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10 Mear One 14 Nolan Preece Bonus 16 Peter Goin: Codices of NV & Beyond


20 Toasting the Riverwalk


36 Black Hole Piercing 18th B-Day 38 Todd Green Concert


42 Chocolate Walrus Bonus 44 Ling & Louie's Asian Bar & Grill 52 FOOD TALK 54 FREESTYLE 60 GRACE NOTES


62 Moms with Guns...


64 1 Up Bar Nightclub and Arcade 66 Dreamer's Cafe



68 Bath & Body Gifts!


72 Filmmaker Bryon Evans 76 Artist Tony Walker


78 Zombie Crawl Field Notes 80 RTT Picks!



82 by Devon T. Reese


84 Handmade Holidays 88 SEAN CARY

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90 THE LIGHT FACTOR 90 Stompin' on the Savoy

92 Thee Reverend Rory Dowd 92 Anarchy in the RNO






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Photography by David Marshall Fleming Reno Zombie Crawl @ Rise Nightclub Saturday, October 27, 2012

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12/10 Dean Rossi’s Drum Circle 6pm - Free! 12/13 Singer Songwriters In The Round Shane Whitecloud, Mike Reynolds, Scott Turek and Tovah Goodman 7:30pm showtime - all ages - $7 cover


Rick Hammond Band

7pm - $5

12/16 Coffee, Tea and Harps 12pm - Free!

come and see the shows in our super hip lounge ... and while you’re here feel free to indulge in some of our awesome wine, coffee, beer, & food!

Saturday wine & beer tastings every week from 5 to 7 “Sundays are swill” we have brunch and mimosas every Sunday from 10 to 2 and locally crafted crafts from indie crafters of Reno.

33 66 L a k e s i d e C o u r t • R en o

[775] 823 .9876

Editor's LEttEr

Oliver X

Text Oliver X Photo Debbie McCarthy


oly QB controversy sports fans! UNR  star Colin Kaepernick is setting  the league on fire--one stellar  performance at a time--as the 49’ers  brass struggle to decide who will be  behind center to lead them now and  into what looks to be a very promising future as  the pride of the NFC West and legitimate perennial  championship contenders.  You say a starter can’t  lose his job to injury?  Well, if you ask a certain  former Patriot quarterback named Drew he’ll tell  you it happened to him because he bled so.      All is still not well in Lakerland (I recently watched  courtside as the Lakeshow got derailed by the  hapless Kings) even with the addition of Kobe’s  childhood idol Mike D’Antoni to the big boy seat.   Time will tell, but it looks like Lakers alum Michael  Thompson had it right when he said this Lakers  team will struggle for a while against tough Pacific  Division competition.     Congrats to RTT contributors Nellie Davis and  Bryon Evans for their RAW Awards wins in the  categories of Best Hair Design and Best Filmmaker  respectively.   The performances rocked and it was  a blast to judge the event alongside Artown’s Beth  MacMillan and Junkee’s Jessica Schneider.    Time flies when you’re having fun and it’s been an  awesome year of growth, change and expansion  for us here at Reno Tahoe Tonight.  We said 

2   Reno Tahoe Tonight

good-bye to design associate Nicole Oshan and  Photo Editor Chris Holloman.  Both are immensely  talented and are already busy pursuing other  creative outlets.  It’s been exciting to welcome  new blood to our pages this year, as columnists L.  Martina Young and Emily and Devon Reese join our  ranks.  Copy Editor Elisika Arango has really made  a significant and much appreciated contribution  to our readability and literacy.  Elisika’s teenage  son Nathan has also joined our spartan design  crew and become a valued creative asset.   Photographers Frank Haxton and Amy Hunter have  made a huge artistic impact this year and we hope  to continue working with them professionally.  But  the bulk of the props have to go to our Art Director  Grae Warren, who has invested nearly all of his  free time, family time and personal time to making  RTT the publication that it has become.  Film critic,  designer, webmaster, layout editor—Grae does  it all.  A quiet, humble gent, Grae’s passion for  detail and high design standards have elevated  the magazine, allowing us to find new audiences  and earn the recognition we richly deserve for our  commitment to art, community and culture here  in Reno-Tahoe.  As always we salute the hard work  of all our contributors.  The fam keeps on growing  and we’re gonna keep on going. 

Reno Tahoe Tonight 7


Text Elisika Arango Photo Tim Nicol

There’s been that nagging voice in my head the last few weeks. You know the one, “Nice flabby arms;” “Suck in the gut or you won’t be able to button those jeans;” “When were you at the gym last?” That voice. So I had set the intention; yesterday was the day I would get back into the routine and do some kind of exercise every day, starting with a walk outdoors. Of course I woke up exhausted, I had tossed and turned and not slept well and my weather app said 39 degrees. You can imagine I came up with a number of reasons why it would be ok to start tomorrow, but I laced up my shoes and stayed my course.


eing outside amidst nature is my temple; the sun, the birds, the trees instantly soothe me and I am always overcome with a sense of peace. I have a very strong Catholic upbringing and a strong faith in a higher power that I call God, but his wonder and power is revealed to me in nature not in a building, and these walks outdoors--while good for my physical body--serve my spiritual body much more. Deficient in Vitamin D, as most of us are, and overwhelmed by life and the everyday stresses of work, money, family, elections and more--it was really my soul that needed that walk. Looking for something uplifting and positive I tuned into Hay House Radio and Dr. Christiane Northrup was on, she was sharing about a retreat she had recently attended with a Shaman who was talking about the trees. What I took from her talk was that trees have a similar vibration to human beings and as they enter into winter and shed their leaves they become grounded and look to the earth for nourishment through winter. This intrigued me and I intend to look into it deeper and understand it more fully, but the idea has stuck with me the last two days. 8 Reno Tahoe Tonight

What can I shed and what can I do to nourish myself through winter? These are interesting questions to consider as we head into the holiday season and our focus is on others, attending parties, giving parties, and buying gifts. It’s not now or really ever in our nature to take time to nourish ourselves, but plants do it, animals do it, why can’t we? What would happen if I took fifteen minutes every morning to meditate; if I took 40 minutes every day to be one with God and nature? In turn what would happen if I shed the guilt that spurs that voice nagging at me about what I haven’t done or could have done better? My gift to myself this holiday season is going to be just that: to allow myself to be nourished; to love myself more and give to myself first so that I might have more to give to those who are meaningful to me; to accept my actions for what they are and tell that voice to fly south. Happy Holidays! Elisika Arango is practically a Reno native having lived here over 30 years. She is a Holistic Health and Happiness Coach working to help you achieve balance, energy and abundance in your life. www.

valid 7 days a week. valid towards one single purchase, per person, per day. management reserves all rights. good towards purchases in java jungle or jungle vino

valid 7 days a week. valid towards one single purchase, per person, per day. management reserves all rights. good towards purchases in java jungle or jungle vino


Mear One Appearing: December 28, 2012 at Cosmic Creations Tattoo at The Bijous Center - 949 Balbijou Road South Lake Tahoe, California - All Day

Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight MEAR ONE (Kalen Ockerman, b. 1971, Santa Cruz, CA) is a contemporary American artist based in Los Angeles who began his career in 1986 as a graffiti artist living in Los Angeles.


EAR ONE has been labeled as "The Michelangelo of Graffiti" and "The Salvador Dali of Hip-Hop." He is considered by many to be LA's most prolific graffiti artist because of the way he revolutionized graffiti with his fine art realism, breaking out of traditional 2D letter forms, and using perspective to develop complex characters with dynamic backgrounds in epic scale. By the early 1990's, he had established a large fan base through his notorious work on the streets; underground hip-hop album covers featuring his iconic imagery, and his involvement in pioneering early street wear clothing and graffiti culture. In 1993, MEAR was the first graffiti artists from Los Angeles to travel to Tokyo and paint graffiti in front of a live public audience. In the mid 90's, hip-hop imagery and cultural icons in his work were replaced with a deeper, more introspective conversation based around a politically disillusioned reality that he felt hip-hop had ceased to address. At this point he began his transition from street graffiti to canvas paintings, and began his first body of acrylic and airbrushed paintings. In 1996 MEAR ONE began performing at live events, and coined the term "Live Art" to describe the spontaneous, performative, and interactive act of painting in front of a live audience, which he considered akin to freestyle poetry and music. In 1998, MEAR was given the back editorial page of URB Magazine, "The Final Exam," which served as his vehicle for social commentary for a span of 33 issues over 3 years. In 1999, MEAR ONE was acknowledged for his contribution to graffiti art by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, during their exhibition, Roots, Rhyme, + Rage:

10 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 11


Mear One The Hip-Hop Story, commemorating 20 years of hip-hop history. In 2000, MEAR ONE was selected among the world's most accomplished graffiti artists for Guernsey’s Graffiti Art: The Auction, in conjunction with the Bronx Museum's first major exhibition on graffiti art in the United States. In 2002, MEAR had his ground-breaking solo exhibition at the politically oriented 33 1/3 Gallery in Los Angeles, the site where Bansky would make his Los Angeles debut later that year. In 2004, MEAR ONE, Robbie Conal, and Shepard Fairey organized a cross-country art tour, Be the Revolution, to raise awareness of the evils of the Bush-Cheney campaign. In 2010, MEAR joined with Kofie, Mac and Retna to form Vox Humana, a Live Art painting installation, which performed at The Los Angeles Art Show, and Volta 6 Art Fair in Basel, Switzerland. In 2010, MEAR painted Live Art at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in front of 90,000 people and was voted one of the "Most Interesting People to See at Coachella" by LA Weekly. In 2011, MEAR ONE was selected to be showcased in two critically acclaimed museum exhibitions of street art and graffiti, Art in the Streets at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and Street Cred at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. MEAR ONE's work is inspired by ancient technology, science, philosophy, mythology and mysticism, along with political and cultural revolution, and notions of the apocalypse. MEAR creates his own mythology from pop culture icons and important historic persons that have shaped our structured reality. He uses art as a tool to express his feelings of frustration with what he feels is a broken system. MEAR uses visual language to provide a critical viewpoint that exposes the history of corruption in America and the world at large. The diversity in his work often depicts an experience of transcendence in sharp contrast with depictions of the horrors of humanity, war, and oppression. His current body of work can be described as a series of allegorical oil paintings that draw upon history, mythology, political theory, conspiracy theory, modern myths, and current events. Stylistically he has been described as "urban psychedelic surreal," and is perhaps best known for his climactic battle scenes taking place under broad expansive cityscapes with billowing cumulous clouds. Selected recent exhibitions include: Art in the Streets, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los

12 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Angeles (2011), Street Cred, Pasadena Museum of California Art (2011), Scope Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland (2010), Volta 6 Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland (2010), Los Angeles Art Show (2010), Vox Humana: El Mac, Kofie, Mear One, and Retna, Rivera & Rivera Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2010). Additional selected past exhibitions include: Mearasma, 01 Gallery, Los Angeles, California (2008), Pacific Northfresh, Upper Playground, Seattle, Washington (2008), Languedocalifornia, Salle Dominique Bagouet, Montpellier, France (2007), Manifest Energy and Radiate, Upper Playground, Portland, Oregon (2007), Celebrate Mickey: 75 Inspirations, Sotheby's, New York, New York (2005), Los Angeles Biennial, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California (2004), 100 Artists See Satan, CSUF Grand Central Arts Center, Los Angeles, California (2004), Juxtapoz 8th Anniversary Art Show, Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA (2002), Destroying Normality, 33 1/3 Gallery, Los Angeles, California (2002), Made In California, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA (2000), Last Thursday, Orlando Museum of Fine Art, Orlando, FL (2000), Poster Renaissance, New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA (1999), Calivera Kustom, Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (1998), Mear One, 01 Gallery, Los Angeles, California (1997), New Directions: Chaz Bojorquez and Mear One, 01 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (1996). Editor’s Note: I was blessed to be able to work with Mear One back in 2002 at my concert at The Palace in Hollywood as the artist did a large scale live painting, sharing the stage with the Crown City Rockers, The Visionaries, Freestyle Fellowship’s Myka 9, and Digital Underground’s Chopmaster J. Check out Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na as he gives a shout out to Mear One during our interview with the rapper earlier this year: http:// digitalv_issuu/78. Don’t miss a rare local appearance by one of the most important and prolific artists on earth. Mear One December 28, 2012 at Cosmic Creations Tattoo at The Bijous Center - 949 Balbijou Road South Lake Tahoe, California. Mear One will be doing a small live painting and all day meet and greet at Cosmic Creations from 11am – 9pm with free food and beer for attendees. Mear One will also be painting live at the SnowGlobe after parties and events on December 29, 30, 31.


Nolan Preece to Exhibit Chemigrams and Glass Prints @ the Pub Gallery November 29 to January 15, 2013 at Wildflower Village in West Reno

Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

Nolan Preece will be featured in a solo exhibition at Wildflower Village in the Pub Gallery November 29 through January 15, 2013.


is work will involve “chemigrams” a  photographic process developed by  Pierre Cordier in the 1950’s and with new  innovations proposed by Preece in the  early 1980’s.  Preece explains, “Chemistry is key to  ‘analog’ photography.  Light sensitive emulsions,  usually silver halide, respond to chemicals just as  readily as to light creating not only unique visual  effects in black and white but also color on black  and white photographic papers.”  Preece will  exhibit new work with chemigrams created in 2011  and 2012 as well as some of his early work.     Also in this exhibition, Preece will show work he  has done with what is known as “glass prints” or in 

14 Reno Tahoe Tonight

French, “cliché verre,” meaning “glass negative.”   “By painting on glass with various substances,  that glass can then be printed in a photographic  enlarger as you would a film negative.  The range  of possibilities is endless,” says Preece.  He  jokingly calls his glass prints “Nolangrams” after  a discovery he made in 1979 using smoke to form  the image on the glass.  Both his chemigrams  and glass prints have recently been published in  Photo Technique Magazine and Silvershotz: The International Journal of Fine Art Photography.   He was also honored this past month by having  his portfolio of chemigrams accepted into the  Silvershotz Folio 2012 which will be published in  a special edition and distributed to 20 different  countries.  Also see: Preece’s exhibition can be seen at the Wildflower  Village Pub Gallery at 4275 West Fourth Street in  Reno.  There is an opening planned for November  29, 2012 from 6pm-10pm. For more information  contact Pat Campbell Cozzi at 775-827-5250.

december 8th, 2012

Tony Walker’s Double Feature 30th BDay Bash!

Prt 1 @Holland Project



Moondog Matinee&

BIG BAD& Memory Motel& Rigorous Proof& Mark Sexton Band

Prt 2 @Chapel Tavern


Buster Blue&


($4.w/Prt 1.Stub)

Drinking With Clowns& Whitney Myer& Knowone(Knowledge)

Celebrate a special night of music, friends & life!

All Proceeds from this event will go t’wards

Think Kindness

and their continuous efforts to bring community members like Whitney Myer, Chari Smith and myself to Africa to teach, inspire and empower the the youth of today for a better tomorrow

We can all make a difference


Peter Goin: Codices of Nevada and Beyond

Exhibition: Nov. 27, 2012 - Jan. 3, 2013 Artist Reception: Thursday, November 29, 5 - 7 pm

Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

Sierra Arts Gallery is proud to present the work of artist Peter Goin for a solo exhibition.


eter's photographs have been exhibited in more than fifty museums nationally and internationally, and he is the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships. Peter's video work has earned him an EMMY nomination as well as the Best Experimental Video Award at the 2001 New York International Film & Video Festival. At the turn of the new century, Peter was awarded the Nevada Governor's Millennium Arts Award for Excellence in the Arts. Goin’s current body of work deals with the development of symbol and language. The visual narrative panels of Nevada Codices are chronicles of the evolution of a visual language. Interpreting the style, format, and seriousness of pre-Columbian book-style codices, Nevada Codices are panels printed on high quality Hahnamuhle watercolor paper,44” x 60” or larger. 16 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Goin describes these panels as the early stages of creating a pictographic language using recognizable symbols, from Nevada’s cattle brands to editorial shorthand marks to petroglyphic extracts, and beyond. The pure colors of agriculture and the pictorial symbols within urban environments– such as the walking figure from stoplights – are harmonized into kaleidoscopic optical illusions. These explorations are preliminary studies in developing alphabets, symbols, signs, and simulated language elements that portent to be the building blocks of the narrative form. Peter Goin, Chair of the Department of Art at the University of Nevada, Reno, and Foundation Professor, is the author of Tracing the Line: A Photographic Survey of the Mexican-American Border (limited edition artist book, 1987), Nuclear Landscapes (The Johns Hopkins University Press,

1991), Stopping Time: A Rephotographic Survey of Lake Tahoe with essays by C. Elizabeth Raymond and Robert E. Blesse (University of New Mexico Press, 1992), and Humanature (University of Texas Press, 1996). He served as editor of a fifth book, Arid Waters: Photographs from the Water in the West Project (University of Nevada Press, 1992). Peter is also co-author of numerous books, including the Atlas of the New West, a collaborative effort with members of the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado at Boulder; A Doubtful River(University of Nevada Press, 2000) a project that examines the complex watershed of the first federal irrigation dam, the Newlands Project; and, Changing Mines in America (Center for American Places distributed by the University of Chicago Press, 2004) reinterpreting the legacy and importance of mining landscapes throughout the United States. In 2005, Peter and Paul F.

Starrs served as co-authors of the seminal BLACK ROCK (University of Nevada Press), a dedicated investigation of a phenomenal desert region in northern Nevada. In fall of 2009, the Black Rock Institute Press published the Fine Art limited edition, slip-cased book titled Nevada Rock Art, Peter’s focused study on Nevada’s petroglyphs and pictographs. Reflecting his long-standing work studying Lake Tahoe, Peter was the author of South Lake Tahoe: Then & Now and co-author with Paul F. Starrs of A Field Guide to California Agriculture that won the J. B. Jackson Prize for publishing excellence. For more information on Sierra Arts Foundation exhibits and programs, please visit www.sierra-arts. org/ or call: 775-329-2787

Reno Tahoe Tonight 17

Toasting the Riverwalk



Riverwalk Text Oliver X and Courtney Meredith Cover Photo Frank Haxton Digiman Studio Additional photos courtesy of RWMA

With all the well-earned hoopla about the rise of the newly hip MidTown business hub, folks might forget that the epicenter of Reno arts, entertainment and culture is still downtown’s Riverwalk District.


ure downtown has its blemishes, but the 50+ member strong consortium of downtown small businesses and residential developments that make up the Riverwalk Merchants Association represent the most culturally diverse and eclectic collection of merchants in Reno. RTT celebrates this holiday season with our annual print feature on the wonderful establishments that call the Riverwalk District home. Dine, shop and sip local for the holidays in the district that boasts the highest concentration of award-winning restaurants, shops, bars and clubs in northern Nevada. The Riverwalk District has it all!

20 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 21

Toasting the Riverwalk Text Oliver X Photo Frank Haxton

Wild River Grille Wild River Grille owner Chuck Shapiro continues to refine and expand his landmark Riverwalk location in the historic Riverside Hotel.


is posh and popular banquet areas-River Room and the City Room—are  favored by corporations, non-profits  and private groups for special events  and gatherings large and small.  Below  Shapiro talks about Wild River Grille’s seasonal  offerings for the holidays. Reno Tahoe Tonight: Wild River Grille always has one of the best prix fixe menus in town during the holidays. What will you be serving up this season? Can patrons still make holiday reservations for dinner? Chuck Shapiro:  New Year's Eve will be the  big night this holiday for a gourmet prix fixe  menu.  Our Chefs, Joe Bell and Jessica Marrufo  are offering a fantastic 4 course feast with  seatings throughout the night and there will be  live music to ring in the New Year.  Pan seared  chimmichurri marinated lamb chops is just one  of several scrumptious dinner choices.  Throughout the holiday we will be offering  special menus and custom arrangements for  larger parties.  We have several great spaces for  up to 80.  Big or small, groups can go for total  privacy or just make a large reservation.  Either  way, we love to do it and we always go the extra  mile to ensure a perfectly executed special  occasion. Reno Tahoe Tonight: The River Room and your new City Room are excellent places for corporate and private gatherings. Talk about the design and decor of those rooms. How can interested parties book their engagements there?

22 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Chuck Shapiro:  Yes the River Room with its  retro-metropolitan open city feel has become  an ultra hot ticket for the group parties.  And  we’ve just built the new and chic “City Room,”  which has a photographic cityscape of Reno by  Jeff Dow covering one entire wall.  It serves as  our private room for up to 20 people.  Interested  parties are encouraged to call our business line  during normal operatng hours. Reno Tahoe Tonight: The local food movement has really taken hold here in Reno. Is locally sourced fare finding their way onto your menu? Chuck Shapiro:  Buying local is extremely  important to us.  We use local suppliers as  much as possible and those items are woven  throughout our menus. To name a few, we buy  veggies from Lattin Farms in Fallon, micro  greens from Earth Alchemy Farms in Reno,  honey from Joy’s Honey Ranch in Reno.  But we  don’t stop there, we feature local baked breads  from House of Bread, beer from local breweries,  and we have a great selection of El Dorado  County wines.  We try to support our fellow  independent businesses here in the community  and we are grateful when they support us.

Toasting the Riverwalk December 31, 2012

Wild River Grille NEW YEAR'S EVE

5 Star Saloon

The 5 Star Saloon – the oldest GLBTQ bar in Reno – is a friendly, sassy place to enjoy a nice drink with a welcoming crowd. 5 Star Saloon features pool tables, live shows, live DJs, an Internet

Photo by Jeff Dow

FIRST Seared Sea Scallop

crab risotto cake, shrimp & roasted tomato white wine sauce or Roasted Beet Gnocchi beet greens, freshly grated parmesan

SECOND Venison Stew locally harvested vegetables, buttermilk biscuit or Salad of Baby Greens & Pears Pt. Reyes bleu cheese, candied pecans, pear vinaigrette

THIRD Grilled Filet Mignon onion rings, truffle aioli, whipped yukons or Pan-Seared Lamb Chops chimichurri marinade, potato galette or Columbia River Steelhead ‘en Papillote’ charmoula pesto, sautéed spaetzle or Truffled Wild Mushroom Ravioli creamy madeira sauce

DESSERT Champagne Toast & Shared Dessert chocolate tart with hazelnut crust, fried ricotta zeppoli, blood orange pots de crème Seatings available from 5:00 to 10:30 pm $65 per person Tax and gratuity additional 24 Reno Tahoe Tonight

jukebox, and free wireless Internet service. Smoking is allowed. Best of all, there’s no cover charge, and they are open 24 hours a day. Free parking at the First Street Parking Gallery with validation.

Antiques & Treasures Downtown

Antiques and Treasures Antique Mall is located in the heart of the Riverwalk District in downtown Reno. Recently they celebrated their seventh anniversary and are located in the historic Barengo Building (formerly Parker’s Western Wear Store). They have over sixty diverse dealers, three unique

Antiques & Treasures

levels, 17,000 square feet, and are open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Art, glassware, china, ceramics, furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles, musical instruments, stamps, casino memorabilia, books, records, comic books, ephemera, and much, much more! Looking for the perfect gift for collectors? Antiques & Treasures is the place to shop.


Next to the historic First United Methodist Church of Reno, Bar is located in the ground floor of a 1936

brick building, at the corner of West First and Roff Way. It’s a great place to have drinks with friends, listen to music, play darts and shoot some pool. With two-dollar PBR pints, three dollar domestic beers and four-dollar wine, Bar is an affordable and pleasant alternative to the large casinos. Come and enjoy the simplicity of an authentic downtown drinking establishment with Happy Hour from 4 to 6:15pm each evening.

Beaujolais Bistro

Beaujolais Bistro is a small, cozy bistro specializing in country French cuisine. Their beef, Beaujolais Bistro

pork, and lamb is supplied by Niman Ranch and the fish is flown in directly from Maine. They offer a four-course Prix Fixe menu and wine pairing, in addition to their regular menu and the wine list features both French and Californian wines.


Located inside the West Street Market, Bowl is a newer addition offering refined comfort food with fresh and honest flavors. Using whole ingredients to create house made dishes, Bowl embraces the lost art of making food from scratch.

Bumblebee Blooms Flower Boutique

Bumblebee Blooms Flower Boutique is a unique flower & gift shop offering seasonal decor, original custom floral designs, plants, orchids, dish-gardens, gourmet gift-baskets featuring Village du Gourmet, artisan honey, teas & bees wax bath & body products. Specializing in beautiful sympathy & tribute designs as well as weddings & special event planning. Parking is available exclusively for customers just off Court Street in the parking garage of the Sierra Vista Building.


CAMPO serves up authentic rustic cuisine. The menu at this riverfront eatery is constantly changing based on what’s seasonal and available. They feature authentic Neapolitan

style pizza, along with making their salami and pastas in house. CAMPO roughly translated means “gathering place” in Italian, and that’s what they strive to be, a neighborhood place where folks can come together to eat, greet and enjoy great food. So come, gather, eat and enjoy. Salute!

Dharma Books

Dharma Books is Reno’s premier Used, Rare and Out-of-Print Bookstore. Carrying a wide selection of books in all subjects, with particular emphasis on Classic Literature, Art, Dharma Books

Photography, Nevada and The West, History, and Signed Editions. Dharma Books is often considered the area’s most progressive venue for literary events in downtown Reno.

Brüka Theatre

An award-winning centerpiece of the downtown theater arts community, Brüka Theatre is a performance art space located on the main street in the Biggest Little City in the Riverwalk. Over ten years old, Brüka started as a children’s theatre and has since grown to include many forms of performance art. Original plays, classic and contemporary plays, musicals, children’s plays, and dance.

Eye Candy Salon

Eye Candy Salon was established in May of 2011. They are a full-service hair salon specializing in all aspects of hair design. Eye Candy offers a variety of ways to schedule an appointment. You can call them directly at 775.336.0285, schedule online at, or just pop-in at 122 West Second Street. If you’re passing by make sure to stop in and take a look at the artwork; they rotate new local artists in every three months. Go ahead and “like” Eye Candy Salon on Facebook; that’s where you will find all the new and exciting events happening at the salon.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 25

Toasting the Riverwalk First United Methodist Church

Imperial Bar & Lounge

The First United Methodist Church of Reno has been in existence since 1868, making this the oldest church in Reno. They have been at the present location for more than 80 years. They are always pleased to welcome new visitors and tourists and have been active in revitalizing the downtown area by initiating many activities to enhance our community.

Fuego For Tapas & Vino

Spanish tapas (small plates) Sangria and Fun! Fuego is an open, friendly, and inviting fullservice restaurant and bar offering Spanish Tapas, Wines, Sherries, Ports, and Margaritas with Spanish, American, and South of the Border influences. Fuego is a great place to socialize after work or dine before a show! They frequently offer live music on Fridays, Ladies night, and a great daily Happy Hour.

Fuego For   Tapas & Vino

Hookåva Lounge

Hookåva is Reno’s premier hookah lounge and bar. Hookåva features a relaxed atmosphere and is a great place to unwind from the hectic day. Specializing in several varieties of flavored tobaccos, including Raspberry Margarita, Maui Wowi, Chocolate Éclair, Strawberry Lemonade, Butterscotch and Champagne. They have a variety of beers, either on tap or bottled, and several wines from which to select, including Nathanson Creek and Rodney Strong. Make sure to order their ever-so-popular Kalimotxo.

Imperial Bar & Lounge

The Imperial Bar and Lounge is a centrist joint, a place with something for everyone, and with special appeal to locals. The Imperial has a raw warehouse feeling complemented with the modern amenities of comfort and style. You might call it a “gastropub.” There’s the homey atmosphere of a traditional pub, but food that tops any traditional “pub grub.” They feature a 26 Reno Tahoe Tonight

diverse selection of beers on tap, and the highest quality, bang-for-your-buck wine selection.

Java Jungle

Java Jungle has been a long standing Reno favorite amongst locals. This popular location is bursting with artistic flare from the mosaic tiled floor with lively circular patterns to the long time friendly staff. The walls are adorned with pictures, paintings, and murals created by jungle employees and Reno artists. The entrance and counters are covered with posters of Reno bands and other local events. Java Jungle provides the ultimate coffee house experience, serving superior coffee, espresso drinks, tapas, pizzas and gourmet sandwiches in a friendly, inviting Java Jungle

urban jungle. Java Jungle features weekly poetry, art, and music events, free Wireless Internet (WiFi), lunch delivery and office catering.

Jungle Vino

Jungle Vino symbolizes the exuberant maturation of a new downtown Reno, emphasizing fine wine and food in an intimate and sophisticated setting. One of the funnest features is the cork lined walls and the local Jungle Vino

showcasing some of these amazing handcrafted items, they’re encouraging the community to remain conscious of our environment. La Terra Verte is a tremendous eco-friendly boutique featuring recycled and handmade products and gifts from around the world, such as glassware, purses, wallets, jewelry and stationery, made locally and globally from a variety of found and repurposed chopsticks, inner tubes, bike chains, soda tabs, and so much more!

Men Wielding Fire

In 2003, Jack and his partner at the time Mike Sylvester, started Men Wielding Fire out of their passion for fine food, barbecue and pure fun. Today, Men Wielding Fire has taken off like wild fire, catering weddings, corporate events, private parties, large sporting events and casual to elegant affairs. The family-style sit down restaurant located near the Aces ballpark, features a great bar, outside patio seating area and a delicious menu.

art displays. Jungle Vino features a full-service bar, local art, weekly wine tastings, and special events. One of the best discoveries is the Jungle regulars creating a small vibrant community where the wine is always flowing, the coffee is brewing and inspiration is lurking in every corner.

Labels Consignment Boutique Located downtown you’ll find Reno’s finest and most exciting designer resale store. This strictly upscale 3,000 square feet of elegance is a designer shopper’s dream come true. A local Reno favorite, Labels has been selling designer apparel since 1993. Owner Blythe Anderson and her experienced fashion consultants will be happy to provide you with the best in fashion and friendly service for any season.

La Terre Verte

Unique. Sustainable. Chic. La Terre Verte opened in 2006 with a mission to support the many talented folks who give new life to old materials with preservation of the environment in mind. By

Men Wielding Fire

National Automobile Museum

The National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection) offers a wide array of more than 200 antique, classic, and specialty cars in both period street scene settings and changing specialty exhibits that transport visitors back to the time when those cars prowled America’s highways and byways. The National Automobile Museum was recently ranked as the “Top Five” automobile museums in Reno Tahoe Tonight 27

Toasting the Riverwalk the nation. The Museum is currently featuring an exhibit on delivery vehicles of the past--it’s well worth the visit!

downtown Reno, Pfpco.’s Noble Pie Parlor has come together as a collective idea to uphold the principles of incredible pizza and craft beers Pfpco.’s NOBLE PIE PARLOR

National Automobile  Museum

Nikos Greek Kitchen

The most celebrated Greek restaurant in northern Nevada serves up Gyros with sass and a smile.

Ole Bridge Pub

The Ole Bridge Pub is Downtown Reno’s premier riverfront location. Featuring an elevated private patio beneath the Palladio Condos and located across from the Riverside Movie theaters. It’s an Old World Pub feel with dark wood throughout. OBP is sure to provide the “Beer Geek” with sensory overload when looking over our beer selection. A custom built shuffle board and five 50” plasma TV’s will also keep you entertained. Come enjoy a specialty pint or bottle while listening to music and watching the Truckee River on Ole Bridge’s Private Patio!

Old Granite Street Eatery

Old Granite Street Eatery is a casual affordable everyday option for neighbors and the community to share in great food and drink. The tasty menu reflects their passion to provide familiar, comforting dishes with an emphasis on quality ingredients combined with constantly rotating craft beer selections, focused wine options and handcrafted cocktails. The rustic interior and handsome dining room decor make Old Granite Street perfect for an afternoon lunch visit or dinner with friends.


Handcrafted oven-fired New York style pizzas and delicious award-winning chicken wings, as well as vegan and gluten free options have helped Noble Pie Parlor (formerly Pie-Face Pizza) build a rabid customer base. Located in the underbelly of the historic El Cortez Hotel in 28 Reno Tahoe Tonight

shared in the company of friends and family. The popular pie parlor offers the ultimate dinein experience with a fun, hip atmosphere in a modern rustic setting. With highlighted events throughout the week, their intention is to nourish and develop relationships between arts and music lovers through featured galleries and all ages shows.

Pizza Reno

Housed in one of Reno’s oldest buildings Pizza Reno provides Classic and Gourmet Pizzas as well as wings, ribs, salads and appetizers. The atmosphere is old Reno in an old restored brick building dating back to 1878. Also included is a full service bar, 2 outdoor patios and a customer Pizza Reno

Pioneer Center for   the Performing Arts

parking lot for 15 cars. Pizza Reno is a great downtown pizzeria with plenty of room for large groups and special events.

Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts

Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts is the home of our area’s most prominent performing arts organizations, including the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra, Nevada Opera Association, and A.V.A. Ballet Theatre. The Pioneer also hosts “Broadway Comes to Reno.”With more than 100 performances a year, from dance to opera, concerts to Broadway productions, we offer something for everyone.

Plaza On The River

Just steps from the river and Reno’s famous whitewater park, Plaza on the River is a peaceful, gaming-free oasis in the Riverwalk District. Enjoy one of their spacious guest rooms with views of the beautiful architecture, mountains, and river corridor. The Plaza features a large indoor pool and game room with billiard tables, concierge services and valet parking in the parking garage. This hotel is located less than a 10-minute walk from several casinos including the Silver Legacy Casino. It offers a rooftop Jacuzzi and sundeck.

Reno eNVy

Reno eNVy, located on Sierra Street, is home to Reno’s signature brand. They specialize in all

things Reno! Featuring a wide variety of apparel and novelty items, all of which embrace our unique lifestyle and misfit culture. They are also home to the new Reno/Tahoe Visitors Center. Stop in and see owner Scott Dunseath for that special gift for a family member or friend this season

Reno-Tahoe Comedy

Reno Tahoe Comedy Club is a new addition to the Riverwalk and specializes in supplying stand-up comedians and comedy shows to nightclubs, corporate events, colleges, and private parties. They offer weekly comedy shows, concerts and other special events. Many of the comedians making their appearance in the theater have been seen on Showtime, HBO, Comedy Central, and have made appearances on the syndicated radio talk shows.


Rise Nightclub, 210 Sierra Street in downtown Reno, celebrates the rise of the human spirit with great beats, signature cocktails, dance lessons, comedy, bingo and more. Rise is open from ten until late Thursday through Saturday, with no cover charge Thursday. Enjoy “Comedy Mafia on the Rise” every other week followed by “Bullshit Bingo”--Bingo with a twist! World Beats Dance instruction begins at 10:15 PM every Friday. Friday is also College/ Viral night; students enter for $5 and drink prices Rise

Reno eNVy

Reno Tahoe Tonight 29

Toasting the Riverwalk

River Room

drop as the crowd grows. Weekends feature multiple DJ’s plus aerial and gogo performers. Check out on FaceBook and the web.

River Room

Craving the social? This fresh new venue in the Historic Riverside Hotel is the place to be for delectable cuisine, cocktails and fine wine. Downtown’s newest restaurant sensation, the River Room offers a broad and innovative array of luscious small plates, savory entrees, and tasty desserts--all delivered in a beautifully remodeled metropolitan setting with expansive views of the downtown skyline. The River Room is part of Wild River Grille’s gorgeously appointed dining areas and is always a great place to hold a special event, private party or large gathering.

Se7en on West

Se7en on West

Se7en’s tea house and bar can be found in the cozy corner of the West Street Market, serving up a wide variety of drinks, alcoholic and non. The space is warm and versatile and is a staple of wine walks and bar crawls. One night may just be laid back, when another has DJs and live bands. The venue offers daily and seasonal drink specials and can be a great location to make new friends.

Sierra Tap House

The Sierra Tap House is one of Reno’s more popular downtown bars located on the Truckee 30 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Sierra Tap House

River. Outside seating features a view of Wingfield Park, summer events, and the Truckee River where people can be seen kayaking yearround. Inside has an old Chicago feel with its brick walls, exposed wood-beam ceiling, and friendly staff. We’ll provide you with the widest selection of beer on tap from the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., fine wines, top shelf liquor, and innovative drink specials.

Silver Peak Grill & Taproom

Silver Peak was born of a great friendship and a goal to create a unique place in Reno: a restaurant and brewery where the service was as good as the food and the beer was worth coming back for; a place where locals could meet friends after work, or treat their dates and clients to original and delicious dishes. On any given day you will see Silver Peak bustling with people, the menu is fresh and delicious and serves up the best Nachos in town!

Sierra Arts

Sierra Arts is the local regional arts organization dedicated to presenting and promoting the arts—visual, literary, music, dance, and performance—in our community. They develop new programs and provide facility management for gallery spaces, while giving financial and technical support to artists and arts organizations. Housed in the very historical Riverside Hotel, Sierra Arts offers rotating galleries and some of the most intriguing art in Reno.

Summit Funding Inc.

Located on the 2nd floor of the Arlington Tower building, Summit Funding, is fully prepared to provide you with the lending power of a national mortgage bank with the personal attention and service that you’d receive from a local lender. They pride themselves in offering the best customer service in the industry, whether it’s refinancing your existing mortgage or purchasing a new home they provide top notch service with well known excellence.

Thai Corner Cafe

Thai Corner Café is downtown Reno’s more unique dining establishments; offering up a refined yet upbeat atmosphere that allows you to thoroughly enjoy their delicious Thai cuisine and artisan crafted sushi. Featuring a full service bar complete with big-screen provides the perfect setting to enjoy your favorite cocktails, cold beer, and fine wines. Stop by today, and experience Thai Corner Café’s freshest and finest downtown restaurant & bar.

Silver Peak Grill & Taproom

The Ross

The Ross, a resplendent example of old world charm and gracious hospitality is a beautiful and well maintained historic building located in the heart of Downtown Reno on the corner of First and West Streets. The Ross is conveniently located next to Wingfield Park and the Truckee River near a variety of restaurants, shops, theaters, museums, art galleries, antique stores, and the West Street Market. Reno Aces AAA Baseball Stadium is a quick walk or pedicab Reno Tahoe Tonight 31

Toasting the Riverwalk away, as is ice skating at Reno’s Rink on the River. Nearby transportation to Lake Tahoe’s renowned ski resorts is available. Just steps away is free bus service through Downtown and to UNR. Also on RTC bus lines.

The Waterfall

The Waterfall provides a safe and diverse environment featuring a selection of 24 drafts and signature cocktails. The Waterfall offers daily drink specials — including $1 pitchers on

The Montage Sales Center

The Montage provides a complete way of life in a modern community unlike anything else you’ll find in downtown Reno. Close to shopping, fine dining, hiking, skiing, kayaking and much more. The Montage is a dynamic blend of urban pleasures and outdoor pursuits. Come in today and find a home that meets your needs and lifestyle. They offer five distinct residence styles, luxurious and contemporary finishes, and world-class amenities including: a private owners lounge, underground parking, a 24-hour attended lobby and an outstanding rooftop pool.

The Chocolate Bar

The Chocolate Bar offers a social style of dining with a one-of-a-kind menu and atmosphere specializing in award winning dishes, desserts and libations. They carry a wide variety of creations specially crafted to please any palate including American cuisine plates, an array of The Waterfall

Monday nights. Visitors can enjoy playing beer pong, billiards, viewing local art displays, or experience the best hookah lounge in town: 30+ flavors for $12/bowl, $9 refills. The Waterfall is also home to the very popular monthly Reno Beer Crawl.

Truckee River Eats & Sweets

Truckee River Eats & Sweets was a dream forty years in the making stemming from vivid childhood memories of a grandfather with a passion for sweets. It’s clear to see that their sweet idea has turned into a sugar-coated Truckee River Eats & Sweets

The Chocolate Bar

success! From old time favorites to modern creations there is something for everyone of all ages and even the family pet! They offer mouthwatering sweets and treats as well as cold and hot eats. Visit us at our riverfront shoppe for your next sugar fix! 32 Reno Tahoe Tonight

chocolate desserts and a list of cocktails and libations unique only to the Chocolate Bar and developed by their top mixologists. The unique menu also includes beers, wines, signature cocktails and small plates ranging from artisan cheese plates to bacon wrapped lamb.

Trinity Episcopal Church

Trinity houses the largest pipe organ in Nevada as well as the largest working carillon, or bell tower, in the state. Trinity also presents the Sacred Space Gallery of art and hosts free organ concerts every Friday at noon. The church is one of Reno’s historical destinations you have to visit!

VSA Nevada at   the Lake Mansion

VSA Nevada at the Lake Mansion

For over 25 years, VSA Nevada, a non-profit organization, has provided quality arts opportunities for children and adults of all ages and abilities throughout Nevada. Annually, over 3000 workshops and art camps are conducted for everyone to participate in from pre-school to adult, including 300 plus workshops that are open-to-the-public. The Lake Mansion is also available to rent for corporate, organization, or personal parties and functions. The “Art Access Gallery” at the Lake Mansion has fine artwork and crafts available for sale created by Nevada artists who have a disability.

West Street Wine Bar

West Street Wine Bar

The West Street Wine Bar is located at the West Street Market, the brainchild of Rick Martinez, a man with a passion for fine wines in a trendy yet sophisticated environment. The wine bar features free wi-fi, more than 50 Wines by the glass, great beers and dining options. The staff is well informed to help you pick the perfect wine and plays a fresh selection of music.

West Street Market

Whiskey Lounge

With a prime spot on the west edge of downtowns Riverwalk, the Whiskey Bar specializes in, you guessed it, whiskey, along with crafted cocktails, from the classic Manhattan and Sidecar to new-school concoctions like a Green Tea Toddy. The Whiskey Lounge offers up local art in an edgy and comfortable environment.



Z-Pie offers delicious gourmet pot pies, salads, soups and a great selection of beer and wine. Enjoy your meal in a relaxed atmosphere. We call Z-Pie ”Pies with a purpose” as all the profits from the restaurant go to fund a home for aged out foster boys. These young men also work at Z-Pie to gain work experience. This is all part of The Black Bear Project. Check it out on

Reno Tahoe Tonight 33


Local Piercing Shop Celebrates its 18th Birthday

Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight Photos Dana Nollsch

 “We have always offered our customers a free piercing on their  18th birthday,” says Black Hole Body Piercing owner, Angela  Watson. “We thought it would be fitting to offer all of our  customers a free piercing on our18th birthday.”


his December, the local piercing shop  celebrates the completion of its 18th  year of business.  In honor of the  occasion, the Midtown business will  host a two-day celebration offering free  piercing to customers at their location at 912 S.  Virginia Street in Midtown Reno. The event will take place December 5thand  6th from 11am to 8pm, during which time  customers can visit Black Hole Body Piercing  for a free piercing of their choice.  In addition to  the free piercings, customers will enjoy raffles,  contests, refreshments from their favorite local  food trucks (Traffic Jam, St. Lawrence Pizza Co  and Gourmelt), a free photo booth and other fun  activities.  Black Hole has invited back a few 

36 Reno Tahoe Tonight

past staff members to make sure they can do  as many piercings possible.  Black Hole is expecting upwards of 150 people  to attend the celebration each day.  While only  about half of those attendees will choose to  get pierced, the celebration is sure to be a  must-attend event. Black Hole Body Piercing has been voted the  “Best Place to Get Pierced” by Reno News  and Review readers 18 times in 18 years.  “I  attribute our continuing success to always  making customer service the number one  priority,” Watson says.  The event is her way  of thanking all of her loyal customers for their  support over the years.


Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

Todd Green Concert

Live DVD shoot / UNR Recording Arts Fundraiser Wednesday Dec 5th 7:30pm Nightingale Concert Hall, UNR Music Department General Admission $10 - Student Rush $5


odd Green is a multi-instrumentalist and  solo touring performer.  His one man show  features 30+ instruments from around the  world and 4 digital looping stations.  Many  of the instruments and the loopers are custom  made for Mr. Green.  He studied at the Berkley  College of Music and has been an independent  touring performer for nearly 20 years. Mr. Green has performed with: Bill Frisell, Mike  Stern, Vinnie Colaiuta, John “JR” Robinson,  Steve Smith, Joe Lovano, Paul McCandless,  Billy Drewes, Jack McDuff, Kenny Werner,  Neil Stubenhaus, John Lockwood, Kermit  Driscoll and Willie Colon. Mr. Green has studied  with: Pat Metheny, George Benson and Mick  Goodrick. Mr. Green's performance at Nightingale Concert  Hall will be filmed for a live DVD being produced  by the UNR @One Media Department. The show 

38 Reno Tahoe Tonight

is also a fundraiser for the UNR Recording Arts  Dept. who will be recording and mixing the show  for the DVD. This is the first collaborative effort  between the two departments. He will also be doing a clinic at Convocation the  day before, Dec 4th @ Noon at Nightingale. He'll  being staying a bit afterwards to take questions  and you can see the toys up close!


Chocolate Walrus Your Santa Pub Crawl Costume Headquarters

Text Oliver X Photos of J Valentine costumes courtesy of Chocolate Walrus

Looking for the perfect sexy Santa costume for the sexiest street party on earth? Waste no time then in getting on down to the Chocolate Walrus for all your Santa Pub Crawl outfits and accessories. 42 Reno Tahoe Tonight

“  O

ur store has exclusive J Valentine outfits, Smiffy from England, Roma costumes and of course all of the different Santa suits starting at just $15.00,” says Chocolate Walrus owner Tammy Borde. And if you buy your Pub Crawl cup at Chocolate Walrus, you can get a discount. “We have Santa Pub Crawl cups in stock and on sale now. We always offer 10% off your costume purchase when you buy your cups here at our store,” Borde states. “We’ve been a cup seller location for the

past seven years and this year the proceeds from cup sales will go to Reindeer Charities to help buy children’s playground equipment,” notes Borde. It’s easy to forget that this wildest of all pub crawls has a well established philanthropic component, raising thousands of dollars each year for local charities and worthy organizations. So while you’re getting sexy for the Santa Crawl at Chocolate Walrus, remember that it all goes to a great cause! Reno Tahoe Tonight 43


Ling & Louie's Asian Bar & Grill Text Oliver X Photos Frank Haxton

Ling & Louie’s atrium photo by Amy Hunter

Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill just might be the worst kept secret in town… lucky for us. After nearly fifty visits, I feel qualified to say that the buzz Ling & Louie’s food is generating is well-deserved.


hough the restaurant initially struggled  noticeably with kitchen consistency  in their first two months of operation,  the management has righted the  ship and have been doing a fine job  ever since.  The starter menu is stellar and is  enough to fill hungry stomachs well before the  main courses arrive.  My favorite discovery is  the tasty Mongolian Flatbread topped with  sliced filet, roasted red peppers red onions,  cheddar-jack cheese and their standout spicy  aioli ($6.75).  The Pan-Seared Potstickers are  crispy pork-filled dumplings served with a  delicious handmade siew mai sauce ($8.95).  The 

Tom Ka Gai soup with lemongrass, mushrooms,  peppers and delectable chicken morsels is so  good I sometimes order two bowls ($4.85).  My  mainstay entrée is the Korean Sizzling Salmon  cooked up with a sweet sesame garlic glaze and  topped with asparagus spears ($15.95).  The  lunch specials (from 11am-4pm) are easy on the  wallet starting at just $7.95.   The two dessert offerings, aptly called “Happy  Ending Desserts,” are truly spectacular.  I have  a tough time choosing between the chocolate  richness of the Chocolate Volcano ($6.25), a  warm, flourless chocolate cake served with  fresh strawberries and topped with raspberry  sauce and gluten free vanilla ice cream, and  the Banana Caramel Spring Roll ($7.25) with  its banana cheesecake filling stuffed inside a  crispy spring roll, dusted with cinnamon sugar  and finished off with vanilla bean ice cream and  caramel sauce.  Are you hungry yet? The fun, friendly staff pride themselves on  making each customer feel comfortable and at  home.  General Manager Tommy Rawlings, who,  like all Ling & Louie’s GM level employees, knows  his way around the grill, spoke with me recently  about the culture, food and philosophy behind  the franchise’s fabulous fusion fare. Reno Tahoe Tonight: The concept behind Ling & Louie’s is unique. For those who haven’t experienced the restaurant yet, talk about the restaurant’s philosophy and the incredible menu items you serve up. Tommy Rawlings:  Ling and Louie’s is an East  meets West love story told through food.  Our  concept is centered around Ling, a firecracker  from Shanghai, China who loves Chinese food,  and Louie, an all- American boy from Toledo,  Ohio who meet, fall in love and share their  passion for food by opening an Asian restaurant.   Our flavors are bold; nothing out of a can here!  

44 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 45


Ling & Louie's Asian Bar & Grill

All of our sauces and dressings are made in house with fresh ingredients. We also have one of the largest gluten-free menus in northern Nevada. Reno Tahoe Tonight: Staff training and stellar customer service are clearly part of the Ling & Louie’s ethos. Explain the process your team members go through--from initial hire to first shift-- that allows them to buy into the culture. Tommy Rawlings: Our mission statement is to share our passion for the extraordinary, one dish at a time. We preach the L.I.V.E. philosophy with our concept. Love-Image-Vibrancy-Expression. Love. -We will prepare each dish and drink with tender loving care. -We love what we do and do what we love. -We will share our love of food, friendship, and fun with each and EVERY guest. Image -We will challenge the norm and strive to be different as we are “not for boring people!” -We will include a sense of fun and adventure into every dish. -We will provide a Ling & Louie’s experience that is different than any other. Vibrancy -We will create an energetic environment that will keep customers coming back for more. Expression -We will express our creativity and diversity in our menu. -We will create a warm and inviting environment that will be expressed in our appreciation of each and every guest. Reno Tahoe Tonight: Rather than being a muddled kitchen sink over-reach, the execution of the fusion menu is remarkably 46 Reno Tahoe Tonight

balanced and effective, with distinct flavor profiles and respectable portions. How much trial and error went into getting it right at the regional level for an emerging foodie market like Reno where suits, artists and seniors dine with Burners, bikers and politicians? Tommy Rawlings: The concept and menu is constantly evolving, so there is continuous research and development that goes into our unique cuisine. The Modern Asian side of our menu is based around traditional Asian ingredients used in non-traditional ways. Then we have the American Comfort side of our menu. This side starts with a simple idea like meatloaf. We then look at how we can add an Asian flair to

these dishes to make them completely unique. In the case of the meatloaf, we serve it with wasabi mashed potatoes, Szechwan green beans, and savory Asian-style gravy. Our ability to combine these ingredients and ideas in newfound ways has taken years to perfect. However, when we get it right, as Louie would say, “we hit it outta the park.”

Many of these sauces start with the traditional version of the sauce. We then look at how we can make it “not boring.” Our Drunken Sauce is a unique spin on sweet and sour sauce. But instead of the ketchup-sugar-vinegar mixture that is traditionally used in sweet and sour sauce, we use sweet chili, pineapple, and hoisin sauce to create a new twist on the classic sauce.

Reno Tahoe Tonight: Regulars know and love your fantastic sauces and reductions. How did you develop those tasty palate waker-uppers?

Reno Tahoe Tonight: Cocktail lovers have much to celebrate at the restaurant. What are some of your popular drink specials?

Our sauces are what really differentiate us from other Asian restaurants. We have about 40 sauces that we make in-house from scratch.

Our Frozen Thai-Mai (not Mai-Thai!) is our flagship signature cocktail along with the Ginger Blossom and Forbidden Dragon. We have many Reno Tahoe Tonight 47


Ling & Louie's Asian Bar & Grill

unique recipes that mixogists Lo Martinez and Mel Ulloa have fun with. Our drink specials are constantly rotating just like our food items. I am extremely excited for our new cocktail menu that we will be revealing at the beginning of the year; they are guaranteed to “knock your sakes off!”

American Cancer Society and, most recently, the Susan G. Komen Foundation. In a small tight-knit community like Reno, it’s important to give back; we do not want to be looked at as your “typical franchise.” We care about our local community.

Reno Tahoe Tonight: Ling & Louie’s has maintained a high visibility at special events like UNR Wolf Pack tailgaters and the Nevada Museum of Art’s First Thursdays. How important is it to extend your brand into the public view and stay out there with your offerings?

Ling & Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill 4965 south Virginia Street, Reno. 775-826-5464. Open daily 11am to close. LingandLouiesReno

This is where myself, being the General Manager, how I tie in our L.I.V.E. philosophy. Ling and Louie’s Asian Bar and Grill is actively involved with the community. Yes we have been at the tailgaters and Nevada Museum of Art, but most important [to us] are the fundraising events for local charities like Make-A-Wish, Step 2, The

48 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 49

Reno’s Coolest Counter Culture Store Since 1996


Spiritu Object al s

Nepal Prayer Fese lags

yan a l a Him mps La Salt

Global, Shop Local. Moroc ca Lanter n ns

Hats Peruvian Winter

World e h T o T y Doorwa

Australian Didgeredoos ttens i M ks & c u l k Muc Orn

ate Body Jewelry

ls ourna J & Cards g n i t e Hookahs & Hip Global Winte c, Gre Musi r Fashio ns Accessories

T H E M ELTING P OT World Emporium 1049 South Virginia Street ★ 775-322-9445

Food Talk Text Clint Jolly Photo Gary Weinheimer

Oh, the holidays… Every year it seems to become more and more commercialized. The store displays go up earlier and earlier, the hot new toy is more expensive with every passing season. Retail giants make it easy to forget the most important part: celebrating with friends and family.


or most, the holidays bring a table full of food, libations and family. The feast sticks in your head as much as it does to your ribs. It’s not just the food itself that creates the memories but the connections made during the meal. Chatting with family and friends while you dine builds strong memories that can last for decades. Cream puffs still remind me of holidays at my grandma’s house, with my cousins and me at the kids table comparing our toy haul for the year. Eating great food releases dopamine in your brain that brings pleasure and creates happy memories, much like drugs, sex and rock and roll do. Food brings us pleasure on a chemical level as it refuels our bodies. The process is tied to the reward centers of your brain. As you eat, your brain remembers the reward and ties the surrounding environment to those rewards. The conversations, environment and company all combine to create a memory of the event. There really is some science behind why you will always enjoy a meal more when surrounded by great company. Beyond the taste and aromas there is the environment in which you experience them that affects how you enjoy and remember that meal. One of my favorite quotes comes from Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller, “Average food with people you love is always better than Kobe beef with an asshole.” It rings true every time.

52 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Beyond creating a feast from the best ingredients you can manage, make sure to put some effort into the environment as well. The right music, the right people and the right mood will play a huge part in building the memories for years to come. Free range chicken is no replacement for your best friends at the dinner table. Also, take a minute to think about those that may not have all that you do. From friends away from family, to those without a home, there are plenty of chances to give more than a material gift this year. If the opportunity arises remember that you can take a few simple steps to create a long lasting memory as well as a hot meal for those in need. When your holiday events come around this year be sure to take a little time to recognize the event. Pay attention to how the food plays into your day and how it affects the experience. It really is a gift for us to have the freedom and means to enjoy the holidays in the way we love. Including others in the celebration makes it all more interesting and memorable. Some call it holiday cheer, but it’s really an ideal we should focus on year round. Clint Jolly

r u o Y r a e W



Photographer Kyle Volland

Photographer Kyle Volland 775-267-7483

54 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 55


Photographer Kyle Volland

56 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 57


Photographer Kyle Volland

58 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 59

grace notes Text L. Martina Young Photo Joseph Dubon



his is Kali Yuga,” asserts Zooey Glass  in J.D. Salinger’s novella, Franny and Zooey; “[it’s] the Iron Age.” According  to Works and Days by Greek poet  Hesiod, the Iron Age is an evolutionary period  beset with “toil and misery.” From this account,  we learn that Zeus “will destroy this race of men  too. . . Fist-law men [will] sack another’s town,  and there will be no thanks for the man who  abides by his oath. ... Law and decency will be in  fists.”  Thus begins my essay, Grace in the Age of Obama ( 

Likewise, according to Hindu thought, the  kaliyuga signals a world that reels from “strife,  quarrel, dissension, [and] war.” The classic Hindu  text, the Vishnu Purana, states that, “when  society reaches a stage where property confers  rank, wealth becomes the only source of virtue,  [falsehood] the source of success in life, sex  the only means of enjoyment, and when outer  trappings are confused with inner religion . . .  then we are in the Kali Yuga—the world today.”   But, as Hannah Arendt reminds: “[E]ven in the  darkest times, we have the right to expect some  illumination, and that illumination may come  less from theories and concepts than from the  light that some men and women, in their lives  and their works, will kindle under almost all  circumstances and shed over the time span that  [is] given them on earth.”  And so, to the delight  of many around the globe, Barack Obama was  voted into his second term as President of these  United States (note the historic surroundings of  Abraham Lincoln’s second term win in 1864), and  a majority of the American people breathes a sigh  of relief knowing that its Commander-in-Chief is  bent on reparations of the social contract.    But what of this Kali Yuga, and how might we  think about it in our collective mytho-historic  journey?  In brief, the Kaliyuga refers to the last of  four distinct world ages representing humanity’s  progressive devolution.  A profound transitional  phase, the arc of the world’s existence is imagined  as a cyclical choreo-drama from beginning to  end (see the Bhavachakra, The Wheel of Life).   Signaling the final period, the Kalichakra, or Kali  Yuga, heralds the darkest time in the collective  human consciousness.  Enfolded within all endings, however, lies the sap  of new beginnings.  And so it is with the Kaliyuga.  60 Reno Tahoe Tonight

When things fall apart and hope teeters on a  tightrope, when anarchy is loosed and the soul of  the world takes refuge behind eyes wide shut to  dream of renewed splendor, so too the Kaliyuga  carries within its breast a luminescent seed, a  resilient spark that holds its own, waiting to forge  a new kind of fire for the next go round.  Here  lies the lesson of Kaliyuga: each of us stands as a  potential midwife for such renewal.  A number of years ago, while still residing in  my native city of Los Angeles, I participated in a  performance/art party hosted by two of my close  associates, two beautiful men folk whose presence  in this life have graced mine: fine art photographer  Todd Gray, who, following our ecstatic days  together as students at Cal Arts, became the  personal photographer for Michael Jackson; and,  Roger Guenveur Smith, a familiar face in many  Spike Lee films and whose searing and poignant  one-man theatre piece on Black Panther Huey 

L. Martina Young

P. Newton remains one of the most memorable  theatre moments I have witnessed to date.   The occasion for the party was the opening of  Todd’s new studio.  Located in the heart of the  black community, flanked by West Street and La  Brea, the space was a multi-leveled gallery. That  night, the gallery became a force to be reckoned  with, a veritable universe vibrant with intelligent  life that coursed along every plane and crevice  between floor and ceiling.  I’d been commissioned  to create a site-specific dance that traversed the  entire gallery. Wherever I appeared, folks were  invited to mark my body with the paints provided.  My body, the canvas, became an inscribed site for  the markings of the world. What I remember most  about that evening, however, is a performance  by a young man who seemed to appear out of  nowhere.  Everyone quieted; the room darkened.   Standing upright in the middle of everything, he  flicked on a flashlight and held it over a spinning, 

freestanding globe. Softly he sang:  “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine; This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine; This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine; Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.” As we enter the dark time, remember: you are a carrier of light ~ Of course, being such a one comes with its own  risks and challenges.  On the other hand, With every achievement made by a single  individual, the whole of humanity is lifted forever.  Blessings this Winter Solstice, and may 2013 serve  to measure your acts with meaningful prosperity.    Martina ©2012 L. Martina Young All rights reserved.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 61

Gun Culture

Text John Clement Photo Chris Holloman

Moms with Guns…. Strange name for an article? I guess that depends on your frame of reference. To me it’s food for thought.


 ith the threats of home invasion  or getting mugged while grocery  shopping present on a daily basis,  consider this scenario.  Mom,  you’ve just finished your grocery shopping and  you’ve made it to your vehicle.  You’ve strapped  the little one into their car seat and now you  just want to load up the groceries and get  home.  You’re thinking about what to have for  dinner or maybe plans you have for this evening  when up walks a couple of guys who ask you for  directions.  Being the helpful person you are you  volunteer to help.  Suddenly one of them grabs  you from behind and the other one grabs your  purse and your keys.  You realize your baby is in  the car seat and your car is about to be stolen.   What can you do? If you’re one of the rather squeamish moms who  think guns are bad then there is not much you  can do but stand there and scream while you  watch your car, and baby, drive away.  If you  think this could never happen to you then talk to  the mom’s who have suffered this horror.

You’re home with your husband and kids,  relaxing, watching TV when, suddenly, your  front door is kicked open and in rushes 3 or  4 invaders yelling they want your money and  jewelry.  Your husband jumps up to protect his  family and, before he can do anything, is beaten  unconscious.  Now it’s just you and the kids. 62 Reno Tahoe Tonight

John Clement

If you have previously made the decision that  mom’s and guns can, and do, go together  then you can take whatever immediate action  is necessary to protect your family.   In previous articles I have tried to encourage  people to have a plan of action in the event  of unforeseen occurrences.  We never know  when and if we are going to be the victims of  a crime.  But we can be prepared for almost  any situation if we just realize that safety and  security are your responsibility.  Mom, you  need to be assertive and take the position  that you will do whatever is necessary to  protect your family.  Especially your kids. Get past the aversion to guns because they  are bad and they’re dangerous.  You bet  they’re dangerous.  Primarily to anyone who  tries to harm your children.   There are many sources of information and  training to help the whole family gain the  confidence and proficiency necessary to  handle a gun safely.  I believe we don’t need  child-proof guns; we need gun proof children.   Train them too.  Kids have saved mom’s and  dad’s lives. John Clement is the Manager of Bizarre Guns in Reno. 775-685-4867

LocaL Business

1Up Bar Nightclub and Arcade Text Oliver X Photos Kiley Howard

Dorks, gamers and hipsters have a new spot called 1Up.


he venue offers three unique entertainment experiences: a full bar, a nightclub with live dj’s, and classic arcade games from pinball to Pacman and everything in-between. The idea is the brainchild of veteran club impresario Ray Salaho who saw a niche in the market. 1Up recently played host to packed houses for the Zombie Crawl and Pink Party and word is spreading about their EDM and special event programming. Promoters like Fresh Bakin’ and Forever Music 64 Reno Tahoe Tonight

are now booking nights at the establishment, and popular local dj Boggan spins on Thursday nights. The venue is perfect for that after work wind-down, with downtempo chill music from 6-10pm. Resident and guest dj’s spin from 10pm-2am, and the late night set can enjoy EDM after hours from 2am-6am. “We have video game contests for gamers and the afterhours parties with dj’s like Detox, URV, Nate D and others on tap,” notes Salaho, who himself will be programming a musical mash up of 90’s favorites from the likes of Ace of Base and Naughty by Nature, to Nirvana and The Offspring. Drink specials revolve around the “1Up Deal” where patrons may purchase a beer or other beverage, which can then be 1Up’d for just $2 more with a shot of Jameson or a Fireball. The 1Up is 21 and over and is always free--unless there’s a promoter show scheduled. Located at 214 West Commercial in downtown Reno. Open 6pm-6am.

LocaL Business Dreamer's Cafe

Text Oliver X Photos Joseph Dubon

Reno Tahoe Tonight: Reno locals have been waiting for you to reopen for what seems like forever. Where have you been these past few years?

For those who don’t know, Dreamer’s Cafe is back!

Jonathan Bascom: I knew when I closed down my last facility that I was going to take some time off and kinda regroup and focus on my family because my wife was pregnant. So I did that. During those 2-1/2 years that I was off I researched multiple areas. I took my time and this location in MidTown was the site of the old Del Mar Station and I kinda thought that this location being the old Del Mar Station would carry some weight with people who had spent any real length of time here in Reno and knew


onathan Bascom has reopened right in the heart of MidTown in a sunny corner development on Saint Lawrence and south Virginia Street--in what was most recently the old Coco Boom facility--with friendly new staff and a new lease on life. This time around they’re not doing their full-service deli, but folks hankering for one of their delicious mochas and signature sweet blended drinks and milkshakes can now get their old fix on. Specialty drinks for fall include a pumpkin spice latte and homemade chai. And just like before, Dreamer’s features all local food items, including Model Dairy ice cream, Truckee Bagel Company, House of Bread, and three different local coffee companies: Coffee Science, Wood Roasted and Magpie. And the art is back too, with Bascom rotating new installations every six to eight weeks. There’s a full wall-sized mural space for artists to auction off their work at the close of their exhibitions. The café is currently featuring their annual Christmas show, which will be exhibited through December 29, 2012. I spoke with Bascom about the new digs and how it all came about. 66 Reno Tahoe Tonight

its history. The rent is much better than my downtown location; my present rent is a third of what I was paying before. When I reopened I knew I would want a space that was much smaller. My former location was 1,800 square feet and sat 54 people. Bigger is not always better. So, I wanted a space that was about 1,000 square feet and this location is a pinch

over 1,000 square feet and it seats 24 people. It’s smaller, more personal and cozier. It was important to me that I be able to create some outside patio space for my patrons to enjoy; it was important to me to have wall space for local artists to show their work, and it was important that the new place have windows that allow light in. I found all those elements here at the new location and we built out. Reno Tahoe Tonight: Who are your new customers here? Jonathan Bascom: My primary customer base is the people who live and work just around the corner and can walk here to us. During my initial research, I created a ten-minute walking radius to help me in my fact finding. I literally walked in all directions for ten minutes to see how far I could walk in ten minutes and see how many homes and businesses would be within a ten-minute walk from our front door. It’s amazing how many homes are located within ten minutes close by. To Caliente and Plumas it took me 11 minutes to get there. It took me nine minutes to walk back downtown to the old coffee house. It is important to me that I have high street visibility; that I have a large residential population right outside my door and that there are some businesses in the area because businesses attract people from outside the area. Here there are law offices, doctor’s offices, architectural firms, counseling centers and cottage businesses. This location allows me to capitalize on this economic mix.

so loyal to you and helped you build your brand at the old Dreamer’s location? Jonathan Bascom: I knew moving this far away wasn’t going to be an easy walk for them coming from downtown…and that I would probably lose a large portion of my old customers. But I knew that some of the people might come here who drive by this place every day on their way to the courthouse. So I do have some of those patrons back. But I’ve been excited to earn new customers and meet new people in the neighborhood who truly like us. Dreamer’s Café is open daily from 6:30-8pm. 701 south Virginia Street, Reno. Free wifi.

Reno Tahoe Tonight: Were you concerned about rewinning your core clientele who were Reno Tahoe Tonight 67

Lush Me, NaturaLLy

Surprise Your Loved Ones With Luscious Therapeutic Bath & Body Gifts! Use quality essential oils for best results. Peppermint Vanilla Latte Scrub 30 drops Peppermint Essential Oil 15 drops Vanilla Essential Oil 12 drops Coffee Bean Essential Oil 2 cups Fine Dead Sea Salt or Raw Sugar 1 cup to 2 cups Base Oil In a bowl slowly mix 1 cup base oil into salts. Let sit 15 minutes and add more oil for desired consistency. Then stir in essential oils. Pour into decorative plastic or glass jars of your choice. Therapeutic Benefits: A feeling of renewal is felt after the gentle removal of dead skin. It leaves the skin glowing and feeling silky, soft and fragrant. The process also boosts immunity and increases circulation. Salts nourish dry skin, draw out toxins, and purify the skin. Raw sugar delicately polishes dry skin (do not use if diabetic). Adding quality base oils such as Sweet Almond, Avocado, or Jojoba moisturize and protect the skin as well as feed the nervous system. Use cold pressed when available as they have more nutrients. You can mix a variety of base oils for more benefits. This also applies to massage oils. Peppermint is energizing, antiviral, & pain relieving. Coffee bean provides some anti-oxidant properties and softens the skin. Both are useful for the cold & flu season as they can help reduce fever & fatigue. Vanilla sweetens it for a ‘warm feelings’ scrub. Cinnamon Spruce Candy 1 ½ tsp Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil 4 ½ tsp Black Spruce Essential Oil Pour oils into a 1oz. glass bottle with reducer cap. Use undiluted in an aroma diffuser or to scent potpourri. In the air it helps kill bacteria, open the respiratory system, and warm the soul. Massage Oil- Add 8 to 12 drops per 1 oz. of an unscented base oil blend such as Organic Sunflower and Apricot Kernel. Bath Oil- Add 15 to 20 drops per 1 oz. of unscented base oil such as Hazelnut & Hemp. Add 2 tbls. per bath. Bottle in 1oz. to 8 oz. plastic or glass bottles. Therapeutic Benefits: What a magnifa’scent’ holiday pleasure duo. Besides the warm, sweet, forest aroma the therapeutic

68 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Text Lisa Adele Rojas Graphics Tamsyn Pollock benefits are perfect for this time of year! As a massage or bath oil it may increase circulation, decrease muscular pain, and ward off illness. Rub on the chest for respiratory complaints. The sensual scent could also be used for a lovers blend. Cold and Flu Bath Soak & Steam 2 tsp. Eucalyptus Essential Oil 2 tsp. Lemon Essential Oil 1 tsp. Tea Tree Essential Oil 1 tsp. Lavender Essential Oil Pour oils into a 1oz. glass bottle with reducer cap. Add 8 drops per 8oz. of bath salts like Epsom and Dead Sea. Package in decorated cellophane bags or jars for caring affordable gifts. Use 1/2 to 1 cup per bath. Or use 5 drops essential oil blend in a diffuser, facial steam, bowl of water for steam room, bath, or on shower floor while showering. Breathe in therapeutic aromas while exhaling dis-ease. Therapeutic Benefits: Helpful for when one feels a cold or aches of flu coming on. This blend is purifying for the body and mind. It has antimicrobial actions that help fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In the air it prevents the spread of infection, removes negative energy, and strengthens subtle energies. Jazzed Rosewater 1 cup Rosewater 1 tbls. whole Cloves 1 Nutmeg 2 Cinnamon Sticks 4 drops Lavender Essential Oil. Cover the herbs with a towel and crush with a hammer. Put into a sterilized glass jar, add rosewater and lavender. and cap tightly. Let sit in a cool dark place for 2 weeks. Strain through a coffee filter and bottle in decorative perfume or spray bottles. Use as a face and body splash or as a room and linen spray. Use within 2 weeks; keeps longer if stored in the fridge.

Affordable quality ingredients and containers for these recipes can be found at Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary. Note: Always test for allergies and sensitivities on the inside of elbow by mixing a small amount of essential oil and base oil before applying all over body. Do not use undiluted essential oils on skin. Do not use on children or while pregnant. These recipes are not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


Filmmaker Bryon Evans

Text Oliver X Photo Chris Holloman

It’s always cool to catch a super talent on the verge of greatness; a circumstance which can find an artist in that heady place between regional notoriety and national anonymity. Filmmaker Bryon Evans is poised to make major career strides toward fulfilling the massive potential that is clearly evident in his stellar film work. Reno Tahoe Tonight: You went from being a recording artist/musician to a fine visual artist. How did that transition come about? Music has been such a huge part of my life and thankfully still is. In 2000 I was playing drums in a hard rock band in Southern California. We didn't have the budget to pay anyone for marketing at the time so this spurred my interest to learn about the visual arts and teach myself how to build a web site or create a music video. I liked to draw as a kid so I've always had some artist ability in me. As I became more and more interested in graphic and video production, I realized that it could possibly be a great career for me if the band thing didn't work out. Luckily, I was realistic with my expectations to become a rock star and thought it best to have a "Plan B." When the band broke up in 2003, I had time to focus all my attention on becoming a visual artist and filmmaker. Music is still such a big part of what I do and I'm thankful for my musical background.

to incorporate something new on every production and make it better then the last one. If it's something I've done before then I try to do it in a different way. I learn a lot from this. I feel that it is essential to pay attention to techniques in the filmmaking world along with the tools, technology and the trends, good or bad. I continue to develop my technique by utilizing new camera and post production technology along with breaking down scenes in my favorite movies and TV shows and trying them out for myself. I've also realized the importance of partnerships with other creative filmmakers. You can't always do everything yourself and I've been fortunate to make friends with some other incredibly talented filmmakers in the Reno/Tahoe area. I can now pull a team together to create a much larger production on a high-end scale. This has helped to raise the level of productions I've been working on and the techniques I've been using.

Reno Tahoe Tonight: By my estimation you've shot scores of local commercials and videos to date. Beyond trial and error, how did you develop your technique with no film school training?

Reno Tahoe Tonight: Your editing skill is becoming the stuff of local legend. Talk about the importance of editing and what separates you from other indie filmmakers when you enter the editing suite.

Every production is different and the opportunity is always there to push myself and create something unique. I always try

I feel that the process of creating 30 second commercials has made me into a well rounded producer and editor. Doing spot production

72 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Bryon Evans

Reno Tahoe Tonight 73


Filmmaker Bryon Evans

taught me that I have to edit right down to the very frame. So many times I created a spot that I thought was tightly edited as possible and it and was six frames over. I still had to figure out how to get rid of those six frames and have it come in at 30 seconds. At that point every frame matters. I feel that this background of spot production has given me an understanding of how to trim the fat and create a clear message that breaks through the clutter. I really enjoy fast editing too; it is a big part of my style. I like to edit to high-energy music and create a visual onslaught of images to get the viewer’s attention. You have to engage the audience in the first five seconds, keep their attention and be remembered. In four and a half years working in cable TV, I wrote, shot and edited over 300 commercials. Being thrown into so many production situations gave me my "chops" and the ability to think on my toes and come up with creative solutions quickly. I think this background has helped me to become a dynamic editor. Reno Tahoe Tonight: The past few years have seen incredible growth for you professionally. Take us through some of the highlights of you film work right up through your recent trip to Spain. The biggest thing for me in the past two years has been traveling internationally doing documentary style work. Just over a year ago I traveled to the Republic of Georgia and had an amazing adventure shooting a pilot for a travel TV show. I love the logistics of shooting this way. You have to rely on the gear you can fit into a backpack and a few change of clothes. Shooting in Georgia taught me so much about travel TV and documentary style filmmaking. I had the opportunity to do it again this past month in Spain. I was hired to travel to the Northern portion of Spain to gather footage to create a Kickstarter campaign to fund a future documentary. Having Georgia under my belt made for an even better time in Spain. I knew the challenges we might face along with what it takes to shoot in a covert way in a foreign country. It is one of the most exciting way's I've ever shot. I love it and hope to continue to shoot travel style films. Along with travel, leaving the corporate world 7 months ago to go out on my own was a big step forward for me. I no longer have restraints as to what kind of productions I 74 Reno Tahoe Tonight

can choose to be a part of. Because of this I'm able to take on much larger projects, maintain creative control and push myself to venture into new territories. I love doing commercial work but I'm also very excited about doing more documentary style work and telling longer, more intricate stories. Since I went out on my own I've seen my social network grow and my productions reach much broader audiences. Recently a mini doc I did for the Reno Tahoe Winter Games Coalition was played to a group of Olympic committee members in Switzerland. My personal story of shooting in the Republic of Georgia got thousands of plays in Russia and my latest Bassnectar video, a live 6 camera shoot, got a huge response from fans. Reno Tahoe Tonight: Looking ahead, what are your plans for 2013? I have some big projects on the horizon and I'm really excited about 2013. First and foremost will be the Kickstarter campaign to fund the documentary in Spain. I want to venture into the film festival market with this project and I feel that it has huge potential to go far. I have a few other documentary style projects in the works and I will also be producing a few pilot TV shows for television. I'm looking forward to continuing to get my name out there as a filmmaker, building my social networks and keep challenging myself with every new production. and opportunity that comes my way.






Artist Tony Walker

Text Oliver X Photos Joseph Dubon

As a prolific artist, musician and events promoter Tony Walker is a seminal figure in the northern Nevada arts community. Below Walker talks to RTT about his background, inspiration and his dizzying scene-building itinerary. Tony Walker Reno Tahoe Tonight: You come from a very talented family. Talk about your upbringing; how was music and art introduced to you, or did you gravitate towards it naturally? Tony Walker: Well my moms raised us and she was a lover of many musics, and a singer. So it follows that we all (my sisters and me) wanted to sing as well. Even before our teens I remember writing our songs or poems, and when my sisters came of age, they so as well. My mom was into everything from Earth, Wind & Fire, Jackson 5 (and all of it!), Smokey Robinson to Pink Floyd, Queen and even The Eagles! She was listening to that and we were right there with her, but were more inclined (as it was the 80's) towards artists like Bell Biv DeVoe, Mint Condition, Hi-5, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, Keith Sweat and Tony! Toni! Tone! In the 90's it was Fugees, Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Maxwell, Black Star, Souls of Mischief, Tupac, Biggie and it goes on. So Soul, Funk, R&B, Rock ’n’ Roll and Hip-Hop were more prevalent. My love for jazz came later in life. Most of the later groups mentioned were listened to mostly outside of the house at house parties, school, friends and such. Mom was not too down with the Hip-Hop back then. I was hungry at an early age though; I mean when I caught on to Hip-Hop--and could 76 Reno Tahoe Tonight

do something about it in the 80's--I was b-boyin' and beatboxin' and swearin' I wanted to tag. But for most of the elders back then that had a hugely negative connotation and we were always in the church, so I kept it simple and fun for myself and others. Reno Tahoe Tonight: As the arts community here continues to grow and push beyond our city limits, what elements do you see as having national breakout potential? Tony Walker: I think we've already seen a handful of examples of community members weighed on a national and even international scale with artists like Whitney Myer, Keyser Soze, DeSaint and a few punk, post punk and hardcore bands within the last four years or so being on The Voice, getting distribution out of the country and getting signed to minor and major labels. Knowledge of Knowledge Lives Forever got signed as a solo artist and band with Ruldope, a regional minor label, but it's a great start and a good look for Reno to sport during this important growth spurt we've all seen since 2008 most recently, in the music scene. Also with the induction of RAW: Natural Born Artists in the Reno area we've seen incredible cross pollination of ideas and actual creative output. RAW is a national, but

independently focused art and event's coordinating organization. That one event in itself has seen 100+ artist over 5 months step up to the challenge of selling 20 tickets to show at $10 a pop at the chance of getting national exposure beyond just being hosted as a relevant creative community figure on their website. That being said, I see the fashion industry picking up in Reno. From hair and makeup to design and modeling. People are excited and I don't envision that momentum slowing down. Reno Tahoe Tonight: As one of the busiest creatives in northern Nevada, what's on your personal plate for the remainder of 2012 and what are you excited about for 2013? Tony Walker: I don't know that I'm the busiest, but I'm striving to pursue my dreams; push for improvement and encourage/support others in their endeavors to do such. That being said, I've got a few things happening personally. I'm attempting to put out new and unreleased music through bandcamp. com, as well release more videos of spoken word poetry, Hip-Hop and a capella's on my new YouTube page. My three piece group, Anonymous Jones (Locus, Yosh & Knowledge), just finished a 12-track record and are planning to release it mid-late January 2013. I will continue to do bookings at Lincoln Lounge through my company, The Get UP! Two to three times a month and have dates booked there November 30th and December 21st. Plus I am hosting an art event on December 6th that will feature over 100 works of art from over 100 artists in Reno downtown at Java Jungle Vino, Sierra Tap House, Bar, Whisky and Se7en Tea House. 15% of sales will go to a community arts grant for local artists and 15% will go to Holland Project's art programming department. 10% of all bar sales of the night of the event will also go into the fund. December 8th is my 30th birthday celebration at Holland Project at 7pm for the all ages crowd w/ Moondog Matinee, Memory Motel, Mark Sexton Band, Big Bad and Rigorous Proof and at Chapel Tavern for 21+ at 10pm w/Buster Blue, Drinking With Clowns, Whitney Myer and Knowone (Knowledge). All December birthdays are half off to both shows. December 8th birthdays are FREE + 1 guest! In the midst of all that I will be in the middle of completing the art booking for Swill Coffee and Wine for the full 2013 calendar year, plus taking on my new Director role with RAW: Natural Born Artists and booking those upcoming events. It's gonna be another productive and busily creative year for Reno and myself and I look forward to it all! December 8th Event - events/354053504689781/?fref=ts Locus/173364479387870?fref=ts

Tony Walker

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Pez Sez

Zombie Crawl October 27, 2012

Field Notes

Text Jenny PezDeSpencer

7:15pm - Met up with Lucky and Ting at Outsiders Hair Studio. Took my first shot of the night knowing there will be many, many more to follow. Get my wig on. I am going out black-faced as dead Whitney Houston. 7:57pm - Still at Outsiders. Oh god, can we please just get out of here and start this party?! 8:51pm - At Rise and really starting to party. Left Rise; it wasn’t really happening yet. Off to 5 Star to see a few of my gays: Meredith Tanzer and everyone’s favorite bartender Regan Bokma 9:05pm - Oh I think I might vomit tonight… 9:44pm - Still at 5 Star and my vagina smells like a coffin because I am dead Whitney Houston-Yes, I wrote that down 10:02pm - I am tore up from the floor up. I just saw a chick wearing a British flag I want to punch her in the face. Why do girls think muffin tops and no bras are hot? Get a mirror sister for the love of God get a mirror. 10:30pm - Fading fast… started drinking Red Geese--Red Bull and Grey Goose. All I know is the Zombie Crawl is the best and most ridiculous of the crawls. I want to stab people in the face for their stupid costume choices. No, I really do. What is that a Tranny. Good Lord! 11pm - Got the time from someone who looked 78 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Jenny PezDeSpencer

like a convict and was mean. God, I hate people! I just wanted the damn time. It was 11 o’shot. Perfect! 11:15pm - Tonic – Best door guy ever! Met some random guy who told me he used to work at hot topic, feels somewhat bad and may be responsible for some of the hideous costume choices out tonight. Oliver, I am so drunk… sorry, sorry, so sorry! 12pm - The El Cortez and the Bacon is thick in this place. Oh, I mean the police are making their rounds. Fuck the Police mother fucker named Ice cube. Yep, I broke out in song! I do what I want! No, I really do. Please no arrests tonight. 1:30pm - 5 Star something I couldn’t deciphersomething like making out with a transgender monkey I am really going to vomit! 2am - ???????? No that is really what I wrote ??????? 3:02am -2 hour wait on cab. I am fucking walking. Ha ha Once again the Zombie Crawl was a success. The only one true draw back this year was the endless stream of cops and fire marshalls in the clubs trying to regulate this debaucherous night of excess. And to that I say BOOOO! 5 out of 5 Pez


Text Oliver X

P   ICKS  DECEMBER Ongoing Solo Exhibitions @ Wildflower Village Through January 15th Wildflower Village invites you to tour all its properties facing W4th St. See our Open Studios with works by artists as unique as the village Visit Kelsey Sweet, Carole Ann Rickets, Pam Sutton, Jacqui Isensee, and Patty Melton. Meet Jessica and Pam in their new suite, Bella’s Trunk. November 29th will feature openings of Solo Exhibitions for Nolan Preece, John Rosa, Jaclyn Prescott, and Greg Carlson. Open Studios Kelsey Sweet “K. Sweet thinks beyond the bounds of typical boxes, embracing the unknown and conjuring up a hybrid enterprise born of psychology and art.” Carole Ann Ricketts BFA (Honors) is a European trained artist who is a multi-disciplined artist who has work in permanent public collections in Europe, Australasia and North America. Big Oil Finds Its Page in Time Wildflower Village

Pam Sutton is a glass artist who employs several glassmaking techniques including lampworking using a torch, kiln firing, and cold working for grinding and polishing. Several of these methods are often combined to form an individual piece. Jacqui Isensee - While taking art classes to enhance her ceramics she fell in love with painting and promptly traded her kiln and glazes in for canvas and paints. Now Jacqui paints impression and abstract paintings in oils. Patty Melton is well-known for her watercolors, if you haven’t seen her new works in acrylics, they are a must see. Pub Gallery Solo Exhibition “Chemigrams and Glass Prints” Nov 29-Jan 15, 2013 4-7pm daily. Chapel Galleries Solo Exhibitions Jaclyn Prescott “Ooh La La” Greg Carlson “Reality is… ” Nov 29-Jan 15, 2013 4-7pm Greg Carlson “I find tremendous pleasure in exploring the unknown. My work reflects a search for other dimensions and a faith in the fact that reality is so much more than it seems.” Jaclyn Prescott presents boudoir photography displaying the beauty, confidence and sexuality of women in playful lingerie. Jaclyn’s Boudoir is about the everyday woman unleashing her inner goddess. This collection shows a woman’s potential for finding the goddess within.

How The Grouch Stole Christmas

80 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Bella’s Trunk - We are happy to be joining the Wildflower Village Community and look forward to being involved in their events. Bella's Trunk is a gift boutique with new, recycled and repurposed gift items for you and your home. Our pre-opening will be on November 29th, we look forward to meeting all of you. Jessica and Pam

Open Door Gallery Solo Exhibition “Alive” by John Rosa Nov 29th t thru Jan 15th 2013 12-5pm daily. John Rosa will be exhibiting his paintings and sculpture. His breadth of subject matter is seen in his talents with wood, marble, alabaster and canvas. Shelly Jackson and Katie Packham of Indie Reno Crafters will be presenting Steampunk Jewelry Mosaic Art, Children’s Gifts, Letterpress Cards and Calendars. Scott Harvey Oils former resident Wildflower Artist, many of the works done by Scott at the Village are found in the three rooms at the Coffee Shop. Stop in for a latte’ and enjoy his works. Open Door Gallery Open daily 12-5pm. Call for details 775-787-3769

DOWNTOWN RENO ENTERTAINMENT Santa Pub Crawl Downtown Reno Saturday, December 15 at 7:30 p.m. Chinese Concert Reno Ballroom Saturday, December 22 At The Brew Brothers Happy Hour Mon-Fri 2-5pm Live Bands and DJs Nightly! DJ D.Rek every Thurs-Sat Sunday-Thursday events 10pm Friday-Saturday events 10:30pm Live Band Karaoke Monday Nights

Coffee Shop Open Daily 7am to 4pm. Pub Open Daily 4-7+pm and during art events.

December 3, 10, 17, 24 Brew Club Tuesdays with Alice 96.5 FM and DJ Chris English December 4, 11, 18, 25

Art House and Chapel Gallery by appointment 4275-4395 West Fourth Street Reno, NV 89523 "May All Your Weeds Be Wildflowers!"

Santa’s Swag Bag Giveaways December 11

How The Grouch Stole Christmas tour to show in Cargo at CommRow The 6th Annual How tour will show at Cargo in CommRow on Tuesday, Dec. 11, as a part of an 18-date tour through the western part of the United States. Those familiar with this annual winter event will be sure to grab tickets. Attendees will be treated to a headlining set by everyone's favorite brothers in rhyme, The Grouch & Eligh. Bay Area Grind King, Mistah F.A.B. will bring his unique freestyle skills and electrifying live show as main support. Minneapolis based, up and comer, Prof will also join the tour with opening duties fueling the night with mega energy. Trust me, if you haven't seen Prof perform yet, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Dan Hubbard, Owner & Operator of 775HipHop, thinks this is a great opportunity to see quality acts all in one show.

Sexy Santa Contest December 18 Student Body Thursdays with KDOT 104.5 FM December 6, 13, 20, 27 New Year’s Eve Party featuring the Crashers December 31 ATOMIKA Nov 28-Dec 2 -Top 40 Hits LEFT OF CENTRE December 5-9 -Top 40 Hits GARAGE BOYS December 12-16 -New Rock Hits AUDIOBOXX December 19-23 -Today’s Hits STEEL BREEZE December 26-30 -Today’s Hits

“This is the sixth annual tour. Every year it has The Grouch but he mixes in new talent always bringing in great hip hop acts for an affordable ticket price, all on a single show,” Hubbard said. “If you have seen a Grouch show there’s no question why you don’t want to miss this event and if you haven't, come see what the buzz is about!” Tickets to How The Grouch Stole Christmas are $20 in advance and $25 day of show. Tickets can be purchased online or at the second floor box office in CommRow. This is an all ages event and doors are at 7 p.m.

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Same SideS Text Devon T. Reese Photo Amy Hunter

I’ll admit it, I like movies. They are an easy form of entertainment and escapism.


often try and see how many obscure B-list movies I can reference in casual conversation. Read: dork. Emily, my Samesides sidekick, calls me Cliff Clavin. Tom Hank’s title character in the movie Forrest Gump made the saying “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get,” the pithy cry for a generation of folks attempting to carpe diem (Latin for seize the day thank you Robin Williams and the Dead Poets Society). At 38 years of age, I often feel as if I have now lived several lives and that I have eaten life’s most delectable truffles, and its stale-asa-brick-two-year-old-Halloween-candy. Let me explain. My first life was carefully constructed and exceedingly simple on the surface. I was the “perfect” son--dutiful, happy, received good grades, did what I was supposed to do and frowned on those who did not. I was a “neo maxi zoom dweebie” (either you know the Breakfast Club and all its glory or you don’t and you are dead to me). As I reached my early and midtwenties, I did what hot blooded young men are supposed to do: joined the Republican Party, married the woman of my dreams (Emily), went to law school, and started having kids. I was a youth pastor, sat on charitable boards, paid my taxes, and continued to believe that life was intrinsically good. The reality was far different. I was gay. I always knew that I was gay, but I ignored it, repressed it, or denied it. The perfect son, husband, father, could not be gay. I did not want to be gay. Gay was for someone else, not me. So I quietly, neatly, and conveniently tucked that part of me away. Then in 2006, Ang Lee’s hauntingly tragic movie Brokeback Mountain literally changed my life. I saw the movie in Sacramento so as not to be seen by anyone in Reno. I recall it was an old 1940’s movie house called “The Crest.” It was raining and cold that day which seemed to mirror my mood. I left the movie theater with a profound sense of sorrow and angst. Life was short and brutish. Love was the only thing that mattered. Would I ever find my way off of Brokeback Mountain (images of the Sierra Nevadas filled my head)? Could I keep lying to myself? To my family? To Emily? So I came out. First, in the 82 Reno Tahoe Tonight

dark, to my mother while sitting in my Suburban near her house. The darkness hid my insecurity and fractured existence. She was so kind and assured me that life would be okay. Thank you, mom. Then to Emily--who was devastated--but compassionate. We cried a lot. Emily continued to fold the laundry. Over the next several months, we struggled mightily as a husband and wife over what to do. We tried counseling, “praying the gay away,” an intervention by Emily’s well-intentioned and brutally honest father (a topic for another time), and in the end, we decided to divorce. It was not an easy time as we were also facing financial hardship while experiencing the death of our relationship. We cried and were often bitter towards one another. We yelled but we survived. I found refuge in my friend, Felipe, who later became my Ennis Del Mar. Today we own a copy of Brokeback Mountain and it sits on the movie shelf in between Mean Girls and October Sky. I asked Emily to watch it sometime, but she said it would be too painful. I understand. I have not asked again recently. I’ve watched a few times since, each time it changes me ever so slightly. I always cry. Sometimes I get angry that Crash won the Academy Award that year. Our oldest child (12 going on 47) asked me recently if she could watch it. I paused for a minute trying to think of the right response. I have not cornered the market on knowing exactly what to say and when as a parent. I collected my thoughts and told her it would be a few years but when she was ready I would let her know. I told her what the movie was about and that it had made a profound impact on me. Then, I did what most parents do, I made a concession to divert her attention: she could watch The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and Pretty in Pink. Seemed like a fair trade. Devon Reese is a son, brother, husband and father to three amazing kids. He is an attorney litigator with the law office of Shadek Reese, Ltd. where he primarily handles employment, business, and family law matters. He enjoys tennis, the arts, and spending time with his family. You can follow him at his "Samesides" blog

Devon T. Reese

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Handmade Holidays:

Escaping Corporate Chaos

Text Kate Long Photo Nicholette Jean Codding

handcraft beautiful pieces of stationary for any occasion. Each piece embodies a vintage energy but carries modern and elegant elements of design.


Kudu-lah, a line by New York artist Kenneth Kudulis Jr. is fantastic if you’re looking to purchase exceptional and affordable art. Each piece is colorful and one-of-a-kind, featuring vibrant characters transferred onto wood.

e’ve all been there before: standing for what feels like hours in a stagnant line at the mall; blinking Christmas lights mocking us with their rhythmic steadiness as a somewhat insulting pop rendition of “Here Comes Santa Claus” blasts through the speakers. The modern idea of the American Christmas hovers around the cultural expectation of providing friends and family with the latest and greatest technological fad or fashion-forward designer piece. It begs the question: why do we give gifts to begin with? Though we exchange gifts each year, personal thought, care, and touch is lost somewhere between the Black Friday bustle and department store chaos. It’s time to get deeply rooted in the traditional notions and values of gift giving during the holidays. With that in mind, exploring the world of handmade gifts is a great start. Amidst our crashing economy, supporting small business owners through purchasing their handmade gifts not only is a unique and eco-friendly option, but it fosters the human connection between consumer and creator that is often lost in the mechanical translation of mass-produced products. Each handmade gift tells a story. Take the paper goods by Reno’s Buffalo Wallow, for example. Sisters Megan and Melanie Berner 84 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Cro Designs by Reno artist Kendra Cro is a chic and playful jewelry line with pieces varying from simple charmed bracelets to dramatic necklaces. Each item carries its own graceful and distinct statement, utilizing soft, feminine materials as well as edgy metallic adornments. True Partners in Craft utilizes recycled bicycle tires to create unique pieces of jewelry. Playing with the bike tube textures, they’re able to create the illusion of soft flowing feathers and delicate roses. These would truly make a one-of-a-kind gift for someone who loves fashion and cycling. Marty May, an artist from Sacramento, is a screen printer who uses eco-friendly and water-based ink. Anchors, unicorns, and narwhals are some of the creative characters that live on the surfaces of shirts, ties, wallets, and more. Affordable handmade gifts like these, along with many more with that same creative spirit can be found at Never Ender all season long and beyond, located on 119 Thoma Street in Reno.






RISE Of THE BRAVE NEW WORLD “Celebrate the Future of 2013”




Sean Cary Text Sean Cary Photo Andrew Chang

Election 2012:

Fifty Shades of Lame. A highly respected political friend of mine once told me, “To lose one election is a fluke, to lose two, a referendum.” The Republicans sustained major losses in 2006 and 2008; regained ground in 2010, and then suffered major losses in 2012. The question is, why?


rickle Down… and out. President Reagan promised us that a rising tide would lift all boats. This sunny optimism delivered him the White House, but things never played out quite the way the Right envisioned. George W. Bush, a devoted supply-sider himself, also championed sweeping tax cuts. He got them, deficits be damned. Existing businesses expanded and countless new businesses sprouted up, but with them came the weeds of income inequality, wage stagnation, and the sour truth that every business model ever created is designed to primarily make money, not create jobs. There was a time when Mitt Romney’s promise of gigantic tax cuts would have won him the election. This time, the electorate was smart enough to ask him how he planned on paying for it. He never convincingly answered the question, and as a result the country has spoken. It’s time to try growing from the middle out, not from the top down. Is the GOP a political party, or an elite social club? The ideological purity demanded by the 2012 Republican base and the minor

88 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Sean Cary

candidates sympathetic to their cause was truly something to behold. From “self-deportation” to contraception being “a license to do things,” the D-Lister candidates artificially prolonged the Republican primary. The Super PACs had little effect in the general election, but they did have a pernicious effect in the primaries. Prior to the Citizen’s United ruling, a lack of cash would have sent the likes of Newt Gingrich and Rick

Santorum packing much earlier, but individual wealthy supporters kept their campaigns afloat long after they should’ve gone down like the Hindenburg. As a result, Romney finished the primary a bruised, weary and fatally damaged candidate. The candidates’ extreme positions early on in the race may have appealed to the obnoxious base, but self-identified moderate voters--40% of the country--regarded them as caterwauling bullshit. Un problema gigante. Latinos are the fastest growing segment of voters in this country. Latinos delivered Colorado, Nevada, and probably Florida to the president. Former swing state New Mexico gets bluer every year, and if the current trends continue, Arizona and Texas could turn from red to purple. I don’t feel like explaining Electoral College math to everyone, but just know if Texas and Florida flip, we will never see a Republican president again in our lifetimes. Republicans have screwed things up with minority voters before. The tides turned in 1964 when President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. Barry Goldwater, who carried the Republican presidential mantle, joined with white Southern Democrats in trying to filibuster it to death. That election shifted a huge number of white southerners into the Republican column, but Johnson’s Electoral College victory, 486-52, was a landslide. Since Goldwater, Democrats have carried at least 80% of the black vote in every national election. Campaigning on the belief that “anchor babies” don’t deserve help with college, or that America’s problems will be solved with a Berlinesque wall is a recipe for absolute failure and, ultimately, irrelevance. If at first you don’t secede… In the wake of Barack Obama’s decisive victory, we are again reminded what sour grapes smell like. Just ask the thousands of Americans who have signed secession petitions because they hate Obama more than they love their own country. Many of these petitions have received enough signatures to warrant a “review” that will probably consist of junior White House staffers enjoying a hearty chuckle as they toss each and every one into the garbage. Over 100,000 Texans want out minus Austin and El Paso, who want to secede from Texas because Texas wants to secede. Wow! If this keeps up, the President might start taking it personally.

Keep collecting those signatures, Texas. We will pretend to miss you, but that’s okay. We never really liked you anyway. Potheads, dames, and gays, oh my! Modern conservatives are most comfortable around those who look, dress and have sex like they do. Campaign 2012 demonstrated once again that your marriage is their business but their marriage isn’t yours, and a woman’s body has mystical powers much too complicated for her to manage without Washington’s help. In 2004, constitutional amendments prohibiting same-sex marriage passed in 11 states, and Ohio’s ballot measure was widely credited for delivering the Buckeye state and the White House to George W. Bush. This year marriage equality won in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, and made drastic inroads in both Iowa and New York. The voters of these states have spoken--Preach all you want about “traditional marriage,” but guess what, honey badger don’t give a shit. On the subject of women, I think former Bush advisor Karen Hughes said it better than I ever could: “If another Republican man says anything about rape other than it is a horrific, violent crime, I want to personally cut out his tongue.” The great thinker John Stuart Mill famously stated: “A party of order or stability, and a party of progress or reform, are both necessary elements of a healthy state of political life.” The GOP could easily be the party of order and stability, but not until order and stability are no longer considered synonymous with bigotry and racism. Election 2012 was a campaign like no other. The day after the election, America woke up a changed place. Reaganomics is officially kaput; Obamacare is here to stay; tax cuts no longer automatically win elections for anyone, and family values can apply to women and homosexuals, not just angry white landowners. Welcome to the America of today, my friends. I’m looking forward to a newer, more relevant Republican party, but I cannot lie, the pundit in me will always look back fondly and with a wry smile on the binders full of women.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 89


Stompin’ on the Savoy Text Sean Savoy Photo Andrew Chang Editor’s Note: Reprinted by permission, this piece by RTT contributing columnist Sean Savoy originally appeared in The Huffington Post on September 26,, 2012.

On August 12, 2012, another gay voice was silenced in the media when Jerry Evans, owner of KKFT 99.1 FM Talk, banned my paid radio program, “House of Savoy,” from the air


ames like Steve Kmetko, Ben Patrick Johnson and Thomas Roberts come to mind. Gay men with successful national media gigs who came out in the public eye. In my case, I was flat out removed from the radio, not for being gay, but for merely having a conversation about gay issues on the air. Yes, I am gay, but I wasn’t out . . . yet.

Little did I know that asking Will Kolb — an openly gay social commentator, PR man and LGBT advocate from Dallas, Texas — to talk about marriage equality would get me kicked off the air, especially in an election year when gay rights issues have become so polarizing. Before the August 12th call-in show with Kolb, I had not discussed LGBT themes on the air, let alone allude to my own sexual orientation. I was determined to approach the theme sensitively, especially because of my personal circumstance. I was about to address in a public forum the very issues I had never discussed openly. Now, at 40, living with a man in a committed relationship and contemplating same-sex marriage myself, I knew I was reaching the point of real exposure. But my show was certainly not going to be the venue for that. This wasn’t the time to tell my story… or was it? With all this in mind, I conducted the Kolb interview with tact and with respect for my guest’s experiences and point of view, as if I were asking him to reassure me that everything was going to be okay and to tell the public what I already knew — people like us do not want to be treated as exceptions. Production for “House of Savoy” was paid for in advance. Our Sunday evening time slot had been purchased by my producers, Nevada Matters Media. There were no advertisers to appease, only the listeners and, evidently, Evans himself. I had never heard a complaint from Evans before. Was he even tuning in? Apparently not this time. His son was, however. The younger Evans immediately called his dad and alerted him to the situation: Two men — one openly gay, the other not — discussing gay marriage on a conservative radio station. Verboten!

By early August 2012 the Chick-fil-A news maelstrom was reaching a climax. As a public affairs talk show host, my instinct was to discuss the issues surrounding Dan Cathy’s very public opposition to same-sex marriage. Needless to say, the restaurant chain president’s comments had ignited a controversy, and debates between the traditional family values crowd and the LGBT community were rampant. Even John Q. Public was weighing in.

As a result of Evans’ son’s tattling, the dominoes began to fall. What ensued was a predictable pattern of discrimination. The privately owned radio station owner phones the show’s producer with a mandate: “Get Savoy off the air and quick!” After all, it is FOX News. There will be no such “earthy, hippie, spacey-type” conversations on this “conservative” channel.

A newsworthy topic? Certainly. Appropriate to talk about it on the air? Yes, everywhere in the country, but on KKFT, the northern Nevada FOX News Radio affiliate. So much for “Fair and Balanced.”

I knew there was no legitimate reason for Evans’ axing my show; it was the typical knee-jerk reaction to the bigger problem — talking about gay stuff is just too offensive to certain people’s

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I was cut.

ears. A month after the show ended, Evans himself admitted it to the Reno Gazette-Journal: the show “just doesn’t fit with a conservative talk radio station… It was just really odd.” By odd, did he mean gay? Unfortunately, folks like Evans insist on equating being gay with strangeness, dirtiness and sinfulness. They appoint themselves the policemen of thought and the arbiters of normalcy. They hijack words like “conservative,” equating righteousness with conditional love. They spread teachings of discrimination, working to silence others by their actions. Worst of all, they hide behind the freedom of private enterprise to promote marginalization, disrespect and bigotry. Whether Evans knew or suspected at the time that I am gay I’ll never know, but he certainly was aware of my guest’s sexual orientation. He went so far as to say to the Reno Gazette-Journal that the Kolb interview was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” and then, to add insult to injury, he proclaimed: “These people — these precious people — think that it’s an affront to their something or another. They seem to think they are deserving. . .” What Evans apparently doesn’t understand is that in the free marketplace of ideas, all people, not just the ones he identifies with, have the right to the same consideration and enjoyment that he is entitled to. In Nevada, the airwaves are a place of public accommodation. As such, radio station owners cannot discriminate or harass based on race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

using it to help others who have yet to find their own. Sean Savoy is an ordained minister, radio personality, writer and editor, and public speaker, who lectures in the United States and abroad. As an archaeological explorer, Savoy has spent over 20 years in the field, uncovering the mysteries of the ancient pre-Columbian cultures of Peru. In 2005 he was dubbed “Indiana Jones, Jr.” by Men’s Journal and acknowledged as one of the outstanding world explorers of “Generation EX.” Savoy is the host of “House of Savoy” (www., a one-hour public affairs program, and “Higher Calling,” an interfaith program. He can also be heard on the live “Broad View” show with Jay Davis for his “Living Conscious” segment. Savoy is the son of the late American explorer and religious leader, Gene Savoy, Sr., and attorney Sylvia OntanedaBernales, a native of Lima, Peru. Savoy’s Find Your Voice/#DontSilenceSavoy t-shirts are available on Zazzle. Proceeds go to the GLAAD organization to help keep all voices alive and well in the media, including LGBT. http:// sean_savoy_shirt-235132250833694860

The right to own a business is one of the most precious freedoms we enjoy in America, but it is unacceptable to discriminate against and segregate voices and ideas simply because they differ from our own. Freedom is not the right to make choices without conscience. That would be to deny the other hard-won freedoms that have made America a nation of mutual respect, acceptance and tolerance. Fortunately my silence didn't last. Less than a month after “House of Savoy” was cancelled, KJFK 1230 AM, Reno’s progressive station, picked up the show, I imagine to Evans’ chagrin. As for me, I came out a winner. Literally! The ordeal inspired me to speak my own truth, and I am now happily and openly able to discuss my sexuality any place, including in the media. In his attempt to silence me, Evans’ actions instead gave me a greater voice, and I am dedicated to

Sean Savoy

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Thee Reverend Rory Dowd

Anarchy in the RNO It’s that time of year again. Not the Rory Dowd holidays, but Marianarchy Winterball. If you don’t know about it, it’s a really big show and a really big deal. I have had the honor of being the host and emcee for most of the Marianarchy shows in the past eight years. It is simply the best thing I have ever been involved in—period. Text Rory Dowd Photo Tyson Schroeder


omewhere between Reno-palooza and a telethon, we cut out the middle man and hand a big sack of money to a local performer or artist that is in need of help. Two days of 12 hours of rock and roll and laughter and booze (and sometimes tears) to help a friend is exhausting and exhilarating. At Winterball 2012 we are helping one of our own – Mr. Tom Plunkett. Plunkett is a local stage and voice actor, director, musician and all-around nice guy. He has performed at every single Marianarchy, donating his time and heart every time without reservation. This past summer he was diagnosed with a form of throat cancer and has since started treatments, which ain’t cheap. It’s great that we can return the favor, if totally sucky that he needs some help. Tommy is a good friend of mine and we’re going to help him through this with the power of rock and roll. Marianarchy started as a benefit to help Marianne Psota cover some medical bills when she became seriously ill. Psota was a local organizer, promoter, bartender, wild child and champion of Reno nightlife. After her untimely death in 2004, her friends got together again to help out her partner, Nick Ramirez, in her absence. Some-

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thing really magical was born – something of and for Reno. “This is all about Marianne and keeping her spirit alive,” says Ramirez, shunning credit and praise for putting it together every year. After 2004, Marianarchy turned into an annual event held in May, near the anniversary of her death. But it’s not about death – it’s about life and tenacity and community. In 2005, it turned into a two-day event. By 2008, Ramirez started the Winterball, held in early December, because once a year just wasn’t enough. 100% of the proceeds from every Marianarchy go to a local artist or performer or institution that is in dire need. We collect the money at the door. We hand it to the person that needs it. Past beneficiaries include Dale Kellams, LaRonda “LaLa” Ethridge, The Sierra Arts Foundation, and the families of Jess “Blaze” Smith and Gary Setzer. While the proceeds are typically modest compared to medical bills, the show and support have made a significant impact on the lives of the people we help. WInterball 2012 – A Benefit for Tom Plunkett will be held December 7th and 8th at Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor. The lineup of 29 acts include Cranium, The Atomiks, Kate Cotter, Reno We Have a Problem, The Kanes, Grace Gatsby, The Liver Scars, Mary Jane Rocket and many more. I could say a lot more, but really - just go to the damn show. I’ll see you there.

Under the InflUence


Text Nellie Davis Photo Kate Kohl Fancher


hile second-hand stores are an  inexpensive way to scout vintage  clothing, it can also be a crap shoot  trying to get a lucky find on a regular basis. Although Reno clearly has a style of its  own, the most unique vintage pieces I've found  have been while traveling. We're fortunate to be  surrounded by a number of ace shopping cities-San Francisco, Portland and Los Angeles-and I  most recently came across a trio of independent  clothing stores called Joyride Vintage for Men, Elsewhere Rare, Vintage and Antique, and Lost & Found in Orange, California and fell in love with  their style sense and pure nostalgia.

The stores, owned by Robert and Kristine Houston  with help from sister Stephanie Heiser and mom  Nanette Heiser, are incredibly sharp and rich in  detail.  Kristine, who says she "inherited the gene  to collect stuff" from her papa, initially opened a  second-hand shop and tried her hand on the internet until it became more hassle than it was worth.   She opened Elsewhere in 2008, which, because  of her passion for only the rarest yet still trendy  items, has grown ever since.  Joyride has a fine  collection of menswear and an incredible selection  of unusual man treasures, like an ivory cribbage  board and glass eyes from the war era.  94 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Right next door is Elsewhere. Their displays are  full of gloves, hats, purses and oh my, dresses.  They have an impressive lingerie rack and most  everything is marked on the tag what period it's  from, ranging Victorian to 1960's.  Both stores  carry delicate and old but in a non crusty kind of  way. There was no smell, no rips, no stains on any  of the pieces I looked at.  You can tell they pride  themselves in keeping their vintage stock in impeccable shape.  Their latest addition, Lost & Found, is mainly  geared towards 70's, 80's and 90's garb. This is  the go-to place for rock band tees and fun costume  get ups.  All three stores were in a class of their  own individuality and the prices were on point.   Yes, it may be that you want an armful but can  only afford to leave with a couple lovely gems, but  the chance of finding this quality at your nearest  Goodwill isn't even close to as likely, and that is  the price you pay for superb one-of-a-kind. Elsewhere can be found at 109 West Chapman  Avenue in Orange, California. You can contact  them at or  call the store directly at (714) 771-2116     Nellie Davis is the owner of Outsiders Hair Studio in Midtown. She thrives on collaboration with artists, designers and photographers, and was most recently awarded RAW:Reno Hairstylist of the Year 2012. 775-354-5667


Views Text Thomas Lloyd Qualls Photo Kelly Peyton

Lighten Up. A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs...jolted by every pebble on the road.- Henry Ward Beecher Happiness is not something that falls from the sky. Paraphrasing Hobson from the movie Arthur: Happiness is a tie you cannot steal. Happiness is a tie you are going to have to work for. Like you, I have days where it is hard to find my way to happiness, or to contentment, or even to the blank page. Even though there are other times when I am so swiftly in the flow I think I will surely ascend this plane. But true and lasting happiness is not subject to the vicissitudes of weather, hormones or circumstance. It is a matter of training the mind and the heart. It is a matter of teaching ourselves to laugh, of practicing light-heartedness, of remembering to keep checking our perspectives and to travel a little lighter. All day, every day, Life hands us countless opportunities to laugh. But mostly we see them as small failures and frustrations. From the unwelcome alarm clock to the sink full of dishes, the crowded calendar to the congested commute, we wish away so much of our days. Instead of embracing the poetry, absorbing the small details, and learning to laugh at ourselves more often. I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it.- Frank A. Clark I have a three-year-old who is a master teacher. Minute by minute he challenges me to walk my talk. Often Ghandi-esque in his resolute defiance, he forces a constant need for a new perspective. Whether it is his endless distractions when time is already short or his refusal to be controlled, no matter the method, he is bent on breaking my will and on helping me to recognize the downright absurdity of my carefully constructed self-image. Love is as close a word as has been discovered to describe the magnificent magic of children. Free of social constructs and unburdened by the overstuffed baggage of adulthood, children are 2 Reno 96 RenoTahoe TahoeTonight Tonight

Thomas Lloyd Qualls

able to simply be far better than almost all yogis I’ve met. They challenge our well-structured lives and even our best intentions for their well-being. They effortlessly deconstruct our worldviews and constantly pull off our adult masks. Somehow children just know that the very things which you believe protect you are also your greatest barriers to freedom. But you don’t have to be a child to adopt a more playful mindset. One thing I’ve noticed is almost all adults are really just children with mortgages. I recognize the same tantrums in them as I do in my son and his friends. So maybe we are not so far from our inner child as we may think. Why not take advantage of this fact to embrace a more childlike view of the daily world? There is a lot of talk these days about enlightenment. As I’ve said before, enlightenment may be the understanding that, while fairies are probably not going to fly out of your butt and grant your every wish, you are an infinitely more powerful being than you probably realize. And every thought you have and every word you speak help to create your reality. Sometimes you will be happy and sometimes you will be sad. Because experiencing emotion is part of being human. But Life is often absurd. And it is damn near impossible to deal with that fact unless you have trained yourself to laugh about it. More often. When we can laugh more often at ourselves and at the absurdity of life’s theatre, we begin to have more compassion for our fellow humans, for their struggles, and for ourselves. In other words: Absurdity is the soul of compassion. Thomas Lloyd Qualls Ha! TQ © 2012 Thomas Lloyd Qualls, all rights reserved.

Wheel Bite

Text Eric Lantto Photo Kyle Volland

Summer is long gone and here comes that familiar Reno winter chill  in the air. That chill is a reminder of the struggle it brings along with it:  finding dry spots to skate.  It’s nothing new if you understand skating is  not a seasonal thing.  


ood ole Reno keeps us on our toes and it’s just another challenge to hunt for suitable skate spots. The lifers in Reno know how to adapt and keep rolling hard throughout whatever gets thrown at us. Getting a group of friends together to skate is something you just do to keep the scene alive and well. Shred Sunday is something I’ve done for almost three years now. The thought was to get a few friends together every Sunday to catch up and shred. On rare occasions we join all the scooters, bikes, and daycare type environment at the skateparks but, for the most part it strictly street spots, backyard ramps, and ditches. Through word of mouth and social networking, more and more people would check out Shred Sundays. Seeing old friends back out on their board made it that much better. The common question was 98 Reno Tahoe Tonight

always, “Are you skating this Sunday?” and it soon became obvious it was every Sunday all year long. No matter the what the conditions are in Reno, we always find a place to skate. The rundown is always the same, we meet at Classic Skate Shop around noon every Sunday. At the shop we plan out the days mission and caravan from spot to spot. Kyle Volland from is always there taking pictures for the site. From beginners to rippers, everyone is there to skate and have fun outside the confines of the local parks. There’s no bad vibes, just good times. Hit us up on any Sunday at Classic Skate Shop and get weird with a good crew all winter. Too cold to skate is a myth after all. -ERL Eric Lantto is a skater, writer and owner of Classic Skate Shop, with a bad case of wanderlust. Travel is mandatory. Listen to “I’m Bad” by LL Cool J and you’ll get the rest.

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Reno's Riverwalk and Samesides in the December RTT

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Reno's Riverwalk and Samesides in the December RTT