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The largest construction site in Europe was recently completed in Brussels. The iconic, new NATO headquarters were designed by SOM + Assar Architects based on an image of intertwined fingers, which represent the alliance between the NATO member states. The immense international image of this complex also has a Belgian side: VK Architects & Engineers was responsible for the design of all technology components, Renson® delivered the façade cladding and structural sunscreen protection, and all of this was carried out by Vorsselmans. A gigantic village, all by itself A surface area of 250,000 m2, including 8 office wings around a central hall, space for 4000 employees and an expected number of visitors estimated to be at least 500 people per day - these are just a few figures, which perfectly typify the grandeur of the new NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Linius façade cladding: practical and aesthetic This project really stands out with regard to its international image, so Renson® is more than proud that its practical and decorative Linius blade wall system was selected for the façade cladding. Extruded aluminium blades are mounted invisibly on vertical holders, for a really sleek-looking result.

With all thinkable facilities close at hand, it is a real village in itself. An industrial building, which contains offices, a conference centre, restaurants, shops and facilities for the press, is also situated round the imposing main building. There, in addition to all the various workshops, space is also available for all logistic and technical units, as well as a personnel centre with a restaurant, cafeteria, sports and leisure-time facilities, etc.

Furthermore, and especially for this design, Renson® developed both vertical and horizontal sun protection shields for the new ‘staff centre’, which feature the new Icarus shield-shaped (contego) blades, so as to respect the consequently sleek look & feel of the building. The same is also true for the rotating shutters at the ‘guard house south’, which are made of Renson® Icarus Plano blades that are mounted in Loggia frames, ensuring dynamic sun protection, in function of a comfortable indoor climate.


Livre de référence 2017  
Livre de référence 2017