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Chief Guest

Shri Sudhan Rawat

Candidate, Samajwadi Party For Ghaziabad Constituency Lok Sabha Elections, 2014

Challenges & Opportunity Conference GDA, UPSIDC, Officials of dist. Administration, Federation of RWAs, Senior Citizens, NGOs, Architects

Ghaziabad dream city


few years ago according to a leading international magazine “Newsweek”, Ghaziabad was in the list of world's most dynamic cities in the world.For good measure, it has also been billed as “India's Hottest City”.Despite many of residents who have to battle pathetic infrastructure, chaotic traffic and soaring crime scene concerted efforts have been made on behalf of state govt and private sector to make it worth living. Experts attribute the rapid growth to Ghaziabad's excellent connectivity with Delhi which creates more new jobs from Hyderabad and Bangluru as well as an established IT destination like Noida. Its very strategically located on the old Grant Trunk Road. Not only does does it attract a sizable IT/ITEs workforce from Noida, it attracts a sizable IT/ITEs workforce from Noida, it is affordable for those who can't Delhi prices. Rapid industrial development in Ghaziabad is the result of a spillover from Noida & Greater Noida. Sahibabad was conceived as an industrial estate but

Ghaziabad's growth has been quite recent.Today, the city has more than 1500 SSI units and larger plants like coca-cola,ITC, Dabur & PSU like BEL etc However many important issues still remain unaddressed viz lack of infrastructure, dearth of affordable housing projects, delay in implemention of public utility projects, traffic jams, widening of NH58/NH24, enchroachment of Hindon river bed by land mafia and polluting the river by disposing industrial effluents and sewage in the river, intercity public transport etc. With a view to discussing various key issues and aspects mentioned above “Samajwadi Party, Ghaziabad” is organising this conference to bring together all concerned groups viz civic bodies, govt agencies, developers, RWAs, environmentalists, NGOs, professionals and fund managers/bamk officials etc to a common platform to provide imetus to the efforts to restructure all efforts taken in past to meet the future challenges and opportunities.

Partcipant's Profile

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GDA/UPSIDC/Awas Vikas Parishad/Nagar Nigam Represntatives from RWAs Real Estate developers Housing Finance companies Banks NGOs Real Estate Professionals Consultants & service providers Infrastructure companies Other stakeholders Environmentalists

Key Issues

1. Affordable housing

3. Healthcare

5. Environment

a. Govt policy and industry perspective b. Financing for affordable housing c. Public private partnership d. Initiatives by GA/Awas Vikas Parishad

a. Present status b. Initiatives by govt c. Milk adultration d. Street food e. Treatment for poors in private hospitals

a. Hindon pollution b. Waste management/STPs c. Polluting industries d. Noice pollution e. Disposal of hospital waste

2. Infrastructure a. In perspective b. Major infrastructure Projects c. Power supply d. Metro/rapid rail e. Roads & highways f. Parking

4. Issues raised by RWAs a. b. c. d. e.

6. Industrial development: a. Infrastructure in industrial area b. land for new projects c. Skill development d. Incentives for new industries e. Making tourist resort near Hindon and Hasanpur lake

Deliverables from Conference:

Invite Eminent Speakers from:

a. Get an insight in to the policy & regulatory issues b. Understand the growth pattern and trends c. Knowledge sessions covering critical& topical issues d. Experience sharing through presentations and case studies e. Networking amongst, govt, GDA, Nagar Nigam, Awas Vikas parishad UPSIDC and private sector in matters concerning development of Ghaziabad

a. Representatives of state govt b. Officials from civic bodies, Awas Vikas Parishad, Nagar Nigam, Dist. Administration c. Real estate developers d. Consultants & advisors e. Private Equity Investors

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