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World Map

Pampanga, Philippines

by Anngelica

We went to an amusement park called SM City and ate special foods like chicken adobo, paksiw na lechon and the dessert halo-halo. This is the picture. We rode a big Ferris wheel that was 200 ft high. The view was so beautiful. Then we rode more rides like boats and roller coasters for kids.

Dinosaurs Island is a fun place to go with family. My family and I went there and saw a lot of big dinosaurs and also baby dinosaurs. They were so cute.

Eco Park is a beautiful place. When we went there we saw many pretty designs and flowers. We played in a playground and after that we ate our lunch.

Davao, Philippines We went to Davao on the southern island of Mindanao 2 years ago and took a lot of pictures. We went sightseeing and saw many colourful sculptures and fountains.

Beijing, China

by Jilly

We went to shop on Wang Fu Jing Street. There were many shops that sell food, clothing and souvenirs. Then we ate dumplings. They were delicious.

Next we went to the Forbidden City Taine Palace. The palace was very large and beautiful. There was a flower garden around the palace.

At the Beijing National Stadium, we saw a river. The reflection of the stadium was pretty. My family and I watched a soccer game there. Then we went to a restaurant and had steam buns. They were so yummy.

Thimphu, Bhutan

by Rikzin

In Bhutan I often went to the temple and prayed. It is so big that it takes 3-4 hours to walk around the monastery. It is also very beautiful. I walked around lighting the incense at the temple. This is a picture of the incense.

We also often ate momo in Bhutan. They are made of beef and vegetables and taste delicious.

Tawang, India and Tibet

by Tenzin

Hi, my name is Tenzin. I came from India but my religion is Tibetan Buddhism. In India I lived in a town called Tawang and I went to a very big monastery. It takes 2-4 hours to go around the monastery. It feels very good there. The monks are very good and they are very kind.

These candles, called butter lamps, are offerings to the gods. Light symbolizes wisdom. Religion is very important for the Tibetan people .

This is the biggest monastery in Tibet for the Dalai Lama.