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Issue 100 JAN - FEB - MAR QUARTER 2016


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16/12/15 4:30 PM


“From a home handyman who is looking to DIY through to a professional tradesman”

PANEL PRODUCTS AT GENUINE TRADE PRICES • All Plywoods • Structural • Flooring • Marine • Exterior • Decorative

• MDF • Particleboard • Veneered Board • Melamine • Laminates • Flexible


Plyco has the product range and service to help you with your project. At Plyco we stock a wide range of panel products and can cut your panels to size, edge if required and deliver all over Australia.*

1300 75 99 66

Web: - Email: 14-20 Abbott St, Fairfield

13 Bruce Street, Mornington

7 Cowie St, North Geelong

Monday - Friday 7:45am - 5pm Saturday from 8am

Monday - Friday 7:45am - 4:30pm (Closed Saturday)

Monday - Friday 7:45am - 4:30pm (Closed Saturday)

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25/09/15 3:09 PM



TEL: 0418 971 277 ISSN: 1441-9467


Alternative to hardwood decking ...........52

MAGICSEAL INSECT SCREENS ........................8

Cleaning timber decks ............................52

DECORATIVE WINDOW FILM........................14

Root waterer ...........................................52

60-minute fire windows ................................16

Telescopic tree pruner .............................52

Blinds-fabric in 36 colours ............................16

Upholstery linens for outdoors ...............52

Italian doorware ...........................................16

40-Volt garden-care................................53

GARDENBAY WINDOWS ...............................17

Artificial lawn .........................................53


Fujitsu AirCons ..............................................46 LIGHTING & ELECTRICAL

LED light bulbs ...............................................5 MEMORY LANE ..............................................8 Two wall bracket lights .................................24 LED downlight ..............................................26 Commercial electrical fitouts .........................30


Three pendant lights ....................................44

CEILINK ..........................................................4

Simple home automation .............................46

Rose gold doorware ......................................22

LIGHT & SPACE ......................................12

Pendant light collection ................................51

SCHLAGE DOOR LOCKS ................................22

ILLUME SKYLIGHT ........................................23

Door locks in matte black .............................32

Blinds for skylights .......................................24

Etched glass look window film ......................36

Skylight without roof penetration ................26

EURO DOUBLE GLAZING .............................47

ATTIC GROUP ...............................................29

TINTED WINDOW FILM ................................18 Automatic garage door opener ....................22

THE DOOR STORE ........................................56


SCHOTS HOME EMPORIUM ..........................11 Drawer handles ............................................12 DIY fix for old taps ........................................18


Dorf designer tapware..................................26


SOUTHERN TILE .............................................9

Waste-bin that kills germs ............................34

Pressed tin panels.........................................12

French-provincial style pavers ......................29

2016 Laminex range ....................................38

Rubber surfacing kit .....................................29

Dorf sink-mixers ...........................................38

Enhanced colour-choice app .........................28 Graffiti removal ............................................28 Improved Wash&Wear paint.........................28 Mould-stopping paint-primer.......................28 Paint brush/roller clean-up ..........................28 Paint sprayer attaches to can ........................32 Paints from USA ...........................................32 Furniture replacement legs...........................33

MALCOLM ST JAMES: SINKS ........................43 BATHROOM


CORFIELD BATHROOMS .................................6 Stone basins....................................................8 Renovating small bathrooms........................14 SHOWER PLUG .............................................15 Shower hair strainer .....................................18


Visit for a lot more content: Back Issues Product & Ideas Search Additional Editorial Image Galleries Website Links Subscription Service DAMP TREATMENT

Installing a damp proof course .....................12 TOOLS & EQUIPMENT

Detroit work boot .........................................10 GearWrench LED light ..................................10 Locking pliers for Tradies..............................10

Pneumatic stapler .........................................10

VHF/UHF 2-way radio ..................................30

Water-based matt finish ...............................10

EXCALIBUR TOOLS .......................................31

Vinyl timber-plank flooring ..........................24 Engineered hardwood flooring.....................30

Panels for garage ceilings ............................41

Grey primer for dark topcoats ......................33

BLUE AUSTRALIA .........................................19

Natural paints & renders ..............................33

Dorf classic tapware ......................................20

Touch-up pen for timber scratches ................33

Matching tapware & accessories ...................20


FX AUSTRALIA ..............................................35

No-touch Inwall cistern plate........................20

Wine and beer storage ...................................5

Self priming paints .......................................48

Raw brass tapware .......................................20

Neff 2016 ovens ............................................15

QUOSS TRANSFORMERS ..............................21


PANELSCAPE FOR WALLS ............................22

55cm wide range cooker ...............................34


Gaggenau dishwasher ..................................34

Backlit mirror ...............................................26

Prestige washer & dryer ...............................34

A-MAZ Water Stain Remover .......................31

Retro 1950s appliances .................................34

Stronger 10mm plasterboard .......................15

IONIC SHOWER.............................................37

Power blender ..............................................36

THE GLASS BRICK COMPANY .......................17

PANELSCAPE CEILING PANELS ....................40

Flush-fitting rangehood................................38


PRESTIGE APPLIANCES................................49

OUTDOORS RENOVATING Outdoors kitchen.....................................36 Timber deck cleaning tools .....................36 Folding handsaw ....................................39 Outdoors fridge.......................................39 Rover line-trimmer .................................39 Kamado-style BBQs ................................40 Lightweight trimmer...............................40 Ride-on Aussie-made mower .................40


Improved 2016 mowers ..........................44

Evaporative cooling ........................................5

Kids’ playset............................................46 Sample pots for coating decks ................48

Dehumidifiers ...............................................47 Lightweight drills..........................................47


Decking tools for Tradies ..............................48 EPSOM HIRE .................................................51 BUILDING MATERIALS

PLYCO .............................................................2 STEPTOES RENOVATION SUPPLIES ...............7

HANDIY POST COVERS .................................31 Mould-resistant plasterboard .......................41

ATTIC GROUP ...............................................13

ALLBOARD ...................................................45

Portable air conditioners ................................5


MARMOX SHOWER UNDERLAY ....................54

WIGNELLS HEATING & COOKING ................45

Asbestos awareness ......................................41



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Designer British carpets ................................39

MARCH QTR 2016 • 3

16/12/15 4:28 PM

From back verandah to


outdoor living

Insulated Ceiling Panels * Pre-finished white steel ceiling face * Lightweight, quick and easy installation * Reduce radiant heat transfer by over 90% * Use an installer, or you can do it yourself


Modernise & add value to your home Ceilink will turn your hot and uncomfortable verandah into a moden outdoor living area that you can use all year round. Ceilink panels instantly insulate, and are designed to fit under any verandah, pergola, awning, patio, sunroom, garage or shed.

Call us now on 1300 000 900 or visit for an online quote or to order online. We deliver to most Australian suburbs.


Update your outdoor area and combat the extreme summer heat with Ceilink Insulated Roof Panels At last an easy to install, ready to use insulated ceiling solution that allows you to use your outdoor area year round. Ceilink protects you from the extreme summer heat and helps keep the chill away in winter. Ceilink’s insulated polystyrene centre reduces radiant heat transfer by more than 90%, and achieves a R2.75 thermal performance, making it ideal for verandahs, pergolas , sunrooms and sheds. Using Ceilink in enclosed areas minimises the need for air conditioning and heating, which helps reduce energy costs. Ceilink also helps reduce mould and condensation, making it a healthier option for you and your family. Ceilink comes in 900mm wide panels which are extremely lightweight and prefinished in a modern white steel ceiling face. Compared with traditional retrofit ceiling installations, Ceilink is easy to install and there’s no need for messy painting which makes it an ideal DIY solution for the handyman, or a quick cost effective professionally fitting ceiling. 4 • MARCH QTR 2016

100_VIC.indd 4

As Australians continue to embrace their love of outdoor entertaining areas, Ceilink is on its way to becoming a requirement for Australian verandahs, pergolas, sunrooms and sheds. “With all the outdoor entertaining we do during summer there are days where our pergola was unbearable due to the extreme heat, it was like sitting in oven. The Ceilink panels have completely transformed our pergola allowing us to use it year round. We are amazed at how much difference it makes. Installation was completed in less than a day and there was no messy painting required. We completely thrilled with the outcome; we should have done this years ago”

You can request a quote or order online at Ceilink delivers to most Australian suburbs


16/12/15 4:28 PM

Evaporative airconditioning that is cheaper to run

2016 range of LED light globes from Philips

The Brivis Iceberg is an evaporative cooling system which keeps your home naturally cool and is effective even with doors and windows open, making it ideal for enjoying the summer in alfresco style. Evaporative cooling is based on a natural process of warm air cooled by water, just like a sea breeze. The result is fresher, healthier and completely natural cool air that is never re-circulated so that smells and airborne germs are expelled. Evaporative cooling is also cheaper to install and cheaper to run, according to Brivas.

Scene Switch 2-in-1 LED light bulb that changes from warm white light to cool daylight with just a flick of a regular switch;

Designed to fit neatly in the roof space, the Iceberg draws the air in from outside and converts it into cool air via evaporation. This air is then quietly distributed as a gentle breeze throughout your home via a network of optimally placed ceiling ducts. During the summer months, everyone wants their living areas cool throughout the day and their bedrooms cool at night. Ducted evaporative cooling can provide whole house cooling as well as zoned cooling through a network of outlets located in the ceiling. Evaporative cooling allows you to leave your doors and windows open. This is great news if you have children who are constantly running in and out of the house.

Dedicated refrigerated appliances to store wine and beer ILVE’s Wine Cellar and Beverage Centre range was created in collaboration with Vintec. The range comprises: a single zone wine cellar [$1699]; a dual zone wine cellar [$1899]; and a beverage centre [$1699] to accompany the built-in wine cellar. Designed with ILVE’s sleek signature aesthetic in mind, and in order to complement their existing product ranges, these three products allow wine and beverages to be stored at an optimum temperature and humidity to ensure their finest quality is maintained. The single zone wine cellar stores up to 40 Bordeaux bottles at a single temperature, between 12 and 16 degrees, and a humidity of approximately 70%. The dual zone wine cellar allows for greater flexibility in the storage of wine with a temperature zone that can be set between 6 and 22 degrees, meaning you can simultaneously create the perfect storage environment for both red and white wines. To complement these wine storage options, ILVE has released a beverage centre that can house up to 100 beer cans or bottles; ideal for creating space when the kitchen fridge is brimming with food. VISIT WWW.RENOVATINGMAGAZINE.COM.AU FOR BACK ISSUES

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Philips has recently developed three new LED bulb ranges for domestic use:

Deco Classic LED filament light bulb that combines classic vintage styling with energy efficient LED; and Next-generation LED range that offers affordable, energy efficient light and comfort. The Philips Scene Switch LED bulb was a new lighting product innovation for 2015. This 2-in-1 LED bulb allows you to enjoy the benefits of warm white light and cool daylight in a single light bulb, with just a flick of a regular light switch and no extra wiring required. Priced from $17.50. The new Philips LED Deco Classic bulbs are ideal for installations where you can enjoy the art of light with an eye-catching vintage filament look. The Deco filament bulbs come in eight designs and are best suited for chandeliers, wall sconces and modern luminaires. Priced from $12.95 to $24.50. In addition to the Philips Scene Switch and Deco Classic LED bulbs, Philips has also launched the next-generation [Gen5] affordable LED bulbs range for the home available in various sizes; and incorporating design improvements that deliver a non-glaring light that is energy saving and long lasting. The new full-moon design of the LED bulbs allows for a wider angle of light distribution, giving more ambient lighting that is bright yet comfortable. Priced from $6.99 to $24.50.

Rinnai portable room air conditioners that cool rooms up to 25m2 Following on from the success of their Inverter Split Systems Rinnai has released a range of Portable Air Conditioners. The usual Rinnai trademarks of quality and efficiency have been combined with a sophisticated and elegant design to create two Portable Air Conditioners that provide reliability, convenience and most importantly of all performance. Available in two sizes, they come with a convenient delay timer and a 2 year warranty. The 3.5kW model cools rooms up to 21m² such as bedrooms, home-offices or caravans; while the 4.1kW version suits small living spaces, garages or large bedrooms cooling rooms up to 25m² in size. These Portable Air Conditions are simple to use and very easy to set up and install yourself. Available from ABL Tile & Bathroom Centre, St Marys. MARCH QTR 2016 • 5

16/12/15 4:28 PM


*Models and availability vary between stores

www.corďŹ 271 Huntingdale Rd Oakleigh 3166 Tel: (03) 9511 0199

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662 Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham 3132 49 Scoresby Rd, Bayswater, 3153

Tel: (03) 9874 7333 Tel: (03) 9720 8886

17/12/15 3:17 PM

New doors and windows made from recycled timber exactly to old specifications Step back in time as you browse through the extensive range that Steptoe’s has to offer in their corrugated iron warehouse in Collingwood, Melbourne. Their range is enormous and guaranteed to satisfy any one with the empathy for products rescued from demolition of old churches, houses, public, commercial or retail buildings. Steptoe’s specialises in paint stripping, restoring fire inserts, repairing doors, windows and mantles, and assorted timber products. As well as the products on site, timber products can be ordered and custom made, often using recycled solid timber. • Shopping and Wish lists: Tell us what you are looking for and we will eventually locate it. • Huge range of reclaimed doors, windows, fireplaces, locks, handles, lighting, tiles... Just about anything you would find in old homes. • Architectural antiques

Solid timber garden gates made-to-order from recycled timber Shutters reproduction to original design & specifications

Gothic Style Doors & Windows

Steptoe’s Renovating Supplies & Joinery 112 Rokeby Street, Collingwood Tel: (03) 9419 9366 -


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MARCH QTR 2016 • 7

16/12/15 4:28 PM

MEMORY Buzz-off! LANE for Bespoke Period Style Lighting and Architectural Hardware

To annoying insects

Magic Seal Magnetic Insect Screens are flexible and adhere to the inside of the window frame. Perfect for most windows including Awning, Double Hung, Casement and UPVC. Attractive, discrete and easily removed! Freedom Retractable Screens provide a solution to screening French, Bi-fold and Sliding Doors.

We have Magnetic Screens on Display at Rylock Windows Brunswick, Clayton & Dingley Village. UPVC Display in Mornington and Glen Iris Exclusive Victorian Distributor • Free Quotes

9769 0445 Waterways •

Small Maputo Riverstone basins for the bathroom Beautifully hand-carved, these Riverstone basins from Schots, priced from $279 to $329, make a charming addition to any contemporary bathroom-renovation. Each basin is a unique piece, available in multiple sizes and shapes. Listed sizes should be used as a general guide only; actual sizes may vary up to 15cm from those listed. Weights vary between 90 to 120kg. Measurements are a rough guide only as each item is different.

Kitchen Light & Handle Specialist Hand finished Antique Brass, Antique Nickel & Antique Bronze Finishes

433 Mt Alexander Road, (Cnr Regent St) Ascot Vale, Vic 3032

03 9370 6765 8 • MARCH QTR 2016

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16/12/15 4:28 PM


167 Chesterville Road, Moorabbin VIC 3189 Phone: (03) 9553 6001 Fax: (03) 9553 6002 E-mail: 242-244 Warrigal Road, Camberwell VIC 3124 Phone: (03) 9888 7193 E-mail:



Search for Southern Tile on:

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16/12/15 4:28 PM

Locking pliers with three Portable rechargeable times the grip for Tradies work light that lasts for 5 hours with mounting magnets The latest VISE-GRIP Curved Jaw Locking Pliers from IRWIN Tools offer three times more gripping power than their traditional models; and are available in two core models: Fast Release™ with a one-handed, trigger-less release and anti-pinch, non-slip ProTouch™ Grips; and Original™ with a classic trigger release. These new locking pliers include lengths of 5-inch, 7-inch, and 10-inch models. The IRWIN VISE-GRIP CR establishes multiple contact points with the work piece, guaranteeing a significantly tighter grip. The slotted geometry of the new “self-energizing” VISE-GRIP curved jaw exponentially increases torqueing power; and more torque means more clamping power. In addition, the hardened teeth are designed to grip from any angle with the curved jaw securely gripping and torqueing multiple surface-shapes including round pipe, square and hex bolts.

Water-based matt finish Cabot’s CFP Water Based in Matt is easy-to-apply clear flooring polyurethane that provides durable, hardwearing protection for timber floors. Suitable for all interior timber, parquetry and cork flooring, it is ideal for those areas exposed to scuffing and high traffic such as hallways, kitchens and living areas; and delivers impressive resistance to stains and scratches. Like the sheen and gloss finishes already available, Cabot’s CFP Water Based in Matt is fast and easy to apply, without the need for sanding on pre-coated timber floors. It has low odour and allows you to recoat after only three hours to get the job done in less than a day. And because the water-based finish is non-yellowing, your floors will look better for longer. It’s available from hardware stores in 1, 4 & 10L cans.

The GearWrench LED light [$84.00] from Apex Tool Group has been designed to illuminate work spaces for the handyman, Tradie and DIY home-renovator. One of the brightest hand-held inspection lights, it provides a super bright 380 lumens of illumination that will last for 5 hours of continuous use. It has three handy settings to adjust the brightness: torch mode for spot-lighting; 50% light; 100% light. The mounting magnets on the back and base make sure the unit stays in one place while you work; or the hanging hook allows you the option of overhead lighting. For those working in tight spaces the GearWrench LED light can be rotated 150-degrees; and for even more convenience it can be recharged via a PC or wall mounted socket with a USB charger.

Pneumatic stapler for flooring Tradies The new Arrow Fasteners PT50 pneumatic stapler has recently been released by Master Distributors. Utilizing the full range of T50 staples, the PT50 makes long run tacking into soft woods or hardwood a breeze for Tradies; at a competitive price. It uses staples from 6mm to 14mm; with staples available in steel and stainless steel.

Lightweight work boot with a steel toe The new KEEN Utility work boot range [distributed by Phoenix Leisure Group] is waterproof, oil resistant and has a steel toe, making them ideal for Tradies and serious DIYers. The 700g Detroit Mid Work Boot [$199.95] is lightweight and made to move with you, while still delivering stability, support and protection. Available colours are: Brindle/Black & Gargoyle/Bossa Nova. 10 • MARCH QTR 2016

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16/12/15 4:28 PM






4 6



10 11


unearth the uncommon


1 Tall Bordeaux 3 Panel 82cm Door in White Primed MDF 2 Jacana 3 Light Pendant in Clear Glass and Matt Black 3 Paddington White Primed Ceiling Rose 4 Lunel Pendant Light in Natural Wood with Clear Glass 5 Anglais Pendant Light in Natural Wood with Clear Glass 6 Stan Pendant Light in Natural Wood with Clear Glass 7 Vintage Pressed Tin Panel 28 (Set of 11) in Zinc ďŹ nish 8 Solid Bronze Door and Cabinet Hardware 9 Flowers Pressed Metal in Raw 10 Club Leather Armchair in Vintage Cigar Leather 11 Chatham Basin Set in Satin Chrome PVD (WELS: 5S/5.5L/m) 12 Medium Maputo Riverstone Wash Basin in Natural Stone 13 Sherbrooke Small Single Vanity in White with White Top 14 Ferris Leather Armchair in Sienna Brown Leather 15 Sarni 1.5m Round Jute Rug with Charcoal Centre 16 Paxton Pompadour 240cm Pine Table in Natural Pine 17 22cm Drum Pendant Light in White 18 28cm Drum Pendant Light in Black 19 Carlisle Limestone Mantle in White pictured with Legend Gas Fire (sold separately) 20 Cast Iron Chiminea in Rust Finish 21 Versus Encaustic Tile in Black 22 Cercle EncausticTile in White and Black 23 Cercle EncausticTile in White and Blue 24 Nostrand Freestanding Acrylic Bath in White 25 Medium Cubic Encaustic Tile in Grey and White 26 Kaleidoscope Encaustic Tile in Black 27 Marlboro Teak Bench








18 25 19

23 22

21 27

400 Hoddle Street Clifton Hill, Melbourne 1300 774 774 | 299 Melbourne Road (off Mackey st) North Geelong 1300 693 693 FURNITURE | GIFTWARE & HOMEWARES | FIREPLACES | BATHROOMS | DOORS & HARDWARE | LIGHTING | TILES & FLOORING | OUTDOORS


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16/12/15 4:28 PM

STOP RISING DAMP Do It Yourself the easy way using the Tech-Dry DIY System from just $20/metre. • • • • • •

As seen on Ch 7 & Ch 9 home shows. No structural damage. Over 20,000 successful installations Australia wide. Free technical support advice line 100% guarantee. Commercial installation also available with a 25 year guarantee. • Free booklet available on request. “How to simply identify a Damp House”

The Port range of kitchen handles for drawers and cupboards New kitchen handles available from Memory Lane, Ascot Vale, are the Port range of handles. In a lovely oil-rubbed bronze finish theses pull-handles come in 3 sizes: 108mm, 140mm and 172mm long; and are matched with a square knob to cover all types of kitchen drawers and doors. The handles have square stepped posts which match nicely with the square knobs and are a change to the traditional round knobs that tend to be found in most kitchens currently. The square edges of the handles and knobs match with the square edges of the Shaker style kitchens. These pull handles can be used horizontally on drawers and vertically on doors; or can be matched with the square knobs for a nice contrast. These knobs have only been available for a short time but are already proving to be hugely popular.

For more information please contact us: Melbourne: (03) 9699 8202 Brisbane: (07) 5575 7759 Sydney: 1800 832 437 Vintage pressed tin panel collage set in an antique finish Schots’ huge pressed metal range comes in a range of colours and patterns. You can simply select their rustic pressed metal collage pack for your restoration-project. It comprises a set pack of carefully selected 11 pressed metals in different colours and patterns, priced at $185/m2. You then choose a wall, ceiling, splashback, cabinet or a wainscot to install them. These rustic tin panels are an ideal renovation-tool for making your indoors look aged yet classy.

• Unique, stylish and durable outdoor living solutions • Curved, Gable, Skillion Designs and Pool Enclosures • Translucent Heat Reflective or Glass Look Gallina Roofing • Powdercoated aluminium and steel frame • DIY Kits available • Polycarbonate sales direct to public Factory 17, The Concord, Bundoora VIC 3083 /LightAndSpaceRoofSystems 12 • MARCH QTR 2016

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1300 867 970


16/12/15 4:28 PM




The Attic Group are licensed builders who manage the whole design and build process for your home extension.

For storage of heavier items this option includes structurally engineered floors, an attic ladder and plastered walls and ceilings.

Protect valuables from dust with white cell insulated lining, flooring and an attic ladder. Optional: skylight, balustrade.

“ NEED EXTRA SPACE? CONTACT THE ATTIC GROUP & GET STARTED TODAY!” Shaynna Blaze Selling Houses Australia, The Block




Widest range of attic ladders providing access to roof spaces and to attic storage areas.

Lighten and ventilate your rooms with top quality Fakro skylights and roof windows. All with self cleaning glass.

A garage storage system to suit your needs, and, to get your car back into your garage!

Contact Us For An Obligation Free Consultation, Product Details, & Orders:

SINCE 1975

The Original Attic Ladder Company

100_NSW.indd 13

Showroom- Sydney 619 Princes Hwy, Tempe NSW (02) 9018 0000

Showroom- Melbourne 1269 North Rd, Oakleigh VIC (03) 9575 3700

Details on Distributors & Other Locations: 1300 655 525

16/12/15 4:16 PM

Who's looking though your window? Peel 'n stick Decorative Window Film can be applied to your window in minutes. Choose from plain or stipple frost patterns for complete day and night privacy while still allowing plenty of light. Or select one of the semi transparent designs to give your home that distinctive look. Decorative Window Film costs from $16.90 to $19.95 per roll, size 2M x 90cm. For a free brochure and samples phone (03) 9460 8000 or visit the website.

Ideal for windows & doors      

Simple peel and stick application Creates privacy Allows plenty of light UV protection for furnishings Range of designs Rolls 2M x 0.9M

HV93 Stip

ple Frost

Renovating a small bathroom, ensuite or guest bathroom


uct rod

ages of thi sp e im or

in g





re n

If space is scarce toilets with a shorter projection could be the answer. Many Duravit series include compact wall-mounted toilets with a reduced length of just 480/485mm. A urinal is a practical addition and, for domestic use, they are available with a lid. The toilet and urinal can be supplied with the antibacterial ceramic glaze HygieneGlaze.

See m

Confined conditions don’t imply limited design freedom. The creative use of the available space can transform even small guest bathrooms and toilets into impressive bathroomrenovations. Where there is not much floor space the focus needs to be on the base elements and their arrangement – adapted and reduced dimensions are key. An efficient layout can be achieved, for example, with the narrow-edged handrinse basin from the comfort-oriented complete bathroom range P3 Comforts with its width of just 450mm. The model with an extra-short projection and side-mounted tap fitting also saves valuable space. Oblong shapes, such as those in the Vero and 2nd Floor series, are well-suited to smaller bathrooms. They fit any corner and are more compact than semi-circular basins of the same size. The diagonal handrinse basin from the Architec series is also a strong contender as its unusual geometry makes it ideal for guest toilets.

m a g a zi n


For guests staying overnight a fully fitted-out guest bathroom with a shower and storage options is ideal. The innovative OpenSpace B shower enclosure simply folds back against the wall after use. A common approach in small spaces is to exploit the walls: the tall cabinets from the individual and versatile L-Cube furniture range present a fitting solution. Attention to detail; design flourishes; and smart storage can all help increase the utility of small spaces. Limiting the materials used to just a few creates a calming, harmonious effect. Products are available from Bathe Australia. Other images available in the online edition of Renovating Magazine. 14 • MARCH QTR 2016

100_NSW.indd 14


16/12/15 4:16 PM

Stronger and lighter residential plasterboard CSR Gyprock® recently launched Gyprock Plus™: standard 10mm plasterboard advanced to feature Gyprock’s impressive Optimised Core™ technology; plus a thicker, stronger face paper. At no extra cost the result is stronger, lighter plasterboard; with significantly better manoeuvrability, lifting and handling. Optimised Core technology is a cutting-edge development that provides the means to reduce board weight while improving strength without compromising performance. The innovative technology was launched in 2014 through Gyprock Supaceil™, which is part of Gyprock’s standard range of premium residential plasterboards. While the strength has been improved, the weight of Gyprock Plus has been optimised, making it easier to lift, carry and install. In addition, Gyprock Plus is lined with a superior face paper that is approximately 30% heavier than standard. Optimised Core technology works by manipulating the characteristics of a typical plaster mix to achieve an optimised performance-to-weight ratio. The strength requirement in a plasterboard lining is not uniform throughout. Gyprock’s technical experts have been able to manipulate the structure of the core to meet strength requirements by focusing density where it is needed. Weight is removed by a reduction in density at the core. The stronger, thicker face paper assists with bending strength and helps to ensure a crisper score and snap. There is no change to Gyprock Standard 13mm plasterboard.

FIX & PREVENT LEAKS IN SHOWERS & BALCONIES Simply brush SHOWER PLUG on tiles and grout Makes surface waterrepellent for 10 years. For new and existing tiles. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors. Stops mould growing in grout Available at Bunnings, Mitre10 and most hardware stores for under $50

Call CPC: 02 9476 8818 Web:


uct rod m.

in g




Featuring an exterior of brushed stainless steel and blackened glass, these premium ovens and compacts will suit most kitchen-renovations; inspired by the trend towards open plan kitchens in which appliances are seamlessly integrated.

ages of thi sp e im or

re n

Neff’s 2016 range of premium ovens and compact appliances offers clean modern lines; generous surfaces; stateof-the-art technology; and effortless controls featured in vertical and horizontal designs. When turned on all illuminated buttons come to life; but when turned off the oven displays only the two touch buttons – one to turn it on and one to program the timer. The easy control options, which vary depending on the model, include arrowbased ShiftControl functions and an innovative TFT FullTouch display for top-of-the-range models. This state-of-the-art technology employs the same touch-screen principles as tablets and smartphones, with a large display so you can conveniently input your preferred settings. The baking and roasting mode displays colour pictures of dishes, such as cakes or roasts.

See m

Neff’s 2016 range of ovens and compact appliances

m a g a zi n


Neff’s premium range includes a seamless built-in solution for vertical installation called SeamlessCombination. Stainless steel side panels make it possible to turn two appliances installed on top of each other into a single unit, without the need for an intermediate shelf. This means an oven of 60cm, for example, and compact appliance, such as a 45cm steamer or microwave, can be vertically combined without any visible gaps from the front or sides. This innovation is especially useful in smaller kitchens. More images can be found on the Renovating Magazine website. VISIT WWW.RENOVATINGMAGAZINE.COM.AU FOR BACK ISSUES

100_NSW.indd 15

MARCH QTR 2016 • 15

16/12/15 4:16 PM

60-minute fire-rated party wall windows Paarhammer has developed their fire rated windows for shared or adjoining walls for home-renovators and commercial-builders. Accredited in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1530.42005, these 60-minute fire windows are made from FSC certified Manilkara Bidentata [Pacific Jarrah] timber combined with Schott Pyran S® glass and feature intumescent seals. Multi-pane systems are available with mullion and transom. Frames can be ordered oiled or factory finished in a colour of your choice.

Hotel-style vanitytop basins for homerenovating projects


Paco Jaanson has recently introduced a stunning range of fivestar hotel luxury iStone basins by ZAAF Designs. Headquartered in Torino ZAAF Designs embrace elegance and sophistication within its refined lines. Their latest state-of-the-art collection offers models that harmonise with most bathroom styles and sizes. With crisp white surfaces, rounded edges and a generous size, these iStone basins provide a pristine, luxe hotel finish to any bathroom-renovation. Available in a gloss or matte white finish, in five different styles and in six different sizes, Centura, Cubis, Ovate, Eclipse and Scull offer a solid basin structure; fine lustre; dimensional accuracy; and a jointfree structure, ensuring the product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also mechanically strong and easy to clean and polish. Pricing: Centura $435; Cubis [410mm] $380; Cubis [600mm] $460; Eclipse $325; Ovate $350; Scull [425mm] $345; and Scull [595mm] $470.

Italian designed doorware from Pittella of Melbourne Pittella’s latest doorware collection features products by two esteemed names in Italian design - Antonio Citterio and Franco Poli. Doorware designs by Antonio Citterio include: H317. The timeless, elegant design of the H317 door handles makes it ideal for any interior. It features a standard 41.5mm tie-bolt fixing system; and is available in polished chrome, satin chrome or a special polished brass finish. H5015. The beautiful H5015 brings a special design statement to any room. Its four finish-options include satin stainless steel; polished stainless steel; and stainless steel with black or orange leather. Compatible with all Australian locks, it features a 41.5mm centre tie-bolt fixing. H361. Designed in collaboration by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen the H361 is a stylish door handle that complements any décor. Its slender rectangular design is available in a choice of polished chrome, satin chrome and black opaque finishes. A2025. Made from marine-grade stainless steel with an elegant satin finish, the A2025 cabinet handle features a distinctive knurled grip and is available in three sizes. The Pittella collection also features striking designs by Franco Poli, including H374. The H374 Compasso handle has an interesting design. Rather than a traditional spring in the handle’s interior structure, it features a long-lasting magnet for smooth, effortless functionality and installation. The exterior features a special Cromotion finish, which can be customised and lined with wallpaper or wall paint for complete integration with a room’s décor. 16 • MARCH QTR 2016

100_NSW.indd 16


16/12/15 4:16 PM





Visit for info and galleries

GLASS BRICK COMPANY Classic European Range Clear, Colours, Satins 8 Sizes DIY kits or Supply & installation Fire Rated Panels Silicone Systems Mortar Systems

Bring the outside in Create atmosphere with privacy Grow herbs or flowers Made-to-measure to fit your circumstances Kitchens + Laundries + Bathrooms + Any room VISIT THE WEBSITE TO SEE EXAMPLES

3 CLASSIC RENOVATING-PRODUCTS FROM THE ONE SOURCE 35 years servicing the Australian renovating market

Melbourne 03 9703 1530

100_NSW.indd 17

Sydney 02 9620 9055

Brisbane 07 3278 3544

16/12/15 4:16 PM

Handi HomeS

Removable tinted window film


Remove stubborn stains from shower screens If you’ve had difficulty removing that hard white calcium stain build up from your glass shower screen, you’ll be delighted with this great product. A-MAZ Water Stain Remover is your best solution for removing hard water stains from glass shower screens, no matter how long lasting and stubborn the build- up. Because A-MAZ is manufactured as a paste, as opposed to a liquid or a cream, it is able to deep clean with great results, to make surfaces look brand new again. Make sure you use the Handihomes No-Scratch Pad for best results


Easily installed in minutes Daytime privacy without mirror look Rejects about 65% summer heat Retains heat in winter 97% UV block


Stays firmly on glass with static cling Can be removed in seconds Re-use many times over Size: 2M x 0.9M

Incredible Cling-On Removable Tinted Window Film is so easy to install. You’ll be surprised at the professional result. Cling-On Removable Tinted Window Film sells for about $24.95 per roll, 2M x 0.9M. For a free sample & brochure phone (03) 9460 8000 or email

A-MAZ Water Stain Remover is safe to use in non-ventilated areas and no mask or gloves are required. A-MAZ Water Stain Remover contains no bleaches, chlorides or gritty pumice that can cause damage to delicate surfaces, and is also safe for Septic tanks. It’s a deep cleaner that penetrates the surface material, removing all excess unwanted stain, restoring the glass back to the original quality. A-MAZ Water Stain Remover is recommended for all glass, porcelain and stainless steel surfaces. It comes in a 395gm jar and sells for about $25.95.

Handi Home Supplies Phone (03) 9460 8000 or Email

An inexpensive DIY-solution to replace old taps with modern fittings without any plumbing work


For many households old, worn-out, ugly-looking, poorly working kitchen, bathroom or laundry taps are often the last on a home’s “to-do” list because they can involve tricky, messy, and costly workmanship to replace them. But you can now retrofit an in-wall breech system with trendy, quality mixer taps easily, quickly and affordably. Any modestly-talented DIYer can do it. Quoss Reno Transformer series offers a range of products which will do away with the problems associated with updating old plumbing systems. All too often something old needs to be broken to accommodate something new, which is often the case when it comes to updating taps and fittings. A plumber often has to break tiles, reconnect pipes or install waterproofing to replace a faulty tap. After eight years of R&D, Quoss patented a new technology that solves age old plumbing problems including: When handles of cold water and hot water are either too close or too far apart; When inwall pipe recess tee protrudes from the wall or is too deep from the wall; When one recess tee is deeper from the wall than the other; When the breech is buried or distorted or leaks; When the thread of a recess tee is worn out. The Australian-designed Quoss Reno Transformer product-range solves these problems with: A fitting system that enables the water flow to be blocked off at the existing passage and diverted to a new exposed mixer which prevents breakages in the wall when transforming; Size flexibility; Allowances for distortion, enabling easy installation under different circumstances; Cover up of any gap size from the wall and adjustable rim thickness; A “tap holder thread connection with water passage” for basin and kitchen taps. 18 • MARCH QTR 2016

100_NSW.indd 18

You can even achieve a shower transformation in the bathroom in four steps: 1.

Turn off the water and remove all old shower or tap fittings;


Retrofit the new mixer;


Turn the fitting’s inner cylinder clockwise;


Fix the rail bar firmly over the BP19 where the old shower head used to be.

Using the company’s fitting technology many new products can be retrofitted into old bathrooms and kitchens including: a thermostatic shower; diverter for bath; and taps for kitchen and laundry. This is also good news for renters since the system is interchangeable. Renters can take it with them when they move; and don’t need to make a drill hole to affix the rail bar. VISIT WWW.RENOVATINGMAGAZINE.COM.AU FOR BACK ISSUES

16/12/15 4:16 PM

New School.


Traditionally inspired packed with modern features. Luxurious graphite toned interior, LED glass-sided softclose drawers which feature an internal cosmetic drawer with leather organiser and personal-power in-drawer powerpoint. Complemented with Cherry Pie速 premium solid surface or Bamboo bench and matte finish basins.




B AT H R O O M F U R N I T U R E CO L L E C T I O N 2 0 1 5

100_NSW.indd 19

16/12/15 4:16 PM

Bathroom collection of matching tapware and accessories from Caroma Caroma’s Urbane mixers and accessories are paired to their stylish Urbane basins, bath and toilet suites. This on-trend bathroomrenovation solution embodies classic, contemporary style, characterised by smooth curves and subtle accents. With its fresh and unassuming design, the mixer range easily delivers understated elegance to a contemporary bathroom space. The range includes Basin Mixer, Tower Basin Mixer, dual purpose Wall Basin/Wall Bath Mixer and Bath/Shower Mixer [with or without diverter]; all with flexible soft PEX hoses for durability and flexibility. Completing the collection, the Urbane accessories unify a thoughtful bathroom design; and include a toilet roll holder, single or double towel rail, robe hook and metal shelf. The WELS info is: Urbane Mixers- WELS 5-star rating, 6l/minute.

Two modern-styled bathroom mixer-taps from Dorf Dorf’s Napoleon and Villa are two distinctly different interpretations of the classic bathroom basin mixer. Napoleon’s signature curves and elegant silhouette deliver a new sense of character to the bathroom space; while Villa’s clean and upswept angles are softened by its flattened, rounded lines. The Dorf Enigma is a minimalist combination of functional geometry with robust quality, which makes it effortlessly intuitive and perfectly suited to the rigors of family life. Dorf’s Hugo exudes a sense of wellbeing with its careful ergonomic styling and smooth, balanced curves. Dorf’s Napoleon, Villa, Enigma and Hugo achieve a WELS 5-star rating and feature a silicone aerator for easy cleaning. Combined with European Ultraflex PEX hoses for superior durability and flexibility, the mixers are a perfectly balanced team of clean lines and thoughtful design.

Touch-free flush plate for Custom-made raw brass in-wall cistern tapware Viega’s Visign for More Sensitive flush plate [from Rogerseller, Melbourne] complements the company’s concealed dual flushing cistern, the Mono Tec [see Renovating Magazine issue 98]. This flush plate is activated simply by passing your hand in front of the two sensor fields without touching the panel. Its glass surface is absolutely flat; the only markings are two discreet three-quarter circles indicating the large and small flushing volumes. Apart from the elegant appearance, this ensures easy care and better hygiene properties. The electronics enable individual configurations: the detection range can be set at a range between 0-30mm or 0-10mm; the two flushing volumes are adjustable; and the factory settings can be reduced or increased as desired. The panel comes with a magnetic key to rule out any risk of unwanted flushing during cleaning. As soon as it is held in front of the Viega logo, the key deactivates all functions. After one minute the electronic system reactivates automatically.

Responding to a trend for custom-made tapware, Enware has been involved in a project in Hobart’s iconic Mercury Building [in Macquarie Street]. The empty newsrooms, silent printing halls and car parks have been transformed into a hub of art deco industrialstyle restaurants, bars, art galleries; and office space for the creative arts industry. It was paramount that the industrial past of this iconic building still remained at the heart of the redevelopment. Enware was approached by architect Ryan Strating to supply custom-built raw brass tapware to several restaurants that were to be built in the Mercury carpark. Enware’s raw brass tapware was seen as an ideal fit to maintain the industrial heritage of the building as they offered high quality and robust, timeless design; while adding plenty of character. This project has led to further projects using these raw brass taps, with a WELS 3-star rating and a flowrate of 7.7-litres per minute. Enware is able to produce such taps as custom-orders [with minimum runs qualifications] with a WELS rating from 3- to 6-stars by simply using different flow-controllers in the manufacturing process.

The Visign for More Sensitive flush plate can be used either with mains power supply or, if replacing mechanically operated flush plates, with a battery unit. For the latter four standard batteries supply adequate energy for more than 7,000 flushes. Under normal operating conditions the batteries will require changing after one year at the earliest. In the event of a power failure the flushing system can also be operated manually by means of a button concealed behind the panel. 20 • MARCH QTR 2016

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16/12/15 4:17 PM



Transform your old 2 tap system into a flick mixer • Using your existing plumbing fixture • Without drilling or breaking any tiles or walls


No dripping. Permanently. No on-going maintenance (no need to change spindle washers) Fix leaking problems for good Easy to use for everybody including kids and elderly people Upgrade your bathroom for less Save money, save water

• • • •

TRANS fitting

The patented fittings will block water flow from the existing passage and divert it the new exposed mixer, eliminating the need to break the wall.

Fitting arms provide size flexibility for distance between two taps

Easy pull-out, put-in retrofit installation

Simply Retrofit PULL IT OUT



Simply RETROFIT in 10 minutes



new shower

Reno Transformer Shower Set with dual shower head

899 $


599+ FREE DELIVERY* You must quote code

RENOVATING-CRZ Until stocks last - *Metro areas only

Choose your options: Model Name: 1 Aura 2 Sunflower Overhead Shower Shape: 1 Rectangle 2 Round 100_NSW.indd 21

16/12/15 4:17 PM

Handi HomeS

Easy shower makeover

Beautiful white, high gloss Panelscape PVC panels just slot together with tight, almost invisible joins to make a continuous, waterproof & mould free wall. Just glue directly over tiles, plaster, fibro, etc. Quick & easy to cut and install. A breeze to keep clean and stays ever new. Available through hardware & plumbing outlets in panels 250mm wide x 1.8M & 2.4M for about $24 per sq. metre. For a free sample & brochure phone (03) 9460 8000 or email

Automatic opener for shed doors up to 100kg in weight Merlin has developed a new product for shed door automation, the Merlin WeatherDrive, a roller-door product with enhanced weather protection, energy efficiency, product design and safety features. To offer the protection that electrical appliances require against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, water and accidental contact, WeatherDrive has an impressive IP34-rated housing. Design is a key consideration for Merlin’s R&D team with this slim-profiled model able to be installed in a variety of shed types; requiring a minimum side-clearance of only 40mm. WeatherDrive has extensive safety features including nine ultra-bright LED lights fitted in the opener to ensure visibility; and a dual-speed facility offering greater performance and control. The safety reverse function stops the door automatically if obstructed.

Elegant classic doorware with a rose gold finish Pittella’s [Melbourne] doorware is grouped in three design eras: the Classical collection [1800s -1900s]; the Post Modern collection [1920s -1980s; and the Contemporary collection [1990s – today]. This grouping assists architects, designers and home-renovators match products with architectural periods and interior design styles. Within each collection, whole-of-project hardware requirements can be specified in styles including front entry door pulls and internal lever handles; as well as joinery hardware and matching accessories. Engineered to last, most of Pittella’s products are manufactured in Italy and combine time-honoured craftsmanship with cutting edge technology. Their Rose Gold finish adds to the elegance of doorware from Pittella’s Classical collection. As with the Satin Brass finish, Rose Gold is available on the majority of the Pittella collection including the H165 door lever handle as well as the 158.30, 146.40 and 451.96 door pulls. Although not all Rose Gold doorware is carried in stock due to the special nature of the finish, almost all of the Pittella range can be produced with this elegant finish upon request.

Suitable for roller doors up to 15m² and up to 100kg, the 2.0 security system means transmitters communicate on multiple frequencies with encrypted rolling code. This 2.0 security system ensures the opener operates on the strongest frequency, helping to eliminate any interference; while also providing the highest level of security. Merlin’s WeatherDrive kit includes two keyring remotes and one wireless wall control button. 22 • MARCH QTR 2016

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16/12/15 4:17 PM





Traditional Skylight Traditional Skylight

illume Skylight illume Skylight or llect r Co Sola

Light Shaft


100_NSW.indd 23


Light Shaft

or llect r Co Sola

Transfer Cable

Diffuser Panel

Transfer Cable

Diffuser Panel

16/12/15 4:17 PM

State-of-the-art vinyl flooring that replicates timber planks After many years of research Quick-Step Flooring has introduced a collection of cushioned vinyl flooring that can hardly be distinguished from genuine wood. The all-new Balance Click collection features designs with a variety of looks and a palette ranging from light to dark. It combines the look and feel of natural wood in combination with the practical benefits of vinyl flooring: warm underfoot, waterproof, durable and sound absorbent. Quick-Step heightens the realistic effect by ensuring that the characteristics and colour of deeply milled grooves perfectly match the design of the plank. The Balance Click collection presents vinyl planks in a highly realistic wood design. Imperfection and authentic craftsmanship are among today’s renovating trends: we want our interiors to contain imperfections; styled to whimsically evoke the past. Quick-Step is responding to this demand with the Artisan Planks Grey that captures the appeal of reclaimed timber. The cracks and big knots incorporated into the design lend the floor an authentic and robust appearance. If you are not a fan of the reclaimed wood look, but want a rustic look that is not as outspoken, the Cottage Oaks and Drift Oak Beige may be for you. The Livyn Balance Click collection features Stainguard Technology – the most durable and most stain resistant surface applied to Quick Step’s vinyl flooring. Stainguard provides a multilayered UV surface treatment, ensuring that most stains, scuff-marks and microscratches don’t have a chance. Even the toughest stains can be quickly wiped away.

Wall bracket lights are a stylish option for practical mood-lighting

Honeycomb blind for skylights and roof windows

Beacon Lighting’s wall bracket collection has been enhanced by several recent additions. There are significant price-reductions if you order two of the same model:

VELUX has introduced the Honeycomb Blind to its product range, which provides an attractive solution to skylight shading while helping to further reduce heat transference. A double -layered pleat forms the honeycomb structure of the blind. Blocking approximately 95% of light when closed, it darkens the area while providing a soft glow for living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Approximately 80% of heat is blocked by VELUX skylights; but when adding a Honeycomb Blind the remaining heat can be reduced by 60%.

Tadao is an internal wall bracket in matte black with concrete shade; 250mm high x 160mm wide x 210mm long; $99.95. Sunset Solar is an exterior solar-powered led wall bracket in 304-grade stainless steel; 115mm high x 115mm extension x 89mm wide.

24 • MARCH QTR 2016

100_NSW.indd 24


As well as being available for new Velux skylights and roof windows, this blind can be retrofitted into alreadyinstalled [current model] Velux skylights and roof windows using pre-installed mounting brackets. Once the blind is in place, the rails are installed and the cords are clipped in at the bottom of the skylight. The installation can be completed by a competent DIYer in as little as 10-15 minutes. Once installed, the blind can be taken up or down to any position using a control rod for manual models or a radio-frequency remote control for solar powered models. Starting from $175, Honeycomb Blinds are available in white for current model VELUX skylights and roof windows in manual and solar powered models. VISIT WWW.RENOVATINGMAGAZINE.COM.AU FOR BACK ISSUES

16/12/15 4:17 PM





Cabinets: Vintage Matrix textured finish. Top: ADP Solid White matte finish.

Top: ADP Solid White matte finish.

Bath: Tranquil Solid White matte finish.

Quality Australian made and designed bathroom fittings, using the very latest in materials and technology resulting in stunning, eye-capturing pieces, durable yet soft to touch. Basin: Pride Solid White matte finish. Benchtop: Carrera Cherry Pie. Cabinet: Matte white polyurethane.

100_NSW.indd 25

Feel the difference.

16/12/15 4:17 PM

Solar Shaftless™ skylight system that can be DIY-installed anywhere illume by Kimberley Products is a “smart skylight” that operates and installs without the need of a light shaft, flexible tube or a large roof cavity; and can be installed practically anywhere. It comprises a range of smart, shaftless ambient light systems that allow builders and DIY home-renovators to introduce a natural light effect into just about any dark space including multi-level buildings. The illume Solar Shaftless™ Skylight System comes in a range of sizes and configurations including windows, skylights and manholes. The advantage of the illume system is that it can be used in locations where traditional natural light conduits cannot be fitted. It can be fitted in many places where you can’t fit a traditional skylight such as in lower floor apartments; or where security is an issue. The illume system does not require roof penetrations. Also, as there is no need for tubes or flexible shafts, it is a sealed unit that prevents heat build-up or bugs inhabiting the skylight. Using ambient technology, illume is designed to convert the sun’s energy to light and auto-adjust brightness levels to match external conditions thereby creating a harmony in your home or office between indoor and outdoor lighting. It can be used to introduce additional light where required to any large or small space including hallways, entrances, walk-in robes, bathrooms, laundries, pantries, restrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, sheds or garages. illume has been designed as a DIY system with easy internal and external installation on all sorts of roofs and ceilings. It comes as a complete, off-the-shelf kit ready for use without the requirement of a Tradie. It’s available online; through home improvement and lighting specialists; and from hardware stores. Prices start at $214.50 for a 180mm round skylight system.

Dorf’s creative collaboration

LED downlight offering up to 70,000 hours lifetime

Dorf’s new series profiles a range of Australia’s most innovative interior designers, stylists, photographers, illustrators and product designers, as each of them sets out to produce a signature piece of work inspired by a chosen Dorf product. First up in the ongoing series is Sydney stylist and writer Natalie Walton, who has worked with leading Australian brands such as Freedom, Harvey Norman and Optus. In Natalie’s case, her interest in storytelling inspired two substantially different works, drawing inspiration from the more traditional Dorf Manor House range and the contemporary Myriad Cross range. The WELS info is: Manor House collection taps- WELS 5-star rating, 6l/minute; and Myriad Cross Collection taps- WELS 5-star rating, 6l/minute.

Brightgreen has developed their ultra-low-glare D700+ LED downlight to reduce Unified Glare Ratings (UGR), allowing home-renovators to achieve more ambient and inviting interior lighting schemes. At a competitive price point of $69 [+$9.00 per fascia] the D700+ features the following design innovations: New low-glare design. A deeply recessed, low-glare lens designed to shield the light source from direct line-of-sight. This, in combination with the luminaires direct beam, allows for more comfortable, ambient illumination – giving you the ability to design with light instead of drowning interiors with unwanted light spill. Impressive efficiency. The D700+ also goes above and beyond standard LED efficiency. With an airtight, universal gimbal design and IC-rating, the D700+ allows you to achieve higher home energy ratings with a totally sealed and fully insulated ceiling. Adaptability. With a simple interchangeable fascia and filter system, the D700+ can be updated to match interior changes throughout its 70,000hr lifetime, giving you greater control over the style, colour and lighting effect of the fitting and the light beam itself.

Backlit bathroom mirror ThermoGroup has released their latest backlit bathroom mirror from Ablaze Mirrors. Not only does it add light to your bathroom, and assist with shaving and makeup tasks, it also makes a point of difference in any renovated bathroom. It’s available from bathroom stores Australia-wide.

26 • MARCH QTR 2016

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16/12/15 4:17 PM

THE WORLD’S FINEST CUSTOM-MADE RANGE COOKERS 112 Victoria Road, Drummoyne, NSW Telephone: (02) 9719 2400 •

100_NSW.indd 27

16/12/15 4:17 PM

Cleaning up and painting over mould

Eco-responsible paint wash-up device

Flooding, rain and damp days are the perfect conditions for mould to thrive in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Rust-Oleum ® Zinsser® new Mould Stop Primer eliminates mould, mildew and odour-causing bacteria while priming at the same time. Mould is a natural part of the environment and can be found on both interior and exterior surfaces. It causes unsightly stains and lingering odours; as well as potential health hazards and structural damage. With Mould Stop Primer, you simply remove the loose mould; then paint over the area to kill off the mould spurs to stop regrowth. Mould Stop Primer is a DIY, cost effective product that kills the mould and prevents it from coming back.

Designed for Trade painters the Haymes Paint EcoCare system provides an environment-responsible way for painters to wash up their painting equipment using water-based paints. This multifunctional wash-up system treats contaminated water with a specifically designed powder that separates the water from the solids; then allowing the clean water to be drained from the unit. The remaining solids can be removed and disposed of through the general waste collection. Complying with EPA guidelines, EcoCare is compact and flexible meeting the needs of painters who are on the road every day.

Rust-Oleum’s Mould Stop Primer is a water-based primer that can be used on both non-porous interior and exterior surfaces. It is recommended for residential, commercial and industrial applications including bathrooms, basements, window frames, office buildings and factories. Once dried, Mould Stop can be top coated with any wall paint. It is available from Bunnings Warehouse and paint stores nationally @ $34.00/litre.

Featuring EcoCare wash treatment powder, a cleaning shelf and filter bags for solid catchments, the 60-litre wash treatment system can accommodate the cleaning of multiple brushes and rollers in just over 30 minutes; and requires little attention for even the busiest of Tradies. Designed by a team of paint specialists in Melbourne, EcoCare caters to the needs of Australian residential, commercial and DIY painters. The introductory trade price is $330 + GST.

Enhanced Dulux Paints app You can take a fearless approach to colour transformation at home with the innovative new digital tool Dulux ColourView, an update to the Dulux Colour App. It is the ideal tool to visualise how a splash of colour can create impact, softness or completely transform a room. From walls and ceilings, revamping a room is as easy as snap, colour and view. You simply select the ColourView feature in the Dulux Colour App; take a photo of the room; or upload an existing one to the app; then select a Dulux colour to virtually paint a section of the image to see your ideas come to life. The app includes the clever Colour Capture function which finds the closest Dulux colour-match to any colour using the device’s camera; and Browse Colour to discover the expansive collection of more than 4,000 Dulux hues. Compatible with iPhones and iPads as well as Android and can be downloaded by visiting .

Improved Dulux Wash&Wear Dulux R&D has managed to improve their Wash&Wear range of interior paints, setting new standards for stain-resistance, washability, hiding-power and toughness. You can visit to see what Jamie and Adam from MYTHBUSTERS did to test the claims from Dulux. Here’s a summary of the four new paints in the Wash&Wear collection: LOW SHEEN. The latest barrier technology has been used to create a hard-wearing film that allows you to wipe away most marks with a wet cloth. MATT. No longer do you need to compromise durability to choose a stylish matt finish. You get both with MATT.

Anti-graffiti film Following-up on an idea by Solar Gard Saint-Gobain Australia’s General Manager, Robert Hamilton, the company developed a film that has the potential to save tax-payers millions of dollars each year in graffiti removal; and is also safe to use around the home to protect surfaces from enthusiastic toddler-mishaps; and from graffiti applied to outside walls and surfaces. Solar Gard GraffitiTidy is a durable protective film, that when applied to smooth surfaces will provide a durable non-stick barrier that is hydrophobic, in that it reacts by deterring liquids in a similar way to that of a non-stick pan. Its low surface energy means that even permanent marker pen can simply be wiped off with a dry cloth.

+PLUS SUPER HIDE. Two coats cover any colour. With 60% more pigment it is suitable for covering dark colours. +PLUS SUPER TOUGH. For walls that need extra protection. Two pack epoxy for ultimate resistance to scrapes, scratches and scrubbing. It’s for walls subjected to rough wear-and-tear.

As the film is clear, vandals won’t even know GraffitiTidy has been installed. The film allows their pen and paint graffiti to be applied; leaving them satisfied; and allows them to move on. 28 • MARCH QTR 2016

100_NSW.indd 28


16/12/15 4:17 PM

DIY home rubber wet-pour surfacing kit Sandleford recently launched their Pour-in-Place, a home rubber wet-pour surfacing kit. This safe, durable, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing outdoors surfacing kit offers dozens of home-renovating applications; and is available from Bunnings Warehouse stores @ $64.90. Councils and professionals have used rubber wet-pour surfacing for years on big jobs like public play equipment. Known for its flexibility, attractive finish, impact absorbing qualities and non-slip surface, rubber wet-pour surfacing is made from fully recycled materials. It is also porous, which makes it suitable for many landscaping uses such as around trees. Pour-in-Place rubber surfacing is made-in- Australia using recycled car tyres and is suitable for a wide variety of applications including: pathways, playgrounds, pool surrounds, garden sheds, ute trays, ramps, stairs and even undulating surfaces. Pour-in-Place rubber surfacing can be laid over any firm sub-base with appropriate site preparation including dirt, concrete, timber and metal. Once mixed, installation is easy with a 30-50 minute working time making it suitable for DIYers. Each kit covers up to 1.5m2 [based on a 10mm thickness]; and is available in four colours: black, shed-red, forest-green and cocoa-brown.

Frenchprovincial style FROM ROOF SPACE TO EXTRA outdoors pavers STORAGE IN 2 TO 3 DAYS from Boral ADVERTORIAL

Lovers of country-inspired rustic décor need not limit their design aspirations to interiors. Adding the same relaxed and welcoming feel to outdoors spaces can be simple with the right materials and design. French-provincial style is sophisticated and timeless, striking a balance of simple finishes and décor. Boral Bradstone pavers feature a textured, aged appearance that alludes to a bygone era, ideal for creating rustic appeal outdoors. Their Bradstone Old Town pavers in Gironde come in three sizes for a random and rustic look; and are pitted down and worn on the top and edges, reminiscent of the heritage cobblestone laneways of Europe. They fit the French rustic theme perfectly.

Dust Proof Attic Storage with Attic Ladder installed in 2-3 days by the Attic Group



Many homeowners searching for extra space in their homes don’t realise that there is up to 30% of a home’s capacity lying dormant in the roof. Converting your roof space to attic storage is a quick and cost effective way to create more space.

“What does your Before and After look like? With an Attic Storage Space you can organise and create a comfortable clutter free home!” Shaynna Blaze Selling Houses Australia, The Block Quick Measure: the process starts with a consultation by an attic expert, who will inspect the roof space and provide details on the structure, measurements and storage options. Attic Options: the choices are plentiful and satisfy many requirements and budgets; from a Basic attic ladder and flooring option, to a Dust Proof option with insulated white cell lining. For storage of heavier items, there is the Premium attic storage option which is built to structural engineer’s specifications. All three attic storage spaces are accessed via an attic ladder. Installation: takes around 1 day for the basic storage and 2 – 3 days for dust proof attic storage. Premium attic storage option is approximately a 4 week project.

Your New Attic Storage Starts With A Simple Obligation Free Consultation Image ©

1300 655 525


100_NSW.indd 29 MARCH QTR 2016 • 29

16/12/15 4:17 PM

Compressed- wood technology provides stronger Australian hardwood flooring

A combined VHF/UHF 2-way radio

NATURE PLUS Australian timber hardwood flooring [from Country Timber Flooring, Sydney] has been engineered for impact and scratch resistant by Unilin’s compressed wood technologies, representing an innovation in timber flooring options. Featuring a 3mm extra-hard real Australian hardwood layer in a 192mm-wide single plank, NATURE PLUS timber flooring can complement any home-renovation project with an ultra-modern, minimalist, country style or traditional look. You can choose from the most popular Australian timber species such as Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Brush Box, Blue Gum, Jarrah and Tassie Oak. Unilin’s compressed wood technology improves the integral strength of the wood whilst reducing the wear damage. After the wood has been processed it retains its original appearance and grain texture, but becomes two to three times stronger.

Uniden has released a combined VHF and UHF CB 2-way handheld radio. VHF marine radios enable communications at sea; while UHF 2-way radios are used on land. The new Uniden MHS155UV dual band VHF/UHF CB 2-way handheld radio [$249.95] is a convenient tool for Tradies in out-of-the-way locations and for adventurers exploring the land or sea. This innovative design removes the need for two different radios in your toolbox or ruck-sack. With a rugged construction the MHS155UV radio has a fully submersible waterproofed body based on IPX7 waterproof standards. Its floating lightweight design ensures the radio remains afloat and can be easily retrieved if dropped overboard; a white/grey exterior helps you identify it if misplaced; while a large LCD backlit display offers clear viewing in dim or brightly lit conditions.

Commercial grade electrical fitout With 25% fewer parts and time-saving installation features, Clipsal by Schneider Electric’s OptiLine 50 Installation System enables electrical Tradies to do more with less for commercial applications [mainly]; but also for certain home-renovations. Time saving features such as click action installation and removable covers allow Tradies to reduce their installation time by around 50%. The system comprises: Wiring devices are based on 50mm modules that are snapped into the front opening of other components for quick click-in/clickout installation. The system includes a range of power outlets with white, dark grey or red fascias; two module DIN enclosures; junction box; and a 30-mech keystone module to fit any Clipsal accessory from the range. The power outlet is 10A; double-pole hard wired; in vertical or horizontal.

Offering up to 12 hours of operating time, other features include: Battery Save which automatically switches off RX power regularly to conserve power; a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with desktop charger cradle and AC adaptor; belt clip; lead cable; battery tray; mounting hardware; usermanual; and a three year warranty. Available from Bargain Boat Bits, Boating & RV, and other marine retail outlets.

Floor Boxes allow power and data to be supplied from the floor. Available in two sizes [8 and 12 module] the floor boxes are available in a flush or recessed design in a stainless steel or gun metal finish. Poles and Posts outlets fixed to the wall can limit the layout of your premises. OptiLine 50 Poles and Posts bring power and data outlets to exactly where they are needed. The tension-mounted pole occupies less floor space; while the free-standing poles are easy to relocate when needs change. Posts are the ideal alternative to poles when the power distribution comes from the floor. Trunking provides maximum flexibility in regards to location or mounting. The trunking is available in a choice of sizes and is constructed from halogen-free plastic. A removable top allows for easy cable running; while pre-punched holes facilitate the feeding of cables to outlets. The trunking is easy to handle and cut, with adjustable corners and internal jointing for a neat finish. Furniture Boxes have been designed to provide power and data access directly to the work space in an elegant, modern, yet discreet way. The pop-up, flip-up or flush-mounted box has been designed for conference and meeting rooms, where only occasional connection to power is needed. 30 • MARCH QTR 2016

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Remove stubborn stains from shower screens If you’ve had difficulty removing that hard white calcium stain build up from your glass shower screen, you’ll be delighted with this great product. A-MAZ Water Stain Remover is your best solution for removing hard water stains from glass shower screens, no matter how long lasting and stubborn the build- up.


Sheet Metal & Fibre Cement Shears with Shield ■ ■

Because A-MAZ is manufactured as a paste, as opposed to a liquid or a cream, it is able to deep clean with great results, to make surfaces look brand new again. Make sure you use the Handihomes No-Scratch Pad for best results A-MAZ Water Stain Remover is safe to use in non-ventilated areas and no mask or gloves are required. A-MAZ Water Stain Remover contains no bleaches, chlorides or gritty pumice that can cause damage to delicate surfaces, and is also safe for Septic tanks. It’s a deep cleaner that penetrates the surface material, removing all excess unwanted stain, restoring the glass back to the original quality.


■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

A-MAZ Water Stain Remover is recommended for all glass, porcelain and stainless steel surfaces. It comes in a 395gm jar and sells for about $25.95. ■

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Fits all Drills (including 1/4” HEX Driver) Cordless, Electric, Air Drills NO STRAPS, SIMPLE ASSEMBLY e Rotates to any angle Exclusiv h r S ield Cuts curves or straight Excalibu s work Safe one hand operation improve No special tools required to fit safety HYPER™ Shield is made of lightweight tough poly material

Long lasting metal cutting blades, through hardened can be resharpened - 1.6mm (0.060”) 16 gauge mild steel - 1.2mm (0.050”) 18 gauge stainless steel - 2.0mm (0.080”) aluminium


We have you covered!



Revolutionary NEW IMPROVED long lasting fibre cement blades - 6mm (1/4”) compressed fibre cement board - 9mm (3/8”) non compressed fibre cement board - 16mm (5/8”) plasterboard/MGO

Hyper™ Drive and Shield Kit available to modify existing Excalibur Cutting Heads


Patent and Design Registration Pending

For new and existing posts Suits 65x65mm up to 135x135mm CONTACT US FOR THE COMPLETE RANGE PH: 02 4677 2533 VISIT WWW.RENOVATINGMAGAZINE.COM.AU FOR BACK ISSUES

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Paints from the U.S.A. available at Masters Hardware stores Available at Masters Home Improvement stores, the Sherwin-Williams collections comprises sixteen colour cards, each offering a palette of twenty colours; all selected to work together in any combination. These stylised collections provide a simple way to create beautiful colour transitions from room to room. Sherwin-Williams offers a variety of premium interior and exterior paints and primers with prices ranging from $49 [Pro Range] to $72 [Ultra-Premium], based on a 3.78ltr white base. The Fashion Forward collection is where art meets fashion to create a statementlook that turns heads; whether you go bold with Naval or subtly sophisticated with Priscilla. Evoke a sense of tranquillity in your home with the hushed hues of the

Quiet Comfort collection, which is all about expressing your softer side. Liveable Luxe adds a dash of glamour through accessible design and a high-class colour palette that combines softer shades for relaxed elegance; and creates drama through bold contrasts. An urban palette with attitude, Urban Outlook pairs modern metropolitan with street smart coolness for a look that is industrial and innovative. Other collections include: Coastal Cool: Takes inspiration from the sand, salt and sea to create a relaxed retreat. Global Spice: Rich, saturated jewel tones offer a lush, international vibe that is balanced by earthy, warm neutrals. Colour Pizzazz: Vibrant brights and highcontrast neutrals reflect an upbeat passion for life.

When she premiered the Little Black Dress on the cover of Vogue magazine for the first time in 1926, Coco Chanel was in on a secret shared by all style trailblazers: nothing beats black. Accordingly, Schlage has introduced their F Series Latitude lever sets, B Series deadbolts and their Touch keypad deadbolts/levers in matte black. The F Series, B Series and Schlage Touch products are constructed to meet Schlage’s strict quality standards and come with a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. Whether you want to make a bold statement, coordinate with black bathroom or kitchen fixtures, or enjoy the convenience of keyless entry, the new black range from Schlage suits many home-renovating projects.

Traditional Twist: A collection with classic appeal and unexpected variation. Natural Wonder: Colours inspired by the world around us.

Australian Heritage: A melting pot of traditional and modern colours.

Perfectly Polished: Chic colours to create a tailored and timeless home.

Softer Side: Features vintage elegance and fresh approach to pastels and softer shades.

Timeless Beauty: Colours that add a touch of Aussie charm to the home.

Neutral Nuance: Neutrals combined with the softest hints of colour for a quiet, understated atmosphere.

Schlage lever sets, deadbolts and keyless entry-pads

Rustic Refined: A down-to-earth palette that creates rustic charm.

Traditional Twist: Timeless colours for home reinvention. Vintage Finds: Old-school vibes with a contemporary edge.

Paint-sprayer that attaches directly to paint cans The latest addition to the Wagner FLEXiO range of indoors/outdoors paint sprayers, the FLEXiO 990 Direct Feed, is ideal for large painting projects around the home and garden. It features a direct feed system for non-stop painting by drawing paint directly from the paint can, making it possible to finish painting projects much faster. With the clever i-Spray nozzle technology, everything from interior wall paints to varnishes and lacquers can be sprayed undiluted to deliver a perfect finish. You can also spray thick exterior acrylics onto coarser surfaces. The nozzle can be adjusted to spray horizontal, vertical, narrow and wide patterns; and provides fast, even coverage with low overspray. Instead of applying two coats of paint with a brush or roller, you can paint faster with the FLEXiO 990 and spray the same amount of paint in less than half the time. For smaller projects it can quickly be converted from a direct feed system to a handheld sprayer; and comes with a second standard spray attachment for spraying lacquer, varnish, stain and other thinner materials. It also comes with the clever X-Boost® turbine that makes it three times more powerful; that allows it to spray most conventional coatings without being diluted. With adjustable air pressure and material flow, the power of the turbine can be varied to suit any coating for precise control. Warm air surrounds the spray jet for quicker drying time and a faster working speed. The FLEXiO 990 includes the practical Click & Paint® feature, and comes with a second spray attachment. When using this Standard Spray Attachment for smaller projects, you can change easily from one colour or type of paint to another in less than three seconds. Quick and easy set-up/clean-up makes this sprayer ideal for DIYers; and it has a flexible 7m hose for two-storey reach.

32 • MARCH QTR 2016

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Natural paints and renders made from clay, lime and other renewables ROCKCOTE’s new Australian manufactured Natural Materials range of paints, finishes and renders are made from natural ingredients such as clay and lime plus renewables such as straw, hemp, bamboo, wheat and even volcanic ash. The products are durable, © Ross Eason completely natural, free of chemicals and produce no odour or residual off-gassing. The Natural Materials products can be used on a wide variety of traditional wall surfaces including plasterboard and concrete; as well as eco-surfaces such as cob, straw bale and stone. They can be left in their natural state or tinted to a range of colours using natural oxides. There are several finishes achievable with Natural Materials: GLASS. A reflective, highly polished finish; slightly iridescent mother-of-pearl look can also be achieved with some products.

© Ross Eason

LUSTRE. A slight sheen or glow that reflects a soft light at different angles. SMOOTH. In the middle; more open than LUSTRE yet more closed and smoother to touch than RUSTIC. RUSTIC. A tactility of finish; feel and see the character of each grain. EARTHEN. A rough, heavily textured finish with a very open, coarse grain. Other finishes include: earthen render medium; earthen render coarse; lime plaster basecote; clay paint; and lime wash.

© Ross Eason

© Ross Eason

Replacing tired, Enhancing dark worn-out legs wall paint on furniture, sofas, chairs and tables

Cabot’s touch-up pen for timber scratches and dents

When looking at furniture, legs play a key role in how each piece is perceived. Getting the right height, material and colour can make all the difference. Leggz is a brand of furniture legs distributed by Master Distributors through Bunnings Warehouses. With the broad selection of impressive legs available, any DIY home-decorator can enhance a newly acquired furniture item, or restore an older piece with these easy-toinstall legs. The range includes pre-painted metal, unstained timber, plastic, and castor legs. These designs suit tables, chairs, sofas, wardrobes and cabinets, and beds.

The new Touch Up Pen from Cabot’s [$8.50] is the easy solution for disguising scratches and dents on timber furniture, floors and doors around your home. Designed to closely resemble the colour of most timber finishes, Cabot’s Touch Up Pen range is suitable for use on all interior timber. It is available in five stain colours – Black, Walnut Brown, Golden Maple, Honey Oak and Jarrah Redgum – as well as Clear Satin and Clear Gloss.

Rust-Oleum has developed their Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Grey Primer as a new addition to the Zinsser line of primersealers. Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Grey Primer is recommended for use with deep topcoat colours to improve hide and coverage. When used under rich or vivid colour paints, it ensures that the true paint colours will come through and in fewer coats. The new Grey Primer is an excellent stain blocker and offers the same quality as the original primer, including mouldand mildew-resistant properties. This high performance, water-based primer is ideal for interior and exterior use on residential, commercial, and industrial surfaces. It adheres to all surfaces without sanding; dries in just one hour; and can be used with any oil or water based topcoat. An effective primer translates to fewer coats needed for a quality finish; which means less money spent on paint. Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Grey Primer is available from Bunnings Warehouse and paint stores nationwide in: 1L tins @ $26; 4L tins @ $67; and 10L tins @ $144.


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Dishwashers from Gaggenau

German-engineered washer and dryer

Gaggenau recently launched its 400-series dishwasher with the fully integrated model DF 481-160 [$4,199]. A new basket system with smooth running rails and cushioned closing system, as well as a selection of programs and options, ensures top cleaning and drying results. Equipped with innovative zeolite technology the appliances are efficient, quiet and energysaving. Designed for handle-less furniture fronts, the doors open when slight pressure is applied. The DF 481-160 dishwasher carries a WELS 5-star water rating, using 9.7-litres per wash.

Miele’s 2016 models Prestige W1 and T1 laundry appliances are German engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years usage. The flagship models, the Miele WMV 960 WPS Washing Machine and Miele TMV 840 WP Tumble Dryer, are each priced at $4,499.

Inside folding spines, foldable racks, glass supports and cutlery basket afford maximum loading flexibility. A new item is the holder for long-stemmed glasses. A highlight of the 400 series dishwasher is zeolite technology. Along with the zeolite drying system it produces top cleaning and drying results. This eco-friendly mineral can store moisture and heat and release both as required, thus reducing both water and electricity consumption. The zeolite regenerates fully during the next rinse cycle and lasts a full appliance-lifespan.

Mini range cooker for small kitchens The Richmond Mini Range cooker [$2999], from UK appliance brand Belling, offers elegant looks and compact dimensions. At 544mm wide it can fit into a 55cm gap; and is therefore suitable for home-renovators of apartments, townhouses and inner city dwellings. Distributed by Glen Dimplex Australia it has the following features: double-oven for convenience; variable rate dual circuit electric grill; 39-litre top oven and 69-litre main oven; flame safety device; 3 shelves, 7 shelf positions; telescopic rails and full width furniture; fascia cooling system; electronic clock and programmable main oven; easy-clean enamel interior finish; 4.5mm cast iron lid featuring safety shut off; and a gas hob with 14.4mj wok burner. It’s available in four chic colours: cream, black, white and red; from Harvey Norman stores nationally.

The Prestige Miele WMV 960 WPS Washing Machine has an impressive 5 star energy and 5 star WELS rating using 64-litres per wash. These environment-friendly features combine with a load capacity of up to 9Kg, integrated detergent dispensing system, capsule dosing, and Miele’s honeycomb drum. The SoftSteam drum simplifies ironing; and when the Steam Smoothing option is selected the drum is pre-heated to create steam in order to gently remove wrinkles from the laundry before the load is transferred to a tumble dryer. Another feature is Load Control whereby a 3D magnetic field sensor determines the size of the load and recommends how much detergent to dispense. After selecting TwinDos, the washer automatically dispenses two speciality detergents, Miele UltraPhase 1 and Miele UltraPhase 2 that achieve detergent savings of up to 30% while making light work of stubborn stains. Like the Prestige W1, the Miele TMV 840 WP Tumble Dryer also has a 9kg load capacity. This is complemented by the same sleek fascia to ensure that the models match whether presented side-byside or as a washer-dryer stack. The door can be hinged on either the right or left side to best suit your laundry configurations. The energy-efficient heat-pump technology of the Prestige T1 easily achieves a 6 star energy rating. The Prestige T1 is also characterised by Miele’s SteamFinish function that reduces the need for ironing; while the FragranceDos dispenses fragrance evenly onto laundry that lasts up to four weeks. Working in response to the Prestige Touchtronic controls, PerfectDry calculates residual moisture and mineral content to ensure precise drying results saving time and energy consumption.

Retro 1950s style appliances Smeg has added to the allure of its pure retro collection of small appliances with a powerful, richly featured 800W blender. Available in panna, black, red, silver and pastel blue the new blender features the same 1950sinspired, vintage curves as their retro toasters, stand mixer and kettle. The blender, with enamel coated body and Tritan BPA-free 1.5L jug has three pre-set programmes: smoothie, for dense and creamy textures; crushed ice; and pulse [which increases the speed gradually by pressing the back-lit chrome control knob]. With four speeds – to a maximum of a powerful 18,000 rev/minute – this blender has a clever smooth-start function, meaning the blades start slowly, to facilitate the amalgamation of the ingredients, and then accelerate to reach the desired speed.


The Smeg blender, along with the toasters, stand mixer and kettle, are available nationally from David Jones, Myer and Harvey Norman stores. Prices: blender [BLF01] $299; kitchen mixer [SMF01] $799; kettle [KLF01] $199; toaster two slice [TSF01] silver [chrome] $199; toaster two slice [TSF01] coloured $179; toaster four slice [TSF02] silver [chrome] $219; toaster four slice [TSF02] coloured $199. 34 • MARCH QTR 2016

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Te Em We

Love this Finish? New Website & Online Store open now

Shop Online at Beautiful Elegant Timeless Premium Quality Special Effects, Architectural & Protective Coatings Telephone: +61 2 9725 5888 Email: Web: 100_NSW.indd 35

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Outdoors kitchen in a choice of configurations The BeefEater® Barbecue Artisan Outdoor Kitchen [$4,999 – $12,400] is an easy-to-install, modular outdoors kitchen that can be made to suit a variety of different sized/shaped backyards. Made from premium materials in a choice of modular units and configurations, you can create your own outdoors kitchen to suit your space. The BeefEater® Signature 3000 four-burner barbecue comes in a choice of stainless steel or porcelain black. With the side-burner this gourmet outdoors kitchen makes entertaining al fresco a breeze. Three cabinets provide plenty of storage space; while a separate modular fridge unit with sink and state-of-the-art tropical fridge, adds to its convenience.

Timber deck cleaning tools from Cabot’s Harsh weather conditions and neglect over several months can leave your deck looking less than impressive and at risk of permanent damage, particularly if proper precautions to clean and treat it are not taken. Months of neglect can result in weather-beaten wood, damaged boards and a build-up of mould and residue on decking. Cabot’s have accordingly released their Signature Application range which makes caring for decks faster, easier and more effective. Cabot’s Signature Applicator range includes: Cabot’s Deck Coat $29.90: a large swivel-head applicator with a universal, interchangeable pole that can be clicked onto the Deck Prep. The applicator is solid in construction for greater control and navigation and has a large lambswool area for maximum coverage. The swivel head also allows the applicator to coat on different angles, making the Deck Coat quick and easy to use. Cabot’s Deck Prep $22.90: this applicator includes thick outer bristles for strength and scrubbing capability. It features a scraper for removing dirt and debris from the existing deck; as well as a squeegee for removing pools of water after cleaning to reduce drying time. The applicator’s soft inner bristles enable it to hold more liquid. Cabot’s Deck Sleeve $15.90: this lambswool replacement Deck Sleeve has a large surface area making it ideal for fast application and greater coverage. Cabot’s Deck Hand $22.90: a multi-purpose bucket for deck preparation and coating that features a drainage tray for removing excess product from the applicator; higher sides to prevent spilling and splashing; and an increased 15-litre capacity.

800-watt blender Whether it’s for green smoothies, refreshing fruit shakes, healthy vegetable dips or purees, Kambrook’s BlitzPro power blender [KBL80BSS, $99.95] has the capacity to blend hard, fibrous ingredients - like kale, ginger, apples and carrots, into a smooth consistency. It has an 800-watt motor with stainless steel blades to move through a variety of food preparation tasks quickly and easily. In addition to nutrient-dense beverages - which retain 100% of fibre - the BlitzPro can make icy drinks, fresh pesto, soups, and nutrientrich baby foods. It also comes with a grinding blade to process spices like coriander seeds, a variety of nuts, coffee beans and even hard cheeses. It has two 700ml and one 350ml BPAfree cups shaped for cyclonic blending, ideal for batch or single portion preparation. Storage lids seal prepared foods and drinks to ensure blitzed ingredients remain fresh and are ready for refrigeration. For added convenience it includes two 600ml Blitz2Go™ BPA-free Tritan plastic bottles with closable drinking lids to take freshly prepared beverages on the daily commute; to the gym; or on a morning walk. 36 • MARCH QTR 2016

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Beautiful etched glass look window film You can add a certain sophistication and beauty to your home with these wonderful, etched glass look window films. Handihomes Cling-On Privacy Window Film includes Spectrum and Rhapsody designs which provide a 3-dimensional appearance that is hard to distinguish from original etched glass – and at a fraction of the price. Both designs capture the refractive dispersement of various outside colours in the daylight to add character to your room. Handihomes Cling-On Privacy Window Film is described as the easiest of all window films to install. There’s no glue. It stays firmly on your window for years with static cling. You simply apply the film using a solution of a few drops of baby shampoo in water sprayed onto the glass to provide the slipperiness for proper positioning. Trim all round and then squeegee out any bubbles. It’s so easy. The job will be finished in minutes with a professional result. If you ever want to remove the film it can be done in seconds without leaving any residue and used again if required. Handihomes Cling-On Privacy Window Film allows plenty of light, yet shields you from the prying eyes of nosy neighbours. The high quality film is thicker and a little more expensive than self-adhesive film. It comes in generous size rolls of 2M x 0.9M for around $29.95 each.

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Three modern-styled kitchen sink-mixers As both the focal point in the hub of the house and the easiest quick-fix to revamp a kitchen space, tapware with thin, natural and organic shapes have taken over as the leading design trend for stylish remodels. Dorf’s new sink mixers, for example, are designed to be less heavy and hard-edged, keeping in mind the latest European trends. Dorf’s Madi and Caren are delicate yet robust, echoing this design trend with their thinner edges and attention to detail. Madi’s twin lever handle is an increasingly popular style, because it allows for optimum control and functionality. Similarly, Caren’s design is both deceptively simple and effortlessly intuitive. Willow completes this collection, with an elegantly tall, thin style. This tapware is a play with proportions; a focus on thinner lines to exaggerate and refine other dimensions. Dorf’s Madi, Caren and Willow feature a 360° swivel gooseneck outlet and achieve a WELS 4-star rating. Combined with European Ultraflex PEX hoses for superior durability and flexibility, the mixers are a perfectly balanced team of thin lines and delicate, thoughtful design. The WELS info is: Madi- WELS 4-star rating, 7.5l/minute; WillowWELS 4-star rating, 7.5l/minute; Caren- WELS 4-star rating, 7.5l/ minute.

2016 range additions to Laminex Laminex® recently unveiled their 2016 Colour Palette update. Twenty new décors have been added to the range; as well as improved post-forming capability for tight benchtop edges; and Protec+® antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus on surfaces, giving protection against microbes both in the home and in commercial applications. Protec+ is now standard across the full décor range of Laminex branded laminates within the Colour Palette and Squareform® ranges in Natural finish and Impressions™ textured surfaces in Spark and Nuance finish. Nineteen new décors have been added to the Laminex Colour Palette; plus one to Laminex® DiamondGloss® surfaces. The result is warm woodgrains, veined stone and greys that inject style, creativity and desirability into everyday residential and commercial spaces. Home-renovators are attracted to the idea of a benchtop option that provides the look of stone with the affordability of laminate. Recent product advances in Laminex’s core laminate and Impressions Spark and Nuance finish range means fabricators can now achieve a much tighter-edge angle, replicating the look of a stone slab at a fraction of the price. Island benchtop in Laminex Colour Palette Grigio Grafite; shelves and panels in Laminex Colour Palette Ghostgum. Rear benchtop in Laminex Colour Palette Grigio Grafite; drawers, fridge doors and panels and upper overhead cabinets in Laminex Colour Palette Honey Elm. Rangehood surround and lower overhead cabinets in Laminex Colour Palette Ghostgum. Splashback in Laminex Metaline Palladium Perle.

38 • MARCH QTR 2016

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Kitchen waste-bin designed to kill germs with UV light After 18 months of working with the international laboratory SGS in order to comply with the Australian market, Bold Living Design [Sydney] developed a most innovative kitchen-waste bin called the O3Bin. It kills germs; eliminates odours; and is designed to keep the home environment clean and hygienic. Waste bins can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that often cause unpleasant odours. O3Bin has a quiet and smooth hands-free lid-closing function that combined with the UV light aids in killing germs and bacteria. An LED light on the hands-free lid shows when the UV light is active; and the buzzer beeps if the bin has not been closed correctly, or is open for more than 30-seconds. It comes with a power adaptor and a rechargeable battery.

Flush-fitting integrated ceiling rangehood Miele Australia’s DA 2906 rangehood [$5,799] is a fully integrated ceiling extractor that gives unimpaired vision across open plan cooking areas while creating a sleek and harmonious elegance in the kitchen environment. Available in a choice of glass or stainless steel panels, this new model is ideal over island benchtops in openplan kitchens. This integrated rangehood features effective multizone edge extraction to optimise its performance above induction cooktops in particular. Miele Con@ctivity 2.0 allows the DA 2906 to communication with select Con@ctivity-enabled induction cooktops whereby the rangehood pre-emptively adapts to cooking situations on the cooktop below. Installation is as simple as attaching a wireless dongle in a specific spot on the cooktop. For increased convenience it can be operated remotely using a handset which controls both lighting and power settings. The DA 2906 features high-powered LEDs that exude a warm and natural light tone with uniform down-lighting. These LEDs are virtually maintenance-free over the life of the rangehood. The edge extraction panels and grease filters can easily be removed for washing in a dishwasher. The panels are simply unhooked and removed without risk of them dropping onto the cooktop below. Grease filters, too, are secured during removal thanks to its clever construction. Flexible installation options are available through the use of a rotatable and relocatable motor block. For example, to reduce the installation depth, the motor block can be removed from the extractor unit and installed in an alternative location up to 2m away from the unit. This reduces the space required above the suspended ceiling to 117mm.


16/12/15 4:17 PM

Colourful collection of Axminster carpets from England designed by Stacy Garcia Brintons Carpets have released their latest Axminster carpet collection with Stacy Garcia - Urban Nomad. Inspired by the distinct aesthetic of Nouveau Boho, Urban Nomad is a gathering of culturally inspired designs containing influences from around the globe. The collection highlights an impressive and authentic blend of organic paisleys, ornamental medallions, and henna inspired motifs. Featuring an effect reminiscent of a kaleidoscope, layers of clashing colours adorn the free flowing displays contained in each design. Free of regard and conventional rules, Urban Nomad tests the boundaries of traditional practices to present a boldly alternative collection. This is Brintons’ seventh collaboration with Stacy Garcia. Urban Nomad is a throwback to their first work with Stacy, which is still one of their best-selling collections worldwide. They wanted to emulate the deep, rich, velvet textures and exquisite ornamental detail captured in Nouveau Boho. The result is a decadent, opulent medley of carpet designs to complement modern interiors.

Rover’s garden- Folding handsaw for general gardening maintenance care line trimmer Lawn care specialists Rover recently released their R2600 Curved Shaft Line Trimmer [$169] with a 25cc 2-stroke engine. The curved two-piece shaft offers balance and provides a clearer view of the trimming area for added safety; and can fit a variety of added attachments including the Rover Power Battery Starter, Garden Cultivator, Lawn Edger, Articulated Hedge Trimmer, Blower, Pruning Saw and Brushcutter. The 43cm (17”) cutting path complements the bump head line release technology, which instantly releases pre-measured line, allowing for continuous and effortless operation. Available nationally from Masters Hardware.

The Husqvarna 200FO folding handsaw is ideal for a gardener on the go. Lightweight and effective, its clever design makes it easy to carry for all minor sawing activities when folded up and locked securely. Featuring three different working angles to suit any job, the handy lock button holds the saw securely and safely in the different settings.

An alfresco fridge built specifically to weather the outdoors The BeefEater® Tropical Fridge comes in three versions: single door $1,299; double $1,699; triple $2,499. The result of extensive research and innovative design technology, this alfresco fridge stores your chilled drinks and remains frost-free for easy viewing. Double-glazed insulated glass doors, high functioning compressors, digital controllers and commercial grade stainless steel, ensure this robust fridge is built to stay outside all summer long, and withstand external heat whilst staying consistently cool on the inside.


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Easy ceiling makeover

If your bathroom or kitchen ceiling has condensation mould or flaking plaster, here's the perfect solution. Beautiful, white high gloss Panelscape PVC Panels just slot together in a tight, flush, mould free, almost invisible join to make a continuous waterproof ceiling. Simply glue the lightweight panels straight over your existing ceiling or timber frame. Your Panelscape ceiling will always look new. No painting is ever required.

Panelscape is available through hardware and plumbing outlets for about $24 per square metre in sizes 250mm wide x 1.8M and 2.4M in length x 5mm thick. An attractive 2.4M PVC Cornice is also available. For a free brochure and sample please phone (03) 9460 8000 or email

Panel scape

PVC Panels

for ceilings & walls

Aussie-made ride-on mower 100% Aussie made and built for local conditions the latest offering from Cox Mowers, the Cox Cruiser Zero Turn, provides effortless mowing-conditions. Swinging this machine around trees and garden beds with a single pass doesn’t sound easy; but that is exactly what the Zero Turn is designed for. Twin hydro-gear transmissions mean this ride-on mower will turn around within its own length. Cox is backed by quality service, parts and accessories; and offers a 2-year conditional warranty. Prices start from $7147.

Japanese Kamado-style cooking Kamado-style cooking is an old Japanese method of grilling and smoking using charcoal, popular with barbecue enthusiasts worldwide. From pork and poultry to beef and lamb, cooking Kamadostyle produces mouth-watering dishes that fall off the bone. Char-Griller’s Akorn Kamado Kooker [$499] has been specially designed for cooking with charcoal to produce smoky, flavoursome meals with a distinctive charcoal-based taste. Made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel, it is a durable sealed cooking chamber that uses less fuel and has the ability to hold a wide range of temperatures. The Akorn Kamado Kooker can grill at high temperatures; yet smoke at a perfect low and slow pace, allowing the meat to absorb the smoke-flavoured aromas. The internal vitreous enamel coating is the same as a home oven and makes for easy cleaning. Char-Griller’s Deluxe Griller [$199] is based on the traditional 44-gallon drum and has been designed to produce a professional grilling experience in the backyard. You can turn the Deluxe Griller into a slow cooker for indirect cooking or a smoker by attaching a CharGriller Side Fire Box [$119]. The Char-Griller range is available from Bunnings Warehouse.

Lightweight garden trimmer The Husqvarna 122C Trimmer is low noise and lightweight for domestic use with easy to use functions. The Smart Start® engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort. This also reduces the resistance in the starter cord by up to 40%. The Tap ‘N Go™ trimmer head with twin line cutting system produces quick line feed. It also has an auto return stop switch that automatically resets to the ON position for trouble-free starting. 40 • MARCH QTR 2016

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CSR plasterboard with enhanced mould and moisture resistance

Insulation board to insulate concrete ceilings and suspended slabs

CSR Gyprock has developed a hypoallergenic plasterboard called Gyprock Sensitive. With an estimated 2.3 million Australians living with asthma, and one in three suffering allergies, Gyprock Sensitive offers enhanced mould-resistance and improved moisture-resistance for walls and ceilings during home-renovation or extension. It is installed exactly the same way as other plasterboards using any of Gyprock’s jointing compounds. Its mould-resistance is due to a powerful but gentle antifungal agent throughout its core, which penetrates the paper and subsequent decorative coating. The plasterboard core also contains a special wax emulsion, which makes it resistant to moisture. Modern houses are more airtight with lower ventilation; and often have smaller rooms; which can all contribute to moisture build up. Increased steam and humidity provide ideal conditions for mould and mildew growth, making Gyprock Sensitive an appropriate choice for wet areas such as the bathroom and laundry.

Kingspan Kooltherm® K10 White Soffit Board from Kingspan Insulation is a rigid whitefaced phenolic insulation board designed to insulate concrete ceilings and suspended concrete slabs. Typical applications include carparks, where boards are used to clad the exposed concrete to provide an attractive, thermally efficient, protective barrier between levels. It is more than a thermal insulation barrier – it’s also a great time and money saver for building owners due to its ease of installation and its attractive white finish without the extra cost of painting. This high-performance insulation board has been designed to deliver premium fire protection, offering a Group 1 fire performance classification. The white surface area eliminates the need for painting, which otherwise may affect the fire performance of the substrate. As part of the manufacturing process, boards are assembled with a white aluminium face on the exposed side of the board, and a tissue-based surface reverse side; sandwiched between the two faces are Kooltherm’s closed cell phenolic insulation core, which is available in a range of thicknesses [25 mm – 90 mm] to suit different thermal requirements. Since boards are white when installed, property owners can do away with the cost of a second trade to paint and retouch expansive surface areas. Not only do these boards provide instant insulation efficiencies; they also serve to brighten enclosed car park areas, improving overall safety. And with slim profiles these boards are suited to low-height applications, preserving overhead vehicle clearance as much as possible, retaining a sense of spaciousness. Kooltherm® K10 White Soffit Board is manufactured without the use of CFCs or HCFCs; and has an Ozone Depletion Potential of zero.

The dangers of asbestos and preventative measures Asbestos was commonly used in construction until 1987 and was not restricted to fibro housing. It can be found in one of three Australian homes, anywhere from cement floors, walls, ceilings, fences, sheds, as building insulation, around pipes and buried in the ground by previous builders. Asbestos kills over 100 people every year in Australia and the dangers are ever-present as materials degrade and old properties are demolished or renovated; often releasing asbestos fibres which are known to cause the deadly cancer, mesothelioma. According to the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency 97% of asbestos in Australia is non-friable – meaning that it is bonded with an agent such as cement and so may not be immediately dangerous. However some of these materials are up to 50 years old and are degrading. The bonding agent breaks down and once that happens you can have a situation where the asbestos fibres become friable if they haven’t been treated and managed properly. Friable asbestos is any material

containing asbestos that is in the form of a powder or can be crumbled by hand pressure. Air blowing past friable asbestos will disrupt the fibres. Any demolition or other disturbance of either friable or non-friable asbestos is fraught with danger. If you drill or cut bonded asbestos it releases fibres into the air. Sledgehammers and hammers are particularly dangerous. The removal of more than 10m2 of nonfriable asbestos [or spending more than one hour in any seven day period] requires a trained specialist with a Class B asbestos removal licence; while the removal of any amount of friable asbestos requires a Class A licence. If you or your Tradie decide to remove 10m2 or less of non-friable asbestos, you absolutely must take every precaution possible, urge the people from ProChoice Safety Gear. The big one is respiratory. ProChoice’s Half Mask Respirator with P2 Filters would offer the required protection in most cases of non-friable asbestos handling; as would disposable P1 or P2


100_NSW.indd 41

rated masks. The fit of the respirator is critical to ensure you are protected; and it should have an airtight fit. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to check the fit of your respirator. Cover as much of your body as possible, specifically your head [eyes, ears, nose]. Use a disposable coverall with Type-5 particle protection and a chemical style of glove that has a full seal against particle transfer. All your clothing must be disposed of after use. Asbestos waste can be disposed of only by using an Asbestos Control Plan that eliminates the release of airborne asbestos fibres. Asbestos material must be kept wet to reduce fibre release and stored in double-layered 0.2mm polythene sheeting or bags labelled “CAUTION ASBESTOS” and disposed of at designated locations. As the Asbestos Awareness website says, people need to stop playing Renovation Roulette. The site offers a 20-point asbestos safety check. Visit MARCH QTR 2016 • 41

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112 Victoria Road, Drummoyne, NSW Telephone: (02) 9719 2400 •

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Innovations in lawn mowing Briggs & Stratton recently introduced new technologies into their range of lawn mowers. InStart™. Briggs & Stratton’s InStart engines combine the power of petrol with the instant starting reliability of lithium-ion battery technology, which delivers up to 10 starts with just a 10-minute rapid recharge. With a full one hour charge, InStart can provide up to 75 starts.

EXTENT-A-RAIL is a chrome finish rail with rubber cushion ends. It

extends between two vertical surfaces and locks in position without screws, glue, etc. The draught through the doorway acts to dry washing overnight. It’s available in size 70-120cm for about $14 at Bunnings and other hardware outlets. Phone (03) 9460 8000 or email for stockist details.

QPT™. 40% quieter than a traditional lawn mower, according to the manufacturer’s tests, QPT [Quieter Power Technology] enables you to mow the lawn without disturbing the neighbours. The QPT innovation has been designed to reduce sound and vibration, resulting in significantly quieter, yet still powerful lawn mowers. It also includes ReadyStart®, Briggs & Stratton’s no prime/no choke starting system for worry-free starts. EXi Series™. Briggs & Stratton’s durable EXi power plant never requires an oil change. Also featuring the convenience of QPT™ technology, EXi engines eliminate the need for oil changes through a series of design features, including: a radial seal paper air cleaner that keeps dirt out of the engine; an improved oil fill tube with extended flange that protects the tube from debris during routine oil checks; and a new Overhead Valve Design and cooling package that enables it to run cooler with less oil consumption.

Three pendant lights from Beacon for the 2015/16 season Beacon Lighting recently introduced several new pendant lights to their range. There are significant price-reductions if you buy two of the same model: Misty is a pendant in copper. Large 380mm high x 300mm diameter $299; medium $199; small 215mm high x 160mm diameter $149. The Reuben pendant comes with an ash-wood globe-holder supporting a black metal wire frame, providing a mixture of Scandinavian with Industrial. It comes in several versions; in large, medium and small sizes; priced from $199 [large Coolie] down to $99.95 [small Cage]. While Charlize is a one-light pendant in chrome with a clear holophane glass shade; 210mm high x 265mm diameter; $149; also available in frosted holophane glass.

44 • MARCH QTR 2016

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Looks, feels and works beautifully!

CHEMINEES PHILIPPE No.1 choice in Fireplace Design










Rachcoff Vella Architects

Cheminees Philippe’s beautiful, innovative fires offer the best of both worlds with their unique lift up door firebox, combining style, energy efficiency and safety with real open fire enjoyment. The Radiante collection of single, double, triple and corner fireboxes offer total design flexibility and stylish heating solutions for every home. VISIT WWW.RENOVATINGMAGAZINE.COM.AU FOR BACK ISSUES

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Ph. 03 94173315 MARCH QTR 2016 • 45

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Electrical homeautomation made easy

2015-16 season air conditioners from Fujitsu

Clipsal by Schneider Electric has developed an automation offer called Simple Intelligent Lighting Control [SILC] that can be installed by any electrical contractor into any new home-build or home-renovation extensions. It is a simple, hard-wired lighting automation system, which does not require any specialist skills to install; and can be easily programmed for control via an app. Using familiar wiring practices, Clipsal SILC uses specific Clipsal LED down lights fitted with special drivers to provide home-renovators/builders with simple control of their lighting.

Fujitsu General has extended its Lifestyle range of wall mounted cooling-only [models ASTG30CMTA and ASTG34CMTA] and reverse cycle air conditioning systems [models ASTG30KMTA and ASTG34KMTA], with increased capacity to suit larger living spaces - such as lounge rooms, open plan spaces and family rooms. Designed to improve energy-management, all models in the Lifestyle range offer built-in Human Sensor Control, which detects movement within the room to reduce energy usage by turning off the system when no movement is detected in the room; and resume when movement is detected.

Differing from other home automation systems, Clipsal SILC is installed by the electrical contractor, and then configured by the homeowner. Using the Clipsal SILC app, the homeowner has optimised control of their lighting, with the ability to turn lights ON/ OFF; dim up/down; and control individual lights, groups of lights, and multiple groups – all from a smart-phone or tablet. The system is very flexible; once it has been set up, you can go back into the app at any stage to alter the set-up as your needs change. The system uses Clipsal’s 30-Mech, so in addition to using the app, it can be operated through any standard Clipsal switch plate, allowing you to easily dim, or switch lighting ON/OFF via the wall-switch. These features make Clipsal SILC a simple and effective solution for multiway switching and dimming. The system connects with how homeowners currently control their lighting; and builds on our familiarisation with apps. By combining these two points, most home-renovators/builders can readily embrace this technology. It has been designed as an effective entry-level automation system for any home. Available at an affordable price, Clipsal SILC is a scalable system, with everything the home owner needs: downlights, relay module, Wi-Fi gateway, wall switches, and power supply are all part of the system. Relays can be added so that non-LED lighting and other small motor load electrical accessories, such as exhaust fans, flood lights, pendants or fluorescent lights, can be turned on/off via the app. Being able to interface through the app as well as having the traditional wallswitching gives you the flexibility of automation, without too many bells and whistles.

Other advanced energy management features include a built-in Thermosensor; and a new fan design to increase airflow velocity helping to achieve the set temperature faster. These new models also feature a newly designed heat exchanger for greater energy efficiency. The new reverse cycle air conditioning systems provide cooling relief during the summer months and warmth during winter.

DIY kids’ playset with rubberised pour-in-place surfacing With the introduction of the Swing Slide Climb Cabana Cubby House [$499], Rainbow Sand [$17.90], and Pour-in-Place surfacing [$64.90] by Sandleford [available at Bunnings], you can easily construct a child’s playground in your backyard; and the kids can feel safe on the non-slip, permeable Pour-in-Place rubber surfacing. Available in Jellybean Green, Bubblegum Blue and Fairyfloss Pink, Rainbow Sand is a safe, fun, non-toxic, non-staining sand. It comes in a 10kg bag and is suitable for ages 3+. Pour-in-Place Wetpour Rubber Surfacing is suitable for pathways, playgrounds, pool surrounds and stairs. With its impact-absorbing qualities it is non-slip; and can be laid over any surface. Each DIY kit covering up to 1.5m2 includes: 10kg bag of Rubber Crumb; 2kg of Rubber Binding Glue; and 250ml of Trowel Lubricant. Available in Forest Green, Black, Cocoa Brown and Shed Red, it will create seamless rubber surfacing in less than 50-minutes.

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Dehumidifiers for drying- Three lightweight out painting work cordless drills from Panasonic During renovations, cold and humid weather can pose delays for bricklayers, plasterers and painters. These renovationworks require warm, dry air and proper ventilation in order to dry efficiently. To speed up drying indoors it is often necessary to reduce indoor humidity using warm, dry air and sufficient ventilation.

However attempting to dry a renovated room using hot air from a heater can cause side effects such as surface discolouration and cracked walls; and hot air alone cannot reduce indoor humidity. Dehumidifiers can minimise the risk of these side effects by removing moisture from the air and reducing the indoor humidity levels regardless of the temperature outside. Warm, dried air is then released back into the room for ventilation, which helps speed up the process of water evaporation from damp walls or floors. One of the most efficient types of dehumidifiers are desiccant dehumidifiers, often preferred by Tradies for their ability to perform at both low and high temperatures; able to dry to humidity levels as low as 35%RH. Desiccant dehumidifiers like the Ionmax ION612 [$439] and ION632 [$549] are low maintenance. The Zeolite used as the desiccant in these units regenerates itself, ensuring ongoing use with no need for replacements or maintenance. Capable of removing up to 10-litres of moisture a day, these dehumidifiers are ideal for drying out rooms after a water leak; and for speeding up drying in rooms that use water-based paints.

Panasonic has developed three new cordless drils using their brushless motor: the EY74A2 13mm drill and driver [$309 tool only]; the EY79A2 hammer drill and driver [$329 tool only]; and the EY75A7 impact driver [$309 tool only]. They have a “carbon fibre look” textured finish; a comfort-grip for improved ergonomics; are IP56-rated for dust- and water-resistance; and are suitable for Tradies as well as DIYers. For all new models Panasonic has both 3.0 Ah and 5.0 Ah Li-ion batteries available to suit the job at hand, offering a long lifespan under high workload conditions. The P-type 3.0 Ah battery is ultra-slim and lightweight with a newly-developed ∅ 20mm battery cell and a new design for easier work in cramped spaces without compromising performance. The J-type 5.0Ah Li-ion battery has “dynamic capacity” for long-time usage. The new shorter brushless motor included in the EY75A7 cordless impact driver helps to achieve a compact body with optimum centre-balanced ergonomics that makes for comfortable handling and heavy-duty use, even in restricted spaces such as ceiling voids, lofts, or under floorboards. A new “self-drilling screw mode” limits the risk of stripping the thread on fasteners or materials during screwing-in [less than ∅ 4 x 15mm] by automatically switching from high speed to low speed.


Frameless secondary double glazing system Have you thought about double glazing but don’t want to rip out your existing windows? Euro Double Glazing has the solution. It works very simply by installing 8mm thick frameless glass panes on the inside of your existing windowframes. The finished secondary window is stylish and architectural as there is no frame of uPVC, magnet or aluminium to spoil the appearance of your room. Its frameless-structure makes it almost invisible. The toughened glass used is also much stronger and scratch-resistant; and does not discolour or go cloudy with age. There are no frames to warp, shrink, corrode or paint. Euro Double Glazing uses high-quality designer stainless steel hinges and a clever custom-built window pane combination which will fit perfectly and functionally over your existing windows, allowing you to still open them for home-ventilation and windowcleaning. The advanced 3M sealing system gives the air buffer required for superior acoustic and thermal insulation. If noise-reduction is your primary reason to consider double glazing, an air gap of at least 80mm is optimal. The two panes of glass should vary in thickness by at least 50%, such as an 8mm frameless pane combined with your existing 3-4mm window [the EuroGlazing system]. Euro Double Glazing is well suited to older homes with timber framed or aluminium windows, be they sash, casement or awning. It is an ideal option as the external appearance does not VISIT WWW.RENOVATINGMAGAZINE.COM.AU FOR BACK ISSUES

100_VIC.indd 47

Description glass / air gap / glass

Average sound Configuration

transmission loss in Db


Perceived sound reduction as a % of 3mm float glass

3mm float

Single Pane



4mm float

Single Pane



4 / 12 / 4

Double Glazed



8 / 12 / 4

Double Glazed



8 / 100 / 4

W/ EuroGlazing



Most experts agree that the best acoustic insulation comes with: firstly, a large sealed air gap of 100mm [optimally]; and secondly, using two different thicknesses of glass varying by at least 50%. The EuroGlazing system does that.

change; and you are not incurring the expense of replacing an entire window. For over 20 years, our parent company has been designing and manufacturing these quality state-of-the-art fittings and glazing systems in The Netherlands. In Australia, for the past 5 years, we manufacture right here in Sydney.

Euro Double Glazing Tel: 0402 241 780 Visit: MARCH QTR 2016 • 47

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Improved decking tools

Sample pots for Sikkens deckcoatings

The QUICK-GRIP Deck Tool Kit from IRWIN Tools is designed to provide an efficient method of clamping while building a deck, without damaging the decking board or joist. It’s ideal for bowed decking boards; and assists with lining-up and securing boards freeing your hands to install fasteners quickly and easily. This kit can turn an existing SL300 bar clamp into a deck tool, saving space in your toolbox. Significant advancements to the STRAIT-LINE Chalk & Reel range include larger chalk reel openings for increased access and visibility; improved line strength resulting in fewer breaks; and enhanced usability and ergonomics; helping Tradies easily mark out straight lines for the perimeter of the deck. The MACH6 and the Speedline PRO chalk reels feature: Easy Fill & Lock Top innovation with a 1/4 –turn locking top; wide opening for convenience when filling the reel or accessing internals and locks securely to prevent spills; you can access the spool to work out line tangles or retrieve broken lines without taking the reel apart; MACH6 features an open access back panel for quick line changes; hi-tensile lines that are 2.5 times stronger than traditional lines for fewer breaks; robust steel handle and large centre clutch for increased durability and torque; wide prong hook to provide secure anchoring; MACH6 is 6 times faster than traditional chalk reels when winding; Speedline PRO is 3 times faster than traditional chalk reels when winding.

When it comes to choosing a deck-coating, Sikkens has made it easier with new sample pots for its Cetol BLX-Pro range. Ideal for the time-poor this range is an environment-friendly, quick-drying waterbased finish that provides superior durability and flexibility. S uitable for a weekend project re-coating is possible within two hours and its high quality, transparent finish accentuates the natural character and colour of the timber. Available in five ready-mixed colours, the Sikkens Cetol BLX-Pro sample pots make it easy and affordable to test a colour, providing confidence before completing the project.

The Speedline and Classic reels feature: wide door chalk fill that is more than 70% larger than the previous design; 30m of abrasion-resistant polyester line that delivers up to 5-6 strikes per pull; large centre hubs for increased durability, strength and torque; Speedline is 3 times faster than traditional chalk reels when winding; Classic is a durable jobsite option with its tough aluminium housing for impact resistance. Layout Pro and Layout Pro XL chalk reels feature: large sliding chalk fill doors; durable ABS base design optimised for improved chalk fill; Layout Pro has 283g chalk capacity and 30m of line; Layout Pro XL has a 567g capacity for fewer refills and 45m of line; 2:1 gear ratio to rewind the line 2 times faster than traditional chalk reels; Soft-touch and ergonomic grip for comfort and control when snapping lines. ADVERTORIAL

NEW self-priming paving paint is ideal for decorating patios and courtyards for Summer! Colormaker Industries has released a brilliant new Water-based Paving Paint just in time for Summer. This innovative new product is perfect for enhancing the appearance of new or old concrete, stone surfaces and brick work including floors, paths, patios, courtyards, driveways, retaining walls, feature walls and pots. Two excellent Paving Paints formulations to choose from 1. COLORMAKER Water-based PAVING PAINT This product delivers a satin finish, for those people not wanting a gloss finish on their painted area. The Water-based Paving Paint is a self-priming product which cuts down painting time and contains no smelly solvents making it very easy to clean up with Colormaker Water-based Paving Paint Factory Colours

Tempest Grey

Road Marking Yellow


water. Tough and hard-wearing, this product is weather-resistant for indoors and out. Colours and Coverage The Water-based Paving Paint is available in six factory colours, as well as 4 tintable bases enabling you to match almost any colour. Coverage is 12m²/L depending upon surface roughness and porosity. 2. COLORMAKER Oil-based PAVING PAINT Colormaker’s oil-based Paving Paint is a full gloss, long lasting and durable interior and exterior paint designed specifically for concrete and flooring applications. It offers excellent resistance to scuffing and marking and is supplied ready to use from the container. It is available in 10 stock colours and 4 tint bases allowing an almost unlimited range of colours. It can also be tinted to match any COLORBOND® colour. Applications


Ferric Red

Royal Green

Areas where Colormaker oil-based Paving Paint may be used include verandahs, patios, laundries, workshops & showrooms, handrails, garage floors and light industrial areas.

For further information on Colormaker PAVING PAINTS, call Colormaker Industries on 02 9939 7977 or visit 48 • MARCH QTR 2016

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Glass Canopies


FROm $ By removing the middlemen we save 399 $ 99up to 50% on great appliances. you





$ Italian Ovens




Italian Cooktops

Italian, German and French Kitchen Gas Cooktops at Factory direct prices Appliances FROm


German Rangehoods

299 French Induction Cooktops

Buy online and save time and money. Visit us at HOME APPLIANCES *Terms & Conditions apply. Offer excludes Proforma products

5/265 Wickham Rd Moorabbin

Call now on 1300 449131 Visit our showroom today! 100_VIC.indd 49

Blackburn 114 Whitehorse Rd 1800 556 077 Open 7 days

16/12/15 4:28 PM

RENOVATING EDITORIAL CONTACTS ABL Tiles & Bathrooms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .02 9623 0499 Amber Tiles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 139 868 Apex Tool Group. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .02 6058 0300 Asbestos Awareness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 10 50 Australian Outdoor Living . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1300 13 13 49 Bathe Australia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .02 9509 0000 Beacon Lighting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 232 266 Beefeater BBQ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 356 660 Bold Living Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .02 9262 5202 Boral Pavers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 134 002 Briggs & Stratton. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 356 632 Brightgreen Lighting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 672 499 Brintons Carpets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 332 694 Brivas Airconditioning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 274 847 Cabot’s Woodcare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 011 006 Caroma Bathroomware. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 14 16 Char-Griller BBQs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 360 211 Clipsal Electrical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 369 233 Country Timber Flooring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .02 9737 8801 Cox Mowers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 330 444 CSR Gyprock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 306 556 Dorf Tapware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 14 16 Dulux Paints . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 25 25 Eco Outdoor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1300 13 14 13 Enware Australia. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 369 273

Fiskars Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .03 8645 2400 Fujitsu Airconditioners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 882 201 Gaggenau Appliances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 727 421 Gardena Hose Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 804 213 Glen Dimplex Appliances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 556 816 GraffitiTidy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .02 9838 8888 Handi Home Supplies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .03 9460 8000 HardieDeck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 83 53 Haymes Paint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 033 431 Hoselink. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 900 617 Husqvarna Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 804 105 ILVE Appliances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 694 583 Intergrain Timber Finishes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 630 285 Ionmax Dehumidifiers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 800 200 IRWIN Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 331 491 Kambrook Appliances. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 139 798 KEEN work boots . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .02 9552 6900 Kimberley Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .03 9768 5777 Laminex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132 136 Master Distributors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .03 9538 9234 Memory Lane . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .03 9370 6765 Merlin Door Openers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 638 234 Miele Appliances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 601 671 Neff Appliances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 727 421 Paarhammer Windows & Doors. . . . . . . . . . .1300 655 920


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Panasonic Power Tools. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132 600 Philips Lighting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 304 404 Pittella Doorware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .03 9818 0311 Quick-Step Flooring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .03 9798 0808 Quoss Reno Transformer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 783 699 Rheem Hot Water . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131 031 ROCKCOTE Paints & Renders . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 736 668 Rogerseller Bathrooms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .03 9429 8888 Rover Mowers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 951 594 Rust-Oleum Australia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 784 476 Sandleford Hardware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .03 9786 0055 Schlage Doorware . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 098 094 Schots Home Emporium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 774 774 Sherwin-Williams Paints. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 651 782 Siemens Appliances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 368 339 Sikkens Woodcare. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 745 536 Smeg Appliances . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .02 8667 4888 Spanbilt Lockers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 032 077 Thermogroup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 368 631 Uniden Electronics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 366 895 VELUX Sky Lights. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1300 859 856 Verosol Blinds. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 011 176 Victa Lawn Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 356 632 Wagner Spraytech. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1800 924 637

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Temporary power pole & toilet hire Epsom hire Australia, established in 1973, are the Temporary Power Supply specialists in Victoria. They provide a single or three phase connection to an overhead or underground supply, with a two day turn around for installation of a power pole; after which it is generally three weeks before the power company will connect the temporary power supply. So best to plan ahead.

in Temporary LeadersLeaders in Temporary Power Power For the Builder For the Builder For the Builder/ Leaders in Temporary Power Renovator For the Owner/Builder For the Builder Fresh Water Flush

Their Portable Builders’ Toilets are ideal for renovating projects, whether you are updating the bathroom or doing a complete homerenovation. During a monthly hire period they will pump-out and clean the toilet as part of the hire-fee with quality anti-bacterial disinfectant, ensure the fresh water flush system is full, and replenish the two toilet rolls as supplied.

Chemical Toilets. ForRenovator the Owner/Builder For the Sewer Connect Toilets

For the Renovator

Portable site showers For the DIY enthusiast

For the DIY enthusiast

Epsom was established established Epsom Hire Hire was in 1973 and has provided quality hire products products and and Epsom Hire was established reliable service throughout throughout in 1973 and has provided since its inception. Victoria inception. quality hire products and on our We prideservice ourselves reliable throughout Victoria since its inception. friendly customer service, service, We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and friendly customer service, competitive prices. competitive prices. attention to detail and competitive prices.

Servicing: Melbourne, Greater Melbourne, Mornington Servicing: Servicing: Melbourne, Greater Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Peninsula, Bass Coast & Bellarine Peninsula Melbourne, Greater Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, If you want to minimise traffic through your house at your next Bass Coast & Bellarine Peninsula Bass Coast & Bellarine Peninsula Order any toilet and pole combination and receive party their Party Toilets or Weekend-Hire Toilets look great at any toilet andcombination pole combination andreceive receive free delivery! toiletany and pole and free delivery! FREE delivery! event or function. They come with hand soap, paper towels and Order any Order toilet paper; and can be provided with a night-light for a small extra cost. These toilets are delivered on the Friday and collected on the Monday; plus for long weekends. Pickup and delivery fees are included in the price; there are no extra costs involved.

Call one of our friendly staff today on 03 9580 5470 •

Calltoday us today03 039580 95805470 or or visitvisit our our Call us 5470 website Call website us today 03 95805470 or visit our website

Collection of budget-priced pendant lights in timber and glass Schots have an impressive collection of pendant lights for home-renovations: 1. The Mathis [KA234001CGL $99] is created from timber and hand blown glass. The white washed timber finial complements the clear glass shade. 2. The Stan light [KA234002CGL $79] comprises timber layers with a contrasting glass shade. This light is impressive enough on its own; but clustered with other lights in this range creates greater impact. 3. The Anglais pendant [KA234003CGL $129] is made from timber and hand blown glass. The white washed timber finial complements the clear glass shade. This pendant looks great when grouped above a kitchen island. 4. The Lunel pendant light [KA234004CGL $89] is another one crafted from timber and hand blown glass; and sets off the room when grouped above a kitchen island. 5. The Hugo [KA234005CGL $129] has also been created from timber and hand blown glass, with a white-washed timber finial and clear glass shade. You can install it above a kitchen island to polish off a kitchen-renovation. You should use a licensed electrician to install these lights.



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Alternative material to hardwoods

Outdoors upholstery linens

HardieDeck™ is an alternative to timber decking and is virtually maintenance free; there’s no need for regular staining to ensure the boards keep their colour; it is durable, so it won’t split, warp or rot. The boards are resistant to termites, moisture damage and fire; making it an ideal decking material for bushfire zones. HardieDeck is securely fixed in place without splinters or nails, which mean it’s smooth to walk on and safe for all members of the family, as it uses a concealed-fixing system so you don’t see a screw or nail.

Eco Outdoor’s 2016 linen fabric range proves that outdoors furniture-upholstery can be just as stylish as any indoors setting. Reflecting the latest design trends with textural finishes and an earthy palette, this fabric range has been made specifically for outdoors applications to withstand even the harshest conditions. This new fabric range is highly durable yet luxuriously soft. It features a palette of colours that not only highlight the raw beauty of linen but also complement the innate characteristics of the Australian landscape.

HardieDeck is charactered by its clean, contemporary design, giving any home that architecturally-designed look; and provides home-renovators with the option of colour choice. The boards are designed to be coated in durable paving paints normally used on verandas, pathways and driveways. This provides you with the option to paint the boards any colour to match or complement other elements of your house like wall colour, roof colour, or tiled paving. Alternatively it can be clear-sealed for a raw, natural look to achieve a contemporary architectural feel.

Classic linen fabrics include new shades, such as Sparrow, Pavillion and Dove Tale; as well as the Botanicals range, with patterns such as Leaf Parchment and Eucalyptus Storm. The new collection also features a range of sought-after slub linen fabrics. Proving that there is great beauty in natural imperfections, the “slubbiness” of a fabric refers to the variations that derive from the spinning or weaving process. Slub linen is perfect for those seeking fabric with character, texture and a raw natural aesthetic. Colours include Oat Straw, Plantation, Falconer and Nomad.

Manufactured by James Hardie, HardieDeck is Australian-made from a mixture of water, sand, Portland cement and cellulose fibre from plantation-grown Radiata Pine trees. The fibre-cement boards and powder-coated aluminium accessories are backed by a 10 year warranty.

Maintaining a timber deck

Hose attachment for watering tree and shrub roots

Cabot’s recently released an innovative timber maintenance wash designed to refresh exterior timber decking in between coating applications. Suitable for use on previously stained or oiled timber, Cabot’s Deck Wash works by removing the build-up of dirt, dust, bird droppings and other hard-to-remove debris to maintain that “as-new” appearance. Don’t make the mistake of using every day household detergents on timber surfaces, which can erode the timber coating, causing irreversible damage to the finish.

The Hoselink Root Waterer & Soil Breaker is an environmentfriendly way to water large trees and shrubs. Water is delivered via the tube directly to the roots underground, ensuring no water is lost via evaporation. It can also be used to break-up hard soil before weeding or planting. The Root Waterer & Soil Breaker comes with their no-burst connector and readily attaches to any Hoselink hose. Currently [March quarter 2016] it’s available only online at for $34.90.

Retailing for $9.90 and available from hardware stores, Deck Wash has been specifically designed and tested to be compatible with coated timber. After diluting with ten parts water you simply apply the solution to timber with a broom; scrub vigorously; and rinse off with water. [Cabot’s Deck Wash is not recommended to be used within two weeks of coating a deck.] Sold in a 1-litre bottle, with a pleasant citrus fragrance, it will deliver up to six washes for an average deck when diluted. 52 • MARCH QTR 2016

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Telescopic tree pruner The Fiskars Tree Pruner [UP82, $119] caters for higher work that usually requires a step ladder, providing a pruning height of around 3.5m while keeping your feet safely on the ground. While the Telescopic model [UP86, $199] avoids potential ladder dangers with a shaft that can adjust from 2.4m to 4m, enabling you to reach 6 metres. Both pruners are designed to make the job easy and safe, with the PowerReel™ mechanism cutting 12 times easier than standard mechanisms; and it has an adjustable cutting angle up to 230º for more effective shaping. The blade is durable and stays sharp due to its special CrMov steel construction; and is finished with a PTFE coating that makes it corrosion-resistant and non-stick. The bypass blade is also ideal for cutting fresh growth with ease. The handy locking mechanism helps you grab overhead branches to bring them down safely; or you can attach a saw to the end of the shaft for removing bigger branches or dead wood. VISIT WWW.RENOVATINGMAGAZINE.COM.AU FOR BACK ISSUES

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Range of three artificial lawns for 2016 Many home-renovators are turning to artificial lawn for a lush, green garden area. Australian Outdoor Living [AOL] has accordingly released their 2015/16 range of three types of artificial lawn: Augusta 35; St Andrews 30; and Fairway. Cost-effective, low maintenance and hassle-free, it requires no mowing, edging, watering or fertilising. It is ideal for all outdoor areas such as landscaping, playgrounds, roof areas and patios. Designed with a special fibre tufted into the base with a rubber infill to give a soft, natural feel, this new range also contains more yarn per square metre. This offers better coverage while also providing the same springy supportive features as natural lawn. Augusta and St Andrews have a 35mm and 30mm pile height respectively, as well as brown thatching between thin green blades to create a truly natural finish. Fairway has a 19mm pile height making it ideal for playgrounds. St Andrews is ideal for high traffic areas as it can withstand the impact while also maintaining its shape and realism. AOL’s new range of artificial lawn is built to survive UV rays and is suited to Australian backyards with high sun exposure. Despite advancements in technology and the sophistication of artificial lawn, many DIYers make common mistakes while installing it themselves, such as not having adequate drainage in place. This is often accompanied by poorly prepared surface areas, no weed matting, unsecured lawns and inaccuracies in measurements and ordering. The easiest way to avoid a potentially costly DIY mistake is to leave it to the professionals. The five main DIY errors are: Inadequate drainage – without drainage, the lawn will pool water and cause unrepairable damage. Uneven surface – do it the right way and use a spirit level or risk unsightly lumps and bumps. No weed matting – weed matting helps to prevent unwanted weeds from growing through your lawn. Unsecured lawns – it’s important to secure your lawn to avoid trip hazards if the edges start to curl. Inaccurate measurements – plan ahead to avoid waste and mistakes.

Rechargeable Garden-care products Following the release of their V-Force+ lithium ion battery powered range of gardening equipment, Victa recently developed a range of Victa V-Force+ products that can be purchased without the battery. As the battery is interchangeable across the range, once you have bought the lawnmower [or one of the handheld products] within the range, you can build a collection by transferring the same battery across the other products. Consoles are available for the V-Force+ blower/vacuums, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and trimmers. And if you are a new purchaser, you buy just one complete kit; and then build your collection with the consoles-only.

motor provides longer life, while improved performance and variable speed trigger gives it extra power for an instant turbo boost. The convenient vacuum kit comprising a bag and nozzle easily convert the blower into a vacuum.

40V Trimmer. Featuring a strong, chrome straight shaft for maximum durability, this trimmer also includes a brushless motor for improved performance and extended lifespan. A variable speed trigger and instant turbo boost have been incorporated for those more demanding jobs, while a generous 350mm cutting width allows for maximum coverage and manoeuvrability. The lithium ion technology also ensures reduced noise and vibration, which minimises operator fatigue.

40V Chainsaw. This 16” [406mm] Oregon® bar chainsaw has built-in safety features including an inertia activated chain-brake to stop chain rotation during kickback. It also features speed control with a trigger safety lock for extra operator protection. The brushless motor provides longer life and improved durability and performance; while the power packed 40V/4.0Ah battery delivers optimum run time to easily and efficiently complete the job at hand.

40V Blower/Vacuum. Enabling a blower speed of 280kph, powering through the toughest of jobs is never a problem. Its brushless


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40V Hedge Trimmer. Featuring a solid steel 22” [580mm] blade with an 18mm cutting capacity, this hedge trimmer delivers a fast, clean cut. The 180° multi-directional rotatable handle enables convenient and ergonomic cutting; while the rubberised grip handle design provides maximum comfort and grip in both horizontal and vertical positions.

The Victa V-Force+ lithium-Ion range is available from Bunnings stores around Australia. Prices for the consoles: blower/vac $259; chainsaw $319; hedge trimmer $269; and trimmer $249.

MARCH QTR 2016 • 53

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SHOWER UNDERLAY TRAY SYSTEM The new Marmox underlay is a low cost, easy to install waterproof base that can be fixed to timber and concrete floors. Unlike screed the Marmox underlay will not absorb moisture under the tiles minimizing mould growing in grout.

Advantages • Pre-laid to falls (min 2% to centre or offset drain) • Lightweight as little as 4.5 kg • Can be easily cut down to irregular shapes. • Provides flexibility to accommodate different drain locations. • Acoustically better than screed. • Compatible with all waterproofing systems. • Rebated to house leak control flange. • Drainage of any moisture under the tiles.

THE NEW MARMOX SHOWER NICHE A fast, low cost way for installing a tiled niche in the shower. It comes in the sizes 300x260, 300x380 and 300x560

UNDERFLOOR HEATING INSULATION A large proportion of heat created by underfloor heaters is absorbed by the concrete slab. When Marmox boards are used, most of the heat created by the heating element is reflected upwards in the tiles which will lead to: STANDARD UNDERFLOOR HEATING





50% reduction in heat-up time


Reducing energy consumption an saving on running cost


Achieving higher temperatures as no energy absorbed by the concrete slab

Marmox will act as:


Good impact noise insulation material


Waterproof membrane (with proper joint treatment)

Marmox boards are the perfect complement to any floor heating system, when Marmox boards are installed on top of concrete or timber flooring it will act as high quality tile backer boards minimizing heat loss in the slab, which will lead to 50% reduction in heat up time, cutting running cost, and achieving higher temperatures. Marmox will act as high quality impact noise insulation and a waterproof membrane with proper joint treatment. Marmox Boards are lightweight, easy to cut with a utility knife and fixed to the floor with normal cement based tile adhesive.

The Impact of Marmox

Tile Surface

30 25


Temp oC


15 ------ no Marmox 10 heating on 6mm - - - -10mm

heating off

heating on

heating off

heating on heating off


For more information contact us on 1300 783 693 or visit our website 54 • MARCH QTR 2016

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in stock & on display!



in stock & on display!



S E R C 2A


in stock & on display!


in stock & on display!


122 COCHRANES ROAD, MOORABBIN Suppliers of Domestic, Commercial and Architectural: Doors, Architraves, Skirting Boards, Leadlight, Locks and Handles.


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