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Our Business Strategy The Renaissance Project has created a hybrid model of sustainability based upon revenue generation and private donations. Early on we recognized that relying solely on donations in these difficult times was going to be very challenging, but we needed a way to achieve financial strength in order to get the ball rolling. The only solution was to create a way to generate our own revenue. In 2011 we partnered with United Schools Association, a Florida based corporation that runs boarding programs at day schools, and Academy at the Lakes to create a business model that helps us to fund our charitable efforts without detracting from our business strengths. We now manage a collection of tuition based boarding houses in the Land O Lakes area for international students attending Academy at the Lakes. This model allows us to make the most out of our donations. Wherever administrative or operating cost overlap, our tuition program covers it. Donations are used for the development and sustaining of our charitable efforts.

Where does a dollar go?


The cost per child per year in The Renaissance Project is approximately $6,500. The question is, where does that dollar go? Our three largest expenses include flights back to Russia for the summer, housing and food. We are able to keep our cost relatively low due a large number of donated services. Any “extra” revenue goes towards making this dream possible for future children.

The Renaissance Project

4% 11%


5% 26%

8% Business Expenses º Clothing Medical Food

Flights Home Housing School*

*Does not include tuition. º Marketing, Bank Fees, etc.

No donation dollars are used for the tuition portion of our program. This plan has helped us to not only address our initial challenges, but to create some unique strengths by considerably lowering our overhead cost and also giving us a measure of financial independence. Our charitable efforts still require donations to be successful, so please consider giving today.

Question? Comment? Donation? Want to learn more? Here’s how to find us: The Renaissance Project 23110 State Road 54 #270 Lutz, FL 33549 e: w: t: 813.482.9093

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2012 Renaissance Project Brochure  
2012 Renaissance Project Brochure  

This is our new and improved, super exciting, brochure detailing as much as possible about our business in one sheet of paper! It's full of...