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The Perfect Wedding

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The Perfect Wedding

How to find the perfect wedding dress By JAMES D. WOLF JR.


hen a bride-to-be is looking for a wedding gown, she should know her budget and know where to look for bargains. But most of all, she should know her own mind, said Karen Tiede, co-owner with husband Byron Tiede of Pins and Needles at 204 N. Main St., Suite A, in Monticello. “She should consider purchasing the dress that she loves, the style that she loves, the fit that she loves – not the style her mom or her mother-on-law or her friend likes,” said Tiede. Tiede said she can tell by the look on a bride’s face when she comes out if it’s the dress she loves, but that doesn’t always mean she gets it. “We’ve seen women give into these opinions and maybe not be as happy as with the gown they’d choose,” she said. She advises brides to also tell the shop what their price point is when they tell salespeople the description of the dress they want. Although stores will work with a bride on price, they don’t want to pull out a dress the bride will fall in love with and not be able to afford, she said. It also helps a bride to do research and know the brand

names and their price ranges. It’s possible to find a gown for $500, “if you shop frugally,” said Tilde. Although Pins and Needles does alterations for brides who buy at the “big box” stores, she suggests that women also look at the boutiques like hers that carry new and gently used gowns. “Sometimes you find a hidden gem there,” she said. The optimal time to buy a dress is eight to ten months before the wedding, and her shop has gowns to be altered for August and October weddings now. Alterations are best begun three to four months ahead of the wedding, and she tells August brides that her business can best focus on their dresses after prom season ends in May. Tiede also recommends that brides do not get a dress that’s too small and that they plan to diet to fit into. Because of the stress, they may even gain some weight, and “if they do happen to drop 10 pounds before the wedding, we can alter it (more easily),” she said. Re-wearing a mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress isn’t as common in North Central Indiana, although Pins and Needles has refitted one and has done things like worked the lacy gauntlet gloves from a mother’s 1980s dress into sleeves for a new dress. It depends on the dress type and the sentimentality of the

bride. One bride had a heart cut from the shirt of her recently departed grandfather and had it sewn discreetly into her dress near her heart so he could be part of the wedding, Tiede said. Even when modern brides aren’t using a legacy dress, when they buy a dress, they often consider whether it could become a legacy for their own daughters. “The mindset of the bride has kind of evolved over the years. I don’t know what’s driving that mindset, but I can see that becoming a part of the decision when a bride is choosing a wedding dress,” she said. The mindset for bridesmaid dresses is also changing from the tradition of all the bridesmaids wearing the exact same dress and shoes. “We’re seeing similar colors but completely different styles,” Tiede said. Bridesmaids are allowed a style that flatters them and that maybe they can wear again – and that they feel comfortable in and can dance in at a reception. For mothers’ dress searches, Tiede has seen brides have very specific requirements and others not care about what her and her groom’s mother wears. The mothers should consider dress type by whether it’s

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The Perfect Wedding

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Lesley Sparks fits Amanda (Criswell) Browning for her wedding gown.

From page 2 formal or outside “and what the bride is expecting out of the mother-of-thebride and mother-of-the-groom,” she said. It’s also advisable to keep the bling and flash to a minimum. “Mothers don’t want to upstage the bride,” she said. The mothers should also get fitted for alterations six months before the wedding and also have her shoes picked out and worm during the fittings “so you can get a accurate hemline,” said Tilde. Bridesmaids and brides should also wear the shoes they plan for the ceremony during fittings. Dresses for rehearsal dinners aren’t as necessary these days because rehearsal dinners are becoming more casual. They’re usually jeans and bonfires or taco bars, and because the grooms’ parents usually pay for those, another trend is that the grooms’ parents are offering to help with wedding expenses, she said. For father-of-the-bride, the tradition of a tuxedo remains and is best handled at a tuxedo business, she said.



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The Perfect Wedding

How groom’s can be more involved in the wedding process By JARRED MEEKS

The notion that grooms aren’t as involved in wedding

planning as their brides are is true. Bridal stores have grown accustomed to overwhelmed brides and idle grooms, but one customer service representative says it doesn’t have to be that way, that there are simple ways for the groom to involve himself in the wedding process. A large part of getting men more involved in weddings is encouraging them to have an opinion – on picking a ring, cake and decorations – said Rebecca Melgar, customer service representative at David’s Bridal, a “one-stop shop” for dresses and wedding consultations in Lafayette, Indiana. “A lot of brides feel like they’re doing it on their own,” Melgar said. “They like a second opinion, too. So having the groom be more involved, and definitely jumping in and saying, ‘Hey, you know, I like this more than I like this’ – kind of narrowing down options – that’s a good way guys can get involved. “Those things are important to help narrow down a bride’s to do list because then they don’t feel like they’re planning a wedding by themselves. “It’s both their day: It’s not just the bride’s day.” While having an opinion is crucial for a groom to

involve himself in the wedding, some things, such as picking a guest list or having a say in the venue, are musts for grooms, and hold a slightly higher priority. “It’s their family and their friends, too,” Melgar said, adding that it’s important “just having that second person to talk to.” Starting with the guest list and input on the venue location can be an easy way for brides to begin discussing the important decisions early while opening a road for communication about some of the smaller details in a wedding, too. Grooms, however, may think their opinions don’t matter,

Melgar explained. She said that some of the societal pressures and expectations on men regarding weddings – like, say, that men aren’t supposed to care what color this or that decoration is – may inhibit their willingness to help their bride on all of the small details that go in to a wedding. They may feel it’s more appropriate to let the bride handle the majority of the decisions, thinking it’s easier that way. “It’s so funny,” Melgar said, “because there are so many super teeny tiny details that go in to weddings – the color of the napkins, things that are set on tables, what pillow they are going to use for the ring bearer – I mean, the tiniest little details, everything, even down to the ribbon that goes on the basket for the flower girl. “And I think having someone there to say, ‘Hey, I can’t decide between these two,’ having someone there to pick out those tiny little details … (is) a big deal. They are on your to-do list for a wedding.” And the to-do list doesn’t go away, and the bride probably doesn’t want to do everything by herself … probably. Some easy first steps for grooms would be to take time to look at websites to get ideas and to show up to wedding consultations, Melgar said. “You’re marrying this person,” Melgar said. “It’s important to be a team.”

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The Perfect Wedding

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Cosgray’s Christmas Tree Farm also offers wedding venue space BY CHRISTEL MCINTOSH KVP Correspondent

Cosgray’s Christmas Tree farm is a beautiful White County venue that has hosted many weddings, over nearly four years. Mark and Cindy Cosgray purchased the Idaville Christmas Tree Farm and over the years, many amenities have been added. “My husband, Mark and I purchased the Christmas tree farm back on December 31, 2012. One of our first summer employees, stayed on with us after his high school graduation, until November of 2013, when he entered the Air Force, “stated Cosgray. “In the spring of 2013, he called to see if he could get married at the tree farm. At the time of his request, we thought we would just be accommodating his wedding. As it turned out, I had an unexpected change in my job at the very same time. Therefore, the wedding business seemed like a perfect opportunity for me --- at a perfect time in my life.”  The venue has reception table and chair

seating for 350, and the reception barn will hold roughly 150. “Additional seating can be accommodated in rented tent space and in the awning space at our gift barn. We have a separate food service area as well, “Cosgray explained. Cosgray’s also offers beer and wine service and that is served in a separate alcohol barn and they hire licensed bartenders. Cosgray’s ceremony site sits in a wooded area, on a natural amphitheater slope with rustic bench seating for 250 and has ample room for additional chair seating. They have two wedding arbors available (one is more traditional, while the other is more rustic and made of river birch wood from the farm) that sit at the beginning of a bridal paver path. “The ceremony site is set up for sound and has wireless microphones available. The ceremony chapel is elevated so all of the guests have a perfect view of the ceremony, and has a centrally placed antique crystal chandelier. The ceremony site is landscaped with several shade gardens, “said Cosgray. “Our entire package includes

Trask and Chrissy Darabaris exit the wedding ceremony site at Cosgray’s Christmas Tree Farm during their 2017 wedding. Also pictured is one of the two wedding arbors, which is made from river birch wood from the farm.


the wedding ceremony, reception, wedding rehearsal, early access for decorating, tables and chairs, trash removal, golf cart transportation, basic lighting and antique crystal chandeliers in the ceremony chapel and reception barn, muslin curtain drapes at the barn door openings and accent muslin drapes on the barn beams. Our philosophy is to bring new items to the farm to make each couple’s wedding day as special as possible, “concluded Cosgray. If you or anyone you know would be interested in a tour of the venue and amenities the Cosgray’s have added to their Christmas tree Farm, please call (574) 278-7525.

Pictured is the inside of the reception barn at Cosgray’s Christmas Tree Farm.

W W W . R O T H B R O T H E R S J E W E L E R S . C O M

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The Perfect Wedding

and Bridal House

Weddings, Showers & Events Elegant or Casual - The Perfect Venue

Weddings and Events at The Pavilion at Sandy Pines

The Bridal House

“The Pavilion” is the perfect wedding venue in Northwest Indiana providing a fabulous location for your wedding ceremony and a fantastic outdoor atmosphere for your reception, which most would agree is much better than a reception hall. The Pavilion and The Bridal House is available year round for Weddings / Ceremonies, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Christenings, Corporate Events, Engagement Parties, Graduations, Holiday Parties, Memorials, Proms, Sweet 16s. Have an upscale event or a relaxing “backyard” party. SP19 Restaurant caters all events whether a small intimate group or a large party. Offering exceptional Appetizers, Salads, Entrees, Desserts and Drinks. Our experienced Wedding Coordinator, Julee Kistler, will walk you through the entire process and make sure that all your details are covered so that you can enjoy your special day. Our goal is always to surpass your expectation for an elegant wedding reception. Call her at 1-219-670-3766

About The Bridal House

Mini Salon Stations

The Meeting Room

The Bridal House is the perfect place to get ready for your wedding. It is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. The Bridesmaids area is very beautiful and spacious. We have a†mini salon station that can accommodate up to 4 girls to get their hair done and we have 4 makeup tables that seat 8. The Bridesmaids also have their own bathroom. We have hooks along the wall to hang all of the dresses. The Bride’s Suite is an open 2 story area with windows on every side to let in the natural light. The Bride also has her own makeup table and private bathroom. The full length mirror is perfect for the last minute touch ups before you walk down the aisle The Groom’s Suite has a changing area with hooks on the wall to hang up clothes. There is a full size bathroom with a walk in shower. The lounge area has a leather couch and chairs with a flat screen TV for relaxing and hanging out before the wedding. The grounds of the house are landscaped and†perfect for your wedding day photos. The house is located on the 9th hole and the view is amazing. The party room upstairs and the main floor can accommodate up to 50 guests. We can host bridal and baby showers, rehearsal dinners, anniversary parties and meetings. It is the perfect place to host a party.

10527 Bunker Dr. • DeMotte, IN 46310 Call Julee Kistler 219-670-3766

The Perfect Wedding

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Contact us to book your 2018 Wedding or Reception: C @ We are taking reservations for event dates now!

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The Perfect Wedding

Monticello/Lake Shafer Wedding Planners announce 5th annual Bridal Expo BY CHRISTEL MCINTOSH KVP Correspondent


he Monticello/Lake Shafer Wedding Planners will be hosting their annual Bridal Expo, which will be taking place at Brandywine this year. The event will be held on Saturday, January 27th, from 10:00-4:00 PM and will be held in the Reception Center. Brides, of course, will be offered not only free admission, but registered brides will also be entered to win a cash grand prize. “The event is not only for brides who are planning their upcoming nuptials,” said Carol Krell, committee member for the Monticello/ Lake Shafer Wedding Planners. “Any interested parties can attend the event. The fee for entry is set at $1.00, with the exception of brides. Only registered brides will be eligible for the grand prize. We started the bridal expo because we wanted to showcase the community of Monticello and we wanted to show what our local businesses can offer the brides. Basically, it was to showcase our community, instead of them having to go to surrounding communities because Monticello has a lot to offer. As of today, we have 25 vendors. This will include everything from wedding venues, photography/videography, jewelers, apparel, real estate, DJ’s, beauty (make-up, hair, and teeth whitening), wedding cakes, floral, and caterers just to name a few.” Krell feels that what sets the Monticello/Lake Shafer Wedding Planners Bridal Expo apart from all of the others, is that they have a

(Above) Jackie Cosgray from Cosgray’s Christmas Tree Farm will be part of the 2018 Monticello/Lake Shafer Wedding Planners Bridal Expo on Saturday, January 27th at Brandywine. (Right) Simply Sweet will be available at the 2018 Monticello/Lake Shafer Wedding Planners Bridal Expo complete with wedding cake samples. (PHOTO BY CHRISTEL MCINTOSH) wonderful style show. The show will showcase the latest wedding fashion trends that are offered through local boutiques and apparel stores, such as Heidi’s Secret Closet and Alex’s Apparel. “Our style show will show all of the brides the upcoming trends for the spring, summer, and fall. We are also pleased to announce that we will have a runway set up for the models to showcase the latest wedding fashions. This will take place from 11:00-2:00 pm, “ Krell said. There will also be ample seating around the runway

for guests to have a great view of the show. Monica Rhine, from Roberts Floral & Gifts, will also be showcasing her floral designs. Which will be carried or worn by those who will be modeling the latest fashions during the style show and they will also be one of the vendors at this year’s event. Sandy Saltsman, from Meadow Springs, another local wedding venue; is in charge of designing the runway and will be a vendor at the event as well. Rat Pack will be featured as the DJ during the style show.

  Other vendors will include Cosgray’s Christmas Tree Farm, John Parker with Ethereal Vision, Timekeepers Video, Tori Criswell Photography, Roth Brothers Jewelers, Kopplemann Real Estate, Whyte Horse Winery, Create Hair, Lipstick, Simply Sweet, Brandywine, Custom Select, JNG Photobooth Rentals, Epicenter Entertainment, Heartland, LeeAnn Markase/Mary Kay, Sportsman Inn, Avalon Dental Spa, and Greg Allen (DJ). Space is still available for the event. Contact Carol Krell at  (847) 624-2066 for more information. 

Memorable events begin at

Great Oaks Banquets Specializing in providing you a warm, comfortable, and cozy atmosphere for your special social event. Our carpeted ballroom with hardwood dance floor offers an ambience that assures you and your guests of an unforgettable evening 50 years of “all about you” service Great Oaks Banquets is spacious, yet intimate, with seating for up to 350 people. You and your guests will receive plenty of good, oldfashioned “personal attention,” with the owners personally seeing to all of your needs.

13109 S. Wicker Ave. • Cedar Lake • 219-374-8000

The Perfect Wedding

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Tips to a great wedding reception BY GREGORY MYERS


on’t sweat the little things and keep it simple, those are just a few tips to remember when planning your “perfect wedding reception.” When planning a reception either for just close friends and family, or several hundred guests, preparation and planning are the keys to success according to local reception planning expert Rachel Diener, Director off Sales at Brandywine Inn & Suites in Monticello, Indiana. “Don’t stress over the little details that people won’t remember,” stated Diener. “Go out and have a good time. Let us do the planning and work for you. Here at Brandywine, we are a one-stop shop for wedding receptions.” The Brandywine Reception Center has three rooms available for rental including its 6,200 square foot ballroom, which seats 400. Other services available include linen rental, place setting, table service, exclu-

sive meal catering and important vendor referrals. “At Brandywine we can help plan the menu, whether its plated meals or buffet style, or just appetizers and cocktails,” added Diener. “We help with the floor plan and can provide a foundation for your decorations, while also assisting with the creation of the timeline for the reception itself. I always suggest going simple with your planning, too many times people go overboard and that ruins their experience. It’s all about the bridge and groom, and that is our focus so that they can enjoy their night.” The hotel offers special accommodation rates and blocks for guest, and if 10 rooms are booked, the bridal suite is complimentary for the bridge and groom. Brandywine hosts on average between 10 to 15 wedding receptions a year, and Diener has seen a shift to the traditional wedding season in the area. “That past few years, our busy wedding season here has switched from the summer months to September and October,” said

We offer wedding ceremony and reception packages to fit your specific needs!

Cosgray Christmas Trees, LLC 11402 E. 700 N. • Idaville, IN 47950

574-581-0010 •

The Brandywine Reception Center has three rooms available for rental including its 6,200 square foot ballroom, which seats 400. Diener. 10 Tips to a Great Wedding Reception Your wedding day will pass by so quickly. You want to be able to enjoy every moment of it. Here are ten tips to make sure you and your guests get the most out of your reception. 1. Plan like crazy during the months prior to your wedding, but on the wedding day, let everything go. It is so easy to get caught up on all the details of your wedding reception, but when the big day arrives, there is very little you can do as events unfold. Don’t get upset over little things like the cake knife getting lost, or a flower falling out of your bouquet. You will waste precious time fretting over little details that no one else will notice. 2. Don’t make your guests wait. We provide our clients with a timeline of the wedding day from the moment they start getting ready through the exit from the reception. We tell everyone that the time prior to the start of dinner is firm. We don’t want anyone running late, because the guests will be left standing around doing nothing. In particular, make sure your ceremony starts on time and that the photographer doesn’t take longer than the cocktail hour to complete your photos. Your

reception doors should open up between forty-five minutes and an hour after your cocktail hour begins. If the guests are left waiting much longer than that, they will get restless. 3. Don’t plan too many events during the reception. Most wedding receptions have traditional events that must take place, the entrance, first dance, parent dance, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss and exit. Do not add too many other events that will interrupt dance time.  4. Make some music selections and give that information to your band or DJ, but don’t try and program the entire event. A professional entertainer will be able to read the crowd and adjust the music to keep people dancing. If you tie their hands with too many song requests, the energy of the evening may suffer. 5. Have proper lighting. If you want a great dance party, make sure the lights are dim. Your guests will be more likely to get up and move if the lights are down. Remember, if you are having a videographer, make sure to discuss the lighting with him. If it is too dark in the room, the video quality may suffer.  6. Make sure the temperature in your

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The Perfect Wedding

Use these tips to get the perfect wedding hairstyle BY STEVE WILSON

Becca Dearduff is the owner of Hair Haven by Becca salon in Kentland.

Although the typical wedding season is still a few months off, Becca Dearduff, owner of Hair Haven by Becca salon in Kentland, has some sound tips for all the brides-to-be as the wedding day approaches. Things to do When you get your “up-do” make sure you have a trial run to see how things go. “Plan that at least a month in advance,” Dearduff said. When you get your up-do, make sure to wear a button up shirt. “When you get your hair done up and pretty, make sure you wear a zip-hoodie or maybe a button-up. You don’t want to pull a shirt over your up-do.” When you get your up-do, bring inspirational photos. “Maybe bring one of something you don’t want,” she suggests. “It’s better to get the vision of the up-do that you want.” Finally, Dearduff says you should be open to the stylist’s suggestions, as he or she may have a different viewpoint.

Photo by Steve Wilson

Things not to do Once you get the up-do, don’t have your hair cleaned or shampooed. “If you do, the bobby-pins could fall out,” Dearduff said. “Dirty hair is good hair.” Finally, on the big day, you shouldn’t wait to the last minute. “If you have a whole bunch of bridesmaids, and you have to make it to the church on time, you don’t want to be fashionably late,” she said. “Schedule correctly, as up-dos take about an hour.”

Perfect for Wedding Receptions!

Lighthouse Lodge B&B on Lake Shafer

1969 N West Shafer Drive | Monticello, IN 47960 574.583.7733 * 3,000 ft2 hall * 300 person capacity * Flexible configuration: chairs (300), 8’ tables (17), 6’ tables (29) & round tables (17) * Vaulted ceilings * Hardwood dance floor * Well air conditioned * Catering kitchen (list of caterers available upon request) * Commercial-size men’s and women’s bathrooms immediately adjacent to hall * Conveniently located under same roof as the front desk and the 26 resort rooms

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The Perfect Wedding

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Reception From page 9



Our Own Chicken Italian Beef Italian or Polish Sausage Baked Penne Pasta Desserts • Cakes • Pastries Party Trays and More

reception room is comfortable. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Many modern reception facilities have their room temperatures regulated by computers, so if the room is uncomfortable, it takes time to change the temperature. Make sure to discuss the issue with your catering manager or wedding planner prior to the wedding day. 7. Make sure your entertainment is right on the dance floor, not in a corner. Of course, the entertainment is not the main focus of the day, but your guests will respond better if they can interact with the band or DJ.  8. Make sure your feet are comfortable. Every bride wants to have stunning shoes on the wedding day. Usually the most stunning shoes have a three-inch heal and straps or a skinny toe. They look great for the ceremony and beautiful in photographs, but they don’t do well on the dance floor. Make sure to bring some flat shoes, sneakers or flip flops to give your feet a break. 9. Don’t overspend. Nothing is more stressful than watching your beautiful wedding day unfold knowing that you are in

debt because of it. Plan carefully and spend wisely, you will be able to enjoy your wedding and honeymoon in peace. 10. Eat, Drink and be Merry! Your guests will take their cues from you. If you are eating, dancing and enjoying yourselves, your guests will too. When I see a packed dance floor, typically the bride and groom are right in the center of the crowd.

The hotel offers special accommodation rates and blocks for guest, and if 10 rooms are booked, the bridal suite is complimentary for the bridge and groom.

For memories that last a lifetime... Signature Banquets is a setting truly worthy of your celebration.

“Think Tysen’s for all your Special Events” 325 N. Halleck Street • DeMotte (219) 987-2141 Stop in, ask for Nancy Berg for complete menu items.

2 Ballrooms, up to 300 guests. Embrace the simplicity of having your wedding desires met to perfection. Signature Banquets has raised the bar and is setting new standards of excellence in making your affair, the affair to remember. Call for an appointment to take a tour of our facility. 1908 E. Commercial Avenue, Lowell, Indiana (219) 696-7696 |

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The Perfect Wedding

Now that your planning is about complete for your dream wedding,

it’s time to start thinking about your new home

Whether it’s the perfect

entry with a set of new doors or that dream kitchen you’ve been thinking about with breathtaking cabinetry or luxurious quartz countertops,

we can help you with that!

Stop in and see Fred and his team of designers to make those dreams come to reality. Stop by our beautiful showroom in Downtown Monticello! First and foremost, we offer fantastic service, along with quality products and installation.

He may have gone to Jared’s...

but she’s going to Fred’s.

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2018 Bridal Guide  

A comprehensive guide to help with wedding planning in 2018.

2018 Bridal Guide  

A comprehensive guide to help with wedding planning in 2018.