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All in One Year

To the students of De La Salle University, Good day! We are Santugon sa Tawag ng Panahon. You have probably seen us during our recruitments and campaigns wearing our signature yellow and blue and you have probably heard our cries of “Derecho!” at least once. But now, we would like you to know a little bit more about us.

of warehouse for old chairs and tables? An ordinary student by the name of Stacy Carbonel saw an opportunity to make the space more useful to her fellow students. To this day, students from COB and SOE and even other colleges benefit from the extra study space the hall provides.

We have been around for 27 years now since our establishment on October 12, 1985. Since then, we have been training and fielding wellchosen candidates for the Student Council, now the University Student Government. Many of the candidates we have fielded went on to become some of the best leaders that De La Salle University has ever seen who have pioneered some of the greatest programs and services available.

That is the leadership that Santugon believes in. It does not have to come from people of great power nor do they need to be extravagant acts. We believe in everyone’s potential to do ordinary things extraordinarily and become leaders in their own right.

You have probably heard of the La Salle Athletic League or LSAL, the Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program or LEAP, the Lasallian Scholar Program, Facility Inspection and Expansion Program, Sagip Metro and Business Innovation Zone (BIZ) canteen. These and many, many others were spearheaded by Santugon leaders. That kind of service does not just come from elected officers, either. One time or another, you have probably studied at the Medrano Hall. Did you know that it used to be a sort

But this year, we are taking that idea up a notch. We believe that everyone has the potential to not only become leaders, but to become heroes. Heroes that affect positive change with their everyday actions. Heroes that give genuine service without expecting anything in return. Heroes like you. An everyday Lasallian hero. We look forward to meeting you during this general elections, hero! Always Derecho, Santugon sa Tawag ng Panahon

L-R: Tracey Liu, Kayne Litonjua, Robert Hechanova, Ria Atayde, Carlo Inocenio

The Santugon Executive Board


We envision this generation of Lasallians leading the youth towards positive sustainable change through the recognition that our small actions and choices all lead to defining the society we inherit. This begins with the realization and application that heroism is simply expanding our sense of possibility as it is relevantly displayed in the collective involvement of each individual. By setting our vision on the continuous present where it can always be felt, achieved and further intensified, we aim to reach a state where everyday heroes are made, for everyone, by everyone. It starts today. It begins with you. This is Everyday Lasallian Heroism.

Kayne Litonjua Executive Treasurer

Not everyone in the executive board started their leadership journey in the University Student Government right away. Kayne Litonjua was actually making his way up as a Junior Officer and later as an Assistant Vice President in the Business Management Society. “BMS took me in. They’re like a family to me. They gave me so many opportunities to lead and be noticed,” Kayne shares. “With them, I was able to head a party (Avant Garde), a bazaar (Times Square Fashion Bazaar), and a lot of other activities.” With so much experience under his belt, you would think that Kayne has been doing this for a while. “No, actually. I never really involved myself in organizations in high school. I joined some in maybe third year and fourth year already. The reason why I joined at the time was because I saw how accomplished those active in orgs were. They got a lot of recognition and I wanted that, too.” When he got to college, Kayne didn’t even want to join any organization because he felt the university was way too big and he wouldn’t matter because he’s just one person. “But that changed when I heard Lorenz de Castro (a Santugon leader and former University Student Government President) speak during our LPEP. What he said really struck me. He said, ‘Lasallians are bound to stand out. And that person is you.’ That line really changed my perspective and I immediately got interested to be involved in the USG.” Kayne contacted Santugon right after and asked to be screened for the Freshmen Elections. However, he wasn’t

chosen to be part of the slate at the time. But he saw this as a chance to try something else. That’s when he found the Business Management Society. “I applied for the Junior Officer program and I actually didn’t make it. I felt bad because this is the second time I didn’t make it. I thought about giving up but I realized that I really wanted to be involved in something. So I asked for a reconsideration and I finally made it in.” He didn’t take that opportunity for granted and quickly stood out among the flock of Junior Officers. Kayne was the first JO in BMS history to be a team head for a project. Later, he was asked by Santugon to run for the General Elections as Batch President and won. He was at the top of his game. But right after all the victory, Kayne and his family experienced a great loss. “My dad passed a way just a while after. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through,” he shares. “But I made sure that I wouldn’t let it bring me down. My dad wouldn’t have wanted that. So I really did my best in both the USG and BMS. If at the start, I joined orgs to get recognition, this was when I realized that I wasn’t doing it for myself anymore. I was doing it for the people who needed me to be there. I could have easily left to focus on my family but I have a family that needs me here, too.” Now, Kayne is running as the Executive Treasurer and more than ever, he is determined to give his very best, not for himself, not for the recognition, but for the people he knows he can help. “That’s what my dad would have wanted.”

Everyday Lasallian Heroism // 7

Ria Atayde Executive Secretary

Ever heard of the movie “Parent Trap”? That movie where twin girls played by Lindsay Lohan come up with an elaborate scheme to bring their separated parents back together. Now, think of the exact same movie minus the twins and the elaborate scheme and you have a glimpse of the early years of Ria Atayde. “Don’t worry, we sort of laugh about it now,” she says, with a reassuring smile on her face. With her energetic persona, you would think that there’s nothing that could take Ria down, but she does admit that the whole ordeal with her parents has affected her greatly. “I was very young when my parents separated. That in itself was hard already,” Ria shares. “It was even harder because I would be the one that my mom would cry to so I had to learn to be strong for her even if I was just a kid.” When her parents seemed close to reconciling and her mom asked her what she thought about it, Ria said she didn’t want it. She said she knew her mom wasn’t doing this for herself but for Ria and her siblings. Ria’s parents did eventually reconcile and she says they are nothing but a happy family. However, the whole ordeal gave her the strength and selflessness that all her friends and colleagues know and love

her for. It was also the reason for her active involvements since grade school. “I made myself really busy to keep my mind off of everything that was happening at home,” she says. When asked why she thinks she went into being active with organizations instead of keeping to herself like a lot of kids with separated parents do, she says she wanted at least one part of her life to be great. “Things with my family weren’t okay, so at least I could control this part of my life.” Instead of letting it bring her down, she let these challenges motivate her and inspire her. As time went on and her home life improved, her involvements became less of a distraction and more of an act of passion. “I learned to love being part of the student council. It’s something that I truly enjoy doing more than anything else.” Coming into this general elections running as the Executive Secretary, a brand new challenge, Ria says that it is her love for service that will motivate and inspire her this time around.

Everyday Lasallian Heroism // 9

Tracey Liu Vice President for External Affairs

It is not customary in Filipino culture for children to leave their parents’ home other than when they go abroad or have families of their own (sometimes, even then, they still live with their parents). So it’s usually far into adulthood that many Filipinos experience being on their own. But for Tracey Liu, “far into adulthood” meant being sixteen years old and leaving her Cebu home to live alone in Manila for college. “I’m a probinsyana,” she says with a noticeably un-probinsyana accent. Tracey can be easily mistaken as a born and bred Manila girl but she is very much a Cebuano, through and through. “When she starts getting too into something she’s saying, she starts blurting out random Cebuano words. It happens a lot… jud,” a close friend shares. As with any small town girl, moving to the big city was pretty scary for Tracey. “I had never been away from my family before. I didn’t know if I could handle living on my own and going through my college workload on top of adjusting to the new culture,” she shares. “Tapos hindi pa ako marunong mag-Tagalog dati.” Tracey tell us that her first year of college was pretty hard. Juggling so many changes wasn’t easy for someone just shy of seventeen. But despite that, she took on another challenge that year: running for the University Student Government. “I didn’t think that someone like me who came from the province and barely knew anyone in school would ever be asked to run. I myself didn’t think I could win, so kinilig ako when Santugon asked me to screen and later on run as a candidate for the Freshmen Elections.” Sadly, she lost that first time. “Yeah, I lost,” Tracey says, giving a small laugh.

“I didn’t reach the 50 percent plus one votes I needed to win. But I didn’t feel too bad about it. I knew I tried my best.” But before she could even go into a new endeavor, an opportunity came for her to redeem herself and give it a try a second time. “I was hesitant, of course. I mean I already lost once for the same position. But I realized just how much I wanted to be part of the USG, so I went for it.” Tracey was victorious that second time. When asked why she was so determined to be in the USG, Tracey shares, “I was active in high school but all we did then was act on behalf of the admin. Here, I saw the impact of the USG on the students and the university and society, how empowered they were. I wanted to see how much I could do and how much I could contribute because I never got that chance before.” It’s definitely not easy for someone like Tracey to be part of the USG because rather than spending some weekends flying to Cebu to be with her family, she ends up spending them working on her programs as the current College President of the Gokongwei College of Engineering. “It’s hard coming home everyday without my family there and I miss them all the time. But I guess, as cheesy as it sounds, I love what I’m doing so much that I don’t think about it so much.” Not having her family here with her, Tracey instead takes comfort in the company of her friends, classmates, colleagues in the USG, and in serving the student body. Coming into the elections as the Vice President for External Affairs, Tracey wants nothing more than to bring that heartfelt service outside the university. “DLSU is my family. The USG is my home. They have done so much for me. Now, I want to be able to pay that forward.” Everyday Lasallian Heroism // 11

Carlo Inocencio Vice President for Internal Affairs

A lot of people might think that a guy like Carlo Inocencio had been actively involved in organizations since his high school days. And they’re mostly right. But did you know that Carlo’s big break as a student leader, running as Colegio de San Agustin’s student council president, was an accident? “It was close to the end of filing the certificates of candidacy for the elections and a good friend of mine asked me, ‘Carlo, do you want to be our standard bearer?’ I said yes without hesitation,” Carlo shares. “I was shocked when I learned I had to start campaigning. I thought ‘standard bearer’ was the same as ‘flag bearer’!” The whole room erupts in laughter, as it usually does every time Carlo tells that story. He may not have known what he was getting into at the time, but Carlo did end up delivering. He went on to win that election and the rest, as they say, is history. “Carlo is definitely a man of his word, “ a friend says. “He’s the kind of person that will do whatever it takes to deliver what he promised.” It’s that attitude that brought Carlo from being an accidental high school standard bearer to De La Salle University Student Government’s Executive Treasurer. When asked why he continued running in college, Carlo shares, “I actually didn’t want to be active in anything in college. I wanted to focus on my academics. But my upperclassman friends who were in Santugon urged me to at least explore my options, which I did – para hindi na nila ako masyadong kulitin.” He pauses to share a laugh with the interviewer. “Anyway, I went through the whole

screening process of Santugon for the Freshmen Elections and it wasn’t until the very last second, when they were about to announce the chosen candidates that I realized that I really wanted to run,” he says. “I had never felt that sort of intense relief and happiness before when I heard them call out my name - oo na, umiyak ako.” He cuts off the interviewer before she could tease him about it. Carlo says that he realized at that moment that this is something he was meant to do. Being a student leader, having a passion for service, was in his system and he couldn’t get rid of it even if he wanted to. “My perspective completely changed. I walk around the university and I always see things that can be improved. Like, if I saw a table, I don’t just see it as a table. I see the possibility of it getting repainted or having the screws tightened, things like that. And I know that I’m in the right position to really do something about it. I guess, that’s why I keep running. I just want to help make things a little better for everyone in the university.” And make them a little better, he did. Carlo became a Legislative Assembly Representative, a Batch President, and Executive Treasurer. He was able to create services that helped a lot of students out like the Satellite Bookstore in Andrew and , just to name a few. Coming into the general elections as the Vice President of Internal Affairs, Carlo only hopes to maximize the scope of the position to continue improving things around the university. Being a man of his word, we know he’ll do just that. Everyday Lasallian Heroism // 13

Robert Hechanova Vice President for Internal Affairs

Robert Hechanova has been in the University Student Government for four years now so it is no surprise that if at least once, you have seen or heard about this big guy. Robert has, without a doubt, contributed greatly to the university during his stay and he’s known for that. But there is so much more to him that not everyone gets to see. The best way to get to know Robert is to hear it from his officers from his time as batch representative, College President and as the incumbent Vice President for Internal Affairs. “I was in a general assembly of the Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs and Robert was orienting us about the office. I was surprised when he said that there were more than 140 members in Internals. I honestly thought he was crazy to have so many people to handle. But I will never forget what he said. He said, ‘I accepted everyone who applied to Internals because I have no right to say no to them. They chose me to be in this position so I have no right not to choose them for my office. The students have given me so many opportunities to serve, who am I to say no to them? I am in this position because of the students.’” “The moment that really struck me in the time that I worked with Robert was when

he gave me the huge opportunity to head the Animo Rally. At the end of the event, I could not help but cry because I thought the event went super bad. I felt like I let him down. But he came up to me with a big smile and told me not to doubt my abilities as a student leader and to learn from my mistakes and look forward. He said, “If it wasn’t perfect, it’s fine because you worked hard on it.’” “Robert took a real risk on me. I didn’t have any experience but he gave me a high position. He was the first person that really saw leadership potential in me and he took a chance in putting his trust in me. I had a lot to learn but he was always so patient to teach me and never made me feel incompetent. I owe him a lot for that.” “I have always looked up to Robert so I was so surprised when he gave me a big cake for my birthday. I did not expect anything from him especially since we are not very close. But he did and I do not think I will ever forget that he prepared something for me.” Robert is the type of person who needs to be taken care of in terms of making sure that he eats properly, he brings his asthma inhaler and avoids anything he’s allergic to. But I remember during the Sagip Metro relief operations, he was

always the first to arrive and the last to leave. The whole day, he barely stopped carrying supplies, packing goods, coordinating deployment, everything. There was a time when we told him we should take a break for lunch, he told us to go ahead because he had to finish a round of packing goods. When I said he needed to eat he just replied, “I can’t eat knowing that a lot of people out there haven’t eaten”. He said it so matter-offactly. And that’s coming from someone who really loves food.” Robert always puts everyone else ahead of his own self and needs. Not a lot of people and maybe not even Robert himself realizes that the reason why his officers and many students really look up to him is not for his hugely successful events and greatly impactful projects but for the little things he did or said to them. He truly embodies Everyday Lasallian Heroism and coming into his fifth elections as the University Student Government President, he will be able to continue affecting more lives with his genuine leadership and passion for service. When asked why he does what he does and what kept him going for so long, Robert just gives a shrug and says, “It honestly doesn’t even feel like it’s been four years. I love what I’m doing.” Everyday Lasallian Heroism // 15


Gokongwei College of Engineering Upon entering college, Kat was anxious to discover the right avenue to continue serving others. Running for the batch government never crossed her mind, but Santugon made her realize that this would be the perfect avenue for her to serve and to empower others to do the same. This is what led to a “yes”; a yes to the opportunity to run during her freshmen year. Unfortunately, the results were not in her favor but that didn’t stop Kat from looking for other possibilities to serve her batch and her college. Kat started becoming active in the 66thENG batch government, college government and professional organization. Kat shares "I had to work from the bottom, and this caused my passion for service to grow even deeper.” Once again Kat finds herself saying “yes” – this time to the opportunity to run as college president for the Gokongwei College of Engineering. Truth be told, it was not an easy decision

Erika JALIJALI College of Science

Erika Jalijali always had a passion for service ever since high school where she served her peers as the student council president. This experience made her realize that success in any endeavor can really be achieved by a team with a true leader and a vision. But when she entered college she first had this notion that in order to make the most out of her college life it would mean focusing solely on her academic and career goals. This belief did not stay with her for long because she still had that eagerness her of taking the extra mile to be in service of others. The first step she took was to join her batch government, FOCUS2011 where she became an active officer who supported batch projects and even headed a number of them. After her first year of being in service, her peers gave her the trust and the opportunity to continue this by electing her as the Batch Vice President, wherein she finally realized her calling is indeed, to be in service of others. Erika is once again; ready to take a bigger and more challenging step by reaching out not just to her batch but to 16 // Everyday Lasallian Heroism

a greater scope of people, the College of Science. She believes that her inspiration to give the best service, to her collegemates comes from the mere fact that it is because of her experiences in the past two years with the College of Science that she was able to develop her skills and capabilities as a student leader. As your candidate for College president, Erika together with the other Santugon leaders envision a College of scientists equipped with exemplified core competencies to become prime movers of this societal change. She believes that it is in recognizing the true capabilities of your everyday actions as science students that you can pioneer a change not just in the university but also in the nation. She challenges each and every student in the college of science to make a mark of their own identity as a proud Lasallian scientist. She assures the College of Science, that with everyone’s participation guided by her leadership their college can achieve a vision of "Empowering Student Excellence to Strengthen Scientific Identity".

to make but Kat's greatest resource is the fact that she has the undying passion to serve and the heart of a true Santugon leader, looking beyond position and banking on passion. Kat explains that her experiences throughout the years made her believe that it is high time for her to give back to the college that has shaped her to become the person that she is today. Believing that the efforts of the leaders before her have proven that Lasallian Engineers are holistically developed and globally competitive, Kat believes that continuing the Santugon brand of leadership in the college will allow them to take the next great step. Realizing that GCOE have world-class facilities to mold competencies, Kat wants to hone these skills to affect the community around us. Kat, together with her batchlevel candidates, wants to unite the college with a collaborative and dynamic effort geared towards nation building.

Darl ORILLAZA College of Education

When you see Darl on the floor of the 17th floor of the Andrew building you would immediately notice her in her floral dress which matches her soft voice. When asked to run, she gave a “why me” speech. What Darl didn’t realize was that she was already a leader but it was yet to be discovered. “I feel I love with the idea of running because of the people in my college” She adds that “helping my fellow students in the college is something I am passionate about. Now that she is on her second year, Darl is facing yet another challenge and now more than ever, she is determined to face this new challenge. Darl explains that now in her second year of service, the "kilig" factor after being able to help is stronger now. “Every time I think about helping my fellow students in the

college, I get that "kilig" feeling. Being in the university student government is a privilege that is given to many but only few accept and Darl is one of them. Every once in a while we meet people who we see as somebody who is destined for something. A classmate who you see could be the a politician, a friend who you know can be the next future businessman or a block mate who you know will one day become the next great teacher. When you look at Darl, you’ll see that her journey is not yet over. Darl’s last destination one that leads to being the next president for the College of Education. Together with her experience and passion to serve, there is no doubt that Darl can achieve so many great things for the College of Education.


Ramon V. Del Rosario-College of Business Even if there are many obstacles that she encounters, the flame of her passion to serve won’t be put out. This is what Jenn Noblezada holds on to every year of running and serving. Though there are times that she questions her ability, she realizes that at the end of the day, the quality services she gives the students and the smile it puts on their faces, matters the most. Jenn has genuine care for the people around her. One of her greatest characteristics is that she does everything not for herself but for the benefit of the students. The first time she realized that she could give more by being a student-leader happened way back in elementary. Her passion was first fueled when she decided to go out of her comfort zone by running for a position during 5th Grade. It is at that moment where she accepted the challenge and decided to change her life forever. Since then, she consistently produced quality activities and services for the student body. She is currently the

incumbent and two-time batch president of BLAZE2014. In her term as the Batch President, she spearheaded the installation of a printer in the 2nd floor of Andrew Hall and a project head for a Christmas Effort project, Santa Babies. Serving her batch for two years made her witness the growth of each individual in the College of Business. Every day, she comes across students with different stories, different experiences, all with so much potential and talent. She believes that if these individuals work together towards a common goal, a lot of innovative ideas can turn into reality. This year, Jenn envisions a premier College of Business that maximizes their individual roles and have the initiative to affect significant change. With the opportunities given to the students, they will be equipped with knowledge and skills to help them become the best student-leaders and Filipinos they can be. Believe and become part of this journey with Jenn. Everyday Lasallian Heroism // 17

Tracie TEODORO School of Economics

There were many options present for Tracie Teodoro to take but her relationship with the students from the School of Economics made her accept the challenge to serve again next year as their College President. She is strengthened by her passion to serve and her hope for the SOE students to regain the quality student service and genuine leadership they deserve. School of Economics is not just a college for Tracie but a home, a home that she wants to take care of and give the best Back in her high school days, Tracie would only focus on academics and not really get involved in other activities. It is in college where she saw that there are so much more that she can do, that is why she took the challenge and try out new things. She started out as an appointed officer in various organizations where her co-workers saw her potential to be a leader as well. With her good work and effort, an opportunity came to her by being EXCEL2013’s Batch President. She


Science and Technology Complex Student leaders are not new in DLSU – Science and Technology Complex. what is new are the leaders that are more than ready to serve the students who are equipped with their passion and heart. Nikka Ramos your incoming Campus President is not new in the political arena, she started her service during her last year in high school with the belief that, the students needed her and believed in her to be the start of good change in her campus. Nikka shares, “I ran for the students – for my students” the sense of ownership made her believe that she can take care her constituents, provide the needs and wants of her fellow students so they too may initiate a good change. Running in a position in DLSU – STC Student Council was not an easy journey for Nikka, her parents wanted her to focus on academics and academics alone, she is after all a student first, she tried her best to obey her parents but God had other plans for her. Fortunately her parents understood Nikka and with God’s grace, she won as the Commissioner on Community Involvement, with her 18 // Everyday Lasallian Heroism

position, she exceeded the expectations of others and her own with empowering projects for her students and the community. Nikka was blessed to be a delegate in the previous Lasallian Leaders Congress. She is still grateful to have shared experiences with her co – leaders; “It was time to give back to the community but most importantly to the students I govern”, Nikka states, with that she had a deeper understanding for her position and what she is running now-as your Campus President. This year, with the integration of the two campuses, Nikka, as your first Campus President, believes that it is time to take De La Salle University – STC to greater heights. Together with Nikka, her slate and you is moving forward for an empowered Science and Technology Complex through strengthening foundations and building a distinct Lasallian identity. Nikka believes that knowing your core competencies that are in line with the Lasallian core values and principles you may be students who promote and initiate societal change.

was appointed Chairperson for Student Services in the Activities Assembly and she went beyond serving EXCEL2013 by providing quality projects for the School of Economics and the university. She spearheaded projects such as Christmas Wish HERO Gift Drive and Qui Vive Writing Competition. School of Economics provides its students with world-class education that allows them to be at par or even better than other universities. With that in mind, Tracie, together with her batch-level officers, envisions holistic development for economists so that they will ignite a sustainable positive influence in the society. The School of Economics Government will work closely with different organizations in and out of the university and give the same opportunities that Tracie received to the students. School of Economics, develop your potentials and create a positive change in the university and the citizenry. Let this be a reality with Tracie.

Angelo TIGLAO College of Liberal Arts

"Ikaw. Kayong lahat. Kayo rason ko bakit ako nandito at tumatakbo." A simple and forthright answer directly coming from Angelo Tiglao as he was asked last General Elections for the reason why he decided to run for his current position in the University Student Government. As a former legislative assembly representative and incumbent Batch President of FAST2011, Angelo has done great things for his batchmates like Clash of the FAST: FAST 2011’s batch week, START II Awareness fair, and the lobbying of the CLA Study Lobby. Angelo has proved that he is more than capable of leading his batchmates. Now, with all his experiences and credibility, Angelo is more than ready to take on the lead this General Election for the College of Liberal Arts as he runs for College President. It may be considered as a big step, but it was never a complex situation for him to decide upon this matter for he knew right from the start that being of service to his fellow students is his lifeblood.

Angelo envisions a College of Liberal Arts that is moving forward towards excellence. He aims to promote genuine student involvement by providing students with local and international partnerships and quality student services. Angelo invites every student in the College of Liberal Arts to move forward in establishing a college that is a contributor in social transformation and a prime mover in pursuing excellence in society. At the end of the day, Angelo will only be able to do all these with his 9 batch level candidates and with every Lasallian who continues to believe in himself. He continues to believe that there is nothing more powerful than having everyone together in bringing the college to greater heights and bringing each Lasallian to achieve aspirations as big as their goals in life. Humbled by his credibility, making visions into reality and turning passion into action, College of Liberal Arts, your college president, Angelo Tiglao.


College of Computer Studies Clara's reasons for running goes beyond the service required of a leader. Her mom is currently battling cancer, and as hard as it is to do what she loves, which is to serve in the student government, takes time away from spending it with her mom. She believes that this is something that keeps her focused and strong. Everyone has their reasons for wanting to become leaders and wanting to be of service to others, Clara believes that it is her personal cause to serve. For Clara, everyone has battles to fight; Her battle is to serve the students the best way she can despite the circumstance and obstacles. She likens her battle to serve with her own mother's fight against cancer, dedicating this whole election to her, the woman who showed her greatness, passion and the belief that the destination can be reached by never losing faith and persevering. In her own words, "More than my passion to serve, my mom taught me to fight my battles the best way I know how. Drawing

strength from and taking comfort in these truths, I believe that I can make it." Two years of service in her batch and now running as college president, Clara believes that giving her full service to the CCS Community is her way of giving back and expressing gratitude for the continuous trust and for molding her to become the servant leader she is now who continues to influence the lives of others. As college president, Clara wants to re-establish CCS excellence towards student-driven technological progress through providing the right avenues to strengthen the academic competencies, harness full potentials and contribute to the Lasallian formation of every CCS student. She believes that through the recognition of our roles and involvement, the college will exhibit and bring forth technological progress driven by student excellence within and beyond the College of Computer Studies. Everyday Lasallian Heroism // 19


O Ye

All in One ear

Mission Statement University Week

An annual Lasallian celebration that raised more than Php 350,000 for the One La Salle Scholarship fund and the Jaime Hilario Integrated School in Bagac, Bataan.

CHED Memorandum Order #3 Revision

DLSU was successfully represented in reviewing and proposing recommendations to mandate universities/colleges the inclusion of student representation in the discussion of Miscellaneous fees.


The first student-initiated sustainable social engagement program of its nature in the G-COE, which utilized core competencies of each engineering course in creating proposals that solves a specific problem of a chosen community.

Sagip Metro 3

Relief assistance had been provided nation-wide, which reached more than 7,000 families who were affected by the habagat storm in 2012.

Child Friendly Clinic

An umbrella project that raised more than Php 30,000 worth of medical benefits and facility improvement for the Child Friendly Clinic in Brgy. 704, Zone 77, Malate, Manila.

Lasallian Scholar Program A student-initiated scholarship program which granted 21 deserving Lasallian scholars as of Term 3, AY 2012-2013.

New Student Loan Opportunites

Established two new loan opportunities for students to avail their textbooks and Green & White services.

Focus Foundation

Established a scholarship fund under the USG and the College of Science to aid incoming DLSU students in need of financial aid with the potential to make

significant contributions in the field of science.

First Human Rights Fair

A celebration on the declaration of human rights in DLSU that engaged students on the issues of equality, gender discrimination, and rights of the youth and of students in partnership with Kabataan, And Ladlad, National Union of the Student of the Philippines, and Amnesty International.

Facilities Improvement Initiatives

Series of initiatives in improving campus facilities through: installation of cooling devices in Gokongwei Hall, increased number of charging stations, placement of bug zappers, additional WiFi hot spots, and placement of sanitizer dispensers.

Facility Inspection and Expansion Program

Established and institutionalized the first ever student-initiated reporting system and student facility check.

Kanlungan Day Care

Pioneered the construction of a day care center and a library for the benefit of Brgy. Holy Spirit in Quezon City.

Business Innovation Zone (BIZ) Canteen

This is an expansion of the BIZ Project, which was created by enlisting studentowned businesses in the College Canteen as concessionaires.

CLA Study Center

Successfully lobbied for a discussion center that is open for students of the College of Liberal Arts located in the Miguel Hall.

Zero-Plastic Initiative

Pioneered the movement of reducing the use of one-time use plastic materials from the university canteens and bookstore geared towards an eco-friendly environment. Everyday Lasallian Heroism // 21

DLSU Student Services

Santugon acknowledges the importance of student services as they contribute to the overall quality of student life in the university. We believe that there is a current need for innovation as well as a standardized and streamlined system of student services that is consistent across all batches and colleges. Santugon shall focus on ensuring that the University Student Government will increase the efficiency of current student services and set up initiatives to promote improved and innovative services for the students.

De La Salle University – Science and Technology Complex Integration


The integration of the Science and Technology Complex with De La Salle University presents many challenges for both the students as well as the administrators. As we enter into the transition year of the integration, Santugon Sa Tawag Ng Panahon calls for proper collaboration between all sectors involved, namely the University Student Government, Council of Student Organizations as well as the Administrative offices and Faculty Departments to ensure that all sectors have been consulted and all issues on integration have been proactively addressed. Furthermore, proper evaluation and monitoring should be observed during the whole process.

Partisanship in the USG

Santugon does not encourage partisanship in the Student Government. While representing a political party during election period, elected officers should no longer be identified with their respective political parties once they assume office. This is to avoid biases and recognize that the true purpose of being an elected officer is not to be confused with that of the political party, which is to advance the interests of the party. Once elected, officers should represent the student body and no longer the political parties. Political Maturity must be practiced where leaders will remain consultative, proactive and responsive but never compromise the welfare of the people that they serve.

Political Dynasties

Santugon does not condone the existence of political dynasties in the government. However, we believe that candidates must not be elected by virtue of them being members of a political family.

Candidates must still possess the qualities that deem them competent and fit for the position they aspire to assume in government. They must be elected based on their individual capacities and not because they are part of a lineage that boasts an array of political milestones through the years. While political dynasties remain to be a questionable trend in modern politics, this now serves as a challenge for rising politicians to equip themselves with the necessary credentials, skills and capabilities, as well as the values and principles that each leader should possess, above all.

2013 Mid-term National Elections

The 2013 midterm election puts the spotlight on democracy once again. The election this year will once again prove that each vote counts and that the citizens of the Philippines should practice their right to suffrage. Santugon believes that each Filipino citizen should use this opportunity to make their vote count and elect officials every Filipino needs. We believe that a small act of voting is enough to have a huge impact in our society. Santugon would like to encourage voters to take time and vote for the candidate he/she sees as worthy of their vote. Moreover, it is the educated and informed vote that protects true democracy and ensures that capable leaders are elected in office.

K12 Education System

Access to basic education is a right each individual should have. With the K12 Education System, The Philippine basic education system will shift from 10 years to 12 years. The implementation of the K12 education system in the Philippines helps Filipino students get basic education, also allowing each Filipino student to become globally competitive to match with world standards. The additional two years in the educational system will prepare students for jobs after completing their basic education. Santugon believes that the implementation of the K12 education is a good step in moving towards molding globally competitive Filipino students. The government should not forget to improve on teacher training to further improve on the quality of education in all schools. Government should also provide additional classrooms, materials and books to maximize the implementation of the K12 education.

Carlos Celdran and the Catholic Church

Following the verdict of local courts finding Carlos Celdran guilty of the crime of Offending the Religious Feelings under Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code and a subsequent sentence of imprisonment, there has been much debate between Carlos Celdran’s freedom of expression and the Church’s right to ne respected in their place of worship, most especially when free speech was practiced that in turn affected the religious practices of a religion within the premises of their place of worship. Although the party believes in proper avenues to freely express one’s self and that the Catholic Church should practice more tolerance and forgiveness on those who they perceive have offended them, Santugon Sa Tawag Ng Panahon calls for both parties involved to amicably resolve the issues without necessarily having to resort to legal action on impulse.

Philippines as the next Tiger Economy

After attaining the highest Gross Domestic Product growth in the Southeast Asian region for the last quarters of the year 2012 and a rapid increase in Foreign Direct Investments, Santugon Sa Tawag Ng Panahon believes that such impressive growth can be attributed to the credibility of the Philippine Government in the global arena as well as the persistence of the current Aquino administration in aggressively prosecuting corrupt officials and tax evaders. Such an environment has become more conducive for a thriving business environment and has significantly increased foreign investments. It is because of these reasons that we emphasize on a genuine leadership built on integrity and accountability. Furthermore, the party believes that the Philippine government should ensure that growth is sustained and felt all throughout the different sectors of society and is not simply condensed to a privileged few.

Bangsamoro Framework Agreement

Following the Bangsamaro nation-state agreement signed in late 2012 and the transition commission employed by the Aquino Administration to oversee the developing changes in government structure and institutional as well as societal dynamics within the ARMM

region, Santugon Sa Tawag Ng Panahon strongly urges the Philippine Government to properly monitor and oversee the changes as well as clarify and supplement vague statements in the agreement to ensure that the transition and possibly issues that may arise were proactively addressed and averted. Furthermore, the government should respect the agreement of parrtial autonomy and work together with the ARMM towards a more peaceful Mindanao

Philippines – China Dispute

The conflicting and competing claims to territory in the South China Sea between the Philippines and China have only escalated despite previous efforts to invite international organizations such as the United Nations to arbitrate the dispute. Despite the threat of a potential armed conflict between the Philippines, China and other countries involved in the territory claim disputes, Santugon Sa Tawag Ng Panahon supports and would like to push the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs to continue advancing initiatives of arbitrating and resolving the issue in a mature manner, avoiding conflict ad unnecessary dispute. By advancing a diplomatic method of resolving issues, the Philippines will serve as a model of peaceful conflict resolution and at the same time, prove to be a strong emerging state to contend with in terms of growth and credibility in the global arena.

Pope Benedict’s Resignation

Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation from papacy on February 11, 2013 due to declining physical ability. He will formally end his papacy by February 28, 2013. Pope Benedict believes that the Pope should be able to lead the Catholic Church in deeds and acts and at the same time must be strong enough to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Pope. Given his health issues, Santugon is saddened by this news but supports Pope Benedict with his decision. We believe that the Pope has thought about this decision well enough to reach a conclusion. Santugon would like to extend their prayers to Pope Benedict for a better health and the Catholic Church to remain more faithful than ever in this year of faith.

Everyday Lasallian Heroism // 23

Everyday Lasallian Heroism  

Everyday Lasallian Heroism

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