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Pre Special Edition Repak Awards 2013

Repak Update

Repak Update Repak recycling awards special edition

This special edition of the Repak Update is designed to give Repak member companies an idea of the different Awards categories, with information on previous years’ successful projects and initiatives. Your company can then decide which category best suits the projects you have been developing. Expressions of interest are invited for all categories and you can enter now by filling out this very brief form. The closing date for application is May 10th and the Awards themselves will be presented in conjunction with the Member’s Conference in early October. If you have any queries, please contact us by email or by phone on 01 467 0190

Repak Recycling Awards Categories: • Packaging Prevention Initiative • Best Sustainable Packaging Design • Best Practice - Retailer • Best Practice - Hospitality • Member Of The Year

Repak Update - awards edition Best Packaging Prevention Initiative Scope: The Repak Best Prevention Initiative award is intended to promote the optimisation of packaging, with specific focus on the prevention of excess packaging entering the supply chain. This prevention of packaging can be achieved through: • Removal of packaging no longer required eg. removing cardboard boxes where they may have been replaced by shrinkwrap • Reduction in packaging used e.g. reducing the weight of a product wrapper by lightweighting the material used • Reuse of packaging for multiple trips e.g. changing deliveries from single-use pallets to a reusable pallet loop.

Old v New Packages Eircom Group Winner, Packaging Prevention Initiative 2012

Eligibility: This award is open to all Repak members, including those from small businesses up to the larger multinational companies. Interested companies are invited to submit details of relevant projects or initiatives undertaken or completed which address the scope laid out above. Previous winners: This awards category was introduced in 2006 to reward those companies that have gone the extra mile regarding packaging optimisation. All our finalists have progressed upwards through the waste hierarchy, starting with excellent recycling practices they have gone on to develop clever reuse loops and evolved to using only the minimum amount of packaging possible. These are the leaders in packaging optimisation and the results of their efforts have led to reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction. This award has matured over the years and is now very highly valued by our member companies. Examples of recent winners include (click on the links for more details): 2012 – Eircom Group 2011 – Arvato 2010 – Kraft Foods Registration: To register, simply click on the link below and just supply your contact details as requested. We will then contact you during May and arrange a convenient time to meet on-site and complete your application form together. Registration Form If you have any questions please contact John Coleman at Repak Membership Office by phone: 01 461 9229 or email:

Repak Update - awards edition sustainable packaging design This award is intended to support good ideas in packaging design that lead to improvements in sustainability for the companies that develop them. Clever, cost efficient solutions that enhance the products they contain, while respecting their environment at the same time is what the judges will be looking for in this award.

Plant based PET bottles. An example of sustainable packaging design

Scope: The award is intended to recognise companies or businesses that have been successful in introducing sustainable packaging designs to the Irish market. The scope is broader than the established packaging prevention award and includes projects such as eco-friendly sourcing of packaging materials, increased usage of recylates and changing to simpler, more recyclable materials.

Eligibility: This is a new award this year, open to all Repak members and including all types of business. Any projects begun or fully implemented will be considered. Interested companies should submit their details and an outline of the project to be considered by following the registration details below. Examples: The following examples are shown to suggest the type of project we are looking for in this award: • Replacement of petroleum based materials with bio-based alternatives • Reduced number of components in pack (e.g. removal of electronic accessories) • Increased concentration, reduced pack size (e.g. pressurised containers) • Compostable packaging • Sustainable marketing initiatives, etc. Registration: If interested in applying for the award, please log on to the Repak Awards section on and look under ‘Membership Awards’. For further information contact Colm Munnelly at the Repak Membership Office – tel: 01 461 9237 or email:

Repak Update - awards edition best Practice - retailer Scope: This award is open to all retailers including multiple and symbol groups who are invited to submit details of a specific project undertaken or completed to further the objectives outlined in the waste pyramid illustrated below.

Seamus McGovern, GM, Ryans SuperValu, Glanmire, Cork Winner 2012

In previous years this award focussed primarily on the recycling of packaging materials, an area of environmental importance that has now been developed to a high degree of excellence and best practice by most major retail groups and bigger independent retailers. With a view to broadening the scope of the retailer award for 2013, Repak has decided to extend the award to all retailers, including multiple and symbol groups and independents of all trade sectors. The ideals encompassed in the waste pyramid may be referenced by nominees for the award. Expressions of interest are invited from all retailers, i.e. multiple groups, symbol group head offices, as well as individual independent symbol grocery retailers, pharmacists, hardware/DIY, health food stores, etc. who have developed or completed specific projects with reference to the aims of the waste pyramid as set out in the diagram to the right.

John Curran, Musgrave Group Examples: As might be expected, previous years winners have invested heavily in staff selection and training, often under the guidance of senior management. Highlights of sustainability programmes can include: •

Projects introduced to reduce, reuse or recycle waste generated on-site

Details of cost savings achieved on waste management year on year

Details of annual waste to landfill reductions

Overall recycling rate increases year on year

Registration: To register, simply click here and just supply your contact details as requested. We will then contact you during May and arrange a convenient time to meet on-site and complete your application form together. Contact Bob Cullen at Repak Membership Office – tel: 01 461 9222 or email: if you have any queries regarding this award.

Repak Update - awards edition Best Practice - Hospitality The Repak Award, Best Practice – Hospitality, is presented to the hotel which has demonstrated outstanding attention to detail and innovation in the area of waste management. The emphasis for this award is always on reducing the amount of waste generated on-site, finding ways to effectively deal with unavoidable waste generated and in some instances, utilising ‘waste’ items in a reuse fashion to create a new product or service for customers and the local community.

Examples: There are numerous examples of initiatives which have caught the judges’ attention in previous years. These have included:

The River Lee Hotel Winner, Best Practice - Hospitality 2012

• jam jars for the morning condiments which were washed out, saved and later reused as cocktail glasses in the hotel bar. • The setting up of on-site or community composting initiatives, which are always particularly popular in golf and resort hotels. • Last years’ winning hotel had an enterprising head chef who worked with the local dry foods supplier to develop baked goods recipes specially created to allow for precombined bulk delivery of the required ingredients with the knock on effect of a faster prep time. Scope: Always a hotly contested category, this year the Repak Best Practice – Hospitality Award has become more inclusive, with entries invited from all hospitality sectors. This means that all licenced premises, bars and restaurants are eligible to enter and compete so that all those providing a hospitality service to people from Ireland and visitors from around the world have an opportunity to be recognised for their achievements in waste management. Eligability: If your business is a bar, restaurant, licenced premises or hotel and has introduced new initiatives in the area of waste management, reduction, reuse or recycling, then why not get the recognition you deserve and put your name forward to be considered for the Best Practice - Hospitality Award. Registration: Simply contact Niamh MacKenzie on 01 4670190 and at or visit the link here to complete the short application form.

Repak Update - awards edition best member award The objective of the Repak Recycling Awards is to recognise the Repak members who have made

major contributions to Ireland’s environment through sustainable business practises and recycling. They distinguish the efforts and ingenuity of the Repak members in the area of packaging prevention, reuse and recycling. Repak has over the last ten years, organised and administered a national recycling awards system for all members. The main objective of these awards is to promote competition and excellence in packaging and packaging waste management and recycling. Scope: Repak Member of the Year Award is Repak’s Premier Award. It is presented to the Repak member who has demonstrated an excellence in waste management best practice and a high level of partnership and participation in the Repak scheme. Eligibility: This year the best member award will be adjudicated from across the range of applicants in all of the four awards’ categories. The three companies who demonstrate the best all-round waste management, sustainable practices and packaging waste prevention initiatives from all of the awards’ categories will be shortlisted for the Repak Best Member of the Year Award 2013. Previous Winners: arvato Hightech EMEA won the Best Packaging Prevention Initiative award in 2011 and continued in 2012 to drive environmental improvement in all areas of their business. They used their success in 2011 to build momentum and continued to implement projects. By systematically reducing their packaging to optimum levels as well as increasing the amount of material they recycled and by sharing this information with other Repak members through case studies for Repak publications, arvato Hightech EMEA was awarded the Repak Member of the Year Award for 2012.

arvato Hightech EMEA arvato Hightech EMEA beat off tough competition to scoop Repak’s most prestigious Award for Best Member. In doing this, arvato Hightech EMEA was recognised for its commitment to reducing their companies packaging waste by 20% through its pioneering ‘Project Icarus’ The Musgrave Group was the winner of the Repak Best Member award in 2011. Musgrave Group worked very closely with Repak over the past number of years including offering case studies for Repak publications, working with suppliers to reduce their packaging, and are represented on the packaging prevention steering group.

Repak Ltd. Red Cow Interchange Estate 1 Ballymount Rd. Clondalkin Dublin 22 01 4670190

Repak Update - Issue 3 - Special Edition Awards 2013  
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