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JOHNNY (Drying himself with his hand) Ok, then…

KAPU But… what are you doing? Johnny!

Kapu and Johnny move away, disappearing in the carpet fur… They emerge back from the synthetic foliage, and then they stop and remain steady. Johnny is a little bit anxious; Kapu stands up defiant with fists on hips, and both of them raise slowly their heads, looking up astonished.

JOHNNY (Climbing up as a professional) We need to get to the other side, isn't it? (Making a great effort… and a little bit exhausted) See, it's easy… Down the pink hill, Kapu is waiting, shaking his head and smiling with sarcasm; Johnny is annoyed, the chewing gum is soft and his legs gets sticky and sink. Johnny finally falls down…

JOHNNY This wasn't here yesterday.


Kapu and Johnny are at the base of a huge pink mountain. Out, leave it to me. KAPU This is from the little one in the family. (Looking up to the sky) I don't know what kind of education they give to kids today! Look, he threw a chewing gun to the carpet…! Johnny starts to run and begins to hike the mountain

Kapu takes impulse, runs towards the chewing gum like a whirlwind and makes a perfect tunnel using his mouth and legs; Johnny, fascinated, crosses it… …On the other side Kapu doesn't feel very well, he's swelling up, holding his belly until he burps an enormous pink bubble, so big that he is surrounded by it; Johnny breaks the pink bubble with

Project I  
Project I