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Photographer Ted Varney

A Probability of Words Text Thomas Lloyd Qualls Photo Lynell Garfield

Your minds to what I am about to say. I am not here to hand you another overwrought cliché for you to toss into your growing stack of inspirational quotes you'll forget by dinnertime. I'm talking about changing the way you see the world around you. About rethinking your interactions with that world.

It's not just about your heart. Sure, being open requires an open heart. And I promise I'll get to that. But first we need to talk about the mind. We all live such a ridiculous amount of time there that the mind is the first door we need to get through. It would be easy to blame our modern habits. How, increasingly, every spare second of waking life is spent in a frenzy of multi-task-driven dysphoria. And so I will, a little. But it isn’t technology’s fault. It’s what we do with it. It’s how we do what we do with it. While our technological abilities are growing like a virus on, well, virus steroids, our minds are being numbed into submission. Our minds are constantly opening to new ways to use technology, and steadily closing to almost everything else. The mind and technology have one primary thing in common. They both are meant to work for us. Instead, we end up working for them. To be open means that sometimes we have to stop. We have to put down our electronic addictions and rethink every thing in our lives we have put on autopilot.

Though your heart is essential. What can be said about the heart that hasn’t already been said? Plenty, I’m sure. Because the heart knows everything the mind has ever learned and forgotten. And so much more. The 6 Reno Tahoe Tonight

heart has a stash of secrets so large it has taken thousands of years of poets just to reveal a tiny few.

Yes, it is counter intuitive. Because everywhere, all day long, there are reasons to close down. To protect yourself. From the naysayers and the nit-pickers, the needy and the ne’er-do-wells. What you cannot see with your heart slammed shut is that everywhere, all day long, there are millions of reasons to stay open. And I’m not just talking about the birds and the butterflies, the sexy storms and the saturation of colors under Sierra clouds. But when you open a door for yourself, you open a door for others.

Find your door to freedom. Because that is the only way. Because until we are open, we are not free. While we are vigilantly patrolling the borders of our egos, our comfort zone, our I-don’t-want-others-to-know-I’mhuman, we are missing out on real life. The battle between open and closed is not new. Its roots are ancient and are still deeply embedded in the modern world. From the oppression of religious theocracies to the free love and new age movements, this tension between open and close remains a central theme of life. I get it. The world can be a scary place. But the secret to freedom is the same as the secret to conquering dream monsters. You must turn and

Thomas Lloyd Qualls

look them in the face. Though you’re afraid of whatever may be on the other side of the door, you must open it anyway. This is the only way to freedom. You must open doors. Everywhere, every day, all the time. Open the door to smiling at strangers. Open the door to asking him out. Open the door to admitting mistakes. Open the door to saying you’re sorry. Open the door to letting more go.

And then open a little more. I'm talking about standing on desks. About challenging your thoughts, your feelings, your fears, your ideas, your knowings, your ways. You may think you’re already there. You’re already open and out there. But I'll bet you a beer you’re not. I'll bet that you could add a million tiny freedoms to your life that take no time or money. Open to the idea of rain, to the possibilities of flowers. Open to the rush of your real life lived, not simply imagined. Open your skin to the touch of a lover. Open your arms to your friends. Open your wallet to a stranger. Open your chakras, your mantras, and your ideas of yourself. There will always be naysayers. Open the door and let them go. Let go of all your collected thoughts of you. And make room for the joy that will flood itself in as soon as you unclutter your you.

Swim naked. Because really, is there anything better? Then do it in everything you do. Strip off the layers of closed-door clothes and dive in. Feel the silky caress down the length of your life. And live all the secrets of you. Let yourself unfold like all the flowers of spring. Give yourself and your beauty to the world. And then let the world shine it right back on you. Thomas Lloyd Qualls is a writer, novelist, essayist, videographer, poet, painter, bike rider, foot massager, sometimes salvager of troubled lives, and a regular contributor to Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine and to the borderless virtual tribe known as The second edition of his debut novel, Waking Up at Rembrandt’s, is now available in print (think of vinyl, only for books) and on multiple e-version platforms. If you want to stop what you're doing and buy it right now, go ahead. We'll wait for you. But please come right back, there’s plenty of other good stuff in this magazine. If you are interested in reading more from Thomas, there’s a new book of poetry entitled love jaywalks, available all over the damn place in ebook format. Still to come: a collection of essays, some new paintings and a second novel, Painted Oxen, due out just as soon as all the words finish lining up. In the meantime, feel free to stop by his website whenever you like. You can subscribe to his online journal, alchemy of words, while you’re there.

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Photographer Ted Varney

"Detritus" taken in the parking lot of the Salvation Army store on Wells Avenue in Reno.

8 Reno Tahoe Tonight

America Matters Media Text Janice Hermsen Owner of LeRue Press Publishing Host of "The Book Hound" on America Matters Media stations Photo Debbie McCarthy

Is It Worth It? Publishing a book is a challenge. Help needed and available! “I am plagued with a cynical mind. I seldom take things at face value and I believe that people always have motives beyond the obvious or stated.” Would you keep reading if that was an opening paragraph in a book? What does it take to make a character believable? How important is it to a story? When we review manuscripts at LeRue Press, there are many factors to take into consideration. As a traditional publisher, with our own money on the line, each factor can be the difference between making money and having a successful book and author or that same book falling flat, and we (LeRue), with egg on our faces, licking our wounds and moving on. The author is wondering what went wrong and everyone is looking around trying to figure out what happened. Where did the dream go awry? If that sounds harsh, well, it is harsh because publishing can be rigorous, uncompromising and is a fiercely competitive business. Not only are indie publishers like us competing with the mega-giants in the industry, we are also vying to inch our books to the front shelves online and off against every selfpublished author that is trying to do the same thing we are for our authors. What’s that? Get noticed. Reach their audience. Have their voices heard. Make sales. It’s a climb…and…the irony of it all is that, tonight, a reliable source told me he thought we were vanity publishers. OUCH!

Wait…YES!!!! As difficult as it might be, there are many rewards to traditional publishing that have far outweighed any of the rigors mentioned here. Though we often spend endless nights poring over a manuscript, our equipment fails the day we have to print the final edition and send to bindery or we decide on a title only to find out it just came out under the banner of one of the Big Five Publishers, and sure we can still use it, but no, it doesn’t make sense to do that, so now what? Go call the author; we need to come up with something else. The reward comes when it is finally done, the books come in from the bindery, we open the box and voila! There it is: the magnificent creation of so many people who all collaborated to make this one book a success. For just a moment, we take it in; we breathe. Then the momentum shifts, we call the author, set up the signings, print the posters, send out press releases and, oh my, it just keeps going. But it is a beautiful day when it all comes together. Is it worth every frustration, anxious moment, wondering if the funding will be there and seeing the look on an author’s face when they first see their book? Will theirs be the one that hits the best-seller list? Maybe, maybe not. Is it worth it? What do you think? _____________________________________________ Entrepreneur, Columnist, Author LeRue Review Magazine Editor Publisher, LeRue Press Host, The Book Hound, America Matters Media 99.1 FM Talk Radio, 101.3 Renegade Radio “The Book Hound” airs live on KRNG 101.3FM Fridays at 11Am and replays Saturdays at 6:30AM and on KKFT 99.1 on Sundays at 8PM.

Heard in a past time: “Let’s start a company”. Let’s publish authors. Let’s help them find the success they have been seeking….No, you’re a vanity publisher. No, we won’t carry your book. No, no, no… Reno Tahoe Tonight 9


Text Geralda Miller Photo David Parker Geralda Miller and Eric Brooks

Reno is the SPOT for Year-Round Art Take a stroll through downtown or Midtown Reno and you can’t help but see art. It’s in the galleries, in our treasured museum and placed by the city as public art. But more businesses around Reno are gracing their walls with works by local artists. Boutiques, coffee shops, eateries and night spots are displaying art. For almost two years, brightly colored flags have flown in front of some of these businesses, identifying them as an Art Spot. Because of the re-launch of Art Spot Reno and an art walk in the downtown Arts District on the first Thursday of the month, more flags will be flying across the Truckee Meadows landscape. Local artist Eric Brooks and I are spearheading this project because we’re excited to see what’s happening in the arts community and want to maximize exposure to Reno residents and visitors. 10 Reno Tahoe Tonight

“Reno is in the midst of a long-brewing renaissance, revolution and recreation of how art can be the catalyst of change for an entire community,” Brooks said. Arts portal Samantha Stremmel moved in 2010 to Reno from Bozeman, Mont., with her husband, Sutter, and opened The Wedge ceramics studio and Sierra Water Gardens on Dickerson Road. She said she decided to make a bright, colorful flag for her business and neighboring arts-related businesses. It wasn’t an original idea, but one she said she got attending the Whitefish Arts Festival in Montana. She knew which businesses were included in the festival’s art walk simply by spotting the flag. “It started with only an Art Spot flag, but shortly after six began to fly on the street, other artists and local business owners in Reno showed interest in the idea,” Stremmel said.

She then sold almost 60 flags to art-related businesses in Reno. Unlike Whitefish, and other small towns where most of these public studios and businesses are comfortably confined to a few blocks of downtown pedestrian traffic, Stremmel realized Reno's ever-growing metropolitan area necessitated more than a store front flag to impart a sense of overall unification. So she developed a website,, to help businesses and artists promote themselves. But managing her two businesses plus Art Spot Reno required more time than Stremmel was able to donate. When I asked if I could take over Art Spot Reno, I think she was relieved that someone who cared as much about the city’s arts and culture as she did wanted to preserve and build on what she had begun. We are re-designing the website and logo, signing up new members, and expect to launch early May. We want Art Spot Reno to be the main portal for accessing information about what’s happening in Reno, Nevada’s dynamic arts and culture scene. Walk the walk The idea of a downtown art walk is not a new one. There have been walks, highlighting local art and the city’s public art, architecture, culture, and history. The time was ripe to re-launch an art walk in the downtown Arts District. Perhaps it is because of Reno’s proximity to Burning Man, but there is an energy galvanizing the arts community. Groups of artists have banded together to form independent venues, building centers for like-minded emerging artists to be creative, accepted and grow. The Salvagery, Holland Project, Reno Art Works, and more recently, Valley Arts, The Generator and Liberty Fine Art Gallery have been centers with a mission of bringing artists together and supplying art to the public. Art Walk Reno will be a monthly event, held every first Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. “We want you to bring a friend, make a friend and see great art,” Brooks said. The walk will be centered within the Arts District, running from Liberty Street to Virginia Street, and Second Street to Arlington Avenue. Within those few blocks, there will be nearly 20 participating spots, anchored by Liberty Fine Arts Gallery, Sierra Arts, and Metro Gallery, which is inside City Hall. Alternative venues such as Triumph Tattoo, Outsiders Hair and Salon, Noble Pie Parlor, Singer Social Club, and The Neapolitan Gallery located inside Ampersand, will be rotating monthly local and regional artists.

The University of Nevada, Reno will also be a strong participant with its off-campus gallery called ArtSpace, which is located inside the West Street Market complex. Their array of national artists and installations will be a highlight on each walk. And, of course, there will be giveaways. Each month, someone will walk away with a $200 voucher to go towards a piece of art. There will be refreshments along the way as well as food and drink specials from participating businesses.

is an affordable “This way to begin or continue your art collection

Each month, one artist will be commissioned for a limited edition, signed and numbered print. The prints will be sold at one of the galleries during First Thursday opening night. Any prints not sold during the opening reception will be available at Due to the limited number of prints and the high demand for accessible, collectable art, it is advised to show up early to purchase your print each month. May’s guest artist is Natasha Stanton, whose inaugural print is called “Five Elements.” She is well known for her use of mythic characterization and vivid coloring on natural wood. “This is an affordable way to begin or continue your art collection,” Brooks said. “I believe Art Spot Reno and Art Walk Reno will be a welcome addition to the thriving art and culture scene of Reno. American philosopher Baker Brownell said art is a verb, and I agree. Together, as a community, we can continue to shape Reno to its ever-growing pinnacle. _________________________________________ For information about becoming an Art Spot member, visit or email at

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Photo of Tara Acquafondata by Jocelyn Noel

Tara Acquafondata of

Deep Blue Studio “I’m inspired by the essence of human emotion; compelled to capture something more in my subjects, something deeper than just a record of physical presence. I strive to capture the moments that we lose to memory; the things that, when viewed in photographs, you deeply understand and appreciate, but can’t quite define. “Witnessing the spark that ignites between a newly engaged couple as they interact with one another spurs my desire to permanently capture the fire of their love.  Observing the sense of humor and ambition of a high school senior drives me to portray their beautiful soul through my lens in their senior photographs.  My goal is to capture the essence of your personality and show the world just a glimpse of who you are…all through a photograph.” Tara Acquafondata

12 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Tara Acquafondata Reno Tahoe Tonight 13


Deep Blue Studio

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Deep Blue Studio

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Deep Blue Studio

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Deep Blue Studio

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Deep Blue Studio

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Text Michael Tragash Photo Chris Holloman

Yelp Hosts Events? You may know Yelp as the website and mobile app that connects people with great local businesses, but what you may not know is that Yelp has vibrant offline communities all over the world that actually meet face-to-face. Our local Yelpers are extremely amazing people who all share a common passion for our community, sharing their experiences, and connecting personally with Reno’s great local businesses. Reno Yelpers love finding all the useful, funny, and cool stuff going on and they love to do it together! Yelp events, like CMYEs, UYEs, and Elite Events, are there to help them do all of that, and the best part is, they’re FREE to anyone with a Yelp account!

So what the heck do all those acronyms mean? Well I’ll tell you! UYE aka Unofficial Yelp Event, is an event organized by a Yelper and inspired by their individual passions. UYEs can include hiking in the hills, taking down tacos, or helping at the soup kitchen. Most recently Reno Yelpers gathered to give 775 Gastropub a proper sendoff while getting their grub on! CMYEs, aka Community Manager Yelp Events, are events I host once or twice a month, and are all about connecting Yelpers with great local businesses. You might find us checking out a new-to-you-and-me bar during New Bar Tuesday, or exploring new ethnic cuisines during Yelp’s International Supper Club, or, like last month, you could find us helping the community. Yelper Howie T’s great idea for a UYE turned into a CMYE where Yelp hosted 80 people at Nikos’ Greek Kitchen for free gyros. Yelpers RSVP’d with their Yelp account, made a donation to help Nikos, ate great food, made new friends, and in two short hours raised more than $2,100! There’s simply no better feeling. And then there are the exclusive and (in)famous Elite Events, which I plan

for my Yelp Elite Squad. Elites are our in-the-know crew that reveal hot spots for fellow locals, act as city ambassadors, and are the true heart of the Yelp community, both on and offline. Elite events are usually smaller and more intimate, held about once a month, and are designed to introduce passionate community members to amazing things happening at great local businesses. Last month Elites and their guests explored the regional flavors of China, as they were invited to preview a new monthly dinner at 168 Chinese & Sushi. Everyone left full and happy, with more than half of the reservations filled for this month. Think you have what it takes? Nominate yourself, and any other Yelpers, at! With all this excitement, are you ready to get in on this action? Well, I can’t wait to meet you! So, create your free Yelp account (if you haven’t already), send me a friend request (miketlikesit. and head over to to see what’s going on. RSVP for Yelp Events, check out other events posted by the community, and add your own. It’s all free and available for you at!

Reno Tahoe Tonight 25

Community News and Notes

Compiled by Oliver X

Reno Little Theater "The Heiress" May 2 On Friday, May 2nd, Reno Little Theater opens its sixth main stage production of the season: “The Heiress.” “The Heiress” was also produced by RLT in 1953 and returns to our stage now in dedication to the memory of one of Reno Little Theater’s dearest founding members and the star of the original production, Eve Loomis. “The Heiress,” which is now brought to our stage by director Shira Dubrovner, tells the story of a shy, plain girl named Catherine who falls desperately in love with a fortune hunter. Catherine’s strict father sees through the young man’s motives and forbids the marriage. The audience wonders- will Catherine be fooled by the young fortune hunter? Or is it love after all? The production runs Friday, May 2nd- Sunday, May 18th. For tickets or more information please visit or call 813-8900.

The Brew Brothers Takes Medal at World Beer Cup 2014 Seasonal Brewmaster Specials on Tap Brewmaster, Greg Hinge returned to The Brew Brothers from the 2014 World Beer Cup with a bronze medal for the “Lou” brew, which was recognized out of 40 entries in the “Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer” category.

Lou, named after Hinge’s wife whose nickname is Lindy Lou, is a barrel-aged Saison that was conditioned for four months and then aged for seven months in a Ferrari-Carano Chardonnay barrel.

Every two years a highly qualified professional panel of beer judges honors the top three beers in 95 beer style categories with gold, silver and bronze awards. The World Beer Cup® is often referred to as "the Olympics of Beer Competitions" because it is one of the very few international beer competitions awarding only one gold, silver and bronze in each category.

“When we were able to get the chardonnay barrels from Ferrari-Carano, we started testing different brews including a seasonal special we had called the Hopason and really liked the flavors,” Hinge said. “It’s a lighter beer with hints of apricot and pear and some vanilla and oak pick-up from the barrel.”

“Brewers all over the world participate in order to win recognition for their creativity and brewing ability,” said Charlie Papazian, president of the Brewers Association, the US-based trade association that has put on the competition every two years since 1996. “For a brewer, a World Beer Cup award allows them to say that their winning beer represents the best of that beer style in the world.”

26 Reno Tahoe Tonight

The Brew Brothers currently has two seasonal specials on tap including the “Cohen Bräu,” a creamy English style bitter on Nitro. Hinge describes it as being copper colored and refreshing with a lower alcohol content (at just 4.9 percent).

Editor’s Picks May 9 , CeeLo Green The Silver Legacy May 30, Tech N9ne w/ Krizz Kaliko, Freddie Gibbs, Jarren Benton, Psych Ward Druggies Knitting Factory 211 N.Virginia Reno,NV Doors @ 6:30 PM / Show @ 7:30 PM General Admission Standing: $28.50. Reserved Box Seating: $60.00

Sierra Watercolor Society presents “Colors of Reflections" May 29 Sierra Watercolor Society presents “Colors of Reflections”, a new exhibit of original watercolor paintings by local artists, at the Downtown Reno Library, 301 S. Center Street, May 1 through May 29 during Library hours. An artists’ reception—where the public can meet the artists and enjoy light refreshments—will be held on Sunday, May 4th, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Free. For more information go to or contact Kathy Martin, Exhibit Chair, at 626-3006.

Silver Legacy Promotes Chef Tom Hanson To Executive Chef inventory, ordering and purchasing. He comes full circle back to Reno and Silver Legacy after being on staff at Sterling’s Seafood Steakhouse from 2001 to 2004.

Silver Legacy Resort Casino is proud to announce the promotion of team member Chef Thomas Hanson to Executive Chef. Chef Tom possesses a vast resume that includes stints as Executive Chef at, most recently, Doubletree by Hilton and, prior to that, at The Claremont Resort and Spa both located in Berkeley, CA. Both properties had Tom directing full kitchen operations overseeing all aspects including creation and implementing of menus, supervision and direction of staff and managing of

During the past fourteen months at the Legacy, Chef Tom has been instrumental in the development of new menus for Café Central, Pearl Oyster Bar & Grill and our Banquet department. Congratulations to Thomas Hanson, Silver Legacy’s new Executive Chef. Find more information about Silver Legacy, visit us at or by calling 1-800-MUST-SEE (687-8733) or 775-325-7401. The latest updates are also available on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Silver Legacy iPhone, iPad and Android Apps. Reno Tahoe Tonight 27

Community News and Notes

The Breakthrough Network Mixer May 14th at Freight House District The Breakthrough Network has grown into the largest monthly business mixer in Reno with over 150 people in attendance for networking. The events were created by Jeffrey Benjamin of Breakthrough Training™ over 5 years ago and are packed with the region’s most diverse business professionals at every event. The mixers are sponsored by over 16 different local businesses that are committed to advancing and promoting business in Reno. The Breakthrough Network was built on the premise that your ability to network effectively with your peers, business associates and prospects will greatly determine your personal and professional success. First it’s whom you know; then it’s what you know. Yes, being competent at your job is

super important, but not as vital as the people you know and the connections that you have. The events are held at local Reno business establishments. People of all types attend to connect with other business professionals to share ideas, referrals, and to promote business exchange in Reno. Events are open to the general public and are free to attend. The first 100 people through the door receive a free drink and light appetizers. For a listing of upcoming dates and details of events, visit or contact Jeffrey Benjamin at (775) 337.1600. Zack Marsh zm@breakthroughtraining. com 775-337-1600 1-866-315-TEAM

Light Up Reno to End Polio On Friday, May 16, 2014, local merchants are being asked to “Light Up Reno to End Polio.” On that day, electronic message boards across Washoe Valley will include a message asking people to assist in Rotary International’s worldwide campaign to End Polio Now. The project is being done in conjunction with the Rotary District 5190 Conference being held that weekend at John Ascuaga’s Nugget. Participating businesses include the Atlantis, Eldorado, Nugget, Silver Legacy and Tamarack Junction casinos, the Reno Aces, Clear Channel and Yesco outdoor sign companies, Krch Realty and Lee Bros. Leasing. Any company interested in adding their sign to the growing list of participants can contact project coordinator David Zybert at There is no cost, as the only requirement for participation is an already existing electronic message board or sign. 28 Reno Tahoe Tonight

The project is the brainchild of Reno Centennial Sunset Rotary member Zybert. “Imagine going to work on a May morning. Imagine that everywhere you look you see businesses united in getting the word out that we are very close to ending polio worldwide. Just imagine . . .” Rotary and its partners are on the brink of eradicating polio, but a strong push is needed now to end this tenacious disease once and for all. Contributions support immunization campaigns in developing countries where polio continues to infect and paralyze children, robbing them of their futures and compounding the hardships faced by their families. As long as polio threatens even one child anywhere in the world, children everywhere remain at risk.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 29


Text Oliver X Cover and Feature Photos Frank Haxton

Additional information provided by Reno Tahoe Limousine

Reno Tahoe Limousine’s Rad Party Bus 30 Reno Tahoe Tonight


is the season for summer and with the warm weather comes plans for outdoor fun, excursions, water sports and parties. And for Ron Perlman and his wife Danell Wilson-Perlman, owners of Reno Tahoe Limousine, it’s time for them to start gearing up for their peak season, transporting executives, groups and the rank and file alike to their special events, functions and resort destinations.

I met Wilson-Perlman in late 2012 when I rented one of her limo buses to shuttle music lovers from one sold-out venue to another during an all-night late winter fundraiser. The entire experience went well and I was very impressed with the professionalism and attention to customer service the entire company showed me and my guests.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 31


So when I got a call from Wilson-Perlman this spring stating that she wanted to market a slick, blingedout party bus as a mobile nightclub, I was both intrigued and excited by the possibilities. One such possibility was having that vehicle play host to a concept I was developing with the Tournant Pop-up Restaurant chefs (Ben Deinken, Adam Bronson and Joe Bell) for a mobile pop-up restaurant—the first such event of its kind in northern Nevada. The idea 32 Reno Tahoe Tonight

seemed like a perfect and fun fit for the vehicle, which is a spectacular limo bus featuring plush leather seating for 26, tinted windows, three wet bars, a huge flat screen television, a killer sound system, a laser light show and an illuminated ceiling and dance floor. And, for the wild at heart, there’s a stripper pole. There’s even room for a DJ—an idea Wilson-Perlman got after seeing improvisational musical phenom Reggie Watts’ DJ-ing in a custom

stretch limo in a Bud Light commercial during this year’s Super Bowl. (We are currently in the process of booking DJ’s for mobile nightclub events debuting later in May.) I arranged a meeting to discuss how Tournant Pop-up Restaurants and Reno Tahoe Limo could pull something cool like this off, and the chemistry was immediate. Soon the bones of the dining adventure began to take shape and the area’s first mobile

pop-up restaurant experience is now scheduled for May 22, 2014, featuring stops at some of Reno’s most scenic locales, while serving up the kind of gourmet, out-of-this-world offerings the Tournant chefs have become known for. On May 2, the chefs will do a special pop-up event outdoors at The River School in west Reno, along the banks for the Truckee River. At press time the menu for the May 22 mobile dining event was still top Reno Tahoe Tonight 33


secret, but if the past pop-ups are any indication, the 26 lucky guests on board the limo bus will be in for a phenomenal night of fine dining.

Royal Limousine was born. He had several other businesses at the time so the limo business was not his main focus.

To get a sense of how the Perlman’s built their business, one has to begin with husband Ron. Partner Danell was happy to supply the narrative. Ron Perlman's limo story started in 1987 with the purchase of one six passenger limousine for his own personal use. Perlman was in the automotive business in Truckee for many years and he always had an interest in different types of cars. Friends started calling him to rent the limo and that's when

The demand for the limousine kept increasing and Perlman realized he also needed to add a larger vehicle to accommodate bigger groups. He bought a 12-passenger shuttle bus and converted it into a limo bus, doing the interior design and layout himself. This happened in the early 90's, way before limo and party buses were available to the market. It was an instant hit! The company name changed to Lake Tahoe Limousine in early 2000 when they discovered

34 Reno Tahoe Tonight

the power of the web. Business increased tenfold overnight! Reno and South Lake Tahoe were the party destinations for concerts, dinners out, bachelor and bachelorette parties. Ron Perlman met Danell (a wonderful South African woman) in 1997 and with her background in travel and tourism, they made the perfect team. She helped him visualize the next chapter of the limo story. During those years the chauffeurs behind the wheel were the Perlman's themselves, with the occasional

assistance of two part-time chauffeurs. They saw the gap in the limo market in Reno and expanded into Nevada in 2006. After a lengthy and difficult licensing battle, Reno Tahoe Limousine arrived in Nevada with six vehicles. From a 300 square foot office to 5000 square feet, with an in-house repair facility, a fleet of 25 vehicles and a staff of twenty, Reno Tahoe Limousine has been on a steady rise in business. Reno Tahoe Limousine slowly developed from airport transfers, weddings and special occasions (which is still a big part of their business), to Reno Tahoe Tonight 35


specializing in corporate transportation. A large part of the business is Lake Tahoe tours and surroundings, including wine tours to Amador/ Eldorado wine country, as well as Napa Valley. They also offer Burning Man festival transportation, and assist clients in planning their day. “We don't just offer transportation; we offer an experience,” notes Wilson-Perlman. A full-service transportation company serving all of Nevada and California, Reno Tahoe Limousine’s 36 Reno Tahoe Tonight

fleet consists of sedans, SUV's, 14 passenger vans, 8 passenger limousines and 14-18 passenger SUV limousines. Reno Tahoe Transportation is their mini bus and limo/party bus portion of the company for larger groups. The couple has brought a new high standard into Reno and with marketing and lots of networking, has experienced tremendous growth since arriving in the Reno market over eight years ago. “We were able to find the perfect team, from our office staff to our chauffeurs and warehouse

crew,” Wilson Perlman emphasizes. “You can't succeed in business without the right team behind you.” Teamwork is essential to be successful in the very competitive transportation industry. Reno Tahoe Limousine focuses on the needs and wants of the client, and goes above and beyond to exceed expectations daily. “Without the support of the Reno Tahoe community,

we wouldn't have been able to experience success and growth,” states Wilson Perlman. “A big thank you to our loyal clients!” _________________________________________ Reno: 775-348-0868 Toll free: 800-660-4546 Truckee: 530-582-1300 Email: Website:

Reno Tahoe Tonight 37

38 Reno Tahoe Tonight


Text Rachelle Lanning Photo Grace Gatsby

The Art of Receiving In an effort to build community, we hold each other up and support one another in our endeavors. We might show up daily, offer words of encouragement, advice, or a helping hand when we can. Many of us receive great satisfaction from being of service to others. A strong support network can bring a deep sense of safety and security in one’s life. Sometimes the unexpected happens in life and throws us off balance. Knowing that there are people who care about us and who would offer a helping hand can create a sense of peace in a world of uncertainty. For some it is natural to uphold this civic duty of service. Being there for others and offering support not only brings a deep sense of well-being but also provides the foundation for a rich and meaningful life.  However, being on the receiving end can be quite challenging for some.  Allowing others to hold us up in times of need and stress can be especially difficult and uncomfortable. Sometimes we just want to shut down or stay in the confines of our own home and deal with our struggles on our own.  Sometimes we may fear that asking for help implies weakness and we prefer to be independent and self-sufficient. When we close ourselves off to the support of our community, not only do we deprive ourselves of the healing that others can bring, but we also deprive them of the satisfaction that they would get from giving. The community can only thrive when it is a full circle of giving and receiving. The impulse to give is beautiful and implies a spirit of generosity and kindness, but the inability to receive creates an imbalance that keeps the circle from being complete. So we must all learn to receive! There are many different ways to open your heart to receive. To start, affirm that you are worthy of the gifts and love that others offer you. Remind yourself of all that you do for others, and remind yourself that others genuinely want and need to help. You are doing them a service by allowing them to support you.  Let's all make a pact to not only give more, but to receive more as well.  Let's recognize that asking for help is a vital part of a thriving community, and challenge ourselves to get over any hang-ups with allowing people to be of service to us in times of need.  There's so much love out there.  Let it in! Rachelle Lanning is the owner of the award-winning yoga center The Studio. Her latest venture is a raw foods café called The Seed, located at 1085 South Virginia at Vassar in MidTown Reno. (775) 657-8743

Reno Tahoe Tonight 39

Fashion 4 Ways


Give your wardrobe a modern make over with geometric prints and couture detailing to make your style story the freshest that it can be this season.


Beach Line Up Ralph Lauren Bikini Top $75, Michael Kors Handbag $298, Vince Camuto Flip Flop $99 and Vince Camuto Bangles $28 each available at Dillards. Dress $59 and Straw Hat $29 available at Lipstick Fashion Lounge.

40 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Photography Clayton Beck Make Up Jayme Ward Model Isha Casagrande

Monochromatic Pattern Play Peek a Boo Pattern Maxi Dress $64, Necklace $32 and Clutch $39 available at Lipstick Fashion Lounge. Guess Shoes $99 available at Macys.

Cropped On Sugar Lips Top $49 and Sugar Lips Skirt $69 available at Macys. Giani Bini Studded Clutch $69, M. Haskel Bracelets $24 per set and Earrings $24 all available from Dillards.

Royal Stripes San Diego Hat Company Fedora $42 and Striped Scarf $18 available at Lipstick Fashion Lounge. Vince Camuto Earrings $28 available at Dillards. Isha Casagrande is a fashion stylist who has a passion for fashion and a love for shopping. Isha’s attitude is that fashion is about confidence and confidence is about style. Welcome to her fashionable world where labels do not matter but your self-worth does. Visit for more information. Reno Tahoe Tonight 41

42 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 43



44 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Photos Becky Murway and Frank Haxton Text Oliver X Makeup by LAdida Makeup Artistry

iman Studio


wo of northern Nevada’s most accomplished photographers are rejoining forces to take their brand to the next level. After being a mover at two prominent corporate entities and birthing a lovely baby boy with husband and partner Frank Haxton, Photographer Becky Murway returns to lead Digiman Studio as head of business development. The husband and wife team have a stellar track record of producing buzz-worthy, award-winning work with a high level of elite client satisfaction. Reno Tahoe Tonight 45


Digiman Studio

Becky Murway -Skagen Designs -Peppermill Reno -Edge Nightspot -JA Nugget -Logo design for Spaces Design and Planning -Skills USA 2nd place in the Nation for Photography 46 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 47

Digiman Stud Oliver X: Warhol's famous quote that 'good business is the best art' notwithstanding, how are two creatives like you able to manage the hemispheric polarities of art and commerce at such a high level?

Oliver X: As you embark on another chapter for Digiman, what are your principle drivers? What gets you most excited: client satisfaction, the pure art of it, pride, competitiveness, new frontiers?

Becky Murway: Good business is the best art--that is spot on--especially these days. With so much inundating our minds every day, it is important to be in the business of keeping your clients happy. Your clients are your best supporters and your best referrals for more business. They are the ones that people will listen too. And a small business like ours thrives on that.

Becky: I love being creative, troubleshooting and brainstorming, but I also love being on task and making sure that clients are getting what they need, when they need it. When a client hires us, it means they trust us, our creative vision and respect our opinion. Seeing client satisfaction gives me pride in what we do. Visual imaging is so important for a business’s livelihood these days, especially within social media marketing. I look forward to helping to keep our clients on top of industry trends.

Frank Haxton: Both of us have been in the advertising industry for so many years. This is who I am, I have never done anything else. I play the part of visionary in the business; my head is always in the clouds coming up with the next idea. Becky, having worked for Skagen and Peppermill Casino Inc., brings both photography and business experience to the table. This blend will help to grow our business to be known as the go to commercial advertising digital media studio. We are a great team, Becky comes from a creative background, but has a Type A personality that will bring the focus and organization our clients need. Freeing me up to do what I do best: producing creative video and still photography and being an all around crazy fun guy.

48 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Frank: It’s about the excitement… it’s turning the page from still photography to video and keeping up with the ever changing advertising landscape. Video has really opened my eyes to a whole other world. My clients have been so generous to offer me huge projects that have helped grow my skill set. From writing scripts from scratch that include Elvis in our cast and flying over the Ruby mountains in a helicopter, to directing models inside the new IMAX theatre, videography is storytelling that a single image could never do. Digiman Studio Address: 4690 Longley Ln. #124, Reno, NV 89502 Phone: (775) 829-7444



Digiman Studio

Reno Tahoe Tonight 49


Digiman Studio

Digiman Studio Partial Client List and Accolades -Rise Nightclub -Granite Street Eatery -Wild River Grille -Galaxy Theatre -Fender Guitars -KRZQ (Shamrock Communications) -Founder of Art Slaves Show (18 years running) -Former Judge’s Choice Award - Reno Addy Awards -Multiple Gold Addy Award Winner 50 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 51

52 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 53


Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight Photos Dorinda's Chocolates

Dorinda's Chocolates: Art Plus Science Equals Flavor Decadence

What to get Mom this year for Mother’s Day? We have a mouthwatering idea for you… RTT sits down with Dorinda Vance, owner of Dorinda’s Chocolates, at her new location on Riverside Drive. RTT: Where did your passion for chocolate come from? Dorinda Vance: Besides the fact that I’ve loved chocolate for as long as I can remember, I started making chocolate covered cherries at the age of 12 for my family and friends. Then I became fascinated by the different percentages of cacao within the many different kinds of chocolate and how they affect the finished products I made; the more I learned the more it interested me. A successful chocolatier has to be not only an artist, but a scientist as well to create amazing, memorable chocolates. Oh, and my chocolate covered cherries are to this day a customer favorite!

and it was an even bigger hit. Eventually they both got so popular that I knew I needed an actual storefront and industrial kitchen to expand my sales opportunities. To further my education as a chocolatier, I attended Ecole Chocolat and then the Barry Callebaut CHOCOLATE ACADEMY™ in Chicago for further hands-on education. After that, I entered my chocolates into a Lake Tahoe chocolate competition and won “People’s Choice” and “Most Original Taste” for my Sea Salt Chocolates. Once I received that acclaim, I purchased my first storefront in Truckee, and began selling my chocolates to the public. Soon after, I also brought in my son Dustin, who had for years helped me in the kitchen with his brother. I’m so proud to be building a family business that he is also passionate about, and will one day take over.

RTT: How did you turn your passion into a business?

RTT: Artisan chocolatiers seem to be on the rise lately; what makes your chocolates stand out from the crowd?

Dorinda Vance: People would ask me constantly to make them my chocolate covered cherries. The demand got so great that I was literally selling them to friends out of the trunk of my car. I then created the Sea Salt Caramel,

Dorinda Vance: I use what I believe to be the very best chocolate in world, Valrhona from France. Using such high-quality chocolate combined with the very freshest ingredients truly makes our pieces stand out. Plus I try to

54 Reno Tahoe Tonight

mix things up by creating specialty and seasonal chocolates, including brickles, barks and truffles. We even created a beer and pretzel-filled chocolate called the “Drunk Irishmen” for St. Patrick’s Day! I like to come up with new and interesting pieces based on the holidays, or seasonal ingredients. Additionally, in a time when technology does so much for us, we still hand-dip each and every chocolate that we offer. Hand-dipping seems to be a lost art these days, but one that really sets us apart from others. Everything we do is done by hand; we are true artisan chocolatiers. When you purchase a chocolate from my store, you can rest assured that they were just made. Not only are our chocolates crafted with pure, quality ingredients, they’re made with love. RTT: How did you select your Reno location? Dorinda Vance: My Truckee shop also had a coffee bar, and one day I met Mark Trujillo, the owner of Hub Coffee Roasters, when he came in. Instantly we bonded over our mutual similarity: he was a coffee geek, and I was a chocolate geek. We got to talking about our respective crafts, and that turned

into using each other’s ingredients--his beans in my espresso truffles and chocolate-covered espresso beans--and my housemade cocoa in his mochas. I love his coffee! When he was opening another location, he told me about his new spot in an up-and-coming neighborhood on Riverside Drive, and I just knew that being next to him would be a win-win situation. RTT: What’s your personal favorite chocolate that you make, or have ever made? Dorinda Vance: It really changes monthly...but if I had to choose it would the Kraken, which is a hazelnut praline with biscotti crunch. Right behind that is our Lemon Truffle, a white chocolate ganache truffle made with fresh lemons, lemon zest and topped with a housemade caramelized lemon rind. It’s so light and refreshing! _________________________________________ For more information or to order, visit, or call 775-432-2024. Dorinda’s Chocolates 727 Riverside Dr, Reno, NV 89503.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 55


Men's Club Text Oliver X

The Men's Club Celebrates 19 Years in Business with a Classy Remodel 56 Reno Tahoe Tonight

An anchor tenant on Lake Street adjacent to the RTC Bus Terminal, The Freight House District and the downtown train station, the Men’s Club celebrates nineteen years of business this month. Well-known for having the most beautiful

adult entertainers in northern Nevada, the venue has also earned a reputation for exceptional cuisine, an award-winning wine list and tasteful interior dĂŠcor and amenities.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 57


Men's Club

58 Reno Tahoe Tonight

The Men’s Club has a reputation for treating their entertainers like family and offering a safe, supportive workplace environment. The pervasive stereotype of the troubled stripper from an abusive upbringing trading her dignity for fast-money is becoming a thing of the past. These days, more and more women use the opportunity as a stepping stone towards goals that include a college education, home ownership, entrepreneurial and career pursuits. Owner Cleve Canepa, who attributes the success of the venue to his many loyal customers, a wonderful, dedicated staff and his classy entertainers, has done an extensive and stunning remodel of the Men’s Club’s front bar and lounge, building a custom all-wood, hand-carved, hand-painted back bar and main bar created by local craftsmen, with leather fascia, and a hand-carved, hand-etched mirrored bar top with custom leather high back bar stools. The gorgeous ceiling panel details look like something you’d see in a five star hotel. The back bar, bar top and mirrors around the lounge are all backlit with multicolored LED lighting, creating a dramatically illuminated environment unlike anything you’ve ever seen. There’s simply no bar like it in Reno. Along with a new posh look comes a playful twist on the Men’s Club’s popular sushi menu, with dishes with names like the Lap Dance Roll (crystal shrimp, grilled albacore, shrimp, spicy crab and lemon), the Sexy Girlfriend Roll (tempura shrimp, green onion, avocado and crab) and the Dancer Roll (crystal shrimp, cooked scallop and spicy crab). Manager Dave Madsen says that the restaurant’s signature rolls like the Reno Roll, The Cabaret and the Men’s Club Roll have all been update. The sushi is impeccably plated and can be paired with a chilled ultra-premium sake like Horin. The quality of the food just might be the venue’s worst kept secret, as culinary school trained kitchen manager Joseph Ramos and his team create exquisite dishes that delight the palate, while offering stellar wine selections that have won Wine Spectator Magazine’s Best of Award of Excellence for twelve years running. Many of the wines on property, like their 1990 Chateau LaFite Rothchild, come from the finest, most respected winemakers on earth.

The Men’s Club is definitely a high-class establishment, but you can still come in for a steak and a beverage after work and leave without sticker shock. And for those in the know, the venue features half-price sushi on Sundays and Mondays from 6pm to midnight at the only late night sushi bar in Reno. The face of the business is longtime promotions manager Aquila Nelson, who has been with the club nearly since its inception. Asked about the changes she’s seen over the years in the industry, she states that perceptions have changed as the public has become more comfortable with going to adult venues as places to have fun and relax. “Strip clubs as a whole have become more acceptable,” Nelson notes. “Back in the day adult entertainment venues were much more taboo places that men would throw bachelor parties in, or slink away to secretly. But now we see more business men coming in for lunch, or to have a business meeting. We see a lot more couples; men bring their wives. It’s much more acceptable to go to a strip club as a destination for having fun in groups.” And fun will indeed be had at the Men’s Club’s 19th Anniversary Luau celebration starting May 13th with their Fabulous Feast Buffet and returning for one day only on May 21. Their customer appreciation party happens May 21 from noon to 3pm. That night the venue will also have a sushi menu tasting party. “We’re open daily from 3pm to close and we never call last call on week nights before 2am. On weekends last call is at 4am,” says Madsen. If you want to leave your keys at home and roll out in style with your buds, the Men’s Club will pick you up and return you for free anywhere within the downtown area, just call ahead at least one hour and then be sure to tip the driver. For customers wanting limo service from the Lake Tahoe area, that’s cool too! Portal to portal fees and gratuities do apply and make sure to make reservations in advance. _________________________________________ For reservations or complimentary limousine service call 775-786-7800.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 59


Men's Club

60 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 61


Men's Club

62 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Reno Tahoe Tonight 63


Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight Photo Joe Kukler

The Peppermill’s Local Nightlife Shines Peppermill Resort Spa Casino is well-known as an all-inclusive destination for resort goers, but in the past year, has upped the bar with nightlife offerings that appeal to both vacationers and locals alike. It’s all about amenities, luxury and options. The Peppermill has those in spades, along with a dedication to change the preconceived notions of Reno by showcasing its thriving music and arts community. The night kicks off at Peppermill Terrace Lounge. Nestled away from the hubbub of the casino action, Terrace is the perfect escape for happy hour, where you can indulge in small plate options and specialty cocktails for 50% off from 4-7, inside the luxe seating area or while enjoying the spring weather on the outdoor patio. The Terrace Lounge hosts free live entertainment every night, and provides the perfect platform for local and up-andcoming artists alike to showcase their talent to a new audience. On any given night, the best of Reno’s local talent may take the stage as part of the lounge’s free concert series. Terrace regularly features acts like Whitney Myer and Keyser Soze, along with hip bands on the fringe of making it like Leftover Cuties and Rose’s Pawn Shop out of L.A. and Mustered Courage from Australia. Tonight, The Inciters, an 11-piece dance floor Northern Soul band fresh out of northern California, takes up a good portion of the lounge

64 Reno Tahoe Tonight

during their performance. Their synchronized moves combined with dance tunes with a heavy 60s pop influence cause many guests going past the lounge to stop and check out the action. Some people who had been casually sitting in plush chairs get up and join the band on the dance floor. It’s truly a sight for those who are not familiar with this type of casino entertainment. I stick with the beer on tap, but my interests are piqued by the new spring menu which offers hip, new drink trends like Italian Sodas with a kick and beer cocktails, along with over 100 rare and popular whiskies. “The thing that I really enjoy about being involved in the nightlife initiative for the Peppermill is giving a platform to our amazing local artists to present their music to visitors and locals alike,” said Julia Jeffers, Peppermill’s assistant director of nightlife and entertainment. “I love the idea that you can come away from Terrace with a new favorite drink, bartender, band, and perhaps a friend from a part of the country that you’ve never even been to.” After taking in the live entertainment, we’re ready to kick the night up a notch at EDGE nightspot, Peppermill’s 8,000 square-foot premier nightclub. There’s something about taking an elevator up to a club that is intriguing. Once you see the sprawling dance floor, captivating 20-watt LED light shows and the loads of people having a good time, you know you’re in the right place.

What sets EDGE apart from other clubs is their focus on preserving the art form of DJing. Along with resident DJ Chris English, EDGE focuses on bringing in spectacular DJs who have mastered the art of turntable, mixing, scratching. It’s “FIXX Friday”, and the DJ is spinning solid songs from an ultra-lounge vibe to more top-40 and funky house mixed in later on. The club is packed, probably due to their Friday night promotion where groups of six-plus ladies get a free bottle. Once things have really heated up on the dance floor, we step outside cool off on the terrace patio overlooking the pool. If you’re still thirsty, the bar opens up to the patio, where you can grab a cocktail while taking a break. We still have energy to keep going on, so onward we go to the Fireside Lounge. We’ve definitely missed out on catching them during happy hour, but squeeze right in before 3am where we take advantage of their late night food and drink specials. The Fireside Lounge is truly Reno’s original ultra-lounge, and exudes the 70s feel from the moment you walk in with its plush booths, dark corners, and cozy fire pits. If you’re up for a challenge, try a signature Scorpion drink, which comes in a fishbowl-sized glass. Don’t worry; there are extra straws if you need some help from a friend. Whichever way your play your cards: going ultraluxe or just going hard for a fun night on the town, there aren’t any losing hands when you’re taking in Peppermill’s nightlife scene.

TERRACE ACTS: DRINKING WITH CLOWNS May 1 Thursday May 2-3 Friday & Saturday

7pm-11pm 8pm-Midnight

T. LEE WALKER AND THE COMPANY HE KEEPS May 4-7 Sunday-Wednesday 6pm-10pm MINER May 8 May 9-10

Thursday Friday & Saturday

7pm-11pm 8pm-Midnight

VICTOR & PENNY May 11-14 Sunday-Wednesday


IKE & MARTIN May 15-16 Thursday & Friday


KEYSER SOZE Saturday May 17


KYLE REA May 18-21 Sunday-Wednesday


JELLY BREAD Thursday May 22 May 23-24 Friday & Saturday

7pm-11pm 8pm-Midnight

KYLE WILLIAMS May 25-28 Sunday-Wednesday May 29 Thursday

6pm-10pm 7pm-11pm

MAXXT OUTT May 30-31 Friday & Saturday


Reno Tahoe Tonight 65


Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight

Photos Jeff Dow

National Automobile Museum Implements Brand-new Digital Experience for Guests Already considered one of the premier auto museums in the world, the National Automobile Museum, The Harrah Collection in Reno, Nevada unveiled an innovative new technology that will allow guests to experience the acclaimed museum in an entirely new and interactive way. The Auto Informant Museum Program, which is free to Museum visitors, provides mobile and online access to the Museum’s collection of more than 200 classic cars, allowing patrons to learn facts, history and stories and to see pictures and videos that were previously unavailable to the public. Furthermore, through the Auto Informant Program, visitors to the museum will be able to share their experiences with friends and family all over the world directly from their mobile phones.

66 Reno Tahoe Tonight

“We believe our visitors and passionate members will want to share their appreciation for these amazing automobiles with new audiences and younger generations,” said Jackie Frady, executive director of the National Automobile Museum. “We are excited to be the first museum in the country to implement the Auto Informant Museum Program and see this as an important step towards creating an engaging and interactive experience that will appeal to all of our audiences, young and old.” Auto Informant, also headquartered in Reno, is an innovative, new social media and digital technology company that is considered the online hub of the car world

and is the largest online community for car enthusiasts. The company’s website,, connects users to car clubs, auctions, Concours events, parts providers, auto museums and more all over the world. “We are so proud to partner with the National Automobile Museum to increase visitor traffic and make the most of their experience,” said Bill Atalla, Auto Informant’s founder and an avid car enthusiast and lifelong collector. “We have worked hard with representatives from all over the automotive industry to create robust programming that appeals to hardcore car fans and mainstream visitors, alike.” As part of the National Automobile Museum’s Auto Informant Museum Program, a unique online profile page was created for each car that highlights its history, specifications, factoids and other interesting content and additional photos

and videos of the car. Then, a unique QR code was generated and installed next to each vehicle, allowing museum guests to scan them with their smart phones and access the vehicle’s online profile. Furthermore, the Auto Informant Museum Program allows users to post their favorite cars and pictures to mainstream social media channels and email them to friends and family with just the click of a button. The program is specifically designed to enhance the visitor’s experience while marketing to potential customers through social media and online marketing. “We believe this is an easy and effective way to share additional insights and information about the museum cars through a more personalized experience that can be shared simultaneously over the internet,” said Frady. For more information on the National Automobile Museum, visit www., find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Reno Tahoe Tonight 67

First Person

Help Daniel Gershin Fulfill His Drum Corps Dream

"It starts when we breathe out, and in that instant of breath comes width, length, and depth; heights, spaces, and dimensions, defined within an exhalation from four instrument voices twinning into formation. Our instruments are extensions of our arms, mind, and body." - From the video Phantom Regiment



rum Corps International (DCI), is the highest league of competitive marching band. Over the summer, drum corps go on tour – DCI Tour is a series of more than 100 drum corps competitions that take place across the country. Drum corps is more than a summer of traveling the country playing shows and competing. It is a summer of trials and tribulations, a summer of growth and development. It requires extreme dedication and strength – physically and mentally. Drum corps is an unparalleled experience of work, perseverance, and reward. My name is Daniel Gershin, and this summer, I’ll fulfill my long dream of marching drum corps. I’m currently an eighteen year-old freshman studying electrical engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno. I’m very involved on campus as a member of the marching band, cadet band, rock climbing club, and the current vice president of Hillel of Northern Nevada, a Jewish student organization. Additionally, I’m an active brother of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia musical fraternity, a group dedicated to advancing music in America. I’ve been playing the trumpet for 8 years, and it has been the journey of a lifetime. I’ve performed in front of millions at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York with the Macy’s Great American Marching Band. I performed with the US Army All American Marching Band in San Antonio, Texas, where I was awarded the Western Region Calvin P. Titus award--an honor I was selected for based on my community service and leadership. I’ve also dedicated time to helping others--from playing the National Anthem at sporting events to volunteering time at middle schools to help younger, aspiring players.

68 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Text and photo courtesy of Daniel Gershin The trumpet--a simple brass vehicle for music--has shaped my life like I never thought anything could. I have grown so much as a musician, leader, and as a human being through my experiences on my trumpet-playing journey. Now, I am seeking to expand my horizons even further, by dedicating an entire summer to marching drum corps. In particular, I will be marching with the Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps. Phantom Regiment is one of the oldest drum corps in the activity’s history, stemming back to 1956. It is an elite group based out of Rockford, Illinois and has a consistent record of placing as one of the top corps in the DCI Finals Competition – the corps has won two world championships. (This can be equated to a football team winning the Super Bowl.) Participating in this ensemble requires a monthly commute to Illinois from November-April for rehearsals as well as a substantial fee that covers costs for the summer tour. This totals to approximately $5,700. As a college student, funding has become a huge obstacle for me. I have been working hard at fundraising, and I am seeking assistance from the community to help make this dream become a reality. Any donation is greatly appreciated. If you would like to contribute, you can do so online at If you would like additional information, please contact me at

Reno Tahoe Tonight 69


Text Oliver X Photos Chris Holloman

Rounds Bakery

The Fabulous Bagel Boys! When I last visited Rounds Bakery, located at Independence Square in the former Napa Sonoma digs, I was tasked to procure a household favorite, while discreetly feeding my addiction to their moist and never greasy apple fritters. I picked up a half dozen plain bagels with cream cheese jalapeno spread. Delicious mission accomplished! Rounds, creators of the best bagels in town hands down, is now under the ownership of Anton Novak, an Air Force veteran, former airline pilot and creator of Novak Naturals, and Sean Cary, noted media personality, writer and well-known politico. More than just another bagel joint, the 5,000+ square foot facility produces 1,000 bagels each night with a focus on quality; makes some of the tastiest donuts around, and Novak and Cary, affectionately dubbed “The Fabulous Bagel Boys,” are committed to giving back to their community through 70 Reno Tahoe Tonight

the kind of small business philanthropy that actually improves lives. “From a production standpoint, essentially every place in town that you can find a fresh bagel probably comes from here,” says Cary. “We deliver bagels daily to the Atlantis, Whole Foods and to the homeless shelter. Every single day, seven days a week we deliver all of our excess product to the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission. By taking them prepared food, the mission is able to feed the hungry with our contribution right away. So we run a waste free operation and are able to feed people in the process.” RTT: What makes your bagels unique? Sean Cary: Our bagels are correct and are made in the authentic New York tradition. We boil them. Anton Novak: A lot of places like Einstein Brothers steam their bagels, but we boil ours.

Sean Cary: We are actively looking to add more of the foods that appeal to New Yorkers and to the Jewish community. Anton Novak: The bialys and the Challah bread are some of the things our customers have requested; we’re also adding gluten free and paleo. RTT: What attracted you to Rounds as an acquisition option? Sean Cary: It’s an interesting story in a roundabout way. We had been looking for a facility to manufacture some gluten free products that we had developed for Novak Naturals. Anton Novak: We wanted to control quality and didn’t want to go to co-packers. Sean Cary: We wanted to be able to keep the jobs and manufacturing here. We entertained the possibility of getting a shuttered restaurant or an unused kitchen. Just by pure chance, we found out that Rounds was for sale. So we literally found out Rounds was on sale on a Thursday, we toured the facility on a Friday and by Monday morning they had accepted our offer. It happened that quickly. Anton Novak: It was definitely fortuitous, just like it was planned. And the kitchen is truly not just a restaurant kitchen, it is a production kitchen. We do half of our revenue business before 6:00am in deliveries. This place is humming from midnight to six in the morning. The guys give me a tour of their massive kitchen facility, taking me through their production stations for both the bagels and the donuts. I was giddy like a gradeschooler and felt like I was on the Discovery

Channel’s How It’s Made. Currently Rounds is able to produce gluten free products for restaurant use, but are not celiac certified yet. However, with their planned expansion by mid to late summer to the adjacent 2,000 square foot space behind their east wall, they will be able to have a dedicated, gluten free facility, running both operations from one location. “One of the things we’re excited about is to be able to breathe new life into this center here,” Cary emphasizes. “We have already received tremendous support from our business neighbors. “ Those neighbors include the aforementioned Sushi Club, Custom Eyes, Elmwood Staffing, the Armed Forces career Center and U.S. Firearms Academy, to name a few. “In addition to what we’re doing, we’re adding a beer and wine license,” beams Novak. “So, we’re thinking lox and bagels on Champaign Sundays; we’re thinking donut and beer pairings. We’re launching a whole new line of donuts; some mango jalapeno kind of fritters.” Rounds uses all local vendors and features soup from Sup and coffee from the ubiquitous Hub Coffee Roasters. Rounds’ large frontage area has a private meeting room that can be conveniently rented for corporate functions and planning sessions. The Fabulous Bagel Boys are also planning on hosting live events, acoustic acts and other forms of entertainment in the coming months. Stay tuned and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all the exiting new offerings Rounds rolls out this year. Rounds Bakery is located at 294 East Moana Lane Suite 10 Reno, Nevada 89502. 775-329-0800.

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Photographer Alina Vincent


have been fascinated with the world of photography since my early teens. For many years photography has simply been my creative outlet and a way of self-expression, until 2011 when I left the security of a successful 8-5 job to pursue my passion full time. I get my inspiration from everyday life: movies, books, scenes I observe, and stories I hear. Most of my ideas develop over time: some themes shape up in just a few months, while others grow and transform over the course of many years. While I am always tempted to try new techniques and work with new talent, I often wait for just the right fit that matches my fantasy. My favorite part of the process is the creative challenge of putting together just the right recipe to bring to life the vision that develops in my mind (from the perfect models, to the amazing makeup and hair artists, to just the right setting) and capturing my dream world. My work often comes out as an exaggeration, amplification or a fantastic extension of the ordinary world—the unknown and the unexplored that exits just beyond the realm of reality.

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Photographer Alina Vincent

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Photographer Alina Vincent

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Photographer Alina Vincent

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Photographer Alina Vincent

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Special to Reno Tahoe Tonight Photos Shelly Brown

Pinnacle Wellness Healing Spa

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wned and operated by Kerri T. Brehler, Pinnacle Wellness Healing Spa, located at 3631 Warren Way in Reno NV, is a state of the art natural healing alternative health spa. If you are ready to take charge of your health and well-being then this is the right place for you! Offering a wide range of relaxing healing modalities, Pinnacle stands alone. Their specialty wellness equipment is like nothing you have ever seen, all pulled together in a warm, relaxing setting surrounded by a friendly, knowledgeable team of people who are there to help you feel your best and be your best. CRA Nutritional Counseling & Analysis, now Pinnacle Wellness Healing Spa, was first born out of necessity by Kerri’s mother Sybil Thomas back in 2000. After her husband fell ill in 1998, she went on a quest for knowledge to help him and by 2000 was ready to take her knowledge public. Sybil then passed the torch to Kerri in 2008 and Kerri has been the driving force and backbone behind Pinnacle ever since. Her undying devotion to help every person she meets WILL change you forever! Kerri is already preparing to pass the torch to her daughter Kourtni Brehler who shares her mother and grandmothers passion for wellness and natural healing. The sky is the limit for this spa and I can’t wait to see what the 3rd generation will do with Pinnacle! With the added support of John W. Burton PharmD, CCN who specializes in nutrition & alternative supplements, Pinnacle has even more to offer.

John Burton sees new clients every Thursday at Pinnacle. John mentored under Sybil in 2001 and is still practicing CRA daily to help his clients heal. To learn more about CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis) please visit Pinnacle’s website at www. and come see us on Facebook at PinnacleWellnessReno Deep down most of us feel that western medicine is extremely lacking when it comes to true health and wellness. There’s no shortage of commercials on television trying to sell us more pills with more side effects (true effects) that will undoubtedly lead us straight back to the doctor with even more issues than we had to begin with. Most of us are feeling disenfranchised and looking for a real solution elsewhere. Well if that is you then look no further! Our bodies know how to heal if we give them the support that they need to do so. Pinnacle offers you the WHOLE package. They treat the BODY, MIND AND SOUL. Not only do they have top of the line equipment to spoil you with but they also offer a vast array of Nutraceuticals to give your body all the nutrition it needs to succeed in its quest for better health. For those who are looking for a more personal energetic type of healing, Reiki Energy Healing is also available. Pinnacle is for everyone! If you are currently facing health challenges they can get you back on track to wellness. If you are in good health now they can help you maintain that state and further it. Pinnacle offers a wide range of specific health and wellness

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packages to make it easy and affordable for anyone on any budget. Some of their packages include. Detox Support Package (great for autism) Metabolic Support Package (weight loss) Mood Enhancement Stress Release Package Cancer Support Package Endocrine Support Package Organ Regeneration Package Blood Sugar Support Package

and cell membranes, elevates ATP synthesis and both DNA and RNA synthesis. Using the light therapy promotes tissue repair and pain relief.

Some of Pinnacle’s Healing Modalities Include:

Far Infrared Pod This Sunbeam personal sauna, that completely surrounds the body with far infrared frequency, may be used to help things like arthritis, headaches, cold, flu, injuries, skin rashes, muscular tension, sleep disorders, lack of focus, mental clarity and depression.

Foot & Hand Detox Treatment This relaxing treatment involves placing your hands or feet into a spa bowl filled with salted water with a flow of electrons and a bio energetic field. The feet have approximately 2000 pores each; therefore they are one of the best points from which to release toxins from. Detox your body and relax! SRT (Sympathetic Resonance Therapy) Sympathetic Resonance Therapy optimizes human energy through resonance re-balancing and restoration. Imagine a tuning fork that vibrates at a certain pitch. The SRT resonates life-supporting frequencies in the bio-field to activate a more powerful response to stress, heightened energy and centered emotional balance. It can also increase stamina and the ability to concentrate. LT2 (Far Infrared Light Therapy) Photochemistry of Far Infrared Light applied to tissue aids in the absorption in the mitochondria

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Oxygen Treatment This is one of the most advanced new technologies for wellness and anti-aging. The uptake of oxygen helps influence cellular activities, including, oxygen metabolism, faster cellular regeneration, detoxification, more energy, vibrant skin and stronger immunity.

Feng Shui Bed This aromatherapy Feng Shui Bed has a powerful vortex of energy created by a combination of steam and radiant heat that enhances product absorption, deep relaxation and cleansing of the skin and body. The vibration therapy helps with bruising, arthritis, bone fractures, Fibromyalgia, MS, cellulite reduction, and boosts Lymphatic drainage. Pinnacle Wellness Healing Spa is located at 3631 Warren Way Reno, NV 89509. 775-236-3631. Walk-ins are always welcome!

Couture Closet

Fashion Lounge

Personal Styling

Television Host

Editorial Styling

Fashion Show Production

Full Service Salon

Event Planning

Lipstick Fashion Lounge is a petite boutique that is brimming with the latest apparel and accessories for your stylish life. It’s like walking into your best friends closet with a glass of bubbly to play a little dress up. We are fashionably affordable with items ranging from $5-$60. We get new clothing, accessories and girly gifts daily so it is a great stop to satisfy your inner shopaholic on a regular basis. Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm

Private Shopping Appointments

333 South Arlington Avenue - Reno - NV 89501 - 775.348.2675 w w w. l i p s t i c k l l c . c o m Reno Tahoe Tonight 85

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Take Your Talent to the Next Stage!

Training. Confidence. Opportunity. Success.

Acting • Modeling • Voice • Dance


Take 2 students have appeared in National Print Publications, National Commercials, TV & Film as well as on Broadway. Reno Tahoe Tonight 87

Local Business Text Courtney Meredith Photos Jeramie Lu


A Creative Co-op Studio Opening this Spring in the Riverwalk District New startups are all the rage these days--especially along the Riverwalk District in downtown Reno, Nevada. Entrepreneurs and creatives are in need of collaborative space to develop their businesses. HATCH is a unique concept born from the creative minds of Jeramie Lu and Ron Kots, which will operate similar to the Reno Collective, also located in the Riverwalk District. Lu and Kots merged their talents in the early part of 2013 to develop a oneof-a-kind studio space which provides professional photographers, videographers and artists a location to meet, shoot and sell their creative work specific to the needs of their growing industries. HATCH provides 24/7 studio access to creative professionals through a secure and reliable entrance. The company offers two locations in the Reno area with the goal to develop more throughout the city in the coming years. The current location is nestled in the area’s most exciting new neighborhood along the Riverwalk District. “HATCH was created to bring like-minded creative artists together along with community leaders and like-minded businesses to better grow and inspire the art community in Reno through studio rental, workshops and community events,” says

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Jeramie Lu, Co-owner of Hatch and long-time photographer. All registered members have access to the facilities seven days a week, 24-hours a day. Its eight studio bays are available to all members at a nominal hourly fee, reserved in advance via an online calendar and reservation system. Highlights include 2,000 square feet of space with a 12-foot ceiling, five separate studio bays, four fullydressed sets, a private viewing room for guests, and power outlets accessible within six feet of any studio location. The entry space allows for easy access with an official HATCH membership card. The welcome desk offers a small café-style meeting space and a petite coffee bar available for guests, and features locallyroasted beans from our area’s finest coffee roasters. They are also working on a secondary space located off California Avenue. This location offers large windows with plenty of natural light, one fully-dressed set, natural hardwood floors, brick walls, exposed wood beams and plenty of power outlets accessible. The entire photo studio is also available to member photographers, videographers and non-members as well.

The area’s Kitchenette features a full-sized refrigerator, a microwave and a small seating area. The HATCH kitchenette is the perfect place to prep food for photography, use as a kitchen set or food preparation area for entertaining large or small groups of people. It features a full-sized refrigerator, microwave and a small seating area. Fresh coffee and bottled water are always available for all Photo Center members. “HATCH creative hub believes the most effective and creative way to improve your photography or videography is to learn, explore, and create together as a member-centered community of photographers and art enthusiasts. Our goal is to raise the overall level of photography in the northern Nevada area – from beginners to more established photographers, all the way up to our award-winning local photographers,” says Ron Kots, Co-owner of Hatch. Individual membership starts at $99 a month and ranges up to $499 a month, depending on the number of hours you choose to use. _________________________________________ For information on HATCH, visit, email or call 775.448.6086. Reno Tahoe Tonight 89

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Local Business

Text Oliver X Photos Tara Acquafondata

Reggae Festival Guide Turns 20!


ne of the most popular publications on the planet lives right here in Reno. With their mega circulation of 100,000 printed units each year and 580,000 Facebook likes and counting, the Reggae Festival Guide is essential reading for fans of world music and reggae culture around the globe, and has acted as a literary lifeline, connecting musicians, concert promoters and their fans to the festival pilgrimages they journey to each season. Readers can find articles, reviews, profiles and ads listing everything from new music releases, tour schedules, their favorite ital retailers and of course, all of the festival listings a reggae fan could wish for. Plus, the Reggae Festival Guide is still free! New RTT contributing photographer Tara Acquafondata and I recently spoke to Reggae Festival Guide Publisher Kaati and Editor Anthony Postmon aka “The Dreditor,� on the eve of their auspicious 20 Year Anniversary in print. RTT: Twenty years is a remarkable milestone to reach in any business--but it is especially noteworthy in independent publishing. Talk about how you started the Reggae Festival Guide.

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Kaati: In 1994 the Reggae Business Association was started to create a proactive Reggae industry networking association and evolved into a company that specializes in promotions, publicity and marketing for the Reggae genre. My background is in magazine publishing, so I produced festival programs for several years and then ultimately, the Reggae Festival Guide magazine, with the idea that the "program" should come out before the festival to give the sponsors, artists and the event itself, more exposure---so why not put all the festivals in one program! What started out as a 16-page booklet in northern California has grown into the world's longest running and largest reggae magazine. Years ago the corresponding website and E-Guide were added. And then in recent years, the Digital Edition of the magazine plus our iPhone app called Reggae Guide were added completing our media products. Now almost 20 years later, The Reggae Festival Guide remains supported through advertising and sponsorship. RTT: The Reggae Festival Guide has deep and unique international relationships with promoters, artists, tour managers, agents, major media

and venues. How do you steer your industry relationships toward the betterment of the publication and its content? Anthony Postmon: When we are out at festivals and shows (and also through email and social networking), we are constantly meeting our friends and making new contacts. We reach out to network to bring in advertisers new and old and, on my end

Because we only come out in print once a year, this makes things more manageable and has helped ensure our survival. Other publications have fallen by the wayside over the years, so we now have no competition in print. Our offerings across our varied media outlets are further diversified; digital offers timely news and reviews, while print features more history and stories with broader scope, human and cultural interest. RTT: As legacy acts start to age and curtail their tour itineraries, what does the future hold for Reggae festival programming and for the publication itself? Anthony Postmon: It’s a changing paradigm right now. The very definition of reggae continues to broaden. We are already seeing the quick rise of festivals featuring rock-influenced reggae bands, as well as Polynesian-roots bands, the likes of Rebelution, J-Boog, 311, Katchafire, Slightly Stoopid, The Green. . .the list goes on. There is a whole new generation of reggae rockers coming up. Some of these festivals and shows are quickly eclipsing those featuring more traditional roots/legacy lineups, both in terms of attendance and revenue.

Kaati and Anthony Postmon of administrating content, I am always talking ideas with experts and aficionados to conceptualize story ideas. For the annual magazine, we aim to feature articles on music, lifestyle and roots culture, all with a broad perspective to stay evergreen throughout the year. Kaati is always monitoring Google Alerts and heaps of press releases to keep our weekly E-Guide, i-Phone app, and website current and relevant. RTT: What has been the most challenging aspect of running the publication in a recessionary economy? Kaati: Ad sales of course, and also because of the popularity of social media. Because everyone has a Facebook page, they think that will help to brand their band or festival. Also, savvy bands and festivals collect emails and direct market to their own lists… the cost of printing (paper) and shipping has gone up, but we haven’t increased our prices in years because there isn’t a lot of money in this industry. We have grown past these challenges though; we have added more digital media platforms (something for everybody) and because we have massive databases with these products, advertisers see the value.

There is also a new “Roots Revival” movement rising out of Jamaica, with artists like Chronixx, Proteje, Kabaka Pyramid, Jah-9, Jah Vinci. These artists have done particularly well in California and in Europe; my hope would be that they find new audiences here, and become frequently billed as festival headliners. All of the artists mentioned here (and of course many more) will show up in our magazine pages as festival headliners and advertisers. And watch for our feature on The Roots Revival in our upcoming 20th Anniversary print edition of Reggae Festival Guide Magazine. As far as the magazine, we will continue to keep our perspective broad, with the focus tending more towards movements (like “Cali-Roots,” and The Roots Revival), as opposed to featuring individual artists and CD releases. Our digital platforms better address periodic timely news and releases. Print focuses more on lifestyle, community outreach, history and culture. RTT: What artists are you excited to see this season? Kaati and Anthony: Tarrus Riley, Alborosie, Damian Marley (as always!), Sly & Robbie with Mykal Rose (part of the historic Black Uhuru lineup), Bitty McLean, Seun Kuti (son of Afrobeat originator Fela Kuti), Barrington Levy, and U-Roy. _________________________________________

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218 VA S SAR ST RE E T , R E N O N V

775 . 3 24 . 278 7



Mo n -S at 1 0a m-7 pm & S u n 1 1 am - 6 p m Stu n n i n g Ar r a y O f H a ndm ade G las s Pip es F ro m A w ard W in nin g Art ist s Jewe l r y A c c e s s or i e s & Clo thing F o r Men & Wo m en Ful l L i n e O f Wi l d B e r r y H andm ade A m erican I ncense Ove r 150 Ar t P r i n t s & Po s ters

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RENO’S RIVERWALK DISTRICT by Courtney Meredith & Christopher Meredith

Available at Reno Visitor Center, Barnes & Noble, & Amazon ISBN-13: 978-0-7385-9671-6 Retail price: $21.99 96 Reno Tahoe Tonight

Rising Prices: Good news for sellers and for buyers!

Market Watch

Text Shirley Larkins

Good news for the real estate market in northern Nevada … the latest reports show that home values in our area are continuing to rise. This is good for home sellers as well as buyers. Here’s why…

“Homeowners who are thinking about listing their home for sale now are reaping the benefit of holding on to their properties during the market downturn of 2008 through 2011,” said Susan Lowe, corporate vice president of Chase International.

For sellers: As the median home price goes up, it provides homeowners with the motivation to list their homes for sale.

What this means for homeowners is that the time is now. If you have thought about selling your home because you need more space, less space, bigger yard--whatever, opportunity abounds! Inventory is still low and there are many buyers out there just not finding what they want.

For buyers: More homes on the market means buyers have more options when looking for a home, whether it is your first home or your dream home. The numbers: The Reno/Sparks real estate market has experienced a slight leveling off since the boom of last summer, but we are still experiencing increases in sales prices. According to the Northern Nevada Regional Multiple Listing Service, in the first quarter of 2014, there was an 8 percent increase in the number of homes sold, and an incredible 19 percent jump in the median single-family house price over the same period last year. “Median” is the middle price--that means that half the homes sold for more and half sold for less. The median selling price within the city of Reno was $234,900. The median price in Sparks was $219,900, up 24 percent!

If you are a buyer, do not despair. The overall rise encourages more homeowners to list their properties now--which means you have a larger selection--and likely a better mix of homes to choose from. Plus, homes must pass a rigorous appraisal property to ensure they are worth the price. I will help you pay the right price for a home! If you are a seller interested in meeting for a free, no obligation marketing consultation please call or email me! If you are looking for a home, I can help you find just what you need. Call or email me! 775-379-96317 or

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Magazi ne

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Vague Choir – Non-Ultra Joy

New Music

Text Oliver X Photos courtesy of the artists

“I’m never really sure if it’s real or if it’s a dream/I’m never really sure if I’m a serf or a king.”- “Wake Up, Breakdown” - Vague Choir


y first year in Reno I went to a Marianarchy at Red Rock and saw a band called Mister Vague. In a word, I was blown away. Fast forward to 2014 and front man/ guitarist Mark Earnest’s new Vague Choir release is a stunner. Already one of the top releases of 2014 in this writer’s opinion, Non-Ultra Joy finds Earnest in top form vocally, turning in some of his best performances on record to date. His songwriting chops have never been sharper. The CD opens with my two of my favorite tracks on the record. The burner “Wake Up Breakdown,” is a high energy rocker exhibiting the kind of dynamics that are the hallmark of the group’s live sets. Drummer Jason Thomas is on fire on this track that has an early Foo Fighters vibe, and is a perfect lead in to the ten song LP. Track two, “All Down Hill From Here” is anything but, as Earnest’s jagged guitar slices wickedly throughout the cut. Bassist Marcus Mayhall is a badass and Thomas again rips through lightening fills, polyrhythm, stick clicks and sickness. This is blood. This is guts. This is rock n roll! The downtempo track four “Treat it Like Love” changes the pace, with Earnest ‘s vocal tone and tenor communicating the language of love lost reflected in lyrics like, “You’re always running/But you leave a trail of crumbs.” The ending refrain, “I can see right through you” conveys the emotional essence of the song perfectly. Released on the local CherryBear Records; produced by Mark Earnest, Marcus Mayhall and Jason Thomas and deftly engineered and mixed by Jake Siever, I listened to the record with both anticipation and at times awe at the power, raw intensity and stellar post-punk musicianship of this grossly underappreciated, but phenomenal group.

Catch Vague Choir live this month Saturday, May 17 at Marianarchy’s 10 Year Anniversary Show at Jub Jub’s in Reno, and on Saturday, May 31 at the “Monsters and Elves” festival show, Morris Burner Hotel and Studio on Fourth. Craig Prather - Race 4 Tyme Singer-songwriter Craig Prather has an uncanny ability to pump out catchy tunes that defy easy categorization and earn local radio spins. Arguably the kindest human being in the contiguous United States, Prather’s ambition and high character is evident by the local talent from all genres who appear on Race 4 Tyme, his third and most accomplished studio recording to date. R&B favorite DeSaint Reed, pop-rocker Aaron Sion, and phenomenal rappers Young Duse and Shorty T thaGator all turn in guest appearances on the twelve song CD due out May 16, 2014. Track one, “Paradise,” is a pleasing pop-electro production with a click track and minimal instrumentation that shows off the improvement in Prather’s otherwise remedial vocal abilities. “Paradise” sounds like it would be most appropriately played at a middle school coed dance on a Christian junior high campus, where punch and cookies are served and parents chaperone. But Prather makes it work. Prather’s skills lie in his songwriting prowess and melodic arrangements, best exhibited on the title track, the hip-hop ditty “Race 4 Tyme,” a stellar tune featuring killer verses by Young Duse and Shorty T thaGator. The track has been played on SWAG 104.9FM. Track 4, “Spend My Life with You” was disappointing in that, midway through the cut, the song went off time. This was an unacceptable error on an already mastered commercial release. Track 7 “The Traveler” was a satisfying and inspirational tune that’s earned spins on Renegade Radio 101.3FM. Reno Tahoe Tonight 99


Photographer Ted Varney

100 Reno Tahoe Tonight



I started shooting photos when I got back from Iraq in 2005 as a way to relax and tap into some creative and possibly healing energy. Over the years, photography has grown into a full-time passion and way of life. It has become a document of my journey home. A document of the relationship I have with the world, the people in it, and the things that make my life--if not always wonderful--at the very least interesting.

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Text Oliver X Photos Craig Hansen

Home Design 23 Anne Knight and Nancy Nelson have created a dream showroom for fine furnishings and design. Located at 3400 Lakeside Drive in Reno in the emerging home dÊcor district that includes the Red Chair and Hapgood’s, their grand opening gave attendees a glimpse of the fabulousness to come inside the nearly 6,000 square foot space in the popular Moana West Shopping Center.

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(775) 453-1472 • • 138 West Street, Reno, NV • Open 11am - 9pm everyday

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Radio Text Chip Evans Photo Debbie McCarthy

Here’s a rundown of some of the shows northern Nevadans can enjoy on the industry leading multimedia community radio programmer America Matters Media.

Business Matters Local radio shows highlight Northern Nevada’s Business Renaissance Business matters. For every community that is an essential truth. It provides jobs. It fuels the economy. It underpins both our built environment and our natural environment. Community radio, properly done, plays an important role in the interplay between business and the community. An essential element of the “Community Radio” model employed by the World Bank and the United Nations around the world and America Matters Media (AMM) locally is conveying news and information about commerce relevant to the local community. AMM is home to many shows highlighting Northern Nevada’s business community. Combined, AMM airs a minimum eight hours of programming every week focused on our local business community, more than any other radio station. We also promote businesses through advertising. Business Matters with Chip Evans MBA KRNG Live Thursdays 10AM, Replays Saturdays 10:30AM: KKFT Sundays6PM This show tackles all things business and features entrepreneurs, business owners, political and government officials, authors and service providers to business -- all sharing insights to build a successful, sustainable enterprise. Breakthrough Business Coaching Co-hosts Rudy Wiedemann and Chip Evans periodically invite businesses in to coach them in addressing their biggest current challenges, from branding and market differentiation to supply chain management and distribution channels, to hiring and training of employees. Profiles in Business KRNG Live Tuesdays 1PM PDT This show features two to four local business owners every week. Owners and entrepreneurs are invited to introduce themselves, their backgrounds and how they got into their businesses. They discuss the goods and services offered by their enterprise, their target customers, how they differentiate their business from competitors. They also share valuable lessons learned along the way.

Nevada 1st Live Fridays 9:30AM, Replays Saturdays 11:30AM Dave Asher, Northern Nevada’s famous “Buy Local” guy, regularly highlights the economic benefits of doing business with locally-owned businesses. He invites local business owners to introduce their goods and services to the show’s listeners. Dave also encourages these businesses to source locally. It creates local profit, local jobs and local taxes to support local needs. The Book Hound KRNG Live Fridays 11AM, Replays Saturdays 6:30AM; KKFT Sundays 8PM Co-hosts Janice Hermsen and Dennis DuPerault have added a segment to their show featuring authors and books called “Waggin and Braggin’” to highlight various businesses! Gastro Gab KRNG Live Mondays 11AM: KKFT Sundays 5PM Northern Nevada’s locally owned restaurants and watering holes are featured on this show with true foodie host Kelly Rush. Reno Tahoe Tonight Show KRNG Live Thursdays 9AM, Replays Saturdays 2:30PM: KKFT Sundays6:30PM Hosts Oliver X and Emily Fay Reese promote our local entertainment industry by interviewing local entertainers, artists, promoters and businesses involved in the many shows and events in northern Nevada.

Want us to promote your business?

If you are a local business owner, you have no better friend than AMM. Give us a call and let us help you reach our listeners. Chip Evans General Manager, America Matters Media 855.790.TALK, 775.827.8900 AMM broadcasts live on KRNG 101.3FM and online at www. from our studio at the Reno Town Mall. Many shows are replayed on KRNG on weekends and on 99.1FM Fox Talk Radio (KKFT). Shows also heard on the TuneIn Radio app. Reno Tahoe Tonight 107

108 Reno Tahoe Tonight


Text Jaimie Crush

Open JAR: Creating a Safe Place In an effort to facilitate discussion on sexual violence, multi-genre artist Kelsey Sweet has recently produced an evocative performance piece called Open JAR: A Potentialist Romance… Almost. Based on her firsthand experiences with sexual assault, Sweet’s theatrical, metaphorical take on her healing journey was both engaging and transformative. According to Sweet, “The project started with a book that functions as a mirror of the evolution of my consciousness. I’ve watched how I’ve progressed over the last couple of years and tried to approach healing from sexual violence through artistic medium.” Sweet was even able to get April proclaimed as Sexual Assault Awareness month in Washoe county, after reaching out to county commissioner Kitty Jung. Sweet said “I was expecting a couple of people to show up and a lot more negative feedback, but there’s so much positive support. I’m shocked.” She pushed herself into performance art, “so people could see what I’m doing and can get a feel for how people change through this sort of thing.” Instead of reading about her experience, audiences are witnesses to it. “It’s a social experiment, not only for myself, but for other people.”

Sweet’s immersive performance is breathtaking. Heavily laden with metaphor, she reenacts the traumas of her life and dies with each transition. Her cosmic hero, a bright purple Pegacorn, is ever-present, prepared to transport her from one life to the next. The young performer also gave back to the community with this project, giving all of the proceeds to the Committee to Aid Abused Women and Safe Embrace. An ambitious artist soon graduating with her Masters in Transformative Leadership, Sweet had this to say: “My main goal is to create a safe space… to inspire people to start talking about this issue. It would be my goal for people to not turn away because they hear the subject ‘sexual violence’. It’d be nice for people to generate open dialogue so we can start talking about the subject, start talking to victims, and approach healing matters. We can’t heal people if we’re not willing to address the issues.” While the performance run of Open JAR has ended, Sweet’s book is still advancing her cause by exposing readers to her experiences and paving path for the open discussion of and de-stigmatization of sexual assault.

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Riverwalk Report

Text Courtney Meredith Photos Nevada Historical Society

Biggest Little 5K Fun Run Reno’s ever-popular Riverwalk District presents the City of Reno with a 146th birthday celebration not to be missed: the Biggest Little 5k Run/Walk, Saturday, May 17. Join the Riverwalk Merchants Association for a full day of celebration including Reno’s most popular event the “Reno Wine Walk” from 2 – 5pm, and the Biggest Little Street Fair inside West Street Market, hosted by the Riverwalk District and TMCC Alumni. The Biggest Little 5k Run starts at 10 a.m. under the Reno Arch. Walkers and Runners of all levels, families, children, and runners with dogs as well as those wearing spirited costumes are encouraged to participate in the celebration. A costume contest will be held prior to the event at 9am under the Reno Arch. “We are thrilled to celebrate our city’s birthday while benefitting the Riverwalk District at the same time,” said Scott Dunseath, Riverwalk Merchants Association 2014 President and owner of Reno eNVy.

“There are activities for the whole family to enjoy. Come for a run and stay for the fun!” Registration fees for the fun run/walk are $25 for adults and $15 for participants 10 years old and younger. Sign up at or call 775-825- WALK (9255). Proceeds from the event help fund the Riverwalk Merchants Association Beautification Project which oversees maintenance of landscaping and streets, installation of public art, support of public events and promoting Downtown Reno as a cultural, safe, and family-friendly area. The Riverwalk District is a coalition of more than 60 businesses located along the Riverwalk in downtown Reno. In addition to the Biggest Little 5k the Riverwalk is home of the ever-popular monthly “Wine Walk” the third Saturday of each month and the “Dine the District” seasonal food tours.

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Reno Computer Fix Text Michelle Haryasz

In the last month, we have received many calls and visits from anxious customers who are running Windows XP. ‘What do I do? Is my computer going to stop working in May?’ If you have heard about the approaching end of support for XP and you are not a hardcore techie, you might be wondering what it means. Basically, Windows XP can still be installed and run on computers. Sure, there will be no more updates released for the OS, and Microsoft will no longer provide any technical support for it. But, if you are still using XP, it’s not going to ‘pull a Cinderella;’ your coach will not turn into a pumpkin at midnight! Many people are still a little intimidated by their computers, and certainly don’t need the media or a salesperson scaring them further with stories about how the sky is falling. You shouldn’t have to deal with someone more concerned with what they can sell you, than with what you want or need. If you decide that it is time to move on to a newer operating system, do yourself a favor and visit your friendly neighborhood technician. Our techs do not mind if you stop by and ask for some advice. We would love to help you consider your options, regarding upgrades or any other issues. At Reno Computer Fix, we want people to feel good about their computers. We believe in keeping it Fast, Friendly, and Fun! Our customers rely on their computers, whether for work, school, or entertainment, and we are proud that they rely on us to help maintain a happy, productive relationship

with their system. We like to think of ourselves as the tech in your family, and treat everyone with respect and patience. We know that it is frustrating to be without the device you’ve grown to rely on. We strive to alleviate the aggravation, and give you peace of mind. We are always glad to provide a no-cost, noobligation initial analysis, on your desktop PC, Mac, MacBook, or laptop PC. This way, you can make confident and informed decisions regarding your system. Come see us to get your relationship with your system back on track. We’ll spend time with you when you bring it in and time with you when you pick it up, so that you’re involved in the process and become a happier, more confident user. _________________________________________

“I called so many places and I choose Reno Computer Fix because you were so friendly, offered free analysis, great prices and said you wouldn't do any work without consulting with me and letting me know the cost first. Thanks for doing such a great job!” -- Maria Deyo _________________________________________ Reno Computer Fix 1170 South Wells. Open 10 am to 6 pm, Monday-Friday, Noon to 4 pm on Saturday (775) 996-0212, or check us out online at or on Facebook

Michelle Haryasz is the Reno Computer Fix Quarter Master.

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The Masturbation Taboo

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May is National Masturbation Month, let’s open up and explore! In the past, the topic of masturbation was considered offensive, forbidden, unmentionable, sinful, or “just wrong.” The word itself is derived from the Latin meaning “to pollute with your hand.” I am curious as to the underlying reason that touching ourselves in a pleasurable way can be so wrong. I did some research on the subject and found several explanations for this “wrongness,” ranging from religious beliefs, societal standards, curses of hairy palms, myths of going blind, and mostly the shame associated with it. One of the most interesting reasons was that “they (whoever they are) want the population to be productive; if the men are exerting their energies by masturbating then they will not be as productive." “The nice thing about masturbation is that you don’t have to dress up for it.” — Truman Capote All the people I spoke with have mental images and/or favorite fantasies during masturbation. The fantasies that people shared included having sex outdoors, group sex, having others watch, getting caught, being forced/raped, bi-sexual, and so many more. Fantasies help to create the mental stimulation to enhance the masturbation experience and the beautiful thing about fantasies is that they are safe. You can imagine any scenario without embarrassment, rejection, restrictions or legal ramifications. They are similar to dreams, interesting but not always what we want to experience in real life. Some fantasies are fun to share with our partners and others are for our private self. Either way, fantasy and masturbation seem to go hand-in-hand. The taboo lifted as masturbation scenes began to make their way into popular movies like “Last Tango in Paris,” “American Pie” and others. Hollywood movies and the media have brought the topic to the forefront, allowing people to relax and be more open to conversations around the subject. “Masturbation: the primary sexual activity of mankind. In the nineteenth century it was a disease; in the twentieth, it’s a cure.” — Thomas Szasz By fully exploring ones’ own body and discovering the intimate, erotic places that bring incredible amounts of pleasures, we become our own best lover. We learn more about our own sexuality by bringing it into our awareness then when we are ready to be in a sexual relationship with another person we can provide an incredible map to our pleasures. As we describe and show our lover what feels good and what feel extraordinary, we open the doors to more intimate, healthy relationships through communication and exploration.

A Tantra self-pleasuring practice includes using breath to stimulate and activate the energetic body as we arouse the physical body. The following is a self-pleasuring technique I love. In the morning, before getting out of bed, take a deep, full breath. Feel the oxygen enter your body and visualize it circulating to each and every cell, feel for the vibrations and tingles in your body. As you continue to breathe deeply, even deeper, begin to touch your feet, gently kneading and massaging every bit of your foot, sending energy through the breath and LOVE through your hands. Now move slowly up your leg acknowledging your ankle and calves with this same slowness and tenderness. Caress and explore the beauty of the muscular structure of your leg, slowly moving to your knee, take a few moments to really feel the kneecap enjoying how it bends and moves, find your curiosity about your body. Move to the other leg and repeat as you continue to breathe ever so deeply. Slowly explore your fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, face, and down over your breasts and nipples. Gently moaning and feeling the sensations of your pleasure breathe this pleasure into each and every cell as it circulates through your body. Move down your belly and to your genitals. Slowly find the places that feel most exquisite and enjoy…as you awaken this area feeling the blood surging in and the tissues engorging, notice your breath. As orgasm begins to build and rise allow your breath to deepen. When you experience an orgasm sniff through the nose slowly and fully, bring the energy into the brain. This energy activates and awakens the brain, the neurotransmitters and releases those hormones and brain chemicals that give us that euphoric feeling of bliss. Remember, the most important relationship is the one with yourself; it is the one that will last your entire lifetime. I encourage you to fully LOVE yourself and have a regular hands-on, blissful selfpleasuring practice. It's good for your mind, body and soul. “Let there be pleasure and ecstasy on earth and let it begin with me.” — Annie Sprinkle Lisa Rizzoli is an International Best-Selling Author, Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman, Certified HoopDance Instructor, Certified AFAA Fitness Instructor, Certified Tantra Educator, Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator and founder of Tantra Sacred Loving and Embark Upon A Sacred Journey. Lisa has taught Internationally in Bali, Dubai, Thailand as well as teaching with Tantra Master, Charles Muir, founder of Source School of Tantra. Lisa leads Puja ceremonies, facilitates workshops, leads International Tantra Adventure Tours and offers private sessions. Lisa teaches spiritual principles through the modality of movement and adventure. Reno Tahoe Tonight 121

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New!rtt may 2014 digital  

May 2014 Digital RTT Featuring The Peppermill, Pinnacle Wellness, Hatch, The Men's Club & more!

New!rtt may 2014 digital  

May 2014 Digital RTT Featuring The Peppermill, Pinnacle Wellness, Hatch, The Men's Club & more!