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WE ARE BACK! Wedges/Ledges of California Inc. Inventor of the Joy Stick Crane, Legal Pushers in California, Twister, Pogger, Winner’s Wheel, Gumsucker and Mega Bonus is now introducing a line of high-end prize redemption cranes.

CRANES DESIGNED FOR HIGH-END PRIZES Based on time versus difficulty these cranes award winners with MP4’s, Jewelry, Perfume and Expensive Prizes. With plays from a quarter to $$$$$ these cranes restrict winning to one in several hundred plays without auto-percentaging. Difficulty can be set, easy to hard, by variables in the game operation, not through electronic manipulation. Minit to Hitit cranes have a choice of awarding high-end prizes or redemption tickets depending on how you run a game room. Visit Our Website NOW for Special Pricing! Call Stuart or Steve … 800-553-3439


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REDEMPTION ROUNDUP A COMPENDIUM OF MERCHANDISE FOR PRIZE COUNTERS, SELF-MERCHANDISERS & MORE • PLUSH TOYS • CANDY & GUM • NOVELTIES • JEWELRY • LICENSED MERCHANDISE • • HATS • TATTOOS • STICKERS • GAMES • NFL • MLB • NBA • NHL • COLLEGE • • ELECTRONICS • PARTY PACKS • CAPSULES • BALLS • BLING • Companies wishing to display their wares in this special prize section, should contact Barry Zweben, Advertising Director, at 818/776-2880 or email

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