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This is the OPPO R9s, the mobile that faces the iPhone Oppo service center in Bangalore says that It is not the fastest. Not the most powerful. Although aesthetics is something very subjective, it is not the most beautiful either. It does not even have a striking design or surprising innovations. And, in addition, it is manufactured by a brand very little known in the West. However, the OPPO R9s has been the most sold Chinese mobile in the world during the first quarter of this year. According to Strategy Analytics , between January and March, 8.9 million units were sold, which gives it a market share of 2.5% globally and the bronze medal in the world ranking.

Oppo R9S

The R9s have only surpassed the iPhone 7 (21.5 million units and 6.1% market share) and the iPhone 7 Plus (17.4 million and 4.9%). As if that were not enough, the OPPO terminal is at a considerable distance from the next classified, the Samsung Galaxy J3, which sold 2.8 million units less. Thus, the figures confirm the Chinese brand as one of the world's largest manufacturers, the fourth or fifth according to who gives the figures, something that was glimpsed when last year the predecessor R9 became the best-selling mobile of the Asian giant . It is, without doubt, a heroic feat for a smartphone that generates most of its sales in only two markets: China and India.

The best mobiles solded: In fact, despite the fact that the R9s can be obtained in Spain through alternative channels such as Aliexpress for around 400 euros , the success of OPPO is the

confirmation that its strategy in India, where rapid growth has made it the third most important brand sold, it bears fruit fast. What's more, the latest flagship of the indian brand, the F3Plus , was presented in New Delhi and, interestingly, is not sold in China. "We see some saturation in the domestic market and major oppo mobile service center in bangalore and major cities and we believe that India is the most promising country in terms of growth", tells EL PAĂ?S a source of the brand that prefers to remain anonymous. "At the moment, we do not want to return to developed markets like Europe," he advances. But what does the R9s have to dazzle the public as much as the predecessor it looks a lot like? The answer should not be sought in a specific element but in the solidity of the whole. The OPPO terminal works perfectly and, although it does not stand out in any section, it is remarkable in all. Starting with the design, bland but stylized and with outstanding finishes that give it a 'premium' look, it has a powerful processor (the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 with eight cores operating at a maximum frequency of 2.0 Ghz) accompanied by 4GB of RAM -More than enough for all users-, and mounted an excellent 5.5-inch screen with FHD resolution and one of the best pairs of cameras on the market.

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OPPO with brightest lens :

Oppo with brightest lense

For its part, the main camera also provides high quality results. In large part, that's because OPPO has decided to use the brightest lens on the market (f 1.7), similar to the one mounted by the latest high-end Samsung Galaxy, combined with a 16megapixel sensor in which the size of each point is somewhat larger than in most phones (1.12 Îźm). The only downside is the lack of a mechanical optical stabilizer that helps even more to take clear pictures in very low light conditions - at night or in poorly lit interiors - although the electronic stabilizer is satisfactory in video recording, with resolution of up to 4K. Finally, the operating system, the Android Color OS layer, is very intuitive and complete. It has a multitude of customizable functions. Above all, a wide range of gestures: just bring the phone to the ear to pick up a call, flip it over the table to reject it, and when in the middle of a conversation we move away from the ear phone automatically goes to the speaker. Which, incidentally, offers a clear and powerful sound? And any problems with the audio quality can be replaced by online oppo service center in bangalore

Then there is the simple mode , which drastically reduces the number of applications on the screen while considerably increasing the size of their icons. It is highly recommended for people with visual problems or for those who do not get along especially well with technology and prefer to have only the essential functions in sight. Also, designed for elderly or dependent, that simple mode has an SOS button that can be configured to make a call to emergency services or a specific

phone number. In China we have seen several people of the Third Age using this system.

Although it does not lack goodness, it is easy to ask if they are enough to make the OPPO R9s the best selling Chinese phone. Especially when there are competitive terminals that far exceed the specifications of this terminal for a very similar price. To put two examples released more or less at the same time, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and the Xiaomi Mix have 2 GB of more RAM, a much more powerful processor (the Snapdragon 821), and the aesthetic appeal of the curved screen or without just frames. But they fail to beat the R9s.

Lets service

The reason must be sought in the commercial strategy. OPPO is especially strong in traditional stores, while Xiaomi sells mostly online and only last year began to open physical stores. This makes OPPO the undisputed leader of the less developed areas of China, where some one billion people live. In addition, it invests a lot in advertising and has built a good image thanks to a fast and efficient after-sales service. Xiaomi, however, sees their numbers weighed down by the difficulty of getting their terminals like oppo care in bangalore.

And Huawei, that the first quarter of this year has been the best-selling brand in China -with 18% of market share compared to 17% of OPPO, according to Canalys- , has a catalog too broad to achieve that one of its Models are among the best sellers. Precisely, concentrating the efforts of the company in a small number of devices every year is also shown as an appropriate strategy for OPPO, although the similarity with Apple is obvious. By the way, in regard to the design of the R9s, the resemblance to the iPhone also goes beyond the reasonable.

This is the OPPO R9s, the mobile that faces the iPhone  

Oppo service center in Bangalore says that It is not the fastest. Not the most powerful. Although aesthetics is something very subjective, i...

This is the OPPO R9s, the mobile that faces the iPhone  

Oppo service center in Bangalore says that It is not the fastest. Not the most powerful. Although aesthetics is something very subjective, i...