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Investment Property Loans

Investment Property Loans • Rental Home Financing Unveils Innovative New Investment Property Loans Programs, June 2014 could prove to be the pivotal moment when the mortgage industry finally turns for the better, one which many real estate investors credit as the turning point for their wealth building, and rebounding portfolio performance, thanks to the availability of new rental home financing loans.

Investment Property Loans • Rental Home Financing has announced the availability of $5.5B in capital for financing the acquisition, refinance or cash out of portfolios of single family rental home portfolios, to facilitate investors in capitalizing on the current market. • Leveraging new technology, commercial mortgage lender, Rental Home Financing has been able to provide access to lower interest rates and faster closings than previously possible in this sector.

Investment Property Loans Loan amounts available range from $500k to over $30M. Exciting features desperately sought out by the investor market include; no limit on number of properties owned, blanket mortgages for consolidating payments, and funding for foreign nationals. Rental Home Financing is an Indianapolis based Direct Lender, providing investor mortgage funding in most states in the U.S. including FL, IN, NC, SC, GA, IL, CA, MI, TX, NV and AZ.

Investment Property Loans • STREET ADDRESS: 10401 North Meridian Street #300, Indianapolis, Indiana, • PIN NO.: 46290 • CONTACT US: 317-710-0126, 1-888-3757977 • WEBSITE:

Investment Property Loans