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Pampanga, Philippines

by Anngelica

We went to an amusement park called SM City and ate special foods like chicken adobo, paksiw na lechon and the dessert halo-halo. This is the picture. We rode a big Ferris wheel that was 200 ft high. The view was so beautiful. Then we rode more rides like boats and roller coasters for kids.

Dinosaurs Island is a fun place to go with family. My family and I went there and saw a lot of big dinosaurs and also baby dinosaurs. They were so cute.

Eco Park is a beautiful place. When we went there we saw many pretty designs and flowers. We played in a playground and after that we ate our lunch.

Davao, Philippines We went to Davao on the southern island of Mindanao 2 years ago and took a lot of pictures. We went sightseeing and saw many colourful sculptures and fountains.

Beijing, China

by Jilly

We went to shop on Wang Fu Jing Street. There were many shops that sell food, clothing and souvenirs. Then we ate dumplings. They were delicious.

Next we went to the Forbidden City Taine Palace. The palace was very large and beautiful. There was a flower garden around the palace.

At the Beijing National Stadium, we saw a river. The reflection of the stadium was pretty. My family and I watched a soccer game there. Then we went to a restaurant and had steam buns. They were so yummy.

Thimphu, Bhutan

by Rikzin

In Bhutan I often went to the temple and prayed. It is so big that it takes 3-4 hours to walk around the monastery. It is also very beautiful. I walked around lighting the incense at the temple. This is a picture of the incense.

We also often ate momo in Bhutan. They are made of beef and vegetables and taste delicious.

Tawang, India and Tibet

by Tenzin

Hi, my name is Tenzin. I came from India but my religion is Tibetan Buddhism. In India I lived in a town called Tawang and I went to a very big monastery. It takes 2-4 hours to go around the monastery. It feels very good there. The monks are very good and they are very kind.

These candles, called butter lamps, are offerings to the gods. Light symbolizes wisdom. Religion is very important for the Tibetan people .

This is the biggest monastery in Tibet for the Dalai Lama.

Davao City, Philippines

byy Anngerlyn

When I was in grade 4 we went to Davao City to visit my mother’s mother friend. We rode an airplane when we e went there and guess what? That was my first st time riding an airplane and my sister and I were really excited. We were especially excited because we were going there with our mother. mother When we arrived there we stayed at my mother’s mo

friend's house. We stayed ed there for about 5 days, almost a week, and on our fourth th day we went to the Camp Holiday Resort, pictured above. We stay stayed there before we came me back to our province. We really enjoyed staying there. When we arrived there, we had ha two rooms where we could sleep or rest. After we put our things in our room we changed ourr clothes and went for a swim in the pool and at the beach. At night we

roasted barbecue and ate that for dinner. We ate in a building like a Nipa ipa hut. During our stay we were able to swim, eat in a Nipa hut, and have some fun. After thoroughly enjoying our vacation, we went back to our province with a smile.

by David I was born in Guangzhou, China. Everyone in our city says Guangzhou is a literary city in China, which had many historic events happen there. Have you heard of a tower called Canton Tower? Yes, that is the best tallest TV Astronomical and Sightseeing Tower in Guangzhou, with a height of 596 meters. Can you see a tall and thin tower in the upper left corner of this picture? That's the Canton Tower.

Well, let's talk about another interesting place for me - the Chimelong Happy World. I have known it for a long time, and it has always been my favourite amusement park. Many people have said that you can find the most exhilarating roller coaster there, and I have always gone on the roller coasters when I visited there. For example, there is a roller coaster called the Vertical Roller which is quite scary to ride.

There is another playground beside the Chimelong Happy World named the Chimelong Water Park. Park This is a swimming park where you can experience all of the stimulating water activities, including water slides and swimming spas. There are many features at the Chimelong ong Water Park, but the most exciting part is the beach.. The beach? You must be wondering how h people can swim at the beach inside a water park. Well, the answer is simple.. They built a giant pool in the centre of the park, park then used machines to create waves so that the whole pool could be made into a mini beach. Cool, right? Like I wrote, there are many fun places to go in Guanzhou. I hope you have a chance to visit there sometime sometime.

Tagaytay City, Philippines

by Ella

Tagaytay is a nice place to go visit in the Philippines.. In 2013 I went to Tagaytay T with my classmates from school. We went to the Pineapple Tower ower at the top of the hill where we can see the view of the city. After that we went to the souvenir shops to buy some key chains.

Boracay Beach Boracay Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Philippines. Every summer there are so many people who go to this beach to relax and have fun. They can do fun things like swimming, banana boating and other activities.

Halo-Halo Halo-Halo is a famous dessert ert in the Philippines. It is a cold and refreshing dessert with sweet colourful ingredients. Many people buy halohalo halo every summer because it’s very hot there.

El Salvador

by Josemar

I went to the stadium in El Salvador called Estradiol Cuscatlan, which is the largest stadium in Central America. It can hold 53,400 people. I watched a soccer game with my national team. It was exciting.

We ate 'pupusa' which is made of flour and meat. It is the most popular food in El Salvador. It tastes delicious.

I also went to the crater in San Salvador. The volcano is about 1,900 m high and it erupted one hundred years ago. From my house I could see the volcano in the distance.


by Wedad

I am from Israel on the east shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Some really famous places in my country are the Sea of Galilee, Western Wall, Church of Holy Sculpture, and Yad Vashem. The religions in my country are Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and Druidism. The two famous mountains in my country are the Mountain of Jerusalem and the Mountain of Golan Heights.

If you come visit my country make sure to visit Tel Aviv. It is one of the prettiest places in my country. It is a city where there are a lot of beautiful beaches and it's really sunny there.

Eilat is also a beautiful city. It is a relaxing place. There are a lot of restaurants, fancy hotels and many coffee shops. Make sure to also visit the Dolphin Reef there. It is a large wooden sea-pen that extends to the sea, where there are a lot of dolphins around so you can pet them, feed them, and enjoy the sunset view. Bethlehem is the city where Jesus was born; each year thousands of tourists visit the holy places. There is also a sea called the Dead Sea. This sea is not an ordinary sea but it is a salt sea. It is a sea that you can swim in and it gives you good skin texture. And beside the sea there was a little shop that sold lotion made from the actual sea, which was so cool.

Some traditional foods in my country are hummus, falafel, and shukshuka. 'Falafel' is deep-fried chickpeas or beans in the shape of a ball and 'shukshuka' is basically an egg recipe. They are quite tasty.

As you can see from my writing, there are many things to see and do in Israel. I hope you enjoyed the tour and hope you have a safe trip!

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