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Trickle Down Yelponomics As a web designer and consultant of all things web-related, Yelp comes up in many client conversations. My favorite goes like this: Client: Why don’t I have more Yelp reviews? Me: Not sure; but while we’re discussing it, when was the last time you wrote a Yelp review? Client: Who me? Oh, I’ve never done that before. The concept is simple: to increase the odds of getting a positive Yelp review, you have to put some love into the Yelponomy. Most folks in Reno are not yet in the habit of Yelping. Just like in the early days of an economy where the first dollars spent have the most impact, your Yelp review now has the power to make or break a business. They say that every star, up or down, can indicate a 5-7% change in revenue. If you’re one of the first customers to try out a restaurant, plumber or graphic artist, taking the time to leave a Yelp review will give that business a chance at success. We want successful locally owned and operated businesses, right? And, more importantly, we want dollars to come from outside the Reno area. Travelers are in the habit of relying on Yelp to make decisions. When we, as locals, direct tourists to a new breakfast joint, a custom clothing boutique, or an underground art gallery, we are giving the small businesses an edge over the national franchises, big boxes, and casinos. 64 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Maybe this talk of the economy sounds too risky to you; I mean, who knows if you’ll ever really see any karmic benefits from writing about your patronage observations. One of the philosophies at Waking Girl Web Design is always have multiple reasons for a design choice. We take the same approach with Yelp. How to get guaranteed results from posting a Yelp review Remember the days of the Thank You note? A tried and true sales and relationship-building technique, leaving a well-thought-out Yelp review is the modern way to initiate contact with a business owner. If you’re a business owner, you know how closely you pay attention to your reviews. What better way to give a business owner your face and name, than by trying out their services and leaving a review? I’m not saying to lie in your review, or to hold your review hostage until you get your ransom. I’m saying: go, enjoy, try out a business or service. If you love it, and maybe someday want to do business with the staff, owner or fellow customers— review it! And make it a good one! Ok, I’m sold, but how do I leave a Yelp review? Go to Yelp.com, click Sign Up, use Facebook as your