1930; m.Apr.26,l873, H(:;nry Workman. No children. Ri~h2. rd Le onard_ b ~ OC t. ~O, ~838; d .r.r.ay ~7, 1891; tf mer-_pr. 23,1862, b.[lt~ldn .c..ll~ott. m(2) !vJ.c::.y 13, 1873, Mnryetta Vernon. George Henry, b.Aug.30 5 l840, d.SClt.l1,1843 N.c:ncy Emeline, b.Apr.14,l843; d.Nov.29,1924. Not married.

, o

______,B~ch~Nuzum Dickinson and Descendants


1081. JO~r HENRY DICKINSON, b.Jan.29,1820, oldest child of Richard and Margaret (Henry) Dickinson. Died Nov.3,1897 on the farm purchased from James Catlett by his grandfather, Joseph Dickinson, on Feb.14,18l8. The shares of the heirs were purchased by Richard Nuzum Dickinson, various deeds being recorded in Bellefontaine, and from him it passed to his son, John H. The farm is now ,(1937) in possession of the Miller family, descendants of John H. Dickinson. Married Nov.17,1845, Mary Jane Lemen, who was born in 1820,daughter of William and Mary ( ) Lemen., (Bible record of R. N. Dickinson. The Probate Court record gives the date Nov.20 and spells the name Lemon. The record is in Urbana. Tt ey were married by Jesse Goddard.) Mary Jane died in 1877 and both are buried in Harper cemetery. They had three daughters: 1092 1093 1094

1095 1096 1097 1098 1099

1100 1101 ' 1102 1103

i. Emily F. ,b. in 1846~ d. in 1899; school teacher. Not married. ii. Margaret M., b. in 1849; d. in 1915; m. Daniel Kennedy. No children. iii. Alice Edna, b. 1855; d. 1923; m. Joseph R. Mi11E.r, who was b. ,1853; d. 1913, son of 'fh . :,mpson and Mary Jane (Millt;; r) MillE: r. Children: i. Florence Edna, b. ; d. m. . July 3,1885, m. O.M.Gardiner. Res.St.Louis, Mo. i. Kenneth, b. ,1920 ii. Grace, b. ,1922 ii. Frank Lemon, b.May 16,1887. Not married in 1933. iii. Elmer Jose ph, b.Jan.22,1889; m.Feb.25,1925, Helen H. vial1ace vvho was b. , daughter of David and Mary J. (Reed) Wallaoe. David V/allace was a pioneer United Presbyterian preacher of Huntsville,Logan Co. i. Robert b. Mar.21,1926 i i. Marjorie, b.Jan.14,1928 iii. Donald, b.Jan.18,1930 iv. Donald Dickinson, b.Nov.30,1891. No children.


1082. LYDIA ANN DICKIN.SON~ b.Sept.10,1821 in Logan Co., Ohio, daughter of Ri chard Nuzum and Margar et (Henry) Dickinson. d. Nov .11,1896 7 buried in 1\:I idd1eburg ,0., cemetery. m. Dec.9,1840, James Ivlarquis, Who was born July 28,1810 (or 1816) in J(..nox Co., Ohio, son of Ii illiam and Elize.beth ( ) Marquis. Jam~ s died Aor,25,1887. Children : 4 Surname ~~RQUIS. 1104

1105 1106

i. Richard Addison,

b.~ec.24,1841; d. m.Feb.14,1872, !:Ielissa Bishop. Two children, surname IvIARQUIS i. Lillian Belle ,. b .Apr.5, 1876 ;d.Oct.24,1880 ii. Ear1,b.July 7,1881

_ _ _ _ _. -;;R,;;;;i;,.;c;.:,;h;,;;;;:ard Nuzum Dickinson and Desc..;.e.;;;n;.;;;d~a.;;;n..;.t.;;.s_____...;8__ 6 ~dia


Ann Dickinson continued: ii. Erastus, b.Oct.31,1846 at Middleburg,Ohio, son of James and ~dia Ann (Dickinson) Marquis. d. Oct.3,1929 m. Apr. 25 , 1877, at Belle fontaine by ;"t .:~ . ··:c..:'1 ~.& KetUrahi:Stanrick who was born June 16,1856 at Middleburg and died i. Lucretia Estella, b.OCt.16,1881 at Middleburg. Named for Lucretia Garfield, wife of the President. m.Dec.25,1900 at North Lewisburg,O., by Rev. Hinkle ,Pleasant Otho Losey who was born Nov.9,1876 'at Washington C.H. Ohio, son of Andrew and Rebecca (Coi1~ Losey. Three children,surname t• •


LOSEY. i. Andrew Herman,b.Oct.16,190l at


Middleburg ii. John Carmen, iii. Ivan Otho,

1110 1111 1112


b.Mch.19,1904,Middleburg b.July 27,~916 n

iL Chester, b.Dec.29, or 30, 1887 at Middleburg. Res. same. m.Ju~ 5,1917 at Bellefontaine by Dr. C. c . ~ Peele to Myrtle Sharp,who was born Oct. 9,1887' at 1Iiddleburg, daughter of D. M. and Ida (Enoch) Sharp. One child: i. Doris Je~~, b.Mch.22,1920 at Middleburg

1113 1114



b.Apr.19,1849 at Middleburg,Ohio, daughter of James and Lydia Ann (Dickinson) MarquiS. d.Feb.23,1899 (1884 m. (1) Nov.3,1869 to Peexl Garwood who died Apr.10, m. (2) June 4,1889 to Charles Cha~n who di~d No children.


iv., Ruetta, b.Jan.5,1860 l daug4ter of James and Lydia Ann (Dickinson) Ma rquis. d.Aug.6,1937. Buried in Middleburg cemetery (1900. m.Jan.5,1881, Allie W. Garwood,who di~d Dec.3, Buried in Middll:eburg cemetery.. No children Ruetta d. Aug.6,1937. Buried at East Liberty

In a History of Logan County,Ohio,1880, published by 0. L. Baskin & Co. J= age 474. Zane Twp. "Mrs. James Marquis (~dia Dickinson) rslntcs that she with a sister and two brothers was once lost in the v!oods. They had all gone to a sla.te qucrry to procure some slates ~ nd through some cause they Vlantered off and, on account of the vi oods having been burned over, they wer:l unable to find the trail back to the cabin. Night coming on the older children built a, shelter of bark to protect their little sister who was only two years old. The neighborhood having been alarmed search was made and they were found far in the night three miles frDm hOllle in the midst of the dense forest. Mrs. Marquis wa$ then otl1y six years old and carried her little sister all the distance. ,t (She was born in 1821. The party would be John H., l"yd1a Ann, Isaiah and Elizabeth. WHM)



87 On page 636: "JAMES MARQUIS, retired farmer; west Middleburg. Meh are a success who win and of those who by their industrious and intense application to business have now not only a large:: share of this 'Ivorld 's goods but what is better, the golden opinion anri regard of the ir neighbors, t .h e subject of this skt::tch and his loving "life stand. second to none. He was born in Knox COUf1:~y,Ohio" Aug.27,1810 and ~ntering Logan .county in 1827, located at Bellefontaine, began to learn the trad e. He worked at his tt'ade f.or a number of years :J.nd it vms vfhile l..'orking at his vocc:-,tion th:::t he assist.e.d in the task of shoeing the Indian ponies belonging to the Wyandotte nation on the departure of that tribe for the far west. In 1834 he bought the le.nd he nO\f owns [1nd in 1840 moved on the same. At the time there Vlere but few improvements on the land and he i~medi ~ tely beg~n to fix things up und hRS continued to cultivate carefully the until hE:: h2.5 e.n excellent farm lI'lel1 drained [\nd well He 2.1so r:osessE.S vtl1uab1e property neC'.r Midd1 eburg~ He ElC'.rried Dec.19,1840, Lydia Ann Dickinson, born Sept.10,1821, and it must be confessed th:-.t e. large share . of his success in life is :"tttibutable to her energy, economy and loving interest~ Her grandf2thor 'lIas p.n ee.rly settler in Ohio, entering the St ,~te in 1806. (Error. Joseph Dickins')n c.nd family C2me to Ohio in 1811 • .?HM.) Her fr:,the;- Richerd, and mother, !I,~.?rgnret (Henry) Dickinson, ',Jere mnrried Oct.27, 1817 and <:>.re living still, prob :-: bly the oldest cOUi)le th:.t h?.ve a l ways lived in this county. Lydia A!'lJ."'l gained h0r educC'.tion by gving to a subscription school three miles from her house where in a log cabin with greased paper over an aperture in lieu of glas.s, Instruction was given to ~h€ whites and Indians. They have raised a family of two boys and tVtO girls, namely: Richard Addison, born in 1841; Erastus, 1846; Bell,1849; Retta, 1860. Mr. and VIrs .. Marquis with their youngest daughter now reside in the village of Middleburg~ but Mr. Marquis' active disposition still impels him to devote a good share of his tirEe to the care of his property. " 1083. ISAIAH DICKINSON, b.Jan.20,1824 in Logan Co., Ohio, son of Richard Nuzum and I.1argaret (H€nry) DickL1son. d. Dec. 20,1899. Buried in Harper,Ohio, ce!:~etery. m. July 29,1846, by Rev. Ivi. L. starr~ of the IILE.Church, to Sarah Jane Sutherland, \Iv-ho was born Janoll~1829~ d::\ughter of · , She died aged 97. There Vlere 10 children, the order of birth not being known. 1116 -i. Elizabet~ Ar~, b. Jame s ~lindhaI!l She was 84 in 1933; m. 1117 ii. Leonora, b.Oct.ll,1849, d.Feb.9~1854.Not married •• d. ,me 1118 iii. IVIargaret,b. Samuel Taylor iv .. ~iIary Nancy, b. 1119 ~m . Thomas ~€ndry ;m. 1120 v. Luella, b .. Edward Moore 1121 vi. Isaiah J., b • May 16,1a:6; d.Dec.6,1890;Not ~arried. 1122 vii. Sarah J. b olJay 16, 1856 ; d.Dec.31,1887.Not married. d. m. 1123 -viii. Osman Grant, b. Belle' Walker

Richard Nuzum pickinson a.nd :Descen_d_a_n_t_s_____- Isaiah Dickinson continued. 1124 ix. A. Anice, b.July 8,1860;d.Apr.6,1861.Not 1125 x. Laura A., b.Aug.19,1865;d.Apr. S ,1870.Hot


IT~rried . married~

The dates as ,a bove Vlere t~. ken from tr)!T.bstones in the Harper cemetery, Logan Co., Ohio, by Eadley W. Dickinson. 1116. ELIZABETH ANU DICKINSON, Res.Rushsylvania, Ohio b. ca. 1849, daughter of Isaiah and Sarah Jane (Suthe rland) Dickins on, w:ts 84 in 1933. She wa,e; \I-'ell p re served and keen mentr.lly. She said thc.t~ "When she v'l as nine 01<1 her greatgra!1dmcther, Elizabeth (Nuzum) D"icki11 ~on, v-12.s a very handso:ne old lady, with white hair and very white skin, rosy cheeks and blue eyes. She was very proud." m. James Windham d. Nch.18,1941, aged 92. 1123. OSMAN GPANT DICKHJSCN,. son of Isaiah Dickinson b. Feb. 25,1862, m.May ,.1887 ~ in oilest Li.berty, Ohio, Belle V. dalker, b.Apr . 5,1864, dau. of Wm. Va~lC e. Her moth ~ r died V/he.i1 she Has one Ir.onth old and she was adopted by John .v alker. She cied in 1925. Two chi~d~en: 1126

in Ky.

i. Walker Heilen, b.June 1,1389 ; m.

Res. Kenton,Ohio.

No children.

Nalker Heilen lives in Urbana,Ohio·,. He says that his grandfather's name was Isaiah Heilen Dickinson. 'rhe question is raised if' t J:le name He ilen was not the surname of ?ermelia Hen~J' mothe r of Margaret Henry whQ married Richard NuzUm Dickinson. Miss' Ida pickinson says a neighbor girl requested the honor. ·J alker Heilen Dickins on vGry kindly fur11ished a cOP1" of t,..he records in the Bible of Joseph Dickinson, 'Thich his father had, and of the clP.ildren of Richard Nuzum and his wife Hannah, \\rri tten in red ink by Gardner Leonard, broth ~ r-in-law of Elizabeth (Nuzu.m) Dickinson, which red ink sheet ViaS found in tpe Bible. See copies on anothe r page. 1127 1128 1129

ii _ He lEn V., b _Apr. ,1901; m. · i. Virginia Belle, b . ii. Evelyn Delos, b .


raul Bers iriger Bericorn



• ELIZABETH DICKINSON, b.Apr.5,1826 in Zanesfield Logan Co ? Chio, d a ughter ~If .tiichard Nuzum and iJargaret (HeI1ry ~ Dicki ')n. d.June 9,1908 in Logan Co. Buried in cemetery. Se p t.13,1853 in Logan Co. by ,Daniel Wond·r s, Who was born Sept.10,1829 j.n York Co., i·a., son of Jacob and Kestie (Lease) Wonders . He died lvIch.l,1907, in Bellefontaine. Buried in Zanesfield cemetery.

______~~ard Nuzum



_____________ 89


Elizabeth Dickinson continued , In the Baskin History of Logan County, 1880, page 883, we find: "DANIEL WONDERS, farmer; P.O. Bellefontaine, is one of the most auccessful and wEll knovln farmers in the county and was born Sept.lO,1829 in York Co., r a. FE. is a son of Jacob and Christiana (Lease) Wonders, both of whom were born in that caunty. His father followed teaming in early life and was detailed as teamster in the war of 1812. After his marriage, however, he went to farming and in 1835 mov8d to this county where he resided 18 months and then went back to Venango county, :r:a., where his father had boug: t a large tr~ct of land for the purpose af giving each of his children a fe.rm. Jacob sold his in 1844 and came to this caunty and settled in Zane Twp. where he died in 1877, and his wife one year previous. Daniel '<lent to(learn the) blacksmith's trade ':"hen 19 YEars old and after an appronticeship of 2 years returned ta his father's farm where he warked at the trade and on the farm for 2 years and then commenced dealing in stock. He followed that together with farming with the best of success for many years and by his own exerti:ns has accumulat~d a hands o[fle property, ovming tvIO g .:;ed ' .farms , and has built geed and substantial buildings. He has not dealt in stock df ' late yoars, preferring a quieter life. He was married Sept.13,1853 to Elizabeth, daughter of Richard N. and Margaret (Henry) Dickinson. She was born Apr.5,1826 in this county, her parents being among the first settlers in the county and are both yet living, having been married 62 years. Daniel's marriage has been blessed ",J'ith three children,- Mar'garet I\~ ., George M., and Mary C. The eldest is marr ied to Viallace Jameson. He has been a member of the Agricultural Society for 9 years and he and his wife a nd t ', v'o eldest children are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He vias a Der!locrat in early life but has been a Republican since the organization of that party. Children: -i. Margaret Elizabeth, b.July 14,1854 1130 1131 ii. Georg~, b.Aug1 15,1857 1132 iii. Mary CarolinE, b.Feb.14, 1863 1130. MARJARET ELIZABETH WONDERS, b.July 14,1854 at Bellefontaine, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Dickinson) ~/ond e rs. d. ,1928. Buried in BGllefontsine cemetery m.Dec.3l, 1874 at Bellefontaine by Rev. Chas~FQrnsworth, Wall~ce M. Jamison, who was born Nov.28,1852 at Bellefont~ ine and died ,1913. Buried in Bellefontaine c(:metery. He was the son of S&mue1 ~nd Jamison. 1133 1134 1135 1136

-i. Harry ~londers J .3.mison, b .Feb .23,1876 ,at B~llefontaine. (Ohio ii. Wilbur D. Jamison, b.Apr.3,187 ; Res.Springfield, iii. Edna E. Jamison, b.Apr.23,1883; d. iv. George A. Jamison, b.Oct.29,1886 ~t Bellefontaine Res. Iovla

1133. HARlIT JONDERS JAHISON, b.F8b.23,1876 2.t Bellefontaine, son of Vi0.11e.ce U. cmd Margrlret E. (Wonders) Jamison m.Nmr.5,1899 at Bellefontaine by Rev. Themc,s Cc.J:lpbell, Lida Moore, who was born Apr.13,1876 at Flemington,W.Va., daughter

Richard Nuzum Dickinson and Descendnnts


Harry Vl cnders Jamison continued. of L. r>.nd J~ne ( ) Moore. 1137 -i. M&rgaret E., b.Mch.1,1900 a t Kenton,vhio 1138 -ii. Edna L. b.Ju1y 18,1901 at Kenton,Ohio 1139 -iii. John D. b. l.:?y 1, 1907 at Bellefontaine 1140 iv. Junita J. b.Oct.ll,1914 Clt Turn8r,Mic higan 1141 . v. Albe rt W. b.Feb.14,1915 a t T u rn~ r,Ivlichig 2 n 1137. MJI.RGARET E. JArnSON, b.Mch.l,1900 at Kenton,Ohio, dau~ of He.rry # . a.nd Lido. (Moore) Jam;i.son. m. nt by William D. Dennis, wh o was b orn 1142 1143 1144

i. Mildre d M. ii. BettyJ. iii. Barbara E.

b.Feb.1,1925 b.May 18,1927 b.Feb.24,1929

Res.Auburn Heights,Michi

1138. EDNA L. JAMISON Res. #252 Russell st.,Pontiac (Michigan b. July 18 5 1 901 at Kenton,Ghio, dau. of Harry W. and Lida (Moor e) Jamison. m. Lloyd L. Bingham, (Jr. 5 w'h o was b. Aug . 1145

.l.i. Lloyd L. (III),


1139. JCIll1 D. JAr:rrSmr, b.May 1,1907 at Bellefontaine, son of Rarry VI. and Lida (t roore) Jamis on. m. 114 6

i. "'.

' ..

i. Dorothy Baugn, b.




b. Aug.15,1$57 at Zanesfield,Ohi o 7 son of Daniel and Elizabeth (D i ckinson) Wonders. d. ,1942 m. :Jec.31,18 81, at JJeGraf f,Ohio, by Mi nerva Coulter wh o was bern May 5,1361 near DeGraff, dau. of 1147

i. Charles D.,

b.Mch.2,1883 near DeGraff.





ii. Lawrence, b.Nov.7,1887 in Logan Co. Named for Judge William Lawre n ce. d .CXt.14 or 15, 1937, aged 50. Killed in au t o a c cident. m. 'l Maud Smith, WI1 0 was b._ dau. of Frank and Smith. i. Ge orge Frank1in,b. Aug.22,1910 near DeGraff,O

1132. MARY CA..-qOLD :E ,JON2)ZRS Res. Be l1efon taine, Ohio 路 b.Feb.14,1863 n~ ar Za nesfiLld,Ohio, daug hter of Daniel and Elizabcth(Dickins on) Wonde rs. NSJIled for her aunts, Mary (Lemon) Dickins cn and Caroline (Dickinson) Workman. m.Nov.26,1889 at h ome, 4 miles N. of Bellefontaine by Rev. Chas. Fa rnsvwrth to Alva Curtis STEINBEIDER, wh o v'las b orn Aug.l0,1859 in Jones Co., Iowa, and died Nov.19,1934. Buried in Zanesfield c e,.'letery. He was a sen of Dr. J oseph and Ma rg3.ret ElizabE:!th (Lemon) Steinb8rger.

____--~---R-i-c-h-n-r? NUZqn1 1150 1151 1152 1153


and Desccndants___________ ~ (t2ine~O.

-i. E~rl Wonders STEI}~ERGER, b.Jan.27,1891,B~11efon颅 -ii. Eliz3.beth M-.rgarl.t " b.Oct.23,1892 " -iii. :L!<inieJ::-.Lcmbn " b.MaY.1.E;>.;.1894 tI -iv. Minerva Ruth " b.FGb.5,1899 "

1150. EARL WONDERS STZI:t\lBERGZR, b. Jan.27~189+ near Bellefontaine,Ohio, son of Alva Curtis and Mary Caroline (Wonder8~ Steinberger. m.Sept.26,1936 at Lima, Ohio, to Katherine Stalter. 1151. EL IZABETH t,lJARG_~HET STEINBERGER, b.Oct.23 ,1892 near Bellefontaine,dau. of Alva Curtis and Mary Car ~ line (Wonders) Steinberger. m.June 1,1917 at home near Bellefontaine to Leroy FRANKS 1154 i. Helen Louise, b.Hay 15,1918 1155 ii. Arthur Daniel b.Feb.22,1920~ m.Aug.3,1940?Pauline Lowman at Urbana,Ohio 1156 iii. Robert, b.Apr.4,1923 1152. D.~..r::TEL LEMen STEll'IDERGER, b. May 16, 1894 nE~ar Bellefontaine, son of Alva Curtis and Mary Carolin.e (Wonders) Steinberger. m.Nov.27 1 1923, near DeGraff, Ohio, Mable Kibblinger 1157 i . Mary Julia, b.Nov. 3,1924 1158 l l . Hargery K., b.Nov.29,1926 1159 iii. Curtis 1;iartin,b.tct.18 , 1929 f.160 iv. Nancy Olivia,b.May 15,1923; d.whcn 3 wks. old 1153. H1NERVA RUTH STEINBERGER, b.Feb.5,1899 near Bel1(;;fontaine,dau. of Alva Curtis and Mary Caroline (Wonders) Steinberger. m.~ec.26,1923, at home Willis Godvrin 路 No children. Thanks are due to r.~r. Hadley ~"I. Dickinson for the history of the descendants of Richard Nuzum Dickinson. WHlvi.

1085. AMANDA DICKINSON, b.JunG 15,1828, in Logan Co., Ohio, dau. of Richard Nuzmfi and Margaret (Henr-.f) Dickinson. d. Orlando m. ~~ch.26,1855 in Logan Co. by Hukill, who was born Dec. 27 ,1831 in Logan Co., son of Children; 1161

,b.Apr.19,1858 in Logan Co., Ill. d.June 28,1858 b. Hch.23,1859 in Logan Co., 1.:(.1. Cla ra. d.Jan. 2,1862 b.Jan.20~1861 in DeWitt Co., Ill. Anson, d.Ju1y 23,,1883 in Benton Co. ,Mo. b.May 30,1863 in DeWitt Co; Infant dau. d. July 19,1863 Marion Garl1v ood, b.Aug.29,1864 in De~1i tt Co., Ill,., b.D~c.25,1866 in Logan Co., Ill. Cora I,~ . d.Mch. 5,1867

i. OlivG







1165 1166




1167 1168

Nuzum Dickinson. and Descendants 92 ----------------;,;;;;

vii. Chalmer Clarence, Bizbee, Ariz .. -viii. Dora iv!ay,




in I.icLean Co. JIll.

1163. "t.NSON HUKILL b.J<'. n.30,1861 in De'.l itt Co., Ill. ~ son of Orlando and Amanda (Dickinson) Hukill. d. July 23,1883 in Benton Co., Mo. m. Oct.4,1882 at WarsE.w'} 1.10., Ella Drnke' who was b. Children: 1169

1170 1171 ll72

i. Ora Mae, b.Mch.21,1884 near Clinton,Henry Co.,Mo. m. Sept.7,1902 nt Chendler,Lincoln Co.,Okla., Elmer Holle.rn, who V{c..s b. i. Ruth, b" ;m.July 7,1926 at Lawton Co., Okla., Hugh Colemp.n i. Frances K~ith, b.Aug.15,1927, in Cyril, Ca.ddo Co., Okla. ii. Warren Adrian, b.Mch.18,1909 in Cyril~Okla. m.Aug. 22 ,1927, at Anadorka,Ok1a. ,Irene ~Lore

1173 1174 1175 ;;"


i. Warren Adrian, b.June 22,1931 at ge ment,Okla. iii. D'')ra Mae, b.JL.n.17,1913~ m.Mch.4,1931 at LF.'.wt .:n, Okla., VI. A. Griffin. iv. J ohn FrGderick, b.July 15,1916, at Cyril, Okla. v. L.)uise Pau1ine,b.Oct.27,1919 at Cyril,Okla

'. '

1168. DORA MAE HUKILL b. Jan.25,,1870 in NCLean Co., Ill., dE:u. c. f Orlnndo and Amanda (Dickinson) Hukill. m.June 3,1898 at Springfield, Mo., Lyman Eugene Hensley. Res. #211 ','Jest 3rd st., Tulsa,}Okla. 1089. RICHARD LEOnARD DICKINSON? b.Oct.lO,1838 in Lew', n C..: ., Ohio, son of Rich~rd Nuzum and Margaret (He nr-!) Dickinscn. d.May 27,1891. Buried in G,)shen cem. m.Apr.22,1862 at Zanesfield, Matildp, Ellictt who ViaS born May 5, 1840 P,t Z<:'.n~sfif;ld, dau. cf Jchn D. c.nd Ruth (Dixon) Elliott. She d . Apr .30,1871. Buried in Gcshen cemEtery. m. (2) IIey 13,1873 at i!:<:' Liberty, . NFtryett.?, Vernon, IJvho was b. Feb.8,1844 at Liberty, dau. 路:,f Ge:.路rge and V8rnon. Mal7Yettr~ died Aug.ll,19l0. Five children: 1177 1178 1179 1180 1181

i. Ida Ruth, b.Apr.28,1863 near Bellefontaine. Not married. ii. J ~hn S. b.Oct.23,1864; d .Aug .29,1881. Buried 路in Gosh~n cern. -iii. Lydi3 Effie, b.Nov.12,1866; m.July 11,1900, Andrew J. Stafford. m.(2) Oct.24~1926,Isaiah Arbogast -iv. Hadley -N. b. Oct .11 ~ 1870; ill.May 25,1921, Margaret D. Thomson. -v. Matilda b.Meh.5,1876; m.May22,1895,Alvin o. (Riffle

Richard Nuzum Dickinson a_':d Descendants


Ida Ruth and Hadley :/{. were "raised" by their aunt, Nancy Emeline Dickinson, w~ lived on the Richard Nuzum Dickinson farm where Miss Ida and Hadley W. now (1943) live. Richard Leonard Dickinson lived at Harper,Ohio~ 1179. LYDIA EFFIE DICKINSON, b.Nov.12,1866 near Bellefontaine,Ohio, dau. of Richard Leonard and Matilda (Elliott) Dickinson. . m.July 11,.1900 at Bellefontaine, Andrew Jackson Stafford who was born Mch.4,1843 at Bellefontaine, son of George and Sarah (Heck) Stafford. He died May 30,1923. Buried ~t Bellefontaine. m. (2) Oct. 24,1926, Isaiah Arbogast, who was b.orn Oct.17,1858 near Bellefontaine, son of William and Sarah (Haas) Arbogast. 1"NO children: 1182 i. Ernest Edwin Stafford, b.Sept.27,1901 at Bellefontaine. m.Feb.24,1923 at Rockford,Ill., by Judge Fred Carpenter, Florence Margaret Peck who Vias born Mch.26,1903 at Clarno,Wis., dau . of William and Annette (Winters) Feck. Res. #541 Merrill Ave., Rockford,Ill. 1183 ii. Sarah Ruth Stafford, b.Apr.8,1904 at Bellefontaine. m.Aug.18,1926 by Rev.pulloss, at Springfield,Ohio,Hugh Hadley who was born June 20 7 1903 at RidgeVlay,Ohio, son of A.L. and Iva (Shafer) Hadley. One child (1937) i. Rob~rt "Glenn Hadley, b.July l7,1927,at 1184 Bellefontaine,Ohio 1180. F~LEY W. DICKINSON, b.Oct.ll,1870, ne3.r Bellefontaine, Ohio, son of Richard Leona.rd and Matilda (Elliott) Dickinson. The name Hadley is intriguing D.S the f nmous New' England family founded by Nathaniel Dick:.nson lived at Hadley ,Mass. E01;ilcver he was named for Simon Hadley of Virginia. m.May 25,1921 at Bellefonljaine. by Rev. Roy L.Brown, Margo.ret Deborah Tho:1)..son, who was bO:F1 Uch~11,1871, dau. of Alexander and Mary #. (Jeffers) Thoms路)n . They reside in the. ancestral hOll2. about 4 miles north of Bellefontaine. No children. Removed to 701 N .Main st., Bellefontaine, Ohio, in 1943. 1181. MATTI.DA DICXDrSCN, b. Mch.5,1876 in Lake township,Logan county Ohio, dau. of ltichard Leonard and Maryetta (Vernon) Dickinson. m.May 22 1 1895, in Logan c.ounty by Rev. Kershner, Alva o. Riffle, who was b. Nov.23,1873 at Ansonia,Ohio, son of Frank and Minerva (Brandon) Riffle. He died Nov.6 1 1937. Res. West Mansfield,Ohio. 1185 -i. Grace Alvina Riffle,b.lv1ch.31 5 1896 at Harper,Ohio 1186 -ii. Gladys Ava Riffle, b ..(k't . 28~ 1897 at Harpe.r ,Ohio 1187 -iii. Geraldine Alice Ri f fle):7eApr .9,1905 at -Nest Mansfield, Ohio 1185. GRACE ALVINA RIFFLE,b.Mch.31,1896 .at Harper,.Ohio. Res. W. Mansfield. m.Sept.15,1915 at ./est 11ansfield,Ohio, by Rev. Moffitt, Asa Bram Corwin, No.575. See ~age . ~? He was born 0.

r ('

---Richard Nuzum -Dickinson - . -,and -


94 ---------

Jan.3.1896 near lifest I\Iansfie1d,Ohio, son of Thomas Zaccheus and Nancy Ann (Titus) Corwin. 615 -i. Naomi Geraldine Corwin, b.July 14,1916 at Springfield, Ohio. 616 -ii. Hazel Maxine Corwin, b.June 1,1920 at Quincy;Ohio 617 -iii. Margaret Ann Corwin, b.July 1,1922 at DeGraff,Chio 618 iv. Asa B. Corwin, Jr., b.Aug.31,1926 at Rushsylvania,O. See further records on p.J'1 under Asa Bram CO!'\,l/in • • ;) j

1186 • GLADYS AVA RIFFLE, b. 0:: t • 28" 1897. Re s. (1943) 'vv orthington, Ohio. m.June 20,1929 at .lest Mansfield~O., by Rev.f'.D. Chiles, to Rev. James Otis Young, who was born Aug.ll,1901 at Rip1ey,Ohio, son of H. Newton and Anna (Cook) Young. 1188 i. Joyce Anne Xoung, b.Apr.4,1930 at Dayton,Ohio 1189 ii. James Allan Young, b.Apr.24,1932 at Dayton,Ohio 1190 iii. Jean Alice Young,b.June 27,1934 at Napoleon,Ohio Rev. James otis Young is a prominent Minister of the Methodist Church. 1187. GERALDI~~ ALICE. RIFFLE, Res. 34 Sheffield Road, Columbus,Ohio (le43). b.Apr.9 7 1905; m.June 24,1925 by Rev. E. P. Kempher to ErDtOst D. Hager Who was born Aug.22 1905 at West Mansfield,Ohio, son of Brayton and Alm6 ($eaman~ Hager. 1191 i. Robert Donald Hager, b.Mch.2,1926 at {lest M-.lnsfie1d,Ohio

Copy of the Records from the Bible of Richard Nuzum Dickinson, ,son of rloseph and E1izabath Dick(inson

James, son of Wm. and

E1iz3.beth Marquis, and Lydia Ann,Dau.of R;Lchard and Ivlargaret Dickinson 'vvas married on the 9th of DE::cember, A.D .1840

John H., son of R.N. and Margaret Dic ,l dnson, and Mary Jane 7 dau • .of Wm. and Hary Lemen -,'m s married on '~',}',e 17th vf NovGmber,A.D. (1845. George H0nry Dickins on dep~rted this l ife 8n the 11th of s~pt­ ember, A.D.1843 Richc..;rd N. Dickinson departed this life on January 12th, 1885 Marga;r8t Dickinson, wife of Richard Dickinson, defarted this life on June 13th,1889 Richard L, Dickinson, son of Richard N. and IVlargaret Dickinson dep?trted this life May 27th, 1891 Lydia Ann Marquis, dau.ghter of Richard N. a:1d Margaret. Dickinson departed this life Nov .llth 1896 John H., son of Richard and Margaret Dickinson de r arted this life Nov. 3d 1897

Nuz~ Di~kinsQn


and Descendants

Bible Record of Richard Nuzum Dickinson, continued Richard NuzLtm Dickinson son of Joseph and Elizabeth Dickinson was born on the 8th day of March 1795 and his wife Margaret, daughter to Geo. and路Permelia Henry, was born on the 22nd Nov. in the year 1799. Childrens ages. John H. Dickinson, the son of Richard N. and Margaret Dickinson was born - on thE 29th Jan. in the year 1820 Lydiann, the daughter of Richard N. and Ma,! 'garet Dickinson was born on the 10th September in the year 182J. Isiah Dickinson, son to Richard 'and !vlarge.ret Dickinson, was born on the 20th Jan. in the year 1824 Elizabeth Dickinson, daughter to hichard and Margaret Dickinson 'Has born on the 5th .A..pril 1826 Amanda Dickinson, daL1ghter to Rich&rd and Margaret Dickinson born on the 15th J une :1.828 nHlton Dickinson, on 26th Feb. 1830


to Richard and Margaret Dickins on ';vas born

Margaret Dickinson, daughter to Richard and Margaret Dickinson was bor~ on the 16th April 1832 Caroline Dickinson, dat).ghter to Richard N . and Llargaret Dickinson was born on the 6th day of February in the year 1835 Done OE the 31st da.y of Dec. 1837 by G. Leonard of' Monongalia Co., Va. Richard Leonard Dickinson, son to Richard N. and Margaret Dickinson was ;)orn on the 10th day of October in the year 1838 George HenI'iJ Dickinson, son to Richard 1': . and Margaret Dickinson was born on the 30th day of August in the year 1840 Nanqy Emeline Dicki n 30n~ daughter of Richard N. and Margaret Dickinson -.../8S born on the 14;th day of Af-ril, A.D. 1843 End of the records in the Bible of Richard Nuzum Dickinson. The following

rec ~rds

have been added by Hadley



Isaiah Dick:!.ns on, son of Richard and H2.rgarct 7 died Dec.20,,1899. He married Sarah J. SutlLcrlanci. Elizabeth, aD-u. of Hiche.rd N. and Wonders) died .June 9,1908



(m2.rried D[;.nie1


Bible ~&Co/ds


~ic~~ r4~~~zw.nR!pkins£~n________~96~.

Amanda, dau. of .Ltichard N. and Margaret, (married Orlando Hukill Mch.26,1855) died Milton, son of Hich·-:rd N. and Mnrgare t D., died Sept. 8, .1 854 Marg '1ret, dau. of Ricl:2.r d N. and Mnrgaret, died Oct.8,l854. !-Tbt married. CC'l.roline Dickinson married Henry Workman Apr. 26,1873 Rich2rd Le onard Dickins on, son of Richard N. and Margcret, married Apr.23,1862, Matilda Elliott, daugr:;:'er of John D. and Ruth Dixon Elli ott. .Children: Ida Ruth, b.Apr.28,1863 John S.? b.oct.23,1864; d.Aug.29,1881 Lydia Effie, b.Nov.12,1866 H!'.dley W., b.Oct.l;l..,1870 Matilda (E.lliott) Dickj.nson, v.fif'e of Richard L., died Apr .30, 187.1Richard L. IHckinson r::r;;.rried (2) Maryetta Vernon,daughter of George Vernon; one d::1'_... , Matilda, b.Mch. 1876 Lydia Effie, dau. of Richard L., married July 11,1900, Andrew J. Stafford. He died May 30,1923. m.(2' Oct.24,1926,Isaiah Arbogast. Hadley W., son .of Ro.L. and 1'Iatilda', m.I.flay ·: 25,192l, Margaret D. Thomson, dau. of Alexander and Mary (Jeffers) Thomson. Matilda, dau. of R.L. and Maryetta, m. May 22,1895, Alvn O.Riffle Nancy Emeline, dau. of hichard N. and Margaret Dickinson, died Nov. 29,1924. Not married. End of Bible Records •

.. . ",- '

r !







Dickinson and

De~nda.~n_t~&~ . ______~,~__,~,~~9?~

HANNAH DICKINSON. 29. HANNAH 'DICKINSON was the ~~xth chilq of Joseph and Elizabeth(Nuzum) Dickinson, and came to Logan county, Ohio, -with her parents in 1811. She was born in Berks county, Penn., Nov.25, 1797 and removed to Harrison county, Va. (now rd ... Va~) . in 1802, where they resided for nine years before again braving the wilderness in Ohio. She was but fourteen years of age when they came to Logan county, where Indians were numerous and white people were few . Isaac Zane had established a store in Zanesfield and had married the Indian Princess, who is said to have been the daught er of a French nobleman and an Indian squaw; so she was half French and half Indian. Their son, IsaaC Zane, Jr., would be half English one fourth French' and one fourth Indian. Hannah had before her the example . of her oldest brother ' Gaius, who married ft1.ary Hall in Virginia. when she was very, fur which he was di.sawmed by the Quaker church; and hcr ol:-l F. st sl.ster ,Elizabeth w1f.Q mar ried Isaac Rea in Virginia, her parents IN ri t ten consent be i ng g i ve.n as slle was under age,. for which she was also disowned b y the Quakers. So on April 18,1815, when 18 years of age, she was married to Isaac gane, Jr~, by Ralph Lowe, J.P., the marriage reco~J be i ng ~ounq in Urbana. They lived in a house still standing on a hillside north of Zanesfield to the west of the Bellefontaine road. In the 1830' s the Wyandotte Indians vi/ere removed to eastern Kansas. Before the War of 1812 the British i$pressed American. seamen into their crews saying: Hance an E!lfs'lishman, aJ.w3yo an Englishman." While this was disproved by the war which fo ~_lcwed, the posseSSion of one fourth Indian blood condemned Isa&c Zane, Jr., to transportation \vith the others of his tribe and Hannah (Dic.kinson) Zane accompanied him. They were settled just west of the Kansas river and the county was named wyandotte and now includes ~he city of Kansas City, Kansas. They prospered, became wealthy and Isaac Zane, Jr., became blind and was known as "Blind Isaac." In the History of Wyandotte County, Kansas, by Perl W. Morgan, Vol..I, page 90 '.'le read: "Ge orge Van zandt and family lived in Isaac Zanes' s one story brick house near 17 Haskell Ave." (under Residents in 1855-6) And on page 91: "Isaac Zane I s Perpetual Motion Machine. Isaac Zane, whom the people of that day as "Blind Isaac", was a character of Wyandotte. He was a brother cf Mrs. Brown, wife of the proprietor of a hotel. He was an inventive genius and before he became blind had accumulated a fortune in l~~ds and other property. He had be~n vl orking on a perpe tual motion machine for seven years 'dhen Thomas J â&#x20AC;˘ . Barker was employed at $1.00 per day to cut pa ttE-rns for the mechanism. Mr. B~rks rts principal duty was to direct Mr. Zane's hands in making the patterns. He worked with patience for several days and Mr. Zane was so well pleased with his, work that

Hannah Dickinson and Descendants




he w-a ntcd Mr. Barker to go to Washington \ivi th him to assist in getting a patent. He promised Mr . Barker a quarter of a million dollars. Er . B.e.rke r, however, induced the inventor to Viai t until the nex:t fall apd be suggested th2t, if tlhe.. in\~eD.tor took care of the. .1;:>:'i'opel"'L1 he. tnen had, he woul0. have a fG'r tune w:i.thout the pe r~e wa.!. m,Dtiem macb.ine. Mr. Zane to I) k t.he aavice. T:'wD. he had. Mr. Ba:r-.k'e·r- at ffLJrl\ assisting him to :find [-J. v~in of coql in Wy8.Il4..att,e h~ &lid he had discovered cefore he lost his eyes itj/Q.,t. If K3.tI£as Ci ty ~ Kensas, is now a flouriED ing city of about

125000 peDFle. 11/1 ~~ heart of the ci ty in a beautiful garden stands "j"b~-e. PUll> llC L'ilJ,rary . Just vTe s l, (11 l,tH? :w.b:ral'J( is the HUi'Gu place o.eme teryr e.s"l:,ablished and S"t.t 1.1'- :1.UEd. 17y lhe Inc.ians and their. c1(t~cendanr.s. Attempts have been mad.'e 011 varioJl.S occasit>nlj; ta na~'e the cemetery abandoned becal1;,e... of 1,he value of land : and t?n (base. 76 of the same work we r'~ad ~ "fl~l'oism of ELL~abetb 2aae H1I. 1776 near V/heeli~}. Va. f ! al'ld. the :familiar ke~ .....tJ!t-p.r.lwtf.el'" ;i..,ncident is related. 'men he ~drS~ !fNl:'Jw~ 1.37 y~~.Y'S ·; the ~'~eat grand dat.'.ghte:rs of c~l. :Lsas.c ZanQ~ ttle. thre~ C~nley SJ.S·fe~"'S

of Kansas

CityoKQjIJ.$a~~·- W"e Gh~j.l~

samf( cflaf.">B.C t.eX':i.s1 .ites found in Elizdbet/.1 Zans

~)y guai'ai~g



gFsves of their In~1an ancestors in Huron Place cemetery to prevent the despoila.til1Il of that sacred spot." On Oct.8 .,1937~ while driving through~ we vi~ited thi~ t>lG\ cemce'te:r-y. We fc.;und. thr;; gravestone of Ha..."1nah (Dictctns on) Zan.e, now broken in three pieces and reassembled. Its inscription. reads: "In memory of Hannah Zane. Died Nov .14,1886, aged 9Z years." We did not find the gravestone of Isaac Se-vellal new graves and new stones we re found. Some inscriptionu vve. copied. : "Father Irven ? Zane, 1850-1936." "Mother Eli;za.beto. 1·[. Zane, 1857-1927." - also new. Perhaps Irven Vias a SC.H1 of Isaac.




VIe know nothing definite about t.h3 i.r children. Mr. Hadley W,. Dickinson tells about a visit of 80 m9 of them at his hom.e.. when they drove a team and wagon at a ,gallop through the fielas and through the corn. They said their parents did not come because they were Indians and were not civilized as they the~ selves were. Hadley doubted if the visitors had attained any high degree of civilization. In the above quoted history, VoL,I} pat?;e 72~ we reA.e:b "Noah E. Zane resided a-t7out seven ~iles. "e5t of the mouth of the Kansas river and was noted chiefly fl1:Jr t,he exc'ellent frUl t he grew on his trees. He died in 1887.:1 ? a son of Isaac and Har..nah. Zanes are found in the Telephone direC'tory of Kansas City, but \/ e had no time to look th~m up. Our Indian cousins are now quite civilized and, with the great ability of Isaa~ Zane and his Quaker wife, we can be sure that they are people vihom we may be proud to claim as relatives.

:J '·~ii·


Joseph Dickinson and Descendants



No. 30. The seventh and youngest child of Joseph and Elizabeth (Nuzum) Dickinson was born in Berks county, Fa. Oct. 6, 1800. She removed with her parents to Logan county;Ohio, in 1811, 'She was ~ ,i:t ness to a memorandum \',Titteh by her father on Oct.24;1818, f ound on another page. She made her mark. She nurried Feb.16 5 1822 (Logan county Court record) samuel Starbuck. TV:1 O children were born to t his marriage: 1192 1193

i. George Starbuck ii. Sanford Starbuck

Rebecca marr ied (2) , John Sloan. The Slo~n of t he Sloan's Liniment was a grandson of John Sloan by his f irst Wi f e, not by Rebecca (Dickinson) Starbuck Sloan. There were no children by t his marriage. We have no further records of them.

By George 'Yv onders.


_ _._ _ _ _ _ The MILLER Family


We introduce Gayen Miller by extracts from a letter received from ~~s. Knox Taylor, of Santa Fe, N.M., dated Aug.29,1930: My dear Dr. Maddox: I am ever-J'so glad to give information regarding our noble- t ribe of Miller to a relative, however many cousins remove d . . X x The Millers were not I~elsh, but English fro m Warwicksh:ire A Guys Cliff, ~Iarwick C~stle. A cousin Betsy Downi ng, told rrtt f ather Llewellyn Miller, they were younger sons or the house Q£ Warwick. My father discounted this ..although tnrsy have the fami ly names, Robert, lIarvvick and Guion, and thought ~h"ir name "Miller ~' came from their occupation at the famous Guy's Cliff Mill , Wales offered an asylum to the followers of ~orge Fox and h :i s associates, - of William Penn. They were aJ1lWng the Engl i S.J1. Friends 'N'ho emigr8 tcd here from Wales x x x JIDe. have found ,r e .l atives from Kentucky keeping the histor'ic first naiDl~S still in s:J~l,h and seventh ger..e r &t ions of our conne ction, allh1ays Roberts ; Wa.r-wicks, Guions. My fE,ther' s name was from a Welsh ancestor ,-P r ·e sbyterian- and his son a Friend but not tllrough the MilLer x x x (signed) Mrs. Lucy J.M .Taylor L



We find th~ nqme spelled variou..9}.y, -Gayen,Gaven, Guy on 7 Guion, but his Q'tIJn Signature is /) ,0 / / ' .t7;2 . L , C;U -f Pr-Z ,-,vLA...-e49?"/'




He is said by the chart made by Mr. Caleb. S. Miller of Washington, D.C., to have come to America in 1688. Albert Cook Myers, in "The Immig ration of Irish Quake.~---s ~·, says : ilSamuel Smith in the 1l.8t of Pennsylvania ')fe.eti n8.s says tha,t in 1707 V Cadwell x x x Guyan Miller (an 11." " sh F'.r l e nd) and others being settled in Kennett and the east e~ld t:lf' Marlborough had liberty to keep a meeting of worship, S(}me./j me.s i~ private houses; In 1710, a piece of land was purchased ~j~ a meeting house was built Which was enlarged in 1719. In 1731 it was further enlarged. p ~ge126,

P. 128: Letitia Penn's patent included nearly all of the township of Kennet x ' x x George Harlan, Gayen Miller were p IAobably the first of the Irish Friends to secure land in Ke:'1Ilret.. In 1702 Miller purchased 200 acres on the east br'anch of Clay creek, including the easte rn part of the present Borough of Kennet Square.


:'- -

P. 129: He (Gayen Miller) was elected ·to the Provine:tal Assembly in 1714 x x x Of the 43 persons taxed in Kennet in 1715, Gayen Miller was taxed 8s,6ci. P. 131: In 1712 Gayen Miller p urchased 700 acres. P.211: Gayen Miller was witness to a wedding at New Garden Monthly meeting 9-7-1724. P. ·· 325 (shows signatures of Gayen Miller and His wife Margaret.), Gayen Miller, who first a ppears in Chester in 1702, is thought to have been a near relative of John Miller x x x and in 1712 acquired 700 ~cres in New Garden. He also secured other tracts. x x x He died Aug.3l,1742, leaving a will dated Mch.31,1742, (proved Aug.31,1742) in which he mentions liMy

_________T_he. MILLER Family


cousin James r.,Jiller of Nevi Garden. Children of Gayen Miller by his wife !'. largaret: x x 8th, Elizabeth, born 5-7-1713, married Jose ph Dickinson, 8-25-1732 and had children Eargaret, Gayen, Sarah, Elizar;eth, Hary, Hannah, Deborah, Joseph, Daniel, James, The 11th, nenj amin (of Gayen WHM) settled in Lancaster Co., Fa.' Thomas !JI~we11 Potts? in "OUr Farn i~v Ancestors tl , p. ?50, saYI;; ~ Gayen Hlll!n~ \96) flrst appears J..J7. the .s ter Cou.n ty In 17D2.., x x x He W~}.."7'"jH~d Margaret, said. lJ,o have been ~ q.8.ue:;'hter c;f pr. Patric!{ Hel"'€.~"son, of scotland., abDRt 1695 ~ and two of the:j..l"'t children seem to have been born before th~ rellU7VcJ.l tn 1>en.l"!sylv~nia ~ x } :1\. He,· died in 1742 leavir,g' a will d.llled. J l1J(}j..,lt 17428 ( p.reven Aug.31,1742 5 LSee Will :P~vlt: ~~: p, 114, thester Co . Rt:cCl)~ \~ .• ) X x Margaret hi s wJdow died J~n.171f34. /Jpperu:Ux, p .L~Vl~ (()~ Patrick Henders~n V!1as ftfliY' a short. Lime a membe r of tn.e ~:p~pgton Monthly Meeting. of ·f:Tiends. See al so Penn and Logan C<C?:f'respondence, II, 230,) 2~a,. tl . The children of Gayen and Margaret (Henderson) I\:iil13r were: i. James ii. William; iii. Robert iv. Sarah v. Mary vi. Patrick vii~ Samuel . viii. Elizabeth, b.1:Iay 7,1713; d.after 1771, before 1780 . m. Aug.25,1732, Joseph Dickinson, of Caln. ire Joseph x. Benjamin,b.June 4,1:717, settled in Lancaster Co., P'cr. xi. John xii. George The marriage of Joseph Dickinson and Elizabeth Miller is recorded . in many places and in a number of books,-I have quoted three. It must have been an impartant marriage. with twa such prominent and . worthy families giving the foundation for au'x'" Dickinson line in America, we have both opportunity and obJ.igation to be honest, intelligent and industrious citizens. Th~ families yet to be discussed will in no me&sure low~r the standard. There are many descendants of this family of Miller who made marriage alliances Hi th note';,rorthy families t..nd 1;1ho have been \[ orthy in every respect. I t..m particularly indebted to Mrs. Knox Taylor whose letter is quoted above, and to I,ir. C&leb S. j\liller, cf ,J ashington, D.C., for to the investig[" tion of this fc.mily. They are descended frcm As no further connection :,'l i th them has been found, the line is not f ollo\/ed.

The NEWLIN Fami1L-. _________-:;1=0~2_ Gaius Dickinson married Mary Newlin. The history of the Newlin family goes back for several centuries in England. A paper which has been in the Newlin family traces their ancestry to Roger de la Newland, Lord of . Newland Hall Manor, Essex, England,1199, and his descendants down to 1453. Thomas Newland, 1480, was Sheriff of London. Roger Newland of Newlands assisted Charles I in escaping from Ccti.sbrook Castle, Carisbrook, Isle of Wight, in 1642,. and is said to ruive been beheaded for it. Nicholas D. Newlruid was Lord of WakerlY Manor, Northampton. The will of Nicholas Newlin, of Bensted County , of Southton, yeoman, 1643-1-4, buried in Church of Bensted~ To wife Bridget so long as she keeps my children in good fashion, use(s) them lovingly, ~ 20 a year. Nicholas Newland came to Concord, Pa., in 1682. He and sons Nathaniel and John brought with them a letter of honorable dismissal from the Society of Friends of which they were members in good standing. After they came to Pennsylvania the name became Newlin, and even Nicholas and sons became Newlin. (Cope papers.) (Newlin is discusseq in Nash's History of Worcestershire, England. ) . Mt. Mellick Monthly meeting: We do hereby c e rtif~ that said Nicholas Newlin acquainted our Men's meeting with intention of removing himself out of Nation to New Jersey or Pennsylvania in America. We have nothing to charge against him or family as to convention in the world of ren, but our Friends Meeting is gener2.l1y dissatisfied with his removing, he being well settled, having sufficient substance for food, raiment, which all that profess Godliness in Christ Jesus ought to be content with. Mr. Albert Cook Myers, in "The Immigration of Irish Quakers" says on page 271: Nicholas Newlin, who represented Chester County in the :- rovincail Assembly from 1685 to 1687 inclusive, had resided'for many years prior to his emigration wi thin the limits of Mt. Mellick Meeting, Quee:r:as County, Ireland. From Stockdale's account of his sufferings for tithes and from other sources, it is evident that he was a prosperous farmer with large flocks and herds and several servants.

... '

In 1680 there 'N'ere taken from him for tithes

:. ~

17 "truckle-loads of Hey" and 19 sheaves of Beans and 33 sheaves of small Barley, all worth 17 "fleeces of Wooll" and 5 lambs, valued _at

S 1 1


The church wardens took from him 4 Mo., 13, ~~~~4~----------------------~~~~~~--~


The NE'I/LIN Family continued


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~_ _~~~_ _ _ _ _L_~~~~~ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _

6 lamhs worth 15 4 · I.llo>:?3, 3 fleeces of "Noolltt, 8 lambs :flee<l!es J and some coarse Viool,'vYorth 5 4- Mo. ) '25 1 Chu.'rch officers !tDrDl~ht. a.·'pair of Sl").eep-shears alll~. took a Shell.?p aha g,}j.c>re j1:'7the said f.i/JcnoJas cat.nstad. the Pen Ul. be brlTk€l:t 8.l1c1 the Sbe~p to 'pe drove OUt9 as ne lJad Mne befGret ta hi-ode)' their intent. The s&iQ . pel'sons{: man~ blblJ/S ','Ilith a stick ()n t.he B$ick,g,~ An.'ns a.nd Hands of those.. vlho drove oY.t the G~ep~ aft~rward£ the said pers ons penned up the Sheep again ami sb~re and carried awaV with them 5 flee ces of HW.- ooll" ~ in all valued at 2 15

With the hope ore ending these peX'secutions he made reD.dy to remove with his f.::mi1y to PennsylvB.:li8.. Mount ~e11irk meeting signed n certific'3.te for him ' and fo.r'li1y~ 12 MJo. 1 25,16S2, st~t)ng (\s we hav~ seen on 53 that ha. ha& :lI/Ii1~,lked h..onestlytl but i".21i:!-t t~8 ',lere "generally dissatisfied VIi th JUS so J:'emovlng, he being ,; 30 "'l'J e11 settled ':'lith his fe.mily subst~nce for food and raiment x x but our Godly jeCA.tcmsy is tbf?t his chief' ground (for removc..l) is fearfulness 0:.': ' su£':f:'e:r'-



He sailed the early part of 1683 in the Levee of Liverpool, John Kilner, M2sts'r, and settled on a lo.rge tract in Concord, now De law-are COU:1ty • Here he built a mill and became an imoortant man in the affairs of the Meetings and neighborhood. ~ Ivleetings were :r.{~lc. in his r...ouse early in 1687 and aftar his deeth were ccnt,LoJUe:d for a number of years at his widow's . For a time he ·s erved elf; Judge of the Chester County Courts. He died in Concord, M3.y~1699. We have already mentioned his son, :Nathaniel. He was born in 1660 and came from Ireland with his father. He ~as also a prominent character in Concord, and in 1698 Nas 'ele'cted to the Provincial Assembly from Chester County. He was re-elected sev~ral times. In 1700 he was one of a Committee to consider and draw up a Frame of Government and to revise the laws. He subsequently was appointed one of the Comnissioners of Property and & Judge of the County Courts. In 1722 he was one of the ~rusteeo of the General Loan Office of the frovince. He died I"Tay, 1729. "l\fEi!L1ND ~ (Jescended from Roger Nevlland,Esp . of NeVI/land·., ~ co. , Southamp ton whc i having failed in th,.;'; 8ttempt to effect th'1 e8C8.DE of' CHf. . RT-ES I from Carisbrook Castle ~suffered death 0',1 t,he sc :-,Lf old~ ~xcle.i.ning ~ "Deprived of rily life .?nd my prOi)erty:.I leD-ve to rr~y post<?.i." t·~y Lc no:n,les armes, la 10Yc!.utie," which has S i.nce been r·et.;::l.inl:d GlS t1:1e IDOttO of the fQmily -the name, th,~ arms, the loyalty.) ~~.rL~ . Art on a chev.the u;)per part termin&ti.:1g in a cross patt2e fitchee gu.three beznnts. Crest A woU"s head couped ppr.collared or. Motto-Le nom,les armes,la loyaute. From General Armory by Sir Bern~rd Burke,p.281. q

_ ....._ _ _ _ _ _ _T.-,he NE"/ILIN Family


He came with his family on a ship called the "Levee." "Nicholas New1!:n eeing the wealthiest settlers in Chester County, it may be presumed that the Levee ranked VIell with other seagoing vessels." He was born in 1620 in England and married Elizabeth raggatt and we read of tHO sons, Natha.niel and John, who came with him to America, in 1682. He became Justice of the County Court and member of ..1m. Penn's I-rovincial Council from 1684 to 1691. He purchased a large tract of land in Chester county on West Brandywine. The children of Nicholas and Elizabeth (Paggott) Newlin were: .ii. Elizabeth, born in England or Ireland ii. Natha~l, b.Dec.18,16.65 in Ireland or England,m.2 mo. ,17, 1685,Mary M~nde~~al17 (2) 2 mo.17,1729, Mary Fincher. He died 3 mo. 1729 iii. John iv. Rachel Jackson Viill of Nicholas


To wife Elizabeth To son Nathaniel, 250 acres; also to son Nathaniel 250 acres on "lhich he lives Dated 8th da.2d mo. 1699 Proved,June 5,1699 Will of Elizabeth Newlin,\!ll idow: To daughter-in-law, Vlary Newlin, 20 shillings. (Evidently Mary (Mendenhall) Newlin.) Dated Aug. 18,1714. Nicholas Nev/lin was born in 1620 and died in 1699 at thE; age of 78 or 79 years. He left to his oldest so~, Nathaniel, 500 acres of land. One does not know in the ubs~nce of legacies to oth~rs of the family, if the English euston ·of entail obtained, and all of his land ·,I/cnt to the oldest son. But 500 acres was no sm'.ll holding even in those days. We shall see the record of Nath2niel tc follow. The second generation of Newlins in America is represented by in our direct line by Nathaniel who wns born Dcc.18,1665, ~.nd CE.'.me with his p2.rcnts to America on the "Levee" in 1682. Among what .! lre called thE"; "Taylor Paners'" in the Historical Society of Penn., is a horoscope on which are the words, tI,Natus Nathaniel Nulen anna 1665 decem 18 d. k h 21 m." by which it is inferred that he was born at 8:21 on the 18th of December,1665. He married Mary Mendenhall. The marriage certificate is found in Cope's ?-apers, Book N.p. 57, in the "2nd Mo. called Aprill, 1685, at ·the house of Nicholas Newlin in Concord." His marriage intentions were declared 1st 9 mo. 1685, also 2d mo. 13" da. 1685 •


:" .



____ • ________The NEJLlrf...EtJE.ily_ _

105 ._ ---

"Nathanj.el Uewlin, son of Nicholas (was) a prominent person both in the Soc iet'Z'- of Friends and in the ~ommuni ty, be ing for SeVE ral yea:rs a mefl)ocr of the As serrb2.y , a COI!ll!lissioner of P.l~operty f or Wm. Penn 9 a JLJa7..:!.ce vi: r; onnty Courts and a Trustee over. 7000 acres on the,,;,v.1.;.: ·-:: :JC~IT knO'.\rn as Newlin Township_ II l'ln. 1724 Nathaniel Newlin v;'r·::1':...S8d lund vlhich forms Newlin TO'N:1ship besides 'Nhich he owned 500 acres and other tr ac ts making in all ove;r 8400 acres." Albert Cook I\'~yers, loco cit., po147: "Crossing th~ northern bot.;.nda:,."y of Uarlborough we come to a tOTf,TDshiP? the Whole of which was evrred l:y an Irish Fricr:d s Nathan~el Newlin~ and named in his ho:,:o;': No'\; Township . This trac It (~Qnsisting of seven th ousand se';/r,!l h\..!. ndred acres was pur chased. by' I\jewlin, evidently as a land spc-\c,ullltion, from the Trus uf t,~e Free Society of Traders , 11y (~8ed of JunelO, 1724, for a .com;id3ration of b 800, and at once L~eotiations were entered into for the sale of portions of it." I am indebted to Mr. L.W.Allibone of Spring Lake, N.J., Who ia a descendant of Mary (Newlin) Dickinson's older sister, Edith, for the story · that Nathaniel Nevflin "was reproved by the Meeting for having brought over his horses and dogs, with the question whether he had not cmigratE.d rather for sporting opportuhities frolNned on by English Quakers 7 than for liberty of conscience. The children of Nathaniel and Mary (Mendenhall) Newlin were: i. Jer:lima

. ii. E l izaheth iii. Nicholas i v. .N~ thani~17 b.l mo. 19,1690; d.173l~ m.17l0-ll @ Middletown Meeting, Jane Woodward, d.1737,daughter of Richard and Jane Woodward of Middletown. He resides in Concord Township .

v •. John, m.Mary Woodward vi. Kezia vii. Mary The children of Nathaniel and Jane (Wlfoodward) Newlin were: i. Rachel ii. Elizabeth d.1766; m.3 mo .l5,1735, at Sadsiii .. Na~aniel, b. bury, Esther l\ktcalf,daughter of Thomas (corrected to be Matthevv,Jr. WHM:) and Jane Metcalf. iv. Jane v. Joseph, (The brother mentioned in the will of Nathaniel III, ~ffiM) vi. Mary Vii. Martha viii .. Ni cholas ix. Nathan HlS Vlill iST~§.lred Jan.IO,l73l and proved Feb.29,l?31, and devises b0"wife/ana son Nathaniel.







"The children of Nathaniel and Esther (Metcalf) Newlin were ten in number and what is rather to be not.C!d is the fact that all of them vlere. married in Meetings of Fri(~nc:'3 . It is to be regretted that the Newlins were negligent in the matter of having their children's births placed on the meeting records. Children: i. Edith, m.8-l9-l752, Thomas Marshall (2) 1762) Samuel Shofield ii. Jane, m. 5--26-1757 , Isaac Pyle iii~ Mary, m.5-26-l757, Gaius D!ckinso~ iv. Est):}Gr~ ;n.l1-28-l75g;'thomaSi-··w est v. R@i'o~c:ca? m.5 -31-l770, Benjcam'ifl $carle t vi~

H.atha[)l.:lel; m.5-

-1774~ Me.:rt.ftBl Pa.[l"K~:''''

viL. ADi.~aiP._ ) Tnu7--26-l775, Thoma.s. S vii.i... Ta'lolLtha , .: :1 ., 9-9-1779, John Mev,dell'.hall ix. rnmnas~ 0.4-18-1782, Sarah Gr~bb x~ Cyr~£7 m.6-24-l790, Sarah Shipley The will of Nathaniel Newlin of Concord, dated 5:'26-1766, was proven Nov .. 14,1766,--"being somewhat indisposed." To wife? Esther, best feather bed and furniture and other things to value b 10, cow, horse; room in house and cellar, part of orchard, oven, draw . well &c. To daughter, Edith, b 5, to Jane


4; ,

To daughter, Mary Dickinson, wife of _ _ ___ _ Dickinson, 1:,


To son, Nathaniel, part of land described, 116 acres and adjacent land purchased of Uncle J ohn Newlin, 100 acres, he paying debts and legacies of five daughters Qnd wife, -sow for her one bushel of flaxceed yearly and ;furnish her with firewood. If wife should marry, to have b 6 per annUm for 6 years. Also to Nathaniel residue of estate. To son, Cyrus, part of land in C ~ ncord, 161 acres, he paying to daughter Tabitha 1:, 50. Son Nathaniel and brother Joseph to rent said land till Cyrus is 21. Tv daughter Abigail, ~ 50 at 21. Rebecca, ~ 50; Tabitha ~ 50 at 18~ To soh Thomas ,124 acre s in C(,·nc ord. He has given to his suns 501 acces and to Nathaniel "residue of estate lt , so he was n~t a poor man.

The alliance by marriage of the Newlin with the Dickinson family terminates their rcle as ancest ::. rs. We need only express our gratitude t o t\;1r. L.W.Allibone and his niece, Mrs.B.Alex. Randall cf Philadelphia for valuable assistance in v~orking cut the genealogy of" this excellent family. They are desc£ndants of the: older sister :;f Mary NeNlin, Edith, who married Thomas Marsha ll. The Newlin family presents three mere generations in America than the Dickinson family.


107 I.Nicholas Newlin,m.Elizabeth paggott.Emigrc9.ted to Fa., 1682 II.Nathaniel He wlin~m.1685,Mary Mendenhall. Tc Pa.? 1682 III.Nathaniel Newlin,m.17l0, Jane ~Joodvlard

I.J oseph Dickinson,m.1732, Elizabeth Miller. Te· Pa. 1725 II .GaitJ S IHckin.,S'oJ:l..,m. ),757, Mar~r

IV.Nathnniel New1in,m.1735,Esther Metcc,lf. V.Mary Newlin,m.1757,Gaius Dickinson.

New j. 'l:n r

1i:'J1(! 'hav~ now 10 con sider the Mend€ll.ha.11. 1.' Woodward and Metcalf HtmJl.Lle.s ar:r.4. any additie:nal ancest ors tJf the wives wHo may be knf2Wn.

.The MENDENHALL Family "Mary II/iendenhall, spinster, of Township of Concord, was married. at Concord Meeting, 7th of 2d mo. (April), 1685, to Nathaniel Newlin of Concord. Her brothers John and Benjamin were among the witnesses." Five members of the Mendenhall family came to Pennsylvania from the neighborhood of Ma~or of Middenhall in viiltshire, England. They were John, Moses, Benjamin, Margery and Mary, brothers and sisters, whose father's name has not been discovered. John and Moses probably came to Chester County in 1682, though the latter did rtot remain in the County. His na@e appears among the passengers of the "Bristol", which arrived 16th of 10th mo., 1685 in company witp his sister Margery and her husband, Thomas Martin. The followi~~ curious deed is found: By deed of Sept.5,1685, John Ewen of Draycott Co., Wilts, conveyed to Moses Mendenhall of Marriage Hill in Parish of Rensbury in County afore~aid 500 acres af land in Pe~ylvania not then located. By another deed, Aug.6?1688: And in ffowerth (4th) year of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord James II, by Grace of God of England Scotland, ffrance And Ireland,king, defender of the faith &c, between Moses Mildenhall of Marriage Hill in Parish of Remsbury in County of Wilts, Yeoman, of the one part andJohn Mildenhall, one of the brothers of the said Moses, Benjamin Mildenhall another brother of the said Moses, and Margery Martin, './ife of Thomas . Martin~ and one of the sisters of the said Moses, and Mary Newland, iJfife of Nathaniel Newland: one other of the sisters of the said Moses, conveyed to his brothers and s~st e rs the above land. It is to be hoped they did not pay too high a price for this 500 acres IIno t then located." In the Compendium of American Genealogy, vol.iii, page 219, it is said tha.t the fath,r of Mary (Mendenhall) Newlin was Thomas Mendenhall of England, who died in 1782, and married Joan This is a tall story, for if he had a

108 daughter married in 1685, she must have been at least 15 when married and her father 20 when she was born . That would make her birth in 1670 and her fat he~'s birth 1650. If he died in 1782, he would have been at least 132 years old. It would seem that such unusual longevity would n ot escap~ record and comment. We also find, loc.cit.p.297, that John Mendenhall (one qf the brothers mentioned above?) came from Wiltshire, England, to Concord, TWp., Pa., (Now Delaware Co.) in 1685 and married Elizabeth Maris, daughter of George Maris. Loc.路c it.vol.iv, p.685, Benjamin Mendenhall, Qual:er, froll\ village of Mildenhall, England, to Concord, F., ca 1684, settled on a tract of land deeded to him by Wm. Penn which is still owned by a member of the family. He married, 1689, Anne Pennell. From all this we construct the following genealogy: I.


1. Thomas Mendenhall, of Wiltshire,England, b. d, m~ Joan __________ ' Children; ' (not in order) 2.

i. Moses, of Marriage Hill, Parish of Rensbury (or Remsbury) County of vlilts 7 England, emigrated to America, (Fa.) 1682 to 1685.


ii. John, b, in Wiltshire, England, emigrated to Fa. 1685, m.1685, Elizabeth IJIaris,b.1665,dau. of George Maris.

4. iii. Benjamin, b. in England, emigrated from Mildenhall,

Wiltshire, to l a. ca 1684, m.卤689, Anne 5.


P enn~ll.

iv. Margery, b. in England, emigrat.ed in 1685, w i~~ her husband, Thomas Martin a mi brother Moses or John.


v. Mary, b. in England, emi gr a t ecl. f~ Pa . 1682 to 1685. m. April 7,1685, Natha.n:Jl81 ~Te~rl i n .


The ir son'j Nathaniel Newl i n, ctmt i nu,E:s our line,

The WOODWARD Family . Nathaniel Newlin II married Jane Vioodwnrd. de know little of the Woodwnrd family. The genealogy of L.W.Allibone given in the Compendium of American Genealo~J, page 506 of vol.3, says that Jane Woodward, who married Nathnniel Newlin, died in l737,-six yeurs after the death of her husband. She v路m s the daughter of Richard (163~ 1700) and his wife Jane Woodward. Jane (Sr.) died cfter 1715. They lived at Middletown and attended Middletown Meeting.

109 Silbert Cope tells the same story: "Kathaniel Newlin b.l mo.19,1690; m.1710,11, at Middletown ,Meeting, Jane Woodward, died 1737, daughter of Richard and Jane )t{o~ward of Middletown." In "Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia] 1682 to 1750, A.C. Myers, P . 7, "Mary Woodward from Meeting at Oevonshire House, London, Eng] and ~, 5 Mo. 6, 1682."

The METCALF Family. Nathaniel Newlin III married Esther Metcalf, the daughter of Thomas or Matthew Metca l f. In several places 'i n the Cope papers, the name Thomas is corrected to be Matthew. Francis Medcalfe, of Edenderry Meeting, Ireland, came out of Yorkshire, England, in 1658. Children of Francis and Alice Medcalfe of Mt. Mellick Monthly Meeting.: i. Matthew, b.8 mo.21,1658, at Fermanough,Newton Co. ii. Mary, iii. Joseph,



at Fermanough

b. 2 mo.18,~4, at Ballintougher, Kings Co. Alice, wife of Francis, di.ed 1691-2.

Will of Mathew l:~~edcalf or Midcalf, of Gloucester Town, New Jersey; Dated 18th of 5 mo., 1710; proved, Qct.9,l710. Mentions Wife, Dorothy children: Mathew, Jacob, Mary and Deborah, all under age. Wife executor. #### Dorothy Medcalf, widow of Mathew, died intestate. Inventory, Nov.17,1715, made by Richard Bull and ,Thomas (Sharp. #### Evidently Matthew Medcalf had irrmigrated from Ireland to New Jersey. . Will of Mathe1Ji Medcalf, or Madcalf, or Gloucester Town. Dated 12th of 1st mo. 1716-17; proved May 23,1717. Menti ons wife ~nd expected child. In another place, the same will with the same detes devises to Wife for briqging. up expected child. This Mathew is probably thâ&#x201A;Ź son of Mathew whose will is proved in 1710 in Gloucestor, N.J.

#### Was the "expected child" Esther, or Hester Metcalf, who married Nathaniel Newlin? She must have been born within a few months after Mathew's will was proved, May 23,1717, and

---------........--_....-- - - - ---------


would have be<;It1. about 18 years old when N~thaniel Newlin married Esther MetcB..l.f' in 1735. This HRtbew.'拢 wife's name is not give:Q.. Wap, sue Jane who later married F-rancis Jones and in 1739 married I 6'sac T'o.ylor?


Vii.ll cf ,fac:ob Hedcalf, of Gloucestel"/ . e.vidently s on of

Mathew an.tiJ bY-ethe r of Mathew above, 1732. 'Men-hons wife Hann9.h 路

sons Mathew William Jacob daughters Rachel Cou~dn Eester


Will cf Hannah Medcalf of Tcwn of Gloucester,N.J. Dated 5,Sert.17377 proved 2, Nov.1737. Children: Matthevi Rachel Susannah Brother, William Hudson


We conclude that Hannah Medcalf was the widow of Jacob and the \ laS Hannah Hudson, and the full list of children was: n ot in<;!luded in the "dll of Jacob, several being born after the will v!

# Children of Jacob and Hannah (Hudson) Me dcalf: i. ii. iii. iv, v. vi. vii.

Matthew, b.2-l2-1724, blacksmith Hamah, b .5-路12-1726 Mary, b.12-2l-1727 Rachel, b. 9路~27-l73l vlilliam, b.6-l2-l732 Susannah,b.6-4-l734 Hannah, b.9-4-1735 The occurrence of ~wo Hannahs is strange. The Mathew son of Jacob would be too young to have a daughter (Esther) married in 1735 to Nathaniel NeWlin. 2-8-1723, Hannah Metcalfe, certificate received from Philarlelphia. Doubtless the year of her IIlCirriage to Jacob Metcalf. There is no Thomas Metcalf in the above. 'v"{e conclude that the father of Esther Has Matthew and not Thomas. In the will of Jacob Metcalf, "Cousin Hester tl is rrentioned. It seems reasonable to suppose that she '!.Jas the daughter of his brother Matthew, and being fntherless, received unusual consideration. She then would be the cousin of Jacobts children, and may hnve been co~~on ly called Cousin Hest8r. .

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On t1:.Lo fQIJI)oation we e.rrnnge this presumptive: genealogy of the LYle t.ea} t 路




3. 4. II.

5. ?




2. Mo.thow Medcalf, b.1658; m.Dorothy _



Medcalfe, Yorkshire? ::::.g. to Irel<:.nd,1658 Alice ' . Cl1.i Idren: -:1. Mathe.!!, b.Aug.21,1658;m.Dorothy. To New Jersey ii. Mnry iii. Joseph

:f:r-anci s

d.l?lO Children: 1, Mathew, 1680; d.l?l?, m. . ._ ii. Jacob, b. d.l?32; m.l?23,Hannah Hudson iii. IvI~ry iv~ Deborah

5. Mathew ~.1etco.lf, b. ca.l680; d.l?l?, m. Children: 9. i. ~xpected", b.l?l? or 1718, Esther (7) m.1735, Nathaniel Newlin

6. Jacob, b.1682 ('n, d.1732, m,1723, Hc?nnEili Hudson Children: IV. 10. i. Matthew, b.Feb.12,1724 11. ii.. H['.nnnh, b .May 12, 1?26 12. iii. Mary, b.Dec.21,1727 13. iv. Rnchaol, b.Sep.27,1731 14. v. William, b.June 12,1732 15. vi. Susannah, b.June 4,1734 16. vii. Hannah, b.Sept.4,1735


Of the mother of Esther Metcalf we have some information. We do not know her father's name or even her surname. The first circumstance is her marriage with Matthew Metcalf and her early widowhood, and that she had a daughter Esther (or Hester) by that marriage. Next we read in Cope's Papers "Francis Jones, Jr., who married Jane Medcalfe, widow of Mat thew Medcalfe, Jr., of Gloucester Co. (prior to 1726) was not a cooper." This seems to be in connection with the marriage record in New Jersey of "Francis Jones of Burlington Co., cooper, and Janes ~iallis, Spinster, of same, married Nov. 29, 1729." This must have been a different Fr~ncis Jones. In this connection, Gilbert Cope, of West ChGstGr, writes: "Francis Jones, who appears to have come from Wales in 1?11, resided in various places until 1726, ~removed from the neighborhood of Haddonfield, N.J., 路to Gap with his wife Jane,widow of Thomas (corrected to Matthew-WHM) Metcalf. In 1735 Nathaniel NeWlin obtained a certificate from Concord Monthly Meeting to marry Esther Metcalf, ...a "" of Jones of


Lancaster County. Marriage 15th of 3d mo. 1735 at Sadsbury Meet·jng. She m~.£t have been a woman of some attractions as she &lJ!Jd)Sequently ~·btained two othl;; r worthy husbands, the last be ing 1?c"tJert ~Ie ndenhall. n So there is no question that the widow of Matthe\v Metcalf was the mothe:c of Esther, married Francis Jones. We find also Marriage license record of sta.te of N.J., License to marry granted June 11,1739, to Isaac Taylor of Sadsbury in Co. of Lancaste r " Jane Jones, widov', of same place.



married (1) Matthew· Medcalf, Jr. (2) Francis Jones, Jr. (3) Isaac Taylor )

Her children are named in her will, dated July 2,1764 and Aug. ,1764, wife of Isaac T~ylo!'. She devises


To To To To To To To To

rolf son Francis Jones my son Jose ph Johes rolf daugnter-Esther Newland

nry daughter Sarah Donkan my daughter Rachel Boil my son James Jones rolf son Thomas Jones rolf son Iscac TayloF Executors:

Isaac Taylor and Th )mas ,Jones.

The will of ht:r husband Isaac Taylor is also of interest, both for its quaintness nnd for the bequest to Mary Newlin: Will of Isaac Taylor ~ dated 17th day of 6th month called June in year 1756. Lancast,: r Co •./ill book B.vol.I,p.134. Isaac Tnylor, deceased. In the Name of' God Amen I Isn~c Taylor of ye To\vnship of Salsbury County of Lnncaster and province of pensilv2nia, mason, being weak but sound & pE:rfect in mind & memory Thanks be to God for it & calling to mind ye Mortali ty of Body I do make & ordain this my last Will & te'sta. ment in I;.aTh.'1er & form folowing that is to say - Imprimis i will that all my just Debts & funerall CharLes be first paid & discharged by my Executors hereafter mentioned. Item I give & Bequeath unto my dear & loving Wife for tenrm of Life this House wherin I noW' dwell with all ye furniture & Lands about it and after her Death to my o n~y Son Isaac Taylor & his Heirs & assigns forever. But if she mareys she shall depart ye Premises & Leave all that I have pose sed h<;rein to my Son Isaac Taylor & in Lew thereof h<; shall g ive here one hundred Pounds Current Lawful Money of pensylvania to be paid yearly and every year ten rounds until1 y6 whole be raid by my Son Isaaq Taylor as also I give & Bequeath unto my Son Isaac Taylor from ye time of IyW death th3t ::-lantati on cf One Hundred and F·~ ur Acres ;:f Land x x Balance due by nry Brother, Benjamin Taylor to me my will (to be forgiven) x x x Itim I g ive & Bequeath to Thomas Jones mY wife's son ye sum of five pounds x x x & I erder five pounds to be paid unto Mary Newland when she arrives at ye age of

------ -----------..._--_._ ----

_ . _ - - - --113 -

Eigh tc~n

years bp-th to be paid by my s on Isaac Tayler But if san [s..a..9.2 Tayl cw dyeD without isshue le.wJully negoten ~f his Sady all the&e lands x x x etc. ffiy

fi, ~ .ecu t{;).r?)

t e r CCHJJ..nt y & JlJi

1Wa-.thanie l Newland and Jose ;)h Williams of Cnes.-8 , [!t. Isaac Taylor.

'Dated 17th d&y of 6th month called JU118 in Je year 17.56. 'Nitness8s~ Jame$ Moo}.'€) :!:saac Taylor Francis :r..Je ec h ;:,-·r oved 19 J\ugust 1756. Edw. Shippen DC:p . Regist6r Esther Metcalf, daughter of this "waroan of some attracticns tl marrie d Nathni81 NevJlin in 1735 and he clied in 1766.. She aft""rward marricd, Jan 10,1771, William Tewp:1e, ~f ?ennsbury and (3) Feb.6}1777 9 Robert Mendenhall of Ccncord 7 thus equalling her mother's reccrd.

, .. '.'

Isc-,ac Welker, a <descendant of Gaius and Mary (Newlin) DickinsQn, says~ IlReI' (Anna Dickihson1s) g:NHJ£lmother, Mary Newlin, v/h:) was joined in ma -.rJ" with Gaius piektnson, who was a . VTort4y and ReeCDIIAnlendec.. minister of tn~ @o~p€'l at 010. Sadsbury Meeting of the ~'l"'-1.e~d.a ~ was a daughter of ,Nat,haniel and Esther Newlin of Con~o.1d ,qrand "daug]:lter of I sa,i3,c Taylor x x Who ovvned all the lane! ar.. Gap. Nathaniel Nev.,rlin was known to have been a grandson Of NJcht}~as Newlin who vias a member· of Wm.Perm's Supreme Executive Cl}LJ.llCil in 1686. As for Jane ,Jones Taylor and her daughter, b<:>t!l of whom had three sllch worthy husbands, they are certainly dbserving of more than passing notice."



Mr. 'vlalker is' not of his re lationships. Anna Dickinson was a gre nt. granddaughter of GalUS Dickinson a nd was not a descendant of Isaac Tr:,ylor, but of Isaac Taylor's wife, who h~d be e n previously married to Matthew Mete:o,lf and to Francis J ones, 2nd Esther Metcnlf Who married Nc.thaniel Newlin was n daughter of the first marriage. It is perfectly natural that Mary (Ne'ulin) Dickins on, 'w ife of Gaius, would call Isaac Taylor Ugrandfather", since his wife was her grandmother, a.nd that many peor le sh ould believe that he ~"as her real grandfather, not kncwillg the circumstances. Indirec relationships were variously expressed. So Esther Metcalf is referred to as "daughter... in-law" of Francis J ones, vvhile she was rea11y a step-de.ughter; and she was referred tC . as cousin of Jacob Medcalf in his will, while t c the best c)f c·ur present kn.:-wledge she was a niece. Th8 genealogy of the ME';tcalf family must be cc nsidered as presumptive only. It is certainly a far cr'J to c , nclnc:'e that the "expected child ll elf Ma~thew Metcalf, 1dl10 died in 1 7 17, was a girl, thF'~ t .she survived and was named Es';::,heI' ami mc-.rried Nathaniel Newlin, e specially as the name ·:;.f Ivlatthewl s wife is n ot kncwn. While this Mntthew is the only ;:'na viho c :'lllc. be the fc~ thc r from the standpoint of chronology, yet the duplic.:;. tc Hannah of Jacob Metcalf may have been Jane. But Jacob is v/ife was Hannah and not J~ne. He wo~ld appear to be ruled cut . It is to be hoped th~t future investigation may clear up this tRngle.



Descp.ndants ef ELIZABETH Nuzum The fe11ewillq notes are cempiled froIr. the netes ef rv'iI'. Jehn Nelsen Nuzum~ ef Elweed, Indj,ana, and, other S eurces. WHlVI. In the year 1752 in the suburbs ef Du.hlin, Ire1and,Themas Nuzum leased his farm ef sixty acres to. a gardener fer the sum ef sixty guineas, er $300.00,a year,it bein~ unlawful at that time to. sell real estate; said lease to. be in full ferce and effect fer three generatiens. And. the sai.d. ~t'hemas Nuzum meved II'li th his wife and ene sen to. Philadelphia) Pennsylvania, then a city ef abeut 5000, and beught a tract of land and engaged in the :~ursuit ef farming and gardening, sell:.tng his preducts in Philadelphia. Themas Nuzum left in Ireland three brc thers, ene named James, a bacheler and eVlner ef a number of sh ips. The famIly is thoua,ht to. be ef Fr8nch origin, - "Neus Sent." - "We are the peepl~" In some lecali~ies the ~ecer;d syllable is emphasized,}Tuzum- ,- and seme are saJ.d to. capJ. talJ.ze the Z. Themas Nuzum vias born Sept.29,1706 in Wexferd county, Ireland. It is net knew})). when er to. whem he was married, only -that her name \'las Elizabeth - One sen, Richard1 then 18 years eld, accempanied his pa:t'E'.nt ~ to. America in 175~. It is not known if there were ether chil &-i'en. So far liS we knevl Themas Nuzum and wife and sen vlere the ,enly peeple ef that name spelled in that way to ~eme to. Am~rica. The following anecdote is teld of him: "In Ireland it ~ was the rule that every tenth stack ef hay must be given to. the QUeen. Themas was contrary and after stacking nine stacks he q~cided he would go to. America where he could de as he pleased ~nd keep 'what he had until Ged toek it from him." Perhaps this furnishes an explanati cn of later events in the Nuzum family_ Thomas Nuzum and family settled in Nether Providence, Delaware eounty, Pa. and in the year 1772 (?) to.:lk out his naturalizati on papers (?) the same being in the possessi .:ln ef Mrs. Mary ef Berwyn,Pa. (1521) TherE' lived on an adjoining farm J' ohn l/crrall and his wife, Hannah (Tayler.) They had three daughters who became part of the hiete~y of the Nuzum family, -taken up in their proper places. Aloe J0hn Kirk lived nearby. Themas Nuzum died in 1791 and is buried in Sandy Bank <lraveyard, Delaware ccunty, Pa. His wife died about 1775. His will is dated April 7,1789 and prcvÂŁd July 28,1791 and is f-::lund in Will bo ~ k A, p.63 in Ch~stÂŁr (7) county, Pa. and is as follows: 'J i th an alflful revere nce t c the Almibh ty Be ing, I, Th-:mas Nuzum, of the township cf Nether providbnce and c~unty ef Chest(..r, being weak in Body but of s(;und perfect and well disposing mind and mel:1 :)ry - Blessed be God fer the S3.Il10 and all other His mercies and favers censidering the certainty of death and the uncertainty ef the time thereof. As fer the settleing such

_______. __ _r~~~


Family _______._ _ _ _ _ _ ll§ ,

temporall estate as tho Lord in hj,s mercy been pJ.e ased to bless me with - maKe and publish this my 1t1.5 t will and testarmnt in Banner and f orm fa}j. owing: Imprimis - My will and mind is tha:1 ca '.l l IllY just debts and funeral expense~. b'j paid and satisfi ga by my executors hbreinafter named as 80 0(1 as may be after ffll . Item-<I: give and bequeath to ny s 6fll Rk:M,~.')--a. NuzlID. and to hi:? kins and S~s i.l:J 11S t-he plantation w1:rj,ch r no).? ] I ve orr. with all f:1y personal. tiPb, l,ate excepting sue1' tl::). ifJJ.fjs HI ,a 1. Qi,l'"'8 heri:.d.n-. after excepte«L F).l·Si,~..I except the StUf L-8 HOLJ~e .. n(.e Srnitb. shopthe coal House- ,tl~3 Dutch r'an in the , ·barn.-" tb,e c0 q J.s-and t,ne shop tools ~ nd GIl the unw:r'ought Iron-tht;! wagon ~L'Jd all rl-lY gedrs-a pair of Chest of Drawers-ny coat and silver blJ.ttons-a plDwa harrcw-ny silver spoons-two hcrses-tvlo cowg; ,·'t,he Bruss kct tlethe l&rgc ir cn pot-half the pewter-the Bed)bedeing ana. ~edsteads which I cor..1r.l: nly lay upon myself-also half 't.h~ sheep· ,a l):~dp'er Table:: Cloth-throE; of tll~ best Chairs-all which I except th.ese EI.rticles and do give the. .above excepted articles to Ery grandson, Thor.1uS NUZUl'l and to his he irs and as signs forever. Iten-I give tind bequeath olso to l1Y grC'.ndson T·ho~s NnzurJ his heirs and 2,ssigns forever fifty acres of l e.nd whj,ch I bought of Andrew J ohns e n be the same more O!r' less. Item-In/, will is that Jar:les Kerr 7 weave r, shall have the 'vlTeave!" s 1.0.L' as long . as he pleases to work in or t~ occupy the saue - h e the said Jar.res Kerr t o have free egress, ingress & regress to and fror.1 the safJe with out any hinderance or ID0lestation.



And I do hereby make and constitute my grandson ThoLlas Nuzum ~ whole and sole executor of this nry last will and testament hereby revoking all other will or wills made by me ana declariIJg this to be my last "lill and te s tame nt - In witness whereof I the said Thomas Nuzum have hereunto set ~ hand and seal in the year of our Lord one thousand and seven hundred and eighty nine 1789,' (SEAL) THOWiAS NUZUM Signed sealed and published and declared by the said Thomas Nuzum the testatD~ as & for his last will and ~estament in the presence of , utS wL?o have subscribed our names a s witnE.sses there'I,lnto in the prese nce and at the request of th,:: test&tor 'iJilliam 'Jalton Isaac Taylor Jacob Dingee

April seventh in the year of our Lord one thousand seVE.n hundred eighty nine 1789

This day viz.29th day, of July Anno DoIr. 1791 came before me Wm. Wnlton and Isu~c T~ylor two of the witnesses to the foregoing will who beillg severally sworn and affirmed did declare and say they were present and saw the same wil~ executed end signed sealed published pronounced .:i nd decl:1red cy thE; testc::tor to be his last Vlill '~. nd testa.ment & thc.t to the best of their und(;rstanding and 'belief he was at the time of sound & disposing mind & memory. Wm.R.A ttlee-,Begr.

- - - - ......



- ---------------




I do hereby certi:f'y thnt the within is a true uopy of Thomns Nuzums will t:ak~n frcm &nd compared '.'Ii th the "8rigina1 filed in the R8gist~rs office. Ja~.Barnnrd Hegr. Rich~rd Nuzum, son of Thomas continued to draw th& sixty guinGas a year on the in IrE:land until the year 1812 when all correspanoence Wd~ shut off on acccunt of the war. In the ye;:;路. r 1815 GQ-ruiner Leonard, son-in-law of Richard, went to Ireland t~ renew thG r"enta1s and on his return reported thqt the contract had expired by limitation, Qccording t~ the law of Grent Britain, which report was accepted as the final canswmnation of the real estnte of Dublin, Ireland.

Thomas Nuzum and his wife were devout Quakers. SECOND



Thomas Nuzum brought '>jfith him to America one son:, Richard Nuzum. The Bible record reads: "Richard Nuzum the son Df Thomas and Elizabeth Nuzum was born the 22nd of November,old style, 1734." Richard married 1760 (1), Hannah Worrall~ daughter of John (1) and Hannah (Taylor) worrall of Midd1etuwn, Delawara county, :--a., the fir3t connection with the Jorrall family. They lived in Nether Providence where several children were born. He do not as yet know when Richard and his family moved to Bt::rks county, loa. However some records will be given here which we hope to complete later. We find in the records Df the ';/oman ~~eeting that: July 27,1761, Hannah v/orrall, now Nuzum, complained of for marriage to one of anoth~r Society. sept.25, 1761, acknowledgement received from Hannah, wife of Richard Nuzum; Jan.l,1762, she is disowned. Jan.l,1777, Acknowledgement received with recommendation from Friends of Exeter. (Minutes of Robeson Jomans Meeting.) Adcepted and certificate to Exeter signed. So after fifteen years Hannah was restored to the good favor of the Society of Friends of Exeter and we find her signature on the marriage certificate of her daughter Elizabeth five years later. In 1790 their membership was remov~d from Robeson, Berks county, to the Exeter Monthly Meeting as the following records show: 2-22-1790, James Nuzum, cGrtificate from Robeson,dated 1-26-1790 6-28 .. 1790, Richard Nuzum, certificate from Robeson, dated 4-25-1790, with wife Hannah and children Sarah and 1-31-1791, Gl;:orge NuZum, certificate from Robeson dated 12-28-1790 4-25-1791, .fm. Nuzum, certificate from Robeson dated ' 3-29-1791 Richard Nuzum was of considerable consequence in the Exeter Meeting as shown by the fact that: May 30,1791, Richard Nuzum I





. .~ "'~-l"'-~;'=':'':""".---:---:----------~---.

-:-- 路路-f~r~~~



was appointed overse er in the room of Thomas Smedley, deceased. April 30,1798 Richar d. N'uzum succefJded by Mahlon Parsons as OVErseer. Aprj.l 29~ )7'99 appointed on committee in care of black pe ople. But the Nuzums nad th€:ir downs as well as their ups. On March 23,1792, Jam(; ~ Nw zum had been married by a ministE;r to onG of anothe r socie t y · 4-30-1792, "Hc reside s at the Forest in Berks Co . put hi 3 father expects him down." Either he did not como or- n i8 expl ~ne.t j. ons "fere unsatisfactory and on 5-7-1792 he was disotV-ned. 4-25.-1796, Sarah Nuzum was complained of and disowned 4-30-1798. And Vlilliam Nuzum left the neighborhood several years before 1-27-1800 without requesting a ce rtificate. Phoebe Nuzum had married her first cousin and was disowned 9-29-1800; and Ruth Nuzum, daughter of Caleb Martin, was mari"'ied by a magistrate and disowned 11-28-1803. She was the wife of George Nuzum. The children of Richard and Hannah Nuzum "fere: i. Elizabeth, born Feb.18 s 1763; m.May 10,1782 ~ Jo .3 eph Dickinson ii. Thomas, born Mch.8,1765; m.Oct.9,1788 ~Ma rg a r e t Robinson iii. John, born May 4,1761; m. , Jan~ B~ennan iv. James, born D<::' t.lO,1767~ m.Nov.4 1 1790, Sarah ~ obin~on v. William, born. J an.9,1772;m" , Pattie Ree'se vi. Sarah, born J une 1,1777 7 m.June 6,1799,Gardin~r Leonard vii. T'hot::be, born Nov .17, 1779 ; m.. ,John Kirk viii. George, born Feb. 7,1774;m. ,Ruth Martin In the year 1800 Rich~rd Nuzum, believing that as the country became more thickly populs ted the question of fuel would become an object, moved with his entire f cunily to Virginia, a t th~ t time two days journey from the Fort of John Morgan (who skinned the Indian and made a shot pouch of the hide) to a place on Hampton's Run near the Tygert Vclley River. Here be established the firs~ Nuzum homestead in Virginia,-now Marion county, West Virginia. His family, nearly all married, settled around on the tract of land patentedvihich title called for one thousand acres, more or less, and was covered with fine timber such as ~Thite, Red and Chestnut Oak, P oplar,~a~ut and Cherry~

On August 25,1800, Richard NuzUIDI.and his wife requested a certificate to the Redstone Meeting which was granted and on Se ~ t.9,18 00 George Nuzum also requestsd a certificate. Redstone was in Fayette, the county adj oining on the north of Monongalia and in Pennsylvania. By deed dated hiay 1,1802 the land at Nether Providence was An abstract of this deed follows~ Richard Nuzwn of Tigger Fork, I,Ionongahale Co., Va. & Hannah to Wm.Speare of Ashton, blacksmith. Recites~ John Galbreath and wife, Aug.24,1754 (1.209) and Ann Trego, sold.





~ _.

_ . p..




• •

!. ' .



Susannah Trego & Mary Trego Aug.22,1758 & same Jan.13, 1757, to Thomas l'JUZ:JJIl a tnt1~G (:narsh?) and tract in Nether Providence who by wil:. April 7,1780 to son Richarc 7 and Thomas and wife Margaret~ J-lJ!)!1e j ..O, Hi{)}. (1£ 452) to,j Nuzum of Va. the smi th sl10p and iRicbtara and wife for $J.4;98 sell the Whole to Soear-63 Jl.. The rear l~O2. al S6 saw the removal of Joseph .Dick inson and his en ~i·' :re fClftrl\¥ to the adj oining cCltimt;r of Ha.:rl""i son a!:.d they a1$o J d») n'Elrl thre: ~.ed 13 tone Meet.:i. .n.g ~ mI1 es away over diff:i.·~ cult cdlJ.qir-,( yvtth z:.o·II~equences no-c.::d elSewlter-e.. .. Doe i.s temfrtl.(~ d to thirll<: that they (!170$t8 the locat-ion t.e 'b e near ~"eLatlves. in 1811 the e>p.tire j) 'Lcldnson family m:)Ved t.o Vl'.~£ml1. cal.A.n·ty jOhio-. In this conne'c-Utln. the following qt.wi·,atit.2n F}."Ol'P. Albert Cook Myers "The Iru,migrdtion of Irish Qual<:er-.s. tl ) p.l84~ is of interest: '~y the opening of the 19th century the Friends became infected more stroD[lJr than ever with the prevailjn-8 ~@irit of migration; again we find them on the westward man!:i.1. A stream of migration mt're powerful than any of: -ebe p}. . ecc:!ding, . arising to a considerable extent from new $Q/iLr-ces 1.(1 eastern Pennsylvania, New Jer,;ey and even New Yo:)."" J TWirl FJ owed in. a steady current throug~ the two well knOw.n. c,/,)arr,n-eJ s tt:> the gate way of the Ohio riVin- ,and spread out over tile ferU:. Je ~lalns of the old Northwe ·st. · P.~ Richard Nuzum died July 20,1822. This date is taken from the Bible records of his son-in-law, Joseph Dickinson, His wife, Hannah, died about the same time and both are buried in the Nuzum Graveyard on the first Nuzum homestead.

The THIRD Generation in America. The history of the THIRD generation is not complete, but is fairly fulL Beyond a few general sta temc;;nts, all th':::tt is attempte d here is the family and descendnnts of Eliz e.beth .Nuzum. The activities of the third generation included the build~ ing of Nuzum's Mill by John, who vms a millwright e.nd Who helped to rebuild and remodel it t wo or three times. In this he was assisted by his brother William ·.{ho was also D. millw'right {?o.nd aftGrw.:>.rd built an overshot mill on Vlick~vire Creek ·::;nd Burnt C&bin Run. Thomas Nuzum, oldest son of John, w~s also a millv,rright and built flatboats for the river trade. Joel Nuzum, third son of John, and ;/i lliam, son of ~v illiam, were also mill ... wrights. The Nuzum mills became large and prosperous. The old $Vfedes Church on Swanson street, Philadelphia, saw the marriages of three of this g eneration. 'l'h-.)ma s,. the oldest son of Richard, VIas married there Oct.9,1788 to ivlargaret Robinson, James, the third son, married Sar2.h Robinson on Nov.4, 1790. Sarah was a daughter of William and Sarah Robinson of Upper Providence. And Sarah Nuzum married Gardiner Leonard there on June 6,1799.




F...~_1.-;ly-.. , ... ______.._----1~

The other children married: Jebn to Jane Brennan; William to Pattie Reese; George to Ruth Me,rtin; Phoehe to John Kirk, son of the John Kirk whom we have noted as living near Thomas the 'First in Nether Providence and who married the Worrall girl, / a sister of Richard Nuzum's wife. So Phoebe and John Kirk we~ first cousins and she ~~s disowned by the Friends fo~ this breach of Quaker rules. The Nuzums mUltiplied and for the most part continued to reside in the neighborhood. In ~ater years Nuzum reunions were held with attendance as high as 8ob. We now /take up the history and descendants of Elizabeth, so far as we know the oldest child of Richard and Hannah (.iorrall) Nuzum. Richard anQ Hannah are said to have been married in 1760. If that is eorrect there was time for one child before Elizabeth was bo~n, Feb.18,1763,-the date being taken from the ' Bible records of JoSeph Dickinaon. (vide infra) The date given for the birth of ~omas, the oldest Son, is March 8,1765. At any ~ate Elizabeth walked in the straight and narrow path prescribed by the Quakers and in due time and with all ceremony her engagement was announced in the Robeson Monthly Meeting for two consecutive months and on May 10,1782 she was married there to J)SEPH DICKINSON. The following quaint and dignified.. marriage certificate was :issued 7 the original of which has been seen by the writer. See p. The Nuzum family is not followed further at this time.

., '"


Contact with the Nuzum family was made through Capt. John Nelson Nuzum of Elwood, Indiana , 'who has a comprehensive history of the family. Capt. Nuzum, called "Nett" by his close friends, attended the Dickinson reunions in Logan Co., Ohio, several timeS with hi-s daughter, Miss Clara, and his brother. He ~las born j une 15,1856 'i n Fairmont, N.Va., son of Thornton Myers and Mercia (Carpenter) Nuzum. He was married Apr. 22,1891 at Elwood, Indiana, to Minnie E. Lutton, by Rev. M.S.Metz. He has one daughter, Clara Josephine Nuzum, born July 18,1899 in Elwood Indiana, a teacher in the Elwood schools. Another daughter, Mercia Matilda Nuzum, died when 11 days old. Capt. Nuzum is a tall, straight, vigorous, fine ,looking man, now (1943) 87 years old. He was Chief of rolice of Elwood ~or many years and at one time was Captain of an Odd Fellows drill team which won many ' prizes throughout the country. His grandfather was George Nuzum 7 a brother of Elizabeth Nuzum Who married Joseph Dickinson.


The WORRALL f,.,; am;: ,; ; ;.il,y; ;!l ,. ,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. .:1: .: :2:;,=0 Riehard Nuzum married Hannah ',1/orrall,. Richard Worrall and son John came from Oare, Berkshire, England, about 1682 and settled in ~ hiladelphia County, Pa. Richard was a son of Richard Worrall who lived in England. The family records of his son, Richar,d : Richard Worrall (3) b. d.Jan.3,1722;m.Sept.l,17l1, , Oxford Meeting, Hannah Heath, who died Sept.27,1763, aged 73. She was a daughter of Robert and Susannah Heath. Children: i. Richard, b.17l2 ii. Samuel, b. 1714 iii. Hannah, b. 1716; m.Joseph Richsrdson This Richard, b.17l2, would be the right age to have a daughter, H2nnah, born about 1740, to marry Richard Nuzum in 1761 and have a d~ughter Elizabeth born in 1763 and marry Joseph Dickinson in 1782. This gives five generati0ns of Worralls. I. Richard Worrall, II. Richard Worrall, III. ' Richnrd Worrall, IV. Rich::,rd Worrall, V. Hannah Worrall, VI. Elizabeth Nuzum, 103; m.May '!tO,

lived in England. came to Pa., 1682 with son John. m.17l1, Hannah Heath. b.17l2. m.Richard Nuzum. b.Feb.18,1763, d.C:"1 .1866,aged ca. 1782, Joseph Dickinson~

Quaker ArrivRls at Philadelphia, 1682 to 1750, by A.C.Myers: F.7,

I'/orrall from Monthly Meeting ct Oare, England,dated 5 mO,. 2l,1682. P.8, John 11orre:.ll from Meeting at Ore, Berkshire, England, dated 5 mo.16,1682 f.8, Richard ~Vorrall from M,"lnthly Meeting at Ore, Berkshire ,England, dated 1 Mo.17,1682 Rich~rd

Old Affidavit found by


Hadley W. Dickinson;

The state of Ohio Champaign County


This day person~ lly appeared before me the subscribeir a Justice of the peace in an.d for said county William --- Codington, (a man of full age) who peing duly sworn deposeth and saith that about the first of ~;iay 1815 he this deponent saw a certain b~y horse. the property of Richard Dickinson with some Indian horses near the camp of the Indians in the woods in said county and this deponent being at said Indians Camp at different times and one of the said Indians Spoke English pretty well Who told this deponent that those Indians were all of the Delaware tribe and owned the horses near the camp as aforesaid. This deponent furtner saith that sometime afterwards he this deponent heard the abovementioned Indian offering

. -""1ft 7


• s

to find fetch in and deliver the snid Dickinson horse for thE:: sum of five dollars, this deponent ·therefore verily believes ~hat the ·said Indians did take away and conceal the said horse ' ~--­ This deponent further saith that he was well acquainted with said Dickj.nsons horse for near ·twelve months previous to seeing him with the Delaware Indiana horses and he this deponent thinks the horse Vla'S' worth fifty dollars and further this deponent ·saith 'not II fll II II II I 111111 11 seal I~ 11 II SWorn and subscribed before " " " II II II " t! ~I me this Septer:iber the 4 1817 Wm Coddington David Asksan . J.P.


A small, leather covered note book was found by Mr. Hadley W. Dickinson with the following notes:

RICHARD N. Dickinsop Bellefontaine Ohio 1st page: -Sd:.ephe~. Wiggns son of John Wiggins . Vim. F~I'syt,'/Jle son of JOhn June the 7 59 Inside cover:



p.• 2

Bal t irdore

'Li ttle York ?rt thence · Reding port.ea.naday VaJ l y:t or·ge . Phoenixville


MallnylJ. n~

Con acJU.n Norris t own


Then in a fi ne , v e ry legible coppt:r platE:: hand writing: To R8 a~ i ng april 9th, 18 ·59 (7) to Joseph Dickinson seen Hannah a nd daughter Elizabeth The n to the tavern he . took dinner 'shere Daniel -Wagner took him home 6.nd then p .. 3 Wagner brought him t .o us we v.JE::nt then to Elias Harts to Apend the G'lcning we took him home with us.. next morning Elias and J o'3 ephtoock him to see his old home and the relations by t:1e way.------William and Rachel Dickinsons children Phoe-::>e Ann Fawkes her children .Rache.l Ann Fawkes Anr_~maria .Fawkes Sarah L Fawkes Mary D Fawkes Emrr~ Jane Fawkes p.4 ·Elias and Lydia :Harts and the'ir children Eli'zabeth Ann Harts Will tam D :Harts Rache.l D . harts John liarts Sar8.h. Ann Harts Mose s llaI'ts Joseph J. D' I~ <!'t' i i'lson and Catharine . his wife childrens n'1IJl0S Henry JJ1. ckinson LJ ewe.L ly.n .Dickinson Saran Dlckinson F~rst. day roorning 10th mo (7) ' to Benj amine Dickinsans "'f~.dol.V El. izabe th, wen.t. past frie11d s Meetillg then to p.5 Bexy,'anr in Sca r let. t h en to Elll{ Diekinson t,e>0/! diner Ln"e>tner to William then past the st~r/~ bouse John Ci~e:r LLveR ib.ei.r : tben to Joh'lfl J'ilcgowen the old plac·e you mo'led fr(3111 Samuel Zi.nk


j '~

. ... ...... ,:~,., "..1: _.\. .:~.~~.! ,~.i.:.~;..·t~i~:.· . ~r :;....... ~~''''' ,.... ,t"~,.-'---"".::: f


".... :.:~,,:":~:{:~:~:. L:.../:"~-



-------_ --- - ,- ..




his house was built 1750 he se6n Paul Cig~r (or Giger dHM) then to tTohn Scarlets son of Ephrimo J'ohn's wife is uncle John Ja.mes Ephrim Scarlet ami If{ ife came to see him th.en. t6 1I1.11:114:ul1 rJ. Scarlet then to Henry Weslys where Gaius Dickifl,Soi7 lived. he went to 'the. milk ~ouse the lette:r's that WaP. f)n t路he wa.ll was G.M.D . 1777 he eat supper thej:!, :t-hen t垄 Elias thll1!. over to us Second day morning the 11th then to Phebe Ann Fawkes. (These are probably all Dickinson rel~tives. WHM) (Gaius Dickinson I was probably named for his mother's father, Gayen Miller. Did he consider a middle name of Miller? WHM) In another wrjting: the Scholars of this scool is Edward M Krous (ap or cip) Wiliam Aphi~s Oder Edwin Willman Silas Tomass H Gore ~tilian Maclus Dowell Frank da11ter Alic Wi:iam William Penpe John Shawbes James Maz (then in pencil) 11 Sumer Milton Dickinson


REMINISCENCES OF MY GRAND?ARENTS by Mrs. Jennie Chamberlain East Liberty,Ohio On request I shall try to tell yqu something about our granc;1fs,t.her and grandmother, Tho~s and Mariah (Lowe) Dickinson. I am sorry to say when I could have talked with them and asked them questions I did not think about the things I would like now to kno'.v, but will do the best I can. Grandmother was blind but was always very kind to meet us and talk to us. Uncle r,JIartin, who had remembered how Grandmother looked before she went blind, wanted a picture of her wi th her eyes open. He tried several times but finally managed to ge t a picture VI i th her eyes open. Grandmother \t%uld tell about their home situated some pl~ce between Goshen and Zanesfield up in the ~voods. She said it was a log house and the fireplace was on one side of the house. Grandfath~r 11'1'ould roll on Qig logs and that would make a ~ig fire, and' on Saturday evening Grandrnoth8r would put the children to bed and then she vi ould wash their clothes and hang them before the fire to dry, t4en in the morning all were clean and ready to go to Sunday-school.


~. "

She also told about the trap door ';/hich vIas in the middle of the floor of the log house. There were many Indians around there then and when they heard the war whoop which the IndianH gave she and the Children would open the trap door and jump dawn into vrhat they called a dugout. They were afraid of the Indiana, There were no roads then, just marked trees which they called trails, and the Indians would gallop around on these and give war whoops making the woods ring. There were also friendly Indians around which would come near to the house but not up to the door and then they would hide around until someone would see them and have them come in, but would not eat with the palefaces as they called them. Grandmother would try and make the war whoop for us · like the Indians did. She would also call us her little papooses which was the name the Indians called their children. One of Grandfather's sisters married a man whose nawe was Zane, one of the Zanesfield Zanes, and when the Government gq··.re the Indians reservations in the West they wept there. Then one of the girls whose name was Sallyaane would come back and visit the relations and I rwnember when she came to our house we were afraid ·Qf· her because she was an Indian. GrandrnothE:r and Grandfathf;; r would raise flax and then card it a.nd we ave and make their clothes from it. Grandmother worried aboLlt the church. She was Orthodox Hicksites bothered her. The church divided. The Goshen Church was her church and the little church in Zanesfield cemetery was the Hicksites. I was at that church once and the



seats are very high in the back but there was a cushion on the seat which made it very comfortable. Grandmother's father was a~ave holder and each child had his own slave. I think that was in Virginia and Grandfather's people were Whigs so you see Grandfather would not have sl<ivt!s. When Grandmother's parents were gone they sold their slavep'o Since she had had a slave her brother brought the money to her 'which came from the sale of her slave, but she would not have the money. He then tried to give it to her son Martin but sha said No, that it was blood money and he wasn't to take it. Then her brother laid the morley on a stump and went away. In this log house the door was not very tight so one ~venjn5 when.Grandfather came' in to retire his pants which were made of deer skin were wet so he hung them on the back of a chair :La dry. In the night a cow came along and pulled them out Q.nd chewed t.hem up and as it was the only pair he had he cc.uld not get up until Grandmother took her skirt and made him another pair of pants. Now they moved from this l 路og house to the frame h.::use 1Jlhi ch now belongs to M;3.rtin Yore, a great grandson of Thomas and Maria Dickinson. Grandmother alwnys kept apples on thG ll1e.ntle for us. She v/ould get up 'and feel along the mantle for the apples for her little papooses as she c~lled us . Grandf~ther was of a very friendly disposition end always made us welcome. When they lived in the frame house the Dick" ~ inson school house was not very far from their house. We vvoyld often stop at Grandfatherts on our way to school .. Sometimes the school boys would bother him then he would say to them, " did you come for?'U and they would say, "Nothing." ItWell, what did you bring to "get it in?- and they would say, "Nothing~11 So he would say, "Then get out" and they would.

There was a spring down the hill and ev~ry morning, no matter if in the winter or not, he would go down to the sprir~ and in a big trough he yvoUld dip his head in the water then climb the hill to路 the house. He had very white hair and didn't have it cut So it was long and he would come to the house wi 1.11 the water dripping from his hair. They lived very happily in the frame house for many years but finally died when Grandmother was 72 and Grandfather was 92) I think. I find this little verse by Edgar A.Guest very fi t路Age has stamped me as its own; (ting~ youth to younger hearts has flown: Still the cherry blossoms blow In the land I used to know, Still the tragrant clover spills ferfume over dales and hills, But I'm not allowed to stray ~n1ere the young are free to play: All the years will grant to me Is the book of memory.


Dickin~~_F __ am~i±Y~



Adams, Anna Elizabeth Elenore May Donald Doolittle Dorothy Susan Dwight Edmund Edmund Hami 1 ton Frank Hicks Helen Louise John Julia Hedrick Roy Sarah Edgell William Adkins, Donald Gerald Louise Mabel Florence Ralph Victor Aldrich, Bertha Jane Allen, Ethel Anderson, Allred Dean Donna Jean Dorothy Carolyn Eva Martha John Mary Mabel Antrim, George Gerald Wilson Martha May Myron Wi~lis Ross Arbogast, Isaiah Armstrong, Ellen Pauline Arrowsmi th, Ruth H. Aspinwall, Bernice Mack Roy William Ballinger, Bertie Carl Cletus L. Genevieve A. Max Ugene Ruth Dexter Beck, Mary Aim Becker, Betty Bell, Webster L. Bennett, Aldon Lewis Emma


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Bennett,Florence Mae Gaius Ray Dickinson Henry 27, Laura Lucy Lydia Ann Ray Ruth 29, Paul G. Wesley E~ Berger, Walter E. Bersinger, Evelyn Delos paul Virginia Bell Bingham, Lloyd L. Bird, Carlina Birkenbaugh, Carl C. F.

Marie Marvin Paul Boetticher, Ed Bonnewi tz , Ruth Bort, Holden Parker , Isabelle Lee Dickinson Lee W. Bower, Bruce Otis Effie May Ernest Oscar Joseph Hull Mildred Margaret Norma Orpha Olin George Orpha Susannah Otis Bushnell Boxley, Le lab Bramme r, Adda A. Cartha Catherine Eva Eugene Harold Sadie William Breedlove, Dick T. Lon T. Louis Talbot Brenton, Samuel Brink, Martha Bristodean, Mrs. Fred Bronson, Martha Brooks, Duffy

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71, 72 72 72 71, 72 71 61 60, 61 61 45 50 60 74 73

Jos6Eh Dickinson and I

Broshes, Betty John Mildred Robert Brown, Aaron Charley F. Cora Curtis McArthur Eleanor Jane Ezra Frank S. Gail Eugene Harriet Ann Hovrerd Graham Ire.

63 63 63 63 32 32 32 69, 70 79 32 32 70 70 25

32 70 69, 70 25 69 70 25 70 70 69 69 26

Janot Ruth Lena Margaret Lucille Maude Estelle Mary Ellen Minnie M. Robe rt AIrman Thomas Anderson Thomas Harrison Thomas Leroy William Bruce, Ben CI路'3.ra Frank Mary Ellen Nelson D. Olive Bryant, Earl D. H':'.rold RebeccCl Ann Burndt, Ed Co.therine Florence Barbara Burnham, Jane John John Milton Butler, Benjamin 35, Cosettn Erma Ernest Erwin Leo Byrd, Charles Willing Jeanne Mary Evelyh William Otway Carpenter, Bessie Julia Ann Charnberlain,Alfred August Betty Ruth


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Chamberlain, Claud Robert Cora Margaret Corvan Georgia May Harriett Emily Helen Margaret Mary Jane Oliver Jesse Ruth Marie Srunuel George Thomas Corwin Clapsnddle., Jacob John David Josie Mt='.deline Ralph Atwell Raymond Lee Robert Ross CIe land, De lbe rt H. Dorothy Kathryn MC.ry Elizabeth Cliffcorn, DeEtta Clothier, Elbie Jackie Coats, Leona Dell Cole, Beatrice Marie Dewey Elmer Harmony Louise Colgin, Harry Helen Victor Winton Conn, Mary Lennett Coon, Betty Jean Enrl Eugene Floyd H. E. Helen Jasper Kenneth Lee Phyllis Jean Cooper, Phoebe Corwin, Amdrew F. Ann Maria Arthur H. 55, 57, Asa Brp..Dl Benjamin Bertha Myr Ie Betty Boyd W. Charles Charles A. Charles George

52 52, 53 52 52 49, 53 52, 53 53 52, 53 52, 51 52 53 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 55 55 55 55 40 72 72 58 53 53 53 68 68 68 68 39 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 69 83 49 '48 51 93, 94 50 55 51 51 48 51 55, 56

___________ Jose~EUckinson and COC!~拢t Cherilee


Clifton William 50, 51 David Wellington 51 Doresa Fern 51 51 Donald E. Doris M. 51 Dortha Jane 51 Doug las Terry 51 Dwight Otis 58 Earl 55 Eliza Jane 49, 52 Emmett Lawrence 50 Ethel 55 Everett Loahr 50, 51 George Bower 50 George Clyde 55 Ge orge L. 48 Gladys Lucille 56 Glenn Allen 50 Goldie Odessa 50, 52 Harold VI. 50 Harriet Catherine 55,,56 Harrier Emily 49 Harry 59 Hazel Maxine 57, 58, 94 Irene Estelle 50 Jose r h Lossl 57 Levi ~ Ledi gh


Lois Mae 50 Louise Gertrude 57 Margaret Ann 57, 58, 94 Marie 50 Marjorie 50 Martha Eileen 58 Martha Elizabeth 48, 55 Martha Louise 51 Martin Eugene 50 Mary Ann 43, 44 Mary Elnora 50 Mary Etta 49, 54 Mary Helen 51 Milton 49 Myrle 51 Naomi Geraldine 57,58,94 Olive Josephine 51 Orville Emmons 55,57 Paul 55 Ph ilip 50 Philio Jacob 49 Phine~s 49,58 Ralph Owen 50 Ronald Lloyd 51 Roy 55 Seybert Austin 49,55 Thomas 51 Thomas Floyd 50



_ _ _ _ 127

Corwin, Thomas G. Thomas Pegg Thomas Peter Thomas Zaccheus 49, William Edvvard William Gaub Wilmuth Titus 55, Coulter, Minerva Cronkleton, Doris Mae Curtis Family Darling Family Davis, Elizabeth Anita Barbara Berthn. Cora Don Frank Gene Genevieve 46, Glenn 47, John Mary Ellen Myrtle 46, Robert Velma 46, Dennis, Jean Elizabeth John Barbara Betty Mildred M. William D. Detrick, Lerton Hamilton Lucy Imogene Thomas Franklin Dickinson name A. Anice Alice 38, Alice Edna Alice Labra Alison Amanda 44, 75, 84, Amanda Eliza 路 63,


Anna Ansel Belle Benjamine Berner Bertha Bobbie Ray Carl Caroline Carrol Catherine Cecil Charles Charles Dane

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Dickinson, Charles J. Charles N. Cora 63, Daniel 5, Daniel J. Delilah Adelia Della Alice Demaris Virginia 70, Doug'las Arthur Duncan M. 35, Edi th Nadine 3:dward Effie Effie May Elaine 311en Eliza Eliza A. 36, Elizabeth 13, 27, ~.

40 68 60

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38, 46, 84, 88 38 88 '81 40 69 41 75 85 ~mma 47 82 Eva !vIay Evertt 75 Ewry Ansel 63, 71 Ezra Dowling 81, 82 Fannie 40, 41 Fayett.e 71 71 Flor路2nce 41 Fody Florence Fr8nces 40 Frank : . 75 Fred 41 FrBeman 47 9, 10, 11 Gaius 1..

_Elizabeth Joseohine Elizabeth Ann路 87, Ella Floretta 79, Elliott 36, Elma 47, Eloise Emily Emily F. II (8!ayen GardnC:!r Gardner L. G80rge 36, 40, George Henry Ge orge l,vashington GlB.dys Marie Glen Gloria Grace Anna Grant Frey Hadley w. Hannah

IS路, 20

8, 9 44, 47 35 68, 69 84 44, 46 69 41 41 46 75 92, 93 13,35,44, 58, 97

Dickinson,Harriet Cordelia

63, 74 46, 68 39 ..38, 39 41 38 75 88 36, 38 79

Harry Harry Clay Harry St:J.m2.te s Helen He len Blanche Helen K. Helen V. Henry Clay Henry Elroy 40 Herbert 92 Ida Ruth 42 39,. Isabell 60, 61 Isabel Ade lio. 38, 39, 42 Isabelle 84, 86 Isaiah 87 Isaiah J. 42 James 42 J arne s Emrne rt 4: 1, 42 James Ora 40 Jane 63, 68 Jasper VI. 38, 39, 62 Jeanette 75 JE:nnie E. 80 Jessie 21 (.Tohn 80 John Alexander 46 John Finley 38 John Fletche r 84, 85 John Henry 44, 路16 John Hughes 39 l..Tohn Patrick 92 John S. Joseph I 7, 8 Joseph II 12,13,14,15,16, 17 Will of 16, 17 83 Joseph 45 Joseph Henry 44 Joseph Lewis 43, 44 Joseph Nelson 70 Joseph ROf.1,ds 35,75, 76 Joshua Clifton Joshua Clifton II 35,75, 76 Joshua Clifton III 35,75, 7G 35 Joshua. M. 79 Joshua Newton 81,36,41, 74 K::. thryn E. 40 Kenneth 46 Kenneth Wnlter 75 Keziah 88, 47 Laura A.. 44, 87 Lenora 68 Lester 78, 80 Lewis 35, 75,76 Lewis Clark


Joseph Dickinson and FamilY

~~~ :-.

Dickinson, Lewis Clyde 80 Lois 41, 76 Louis e 60, 62 46 Louis Louis A. 68 Louis Victor 63, 68 42 Louise Ann Luane 71 !.,uella 87 Lula 68, 69 Lydia Ann 63,71,84, 85 Lydia Effie 92, 93 Lydia Margaret 79 Mabel 80 Mack 75 Marcella Kiger 46 Margaret 48,62,84, 87 Margar.e t M. 85 Margaret (Peggy) 33,35,48 Maria Jane 63,66 ~Jiarj orie 40,68 Martha 77 Martha Belle 75 Martha Eleanor 76 45 Martha Ellen Martha Rose Ida 81 Martin 70 Martin Harmon 35,60 40 Mott Sylvester Martin Ulrich 63,73 Mary C. 79,80 46 Ma:ry 'Edna Mary Ellen 73 Mary Eviline 38,39 Mary Margaret 80 Mary Maria 44 Mary Nancy 87 Mary Twila 80 Matilda 92,93 Mildred 68 Mildred Rachae1 42 84 Milton Minnie 79;80 70 Eitzi Ruth 81 Myrtle Ann Nadine 68 Nancy Emeline 84 47 Nelson 41 Nettie Nona Elizabeth 70,71 47 tiora 82 Ollan Christiana Ora 68,69 Osman Grant 87,88 41 Patty Lou

Dickinson, Paul Ferry polyanna Porter Ralph Ralph Allen Ray Raymond Rea Rebecca Regenia Richard Richard Le onard Richard Nuzum Robert Roberta Robert D. Robert Ellis Robert L. Robert Leonard Robert Leroy Robert Pearl Ronald Roscoe David Ruby Ruth Ruth Ida Ruth Jane Samantha Samantha Rebecca Samuel S. Sarah Sarah Ellen Sarah J. St. Leger Susan Tessie Tessie Maxine Thomas Bible Records Children Thomas Harrison Thomas Jefferson Thomas Nelson Trevlyn Kenneth Verna Walker Heilen William William Hobart Dixon, Regina Dodd, Bert Bruce Bruce Bruce, Jr. Doll, Horatio Dowd, Corrinne Dunaway, John Emme t t

70 41 46 42 40 46 73 68 60, 62 13, 99 68 21 84, 92 13,84, 94 41 73 41 40, 41 36, 39 79,8l~ 92 63, 70 38, 39 68 42 80 22, 68 36 '

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60, 61 73 81 75 63, 69 87 79, 80 36, 42 41 42 13,33, 47 34, 35 33 45 44, 47 46 46 80 88 40, 81 46 24 54 54

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Dunaway, Mary Edith 53 Ramona 53 Earp, Billie 71 Bookie 71 John 71 Eaton, W. T. 47 Trevelyn 47 Edwards, Anna May 26 Elliott, Asa C. 75 Barbara Lynn 57 Beverly Ann 57 Bonnie Lou 57 Byron Elbie 56, 57 Charles Franklin 57 Clara Catherine 57 Connie Sue 57 Donald 27 Edgar Lewis 27 George Elden 56 George Ralph 57 Helen Owenna 27 Howard Carleton 27 Howard Gerald 56, 57 Joan Marie 57 John Edvvin 27 John Lloyd 56 John Milton 57 John Wilson 56, 57 Judy Kay 57 Leona Catherine 57 Lucille 75 Marguerite Louise 27 Marylin Fern 57 Mary Imogene 57 ; Matilda

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Nina Eileen 57 Phyllis Kathleen 57 Robert Gc.ry 56 Robert Gene 57 Samuel Byrd 27 Sherry Kay 57 Shirley Almina 57 The lma I 1 56 Thomas Hartley 56, :~ 57 Thomas Hartley,Jr. 57 Evans, Diane 56 Emmett 56 Margc.ret Rea 58 Raymond Pierre 58 Fay, Dorothy 52 John 52 John, Jr. 52 Paul 52 Fischedick, t.T ohn Th omav 24 Paul 24 Fisher, Cleland George 55

William Randel Gill, Charles John Kious Mary Rowena Virginia William W.

5e 58

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Girard, Addie Alpha Dorothy Faye Madge Ora Ralph Regine..ld Stella VirginiG Glasgow Fmnily Godwin, Willis Golden, Gladys Graham, Anna Bessie Elizabeth Howard Helen John Ruth Hannah Greatsinger, F. A. Green, CIE'.ra May Edward Greenlee, John Thom:ls Wright Griffith, Kate Gwinn, Al tn E. Amy E.

Grubbs, Anise Winifred Atwell Carol Ch ~ rles

Donald Eugene Forest French Atwell George Allen Irm~

..i: " , : ... 路 1

Jennie Rebecca June Lewis Le~nder Lloyd Lloyd Nelson Lottie Minnie Belle Nettie Ruth Virgil May Virginia Haas Family Hadley, Hugh Robert Glenn Hager, Erne st D. Robert Donald Hall, De.vid G. David Goodsell David G.IlI


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Hall, Elizabeth Ann John John Dickinson Margaret E. Martha Jane Mary Mary Agnes Richard Hanun Family Harrison, Jessie Harshbarger, Carl Harvey, Susan路 Hatawa, Bessie Havens, Arlene Jesse Jesse, Jr. John Margaret Hawkins, Othie V. Rebecca May Hawes, Noah Haworth Family Hayes, C. C. Clayton Elmer Robert Orville Sadie Thomas Clayton Victor Hedrick, Amanda Arthur Lee Caroline Charles Donald Lee Dorothy Earnest Elizabeth


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Eugene Frederick Fern Elizabeth Harold H. Helen Marie Howard Frank Jacob tTulia Ap..Il Lavina Augusta Lewis Lewis, Jr. Lewis III Mnhnla Malinda Margaret Marie Lorene Mary Letty Philip Philip Lewis

22, 27 22 23 ...

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2B 22 22 26

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._ _ _ ._ _ ~oseph DickJ:nson and Family____ .______ l~,g Hedrick, Robert. Elwood Ruth 22, Snrah Jane 22, W2l1ace Warren Bert \filliam Henry 22, William Larrimer Heisher, Alice C. 41, Henry, George Margaret Hensley, Lyman Eugene Hicks, Caroline Frank Lorenzo .Dow Stella Beverly Hil188, Claucie Ii. Frank H. Howard Jeanette Dickinson Patricia Ann Richard F. Robert c. Hobbs, Dorothy Lucille Elmer O. Orville Woodburn Ruth Ilene Hodge, Doris' Family Florence l:Iildred John Francis Ru th 's family William Willis Eollarn, Dora Mae Elmer John Frederick Louise Pauline Ruth Warren Adrian Hob 1 OVTaY , Be tty Lou Delia Doris Duncan Edith Fl orence Frances Frank Fred Gordon Helen Iona James Marian Huey, Evan Fred Ivan Walton

26 25 25 26 26 26 26 42 44 84 92 23 23 23 23 38

39 39 39 39 39 39 67 67 67 67 30 30 30 30 30 30 92 92 92 92 92 92 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 72 72 72 72

Hughes, Pearl Hukill, Anson Chalmer Clarence Clara Cora M. Dora Mae Marion Garwood Olive Ora Mae Orlando Hunter, Carrie Huweiler, Samuel

54 91 92 91 91 92 91 91 92 91 53 79


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Dickinson Elizabpth William


Jackson f2mily Jamison, Albert W. Edna E. Edna L. George A. Ha rry Wonders John D. Juniata J. Mr..rgc,ret E. Wallace Wilbur D. Jaques, Byron Charles Clifford Nelson Donald


June Marthe. Ruth Minnie Fern Jekel, Katherine Johns Family Johnson, En~a Laura M~,ry


78 90 89

90 89



90 90 89 89 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 37 52 78 44

44 44.

Jones, C8.rl Ch[~rles J. Delmer Herbert Lee

25 25 72 72 72

Kautzman, Jane Ann Keller, Alice John Madison Jessie Kelly, Alma Rosalie Martha Eileen Nethan Statler Kennedy, Daniel, _ e.ncy N

49 79 79 79 81 81 81 85 82


Kerns, James Colson John Clifton Joseph William Mary Mary Anne Kiblinger, Hable Kinney, Ivalene Pearl Kious, Adam Clifford Shaf~r Doris Elizabeth Frederick George George H. Lewis Renfrew Lewis Renfrew, Jr. Linna May Lorena Mary Mary Louise Pearl Ral;-,h Seymour

- .Sherman.路


Kunkle, Ray Lak'2 , Erne line l,.~a t i Ida 44, Laurie, Bruce Milton Lee Lemen, Mary Jane Liles, John Nelson }.~aIJr


Wayne Lloyd, II:i ary Ann Losey, Andrew Herman Ivan Otho John Carmen Otho Lossl, Loretta L. L oV/e, l/1ar ia NcDonald, Margaret tladjen, r':1ary Nathaniel William Maddox, Addis on H. William Hedrick ~illiam Rolland Margaret Jean Marine, Davie. Edward James Edward Marquj s, Arrabella Chester Doris Jean Erastus

;: ... :'- - '

51 51 51 40 51 91 29 29 23 24 24 24 2~

23 24 24 24 24

24 23 24 25 24 24 24

69 46 45 72 72

85 68 68 68 24

86 86 86 86 57 34


61 61 61 25 25 25 25 58 58 86 86 86 85

Marquis, James Lilliam Belle Lucretia Estella Richard Addison Ruetta Martin, ivIary Maxwell, John J ohn ~;m. Rus se 11 McAlhenny, J. W. Mary Ellen McCafferty, Jack Kells Kenneth McKillip, Pauline McKune, All(;n A. John Emerson Martha Joan Virginia Ruth Mead, Eunice Jane Hugh Sager Mary Mildred Mendenhall family Metcalf family Metzger, Donna Miles', John Margaret I.aller family Donald Donald Dickinson Edwin F. Edwin Lloyd Elmer Joseph Elizabeth Emily Florence Edna Frank Le;mon Gayen Harry J. Hugh Dewitt Isn.bel Jean Kious Joseph R. II1nrj orie Martha Ellen M~ry Alice Mildred Lou Ralph Dickinson Rich;~rd McLean Richc.rd .,. Robert Moffett, Hilda E. Moore, Edward Lido. Morris, Bernice Alminc. Musselman, Harry

85 85 85 85 86 75 67 67

47 47 73 73 73

57 56 56 56 56

75 75 76 76 107 109

51 22 21 100 85 85 24 24

85 9, ' 108 75 85 85 8, 100 75 24

24 24

85 85 75 75 75 75 37

75 85 57 87 89 57 79

_ _ _ ...._. ____.t!.os~.h Dtckins on and Family Mu s se Iman, I',1adi son M8rie Willi2m Uyers, John Dc.vie. Maurice Richc-l.rd Mauricc.Richnrd, Jr. Neidholt, BErne.l U. Ch~rlcs R. C12rence Claud B. Deward Ee,rne s t : -1. Frederick Fred Iflilli::tm J ohn ',!/ . Jose ph F.)rest Kenneth Lois Hadlyn Hildred Pansy H. Newlin f.s.mily Nutter fe,mily Nuzum f2mily~


7S 79 80 80 80

67 67 67 6767 67, 68 67 68 67 67 67 67 68 68 67 102 19, 20 12,114

Ogden , Ada Overholt, Faul ine


Patterson, Eliz2beth Ann Grace II.':CLxine Helen }etricin John Nile Oscar T ~y lor Ralph Emerson VT2l tcr R. Walter Trnul Peck, Florence I.1c:trgaret Pegg, Mary I1argn.ret Pendry, Th ,:,mns Pennell , Dorothy Gene fey ton, Bettie Helen LeRoyd Milton J""inder, Ch8rles Dorothy Ethyl Powers, Bslie

56 56 56 56 45 56


Ge orge O. Harry Jemefsie John E. J OShU2. May Alice


56 45

93 51 87 47 72 72 72 72 74 74 74

40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40




Powers, Phoebe Florence Robert ". !\1. ; 'redmore, Nancy Jane Press, Beatrice Emma Price, Ch~rles Ethel May Stelle::. ?ridm0re, J ohn Pr.offitt, ~ . Linda Lee Paul Edward Ralph Rcmdall Rea'5 'Allen Daniel Elizabeth Isaac Isai2.h Levi Margaret Hebecca Robert Ruth Ann Reed, Annabelle Mac Russell Re illy, Opal Rhinehart, Elsea Tharon Robert ThD.r.en Rife, Jennie Riffle , Alva o. 93, Geraldine Alice 93, Gladys Ava 57, Grace Alvina Riley, Nettie Mary Roberts, Dewey K. Robinson, Carolyn Glenn C. Hazel Corrine James Parker Thomas C. Robson, Howard Fran~lin John Howard Judith Anne Kerne.n McGary raul Allen Ruth Dexter Wm. A.

William Lee Rolf or Rollo Rolby, Clara Lucille Rolland, Anna Mary Thomas Rosebrook, Elizabeth

40 40 .40 79 61 60 60 60 44 73 73 73 짜..:

32 32 32 32 32 32 60 32 32 32 59 59 59 37

81 81 54

93 94 94

93 81 39 67 67

67 67 67 58 58 58

41 41 41 41 41 2

39 60 60 60 79,80



Dickin~~d Fami~

Scott, Enoch M. 32 M~ry Ann 32 Seaward, Hildred 80 Scholle, Marie 73 Schoolcraft, Jess 81 Jessie Wane 81 Martha Sue 81 Schulsvig, Margaret 53 Semester, Edith 54 Shafer, Lorena 34 Sharp, Myrtle 86 Shaw, Della 40 Sherburn, Frank 38 Helen Blanche 38 Margc,re t Dale 39 39 Mary Elizabeth Shinn, Cara Belle 66,67 Glenn 71 Julia Matilda 6~,67 Kenneth 71 Lee Margaret 71 Lewis Ellsworth 66 Leonidas 66 Mason L. 71 Robert 71 Robert Orville 67 Wayne 71 Short, Etta Riley 37 Slentz, Addie Florence 29 Henry 29 John G. 30 Lydia Ann 29 Mary Pearl 30 Ruth 30 Smith, Arthur 56 44 Donna Ruth Elizabeth 60 Emerson Ivl. 55 Frank 44, 60 J. J. 44 Maud 90 Naomi I'路1urle 56 Nelson 44 Raymond 44 Ruth Hazel 55, 56 Wilmer 56 Sp~ncer, Ray 63 Ruth 63 Fa~ily


Stafford, Andrew Jackson 93 58 Caroline 60 Cora 93 Ernest Edwin 59 Grace 69 Harile

Stafford, Ida Iva James Julia Lucille Mary , Pearl Samuel Sarah Ruth Thomas 58, Stalter, Katherine Stanchfi~ld, Lena Starbuck, Lydia George Samuel Sanford starkey, Isa Starrick, Keturah Steffan, Anthony Sutton Steinberger, Alva Curtis Curtis Martin Daniel Lemon Earl Wonders Elizabeth Margaret Margery K. iviary Julia Minerva Ruth Nancy Olivia Stevens, 1-JIargaret li~Jarie Roy Robert Roy Stevenson, Rebecca Stitt, Annatte Stolba, Pauline stout, Elsie E. Stuckey, Fannie Sunderm2n, Edna Sutherland, Sarah Jane Sutton, Dorothy Frank George Walter GGrtrude Grace Guy R. Jane Jasper G. Jessie John Johnath?n Lillian Matilda Jane May Maude Milton Walter French

59 59 58, 59 58, 60

59 58, 60 60 58

93 59, 60




99 99 99 41 86

54 54 90 91 91 91 91 91 91 91 91 42 42 42


59 53 53 27


87 55

54 54, 55 54 54

54 54 55 55

54 54 55 81

54 54 54 55

__ 136 S;!/~nder,


Margie Ruby

47 47 47

Tayp, Charlott Mildred 59 Dorothy May 59 Ernest 59 Erne st Milton 59 (John Gi lbert 59 Le ",v"is Vincent 59 Rebecca Ca ther'ine 59 Taylor, Samuel 87 . Terrell, J ames Edward 51 Paul Le'vvis 51 Rolford L. 51 Thomas family 77 Thompson, Blanche K.38,39 Clif ford 69 John 69 Jobn, Jr. 69 Bargt:1 ret Deborah 93 Titus, Nancy Ann 55 Tradition 1 44 Turner, Henry Van Geison, Dortha Lorene Lee 3:l1sVl orth I\.r;. rg~ret

Virgil Vergiline V/yne ta Vivian Vern on, Maryetta



71 71 . 71 71 92

Wagner, Be tty VIae 50 H. Ray 50 Th omo. s Edwin 50 45 Waitz, lEla Anna 'NRlker, Be lle 87,88 Dolly 87 ',i/a llnce, Liz zie Amanda 80 Helen H. 85 'Narren, Dorothy 71 71 Joyce Robert 71 40 Watson, Gail Webster, John Philip 70 ~.T ohn Rich:::trd 70 'Neife l, Lesli e E. 28 Weller, DeWi tt 72 ~ a tri c ia Dickinson 72 Vlhi tehill, J ennie 45 Wildemuth, Norman J. 57 Williams, Flossie K. 62 John 44, 47 No.ncy 44, 47

Wilson," Dorothy Eldeon Jack '!/illiams Margnret JeF.'.n Robert Leroy Thoma s Erskine Windham, J ~mE;S Winner, Ch:-'.rles Ellis M2.ry Eliz[tbeth Minnie ':londers, . Chr;,r le s D. Daniel George George Franklin L2,Wrence M ~ rgnret - Elizabeth Mc~ ry

Caroline Woodburn, James Dnllas Eva s C. Woodward family \Jorrnll family Worsham, Harry Wren, F. R. Sarah Ann Wright, Chcr1e s Ga ius Dona ld rvicC10ud Dorothy C:~se Hi~rry


Jose phine Lord Luc ia ;/a1ker Mildred Florence Thomns H~ Yeager, Alvira Dori s r"ic:.y Durfy Edwin J. S. Thom~s

Yeazell, Ellen James M['. ry


Vim. E.

Yore, Bernice Adelia Burnett Donnld Martin Eleanor Kathryn Eug s ne Elliott J e-.mes R. John Martin Marmon Young, J~mes Allan James Otis J Alice Joyce Anne

70 70 70 70 70

~~ 37 36

90 88 89, 90 90 90 89 89, 90 72 72 1 (0'3

1 28 80 49 49 28

39 39 28

39 39 28


69 69 69 69 69 69 28 28 28 28 28 28

61 61 62 62 62 61


61, 路.62 94 94 94 94


Zirrmerman, Ccnrad F. Eugene Frederick Helen Catherine RalDh Conrad Ruth Emma Zane, Isaac, Jtr.

26 26 26

26 26


Dickinson Clan-Maddox  

Dickinson family geneology