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About iPhone and Macbook Screen Repair Service

With A Brand New Part We specialize in iPhone screen repair and replacements for iPhones between iPhone 5 and 6S Plus (5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus). When we replace the screen on your iphone we replace it with a brand new part that is still sealed from the factory

The Quality Of Screens we get to control the quality of screens that get installed on your phone since we know what factory we get the screens from we also know the quality that those screens will be

Benefits Of Having Your Screen Replaced Here Screens are brand new. You get a better quality screen. You receive a better warranty. The screens are more durable.

Drawbacks Of Refurbished Screens They have been through an impact.They are Iphone screen repair usually put together poorly.It is impossible to tell when they will go out

Choose The Cheapest Repair Hopefully after reading this you now have a better idea of what is out on the market and why you shouldn’t always choose the cheapest repair possible.

How Long Does It Take To Replace My Screen? Usually it takes less than an hour. It all depends on how many devices we have in. We operate by first come first serve so sometimes you will have to wait a little more than an hour.

In Which Areas Do We Repair IPhone Screens? We are located in Happy Valley, OR so primarily we service the local people around Happy Valley, Clackamas, Damascus and Gresham. It is not uncommon for us to get customers that come from Downtown Portland, Lake Oswego or Estacada. Sometimes we get customers from as far out as Hillsboro and Vancouver, WA.

Why New Screens For Ipad? You are probably thinking; I am going to save a couple of dollar bills when I opt for refurbished screens. Why then would I choose new screens? Well, you stand so much to gain when you choose brand new iPad screen replacement

Value For Money Have gone through an intensive impact before.Are damage prone than new ones.Have shorter life span macbook screen repair.Are assembled in haste.Are likely to get damaged when you least expect it

We’ve Got You Covered Is the screen type of size worrying you off? It shouldn’t! For more than ten years, we have replaced and repaired varied laptop screens the easier way. Our services are fast, cost effective and reliable.

Solution At Hand When our experts recommend laptop screen replacements, we will always insist on new and original screens. Going for a refurbished lapto screen might sound like a good idea, at least p pocket wise

Get In Touch With Us So how can you get a quick and affordable screen repair service? We are here to sort you out. Depending on how soon you need it done, we can repair your iPad screen within an hour.

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About iphone and macbook screen repair service  

We specialize in iPhone screen repair and replacements for iPhones between iPhone 5 and 6S Plus (5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus). When we...

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