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>> Get this Report Now by email! CAPACITY ADDITIONS AND OTHER CHANGES 20 DSM Increases Capacity for New Polyamides 20 Arkema Increases Production of Rilsan Polyamides 20 Ube Begins Polyamide Production in South America 21 DuPont Goes Ahead with Asian Polyamide Expansion Plans 21 Lanxess Plans New Polyamide Plant 21 Evonik to Build Polyamide 12 Plants in Asia and Europe 21 Rhodia Ups Polyamide Production 21 Arkema Increases Polyamide Capacities in Asia 21 BASF Expands Polyamide Capacity 22 BASF Buys South American Polyamide Business 22 Russian-Based Polyamide 22 GLOBAL PRODUCERS AND TRADE-NAMED PRODUCTS 22 TABLE 6 KEY GLOBAL POLYAMIDE PRODUCERS AND TRADE-NAMED PRODUCTS 22 MARKET ESTIMATES AND FORECASTS 23 TABLE 7 GLOBAL POLYAMIDE MARKET BY APPLICATION, THROUGH 2018 (MILLION LBS) 23 TABLE 8 GLOBAL POLYAMIDE AUTOMOTIVE MARKET BY SEGMENT, THROUGH 2018 (MILLION LBS) 24 NEW POLYAMIDE DEVELOPMENTS 24 Polyamide Eyewear Frames 24 Brighter LEDs with Polyamide 46 24 Polyamide 6,6 Meets Drinking Water Standards 24 Tough Polyamides via Crosslinking 25 Filament-Wound Polyamides for Compressed Air Tanks 25 Appliance Connector made from Flame-Retardant Polyamides 25 Castor Oil Sources for New Polyamide Grades 25 Polyamides Made from Natural Fiber 25 New Polyamides for Notebook Products 25 DuPont's Zytel Polyamide Aimed at Automotive Market 25 Large Polyamide Oil Pans Available 26 Polyamide Dampens Noise in Sports Cars 26 Polyamide Spare Wheel Frame 26 New Line of Renewably Resourced High-Temperature Polyamides 26 Polyamides for Laser Sintering 26 New Polyamides for "Crash Optimization" 26 Automotive Thermoforming 26 Polyamide Composites for Autos 27 Possible Polyamide 12 Shortages 27 Thermoformed Polyamide for Marine Applications 27 Thermoformed Polyamide for Automotive Applications 27 Glass-Filled Thermoformed Polyamide 28 More High-Temperature Polyamides 28 More Alternatives to Polyamide 612 28 More Heat-Resistant Polyamides 28 Polyamide Photovoltaic Mounting Systems 28 Polyamides Provides Needed Requirements for Ball Bearings 28 POLYPHTHALAMIDES (PPA) 29

Engineering Resins, Polymer Alloys and Blends: Global Markets (From Issuu)

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Engineering Resins, Polymer Alloys and Blends: Global Markets  
Engineering Resins, Polymer Alloys and Blends: Global Markets  

INTRODUCTIONSTUDY GOALS AND OBJECTIVESThe objective of this study is to provide a detailed analysis of engineering resins along with polymer...