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by Thomas Lloyd Qualls

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Photographer Shannon Balazs STRFKR June 11, 2013 at The Knitting Factory

A Probability of Words


Text Thomas Lloyd Qualls Photo Kelly Peyton

l S r W n t The hif i g o d.


The Earth is not the only thing that experiences quakes.



he world shifts, inside and out. Constantly. Sometimes it is dramatic, sometimes it’s agonizingly slow. But the seismic waves never stop rolling. Sometimes the ocean is peaceful, sometimes it throws a tantrum, but it never stops moving. When we think of change in our own worlds, we usually think of BIG change. And for most of us the word itself brings up some measure of fear. But if we think about it, slow change can actually feel a lot like an eddy. Better for the universe just to rip off the bandage and toss us into the next set of rapids. Either way, there’s just no point in resistance.

We must die to one life before we can enter another. - Anatole France A few years ago we had an unusual amount of earthquakes here in Northern Nevada. And so I started paying attention to a website that keeps track of these things. What I discovered is that there are actually quakes happening all the time. Instead of the planet being completely static and then suddenly experiencing dynamic events, there are constant little readjustments. 6 Reno Tahoe Tonight

The cause of bigger earthquakes is often what is called a fault movement. An interesting choice of words. But fitting when we consider it has to do with inflexibility, with guarding a weak spot, building too much scar tissue around a wound. And when the world pushes on that spot, long enough or hard enough, snap. Being essentially made of the same stuff as the earth, humans are really no different. So when we hunker down and focus too much on staying safe in our caves for too long, it often takes a tragedy to move us off our square. To break this pattern, we must become accustomed to feeling a little off center, ungrounded, in flux. We must, more than ever on this hyper-changing planet, learn to develop our sea-legs. Interestingly, the more shallow the earthquake, the more damage it does to infrastructure. This metaphor presents us with an idea that is counter-intuitive to say the least. But it is at least worth considering. What if most of the things that really rock our worlds are not so important after all? Or maybe that's not it at all. To look at it another way, what if our inflexibility with things that really don't matter actually cause us the biggest heartaches.


Anyone in a longish-term relationship knows what I'm talking about. Crumbs on the counter, lid off the toothpaste, toilet paper roll on backwards, towel on the floor, taste in art. Wait, never mind about that last one, that's probably a deal-breaker. The point is that we make too much of the little stuff, either out loud or silently -- the latter having far more destructive potential. Who cares what soccer team jersey they wear? Alright, that was another bad example.

When people are ready, they change. -Andy Warhol Whether there is a parallel in shallow flexibility or not, one thing all larger quakes have in common is the aftershock. An aftershock is a ripple effect that, like a visiting drunken relative, lingers too long and tends to repeat itself too much. The more the inflexibility that leads up to the shift, the more aftershocks there will be. And the more those around us will feel the fallout. Maybe an earthquake is the planet's way of trying to remind us that resistance to change is not only futile, but ultimately more damaging than change itself. When even mother earth needs to hang on to her past self in some ways, we can hardly

blame ourselves for our inability to stay present. Still, I think she's trying to tell us that the more we let go, the better we'll be. She's reminding us we cannot hold onto any of it, not even for a minute. Not because we are not strong, but because nothing can ever be held still, preserved, kept from where it is going. And I have to believe that's on purpose. So we won’t miss the next daring adventure, glimpse of beauty, silent moment.

Thomas Lloyd Qualls is the author of one and a half novels, the recipient of three Best Novelist awards and the co-creator of the Power of Words Video Project. Waking Up At Rembrandt’s, his debut novel, has received local and national critical acclaim. Occasionally you can also find him painting, riding his bike and conspiring to add new stamps to his passport. Though usually not all at once. Feel free to stop by his website whenever you like. © 2013 Thomas Lloyd Qualls, all rights reserved.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 7

Amerique Powell Explosions and Possibilities On view through September 1, 2013

A 2012 graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno’s MFA program, Amerique Powell’s lively acrylic paintings are explosions of color and pattern. Her works bears the influence of late 20th century art movements, particularly Feminist Art and Pattern and Decoration. This exhibition is part of the Nevada Museum of Art's Emerging Artist Series.

Donald W. Reynolds Center for the Visual Arts | E. L. Wiegand Gallery 160 West Liberty Street, Reno, Nevada 89501 | 775.329.3333 |

Amerique Powell, Sun Shower, 2012. Oil on canvas, 24" x 42". Courtesy of the Artist

8 Reno Tahoe Tonight


On the Fringe:

Art Slaves Show and Sale

at Swill Coffee and Wine July 1-31. Opening reception July 11 from 5-9pm

Text Oliver X Cover Image & Poster Illustration Gilbert Leiker Reno Tahoe Tonight: For those who might not be aware of the origins of this event, how did Art Slaves come about? Describe your philanthropic mission. Frank Haxton: I started Art Slaves in 1996, recruiting advertising, marketing, printing and public relations professionals who produce fine art in their off-hours, because of a passion and desire for art. Reno Tahoe Tonight: This year you chose a location that was a bit off the beaten path for Art Slaves, compared to previous years. What made Swill Coffee and Wine such a good host location for this year’s exhibit? Frank Haxton: The Art Slaves show has been in every available downtown location over the last 17 years of our relationship with Artown. We saw the opportunity to expand our audience to a great, trending Midtown / Lake District location as a nobrainer for our group. Swill has been extremely accommodating and supportive of our group and the Reno artist’s community. Reno Tahoe Tonight: We’re trying something new at RTT this month by running multiple digital covers for the first time, and we’re stoked to have the art of Gilbert Leiker to share with our readership as our digital cover feature during Artown. Talk about how you concepted the “On the Fringe” theme for Art Slaves 2013, and what media was used in creating the image(s). Frank Haxton: The On the Fringe concept was that of the long standing Co-Chairperson Duke Reedy, and our spreading wings out of the downtown district. On the Fringe has double meaning, not only is it about being apart of this new Reno district but also showcasing cutting edge artists in our community. Gilbert Leiker: I was honored when Frank called and asked me to create an illustration for this year’s show. Frank already had the theme, and so I went right to work and spent two or three days just

sketching up ideas for the main portion of the illustration. I tend to like science and sci-fi, so I gravitated toward an idea of an explorer being on the fringe of the universe, or of an alternate dimension. All the debris around her is from different times, places and realities; fodder for an artist’s inspiration and creativity just waiting to be explored and put to use. I guess this is how I picture the answer to: “Where do you get your ideas from?” I loosely painted in some washes of color over a light pencil drawing of a few main elements and set to work drawing with ink pens for several days straight to fill in all the detail. Once that was done, I hopped on the computer and laid out all the type and logos with Frank’s help to get the final poster ready. Reno Tahoe Tonight: The artistic diversity is always a special part of Art Slaves. What notables are on board this year that people should keep an eye out for? And, looking ahead, how do you see the event growing and expand? Frank Haxton: My favorite new artists are photographer Amy Hunter, with her visionary story telling images. This is the girl to watch in 2013. And illustrator Gilbert Leiker, for his indefinably unique Pen and Ink art can keep you mesmerized, so much so, that I own one of Gilbert’s pieces and look forward to adding more! Swill Coffee and Wine is located at 3366 Lakeside Court near Moana. Reno Tahoe Tonight 9

Reno Art Mob Art Show

at Hyde Spot San Francisco, June 15, 2013

Text Kelsey Sweet

Photos courtesy of the artists


he works of the persistent and prolific artists of Reno have broken into a vibrant circle in San Francisco. As the scene steadily develops, unique talent emerges from every nook and cranny of our Wild West frontier, determined to unite as a representative collaborative with the intention of inspiring the rest of the country. The Biggest Little City in the World is stepping up to the plate and taking the reins of creative initiative on the brink of community reformation with a new project. Reno Art Mob demonstrates the power of participation.

“Reno Art Mob is the next evolution of the vibrant Reno art scene. Our mission is to show the world what we are about,” says Ryan Ostler.

Mitjah Ninja, San Francisco artist and Moscow native, discovered the Reno art scene through his work with Burning Man’s Burn Wall Street and Control Tower, where he and local artist, Ryan Ostler are uniting dexterity. Ninja came up with the concept of Reno Art Mob (RAM), and together they are leading in a conformation of bridges between art communities in Reno and San Francisco, initially.

prolific, rich and vibrant our community is!”

“The idea behind Reno Art Mob is to give Reno’s artists an opportunity they might not have otherwise, to reach out to new geographical markets in order to expand their exposure and real potential,” says artist community supporter, Rémi Jourdan. It was great to see everyone collaborating to make this show happen! Reno Art Mob is a great Ambassador to represent our city by demonstrating to the rest of our country how 10 Reno Tahoe Tonight

The first RAM show was held June 15, 2013 at Ninja’s third art hub in SF, Hyde Spot on Hyde Street, and found itself on the Top 10 list of events to attend for the area. The event was also a benefit to raise money for this year’s Burning Man Control Tower, and included more than 30 Reno artists and featured paintings, photography, sculpture, film, performance art, and also live music from four Reno bands. Ninja was inspired to support Reno, and describes the artists as a solid group of people who are honest and never afraid of work. He provides an integral arts venue establishing new and outstanding talent. His future plans for Hyde Spot include launching the first International Burning Man art gallery. Thanks to the Burning Man community and influx

of global adventurers, Reno is at a crucial point in identity redevelopment. The time is ripe for integration and collaboration with all community members. Aric Shapiro notes, “Community awareness and the beneficence of group action are becoming more apparent. The local food community, the arts community, and now the PR/ business communities are taking action to support each other to make everything better as artists work with local businesses to create a viewer’s and buyer’s market. This power is visible to other communities, like SF.”

and four Weapons of Mass Creation musicians. This integral piece also included acrobatics and a foam pool-noodle fight, and demonstrates revolution across artistic genres.

Pan Pantoja went above and beyond with his installation titled NOTHING FOR: in which he coined the term ‘Potentialism’ to describe his efforts. “Potentialism is the melding of boundaries between play, poem, sculpture, painting, and music.  The lines that separate the arts become so blurred it becomes impossible to see where one begins and the other ends.” This installation alone involved thirty individual paintings (oil, ink, cloth on reclaimed screen prints), two Spoken Views poets, three improv/ stand-up comedians, three Siren Society dancers,

“Reno Art Mob is the next evolution of the vibrant Reno art scene. Our mission is to show the world what we are about,” says Ryan Ostler. The event received encouraging feedback from several San Francisco art galleries and attendees, and boosted the morale of Reno talent. “What a great opportunity for Reno artists to expose their art to a larger audience. And the opportunities and doors that can be opened from the great event are tremendous,” says Bryce Chisolm. RAM is excited to further expand to other cities such as Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, LA and more.

Pantoja’s concept of Potentialism identifies Reno as more than a capital of divorce, gambling and strip clubs. It recognizes not only the city, but the art scene, as having just that, potential. The capacity for a new movement is inherent in Reno’s ability to merge the boundaries of cliques, inspiring innovation by claiming an identity worth respect.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 11

Color vs. Nature a Mixed-Media exhibition August 9th

7 - 9pm

opening reception

Featuring artwork by Shirley Larkins

3366 Lakeside Ct

Art Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

Sierra Arts Hosts Three Weekly Series for Artown


ierra Arts invites you to three different performance series for Artown 2013 at its downtown gallery, 17 South Virginia Street #120 in the historic Riverside building. Tuesday nights will feature Spoken Views Collective, Reno’s premier spoken word poetry collective and hosts of Reno’s longest running poetry open mic, profiling five local performer/ writers. Wednesdays see the return of Jazz Night and five different artists and groups. Thursday nights continue the new Concerts at the Riverside

series seen monthly throughout the year, but switching to a weekly showing of three local singer/songwriters. All performances are free and run from 6-8pm. This three night a week schedule is an expansion from last year’s successful offerings which included Jazz Night and Spoken Word only. Sierra Arts Foundation Executive Director, Stacey Spain, says, “We are so lucky to be able to hire such a variety of talented local performers at no cost to the audiences. We hope to continue these series for many Artowns to come by encouraging people to become members of Sierra Arts.”    

The Series Schedule: Spoken Word Nights, Tuesdays: July 2 with PAN Pantoja, July 9 with Iain Watson, July 16 with Marvin Gonzalez, July 23 with Elisa Garcia, and July 30 with Steve Elegant. Jazz Nights, Wednesdays: July 3 with Colin Ross, July 10 with Jef Derderian, July 17 with StringBeings, July 24 with Erika Paul Carlson, July 31 with Judith Ames. Concerts at the Riverside, Thursdays: July 11 with Paul Vandervoort, July 18 with Mig O’Hara, July 25 with Colin Ross. About Sierra Arts Foundation: The Sierra Arts Foundation’s mission as a local arts agency is to be the region’s premier arts organization with an emphasis on teaching, nurturing and supporting the arts in our community. Sierra Arts strives to provide education opportunities for artists of all ages, as well as development and training, financial support and promotional and marketing assistance. Sierra Arts creates and manages spaces and venues throughout our community for artists to perform and display their work. For more information about Sierra Arts Foundation visit us on the web at or call 775-329-2787. Reno RenoTahoe TahoeTonight Tonight13 1


The Photography of

Clayton Beck

Model: Amaya Smith Photo by: Clayton Beck Hair and Makeup by: Clayton Beck Custom Clothing by: Clayton Beck

14 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 15


The Photography of Clayton Beck

Model: Brok Sellars Photo by: Clayton Beck Hair and Makeup by: Clayton Beck Custom Armor by: Clayton Beck

16 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Model: Jenni Gabelman Photo by: Clayton Beck Hair and Makeup by: Clayton Beck Custom Armor and Clothing by: Clayton Beck

Reno Tahoe Tonight 17


The Photography of Clayton Beck

Model: Amber Belding Photo by: Clayton Beck Hair and Makeup by: Victoria De La Rosa and Clayton Beck Custom Armor and Clothing by: Clayton Beck

18 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Model: Chanon Noel Photo by: Clayton Beck Hair and Makeup by: Clayton Beck Clothing by: Ritual

Reno Tahoe Tonight 19


The Photography of Clayton Beck

Model: Karen Keith Photo by: Clayton Beck Hair and Makeup by: Clayton Beck Clothing by: Ritual

20 Reno Tahoe Tonight


Valley Arts Research Facility Text Andrea Lynn Tyrell Photo RMC 33 Photography


link and you’ll miss it. Tucked back in the corner of Fourth Street and Valley Road, there is a brick building that contains the Valley Arts Research Facility, Reno’s new home for artists, musicians and the like. This is the place where ideas can come to life; where artistry meets affordability and lets your work be seen by the masses. As the Reno art scene continues to grow, not a lot of public opinion can be given to how certain galleries and creative events are planned and carried out. Valley Arts is hoping to change that, encouraging its participants to get heavily involved with them--diving in feet-first into the pool of wild imagination. Valley Arts is the brainchild of a group of painters and muralists: Shawn Carney, Ryan Fassbender and Eric Brooks. After a chance meeting with the owner of the warehouse two years ago, Carney and Fassbender decided to transform the building into a public art space. They explored the space and thought about the possibilities each of the building’s rooms could offer. “We wanted to do something to keep this amazing building open,” said Carney. “But we didn’t want to open it just as a club house or an artist co-op.” “It’s a very unique building and a great neighborhood,” Fassbender added, referring to the

22 Reno Tahoe Tonight

slow-going yet positive make-over Fourth Street is getting. “We have great neighbors like the Reno Bike Project, Cuddleworks and Bodega. We’re on a great block that is changing the neighborhood around it.” Brooks, who at the time of Valley’s development and planning, was visiting Reno from Scotland, arranged an artist group, the Forest Café, in Edinburgh, and was inspired by the warehouse and the vision his friends had for it. Carney and Fassbender came to Brooks with the idea of creating of a public arts group in Reno, a site for local and foreign artisans, performers and supporters. Brooks was overjoyed… he was in. After the soft opening in February, the ideas for different workshops and events came rolling in. The Valley Arts building is massive, constructed of many rooms waiting for a fresh coat of paint and varnish. Carney hopes to bring many elements to the Valley Arts building, including a concert hall, an indoor greenhouse and a dance studio complete with mirrors and a ballet bar. Currently, there are individual studio spaces to rent including a photography darkroom and a recording studio, as well as large classrooms that host art classes and a bi-weekly movie night. Fassbender hopes that the building will be fully operational by this winter. With all this space, Carney, Fassbender and Brooks want to see it used for different expressive events, not just the stereotypical paint class.

“We’re developing it into a dream space that we can share with everybody,” said Fassbender. “We want a spot where artists can fine tune their discipline, and be exposed to as many other art forms as possible.” “Each room is a coffee table of information and history,” Brooks said, as he showed off the different structural elements during a recent tour. “I feel like the rooms are organically telling their story. They are building themselves.” Many volunteers stop by Valley Arts to donate their time cleaning up work space, stenciling patterns, or adding their signature graffiti tags to the walls. “There is a young network of volunteers and great minds,” said Carney. “Everything you see here has been done by a collaborator. We want to organize the growth of someone who has an idea in order to make that idea more permanent.” Collaboration is the main theme of Valley Arts and suggestion is highly encouraged. Want to teach a knitting class? Interested in learning how to use watercolors? Always wanted to learn how to play the piano or guitar? Just ask. “We are just now launching written and spoken word workshops, yoga and meditative martial arts. We’re constantly coming up with new events. We put out suggestion sheets and anyone can request an activity or event,” said Carney. “Anyone can teach a workshop. The star of the show here is the collaboration between everyone, at any skill set or background.” What is especially unique about Valley Arts is that the majority of the events are free. The organizers are not interested in making a profit, although they do rent out studio space in order to pay the building’s rent. The organizers are more concerned about creating an open forum and free space for all who want to learn about different art media and enjoy fine craftsmanship. Valley Arts has also established partnerships with the Reno Bike Project, Reno Arts Works, Sierra Arts, Nevada Arts Council, Habitat for Humanity and the Holland Project, with hopes to have joint art events in the near future. They are also working with Grassroots Books in establishing their trading library. One of the popular events includes the Tuesday night “Drink and Draw,” where artists and those aspiring to be bring their own booze to a themed class. Thought-up by local painter Alex Fleiner, and taught by volunteer artists, “Drink and Draw” is a free flowing class that encourages its participants to think creatively and take artistic

ricks; drawing things such as mutant superheroes and flowers using pastels and charcoal pencils, or sculpturing their own stamp craved out of linoleum tiles. “We [Brooks and Fleiner] were talking about a chill art class, something with no pressure, to let out loose creative energy,” Fleiner explained. “’Drink and Draw’ has been wildly successful. At each class, there are more people, new faces. Shawn has a pretty good vision and there are a lot of do-ers in the area--people that want stuff to happen so they make it happen and contribute a lot." Melissa Gilbert is an artist who rents a room in Valley. Her friendly smile is a regular feature at Drink and Draw and her rented space is covered in soft, crimson colored material- she is especially involved in Valley’s work and its revamp. She also uses her space to house her sewing equipment and her handmade garments. “I met Eric at a New Year’s party and I was so impressed with his and everyone else’s vision. I was charmed by the idea and had to get involved,” she said. As Valley continues to grow, Gilbert, who’s also a chef at the Great Basin Food Co-Op, is looking forward to their growing kitchen and dining space, where she can cook for upcoming events and possibly teach a basic culinary course. The future of Valley Arts is vast. Although they aren’t equipped with a running website yet, the gang post new Facebook events every week and encourage anyone to come--whether you have creative aspirations or not. “Word of mouth has been our biggest advertisement,” Brooks said. “People have a good time and they tell their friends about it. People are excited about what we go. We (and the events) just keep growing and growing.” The stigma of having a great artistic ability is banished upon entering the doors. If you can’t draw or sing or work with wood, there are always new people to befriend and an appreciation to gain. “The Reno arts scene is going to explode, bringing a little bit of everything to the community,” Brooks said, with a smile. “We’re just fortunate to have this place. There’s a lot of magic here.” Valley Arts Research Facility is located at 420 Valley Road in Reno. Please check out their Facebook page at for event information.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 23

America Matters Media

We’re rebranding! refreshing an icon Honest reflection often reveals that who you are is not quite all you want to be. For individuals, the next step is a decision to be more, act differently and chase your new aspirations. For businesses, the process of adjusting course and preparing for the future often involves a process called rebranding.


ollin’s Dictionary defines it this way:  the process of giving a product or  an organization a new image, in  order to make it more attractive or  successful.  The rebranding process can be  a great boon to a business in clarifying and  propelling its corporate intent, but it’s a process  that calls for evaluation and deep thinking. We’re rebranding at Nevada Matters, Inc. That’s  our corporate name as well as the name of  our flagship show. Nevada Matters has built  a brand over decades discussing local issues  and events with local people, including folks  from government, nonprofits and community  organizations. We’ve pioneered a welcoming,  open, “drop by and share your views” live  studio environment. We have developed a core  competency in building “community radio.”

We have been rebuilding Nevada Matters over  the last two years. Our evolution since then has  brought us to a very different place. It’s time to  refresh our brand!    Three elements separate us from the radio herd: The start of a good rebranding is identifying  your market “differentiators” and a clear mission  statement. Our first differentiator is that we  engage the online world in real time during our  shows.  While our hosts conduct their radio  program, we post to Facebook and LinkedIn and  Twitter. We invite live callers and broadcast over  the Internet and to Smartphones on the TuneIn  Radio app. We also communicate through email,  24 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Text Chip Evans Photo Debbie McCarthy our website and our eMagazine. So, our shows  are truly multi-media broadcasts with a long  reach. A second differentiator is our focus on  “community radio.” We are not only leaders  in creating community radio here in Northern  Nevada, we are also developing the template  and methods for developing community radio  anywhere. Our third differentiator is how we engage  voices on both sides of the political spectrum,  constructively and respectfully. Pretty rare,  huh?  Necessary? YES!

Our new branding After a great marketing process with Jackie  Shelton of JAX Communications, we created  a division of Nevada Matters, Inc. branded as  “America Matters Media.” Yes, we have national  aspirations!  To convey our broad spectrum of  programs and views expressed, our new tag line  is “A million points of thought.”  Our mission  is “to Enthusiastically Entertain, Educate and  Enlighten Everyone Everywhere,” the essence of  good talk radio.  You can find out more about us  at our newly redesigned website: We invite you to be part of the new America  Matters Media, a division of the familiar Nevada  Matters! Chip Evans General Manager - America Matters Media Chip@AmericaMatters.US Cell: 775.240.1222


Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight Photos courtesy of the artists

PezDeSpencer Presents:

Comedy Showcase July 26, 2013 @ Bodega Nightclub

The Reno comedy scene is about to get a booster shot in the ass with Jenny PezDeSpencer’s Comedy Showcase, a riotous indie comedy series hosted by local comic Brandon Lara and featuring some the area’s fastest-rising talents. “I’m really excited to see these up-and-coming comics and to expose the community to their hilarious gifts,” says producer Jenny PezDeSpencer.


n tap for the first event will be Lara, Norm Enlow (a comedian PezDeSpencer says “is the only comic who can make cancer sound like a good time”), local favorite Patrick Shillito and Jenny PezDeSpencer. Comedian Brandon Lara has been telling jokes and snapping necks since 2010. His irreverent and boundary pushing style of comedy comes in the form of a package that shouldn’t be using such dirty words. Whether he’s bringing down the house in San Francisco or rubbing elbows with the local yokels in Fallon, Nevada, this selfproclaimed “mexi-midge” has journeyed outside the comedy box and emerged as one of Reno’s funniest comedians. The current host of Red Rock Comedy Night, Lara has also performed at Catch a Rising Star, and was a guest on the 2013 Weediculous Tour. Comics he’s opened for include Myles Weber, Key Lewis and Jessica Michele Singleton.

and welcome addition to every show he’s been involved in. As one of Reno’s favorite local comedians, Shillito has made a big splash on the local entertainment scene in the last 18 months. He’s gone from an open-mic comic to a staple on the scene, having performed at such venues as Reno Tahoe Comedy Club, Catch a Rising Star, the Knitting Factory and more. His experience opening for major headliners includes Adam Hunter, Will Durst, Bobby Slayton and more. PezDeSpencer Presents: Comedy Showcase Friday July 26. 9pm doors. FREE! 21+ @ Bodega Lounge 555 East Fourth Street Suite B in the back.

Jenny PezDeSpencer is a Reno local who has been performing her brand of animated blue comedy in the area off and on for over 15 years. She has opened for Bobby Slayton and Ramsey Moore, as well as appearing on the Weedilicious Comedy Tour for Netflix. She has performed in just about every comedy venue and open mics in the area as well as the south. You’ll either love or hate her rants which cover anything from pointless one night stands to reality TV Brandon Lara shows. Known for never pulling any punches and speaking your mind with no filter she will keep you laughing and guessing till the very end. Her motto is “Comedy never apologizes.”  Jenny is also the Senior Contributing Writer for Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine, with a column called Pez Sez and is a gallery level artist whose preferred medium is painting pretty little pictures of homicidal bunnies. Patrick Shillito combines his jolly, jovial personality with clean, traditional misdirection comedy, allowing for him to appeal to audiences of all ages. A well-versed show host and consummate performer, he’s become a positive 26 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Patrick Shillito

Jenny PezDeSpencer

Playboy Energy Drink Launch Party


at Bodega Nightclub July 13, 2013 Text Angel Thomas

Playboy Energy Drink will be hosting the official Playboy Energy Drink Launch Party at the Bodega Nightclub in Reno on Saturday, July 13, 2013. The doors open at 8pm and they won’t close until the party stops. A great group of djs, Grixxly and Dr. Morefiend and company, will start the night off and then keep the club jumping until the doors close. A great line-up of talented artists is on tap, including: Gigi, an R&B artist from Albuquerque New Mexico, Zippy, the smOke, Another Chapter, and Lord Mecca with Hooks and Punches are all local Hip-Hop artists. Also on the bill is Exigh, who hails from Missoula Montana and has shared the stage with artists like Tech N9ne, Murs and Hopsin; Sketchy Waze is coming from Boise Idaho, and the headliner is Irv Da Phenom coming from Kansas City. They both have cyphers with TeamBackPack and you can check out any of the artist’s music on YouTube. The Playboy Energy Drink brand is geared for the adult lifestyle and the party scene. The Playboy brand brings with it a reputation of beautiful women, good times, and a long-standing level of quality. Not only is the company looking to get the energy drink into the store and mainstream, but it provides a great opportunity for anyone wanting to invest in a company for themselves. The company aims to bring the Playboy Energy Drink into the 37 billion dollar global industry of the energy drink market. They are ready to have the bunny take the bull by the horns! The drink will be on hand at the launch party for people to try alone, or mix with your favorite alcohol. The drink is available at and will soon be available in the many stores in our area. Bodega Nightclub is located at 555 East Fourth Street between Elko and Valley streets in downtown Reno. Reno Tahoe Tonight 27

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Stinson Text Oliver X Images Jerry Stinson

The subtle genius of Jerry Stinson’s art lies in the versatility of the artist’s child-like imagination and adventurous flights of fancy. The master illustrator, graphic design veteran and life drawing instructor is as at-home using pen and watercolor to render his signature cartoon character Dick Mantis, as he is creating his exquisitely supple nude studies. His reverence of the human form betrays an almost monastic discipline inspired by a love of beauty, love of craft, and the wonder of light and shadow. There is an overarching honesty and humility in his life studies, yet the depth and warmth that his pencil on paper achieves is rare, spiritual, unctuous. Stinson skips stones, is crazy about his wife, bikes across states, smiles incessantly, radiates joy, and keeps bees that make the finest honey you’ve ever tasted. Full of light, Stinson smiles down upon a canvas of white, that soon becomes a forest of hijinks and color. And an invisible insect kingdom comes alive. 28 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight: Take me through your professional background and how you evolved into doing fine art illustration? My father was a fantastic cartoonist, commercial artist and illustrator and I was his sidekick. He was my inspiration and teacher. My passion for art led me to try every medium that I could get my hands on. Career-wise, I have worked more than 40 years in the Truckee Meadows area as a graphic designer, illustrator, cartoonist, sign painter as well as art teacher. Even now, I teach life drawing and portrait drawing at the Nevada Museum of Art as I have done for the last nine years, and I am enjoying

every minute of it. There is something about drawing and illustrating that has fascinated me since I was a child; escaping from the world by sitting under a tree with a pad and pencil. Reno Tahoe Tonight: How have things changed technically and aesthetically since you first began your career? When I started my career, every piece of artwork or illustration needed to be created on a drawing board by hand. All artwork had to be photographed in order for it to be reproduced and printed. Then computers came along and my world as a commercial artist changed. Illustrating digitally was done using a mouse or stylus and

was in-putted directly into the computer. I made this challenging transition in order to continue my career and at one point, I was asked to be a beta tester and artist for Corel Painter’s Essentials 4 software. Having experienced both worlds, I find that I am more connected to my art using old fashioned paper and pencil instead of virtual mediums. For me, I just feel that when not working with the actual mediums, so much of the human experience is lost; such as smell, texture, dimension and the mess that you make! Reno Tahoe Tonight: You work is colorful and full of whimsy.  Would you say that you are now pursuing your passion, even though you are retired from commercial graphic design? Reno Tahoe Tonight 29

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The Art of Jerry Stinson

Absolutely! I get an overwhelming satisfaction seeing my creations come to life in my hands. Reno Tahoe Tonight: RTT was inspired by my early childhood love of cartoons and comics.  Why are cartoonists so undervalued within the fine art community? Maybe art buyers are taking life too seriously! Traditionally, people are more likely to buy 30 Reno Tahoe Tonight

landscapes and still lifes for their home. Cartoonists and comic illustrators were not always taken seriously as artists. I have heard cartooning called non-art, or sub-art. But drawing cartoons and caricatures is a skill that is difficult to do effectively. Culturally, we are experiencing a renaissance of this art form which is creating a groundswell of appreciation for this artwork. Reno Tahoe Tonight:  Looking ahead, what are

your plans for your cartoon characters featured in your serial illustrations? My biggest project right now is a children’s book that is a take-off of my mother’s and father’s TV show in Phoenix, called the ABC Bugs. I just LOVE illustrating bugs and odd creatures.

It makes me feel like a kid again!

Jerry Stinson’s art will be on display at the Great Basin Food Co-op in the upstairs gallery for the entire month of July for Artown. The original cover art for RTT’s July 2013 issue cover will be exhibited and for sale at Gallery 3 on July 20 and 21, along with a group of ten other artists in a group show called “Bleu Squid Productions.” And the busy artist will be showing other pieces of work at the A2N2 Art Slaves show July 1- 31 with the opening reception on July 11 at Swill Coffee and Wine.

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The Art of Jerry Stinson

32 Reno Tahoe Tonight

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Never Ender Boutique and Art Gallery 119 Thoma Street

Never Ender Boutique and Art Gallery is located inside of a quaint 1930’s dwelling, still capturing a charming, old-world atmosphere. Never Ender’s gallery exhibits some of the most diverse art found in Reno. I had browsed the boutique on several occasions but had not taken the time to really look in the gallery -- until recently.

A detail of a piece by Kareli Kairos at the small gallery space at the Neon Dragonfly

Galleries Galore Text Cody Doyle Photos Kiley Sauer Photography


’ve lived here since the mid ‘80’s and  Reno was not on the list of places that  I considered cultural.  I never even  equated the two.  When I thought of  culture or art, places like New York, San  Francisco or Los Angeles came to mind.  Reno’s “art scene” was the occasional mural  and lots of graffiti.  Now art is everywhere  you look!    The Creative Coalition of Midtown (CCM)  is a large part of this transformation. The  intention of the CCM is to create a united arts  community by encouraging relationships  between artists and local businesses.   Projects like the CCM’s newly launched  Artist Database is one example of the group’s  mission in practice.                

Here are some CCM member gallery’s that I strongly suggest you visit: 34 Reno Tahoe Tonight

I was surprised at the unique and amazing artistic offerings! This particular time, the show was the work of Nate Clark titled “Once Again.” The walls were carefully lined row by row with swatches of white cloth, seemingly identical and with deliberation. After closer inspection, I recognized the variances -- each with its own identity by way of the unique stitching. They told a silent story, a story of strength and imperfection. Amber Solorzano opened Never Ender in 2004 after college and then sold the boutique four years later to Melanie Never Ender Gallery owner Crane. She stayed Melanie Crane on board though, solely as the curator of the gallery. Solorzano told me that they pride themselves on being one of the longest-running, independent galleries providing the opportunity for local (and national) artists to show and sell their creations. She states that they have always maintained high standards for the artists that are featured. For solo shows, artists submit samples and a proposal for the intentions of the show; then they are chosen based on the idea and skill level. Once or twice a year they have group shows which have themes and are open for any artist to submit their work. The shows are usually displayed for six weeks, thus keeping it fresh -- yet giving the public ample time to view the art. I asked Melanie about the impact that the CCM has had on her business, she said, “It has greatly improved our presence in Midtown, business is at a new level!” For current and future shows, check their website at

Pieces from Nate Clark's solo show in the Never Ender Gallery


720 Tahoe Street L’Gallery owners think outside of the proverbial box, and expect the artists who show their work to do the same. The gallery utilizes alternative methods to exhibit the art; some of it seemingly floating down from nowhere! The space itself possesses its own uniqueness with bare brick walls, exposed pipes and wiring. It is purposely awkward which makes it atypical at best, for a gallery. Collaboration is important to Kelly Peyton and Manny Becerra, co-founders of the gallery. They focus on supporting the local businesses and artists in and around Midtown. Murals are a huge part of what they do, and are happy to partner with other artists throughout the community to transform bare, or otherwise graffiti- tarnished walls with beautiful art.

L'Gallery curator Manny Becerra with current work by Tony Walker

They always encourage local artists to step outside of their comfort zone and compromise their usual means of displaying their work. The effect is outstanding, as it makes for an interesting and completely unique way for artists to further their perspective of art. Becerra enthusiastically explains the benefits to them of being a member of the CCM, “The CCM and L’Gallery vision are mission-aligned with regard to advocating for the local art scene…whether it be individuals, organizations, businesses – so the

The L'Gallery in the 720 Tahoe building resides throughout the buildings plant filled atrium

Reno Tahoe Tonight 35

Creative Coalition of Midtown benefit to amplify and broaden the reach of this mission through CCM has been rad and effective!” To find out more, visit their website at

Nevada Museum of Art’s E.L. Cord Museum School - 160 West Liberty Walking through the front doors of the Nevada Museum of Art (NMA), the feeling of wide open space immediately expanded my mind to take in all there was to experience. Claire Munoz, the Director of the E.L. Cord Museum School, was kind enough to give me a personal tour. What I didn’t realize from previous visits, is just how vast and diverse the many galleries are--all cultures, all mediums. Various art classes are offered on a quarterly or year-round basis and the NMA welcomes all ages to explore the world of art, from painting to photography and design. The faculty is primarily locally-based artists. Occasionally they invite visiting artists to teach one-day workshops. In 2009 NMA began to partner with The Holland Project in conjunction with their youth-based programs. It has become a synergistic partnership. An outstanding collaboration is the Stranger Project, which connects 20 local artists with 20 students from Hug High School in a mentor program. Claire enthusiastically shared her thoughts about the benefits of being a CCM member, she explained, “The CCM provides an investment in our local artists and the local creative businesses.” She added, “The arts are key to a thriving downtown and the CCM gives us all the opportunity to stay connected to the community and to each other.” Go to their website for further information at www.

Neon Dragonfly Gallery 214 California Ave

What is The Neon Drangonfly? Is it a boutique? Is it an art gallery? It’s both! Once inside, I was “wowed” by the colorful and vivacious displays and unique décor. Up a few steps, I found the art gallery. The walls lined with exquisite art pieces by Mairin Kareli. I was amazed with her work and the ability to capture nature and fantasy in an incredibly imaginative way. The Neon Dragonfly was a dream of Eric and 36 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Nevada Museum of Art museum school director, Claire Munoz with work by local artist Amerique Powell

Monique Barron’s for years. It was a vision of femininity and a softer edge than their original shop, The Melting Pot World Emporium. They have been a staple in the local art scene for over 17 years. The Neon Dragonfly is much different than the Melting Pot, yet harmonious and symbiotic with its sister store -- with an art gallery! They have a dedicated art studio, and will be holding workshops at least twice a month. No stranger to the local art scene, Nancy Nelson will be teaching many of the workshops. They encourage local artists who wish to share their art and/or teach a workshop to contact them. The Neon Dragonfly is open to all genres of art. “Leave no artistic stone unturned”, exclaims Monique. As members of the CCM, they are looking forward to participating in the Midtown Art Walk. “We thought the recent block party organized by the CCM was a great success with all the community attendance and support…it’s a testament that Reno has a deep rooted creative vein in its blood… that is inspiring to us all”, expresses Monique.

The Holland Project 140 Vesta Street

Strong-minded teens, artists, musicians and various local businesses collaborated and formed The Holland Project in the spring of 2007. The Project’s mission is to provide access for young people interested in art, music and culture to display their talents. The Vesta location is used for artist’s exhibitions and workshops. For larger events and shows, they take it on the road to places such as the Nevada Museum of Art, Sierra Arts and Wingfield Park, just to name a few.

One of the smaller galleries at the Nevada Museum of Art currently featuring the work of Amerique Powell

The exhibitions are decided by a proposal process; anyone can submit images of their work for consideration. “Occasionally [myself] or a gallery committee member will curate an exhibition bringing in artists that we are interested in, hasn’t been shown in the community before and/or see that our audience has an interest in.” asserts Sarah Lillegard, Holland Project’s Gallery Director. “Forage: A Roaming Gallery”, will be held on July 20th. It is one-day, bike tour with four stops. Each location will feature an interactive, visual and performance art element. It is one of their biggest events of the year, and their dominate focus for July.

The small gallery space at the Neon Dragonfly featuring work by Kareli Kairos

The CCM is elated to be partnering with Living Stones during this year’s Midtown Art Walk event by helping with art coordination by matching artists with various businesses. It is scheduled for July 18th from 5-9pm starting at Junkee Clothing Exchange or Living Stones. View or for details. The CCM is also excited to announce the launch of their Artist Database. The database will connect artists of all mediums with local opportunities. Details and the application form can be found at

Monthly workshops are offered; topics from silk-screening to DIY body products. They are taught by local artists, crafters and makers. Their schedule of events varies, so check their website at www. As Midtown’s Above transformation Holland Project Gallery continues, the synergy curator Sarah Lillegard between the artists and in front of work by local businesses continue local artist Ron Rash to flourish. I practically Right lived in that area during An exhibit featuring local my college years -- at artist Ron Rash at the the infamous Del Mar Holland Project Gallery Station. No art, with exception of music, was to be found! The building is still there, but in it -and all around it -- is Midtown; culture, art and lots of happy business owners.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 37

DigiTips that allows you to share with a select group of followers, try a site like Instagram and pick a very specific hashtag that others aren’t likely to use like #smithfamilyboise82.

Text Amber Howland Photos Edward Howland e’ve all been on Facebook or twitter and seen “#topic” known as a hashtag, but do you know the purpose of hashtags, how to use them, and what to avoid? Hashtags are used to tag a particular conversation or topic for search purposes. The benefit of the hashtag is to organize content in a searchable format across social media platforms. For example, when the news that Prince William and Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge had announced their pregnancy, people took to the web to post a litany of information and photos about the couple. #royalbaby is the Twitter tag used to organize the conversation, and when searched, your Twitter feed will be filled with royal baby conversations. Hashtags can be great on a grand scale to keep up with popular trends and can also be used successfully on a small scale. Recently, I was at an advertising conference in Phoenix and during the digital summit, they asked people to post questions via Twitter using #aafdigital. This was a great way to post questions on the fly and provide those directly involved in the summit a way to connect with each other over the topics discussed.

Because hashtags are used to organize content in the way that seems most relevant to the user and is not regulated, often you will see information that doesn’t fit with the hashtag topic you were searching for. The more precise the tagging, the more likely you are to find exactly what you need. With all forms of communication, there is etiquette and because hashtags are so new, people are still getting used to the manners. For your convenience, here are some hashtag etiquette suggestions: # Hashtags are used on specific sites to organize content. If a popular topic is posted and you want to join the conversation, continue using the hashtag used in the initial conversation when joining in. # If you want content for a specific conversation, use a very specific hashtag. # Only use on sites that support hashtag search like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. # Don’t hashtag spam by hashtaging lots of words or phrases. Be specific!

Hashtags became popular in 2007 on Twitter and many sites have followed suit in recent years. You can now use hashtags to organize topics in many social sites including Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. On June 12, Facebook announced they are also supporting hashtags. While hashtags are a great way of organizing and searching content on appropriate sites, there has been a recent trend of hashtag spamming. For instance, a friend of mine posted on Facebook a photo of her and her daughter and in the description wrote “#love #my #daughter #bestfriendsforever.” At the time, Facebook didn’t use hashtag organization, but more importantly, the tags don’t make any sense. A broad tag like #love could bring up information on pets, parents, spouses, weather, food, etc. If you want to organize photos in a way

40 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Do you have a digital topic you’d like me to write about in a future column? If so, please let me know by emailing me at Amber Howland is General Manager of Dragonfly Media, based in Reno, Nevada. Dragonfly Media works with small to medium size businesses to increase their digital influence through SEO/SEM, social media management, website/ app development, and email marketing. (775)746-4690


Johnny Mathis @ Grande Exposition Hall Saturday July 27, Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight



repare to experience beautiful music when Johnny Mathis hits the stage at Silver Legacy Resort Casino’s Grande Exposition Hall. His brilliant favorites come alive, along with some new tunes to tap your feet to in the Grande Exposition Hall on Saturday, July 27 at 8 p.m. Since early 1956, Johnny Mathis has been recording unforgettable ballads in his trademark soft yet jazzy tone. At only his second recording session, Johnny recorded two of his most popular all-time greatest hits “Wonderful, Wonderful” and “It’s Not for Me to Say.” The songs reached their peaks on the Billboard Pop Chart in July of 1957, followed by the monumental single “Chances Are” which became Johnny’s first #1 hit. In late 1959, Johnny recorded another song that became synonymous with the name of Johnny Mathis, the Erroll Garner composition, “Misty.” Johnny holds much prestige in the music industry. In 1958, Johnny’s “Greatest Hits” album was released. It began a “Greatest Hits” tradition copied by every record company since. Johnny’s “Greatest Hits” went on to become one of the most popular albums of all time and spent an unprecedented 490 continuous weeks—almost ten years—on the Billboard Top Albums Chart. This record has been noted in the Guinness Book of World Records. According to record historian Joel Whitburn, Johnny is one of only five recording artists to have Top 40 Hits spanning each of the four decades since 1955. Amazingly, his second #1 Hit Single, “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late” with Deniece Williams came almost 21 years after his first #1 Hit Single, “Chances Are.”

2 Reno 42 RenoTahoe TahoeTonight Tonight

Johnny has received three Grammy nominations, one for “Misty” in 1960 and in 1992 for "In a Sentimental Mood/Mathis sings Ellington.” The most recent nomination was in 2006 for "Isn't it Romantic," in the category of Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. He has also been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame two times—in 1998 with "Chances Are" and in 2002 with "Misty." Most impressive of all is his 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award by the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Order your tickets to experience the performance of one of music’s greatest living legends at Silver Legacy’s Grande Exposition Hall on Saturday, July 27 at 8 p.m. Tickets to see Johnny Mathis are available from $69.50, $75.50 and premium seating for $89.50. For more information and to reserve your seats, call 1-800-MUST-SEE or 775325-4701 or log on to or You can also find out more by visiting us on Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, iPad and YouTube.

Feature Text Oliver X Photo Shannon Balazs Album art Scotty Roller

Keyser Soze Keyser Soze’s new 11-track release, The Remedy, is a fabulous collection of Ska, Rock Steady, Dub, Reggae and Soul that features the exceptional musicianship of Jammal Tarkington on vocals and saxes, Rodney Teague trombone and vocals, Chris Williams trumpet, Jon Hall drums, Ryan Hall guitar and Mike Mayhall bass.


he group turns in some of their best  work to date on material that is  texturally rich and dance worthy.  It  seems almost trite to say that The Remedy is all killer no filler, since  Keyser Soze knows no other way than to party  and flex their formidable musical chops, while  inspiring us to rock and groove.   The record opens with a ripper called “The  Season,” that immediately sets the tone of  the album and highlights the tight rhythm  section of Jon Hall and Mike Mayhall, and the  mighty vocal dexterity and flavor of frontman  Jammal Tarkington, who shines brightly on  this cut.  Track 2 titled “Do,” a feel good ditty  with trombonist Rodney Teague on vocals, is  a favorite on an album packed full of wicked  tracks (like the instrumental burner “Firehouse  Dub”) that reaffirm Keyser Soze’s place as  Reno’s international ambassadors of Ska and  Soul.    I caught up with Tarkington to chat about the  band’s recent European tour and their upcoming  44 Reno Tahoe Tonight

record release event at Harrah’s Pavilion in Reno  on July 27. Reno Tahoe Tonight: Folks were buzzing about your Facebook posts from the road here in the States, and everyone was stoked about your first European tour.  Talk about how it went, where you played and how your music and performances were received. Jammal Tarkington:  Man it was seriously a  dream come true and the time of our lives;  we’re already formulating plans and strategies  to make next year even more productive and  dynamic.  Visiting Italy, Belgium, Czech Rep.  Slovakia, Slovania, Poland, Switzerland and  Germany was the biggest rush and push this  band needed to look to bigger and better things  to coincide with the release of this album, and  the push to get things in general to that next  level. The people really dug the music! Most  didn’t know what to expect because even if they  had heard us, they’d never seen us.  We have 

an enormous amount of fun onstage and I think  people see that and it makes them forget about  their break up or their shitty job. We made so  many new friends and fans.  I think 80% of  the promoters on this tour became real fans and  significant friends from these performances.   Our label, Rocking Records, proved to us with  hospitality and professionalism in handling this  tour, just how much we are actually a major  priority in their future!  I tell you that feels good  to make those kinds of connections and to see  all these different cultures of the world--Milan,  Brugg, Amsterdam, Prague, Mainz, Vienna… I  still can’t believe how much fun we had and how  good we were treated everywhere!    Reno Tahoe Tonight: What were some of the highlights and surprises you found on the Euro tour? Jammal Tarkington:  Some of the highlights were  meeting the people in the scene that were the  real connected fans of this music. In Poland there 

was a guy Irek who was hit by a car the week  before our show putting up flyers for the show,  and was layed up in bed when we played.  We  met his brother and girlfriend at the show and  they told us what had happened.  We dedicated  the show to him and kicked him down with a  shirt, poster and cd.  We gathered over a 100  people to take a photo outside the show which  we sent him right away and said thanks for  everything.  We connected and became good  friends.  He is gonna help me do some community  work there in Lodz next time through, and we  will go play at a teen center/orphanage and a  suicide hostel.  It’s important to meet the real  people in the communities and to give back. The  one thing I regret is not doing more outreach  to the underprivileged youth.  Those ties and  experiences can be priceless. Other than that,  having people sing songs from our last album in  our faces. I mean a Keyser fan halfway around the  world... pissed because we didn’t play “Next To  Me!” Beautiful Eastern European women of Love!  Yeah the women were kinda overwhelming at  Reno Tahoe Tonight 45


Keyser Soze times. Love is a battlefield right? And driving 120  mph on the Autobahn was pretty tight.  Flying  passed cops and they don’t even give a damn.  I  miss Germany! Reno Tahoe Tonight: What’s it like to get the kind of real support from an indie label like Megalith/Rocking Records that most artists never receive these days even on a major label? Jammal Tarkington:  I can’t say enough about  Oliver Will the head of our label based out of  Bamberg, Germany.  He booked us an amazing  tour.  Every city we went to our 22x28 inch  flyers were blasted everywhere.  People lined  up to see the shows; zines and documentarians  interviewing us at every other show.  Always well  fed and taken care of and the culture behind the  people even made things even more interesting  and attractive.  [We’re] looking to do some bigger  things and more festivals next year. Hopefully  some shows with Groundation, Jamaram, and the  Lions. Reno Tahoe Tonight:  Europe never went through a civil rights movement, but the two-tone era in England had a tremendous influence on politicizing youth around the subject of race and equality.  From your observation, do you see Roots, Ska and Reggae cultural influences playing a similar role today in Europe?    Jammal Tarkington:  It’s not about the color of the  people being exploited.  Learning that Poland was  divided and taken over by Germany, Austria and  Russia--and the massacres that happened after  the division--and to see how these people, this  culture, still lives and thrives and grows today is  amazing! Also learning that Hitler was inspired  by Lincoln and the US with how they killed  millions of Native tribes when moving west from  the eastern colonies.  There’s a lot of history in  these cultures and of course that comes through  in the music and the sound.  The RoughKuts are  a really cool Skinhead band from London. Yes  Skinhead... Like Mod, like Rudeboy culture.  Not  racist skins. They’ve got a lot to say when it comes  to social expression. Not agreeing with their  government most of the time because they don’t  seem to work for the people. Reno Tahoe Tonight:  Very well said Jammal. Talk about how your upcoming release, The Remedy came about.  Where did you record?  Who appears on the record and who mixed and mastered it?   46 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Jammal Tarkington:  The record has been in  the works for a bit.  We tracked and mixed it in  Oakland with Myles Boisen.  Myles was a great  engineer with great gear.  We recorded on tape  and dropped to protools to mix and edit it. Myles  also mastered the project.  We had some amazing  musicians guest star on these recordings.  Kris  Landrum played a lot of the organ and keys on  this record. He has great style and being a good  friend it worked well to  have him play.  Kevin  Lum and Tristan Selzler also play some keys.   Roger Rivas a good friend and Aggrolites organ  player played on “The Remedy” and “The Season”  which was a treat for me because he is such an  important member of our scene.  Lauren Nagel  blew everybody away when she wrote the words  and sang the part for “Catch your Breath” which  features her.  Gustavo played a great tenor  sax solo.  Really solid musicians we had the  pleasure to work with on this release. Reno Tahoe Tonight: Our friend Tom Crist at Harrah’s is excited about your upcoming Record Release Party.  What do you have in store for this event? We’ve got this big cd release show planned at  Harrah’s Pavilion Saturday July 27th.  Starts  at 7pm with djs, and the band will start at  8pm.  We’ve worked out a great set, featuring  tons of the music from this new release "The  Remedy."  Excited to play for our hometown  crowd and hopefully people bring their families  out because this is an all ages show! This will  be the 1st time the album will be available for  purchase in Reno so come out and pick one up.                                      















Pixella Productions

Photos Anicia Beckwith

Anicia Beckwith and her company Pixella Productions are on a mission to develop and nurture a place where artists in all mediums can come together and create unique imagery; the final outcome of which is custom large format photographs. The first installation is titled “Fashion is Art� and the following images were an inspiring collaboration where each artist brought their creative genius table to make a cohesive series. The incredible talents of Anicia Beckwith, Isha Casagrande, Tessa Miller, Cat Stahl, Karen Hancock, Cicely Margo, Carleen Sanchez, Amy Nguyen, Kristina Nierman, Tina Mokuau, Aaron Loar, Katie Oliver, Gretchen Baumann, Scarlet De Coy, Ryley Svendsen, Spencer Heywood, Claire Pierce, and Tori Gage were intertwined into one production, and with the help of The Nest, Labels Boutique, and Williams Furs, made a masterful demonstration of Fashion as Art.

Model Mannequin Model: Katie Ollivier Hair by Carleen Sanchez Make Up By Anicia Beckwith Styling by Anicia Beckwith Wardrobe provided by The Nest

50 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 51


Pixella Productions

Powder World Model: Tori Gage Makeup Tina Mokuau Styling Anicia Beckwith

52 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 53


Pixella Productions

Flying Scarfs Model: Gretchen Baumann Hair by Carleen Sanchez & Amy Nguyen Make Up by Carleen Sanchez Wardrobe provided by The Nest Styling by Anicia Beckwith & Isha Casagrande

54 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 55


Pixella Productions

Heavy Metal Model: Ryley Svendsen Make Up by Amy Nguyen Hair by Carleen Sanchez & Amy Nguyen Styling by Isha Casagrande Wardrobe provided by Labels Consignment Boutique Necklace "Thirds" designed by Necklace/Headpiece "Swing Low" by

56 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Breakfast at Pixella Model: Claire Pierce Hair by Carleen Sanchez & Amy Nguyen Make Up by Kristina McKeegan Nierman /Kiss & Make Up Wardrobe provided by Pixella Studio Jewelry styling by Isha Casagrande

Reno Tahoe Tonight 57


Pixella Productions

Punk Rock Kitty Model: Spencer Heywood Hair by Cat Stahl Make Up by Kristina McKeegan Nierman /Kiss & Make Up Styling & Clothing by Cat Stahl, Onward Kitty Jewelry & Accessories by Cicely Margo

58 Reno Tahoe Tonight

What The Forest Left Behind (Tessa's words) Model: Tessa Dee Miller Hair by Carleen Sanchez Make Up by Kristina McKeegan Nierman /Kiss & Make Up Styling & Wardrobe provided by The Nest Wood slice and upcycled t-shirt shawl/dress $98 Wood slice head crown $38 Radiant twig hair comb $28

Reno Tahoe Tonight 59


Pixella Productions

Fantastical Fur Model: Scarlet De Coy Hair by Carleen Sanchez & Amy Nguyen Make Up by Kristina McKeegan Nierman /Kiss & Make Up Styling by Isha Casagrande Wardrobe provided by William Furs

60 Reno Tahoe Tonight



John Redhawk Keesee

FishHead 310 Studio

“When one looks closely at life, it is about this, Life, Death, Tension and Sensuousness intertwined. I photograph because it’s life in the moment. I photograph the tension and sensuality of my world. I photograph the colors and patterns that I see in my world. My abstracts are the abstractions that surround us. Feel the tension. Feel the sensuality. 64 Reno Tahoe Tonight

I photograph the world around me that most people would just walk by. Street beggars, wood grains, rusty metals, places that you find while dreaming, are what I see through the camera. Slow down and see a different perspective of your world. The images can be emotional, draw you in; intellectually interact with the images.� – John Keesee Reno Tahoe Tonight 65


John Redhawk Keesee

66 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 67

68 Reno Tahoe Tonight


John Redhawk Keesee

Reno Tahoe Tonight 69


John Redhawk Keesee

70 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Grace Notes Text L. Martina Young Photo Joseph A. Dubon In RTT’s June issue, I took a poetic look at the eyes, those beaming wonders that perceive by light and reflect the soul of the world. As chance would have it, I recently viewed the retrospective of ‘LIGHT’ artist James Turrell, now on exhibit through 2014 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Another artist focused on human perception and the transformative value of contemplative experiences through art, Turrell’s inspirational body of work asks us to “consider not only what [we] are perceiving but also the nature and process of perception” itself. On this note, my own sustained investigations—explored through the labwork Articulating Bodiesã—observes the ‘movement’ of perception by bringing close attention to the way we humans inhabit our bodies and the empathic experiences that such close attention evokes. As His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama confirmed at the 2003 Ethics and the World Crisis Conference, for the world to evolve in an ethical manner, there must be “an internal development. Ethics,” he pronounced, “is biological.” In other words, we are neurologically wired to feel and experience compassion. This may seem glaringly obvious to some; however, at its most palpable level, I think not. A fundamental question remains: How do we live in a way that reaches and taps our pathos where it counts, at the felt corporeal level, and not only at the culturally learned and social moral level? —a level too easily reasoned away with the most accessible iDistraction. Such teaching is hard-pressed if for no other reason than the much easier and readily available reach for technological accommodations, a cultural phenomenon that colludes with an increasing inability to know ‘how’ to feel, much less make choices based on corporeal compassion found stirring in the body. . . . to continue ~


s a final thought on June’s meditation on the eyes,  there’s a moment of dialogue in the film, The Abyss,  when scientist Lindsey tries to convince her husband  Bud of the benign query of the NTI’s—‘nonterrestrial  intelligence’—assumed by others in their midst as threatening  and dangerous:

“I don’t think they mean us any harm. I don’t know how I know this,” Lindsey admits. “It’s just a feeling.” Bud winces. “How am I supposed to go on a feeling? [You] think Coffey’s going to go on a feeling? “Well,” Lindsey reasons, “we all see what we want to see. Coffey looks [and] he sees hate and fear. You have to look with better eyes than that.” 72 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Now let us move on to consider how the ‘nose’  knows.  

“If in doubt,” instructs Gandalf, “always follow your nose” ~ film,  The Fellowship of the Ring

  Momentarily bewildered, Gandalf suddenly becomes clear about which way to proceed. “He’s  remembered!” Peregrin Took exclaims. “No,” corrects Gandalf, “but the air doesn’t smell so foul  down here.”          The ‘nose’ constellates an amalgam of cultural  imagery, from the clown’s big red one and Elizabeth  Montgomery’s bewitching twitch to Elvira Gulch’s  Oz-ian profile and Cyrano de Bergerac’s pointed wit.  Steve Martin’s celluloid “C. D.” gives us the saving grace of a nose as he leads his motley crew of  firefighters to its crowning hour with his keen sense  of smell, a comedy cinched by an apostrophic Martinian reference that compares a man’s nose to his  other member. Note too the frequency with which  film animators render evil characters with flat noses.  For example, in Blue Sky’s newest production, Epic,  “Mandrake” not only has a flattened schnozzle, but  also dons a pig-nosed helmet as his emblem. Other  Epic noses conjure subtler references, with scrollkeeper “Nim Galuu” looking like Frank Morgan’s  “Professor Marvel” in the 1939 Wizard of Oz. (Epic  offers the modern moviegoer a post-MunchkinGulliver-land-meets-Avatar’s Pandoran-there’s no place like home-Fellowship.)         I am told that scenting the fragrance of roses in  the air signals the presence of the divine, particularly when the flower is nowhere in sight.  Indeed,  I have experienced such an otherworldly phenomenon. The fabric of place and time is all of a sudden  perfumed with a non-localized sweetness wafting  through. I can’t say where it comes from; it just is!  According to physicist J. Nigro Sansonese, “smell is  strongly linked with memory, and memory is structurally complementary with voiceless speech.” And  so it is that Baby Suggs in Toni Morrison’s Beloved,  “smells a dark and coming thing”—a premonition  of the haint’s arrival. And don’t we first take in the  nose the promise of an aged wine, that we may taste  the depths of its bouquet?          From fairy tales and psychology to new age  magic and medicine—all heed theories and hypotheses, fantasies and memories circulating about the  nose. Pinocchio carries a moral message: ‘lying’  causes the nose to lengthen with every fib told.  In a discussion on the folktale, “The Loyal and  Disloyal Ferdinand,” psychologist Marie Von Franz  asserts that the nose represents the function of  intuition: think Bill Paxton in the film, Twister,  whose instincts—garnering him the title “human  barometer”—lead him to “know what a storm is 

thinking” and to “smell the dirt.” This connection  brings theology professor David Miller to argue  that the “nose functions to keep us in touch with  psyche, with soul.” And though in the course of  human evolution our sense of smell has diminished, the ‘psychological nose’ may help us get  “some soul and body [into] our thinking and feeling.” In other words, wake up and sniff dream’s remains; keep your nose to the grindstone and let the beak speak. Only then shall ye know what’s  blowing in the wind.           In James Joyce’s world, the nose knows: 

“Practise preaching. Think in your  stomach. Import through the nose. By  faith alone. By season’s weather”   ~ Finnegan’s Wake   (Interestingly, William Joyce—who names one of  his characters ‘Finn’ in Epic—is the master storyteller behind the animated film. Any relation?)       Some among us nuzzle their muzzles with  endearing cuddles; others sniff their way on a  wing and a tongue. The scent of women and men  determines who couples whom, as pairings are  made by the whiff of skin, up close and personal.  “I like the way you smell,” offers Susan in Meet Joe Black—the 1998 film of Alberto Casella’s play,  Death Takes a Holiday. “I like the way you smell,”  Joe rejoins. Love’s sweet nectar is thus inhaled  through the nostrils—deeply, aromatically.         Conversely, I remember how I came to know  that my lover was no longer mine alone. That  telling day began with the appearance of a coyote  crossing my path as I made my way to his Washoe  Lake home—coyote, the trickster. Wrapped in  what would be our final embrace, I distinctly  noticed that the scent of him was no longer  appealing; in fact, it was repulsive. And then,  bookending our last 24-hours together were the  noxious fumes of a skunk circulating the grounds  as I stepped out the front door.  Betrayal stinks.   Yes James, the nose knows; there, the season’s weather had turned a-foul. In memory of Ray Manzarek (d. May 20, 2013) who, in the mid-1980’s, invited me to his home in the Hollywood Hills to discuss collaborating on a theatrical production of his 1973 solo album, The Golden Scarab. He’d read a review in the Los Angeles Times about my choreographic approach for a dance work I had recently premiered. And loving prayers to Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela. ©2013 L. Martina Young All Rights Reserved.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 73

Gun Culture

I’ve been writing “Gun Culture” for a little over three years now. An endeavor I am proud to have been a part of. I’ve tried to make the column enjoyable and educational without being too technical.


n the last three years I have noticed some very significant changes in attitudes-especially among women-- regarding firearm ownership. People who say they would never have considered owning a handgun in the past are now buying one—or two. The two most common reasons for the change in reasoning are: 1) The increase in home invasions, and 2) “I want to get something before the government says I can’t have anything.” Both are valid reasons, in my humble opinion.

Text John Clement Photo Chris Holloman

I like the fact that more and more women are taking responsibility for their own safety and, in some cases, survival. The incidence of violence toward women appears to be on the increase. How can a five-foot-two, 110 pound woman defend herself against a six-foot, 175 pound male? Women are beginning to realize that there is a need to know how to safely handle a handgun. There is a time and place when it may be needed. Should you and your family be the victims of a home invasion, keep in mind the male in the household will be the focus of the invaders. He is the one who presents the biggest threat to the criminal. It may be the lady of the house who will need to combat the threat. By the way, Joe Biden’s suggestion you fire a double barreled shotgun off your back porch to scare away the home invader just ain’t gonna cut it. Ladies, be prepared to take care of yourself and your family.

John Clement is the Manager of Bizarre Guns in Reno. Contact him at 775-685-4867.

Regarding the attempts by the government to restrict and, in some cases ban, the ownership and/or possession of certain types of firearms and magazines, history has proven the restrictions have had no significant effect on crime. What does have an effect is the incidence of gun ownership. The higher the gun ownership, the lower the crime rate. The opposite is also true.

do not confront the real issues and, therefore, have no real effect. The political elite either have the means to protect themselves by having concealed carry permits, or they have a cadre of armed officers around them at all times.

The political elite are trying to pass laws restricting our constitutional rights, while they are able to exempt themselves from those same laws. Politicians keep trying to pass laws that

We need to be very careful about the restriction of our gun rights. The 2nd Amendment is there to protect us from the government. It preserves our freedom and the ability to fight back!

74 Reno Tahoe Tonight

live streamin


The Light Factor

Sun and Sensibility

By Sean Savoy Photo by Andrew Chang

“The Spiritual Light which is hidden within the sun is the most excellent light. It is shining through the hearts of all living creatures in the form of consciousness." – Yajnavalkya-Samhita in Gayatri by I.K. Taimni


ver the last decade there has been an  increasing number of articles on the  subject of “sun gazing” or “sun eating.”  Many of these articles suggest  that a person can attain superhuman  qualities by absorbing light through the eyes.  The objective being to replace food with light  while eliminating all physical ailments.  There is  fascination coupled with skepticism for the person  interested in such an undertaking. The notion that  a human can subsist without eating is a provocative if fanciful one.  The idea that a person can  gain supernatural abilities by conquering disease  itself is even more alluring. 

In a recently released documentary titled “Eat the  Sun,” the film’s main character, a young Olympic  hopeful, is intent on following a foolproof sun  gazing protocol that he discovered in his search  for enlightenment.  The regimen: Look at the  sun daily until reaching an intake period of 40  plus minutes consecutively. The goal: Conquer  hunger after nine months. The film documents the  protagonist’s journey and his struggles, as well the  demise of the guru whose sun gazing method, he  claimed, could cure all illness. Having been a so-called sun gazer all my life,  trained extensively in the ancient art, I am very  much aware of the physical, psychological and  spiritual benefits of irradiating the self with  sunlight. I am also aware of the misinformation  that abounds on the subject--much of it available  via the internet--that only serves to misguide  the novice, whether in search of illumination or  merely bent on improving physical health. I am here to tell you that the sun is a powerful,  sacred and living organism available to humanity  for the attainment of spiritual knowledge and for  the evolution of our species. Someone asked me  not long ago what the purpose of solar viewing is.  My answer: To expand the senses so that we can  experience our true nature, which is akin to light-existing somewhere within space and time but  beyond them. The real purpose of learning to work with  sunlight, first as a stimulus of the mind/body, but  more importantly as the carrier of supra-physical  76 Reno Tahoe Tonight

information for spiritual benefit, is to re-vivify  the self.  This transforms one’s own seemingly  inert energetic make-up to that of a radiating  star. In our schoolroom science experiments we  have seen a substance change from one state of  matter to another. In the case of water it can go  from gas to liquid to solid yet maintain the same  molecular structure. Similarly, with solar viewing,  the individual can take on new states of being  while retaining the human condition. The key is to  attune oneself to higher levels of energy. The technology of working with the sun is an  ancient one newly rediscovered in modern times.  The rush to participate in this new science speaks  perhaps to the natural desire within the human  being to seek light. The first thing to remember,  however, when approaching sun viewing is  that the body and the spirit are both in need of  nourishment. Be careful not to confuse one form  of food with another. Thou Who givest sustenance to the universe, From Whom all things proceed, To Whom all things return, Unveil to me the face of the true Spiritual Sun Hidden by a disc of golden Light That I may know the Truth... – Gayatri Caution: Viewing of the sun can be hazardous if  not exercised properly. Do not attempt sun gazing  without instruction. For information, contact  Sean Savoy, licensed  teacher in Cosolargy®,  the system of restored  ancient light-energy  techniques for  personal awakening. THE LIGHT FACTOR  is a featured column  on spirituality,  consciousness,  science, energy and  adventures into the  unknown.  www.

Sean Savoy

Lush Me Naturally

Sensual Notes

Text Lisa Adele Rojas Photo Joe Dubon

Of all the useful products derived from plants, perfume has played the most provocative in human affairs for more than 5,000 years. But what are these sensual, exotic, and fun scents that we dabble into and how are they processed?


atural fragrances extracted without  destroying or altering the scent are the  most desirable. The scented compounds  derived from flowers, fruits, leaves,  roots, wood, and resins are oils and are  not water soluble. They must be extracted by using  substances into which volatile oils dissolve. The end  ingredients used in perfumery, called odorants, are  categorized by the way they were extracted. 

botanicals produces beloved essential oils. One  will not find many florals as essential oils because  delicate flowers do not hold up under steam or  physical process. Their natural scents are found as  C02 or SC02 extracts and absolutes. A new term,  therapeutic grade, has been added to this industry  which means the oils are good quality, pure with no  additives. 

Concretes are considered the purest of the 

compounds involved in perfumery are synthetic  fragrances based on the chemical structure of  natural fragrances. It is often cheaper to synthesize  a compound then to extract it. Confusing enough,  they can be labeled ‘pure.’ Fruity, flowery, and  perfume scents like Egyptian Musk are in this  form. As with natural oils, synthetic oils are used in  cosmetic crafting, incenses, and candles. Be sure the  fragrance oil you purchase is suitable for the body  before making a body product with it.

natural odorants. They are obtained through solvent  extraction. Fragrant plant parts are immersed  into non-polar organic solvents which yield,  after removal of the solvent, a solid or semi-solid  wax. Concretes make a lovely addition to natural  products and can be shaved, melted, and infused  into other bases. Mimosa and plumeria are delicious  examples.

Absolutes result when a concrete is extracted 

to a more concentrated state by alcohol or hexane  to remove waxes and most odorless materials,  producing an alcohol soluble or semi-liquid  oil.  Most perfumes are created with a blend of  absolutes. Many exotic oils such as jonquil and  sister flower, narcissus, are found in this form.  Solvent extracted oils are very concentrated and close to the natural fragrances of the material used and only trace amounts of the solvent remains in the end product. Because of the price  and strength, one will find absolutes blended with  a base such as jojoba oil to help make it more  affordable and usable, not because the company is  trying to dilute it for their gain.

Fragrance Oils - Over 60% of the fragrant 

After smelling, pricing, and playing with scents, one will begin to distinguish the differences. There is much to dazzle the senses with, new natural fragrances are being developed with advanced extraction methods, and personal cosmetic crafting is growing. And so, perfumery and aromatherapy lives on and captivates us. For more information and supplies contact Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary 775-322-3252.

C02 and SCO2 Extractions- Carbon dioxide  (C02) is used as a dense liquid solvent and  Supercritical Fluid (SC02) is used as a dense fog  solvent. Low pressure CO2 is the most desired of  solvents as it leaves no solvent residue behind and  is often the best method for obtaining high quality  extracts especially from fragile material such as  jasmine and lilac flowers. Steam Distillation and Expression (i.e.  pressing of the peels of citrus fruits to obtain  volatile oils) of organic, wild-crafted, and farmed  78 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Lisa Adele Rojas

Tantra Sacred Loving facilitated by Lisa A. Rizzoli, ACTE


July Puja will be held held on Wednesday the 24th

at Seven inin the Evening, and will be focusing on the

Solar Plexus Chakra &Transformation Gerber Medical Clinic • 1225 Westfield Ave 2nd Floor • Reno, NV • $10 for info, pre-registration or payment, please visit: or call Lisa at: 775.741.4090

Market Watch Text and photo courtesy of Shirley Larkins

Hello Northern Nevada! As I mentioned last month, we are in a very strong real estate market right now. The recovery in our area is happening and we are still on the rise. In fact, our median sales price continues to creep up monthover-month and interest rates are still at historical lows. Shirley Larkins

if you have been thinking of selling your home, now is the time to get with a Realtor and figure out a game plan.


he May median sales price is at 2003  levels,” said Helen Graham, 2013  president of the Reno/Sparks Association  of REALTORS. “In May 2003, interest  rates were 5.48 percent compared to today’s  average interest rate of 3.54 percent, which for  the current median prices saves home buyers  $230 per month with 5 percent down on a 30year fixed loan.  With low inventory levels, we  anticipate this trend to continue at least through  the end of the year.” So again I must stress, if you have been thinking  of selling your home, now is the time to get with  a Realtor and figure out a game plan.  People  who were underwater a year ago may even have  equity now.  Or at least be in position to get out  of their mortgage debt and move on to bigger  and better things.  If you are outgrowing your  current pad; if the kids have flown the coop and  you need to downsize, you may be surprised at  what your home is worth today--and where it  will be in the coming days.  With inventory remaining at an all-time low and  the buyers still out in full force, home sellers are  in a position to hold strong on the prices they  want, and firm in negotiating what is important  to them. Multiple offers are coming in on almost  every house that enters the market and buyers  are getting creative in their offerings. We are  also seeing a lot more cash buyers that are 

80 Reno Tahoe Tonight

willing to pay top dollar for the home they want.  If you would like to know what your home is  worth or if you just have questions about the  market and how you fit into it please call or  email me today. 

Shirley Larkins, Realtor® Advanced Short Sale & Loss Mitigation Certified Certified Broker Pricing Specialist Home Retention Consultant

Affiliations: Member National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals Member Asian Real Estate Association of America Member Certified Broker Pricing Institute Member National Association of Realtors Member Northern Nevada Multiple Listing Service

From the organizers of the reno zombie crawl and reno santa pub crawl comes...





7:30PM START at the biggest little city club 25 bars. more than 50 specials and over 25 different costume contests! pre-purchase cups at local businesses including junkee for only $5

. 3:00pm superhero meet & greet . 7:30pm pub crawl use code SUPERHERO for discount rooms at the CIRCUS CIRCUS hotel & casino . a portion of the proceeds go to benefit future kind for more information visit . event is open to 21 or older SRD

9:00am arch rivals: heroes vs. villains 5k run

New Business Preview

Under The Rose Brewing Company 559 East Fourth Street in Reno


ith all the well-earned hype about  Midtown dominating our city psyche,  it’s easy to forget that there are other  districts in Reno making strides  and advancements.  One such region is the often  maligned Fourth Street Corridor—specifically east of  Evans.  While grassroots entrepreneurship is rarely  sexy, there’s something truly special going on down  there on East Fourth Street, with businesses like  Bootleg Courier, Reno Bike Project, Cuddleworks,  420 Valley Arts, Bodega Nightclub, and the newest  addition to the gritty district: Under The Rise  Brewing Company.   

Husband and wife ownership team Scott Emond  and Jesse Kleinedler, along with team member  Eliot Hartley have put a ton of sweat and tears into  their undertaking, renovating the 7,250 square foot  warehouse space and readying it for use as a fully  operational micro brewery complete with a tasting  room and other accents still in the works.      Photographer Tony Contini and enjoyed a tasty  sample of the couple’s crisp and refreshing Saison  beer and were impressed with this early preview of  what’s to come at Under The Rose.  Below we get  the skinny on how UTR came together.  Reno Tahoe Tonight: This is an exciting time as you prepare to roll out both the Under The Rose brand, and open your brewing operations on East Fourth Street.  Take us back to the beginning at the evolution of your interest in beer and describe the process you’ve gone through to reach this point. 84 Reno Tahoe Tonight

UTR:  When I first moved to Reno, seven years  ago, a friend from Brooklyn invited me to join him  for Burning Man.  Thrilled, I bought a ticket and  prepared for my trip to the playa, but a week before  my journey, I was hired to work at UPS.  Holding  to my word, I provided my friend Boris with  transportation to and from Black Rock Desert. Unbeknownst to me, Boris decided to order me  a thank you gift for the hospitality.  I received a  home-brewing kit in the mail and was brewing  immediately.  The process engulfed my life, and  I knew then that I needed to pursue brewing as a  career. The hardest part about the brewing industry is  getting your foot in the door.  I sent my resume  to about 75% of the breweries in the country,  pestered local breweries to allow me to work for  free, and continued building my knowledge base  through reading, practicing, and enrolling in a  formal education program at Siebel Institute of  Technology.  Luckily, my persistence paid off, and  the BJ’s located in the Summit Mall offered me a job  cleaning and filling kegs. In hindsight, it is hard to imagine being as happy  as I was to be working so hard, getting so dirty,  constantly smashing my fingers, and working long  hours.  But it was probably the fact that I was  positive that my hard work would pay off, and  I would earn a spot working inside the brewery  making the beer.  I got my chance and began  brewing full-time in the brewery; it was amazing.  

Text Oliver X Photos Tony Contini The years rolled by however, and I continued to  desire something more.  The “more,” involved me  either being involved in creating something new,  or doing so on my own.  I went through many  triumphs and defeats on my path to achieving this  new goal, and finally, I decided that I needed to bite  the bullet and start my own business. Although I had been working on pursuing my  dream on a part-time basis for years, I quickly  made the transition to working almost full-time on  property and equipment allocation.  Eleven months  later, I found myself signing a lease and hiring a  former co-worker to bring the business out of the  theoretical plane of thought and into reality. Since then, Jesse, Eliot, and I have been working  our tails off to make this business successful.  The  next goal is to ensure the longevity of the company  and help as much as we can to improve the  surrounding community. Reno Tahoe Tonight:  2013 marks the 100th  Anniversary of the Lincoln Highway.  Explain  the uniqueness of the region to your goals and  ambitions for Under The Rose?  How important is it  for East Fourth Street that this quiet, under-the-radar  art and culture revival is happening right under  everyone’s nose. UTR:  Honestly, the E. 4th St. area was not my first  choice, because I was unaware of the movement  that was taking place in this area of town.  After  considering five other properties and looking at the 

space at 559 E. 4th St., the answer was self-evident.   We moved into the building and introduced  ourselves to the surrounding businesses and found a  welcome reception. The businesses in the E. 4th St. area of town are  mainly bootstrapped, riding on the unrelenting  hard work of the individuals running them.  The  formula involved in most of the businesses line  up exactly with one of the cornerstones of our  company: helping the community.  Not only do we  want the community to support our beer, but we  want to return the favor and support community  projects and local non-profits.  With the current list  of business owners nearby, we will have no problem  accomplishing our goal. We have huge expectations for the area, but we  don’t expect anything to happen overnight.  This  works out excellently for us, because it gives us the  opportunity to grow with the surrounding area.  As  E. 4th St. grows into a borough to be recognized, we  will hopefully grow alongside as a mainstay of the  corridor.  Reno Tahoe Tonight:  I’ve watched with keen interest as your warehouse morphs into readiness for full scale brewing. At full operation, how many barrels will be produced on property during a brewing cycle? For layman like me, share the enormity of the commitment to things like equipment, supplies, quality ingredients and niche knowledge required to open a facility like Under The Rose. Reno Tahoe Tonight 85

UTR:  Once we are up and running, we will be  making 10Bbl batches.  That translates to 20 full  size kegs per batch, and our system allows us to  brew twice a week.  Brewing twice a week, we can produce roughly 1,920 kegs per year.  That may  sound like a large amount of beer, but compared to  most of the surrounding area breweries, it’s a drop  in the bucket.  With the size of our warehouse, we  will have plenty of room to grow, and we are hoping  the demand of the local community will force our  expansion. The process involved to get up and running entails  us sourcing equipment from all over the country  to suit our needs; this is easier said than done.  The past eleven months have involved countless  hours of searching, buying, and selling equipment  in order to find the right pieces to complete our  puzzle.  Once you have all of the right pieces, trying  to put them together and getting them to work  properly is an entirely different story.  So, we have  had our hands full and expect to stay busy for quite  a while. Everything from fixing forklifts, to sourcing grains,  86 Reno Tahoe Tonight

to designing our production process has kept our  hands dirty and brains exhausted.  We want to  make sure that we are refurbishing our equipment  to the best of our ability and, at the same time,  streamlining the overall brewing process from grain  to glass. The “on a budget” mentality has brought us to  almost exclusively using repurposed wood to  build out our tasting room.  We can’t afford nice  new lumber, so we are using pallets from around  town, massive cable spools from NV Energy, and  lumber that was lying around our warehouse to  build something that customers will find to be  comfortable as they enjoy testing/tasting/drinking  our beer. We are willing to work harder to keep our bottom  line lower.  This leads to the community being able  to drink our product at a more affordable price.  The  more people that get to taste our beer, the better, for  both parties.   Reno Tahoe Tonight:  How have events and establishments like The Brewer’s Cabinet, CanFest

New Business Preview Under The Rose Brewing Company

make beer properly.     We want to band together  with the other breweries in the area to make sure  that we have a strong front in our battle against the  huge beer companies and minimize failure.

and Craft Reno helped to educate and influence the palates of Renoites?  With the relative success of operations like the now defunct Buckbean, and others such as Knee Deep, Great Basin and Silver Peak, how is the immediate future looking for fans of great local beer?  UTR:  The local Reno beer scene is  exploding.  Three breweries have opened in the past  year, we will open this year, and I know of at least  two potential breweries opening within the next one  to two years.  I have heard people speak of market  saturation, but places like Bend, Oregon have 19  breweries and just under 78,000 people; Reno has  massive amounts of room to grow.  We would like  to see Reno as a beer destination.  Tourists from the  rest of Nevada and surrounding states will travel  to our little city to learn about the beer that we are  making. The local market will most likely follow the trends  of the national market, and that means there  will be massive growth for some companies and  floundering of a few companies that are unfamiliar  with the beer market and the process involved to 

Together, the Reno Craft Brewers can produce  more festivals like CanFest to better enlighten  the Reno/Sparks population as to our abilities as  Craft Brewers.  Ty Martin at Craft Wine and Beer  is bringing products into the market that will  expose people in the area to flavors outside of the  box.  Many of the local bars, St. James Infirmary,  Chapel, Lincoln Lounge, 775 Gastropub, and Public  House to name a few, are finding ways to introduce  customers to new and exciting beers as well.  This is  where we, as a local Craft Brewing industry, will fill  a niche in the Reno market.  Why buy the beer from  somewhere across the world, when you can get it  down the street? The Reno Craft Brewing scene is still in its infant  stage; props to Great Basin and Silver Peak for  spending years paving the way, and now Reno will  catch up with other cities in the US in terms of the  beer that is locally crafted.  We are honored to be  part of this movement and look forward to showing  more people how amazing a fresh, local beer can  be. Stay tuned in August for part two of our look at Under The Rose Brewing Company. And check out their official Grand Opening August 17 at the Positively 4th Street festival (in the alley between Elko and Valley Streets), featuring six live acts, dj’s, a food and beer garden and much more. Reno Tahoe Tonight 87

Pez Sez What’s the deal with me and two piece bands these days? The latest being Sit Kitty Sit, with Kat Downs (piano/vox) and Mike Thompson (drums) bringing the fire to Red Rock.


Sit Kitty Sit Jun 8, 2013 Red Rock Bar

nce again the  crowd was  small but  man, we were  mighty.  I felt privileged  to witness this band.   The energy from them  was just as vibrant as the  color red and uplifting.   With Kat’s bluesy  sounding voice singing  and playing her Korg like  a master in her bare feet.   Mike was keeping the  perfect off- time beats  with his sweet Ludwig  drums. 

Seriously, I came into  this thinking I might not  like them; their online  stuff didn’t really evoke  much excitement from  me. But then I saw the  truth: they were just  awesome live!  They  even had some crazy  skinny girl dancing up  and all over them.  There  are no bands I know of  that would ever even  come close to  covering  the Billy Idol song  “White Wedding”well-but they did.  In fact,  they made that song  their bitch, it was that  good.  What made it  truly epic was it wasn’t  even Billy Idol’s song  anymore, it was a Sit  Kitty Sit song.  We all  agreed. If they come  back, which they will,  you really need to get  out the trailer Reno.  See  Sit Kitty Sit and smile  with your pussy cat  smile. Jenny PezDeSpencer is a Senior Contributing Writer at Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine.

90 Reno Tahoe Tonight

The Pursuit of Happiness

Text Elisika Arango Photo Tina Single Photography

Probably the greatest thing I have learned so far in my search for happiness is that it is not something to be reached or achieved someday. It will not magically appear after I am able to purchase a new car, or bigger house, or after I lose those last five pounds, or get that promotion.

Happiness is here within my grasp each and every day if I just choose to embrace it.


ith this realization came the  awareness that one third of  each of my days was spent at a  job that sucked the happiness  out of me.  Was it my boss and  coworkers; the tasks that I was responsible for, or  maybe the environment?  What could I do to fix  this?  These questions led me to a greater question  and that is, what’s my purpose?  Why am I here  on this earth?  Through a lot of self reflection, reading, praying,  walking, meditating, conversations with friends  and bumps in the road I have learned that I love to  help people and I am good at it. Fate, coincidence  or divine intervention led me to study nutrition  at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and this  month marks the official transition from my old  life managing the operations and bookkeeping of  a small business to this new chapter as a health  coach.  What is a Health Coach you ask?  A health  coach is someone who supports you in achieving  and maintaining a greater level of balance so that  you may live a long, happy and healthy life.  Health coaching does focus on your health but  sadly we have lost sight of what health is.  We  associate health with going to the doctor or the  hospital.  We hear so much lately about our  broken health care system.  In reality this is a sick  care system.  We do not visit the doctor when we  are healthy and say “Hey Doc I feel great; how  do I maintain this?” We go when we are sick and  have been sick for some time and can’t seem to  find a way to feel better.  The doctor asks a few  questions about when your symptoms started,  how long they last, he may order some tests and  the outcome is usually a prescription that treats  the symptom but not the cause.  The conversation  rarely ventures into the world of happiness,  fulfillment, joy, relationships or spirituality. Yet  all these things contribute to your health.  I am  not anti western medicine by any means.  I am  92 Reno Tahoe Tonight

in awe each day of the advances we have and the  amazing things that are accomplished through  medicine.    I work with my clients and their doctors and  dieticians to determine the causes of their  symptoms and support them in the changes  they wish to make in their life.  I hope that I  can provide that missing link for them that our  broken system has eliminated.  The question  was recently posed to me by one of my mentors  “What is that one thing you love to do so much  that you would do it all day for free?”  I want to  be that caring person that takes the time to listen  and encourages and supports my clients to make  those changes that will allow them to spend  more time with those they love and go after their  dreams, whatever they may be.  It is my dream  that someday we will all have the opportunity  to sit down with someone that has the time to  listen and ask questions about all aspects of your  life, to guide us to make choices that allow for a  long life of vitality and fullness, one that is not  dependant on  medications  except as a  last resort.  If you would  like helpful  tips to living  a full life  or need  someone that  will listen,  find me on  Facebook  or online  at www. elisikaarango. com Elisika Arango


Text Oliver X

P   ICKS JuLY Downtown Reno Events

Alex Fleiner - July 27 -29 , 2013@ Gallery 3

Silver Legacy & Downtown Reno Presents “BIGGEST LITTLE CITY WING FEST” 4TH of July Weekend Event Taste the best wings at the “Biggest Little Wing Fest,” set for July 4-6! With some smokin’ live music all weekend long, chicken wing vendors from all over competing for cash prizes, an amateur wing-eating contest and street faire vendors, Virginia Street is the All-American place to be for 4th of July weekend! We have cookers from near and far, for your tasting pleasure. Vendors like Joe Bob’s Chicken, Redneck Wings, Noble Pizza, Ted’s Bar & Grill from San Francisco and Triple Threat BBQ from Sacramento, to name just a few. Come on downtown, chicken wing aficionados! Three days of competition that’s sure to get fierce! Cookers will present their wings at “The Hen House” for “Best,” “Celebrity Choice” and the ever-popular “People’s Choice” awards each day! There are cash prizes, two night stays at Silver Legacy and gift certificates to the award-winning Sterling’s Seafood Steakhouse for placing in the contests. And get in on the amateur wing eating contest! Twelve minutes of wing-eating mania!

Harrah’s Reno

Dirty Heads- July 24, 2013 @ The Knitting Factory

CeCe Gable - July 7 at The Sands' Sunday Jazz Pool Party

96 Reno Tahoe Tonight

The Biggest Little Sideshow July 18/19/20/21- 25/26/27/28 8pm This summer, audiences will have the chance to take an outlandish and wonderful journey deep into the underbelly of a vaudeville variety show. Produced by BLV Productions, this original, fun, and quirky sideshow puts its own unique twist on the classic spectacle of vaudeville. With breathtaking song and dance, tastefully seductive burlesque, and off the wall comedy, the Biggest Little Sideshow is sure to entertain and amaze all audiences! Infused with an array of specialty acts, the show features aerial pole acrobatics, a fire-eating contortionist, and a female sword swallower. The Biggest Little Sideshow: where the sexy, strange, and amazing come together to entertain you beyond the realm of what you thought possible. The Biggest Little Sideshow performs through October 26, 2013 inside the legendary Sammy’s Showroom at Harrah’s Reno. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind show, appearing only at Harrah’s Reno. Tickets are $25.00 for general admission and $35.00 for VIP tickets. Dinner and show packages are also available. All tickets can be purchased by calling 775-788-2900 or online by visiting or in person at the Sammy’s Showroom box office on performance evenings. Must be 18 or older to attend. American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks - July 3/4/5/6/7 - 8pm “American Idol” winner Taylor Hicks is continuing to take his popular Las Vegas show on the road to multiple Caesars properties, including Reno, from July 3-7, 2013. Hicks, who recently moved from The Indigo at Bally’s Las Vegas to the larger showroom of Napoleon’s Lounge at Paris Las Vegas, just signed a year-long extension with Caesars Entertainment through 2013, making him the first “American Idol” winner to secure a long-term residency on the Las Vegas Strip. As part of the deal, he will take his talents to other Caesars properties across the country throughout the year. The shows in Reno will run at 8pm daily from July 3-7, 2013. Tickets range from $30 general admission to $60 VIP tickets, which include a meet and greet with Hicks.

El Dorado Reno

Hardcore desert and off-road racers, ATV, motorcycle, rock crawling and other enthusiasts will descend upon Reno for a week chock-full of off-road racing events. From July 6-9 there will be pre-running of the Eldorado Reno 500 race out at the Tahoe-Reno Motorplex, just 30 minutes east of Reno. Then from July 10-12 it’s the Dirt Live OffRoad Expo. Two short courses at the Tahoe Reno Motorplex will host enthusiasts, manufacturers and suppliers in continuous product and vehicle demonstrations, ride and drives and product reviews. On July 12 the streets of downtown Reno will fill with hundreds of trucks, buggies and motorcycles as race officials perform technical inspection in the vehicles prior to their competition in the Eldorado Reno 500. Fans can mingle with race officials, drivers and teams; enjoy autograph sessions, photo opportunities, and more in the wide-open Virginia Street pit area. The Eldorado Reno 500 race takes place on Saturday, July 13. A large plateau provides an excellent viewing area for the longest off-road race in the United States. For more information call 1-800-648-5966 or

“Menopause The Musical”

Closes July 14 The Off-Broadway hit that was inspired by a hot flash and a bottle of wine, “Menopause the Musical,” is onstage in the Eldorado Showroom – but only through July 14! See what millions of women worldwide have been laughing about for more than a decade! It's the Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change! ®. Tickets start at just $24.95 with dinner and show packages available from $34.95. Performances nightly except Monday. For more information on show times and tickets call 1-800-648-5966 or


Opens in the Eldorado Showroom July 23 Opening July 23 in the Eldorado Showroom, it’s the one everyone wants – “Grease!” The fifth longest running musical in Broadway history, “Grease” will have guests revved up and ready to rock ‘n’ roll as they sing along to songs from the hit motion picture performed live on stage. Audiences will dance in the aisles to chartbusters like “Summer Nights,” “Beauty School Dropout,” “Born to Hand Jive” and “Greased Lightnin’.” This production proves that baby boomers, their kids and even their grandkids just can’t get enough of Danny Zuko, Sandy Dumbrowski and those toughtalkin’ Pink Ladies. “Grease” is still the word! Tickets start at just $24.95 with dinner and show packages available from $34.95. Performances nightly except Monday. For more information on show times and tickets call 1-800-648-5966 or

The Sands Regency Hotel and Casino Pool Parties The Sands have really upped their game, as their world famous pool party season gets into full swing this July, with an A-list of veteran favorites in possession of a broad and eclectic virtuosity that is second to none. Their summer programming offers something for everyone, as the gorgeous and talented CeCe Gable brings her electrifying charisma to the Sunday Jazz Pool Party series Sunday, July 7. On July 14 Scot & Graham Marshall plays, along with Alex Miller, Niall McGuinnies and Andy Heglund. I’m excited to have folks hear Clock’s Magic Bandits on July 28. These kids are wicked tight. The Sands’ Wednesday Pool Parties remind you that hump day can be like a holiday! Blues fans will have their pick of Moses Malone on July 3, 10; Blues Callin’ July 17, 24, or Joker’s Wild Blues Band July 31. We suggest that you see them all; just to be sure you don’t miss the party! The Sands built a considerable reputation for their racy Friday Pool Parties, and this year there’s more good times to be had with their band roster. The wildly popular Steel Breeze plays July 5 and Shane Dwight on July 19. If you haven’t heard DJ RyOn, you’re in for a treat on July 26. Again under the operation of President and CEO Ferenc Szony, one of the most highly respected figures in the entire casino industry, the fun is back at The Sands. So go check out this great locals hotel and casino, and have a blast like you’re supposed to folks!

Swill Coffee and Wine 3366 Lakeside Court near Moana James Byous Monday, July 8. The LAbased singer-songwriter will bring his immense musical talents to the intimate coffee shop for a rare FREE show. All ages. 7pm doors; 7:30pm showtime. The Kanes Friday, July 19. James Byous This group brings exceptionally literate song lyrics with riff heavy melodics and their live sets are becoming the stuff of local legend. $5. All ages. 7pm doors; 7:30pm showtime. Ben Allfree and Jeff Davis Saturday, July 27. Country Folk from two rising local artists. All ages. $5. 7pm doors; 7:30pm showtime.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 97


P   ICKS JuLY Sierra Arts Announces Grant Recipients

Sierra Arts Foundation announces its recipients for the 2013 Grants To Artists program. These grants, reinstated after a four year hiatus due to financial constraints, support local professional and student artists in four major disciplines: Visual, Literary, Performance, and Music. The moneys are independent of any project but are awarded instead as a celebration of artistic merit as a member of our community. This year's $1000 professional recipients are: Visual Jennifer Graham, Ahren Hertel, Blanco de San Ramon, Joseph DeLappe, and Emily Rogers; Literary - Tee Iseminger and June Sylvester Saraceno; Performance - Mary Bennett, Sandra Neace, and Pan Pantoja; Music - Dustin Budish and Bryan Jones. The John and Rose Ascuaga Student Artist Awards of $500 each go to Molly Allen and Blake Feldman. There are two student artists’ grants - The John and Rose Ascuaga Student Artist Award of $500 goes to musician Blake Feldman. The George Hutchinson Student Artist Award of $500 goes to visual artist Molly Allen. As part of their selection to receive these awards, all of the artists will participate in a group exhibition in the Sierra Arts Gallery at 17 South Virginia Street from July 2 through August 2, with an artist reception on Friday, July 12 from 5-7pm. This reception is free, open to the public, and sponsored by Wild River Grille.

Reno Little Theater 147 E. Pueblo Street, Reno, NV

Sierra Watercolor Society holds an exhibit of original watercolor paintings by local artists at Renown South Meadows, in their cafeteria, July 1-31, from 10-7 p.m. Entitled "Art for Healing" and part of Artown 2013, this exhibit contains recently-completed paintings intended to soothe and inspire. Details at www. Reno Little Theater presents Thorton Wilder's "Our Town" July 12,13,17,18,19,20,25,26,27 at 7:30 p.m. and July 14,21,28 at 2 p.m., in RLT's new theater. This classic American play, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, is about family, community and humanity--and the meaning of time in our lives. Part of Artown 2013 and directed by Kira Temple. Tickets are $16 for adults, $13 for seniors/students/military personnel. Reservations recommended: call 813-8900 or go to to purchase tickets and select seats.

98 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Little Theater presents "Still Life With Iris", Friday July 5 at 4 p.m. & 7 p.m., Saturday July 6 at 1 p.m. & 4 p.m., and Sunday July 7 at 1 p.m. & 4 p.m., in RLT's new theater, 147 E. Pueblo Street (2 blocks south of Vassar, just west of Wells). This children's play by Steven Dietz is part of Artown 2013 and is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Reno. The play chronicles a young girl's journey through a magical world as she seeks to find her home. Directed by McKenzi Swinehart and suitable for children 6 & older. FREE but seating is limited, so arrive early. Details at

Downtown Reno Entertainment You Won't Want to Miss! The Brew Brothers

Happy Hour Mon-Fri 2-5pm Live Bands and DJs Nightly! DJ Montague every Thurs-Sat, Sunday-Thursday events 10pm, Friday-Saturday events 10:30pm Live Band Karaoke Monday Nights July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Brew Club Tuesdays Beach Parties with Alice 96.5 FM and Swag 97.3 FM, DJ Chris English July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Student Body Thursdays With 104.1 FM KRZQ and Coors July 4, 11, 18, 25 Emerging Artist Series with 104.1 FM KRZQ Featuring the Parlotones, Friday, July 5

Knit Pick

211 N. Virginia Street, Reno The Mad Caddies - July 14 The Mad Caddies stand alone in their latest musical achievement. Their music combines elements of rock and roots Reggae that evokes memories of the Clash, the Police and Sublime. Don’t miss this awesome show! Produced by Knitting Factory Presents General Admission, All Ages, Full bar w/id.



Text Amerique Powell Photos Kiley Sauer Artist Tayler Wooten working on one of his pieces for the Wild Vile West art show.

The dark side of Northern Nevada is the theme of “The Wild Vile West”, the highly anticipated group show at Never Ender Gallery from July 11 through August 13.


eno has seen a great deal of growth  and progress in the last couple of decades, but it still conjures up images  of lawless cowboys, unscrupulous  miners, and of course, casinos and all  the vice associated with them. These artists are  interested in celebrating just that – the “gross  and grimy” side of Reno.  

“The Wild Vile West” will feature the work of  Mike Curatello, Tayler Wooten, Gonzalo Delacruz, Justin Largent, and Alex Blackwell.  These  tattoo artists from Nightmare Studios Tattoo in  Midtown have managed to continue their fine  art practice even though working in a busy shop  leaves little time for non-work related pieces.   This dedication to making art on their own time  is what has earned these guys the respect of  artists all over Reno.   Featured artist Mike Curatello says, “We all  work in a tattoo shop but we like to show that  we are more than just ‘tattooers.’  We've all been  artists our whole lives in one way or another,  whether it's music, art school, or whatever.  We  are a pretty versatile bunch, being that we can  paint and create in many different mediums -  oil, acrylic, watercolor, spray paint, etc.” 

“The Wild Vile West” is certainly one of the most anticipated art shows in Reno this summer, and the artists promise lots of surprises, so don’t miss it. “The Wild Vile West”, will be at Never Ender Gallery from July 11 through August 13. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, July 11 at 6:00 pm at Never Ender Gallery, 119 Thoma St in Midtown Reno. for details.

The theme of this show is definitely dark and  sinister, but these artists are glorifying Reno’s  dark side, not condemning it. Both Reno natives  and transplants will appreciate this ode to the  shady history and strange present of this unique  town. These guys promise a gallery full of Reno  weirdness, including paintings of evil miners and  apocalyptic landscapes in addition to painted  animal skulls and whiskey barrels.  102 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Tayler Wooten

sean cary

Obama's (nOt sO) bad cOuple Of mOnths. “You're okay with Mark Zuckerberg  knowing absolutely everything   about you...”


f you're a regular FOX News viewer or if you  worship at the altar of Ann Coulter, you  probably believe that President Barack  Obama has been having a rough couple  of months. Benghazi. GASP! IRS has been  unfairly targeting conservative groups. Oh,  the horror! NSA surveillance. EGADS! 

First, Benghazi. There is no doubt that the events  that occurred in Benghazi were tragic, but a  scandal? Not so much. Of course, the moon howlers on the far right want Benghazi to be the next  Watergate, but it ain't gonna happen. For some  odd reason, President Obama did not address the  situation himself, nor did he dispatch Secretary  Clinton. The job went to UN Ambassador Susan  Rice. Rice read a carefully parsed statement  prepared by the CIA and the DOD, which has been  widely debunked. Rice took the heat but welcome  to politics. Not Obama’s finest moment, and he  deserves the criticism. Repeated reports have  shown there really wasn't anything that could  have been done to save Ambassador Stevens. It's  a tragedy, but not a scandal.

The IRS “scandal” is another nontroversy. Yeah, a  couple flunkies put their activism in front of their  better judgment and tried to prevent some Conservative (read, anti-tax) groups from obtaining  tax-exempt status.  So what?  Nobody has really  mentioned whether or not these groups should  be eligible for a tax exemption in the first place.  So many of these groups were not advocating for  social change, they were PACs masquerading as  charities to try and get Republicans elected. The  badgering of conservatives was only a byproduct.  I argue that, big picture, this was a good thing. In  the wake of the Citizens United ruling, both sides  have heavily abused the system. This recent embarrassment has forced us to have a conversation about who should or should not receive taxexempt status from the government. It turns my  stomach to think that there are people out there  who are making political contributions, dodging  104 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Text Sean Cary Photos Andrew Chang

FEC requirements and getting a charitable deduction to boot. Disgusting. When it comes to the NSA spying thing, let me  ask you—are you really surprised?  My question  is, so what? People don't have a problem with the  phone companies collecting extensive records  including texts, emails and phone numbers.  Why would anyone with half a brain think they  wouldn't cooperate with the government?  On  top of that, about a bazillion people a day log into  social media sites like Facebook. Guess what-every word, every bathroom selfie or pictures of  last week's drinking binge posted to the different  sites belong to the site, forever. So, if you already  posted your personal information online for the  world to see, why does the NSA program bother  you so much? You're okay with Mark Zuckerberg  knowing absolutely everything about you... All in all there is a lot of smoke but very little  fire.  In the end, Benghazi isn't going to derail the  Hillary train; the IRS uses their power to go after  people they don't like (paging J. Edgar Hoover!);  the terrorists won't call us anymore, and the Internet is not a safe place to post things you don't  want absolutely everyone in the world to know  about.  Oh, and one parting question: Why are  some members of Congress who voted to authorize the NSA surveillance program so vehemently  opposed to expanded background checks for  firearms? Don't worry; I don't know the answer  either. I know the Fem-Bots over at FOX News want  these issues to plague Barry's second term, but  it's just not going to happen.  2014 will be a colorful election for sure, but not because the Obama  administration knows how many times you called  your mom.

The 3rd Album From The Flesh Hammers Out Now! (Available on CD Baby, Amazon, and ITunes)

Summer 2013 Shows: July 12 - Shea’s Tavern, Reno, NV July 13 - Knuckleheads, Reno, NV July 27 - Bodega Nightclub, Reno, NV August 9 - Bar M, Verdi, NV August 24 - Caravan, San Jose, CA August 30 - The Colony, Sacramento, CA WWW.THEFLESHHAMMERS.COM

What is Tantra Yoga?

Text Lisa Rizzoli Photo Dana Nollsch

Basically, Tantra Yoga is a spiritual journey. It can be seen as a path to enlightenment, a spiritual path of sacred sexuality, a practice to transform energy, an ancient tradition from Hinduism and Buddhism, an art form and a spiritual practice.


or me, Tantra Yoga is a way of living  based on becoming aware and conscious  that everything is sacred. It is about  being present in each and every moment.  This path involves ALL aspects of the  human experience being sacred, including sex.   What I have found is that often sex has been  removed from spirituality.  As a result, people  have limited experiences with using sexual  energies to enhance their spiritual experiences,  thus leaving them feeling empty in their sex lives.  Tantra Yoga is a way to bring spirituality back  into our sexuality through means of breathing  techniques, bandhas (this is a yoga term for  energetic locks), sacred geometry, presence,  awareness and other techniques.  It has proven  to be a unique modality that has helped many  people discover a spiritual aspect to enhance their  relationships. Tantra Yoga teaches one how to connect with one  another in a spiritual manner, to use our energies  to consciously touch one another and to exchange  energies allowing for experiences beyond the  physical realm. We work with our energy bodies  and the 7 main energy centers, called chakras.   The word chakra is a Sanskrit word that means  “wheel.” It refers to the spinning and movement of  energy. Chakras are considered the centers of life,  force, vital energy. The 7 major chakras coincide  with nerve clusters or bundles that have been  identified by modern physiological research. Each  chakra is associated with psychological aspects,  physiological functions, aspects of consciousness  and the well being of the individual. It is a  dynamic, intricate system worth being explored to  awaken and open to the possibilities.    Spiritual Sexuality is a way to connect with our  partners in a meaningful, intimate, intense and  loving manner. Making sex a ritual, coming into  complete presence with a partner and honoring  the love between the two are the first steps.  Creating sacred space, a space in which we feel  safe, nurtured and loved promotes intimacy  and spiritual growth, whether for a sexual  experience or for an intimate conversation.   108 Reno Tahoe Tonight

What is a Puja? Puja literally means: worship, honor,  adoration, respect and homage. An essential  part of Puja is making a spiritual connection  with the Divine. Pujas come in many forms  and styles. In Hinduism and Buddhism, Pujas  are performed in the home and at temples as  an offering to specific deities or persons. Puja  is a form of meditation as a means to achieve  oneness—the nature of one’s true self. They  often include offerings of flowers, water, foods,  incense and candles. Tantra Sacred Loving Pujas are sacred  ceremonies created to explore, play and  connect with others and ourselves in a safe  space. These ceremonies incorporate a Tantric  spiritual principle, a meditation, breath-work,  movement and connecting with others to play,  love, laugh, explore and release together.   Monthly Pujas are for people to come together  in a like-minded community, where we create  beautiful sacred space to explore being present  with one another. They are intended for us  to connect with one another, learn about  spiritual principles and to experience the  energy of love  and presence  in a new way.  The next Puja is  July 24, 2013 at  Gerber Medical  Clinic at 7:009:00PM.      Lisa A. Rizzoli is an Advanced Tantra Educator, the founder of Tantra Sacred Loving and Embark Upon A Sacred Journey. www.

Lisa A. Rizzoli

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The leader in art, music and culture in northern Nevada.

Rtt july 2013 issuu v2  

The leader in art, music and culture in northern Nevada.