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>> Get this Report Now by email! Enclosure-Related Plastic Usage and Applications 191 Still a Competitive Scenario 192 Cost Performance 193 TABLE 72 COMPARISONS OF RESINS FOR ELECTRONIC ENCLOSURE APPLICATIONS BASED ON COST PERFORMANCE 193 TABLE 73 THE BEST- AND WORST-PERFORMING RESINS AND RESIN BLENDS FOR ELECTRONIC ENCLOSURES 193 Costs 194 Significance of Thin-Walling on Resin Selection 194 Other Important Issues 195 Flame Retardancy 195 Background 195 Overview 196 Testing Agencies and Requirements 196 Environmental Ratings 197 TABLE 74 APPLYING PLASTICS SCORECARD TO ELECTRONIC ENCLOSURES 197 The European Union's RoHS Directive 197 The WEEE Directive 198 New Developments 199 Less Plastic and More Metal Enclosures 199 Market Estimates and Forecasts 200 TABLE 75 GLOBAL ENGINEERING RESIN AND POLYMER ALLOYS/BLENDS ELECTRONIC/ELECTRIC MARKETS, THROUGH 2018 (MILLION LBS) 200 MEDICAL DEVICES 200 STATUS OF THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY 200 OVERALL PLASTIC USAGE 201 POLYMERS USED 201 Background 201 Overview 201 Commodity Thermoplastics 201 Engineering Resins 202 Thermoset Resins 202 Overall Resin Usage in Medical Devices 202 TABLE 76 SELECTED RESIN USAGE BY TYPE OF MEDICAL DEVICE 202 SPECIFIC ENGINEERING RESIN/ALLOY-BLENDS USAGE IN MEDICAL APPLICATIONS 203 Polyamides 203 Polycarbonates 204 Overview 204 Specific Examples 204 Renal Dialysis 204 Surgical Instruments 204 Cardiac Surgery Products 205 Polyesters 205 Polysulfones 205 Overview 205 Polyimides 206 Overview 206

Engineering Resins, Polymer Alloys and Blends: Global Markets (From Issuu)

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Engineering Resins, Polymer Alloys and Blends: Global Markets  
Engineering Resins, Polymer Alloys and Blends: Global Markets  

INTRODUCTIONSTUDY GOALS AND OBJECTIVESThe objective of this study is to provide a detailed analysis of engineering resins along with polymer...