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Pez Sez What’s the deal with me and two piece bands these days? The latest being Sit Kitty Sit, with Kat Downs (piano/vox) and Mike Thompson (drums) bringing the fire to Red Rock.


Sit Kitty Sit Jun 8, 2013 Red Rock Bar

nce again the  crowd was  small but  man, we were  mighty.  I felt privileged  to witness this band.   The energy from them  was just as vibrant as the  color red and uplifting.   With Kat’s bluesy  sounding voice singing  and playing her Korg like  a master in her bare feet.   Mike was keeping the  perfect off- time beats  with his sweet Ludwig  drums. 

Seriously, I came into  this thinking I might not  like them; their online  stuff didn’t really evoke  much excitement from  me. But then I saw the  truth: they were just  awesome live!  They  even had some crazy  skinny girl dancing up  and all over them.  There  are no bands I know of  that would ever even  come close to  covering  the Billy Idol song  “White Wedding”well-but they did.  In fact,  they made that song  their bitch, it was that  good.  What made it  truly epic was it wasn’t  even Billy Idol’s song  anymore, it was a Sit  Kitty Sit song.  We all  agreed. If they come  back, which they will,  you really need to get  out the trailer Reno.  See  Sit Kitty Sit and smile  with your pussy cat  smile. Jenny PezDeSpencer is a Senior Contributing Writer at Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine.

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