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cracking up City repairs sidewalks near two schools coMMuNiTY 4

Brookhaven Reporter

APRiL 19 — mAy 2, 2013 • VoL. 5 — no. 8


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Busy making it beautiful

unfair, unjust DeKalb students vent over accreditation issue coMMENTARY 8

free ride

chris Horner, left, gets an assist with trash collection from his wife Valena, while they help clean up Briarwood park in Brookhaven on April 6. The event, organized by the friends of Briarwood park, attracted volunteers who cleared underbrush and cut a new trail. More photos on page 28.

easy-on-the-wallet concerts this season ouT & ABouT 18

Mental help skyland Trail assists young adults in need HEALTH 20-21

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city receives funds for apartment inspections By Melissa WeinMan

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Ashford park Elementary parents pursuing charter By Melissa WeinMan

DeKalb County has agreed to provide Brookhaven with $500,000 from federal grants to be used for inspecting and improving apartment buildings along Buford Highway. At the Brookhaven City Council’s work session April 9, City Manager Marie Garrett said DeKalb County’s Community Development Department will pass a portion of its federal grant money to the city. The federal block grant funds will allow the city to inspect one apartment building a week. Officials will be able to inspect all

A group of parents wants to turn Ashford Park Elementary School into a charter school. Advocates say becoming a charter school will allow more flexibility and autonomy from the school system’s central office in exchange for greater accountability and achievement. Shawn Keefe, co-president of the Ashford Park School Education Foundation, said he and other parents are planning a town hall meeting in the next few weeks. It would be a forum for parents and teachers to ask questions and learn from charter school

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Kadyn Helena Solodar, Au.D. Williams, KadynAu.D. Helena Solodar, Au.D. Williams, Au.D.

04-19-2013 Brookhaven Reporter  
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