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Asphalt Socialites - Forever and WhateverÉ

Asphalt Socialite’s 2015 release is a slick and elegant call-back to the days of teased hair, big empty rooms full of smoke and lasers and mirrors; when everyone was cooler than you and when black and white ensembles were de rigueur. In this day of generic rock, screaming and crooning, songs like “Love Cures Fear” and “Part II of III” stand out as epic articulations. This album should be on the radio everywhere. Everybody complains and wishes there were still bands around like Bauhaus, and The Cure, and Love and Rockets. Well, there still are. Get connected to the band at

Giant Fighting Robots - VS. The World, Vol. I: Where the F@$K is Earth

Representing the club side of the Reno music scene and weighing in at 145 lbs. soaking wet is Giant Fighting Robots’ first fully produced EP. This is dance music that could be your theme music. It’s epic and laser-y. It’s sexy and dangerous. “11:57” is brooding and groovy; “We Are” is anthemic and “Planet Jackers” is what legends hear when they’re chewing bubble gum. These are not some ‘beatz’ that tweaker down at the convenience store is trying to sell you at 2am on a home-burned CD. These are locally handcrafted artisanal songs, created for the technological instrument. Listen to the EP and more at

Athena McIntyre - About A Gurl

As a dedicated veteran Reno troubadour, McIntyre is no stranger to holding attention with her powerful voice, vibrant storytelling and guitar skills. This full-length album is a showcase of her best and most polished works over the past few years. It is has a cohesive center within the various descriptions of ‘a gurl’, describing relationships, personal struggles, self-doubt and the search for personal truth, social commentary and observation. While simply produced, it challenges suppositions at every turn. There is both a sense of finding growth through reflection and being present in every moment, whether it be happy or heartbreaking. Head over to to learn more about this gurl.

Red Mercury - 'Til Morning

With a second posthumous release, the demise of Red Mercury is beginning to seem somewhat dubious. That inconsistency aside, ‘Til Morning is a remarkable production, moving away from the concept album and into more experimental instrumental interludes. Overall, it’s as if Tom Waits went on a bender with a bunch of schizophrenic British glam stars and wrote an epic prog rock album. Jumping from swing to metal to folk, rinse and repeat, it keeps you on your toes. There is a consistency though, a common thread throughout the synthesizers and acoustic guitars that lends the frenetic album stability and grace. Set course over to redmercury.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 7

April 2016 Reno Tahoe Tonight  

April 2016 Reno Tahoe Tonight featuring The Melting Pot World Emporium, The Nevada Museum of Art, The Novelists, and columns by Thomas Lloyd...

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