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Johnny and Kapa, Kapa and Johnny: inseparable (but quite different) friends, two young and misunderstood mites that swim against the tide. While Johnny is vain and subtle, Kapa is rude and chubby. While the first is tanning his skin with a piece of tin foil, the second is fighting his fierce hunger devouring his toe nails. Both dream of leaving the town one day, in the quest for new horizons and strong emotions. They wonder it there’s life on another carpets. Also, they don’t want to grow older nor having girlfriends. Their eagerness for playing and being happy is far greater than their sense of duty about being responsible. Lovers of the extreme sports and the adrenaline shots, they spent the day playing to Cops and Robbers, or sleeping under the shadow of a Coca-Cola cap until its Sunday and the beloved gale comes again.


Project I  
Project I