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Treating Hemorrhoids Using Household Remedies Evaluating Hemorrhoid Treatments For Efficacy Let's be real, hemorrhoids are awful and they hurt, and all you really want to do is find a way to make them disappear forever. While hemorrhoids can be distressing, they are usually not that hard to successfully treat. Occasionally one has to exercise patience with this condition simply because everyone does not respond the same to the standard treatments. If at all possibly, you will help yourself in the future if you can determine any of your habits that tend to make your hemorrhoids worsen. Next up we'll take a good look at three hemorrhoid treatments that are effective in some people. One hemorrhoid treatment that is all natural, and might even be considered a folk remedy, is apple cider vinegar. Hemorrhoids is on a long list of treatments that this home remedy is used for. Some of the healing, or treatment, uses for apple cider vinegar include anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial applications. In order to benefit, the standard approach is to add a small measure to a glass of water and drink it, and you need to do that every day. You may put the mixture directly on your hemorrhoids, and you can find some who will suggest you do that; however, we do know that some people react differently and there can be too much irritation with that approach. In addition to oral ingestion, you can find good herbal ointments for external application. Garlic is another simple and completely natural treatment for hemorrhoids. Powerful healing and antiinflammatory properties can be found in garlic. There are a variety of ways you can take garlic. While you can obviously eat it in foods, it's often easier to ingest garlic capsules. They are highly concentrated and you can forget about garlic breath. Garlic can also reduce swelling and pain by being applied externally to hemorrhoids. Placing a teaspoon of crushed garlic on square gauze can create a simple garlic compress. Apply this to the anal area for about ten or fifteen minutes, and this will reduce inflammation and destroy any harmful bacteria in that region. You may not know about treating hemorrhoids with lasers, but the usual approach is to save that for the very last resort. But only the worst hemorrhoid conditions receive that treatment after everything else has been tried. This treatment is fast - about quarter of an hour and you're out the door, and it's usually done in the doctors office. This is something you'll probably need medical insurance to help with as it is expensive. There's no harm broaching the subject with your doctor, but there may be some reluctance until other approaches have been given a shot. Understandably, when you have hemorrhoids, you want relief yesterday and also want to find something that works - fast. Usually, you don't have to wait too long for the problem to clear up, especially if you apply one of the methods discussed above. It is completely up to you, but if something just doesn't work - then move on and try something else. No matter how long you have suffered with hemorrhoids, just decide that you're going to do something about it and get cracking on it - today!

Treating Hemorrhoids Using Household Remedies  

the healing, or treatment, uses for apple cider vinegar include anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

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