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nose of prunes, herbs and a touch of oak. Wonderfully fresh on the palate with waves of ripe black fruit, clove and black olive. Quite a powerful wine, so characteristic of the region but not overbearing. Very good value at around £9. Les Cellier de Meknes, Roslane, premier cru blanc, Meknes – A regular award winning wine made exclusively from the Chardonnay Grape. The relatively high altitude and protection from the wind from the Atlas mountains helps this wine retain its acidity and freshness. Deep lemon gold, a nose of citrus and almonds is mirrored on the palate. Additionally, the wine exhibits an unctuous mouthfeel without being heavy. Available at around £18. The above wines are not available in all regions of course but are nonetheless widely available on-line and I commend them to you. There are a number of other examples and if you stick with the grape varieties I have mentioned, you are unlikely to go too far wrong. In a world of vinous homogeny, the wines of Morocco offer something genuinely different; wines of real interest and I would most definitely encourage you to explore them.

Leigh Johnson holds the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust Advanced Certificate. He is a serious wine enthusiast and avid wine collector. PREMIER MAGAZINE


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