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Where are You?

By Tracy W. Jaggers

Continued from pg 35 suggest concerns that might block the future effectiveness of the renewal process.

Fourth, is inventing the battering rams that can be utilized to knock down the hindrances, barriers and blockades to future success. The Holy Spirit is the greatest

revealer and the most powerful bulldozer ever! He must be our source and He must have control over all we think and do and say!

Ask the Hard Questions

Here are five probing questions and thoughts that can help determine where you are, even as you are reading this article: 1)Are you the one to lead this venture or should you step down and hand it over to more eager and capable hands? Is this the right time? Are these people willing to be moved? 2) Have you cleaned yourself up? If you are not confessed up and intentionally seeking the power and presence of the Lord, then maybe no one should be following you at this moment! 3) Are you running in the direction God is going? Make certain you are not demanding the congregation to follow you, if your path does not mirror His. God’s direction is true; it lasts forever and leads to life everlasting. 4) Are you worried that your friends will make fun of you? You may be growing a church that is uncomfortable for them, but if it is sealed with the Father’s approval, who cares what they think! Stand strong, stand up, stand out and live boldly for His glory. 5) Are you listening to the voice of God? Listen to the voice of God first and then go His way! Don’t be a Jonah. Are you looking for Tarshish? Is there a great fish awaiting your disobedient carcass? 62

It has been said of old, “There are few atheists in foxholes,” but for the Christian it is more apropos to say, “There are few happy campers or satisfied inhabitants in a great fish’s belly!” Run with God and you’ll always be running right! Our process is not perfect, but our God is! Finally, let me warn you about the attacks of the enemy. Nehemiah had the threats of Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem to deal with while trying to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem, and the devil will do his best to throw threats and discouragement your way as well. He will mess with your mind by saying you are done, washed up, burned out and finished. But the Lord says we are overcomers and victors. I read the back of the Book and WE WIN! Christ has already won the battle, so follow Him. Where do we start? RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! RIGHT NOW! If you know where you are and where He is leading you, then you don’t need a GPS or a map. Don’t go it alone. Get help and follow the Holy Spirit’s leadership. Don’t procrastinate, hesitate or make excuses. All you need to succeed is IN Christ! So I’ll ask once more - Where are you?

Tracy W. Jaggers

Associational Director of Missions Gateway Baptist Association, Edwardsville, Illinois. Tracy is an adjunct professor with Gateway Seminary in CA. He earned his Doctor of Ministry degree in Church Revitalization from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO. He is a frequent blogger and writer for state and national revitalization websites and magazines, and is an active speaker in state and national revitalization conferences and webinars.

Church Revitalizer Magazine February/March Issue 2018  

The Best Practices for Church Revitalization and Renewal

Church Revitalizer Magazine February/March Issue 2018  

The Best Practices for Church Revitalization and Renewal