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KAPU Voilá! There you go, Johnny: your new surfing board. (Giving the splinter of the toothpick to him) Wait… something is missing (He marks with his leg “kapu shaper”)

his leg and Kapu falls down to the floor, spitting out. KAPU How disgusting! It was sour strawberry! Johnny helps his friend to get up, when they hear a huge explosion behind them; the butt of a cigarette still lighted looks like a volcano in eruption; both friends run away terrified, avoiding the fire and smoke… JOHNNY This must be from the father! KAPU (Outraged) I don't know neither what kind of education they give to the elder ones today! He has just set on fire the carpet! … They stop running by a toothpick; they stand by it, trying to recover their breath, with their eyes fixed at that “huge monolith”, while the music from the film “2001, An Odyssey in the Space” is playing; Kapu gives a naughty look to Johnny, opens his mouth and shows his big teeth, and his friend smiles showing the braces; then

he rushes to the toothpick and nibbles a good piece of it…

EIGHTH DAY OF ACTION: THE SEVENTH DAY, SCENE 3. IDYLLIC SURFING LANDSCAPE. AT SUNRISE, WITH JOHNNY AND KAPU The wind, blows and the long neck of the vacuum cleaner soars the sky like in “The War of the Worlds”; covered in sunblock, Johnny sunbathes with a tin foil under the neck, until he sets himself in fire and runs in flames, with Kapu behind trying to blow the fire away; With the help of his legs, he brings back the camera to him… KAPU (Acting as in a testimonial way) …And that day, born from a

small wood chip, Johnny and I made a surfboard! What do you think? (Rocking with his fingers in the surfer's way) Good waves, pals! Cheers! (He gets on his surfboard and leaves the place) Fade to black, while it plays beach boys music… …A new scene pops from the black screen, and we see Johnny with a guitar and Kapu in the drums, playing the song…

Project I  
Project I