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Editor's Letter


s it just me or is the universe accelerating? This year flew by! We want to thank our readers and ad clients for their continued support. We went through changes and challenges this year in losing our award-winning art director Grae Warren, but managed to fall forward by landing the remarkable skill and design prowess of dynamic duo Chris and Courtney Meredith of Design on the Edge. We have two great design associates in Kristine Palmer and Jayleen Popp and one of the best writing and photographic corps in local print. Our cup truly runneth over, and with the addition of the supremely talented intern/ photographer Shelbi Whitehead, we couldn’t be happier with how the core group has shaped and sharpened the creative edge you see in our pages each month. Thank you to all our contributors who give us their best every issue. I love you all!

I am going to recommend two of my favorite South Lake Tahoe destinations that you must visit right away: Gaia-Licious Global Gifts - 987 Tallac Avenue, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 (530) 542-4244. An experiential global gift boutique located in South Lake Tahoe, California. Gaia-Licious is about honoring the earth and its many unique cultures. They carry a variety of products from around the globe and products made locally. You’ll find unique clothing, jewelry and accessories, inspirational books, international music, greeting cards, candles, incense, lotions and massage oils,

as well as products for yoga, meditation and belly dance. They also carry many fair trade, locally made and eco-friendly gifts. Owners Kelly and Felix Brosch are remarkable people with one of the most unique businesses in the area. I encourage you to include this boutique on your list of things to do in while in Lake Tahoe this holiday season. Naked Fish Sushi & Sake - 3940 Lake Tahoe Blvd. #3, South Lake Tahoe CA 96150. (530) 541-3474. This Hawaiian influenced sushi bar with fresh fish from around the world serves up a smoky, succulent, to-die-for barbequed albacore that is on my short list of bites I’ll drive a 100 miles to devour. With their new menu by Chef Gilbert Park and front of house leadership, spearheaded by new energetic and fastidious General Manager Travis Chapman, Naked Fish has dramatically improved their service and is now the best bet in SLT for quality sushi. Correction: In the November 2014 issue of RTT in the feature article on Aura Salon, I misquoted owner Jennifer Utu who appeared to make disparaging remarks about L’Essence and Tangerine. It was my error and I want to assure their fans and new clients alike that neither of these fine salons are the least bit “snooty.” Visit these Aveda salons when seeking the best in cuts, color, style, hair care products and esthetician services. NEVER BE BORED Reno Tahoe Tonight 7

Late Harvest September 27, 2014– January 18, 2015 LEAD SPONSOR Louise A. Tarble Foundation MAJOR SPONSORS Barrick Gold Maureen Mullarkey and Steve Miller National Museum of Wildlife Art The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts SUPPORTING SPONSORS Anne Brockinton Lee and Robert M. Lee Nion McEvoy Mondriaan Fund Deborah and Andy Rappaport Meg and Earl Tarble SUPPORTING SPONSORS Nancy and Alan Maiss

Donald W. Reynolds Center for the Visual Arts | E. L. Wiegand Gallery 160 West Liberty Street in downtown Reno, Nevada

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Pinnacle Wellness offers several modalities to ease joint pain, support wellness, Pinnacle Wellness modalities to ease joint wellness, and reduce stress. offers Comeseveral in and check out our Vitamin D pain, Bed, support Far Infrared Pod andSauna, reduceChroma stress. Come in and outmember our Vitamin D Bed, FarJade Infrared Pod and Therapy Pod,check and our favorites: the Mat and and Sauna, Chroma Therapy Pod, and our member favorites: the Jade Mat and Chi Machine. We offers also offer Footmodalities and Handto Detox, Reiki.wellness, Pinnacle Pinnacle Wellness several ease Hypnosis joint pain,and support Chi Machine. We also Get offerStond Foot and Hand Detox,Simply Hypnosis and Reiki. Pinnacle Wellness also carries Holistic Gaia and TC Scrubs. and reduce stress. Come in and check outJewelry, our Vitamin D Bed, Far Infrared Pod Wellness Stondand Holistic Jewelry, Simply GaiaOpen and TC Scrubs. Please join also us forcarries food, Get libations giveaways at our Holiday House on and Sauna, Chroma Therapy Pod, and member the Jade Mat andon Please join us for food, and our giveaways atfavorites: our Holiday House Saturday December 6thlibations from 12pm~5pm. Pinnacle Wellness isOpen located in the Chi Machine. offer Foot and Hand Detox, Hypnosis andDeli Pinnacle Saturday 6th from 12pm~5pm. Pinnacle Wellness isReiki. located in the backDecember ofWe thealso Lakeside Crossing Shopping Center behind Town. back of carries the Lakeside Crossing Shopping DeliTC Town. Wellness also Get Stond Holistic Jewelry,Center Simplybehind Gaia and Scrubs. Please join us for food, libations and giveaways at our Holiday Open House on


Saturday December 6th from 12pm~5pm. Pinnacle Wellness is located in the back of the Lakeside Crossing Shopping Center behind Deli Town.

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Improv Comedy Text Oliver X Photo courtesy of The Utility Players

The funniest night out on any stage in Reno, hands down!

The Utility Players Star in “Deathbed Selfie” @ The Jester Theater inside The Sands Regency November 29, 2014 Juxtaposed against the casino kitsch of the diminutive Jester Theater stage inside The Sands Regency, the banquet lounge environment, replete with pink icicle chandelier lighting was no hindrance for The Utility Players, who wreaked hilarious havoc on the capacity crowd, as if they were playing the Hirschfeld in Hell’s Kitchen. My Lord they’ve come a long way since their humble beginnings six years ago. The troupe is now a polished gem, deftly handling the curve balls thrown at them from the fully engaged audience members, who are encouraged (pre-show) to write one-liner themes and subjects for the talented group to skewer and riff off of throughout their two forty-five minute sets--with fifteen minute tweener intermission.

The improv artists include:

The laughter is as spontaneous as the ingenious repartee is snappy, bawdy and raw. The NC-17 jibes, jabs and quips are side-splitting and the crew plays off of campiness as effectively as they do their own faux pas. The crowd was kept in constant stitches as audience “volunteers” were pulled up on stage and reduced to red-faced stooges--goodheartedly of course.

Amanda Alvey - Principal Player (2010) Reno

The Latino couple from San Jose sitting next to me had tears streaming down their faces and I haven’t laughed so hard--or so much--since I moved to Reno nearly eight years ago. Destined for larger stages nationwide, some of my favorite skits included “Sound FX”, “Genre & Settings,” “Party Person,” “Days of Our Lives,” and “Guessing Game/Murder Mystery.” No two shows are ever the same and The Utility Players have proven that home grown comedy can still be the best medicine.

Jessica (The Jester) Levity - Executive Producer, Director, Founder, and Host (2009). Originally from Ohio, moved to Reno in September of 2008 with no real plans... Ian Sorensen - Principal Player (2009) Reno. Shane Tolomeo - Principal Player (2009) Reno Christopher Daniels - Principal Player (2009) From Michigan, met Jessica at UW- Madison, moved to Reno in 2009 to join The Utility Players Joseph Garton - Principal Player (2009) Reno Stacy Johnson - Principal Player (2011) Reno Emily Skyle-Golden - Principal Player (2011) Chicago Derek Sonderfan - Principal Musician (2013) New York Taryn Gomez - started as an UPiT, became a principal player (2014) Las Vegas Now in their 6th year in Reno, The Utility Players have been asked back to The Jester for their 9th season. See them before they’re famous! Reno Tahoe Tonight 75

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Monday = Movie Night Tuesday = Ladies Night Wednesday = Trivia Night Thursday = Wine Night Happy Hour 3p-6p daily

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Words are impossible little creatures. They break rules. They break hearts. They thrive on madness. They leave disaster in their wake. Sometimes though, poetry swoops in to save the day. — introduction to love jaywalks

love jaywalks | Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Poems from the novel Waking Up At Rembrandt's Part of the beauty of love jaywalks lies not in its origins, as poems from the novel, but in these poems’ ability to stand alone from the novel and to tell their own story.

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Review Text Oliver X Photo Tony Contini

Karma – Aural Pleasure Karma is that band that geekend audiophiles, used record store clerks, and poser baristas wish they were in. Effortlessly cool, consciously aware of their influences, but not derivative thereof, they’re hipper, smarter and better looking than you, but they don’t have to say it. It’s known. Rock n roll is about swagger; the capturing of the uncoiled moment of chaotic anarchic bliss made palpable by its pure, uncut brilliance. On their four-song debut EP titled Aural Pleasure, Karma has it in towering spades. The energy and impossible blender-full of the best elements of rock’s antihero pantheon, bursts forth and puts the listener in a chokehold submission instantly. On my favorite track, (fuck it, they’re all my favorite) the punkish garage ditty “Goin' Nowhere,” comparisons to Exene Cervenka and John Doe’s “Los Angeles” of the group X are inevitable, but actually fall short to Karma’s sheer torque. Rippin’ lead guitarist/organist/vocalist and overall bad muthafucka Michelle Belle is a wailing sexy banshee bitch you wanna bang through the speaker cone, she’s so raw. Guitarist vocalist Greg Gilmore is fat Jim Morrison (circa “LA Woman”) meets Joey Ramone, beer brawling through histrionic vocal turns and moans—and it’s magic, kinetic and addictive. On “Eyes Red,” bassist Adam Springob’s feathery falsetto has the youthful tone

of early Neil Young, and the group harmonies are spot on. The track’s understated theatrical chorus reminds me of David Bowie’s mid seventies hit “Young American” that featured stellar backing vocal performances by then unknowns Tony Basil and Luther Vandross. Never in your dreams would you imagine that the group, made up of bassist Adam Springob (The Kanes), ex Scarlet Presence drummer Carter Stellon, the aforementioned Belle--also from the Scarlet Presence-and Gilmore (The Kanes), has only been together for just under three months! Few bands have the balls to cut a four-song EP. Their egos demand more presence in the final studio mixes than their talent requires. With this record, superbly recorded at Dogwater Studios, listeners will want more from the quartet, who all shared writing duties. Karma is a band. See why Aural Pleasure is flat out the most ambitious indie Rock record of 2014, period. Pick up the new EP at Recycled Records December 20, 2014. And don’t miss Karma and special guests Rigorous Proof and Clementine’s Knight on December 20, 2014 at the Singer Social Club. $5 door cover. 21+ 8pm doors.

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Theater Written by Shad Willingham Directed by Joe Atack Starring Gary Cremeans II, Jon Lutz, John Blomberg, Weston Spann, Robert Grant, Ryan Kelly and Mary Bennett

Brüka’s Ham for the Holidays Stop the press; Bruka is NOT doing another Buttcracker this year! But fear not, Mary Bennett and company are still bringing the laughs this holiday season with a dandy production of the hilarious farce Ham for the Holidays. We spoke to Bennett and HFTH director Joe Atack about the play and how it found its way to the Brüka stage here in their 22nd season. RTT: What's the play about and how does the plot unfold? Mary Bennett: Brüka’s holiday offering, Ham for the Holidays is an “original” piece written by Shad Willingham, who worked with Joe Atack as an actor at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. Ham for the Holidays is a hilarious farce set in a

96 Reno Tahoe Tonight

fictional town in Georgia, Hamlin. It is Christmas Eve 1939 and the local radio station WHAM (pronounced W-HAM) has a special one-off performance planned for Christmas. WHAM has gathered its radio actors together and with the Orson Welles on his way to the station to join the cast for the performance there is great excitement all-round. Unfortunately Georgia has been hit with a freak snowstorm and neither Orson Welles, nor the script for the performance, arrive. “Ham for the Holidays” is a warm-hearted homage to traditional farce with its broad character sketches and pratfalls, and just the lightest tip of the hat to the screwball comedies of the 1930s. The excitement around celebrity and entertainment, especially in and around Atlanta with premiere of Gone with the Wind was magnificent for the time, some say even by today’s standards.

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teaching, nurturing, supporting... locally 17 South Virginia Street Reno, NV 89501

Calendar of Events IN THE GALLERY PRINT



A group show of original and limited edition prints and sculpture from Art Walk Reno's 2014 featured artists and the Nevada Woodchucks. December 2-31 Reception, Dec. 4 Artists include: Bryce Chisholm, Natasha Stanton, Erik Holland, Mallory Mishler, Candace Nicol, Michelle Nelsen, Rachael Holton Monika Piper Johnson, Josie Luciano


NINA CONTI, Her Master's Voice 12/10: No one has seen ventriloquism like this before. 12pm, BYO Lunch, FREE

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm

Become a member and support... Sierra Arts Foundation is the local arts agency where our mission is to educate, nurture, and support the arts in Northern Nevada and Northeastern California.

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775 . 3 24 . 278 7



Mo n -S at 1 0a m-7 pm & S u n 1 1 am - 6 p m Stu n n i n g Ar r a y O f H a nd m ad e G las s Pip es F r o m A w ard W in nin g Art ist s Jew e l r y Ac c e s s or i e s & Clo thing F o r Men & Wo m en Ful l Li n e O f Wi l d B e r ry H and m ad e A m er ican I ncense Ove r 150 Ar t P r i n t s & Po s ter s

Rtt dec 2014 digital final new  

The December 2014 Digital RTT (Revised) is now live featuring Britton Griffith-Douglass, Britts 'N' Pieces, The Virginia Street Antique Mall...

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