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by somi kakoma Directed by lileana blain-cruz

sept 10–oct 3

Major Sponsor W H I T A K E R F O U N D A T I O N

CANFIELD DRIVE, Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University, 2020. Director Ron Himes. Left to right: Benjamin Speed ’22, Gabby Watson ’23, Jailyn Genyse ’23, Lize Lewy ’22. Photo by Phillip Hamer



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It is an incredible gift to join you, in person, today in our beloved home to bear witness to the dawn of this beautiful story. More than ever, I sit in awe of our collective resilience as we have weathered an unprecedented year and a half, that brought isolation and loss as well as profound hope and a beacon of light illuminating our shared humanity. So many of you reached out during our extended intermission with words of encouragement, your dreams for the future written on cards with donations to help keep the ghost light glowing, and your prayers for the day we could return to the theatre to celebrate the indomitable spirit of St. Louis together. Thank you for the calls, emails and letters asking when we would be able to experience the world premiere of Somi Kakoma’s beautifully epic and spiritually profound musical odyssey, Dreaming Zenzile. I am incredibly excited to be part of birthing a story that unearths the treasured memories and experiences of multi-talented musical legend, humanitarian and anti-apartheid activist, Miriam Makeba. Tonight, we travel across time guided by the ancestors to delve deeply into the childhood, love, passion and sacrifices of Mama Africa, framed against the backdrop of her final concert and last night on this earthly plane. Rich with the sonic tapestry of some of Makeba’s greatest works, this story of brilliance, fortitude, love and humanity is brought to life with grace and passion by global music sensation, Somi Kakoma. Several years ago, I sat in the lobby of a downtown hotel in Baltimore enraptured by the threads of Somi’s dream for Dreaming Zenzile. She was deep in the development process, but the glimmers of how important this work could be for the American theatrical canon were clear. I am honored that she has entrusted The Rep to be a part of the journey of this boundless unveiling. Thank you for sharing in the liberating journey of Dreaming Zenzile. Furthermore, thank you for your extraordinary support and for being here to bear witness and celebrate the launch of a bold new season and future for The Rep. May this play fill you with hope, joy and peace as we head into a thrilling 21-22 season.




MAMA AFRICA’S PARADOXICAL ODYSSEY Growing up in the early ‘70s meant you knew, listened and identified with Miriam Makeba’s advocacy against Apartheid. The echoes of her songs were forever etched in one’s soul. It opened my eyes to the darkness of colonialism in Africa, birthing Apartheid thus shifting power from Black Africans to Whites. Miriam grew up poor, the youngest child of five children to a Swazi mother and a Xhosa father 16 years before Apartheid began. Born Zenzile Miriam Makeba in Johannesburg, she single handedly introduced the West to Zulu music, influencing pop music with Swahili, Sotho and Xhosa. Her woeful odyssey began at 18 days through six months, which she spent in prison with her mother whose arrest was for no apparent reason. During this time, the South African government ruled Black South Africans with an iron fist. Miriam came of age and worked two jobs in white neighborhoods. She married a policeman, Gooli, at 17 who physically abused her. She ran away to work in the city while mother helped with her child. Miriam’s musical talent was recognized when she joined The Cuban Brothers, then The Manhattan Brothers, and eventually an all girl-group, The Skylarks. She was invited to Europe to perform, where she met American singer Harry Belafonte who became her mentor.


Th e Reper tory Theatr e of S t. L ou is

Her popularity enabled her to testify against the South African government at the UN. It resulted in her being exiled from her country; she was unable to attend her mother’s funeral. Her activism had transcended Africa, resulting in her being exiled for 30 years. With Belafonte’s help Miriam emigrated to the US. Her activism resonated with Stokely Carmichael, a leader of the Black Panthers. Their marriage was met with animosity from white fans and the US government, so her label dropped her. The couple moved to Guinea where President Tourè gave them a home. She married a few more times. Miriam always sang with intense charisma, sashaying in a genteel manner. You couldn’t help but be warmed as her lyrics belted about hope, grief and the pain of Black Africans and of Black Americans. Her heritage of Xhosa and Swazi gave depth of field to her unilateral usage of Zulu music. It served the collaboration with Harry Belafonte, and resulted in a Grammy for them. Zulu lyrics became the artistic mainstay of her successful career. The paradoxical twist to her existentialism of being exiled propelled her to superstardom. In 1990, Miriam was allowed to return home after meeting Nelson Mandela in Sweden. She was named UN Goodwill Ambassador in 1999.

Forty years on, Miriam’s songs are timely, with parallels to the deeply provoked emotions against Apartheid and Segregation. Songs such as “Beware, Verwoerd,” a popular warning song amongst Black Africans that spoke against oppression, was equally unpopular amongst White South Africans. She went on to record “Pata Pata,” which became a global sensation. She is mostly known for her song “Mama Africa.” It gave Black South Africans solace and socially impacted the world which felt the atrocities of Apartheid. Miriam had grown up in the city of Sophiatown, a mixed city popular for its short commute to work. In an evil act against Black South Africans, the government decided the city was too valuable, and leveled it, thus prompting her to write a song of the same name. Grief and pain in the lyrics can be felt when you listen to “Sophiatown is Gone.” Dreaming Zenzile, as a theatrical rendering, celebrates the lows and highs of a painful life, politics and entertainment in its lyricism. Miriam’s passionate activism, her emblem of long suffering at being ostracized from Africa, then from the US, coming full circle to being courageously alone after paying her life dues are explored in this musical narrative. —Sofia Akinyele-Trokey


THE REPERTORY THEATRE OF ST. LOUIS In association with Octopus Theatricals, National Black Theatre, McCarter Theatre Center and New York Theatre Workshop presents

By somi kakoma directed by lileana blain-cruz

Music director

Hervé Samb


Marjani Forté-Saunders

Scenic Designer

Riccardo Hernández

Costume Designer

Mimi Plange

Lighting Designer

Yi Zhao

sound designers

Projection designer


dialect coach

New York Casting by

Justin Ellington, Bill Kirby Hannah Wasileski Talvin Wilks Bridgett Jackson Stewart/Whitley

Duncan Stewart and Benton Whitley, CSA

associate director

associate scenic Designer

associate lighting Designer

associate Projection Designer

choreography consultant

abigail jean-baptiste Jungah Han Emma Deane Kylee Loera Gregory Maqoma

Projections programmer

Brian Abbott

production stage Manager

Egypt Dixon*

Assistant Stage Manager

Alison Cote*

production assistant 8

Th e Reper tory Theatr e of S t. L ou is

Shavante Brogley


miriam “Zenzi” makeba

Somi Kakoma*

sangoma chorus

Aaron Marcellus* Naledi Masilo* Phumzile Sojola* Phindile Wilson*


Hervé Samb


Toru Dodo


Pathe Jassi


Sheldon Thwaites

SETTING A benefit concert in Castel Volturno. November 9, 2008, the night of Miriam Makeba’s final performance. The play will be presented with one intermission.

MAJOR SPONSOR W H I TAK E R F O U N DAT I O N *Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States Dreaming Zenzile was developed with the generous support of Octopus Theatricals, National Black Theatre, The Apollo Theater, Arts Emerson, The Clarice Smith Center’s Artist Partner Program, Baryshnikov Arts Center, Rauschenberg Residency/Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and UCLA Center for the Art of Performance. It was developed at the Sundance Institute Theatre Lab in 2019. Dreaming Zenzile was originally commissioned and developed with the support of Joe’s Pub at The Public. It was also developed in part during a residency at Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York, NY. This work was developed in part during a residency in the SEI Innovation Studio at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. The original music and arrangements of Dreaming Zenzile were made possible through the French American Jazz Exchange, a joint program of FACE Foundation and Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation with generous funding from Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, SACEM, Institut Français and the Ministere de la Culture et de la Communication. Special thanks toThe Miriam Makeba Estate and Mama Africa Cultural & Social Trust for their support and permission to create this work.






House of the Rising Sun

Why Are You Resisting?






Tulips Tulips Tulips


Where Does It Lead?

Black Against White

Swish Slap Swish

Love Tastes Like Strawberries

Do Not Be Scared

Heavy Blue



‘Til There Was You


Sweet Sound of American Jazz

Hapo Zamani

The Echo of You


Run Zenzi Run

Pata Pata (encore)

Olili Ihoyiya The City of Gold Dreaming Zenzile Ema Juba Lakutshon’ilanga Iphindlela



T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is



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T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

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ARRANGEMENT CREDITS “Hapo Zamani” Arrangement: Hugh Masekela “House of the Rising Sun” Arrangement: Miriam Makeba “Ihoyiya” Arrangement: Miriam Makeba

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“Mbombela” Arrangement: Hervé Samb “Milele” Arrangement: Miriam Makeba “Ngicela Indlela” Arrangement: Hervé Samb “Olili (reprise)” Arrangement: Somi Kakoma and Herve Samb “Pata Pata” Arrangement: Somi Kakoma, Toru Dodo, Hervé Samb “The City of Gold” Arrangement: Hervé Samb “Umhome” Arrangement: Hervé Samb “Where Does It Lead?” Arrangement: Somi Kakoma and Hervé Samb

IMAGE CREDIT Legendary South African singer Miriam Makeba image altered and used in final scene/”Pata Pata,” taken by Paul Weinberg, downloaded from Wikipedia

“Khawuleza” Arrangement: Hervé Samb 13


This deep dive into the memory and voice of the great Miriam Makeba has been a wonderful gift. Eleven years ago, she visited me in my dreams when I did not think I could make it through the fog of losing my father. Five years later, I found the courage to reflect on those dreams. Those reflections lead me to this play. Eighteen months ago we tried to put this play on its feet, and the world changed only a few days before opening night. Today, we are still here. What a blessing it is to return to the stage, after months of isolation, and find myself safely surrounded by the genius of fellow artists, cultural workers and art lovers despite the ongoing global challenges. We are still here. Writing Dreaming Zenzile has been a deeply personal journey that perpetually demands that I also reflect on my life as a Black woman, an African voice and an artist. I can honestly say that this work has made me more honest with my own heart and more clear about how freedom articulates itself in life and death. My hope in sharing Miriam Makeba’s story is that we remember her extraordinary legacy and, in doing so, we remember to live as the freest version of ourselves. Now more than ever because, yes, we are still here. Gratitude and infinite love to Mama Miriam, to my parents, to God and to the Ancestors. Somi Kakoma Playwright

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis gratefully acknowleges the outstanding support of

W H I TAK E R F O U N DAT I O N as the major sponsor of Dreaming Zenzile. By supporting excellence in the arts, the Whitaker Foundation promotes art forms and institutions that challenge, entertain and contribute to the overall quality of life of the St. Louis community.


T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is


TORU DODO (Pianist) was born in Tokyo and is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music currently living in New York. A pianist, composer, arranger, producer, author and Grammy nominee, he has released five solo albums. Also one of New York’s most in-demand sidemen, Dodo has worked with jazz luminaries including Kenny Garrett, Benny Golson and Curtis Fuller. Most recently, he has been frequently performing and traveling worldwide with notable singers such as Somi, Nicole Henry, Alicia Olatuja and Laurin Talese. He also has been one of the regular pianists for the Off-Broadway hit show Sleep No More since 2011. His book Excellent Jazz Piano, which features his solo piano arrangements, was published by Rittor Music in Japan in 2008. He performed on Somi’s Holy Room: Live at Alte Oper with Frankfurt Radio Big Band that was nominated for a 2021 Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Album. He has been involved in the creation of Dreaming Zenzile from the beginning and is excited about the world premiere at The Rep.

PATHE JASSI (Bass) has collaborated with a diverse group of accomplished musicians in a career that has spanned over three decades. Originally from Dakar, Senegal, Jassi has traveled the globe performing and recording alongside legendary West African vocalists Youssou N’Dour, Cheikh Lo, Monsour Seck, Baba Maal and guitarist Hervé Samb. In addition, he has lent his artistry to Detroit artists such as Luis Resto, Marcus Belgrave, Wendell Harrison, John Arnold and Mike E. He also worked closely with Sam Sanders, one of Detroit’s jazz legends. Pathe’s rare ability to combine bebop with a polyrhythmic African sound has made him one of Detroit’s most revered jazz musicians.

SOMI KAKOMA (Playwright, Miriam Makeba) was born in Illinois to immigrants from Uganda and Rwanda. Known in the jazz world simply as “Somi,” she has built a career of transatlantic storytelling and is the first African woman ever nominated in any Grammy jazz category (2021, Best Jazz Vocal Album for Holy Room; 2021 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Jazz Vocal Album). Somi’s previous albums include Petite Afrique (2018 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Jazz Album) and 15


her major label debut The Lagos Music Salon, featuring special guests Angelique Kidjo and Common. Both albums earned her ECHO Award nominations in Germany for Best International Jazz Vocalist. Somi recently announced a new studio album honoring the great South African singer and activist Miriam Makeba, to be released in October 2021. Somi is a Soros Equality Fellow, a USA Doris Duke Fellow, a TED Senior Fellow, a Sundance Theatre Fellow and a former artist-in-residence at Park Avenue Armory, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Baryshnikov Arts Center and UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance. Somi holds undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and African Studies from the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign and a Master’s degree in Performance Studies from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She is currently a Graduate Prize Fellow at Harvard University and the founder of Salon Africana, a boutique cultural agency and record label.

AARON MARCELLUS (Sangoma Chorus), a singer, vocal coach, writer, musician, dancer and actor from Atlanta, got his start in gospel music and has performed around the world. He has recorded albums and was voted to the top 24 on American


T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Idol in 2011. After a world tour, Marcellus was featured in a ChapStick commercial, NBC’s Next Caller and STOMP. Marcellus also hosts a burlesque show at Duane Park. He founded Surrender to Love, LLC, a foundation that supports arts programs and seeks to feed the hungry, and Adventure Voice, a training program offering vocal classes for groups and individuals.

NALEDI MASILO (Sangoma Chorus) is a zesty vocalist, composer and arts practitioner from Johannesburg, South Africa. She cultivated her love for music through backyard jam sessions and endless artistic curiosity. Deeply passionate about music and women, Masilo graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Cape Town and a Jazz Performance degree from The New England Conservatory in Boston. Masilo has been a resident at the Kennedy Center (DC) through Betty Carter’s Jazz Ahead Program, where she was mentored by the likes of Dee Dee Bridgewater and Jason Moran. She has also been selected as part of the prestigious South African Standard Bank National Youth Jazz Band and has been invited to participate in the Banff International Jazz and Creative Music workshop in Calgary, Canada. Masilo is due to make prolific strides in the arts


industry—a young artist with a voice and story to remember!

HERVÉ SAMB (Music Director/Guitar) is a virtuoso guitarist, original composer, arranger and respected producer. He has established himself as an outstanding musician worldwide, with many famous artists such as Marcus Miller, Oumou Sangaré, Salif Keïta and so many others. He is occasionally an artistic director for renowned artists such as Kellylee Evans, Somi and Lisa Simone, to name a few. His four previous albums as a leader have all been acclaimed by the public and international critics, through which he confirms a unique style, the “Jazz Sabar,” born from the rhythms of the sabar—traditional Senegalese percussion, crossing original melodies inspired by both traditional Senegalese tunes and contemporary jazz. In 2020, he recorded two new albums: Benn, a much-awaited first solo opus, and Jolof, in which he finds the “Teranga Band” to take the “Jazz Sabar” of which he is both the pioneer and ambassador, even further.

made his Broadway debut in Porgy and Bess (Peter). Off-Broadway, he has appeared in Three Mo’ Tenors and The Phantom of the Opera (Ubaldo Piangi). Opera credits include L’etoile (Herrisson) and Troubled Island (Popo), New York City Opera; La Boheme (Rodolfo), Missouri Symphony Orchestra; Lost in the Stars (Leader), Skylark Opera; The Magic Flute (Monostatos) and Carmen (Remendado), Dayton Opera; Porgy and Bess (Robbins/Crabman), Opera National de Lyon and The Edinburgh International Festival. Orchestral concerts include Jacksonville Symphony and Knoxville Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and Krasnoyarsk Ballet Orchestra.He has also performed at the famed art festival La Biennale di Venezia with pianist Jason Moran. He can be heard on the Broadway cast recordings of Cinderella as well as The Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. Other recordings include Treemonisha (Cephus) with the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra and The American Spiritual Ensemble CD, The Spirituals.

SHELDON THWAITES PHUMZILE SOJOLA (Sangoma Chorus) is from Gqeberha, South Africa. He originated the role of Lord Pinkleton in the Broadway production of Cinderella and 17

T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

(Percussion) is an awardwinning International Caribbean-American percussionist, specializing in drum set and steel pan. Drums were his first love, but after pursuing music at the high


school level, he transitioned into composition, arranging and production. He has worked with such artists as Chris Daughtry, Lauryn Hill, Amel Larrieux, Cobi and Marina Satti. Sheldon has played drums internationally for world-renowned steel bands Witco Desperadoes, Phase II Pan Groove and Skiffle Bunch. He has studied drum set with Terri Lynn Carrington, John Blackwell and Dave Dicenso. Sheldon is a graduate of Boston Arts Academy and Berklee College of Music. He currently resides in Washington, DC.

PHINDILE WILSON (Sangoma Chorus), a native of South Africa, is an amazing song writer/music producer who began her career early on in SA performing in theatrical productions all around the world. She performed with Michael Jackson at Nelson Mandela’s 80th birthday, performed In Mbongeni Ngema’s productions Mama (as a main character) and Sarafina 2 in Europe and Australia. She was in a movie soundtrack of The Lion King in 1994 at Sun City, SA. Most notable credits include the role of Rafiki in the US tour, LasVegas, Madrid and Brazil productions of Disney’s The Lion King to The Festival of The Lion King in Hong Kong. Most recently, Mrs. Wilson worked on the developmental lab of Mandela, The Wildflower and Dreaming Zenzile. Television credits include We Are New York short film, 18

T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Orange Is the New Black, Law & Order and Flatbush. Phindi is was nominated as an outstanding best actor at The Helen Hayes Awards in Washington DC. She is honored to be part of Dreaming Zenzile.


LILEANA BLAIN-CRUZ (Director) is a director from New York City and Miami. Recent projects include Hansel and Gretel (Houston Grand Opera); Afrofemononomy (PSNY); Anatomy of a Suicide (Atlantic Theater Company); Fefu and Her Friends (TFANA); Girls (Yale Repertory Theater); Marys Seacole (LCT3, Obie Award); Faust (Opera Omaha); Fabulation, Or the Reeducation of Undine (Signature Theatre); Thunderbodies and Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again (Soho Rep); The House That Will Not Stand and Red Speedo (New York Theatre Workshop); Water by the Spoonful (Mark Taper Forum/CTG); Pipeline (Lincoln Center); The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World (Signature Theatre, Obie Award); Henry IV, Part One and Much Ado About Nothing (Oregon Shakespeare Festival); The Bluest Eye (The Guthrie); War (LCT3/Lincoln Center Theater and Yale Rep); Salome (JACK); Hollow Roots (the Under the Radar Festival at The Public Theater). Upcoming projects include The Listeners (Opera Norway) and a new opera, Iphigenia by Wayne Shorter and 18

Esperanza Spalding. She was recently named a 2018 United States Artists Fellow and a 2020 Lincoln Center Emerging Artist. She is currently the resident director of Lincoln Center Theater. She is a graduate of Princeton and received her MFA in directing from the Yale School of Drama.

Marjani is honored to be a part of the creative team of Dreaming Zenzile, in utter admiration of our beloved Miriam Makeba. Humbly, she defines her work by its lineage stemming from culturally rich, vibrant, historic, loving, irreverent conjurers!

RICCARDO HERNÁNDEZ MARJANI FORTÉSAUNDERS (Choreographer) is thrilled to choreograph her first production at The Rep. She is a mother, choreographer, performer, community organizer and a three time Bessie Award winner. She is a recent recipient of the prestigious Dance Magazine Harkness Award (2020) and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Fellowship. Marjani is a founding member of the collective 7NMS, alongside composer and husband Everett Saunders. They are recent recipients of New Music USA and the National Dance Project Production Grant for their work illustrating the life-journey of the Emcee/Lyricist (PROPHET). She is an anti-racist organizer with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and a lead facilitator with UBW’s Builders Organizers and Leaders through Dance. Commercially, Saunders has worked with Sundance Award-winning director Kahlil Joseph, director Kevin Willmott, director Kevin Everson and Tracee Ellis Ross’ product launch video campaign.

(Scenic Designer) designed the Broadway productions of Jagged Little Pill (Tony nomination); Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune; Indecent; The Gin Game; The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess; The People in the Picture; Caroline, or Change (also National Theater London); Elaine Stritch at Liberty (also The Old Vic, London); Topdog/Underdog (also Royal Court, London); Bells Are Ringing; Parade (Hal Prince director, Tony nomination); Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk and The Tempest. Recent credits include Mes Frères (La Colline, Paris); Admissions (LCT); Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train; La Dame aux Camélias (Théâtre National de Bretagne, and TV France 3); Mlima’s Tale (Public Theater); Red Speedo and The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World (both directed by Lileana Blain-Cruz); Don Giovanni (Santa Fe Opera); The Invisible Hand (NYTW – Henry Hewes Outstanding Set Design Award) and Splendid’s (La Colline-Theatre National Paris). He has designed over 250 productions in the US and internationally at Abbey Theater, 19


Cour D’Honneur, Palais des Papes– Avignon Festival, Moscow Art Theater, Oslo National, Théâtre du Chatelet Paris, Teatro Real Madrid, Theater an der Wien, English National Opera, San Francisco Opera, NYCO, HGO and others. He is a recipient of the OBIE Award for Sustained Excellence. He is an Associate Professor Adjunct of Design at the Yale School of Drama.

MIMI PLANGE (Costume Designer), an award winning American designer, launched her own ready-to-wear label in 2010, after a decade working in the New York fashion industry. She is a graduate of the San Francisco Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and holds a degree in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley. Plange’s designs have been sold in luxury boutiques in the United States, Kuwait and Qatar, and she has shown her collections in New York, Sweden, South Africa, Cote d’Ivore, Paris and Nigeria. Her many partnerships include collaborations with famed shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, the iconic furniture brand Roche Bobois and most recently LeBron James and Nike. In 2016, she took part in the Celebration of Design Event hosted by Michelle Obama at the White House. Mimi Plange’s designs have been worn by First Lady Michelle Obama, Vanessa Hudgens, Serena Williams, Teri Hatcher, Rihanna, Gabrielle Union-Wade, Paris 20

T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Hilton, Viola Davis, Regina King, Janelle Monae and, most recently, she dressed actress Awkwafina for her very first Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, T Magazine, Vogue.com, Ebony Magazine, Vogue UK, Vogue India, WWD, Harpers Bazar, Marie Claire, Essence, Glamour Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Nylon Magazine.

YI ZHAO (Lighting Designer) makes his Rep debut with Dreaming Zenzile. New York theatre credits include Greater Clements, Pipeline (Lincoln Center Theater); Fabulation, In the Blood, The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World (Signature Theatre); The House That Will Not Stand, Red Speedo (New York Theatre Workshop), Thunderbodies, Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again., FUTURITY (Soho Rep) and Actually (Manhattan Theatre Club). Regional credits include Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Guthrie Theater, Yale Repertory Theatre, Mark Taper Forum, American Conservatory Theater, Dallas Theater Center, Wilma Theater, Berkeley Repertory Theatre and Huntington Theatre. International and opera credits include Theaternatur Festival (Germany), Opera Omaha, ArtsEmerson, Curtis Institute, Prototype Festival and Hong Kong Arts Festival, as well as upcoming work for Norwegian National Opera, Opera Philadelphia,

Boston Lyric Opera, Chicago Lyric Opera. Dance credits include Sasha Waltz & Guests (Germany, international tour), Ballet de Lorraine (France, international tour) and Nichole Canuso Dance Company. He is the recipient of the 2019 Henry Hewes Design Award and 2016 Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Theatre. yi-zhao.com

JUSTIN ELLINGTON (Sound Design) returns to The Rep after designing the Mainstage production of Until the Flood. He designed the Broadway production of Other Desert Cities, and Off-Broadway credits include Heroes of the Fourth Turning (Playwrights Horizons); The Rolling Stone, Pass Over, Pipeline (Lincoln Center); Mrs. Murray’s Menagerie (ArsNova); The House That Will Not Stand, Fetch Clay Make Man (New York Theatre Workshop); He Brought Her Heart Back in a Box, The Winter’s Tale (Theatre for a New Audience); Familiar (Steppenwolf); Father Comes Home From the Wars, How to Catch Creation, Until the Flood (Goodman Theatre); Floyd’s, Trouble In Mind (The Guthrie); and Kill Move Paradise (Wilma Theatre). International credits include As You Like It (Stratford Festival) and The American Clock (The Old Vic). www.justinellington.com

BILL KIRBY (Sound Designer) is an Omaha-based theatre maker and sound designer, and serves as the Resident

Creative and Technical Director at the BLUEBARN Theatre. Favorite BLUEBARN productions include Indecent and Red Summer (both receiving OEA Awards for Outstanding Sound Design). For the 2020-21 season, Bill served as the Director of Photography for BLUEBARN’s virtual season, including the American premiere of Before After and the world premiere of Buffalo Women. Before relocating to Omaha, Bill was the Resident Sound Designer and Sound Supervisor at McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton, NJ. Memorable McCarter designs include the world premiere of An Iliad (co-design with Mark Bennett) and the original workshop production of Eclipsed. Some of Bill’s other favorite projects include Little Rock (Passage Theatre), Venezuela (NY Fringe Festival) and The White Snake (associate designer to Andre Pluess, Wuzhen Theatre Festival, China). Bill is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Midland University, and is a graduate of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

HANNAH WASILESKI (Projections Designer) is a visual artist and projection designer whose work spans theater, opera, music and installation. Recent designs include Hansel and Gretel (visual design for filmed production at Houston Grand Opera), Anatomy of a Suicide (Atlantic Theater Company), Fires in the Mirror 21


(Signature Theatre; Henry Hewes Award), 18 Stanzas Sung to a Tatar Reed Whistle (FiveMyles), The Magic Flute (Staatsoper Berlin), Lohengrin (Wagner’s Bayreuth Festival), Pipeline (Lincoln Center; Lortel Award), Water by the Spoonful (Mark Taper Forum), Sleep (BAM), La Voix Humaine (National Sawdust), The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World (Signature Theatre), A Proust Sonata (Wortham Center), Angel’s Bone (Prototype Festival), The Wreckers (Bard SummerScape Opera) and The World is Round (BAM; Obie Award). Her video installations have been exhibited in New York City, London, Brighton, Glasgow and Prague. She holds an MFA from Yale School of Drama.

TALVIN WILKS (Dramaturg) is a playwright, director and dramaturg. Since 2014, some of his most acclaimed directorial works have been centered at Penumbra Theatre Company: The Ballad of Emmett Till and Benevolence by Ifa Bayeza, This Bitter Earth by Harrison David Rivers, The Owl Answers by Adrienne Kennedy and The White Card by Claudia Rankine. He is a co-writer/co-director/dramaturg for Ping Chong’s ongoing series, Undesirable Elements and Collidescope: Adventures in Pre- and Post-Racial America. He has also served as dramaturg for six collaborations with the Bebe Miller Company: Going to the 22

T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Wall, Verge, Landing/Place, Necessary Beauty, A History and In a Rhythm. Other dramaturgical collaborations include work with Camille A. Brown and Dancers (Mr. TOL E. RAncE, BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play and ink), Urban Bush Women (Hep Hep Sweet Sweet, Walking with ‘Trane and SCAT!) and the 2018 stage adaptation of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me at the Apollo Theatre. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Theatre Arts and Dance Department, University of Minnesota/Twin Cities and a recipient of the 2020 McKnight Theater Artist Fellowship.

BRIDGETT JACKSON , she/ her (Dialect Coach) is a dialect coach, accent coach, speech coach and a speech-language pathologist. She is delighted to join The Rep. She is a professor of voice, speech and dialects at Muhlenberg College and has been a guest lecturer with the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Her dialect coaching credits include The Equalizer (Season 1, CBS), Ain’t No Mo’ and Cullud Wattah with The Public Theater in New York, NY and Cost of Living (2018 Pulitzer Prize winner) with The Fountain Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. Some of the dialects and accents she has coached include General American, Southern, Western, Midwestern, Eastern, Irish, British, Australian, Venezuelan, Nigerian, Xhosa, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia,

Washington, D.C., Maryland, Boston, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, California, Detroit, Chicago, London, Australia, West Africa, South Africa, Jamaica, Korea, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

STEWART/WHITLEY (Casting) Duncan Stewart CSA and Benton Whitley CSA. Broadway/NY credits include Hadestown (Artios Award), Chicago the Musical, Rock of Ages, Lightning Thief, Great Comet of 1812, Elf, On the Town, Pippin, La Cage aux Folles and Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Television and film credits include Netflix, 20th Century Fox, NBC, Lionsgate and Disney Channel. In London’s West End and the UK, credits include Hadestown, Thriller Live and Menier Chocolate Factory. Tours and regional credits include Hadestown, Hairspray, Waitress, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Finding Neverland, Into the Woods, We Will Rock You, A.R.T., Berkeley Rep, Alley, Bay Street, For The Record, TUTS, Hollywood Bowl, McCarter, Signature Theatre and RCCL. @stewartwhitley and stewartwhitley.com ABIGAIL JEAN-BAPTISTE , she/her (Associate Director) is a theatre maker, director and writer born and based in New York City. Recent AD credits include Merry Wives (The Public Theater), Anatomy of a Suicide (Atlantic Theater Company), Jagged

Little Pill (Broadway), Passage (Soho Rep) and King Lear (Broadway). Directing credits include The Story of a Circle (Soho Rep), if there is breakage you may find chips (Irondale Brooklyn) and Olio Live (Audible Theater). Upcoming projects include The House That Will Not Stand (Le Petit Theatre, New Orleans and Three Sisters (NYTW, assistant director to Sam Gold). In 2020, she was named one of the “Powerhouse Women Directors Theatre Fans and Industry Pros Alike Need to Know” by Playbill. She is currently a part of the Roundabout Directors Group, Bushwick Starr Reading Series, Classic Stage Company Associate Board and The New Georges Jam. She is a Proud Lilly Award Winner and New Georges Affiliated Artist. She received a BA. from Princeton University.

EMMA DEANE (Associate Lighting Designer) is an Indigenous lighting designer based out of New York City and citizen of the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara nation. Her recent credits include Mary Kathryn Nagle’s Manahatta at Yale Repertory Theater and Jeremy O. Harris’ YELL: A “DOCUMENTARY” OF MY TIME HERE. Other credits include Reykjavík, Trouble in Mind, shakespeare’s as u like it and Romeo and Juliet (Yale School of Drama); ​Little Boy/Little Man, Burn Book, The Light Fantastic, This Sweet Affliction, Mud, 23


The Guadalupes, WOLF/ALICE and Camille: A Tearjerker (Yale Cabaret). Regional credits include work with Court Theatre, The Goodman, Albany Park Theater Project, Steppenwolf Theater Company, Northlight Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Victory Gardens, Shakespeare Academy at Stratford, The House Theater, Filament Theatre, Interrobang Theatre Project, Akvavit Theatre, Wildclaw, North Park University and The Gannon Center for Women and Leadership. She holds a MFA from Yale School of Drama and a BA in English from Loyola University Chicago.

KYLEE LOERA (Associate Projections Designer) is a professional video designer, associate, content creator/ editor for live theatre, dance and musicals based in New York. She has worked at The Kennedy Center, The Signature Theater, The Muny, Theatre Row, The Triad Theater and The Rep. EGYPT DIXON (Production Stage Manager) was born and raised in New York City. Credits include Atlantic Theater Company (Production Stage Manager): Anatomy OAS; Theatre for a New Audience (Assistant Stage Manager): Fefu and Her Friends, Julius Caesar, Winter’s Tale; Weston Playhouse (Assistant Stage Manager): Indecent; Weathervane Theatre (Assistant Stage Manager): Bright Star, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the 24

T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Night Time, Chicago, Sister Act; Weathervane Theatre (Production Stage Manager): Hello, Dolly!, Buyer and Cellar, Little Shop of Horrors, Miracle of South Division Street, And the World Goes Round and Always, Patsy Cline.

ALISON COTE (Assistant Stage Manager) is an AEA stage manager and was part of McCarter Theatre’s stage management department for 24 seasons. Working on over 20 world premieres, highlights include Danai Gurira’s The Convert, Sorrows and Rejoicings written and directed by Athol Fugard, Stephen Wadsworth’s adaptations of The Figaro Plays and Tarell Alvin McCraney’s trilogy of The Brother/Sister Plays. Alison has also worked regionally at The Old Globe, Berkeley Rep, Arena Stage, Shakespeare Theatre Company DC, Goodman Theatre, Long Wharf, Paper Mill Playhouse, Center Theatre Group, Santa Cruz Shakespeare, Pittsburgh Public and 22 productions at The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. New York credits include Second Stage, Playwrights Horizons and The Public Theatre. Abroad, she was stage manager for An Iliad at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Romania. Alison is a founding partner of princetonVIRTUAL as a virtual stage manager and event producer and is an adjunct instructor at Rider University.


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HANA SHARIF (Augustin Family Artistic Director) has enjoyed a multi-faceted theatre career, including roles as an artistic leader, director, playwright and producer with a specialty in strategic and cross-functional leadership. She served for five years as Associate Artistic Director at Baltimore Center Stage, where she oversaw the day-to-day execution of all of the mainstage and studio productions, and was the architect of the innovative CS Digital program: a platform that pushes the boundaries of traditional theatre and looks at the nexus point between art and technology. Her other achievements at Baltimore Center Stage include prototyping the Mobile Unit, strengthening community engagement, producing multiple world and regional premieres and helping to guide the theatre through a multi-million dollar building renovation and rebranding effort. In 2012, Hana served as the inaugural Program Manager of the ArtsEmerson Ambassador Program and launched ArtsEmerson Artist-InResidency program featuring playwright Daniel Beaty. In addition to her work at ArtsEmerson, Hana leveraged her regional theatre experience to freelance produce for smaller theatre companies, looking to expand and restructure their administrative teams. Hana served as developmental producer and program manager for Progress Theatre in Houston, where she consulted with the Artistic Director on redefining the artistic vision and subsequent recasting of the ensemble company and lead strategic

organizational planning focused on LORT market entry. During her decadelong tenure at Hartford Stage, Hana served as the Associate Artistic Director, Director of New Play Development, and Artistic Producer. Hana launched the new play development program, expanded the community engagement and civic discourse initiatives, and developed and produced Tony, Grammy, Pulitzer and Obie Award-winning shows. From 1997–2003, Hana served as the co-founder and Artistic Director of Nasir Productions, a theatre dedicated to underrepresented voices to challenge traditional structure. Her guest lecturer credits include Spelman College, Sewanee University, UT Austin, UCSD, Prairie View A&M, Emerson College, Maggie Flanigan Studio, Towson University, UMD, UConn, UMass and University of Hartford, among others. Additionally, Hana has directed acclaimed productions of Porgy & Bess, The Who & The What, Fun Home, Sense and Sensibility, The Christians, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Pride and Prejudice (DCArts: Best Director/Best New Play), The Whipping Man, Gem of the Ocean (six CCC nominations), Gee’s Bend (CCC Award Best Ensemble, two nominations), Next Stop Africa, Cassie, The Drum and IFdentity. Her plays include All the Women I Used to Be, The Rise and Fall of Day and The Sprott Cycle Trilogy. Hana holds a BA from Spelman College and an MFA from the University of Houston. She is the recipient of the 2009–10 Aetna New Voices Fellowship, EMC Arts Working Open Fellowship, Theatre Communications Group (TCG) New Cast Follies


T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Generations Fellowship, and is a founding member of The Black Theatre Commons (BTC). She serves on the board of directors for the TCG, BTC, and the Sprott Foundation.

MARK BERNSTEIN (Managing Director) is a graduate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and has managed nonprofit professional theatres since 1982. He has led The Rep since 1987, a period characterized by growth and stability, strong community support, and responsible financial management. New programming initiatives have included The Rep’s Off-Ramp series (produced from 2005 through 2008), the Ignite! New Play Festival (begun in 2012) and various educational programs. Favorite shows from 30 seasons at The Rep include Candide, The Voice of the Prairie, Terra Nova, Six Degrees of Separation, Young Rube, The Caine Mutiny Court Martial, Arcadia, Sweeney Todd, An Ideal Husband, Into the Woods, Inherit the Wind, The Crucible, Take Me Out, The Little Dog Laughed, Souvenir, Crime and Punishment, Sunday in the Park with George, Cabaret, One Man Two Guvnors, Follies and the great Shaw plays: Saint Joan, Pygmalion and Man and Superman. In addition to work at The Rep, he teaches in Webster University’s Arts Leadership Program. He has been active in the leadership of the League of Resident Theatres for many years, having served as vice president, an executive committee member and as a member of numerous national negotiating

committees. Before coming to St. Louis, he spent six years at the Philadelphia Drama Guild and taught financial management for nonprofit arts institutions at Drexel University. He is a Sondheim fanatic, and travels the world in search of the perfect Sweeney Todd, the best goat cheese tarts and the best chocolate desserts.

AMELIA ACOSTA POWELL (Associate Artistic Director) is a producer and director originally from Denver. Before she joined Hana S. Sharif’s team in St. Louis, Amelia was the Line Producer at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and prior to that, the Artistic Associate and Casting Director at Arena Stage in Washington, DC. She also has various credits as a freelance producer, director and casting director. She is a proud alumna of the Allen Lee Hughes Fellowship, a steering committee member of the Latinx Theatre Commons, a member of the Casting Society of America, a founding member of Closer Look Arts Collective, and an inaugural grantee of Theatre Communication Group’s Rising Leaders of Color. She has been an adjunct faculty member at Webster University Conservatory of Theatre Arts and has taught master classes at The Growing Studio NYC, Brown University/Trinity Rep, The Catholic University of America, Howard University, The George Washington University, American University, The Actors’ Center, Creative Acts and more. She holds her bachelor’s and her master’s degrees from Georgetown University. 27


PRESIDENT Gwen Middeke*

The Todd Organization

VICE PRESIDENT Brian Clevinger*



Prolog Ventures

Christner Architects



Community Volunteer

Ernst & Young (retired)

Wendi Alper-Pressman

Frank Hamsher*

Ann Scheuer

Lathrop & Gage, LLP

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Margaret Augustin*

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Pat Schutte*

Community Volunteer

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Lisa Silverberg*

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American Friends Musée d’Orsay


Ronald L. Roberts

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*Executive Committee


CBG Enterprise

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Laurie Hiler*

T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Elizabeth J. Stroble Susan D. Tuteur Community Volunteer


One of the most treasured and dedicated resources, The Rep’s Volunteer Board provides amazing support each season with donations of time, talent and skill throughout all facets of the organization. We are so grateful to the Volunteer Board for their continued dedication as integral members of The Rep family. If you are interested in serving on The Rep Volunteer Board, please contact Lori MooreMcMullen at lmoore-mcmullen@repstl.org or (314) 687-4028.

PRESIDENT Laurie Hiler




Vicki Helling

Shirley Raitzsch

Cindy Schnabel

Trish Alexandre

Dotti Fischer

Colleen Ritchie

Mailing, Office Rescue

Development Liaison, Immediate Past President

New Play Festival, Technology


Bonnie Gibbs

Costume Parade

Ann Bronsing

Docent Program, Production Events, Rep Ambassadors

Event Liaison, Page to Stage, Special Events

Glenda Hares

Susan Barley

Irene Clasen Volunteer Secretary

Artistic Liaison, Programs

Marcia King

Helen Sandifer Carol Schreiner Mailing, Programs

Barbara Sprick Office Rescue

Backers Recognition Events

Ann Straw

Story to Stage

Margie Knapp

Context Events, Rep Ambassadors, Volunteer Newsletter

Dorothy Diehl

Company Care Welcome, Line Runners

Linda Vandivort

Linda Lowry

CAVORT, Company Care Driving, Company Care Liaison

Michaeleen Cradock

Costume Parade

Denise Eschenbrenner Theatre Tours

Vi Farmer Backers Recognition Events, Company Care Apartments

Company Care Apartments, Imaginary Theatre Company, New Play Festival

Karen Miller Education Liaison, Imaginary Theatre Company, Mentors, Student Matinee Ushers

Lynn Yearwood Administrative Liaison, Hospitality, New Play Festival



Before or after the show, the perfect place for dinner, drinks and dessert! Happy Hour Weekdays 4 - 6 pm Sunday Brunch 11am - 3pm

Mon, Wed, Thurs 11am–9:30pm Friday & Saturday 11am–11pm Sun 11am–9pm (314) 963-3232 • www.cyranos.com 603 E. Lockwood Ave Webster Groves, MO 63119


Hana S. Sharif Augustin Family Artistic Director


Mark Bernstein Managing Director



Amelia Acosta Powell Becks Redman Anita N. Salley Cliff Hannon J. Ching


Adena Varner Brian Coats Britney Walker-Merritte


Catherine Campbell


Nichelle Kramlich Williams Emilie Weilbacher McMullan CHARGE SCENIC ARTIST Scott Loebl SCENIC ARTISTS Stephen Pollihan, James Van Well SCENIC SHOP FOREMAN Dave McCarthy SCENIC CARPENTERS Tim McCarthy, Dan Roach, Jr. Rick Shetley PROPS DIRECTOR Kelly Kreutsberg PROPS CARPENTER Ralph Wilke


Simon Brett Robert W. Trump Elizabeth Eisloeffel Bentley, Sandra Kabuye Calyn Roth Dennis Bensie



Laura L. Wandersee Bradley G. Kafka, Polsinelli PC


Lori Moore-McMullen CFRE Merritt McCarthy Kevin Ginty Robert Kapeller


Ashton Beck Sarah Brandt Laurie McConnell Delores Eddington


Kevin Blansit Suzanne Bodenstein



Ricki Marking-Camuto Lin Joyce Daniel J. Ladd Sharon Carey Belinda Carter Michael Dorn Christian Hoffman Taylor Kelly Carl Wickman Deanna Danger

Christina Beck Toby Beck


Rusty Wandall Joshua Riggs Sean Wilhite Tim Kostal

stage management STAGE MANAGERS

Carolyn Ivy Carter, Alison Cote, Egypt Dixon, Shannon B. Sturgis



Erin Riley Katelyn Gilette Graham, Eleanor Hardwick, Bryce Miller, Alexandra Stookey Samy Cordero, Gabrielle Watson



The Rep produces work in three series from September through April, all sharing the same high production values and commitment to presenting exciting live, professional theatre.

MAINSTAGE Each season wew produce six plays in the Mainstage series, which draws The Rep’s largest audience. Performances are given in both the Virginia Jackson Browning Theatre of the Loretto-Hilton Center and the Catherine B. Berges Theatre at COCA. The work presented in the Mainstage series is eclectic, ranging from modern to classics to musicals, and benefits from the large space afforded by the Browning and Berges Theatres.

STUDIO THEATRE Performances in the Steve Woolf Studio series are given in the Emerson Studio, a 125-seat “black box” theatre on the lower level of the Loretto-Hilton Center. Studio productions may be new plays, radical interpretations of older works or experimental works. The performance space and seating configuration changes with each production, allowing the director, designers and actors


T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

to craft work which requires a more intimate environment. We look forward to the return of the Studio series next season.

IMAGINARY THEATRE COMPANY Imaginary Theatre Company is The Rep’s touring ensemble for children. Bringing theatre for young audiences to schools and community centers throughout the bi-state area, ITC’s productions value a well-told story while supporting state learning standards and nurturing a respect and love for the arts. This season, ITC performances will be available virtually to both schools and families.

OFFSTAGE The Rep is proud to offer year-round community programming in both live and virtual events. Check our website at repstl.org for updates on our REPresent STL series of community discussions, our holiday family experience, A Glowy Snowy Day, and much more!


TICKET EXCHANGE POLICY Exchanges are an exclusive subscriber benefit. Exchanges may be made within the run of each production. Tickets may be exchanged up to two hours prior to show time. If you choose to exchange into a higher-priced area, you will be charged the difference. No refunds are made for exchanges to lower-priced tickets.

SUBSCRIBER DISCOUNTS Subscribers can save two ways on additional ticket purchases. Advance purchases receive a 10% discount. Lastminute purchases (starting 48 hours prior to a show) are discounted 50%! Prior sales are excluded. Please note: there are no refunds or exchanges on single ticket purchases.

Electronic Devices: Please silence all electronic devices while in the theatre. Bad Weather Policy: In the event of bad weather, please check our website, Facebook page or call the Box Office for current information. If a cancellation occurs, call the Box Office starting on the day after the weather event to exchange your seats for another performance of the same production.

ACCESSIBILITY Hearing: Free assistive listening devices using an FM system are available at Patron Services prior to the performance. Open Captioning is offered for a performance of each Mainstage production.

SPECIAL OFFERS Please visit repstl.org and click on “Season & Tickets” then “Ways to Save” for current details on all special offers.

Sight: The Rep partners with MindsEye to offer live audio description for a performance of each Mainstage production.

GROUP DISCOUNTS Groups of 10 or more receive deep discounts. For more information, contact us at (314) 968-9489 or groupsales@repstl.org.

Mobility: The Rep is accessible to patrons with impaired mobility. Please discuss seating requirements with the Box Office when purchasing tickets.



Late Seating: Latecomers will be seated at an appropriate pause in the performance.

The Rep is committed to providing a safe environment for our patrons, artists and staff. Please visit www.repstl.org to view our current Health and Safety policies.



The Leading Ladies are honored to continue their legacy of playing a major role in benefiting The Rep each season. We are grateful to the following donors, who pledged their support for the 2020-2021 season. We invite you to join our amazing group of Leading Ladies!


The Susan & Bruce Miller

Ann P. Augustin &

Jane M. Robert

Lisa Easton Silverberg

Ann Scheuer

Judith Smart

Lois Schultz

Ann H. Straw


Judi Scissors

Susan Warshaw

Ann Scott

Kathleen Wood

Pat Schutte

Diane Sher

Margaret Augustin

Charitable Fund

Karen Miller Lucy Schreiber

DAME JUDI DENCH $5,000–$7,499

Susan Tuteur

CHERRY JONES $250–$499

Lynn Yearwood

Cindy Belmont

Crystal Beuerlein

Helen D. Ziercher

Block Family

Linda Lewin Stark

Charitable Fund

CHITA RIVERA $1,000–$2,499


Arlue Briggs

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Paula Keinath

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Karen S. Kalish,

Nancy Kranzberg

Patricia Mantovani

Estelle W. & Karen S. Kalish

Hannah Langsam

Merritt McCarthy

Fund of the St. Louis

Elizabeth Meteer

Community Foundation


T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Sally & Anne Dehner

Susan Knight

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Sylvia Manewith

Judy Garfinkel


Lynn Rawlings

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Jarona Stevens

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Arlene Spector

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Karen L. Fairbank

Jerrie K. Weith

Vi Farmer

Lisa Zarin

(Gifts 6/1/20–5/31/21)

For more information or to join Leading Ladies, please contact Merritt McCarthy at 314-687-4030 or mmccarthy@repstl.org.



TRIBUTE FUND A tribute gift is a meaningful way to honor a special person or remember a loved one and support The Rep. To make a tribute gift, call the Donor Relations office at (314) 687-4030 or visit repstl.org.



In honor of Nadine Peper Abuzeide Diane M. Denney, Ph.D.

In memory of Barbara Bennett Thomas & Sandra Vaughn

In honor of Lucy McCarthy Merritt McCarthy

In memory of Daphne Esubi Marcel Esubi

In honor of Trans people everywhere Katrina & Jillian Priese

In memory of Jean Lange Linda Mahon In memory of Wayne & Tuck Loui Anonymous Karen & Jack Corey

In memory of Margaret O’Malley Walsh Anonymous In memory of Steve Woolf Barbara Harris Andrew Jorgensen & Friends at Opera Theatre of St. Louis Ann Cady Scott Pat & Ken Schutte Sheffield Family Fund Joan Ellyn Silber (Gifts 5/7/21-9/2/21)

MLIMA’S TALE PUBLICATION SPONSORS Thank you to the following donors whose generous contributions will support the publication of Mlima’s Tale by Lynn Nottage by Theatre Communications Group. TCG is the leading publisher of new work printed for mass distribution. Wendi Alper-Pressman & Norman Pressman David & Melanie Alpers Gwen & Paul Middeke


Lori Moore-McMullen & Kevin McMullen* Ann Scheuer Pat & Ken Schutte Judi Scissors & Sam Broh

T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Ann Cady Scott Susan & Peter Tuteur *In memoriam (Gifts 6/1/21-8/18/21)


CORPORATE & FOUNDATION PARTNERS As a nonprofit organization, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis relies upon the support of corporate and foundation partners. The Rep gratefully acknowledges the following corporations and foundations whose generous support helps us to create the highest caliber of professional theatre for St. Louis, engage the next generation of theatregoers and provide opportunities for diverse artists. For information about how your business or organization can support The Rep, contact the Development Office at (314) 687-4028.



The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Enterprise Holdings Foundation Edward Chase Garvey Memorial Foundation Dewitt and Caroline Van Evera Foundation Switch

$50,000-$99,999 Edward Jones Emerson The Shubert Foundation Inc.

$2,500-$4,999 $25,000-$49,999 Bayer Fund Mary Ranken Jordan and Ettie A. Jordan Charitable Foundation Arts Consulting Group

$10,000-$24,999 Louis D. Beaumont Fund No. 1 of the St. Louis Community Foundation The Trio Foundation of St. Louis US Bank


T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Employees Community Fund of Boeing Graybar Foundation

$1,000-$2,499 DCA Family Foundation Joy Waltke Fisher Fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation Lathrop & Gage LLP Polsinelli

UNDER $1,000 Commerce Bancshares Foundation

THANK YOU TICKET DONORS The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis would like to thank the 1,155 patrons who donated their tickets from cancelled and postponed shows in 2020 and 2021, totaling $133,234 in support during our extended intermission. We are most grateful for the support of our community. Click here or visit repstl.org/support to view the full list of donors.


Dreaming Zenzile Director Liliana Blain-Cruz and Playwright/Performer Somi Kakoma



The Spotlight Society is an organization of donors who provide outstanding annual support to The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. In appreciation, donors enjoy a host of special benefits, including Circle Drive parking, an invitation to the Spotlight Society Cabaret Dinner and much more. The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis gratefully acknowledges members of the Spotlight Society for their commitment to sustaining and promoting the highest quality professional theatre at The Rep.

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE Anonymous Dotti & John Fischer Juanita H. Hinshaw Ven & Cynthia Houts Gwen & Paul Middeke Jane & Bruce Robert Pat & Ken Schutte Ann Cady Scott Susan & Peter Tuteur Dan Viehmann

Anne Carol Goldberg & Ronald Levin Nancy & Kenneth Kranzberg Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Langsam Sally & Ned Lemkemeier Mr. & Mrs. Chris Lewis Karen Miller Mrs. Jane Napier Terry & Sally Schnuck Stephanie A. Schnuck



Ted & Robbie Beaty Dr. Stuart Kornfeld Mark & Patty Mantovani Robin & Tim C. Wentworth

Trish & Michael Abbene David & Melanie Alpers ATA Truesdale Debbie & Bill Bernskoetter Mark D. Bernstein Sam C. Bertolet & Helen D. Ziercher Catherine S. Bollinger Barbara & Dolph* Bridgewater Mrs. H. Pharr Brightman Patty & Kent Chapin Vicki & Brian Clevinger Dr. Kevin & Lisa Coleman Bob & Becky Courtney Myra & Gene Crandall

SPOTLIGHT IMPRESARIO Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Fromm Sally Johnston Cindy Maritz

SPOTLIGHT BENEFACTOR Barbara & Ernest Adelman Susan Barley Leona Lee Bohm C.R. Davis Steve & Linda Finerty 40

T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Michael Dern Pamela Wing Dern Rosemary & Robert Emnett Larry Essmann Brandon & Lucy Evans Gretta Forrester, Gretta Forrester Family Fund of the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation Bonnie Gibbs Dan & Chris Goodenberger Reginald & Stephanie Harwell Mrs. Patricia G. Hecker*, Hecker Family Charitable Foundation of the Greater St. Louis Community Foundation Vicki & Doug Hill Mark & Peggy Holly Dr. & Mrs. John W. Hubert Joanne & Joel Iskiwitch Dr. Theresa & Zulfikar Jeevanjee Kent A. Lewis Luisa M. Loredo Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Messey Susan & Bruce Miller Donna Moog & Leonard Landsbaum

Freda & Harry Rich Colleen Ritchie John H. Russell Steve* & Mary Schoolman Margot Schwab Janice & Steve Seele Amy & Ben Smith Bill & Jarona Stevens Gretchen Straub Mike & Barbara Willock Doug & Lynn Yaeger Lynn & Darrell Yearwood

Mary Jo Abrahamson Wendi Alper-Pressman & Norman Pressman Mary Atkin Ann P. Augustin Margaret Augustin Costas & Assimo Azariadis P.E. Belloli & Dave Shimek Kathy Berg Nancy Berg Holly & Marc Bernstein Michael & Arlue Briggs Suzan Kelsey Brooks Drs. Dedric & Ebony Carter Eileen Clarke & William Dodd Elizabeth & Don Cobin Elaine Coe Patti & J.B. Cohn Jim Donnelly & Tracey Temanson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dubinsky Dr. Jack & Carrie Eisenbeis Richard Engelsmann &

Merri Jo Gillette Ed & Julie Glotzbach Terri Goslin-Jones & Bob Jones E.L. Green Laura & Ted Greenberg Mark & Stephanie Hampton Kathleen Heimann Margaret & Michael Heinz Bill & Linda Hentchel Laurie Hiler Marian & Maurice Hirsch David Hitz Lee & Gina Hoagland James & Sheila Hoffmeister Sam and Pat Hopmeier Charitable Fund at Youthbridge Community Fund Craig Ingraham & Mary Hunot Kathy* & Bos Irvine Mike Isaacson & Joe Ortmeyer Daniel G. Jay & Mary Ann Lazarus Robert E. & Carol G. Jones Jeanne & Aron Katzman Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kessler Judith Weiss Levy Dr. & Mrs. Frederick C. Lewis, Jr. C. Arden Mennell Lori Moore-McMullen Mrs. Rena Murphy Kim & Rick Nast Mr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Peters

Steve & Marlene Schumm Judi Scissors & Sam Broh Julian & Helen Seeherman, The Seeherman Charitable Fund Hana S. Sharif Joan & Paul Shaver Rob & Alice Sherwood Lisa & Allan Silverberg Dr. Raymond Slavin Dr. John Sopuch Mary Strauss Ann & Jack Straw Paul & Beth Stroble Deane & Fancine Thompson Joan Tiemann In memory of Joyce Price Trimble Lynne & Jim Turley Bill & Linda Welborn B. Craig Weldon & Terri Monk Mei Chen Welland Steve Woolf*

Diane Buhr Engelsmann Sam and Marilyn Fox Foundation Judith Garfinkel Mr. & Mrs. David P. Gast

Ramona Powell & David Rochlin Judy & Paul Putzel Mike & Barb Quinn Ronald Roberts

Every effort has been made to include accurate, up-to-date information in these listings. To report an error or omission call (314) 687-4031.


*In memoriam (Listings 6/1/20 – 9/2/21)

LEVELS OF GIVING $10,000 + Angel $7,500–9,999 Impresario $5,000–7,499 Benefactor $2,500–4,999 Sustainer $1,500–2,499 Patron



Throughout its 55-year history, The Rep has gained a reputation for producing shows of exceptional quality. Creating productions uniquely designed for St. Louis audiences, making The Rep accessible to all and providing free or low-cost educational programs to young people cannot happen through ticket sales alone. In fact, ticket sales cover only 60% of the costs of producing our work. Every year we look to people like you— individuals who value the amazing, unexpected art of theatre—to lend a hand and bring our mission to life. Rep Backers play an integral role in making the show go on!

PLAYWRIGHT BACKER Anonymous Bill Aitken David & Susan Bird Donald & Marilyn Blum Barbara M. Bryant The Dunagan Foundation Sara Epstein Terry & Marjorie Franc, Franc Family Fund of the St. Louis Community Foundation Kirk & Alice Fritsch Brad & Phyllis Hershey Dr. & Mrs. David Holtzman Larry & Dot LeGrand Laura & David Margolis Dr. & Mrs.* James A. Morrell Joseph & Sammy Ruwitch Alice & Peter* Sargent Ann Scheuer Christine Secorsky & Greg Sacho Thomas Sehr & Margaret A. Wayne Dixi & Ann Smith James Tobin & Virginia Heagney Isabel & David Van Essen 42

Beverly Wagner Hoyt W. Wallace S. Lavernn Wilson

PRODUCER BACKER Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Burgess Mike & Sue Darcy Bill & Jane Doub Heather & Len Essig Jane B. Evans Gary & Phyllis Heifetz Thomas Incrocci Dot & Steve Larsen Linda Lowry John Muller Origin Agency, Inc. Timothy Pickering Jim & Diane Relleke Donna & Howard Smith Stuart & Cindy Sweet Paul & Linda Vandivort David P. Weiss

DIRECTOR BACKER Robert O. & Susan F. Appleton Rick & Liz Aurbach Carolyn & Lynn Barnett

T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Carolyn Becker June R. Bierman Drs. Nanci & James Bobrow Bob & Kay Boyd Don Brinkman DeAnne & Gordon Brown Mr. & Mrs. George Brown Joseph Brown John & Kathy Brugere John Carr & Kay Kaiser Christine & David Chadwick Robin & David Chervitz Kelley & Tim Ciampoli Evelyn & Louis Cohen Susan & Richard Constance Bernie L. Corn & Michael Danzer Lois F. Crampton Robert & Jan Dawson Anne Dehner Jay & Marsha Delano Dorothy Diehl Mike Doherty & Kathy Kane Vi Farmer Gordon & Margaret Finley Keith & Ann Fischer Jerry B. Garrett Darla Gavin Terry & Judy Gooding

Patricia D. & Gary L. Gray Barbara Harris Margaret & Larry Harris Dr. Michael & Carolyn Hesterberg Mark Hubbert Dennis Johnson Mr. Ernest H. Key Susan & Jack Kissinger Susan Knight Fran & Roger Koch Barbara Kohm Cheryl & Keith Kowalczyk Christine & Jon Krueger Joan Krueger & Brian Betker John & Cindy Layman Trish & Dick Lazaroff, Youthbridge Community Foundation JoAnne Levy & Jim Thomeczek Jeanne Lewi Jerri & Bill Livingston Kay & Gerry Love Cindy & Gregg Lueder Dr. Robert Lynch & Dr. Ellen Wood Laurence & Silvia Madeo Dr. & Mrs. Jerald A. Maslanko Patrick & Rosanne Mathis Susan Matlof Melissa J. McClain David & Ginny McDonald Robert & Heidi Meister Susan Mills Verla & Richard Mitchell John & Lucy Morris

Adrienne & David Piston Mr. & Mrs. Maury B. Poscover Drs. Bill & Betsy Powderly Donald & Jane Prahlow Elizabeth Pribor Marilyn & Bob Raphael Drs. Robert & Sheryl Ream Dr. & Mrs. Lester T. Reese Linda Rellergert Dr. and Mrs. Leon Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Michael Roscow Tom & Kathy Ryan Thomas & Marilyn Schultz Cady & Kevin Seabaugh Bradley & Kay Shaw Gary Stansbery Laura Stanton Mr. & Mrs. R. Stover Mary Tillman Glen & Libby Travers Helen L. Tryon Margaret Wehrenberg Larry & Kathleen West Linda & F. Dale Whitten Miriam Wilhelm & Eric Friedman Jim Wilson Melissa Wohlwend Nathan and Anna Zelinske

Anonymous (3) Sally & Ken Anderson Joyce Armstrong Dr. Patricia Martens Balke Jennifer Billhartz Richard M. Blaha

Phoebe & Spencer Burke Sal & Terri Ciccolella Deborah Clinebell Emily Cole Ms. Susan Collins Lucy Conley Ms. Ann Corrigan Jeanette Craig Mary K. Cullen & Daniel Goldberg Conrad Damsgaard Frank Dayton Theodore & Deborah Dearing Ernst Radiology Clinic Karen Fairbank Dr. & Mrs. Elliott Farberman Barb & Tom Feiner Jeffrey & Veronica Fernhoff Dr. Lewis C. Fischbein Gary & Christy Fox David R. Ganz Agnes & Dave Garino Catherine Garner Holly Garrett Jane M. Geer Jane Gleason Julia M. Gram Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Gresick Jr. Dr. Brenda Grossman & Dr. Steven Brody Noelle Gunter Glenda Hares Bernice Heavilin William & Marsha Heine Anne W. Hetlage Margaret & Martin Israel

Dr. Julia K. Muller & Mr. Earl K. Shreckengast Nancy & Jim Murphy Mike Ness & Jenny Voelker Elizabeth J. Parker Garie & Ken Perry

Marian & John Bleeke Kenneth & Ann Bohm Betty Bowersox & Phil Powell Susan & Robert Bowman Robert Bradley Dennis & Ellen Brommelhorst

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Jones Kinney Giving Fund Sheila & Ken Kleinman Lynn & Mark Kloss Margie & Steve Knapp Joanne Kohn




Dr. & Mrs. Ren Kozikowski Randi Krantz Martha Kratzer Jim & Mary Lou Krueger Paul & Martha LaFata Cynthia Lamboley Joseph Lane Nancy LeMaster Dr. Frances Levine Jerry & Mary Jo Liberstein Line Hardware Lonnie Link Michael & Mary Alice Long Michael & Linda Lowery Roy Luber Carl & Lynn Lyss Neil & Ricki Marglous Ricki Marking-Camuto Sharon & Stan McCaslin Anthony & Joellen McDonald James McMillan Barbara B. Mennell Karen J. Miller Monica Moore Dr. Mary Ann Morley James H. Myles Charles E. & Susan Niesen Joel & Sue Picus Tim & Jodi Pierce Harriet & Philip Polster Carol & Sam Powell Sue Rapp Dr. Gary Ratkin & Marilyn Ratkin Judith A. Rau Terry & Karen Reeves Pam & Michael Richards

Dawn Schuessler Lois & Walter Schultz Dr. & Mrs. L. Smith Mort & Paula Smith Bart & Meg Solon Lee & Diana Speicher Lucie & Steve Springmeyer Russ & B. Vanderbeek Jack Walbran Mark & Donna Waldman Patricia & Richard Walters Jeffrey Webb Patricia Wells James White & Cindy Payant Vicky Riback Wilson Bert & Bobbe Wunderlich Kathleen Zorica

Anonymous Thomas S. Abernathy Brenda & Joseph Ackerman Joseph & Trish Alexandre James Andris Don Aulph Ruth Ellen & Jay Barr Nancy Bengtson Cathy Bixler Kathy Borges David Brinker Ann Bronsing Stephen Brunkhorst Chris Burridge Dr. Robert Buzzell Carol Carlson Clare L. Chapman Elliott & Mary Chubb

Connie Emge Denise & James Eschenbrenner Debbie Fishwick Mr. & Mrs. M. D. Fowler Bruce Frank & Enid Weisberg-Frank Gary & Janice Friedrich Lynn Fullerton Toni Gacka Laura Geiser Rick & Edith Gordon Harvey Goz Mimi & Ralph Graff Carol & Daniel Gravens Fran Grebel Mark & Chris Greenberg William Grivna Myron & Carol Gruber Judy & Scott Guerrero Judy Hamilton John & Vicki Hardy Vicki & Larry Helling Nancy & Jim Hershey Mr. & Mrs. John Heskett C. Norman Jones & Barbara Fraser Marjorie Kaiman Marshall & Suzy Kiel Julie Kirgo Nikki & Aaron Krawitz Sheila Lenkman Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Lewis Leslie & Michael Litwack Tim & Jan Long James & Randye Lyle Cathy Marek

William Rynecki Mark & Lynn Sableman Margaret S. Sant’Ambrogio James & Joan Schiele Carol Schreiner Kathy & Doug Schroeder

Gwen Clopton Ann Coleman Groves & Carol Cooke Kenneth B. Denson & Pamela M. Triplett Robert & Jamie Driver

Dorothy & James McCalpin John P. McGuire Mary Ann Medler Frederic J. Mohr Mike & Pat Mueth Neal & Pamela Neuman



T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Betty A. O’Dea Lynette Petruska Dina Powell Shirley Raitzsch Carl & Marsha Ramey Judith M. Roach Melanie Ryterski Drs. Phil & Mary Schenkenberg Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Schroy Bill & Diane Schwab Benjamin Schwartz Joel & Barbara Schwartz Janette Seper Nancy & Fred Shaffstall Brenda & David Skillman

Michael & Frances Slusher John & Nancy Solodar Terry J. Springmeyer Paul Steinmann Dr. Cary & Helen Stolar Barbara C. Valdes Bob & Julie Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher Wells II Ellen White Mr. & Mrs. William R. Wiese Robert & Jacqueline Wills Jean M. Wood Jason Wos Diana Wubbena Kenneth Yancheck Dr. Judy Yordon

* In memoriam (Listings 6/1/20 –9/2/21)

LEVELS OF GIVING $1,000–1,499 Playwright $600–999 Producer $300–599 Director $175–299 Star $100–174 Performer Every effort has been made to include accurate, up-to-date information in these listings. To report an error or omission call (314) 687-4031.

Members of the Encore Circle have decided to share their passion for theatre with others by designating The Rep as a beneficiary of their estate plan. Through wills, life insurance and living trusts, or by establishing a life income gift, Encore Circle members have assumed a starring role to assure that The Rep continues to be an exciting artistic force in the region for many years.

Anonymous (4) Robert A. Bilzing Milford* & Lee Bohm Nancy Forsyth Brossard* Mr.* & Mrs. L.L. Browning Jr Iva Jean Conerly* Joseph Corrigan Dr. Margaret Crumpacker* Selma S. Dennis* Larry Essmann Mr. & Mrs. David Gast Brad L. Graham* Susan Gregg* Dr. Paul O. Hagemann* Sally Parriott Hailand* Tim Hampton Glenda Hares

Marian W. & Maurice L. Hirsch, Jr. Dea Hoover William Eager Howard III* Charles & Catalina E. Jamieson* Mary Louise Kilmer* Jack & Ellen Lippard* Stanley & Lucy Lopata* Mary Ann Maritz* Angela Davis Malles* Elizabeth & Carroll* McMahon Maurine Milligan* Dorothy R. Moog* Mary Lee Morris* Doris A. Murdoch* Goldie Palkes* Ken & Garie Perry

Robert & Marilyn Raphael Carol Schreiner Glenn Sheffield* Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sher Lisa & Allan Silverberg Gerald & Marjorie Smith Mary Strauss Yolanda Taylor* Judi Tomlinson Margaret Tumiati* Mike & Barbara Willock Robert C. & Bernice Williams Steven Woolf* Lynn & Darrell Yearwood Dr. Richard D. Yoder* Judy & Lon Zimmerman *In memoriam 45



OCT 1– 24 In this world premiere satire set in the notso-distant future, a new facility promises to take men accused of sexual misconduct and rehabilitate them into responsible citizens. Steph Del Rosso’s bold new play asks: Can we mass-produce forgiveness? Major Sponsor: Ann Cady Scott


DEC 3– 23 The Rep is proud to launch a new holiday tradition with our first-ever annual production of A Christmas Carol! At long last, the ghosts of Ebenezer Scrooge’s past, present and future have caught up with him. Now London’s most infamous miser must take a transformative journey as he faces the worst parts of himself and discovers unexpected redemption.


T h e R eper tory Theatr e o f S t. L ou is

Make an IMPACT

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis is proud to be at the heart of our community. As a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, The Rep relies upon donor contributions to support 40% of our annual budget. Your contribution is crucial to our ability to offer top-flight, compelling theatre on our stages and innovative, enriching educational outreach programs to St. Louis.

You can give a meaningful gift that will continue to give back to our community for years to come and enjoy some great benefits like behind-the-scenes tours, special parking, exclusive events and more! If you are already a Rep Backer —Thank You! If you would like to become a Rep Backer, please contact our donor relations office at 314-687-4030 or visit repstl.org/support. We look forward to welcoming you as a donor to The Rep!

Pride and Prejudice, cast Photo by Phillip Hamer