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Text Jaimie Crush Photo 1- NadaDada Logo - Chad Sorg Photo NadaDada Love - Vincent Cascio

NADADADA: The Anti-Art Show Revolution NadaDada. What is it? The name itself sounds like gibberish or nonsense, and while the nonsense part might be true, NadaDada is much more than that. It’s a collaborative art movement, “chaos with a point, madness managed…the anti-art show show”, and an experience unique to Reno. “We are our own audience. To join with other creative results in a kind of gestalt: the sum is greater than all the parts together,” says Chad Sorg, one of the artists involved in the conception of NadaDada. Back in 2007, Jeff Johnson, the Grand Instigator or Instigator in Chief, along with Dianna Sion, Ann O’Lear, Esther Dunaway, Toya Ramos, Sorg, and other artists decided to create a new kind of art show. “He [Jeff] was pissed off by Artown and the difficulties for local artists to get in on it,” says James Dilworth, a local artist that has been involved with NadaDada for years, “They wanted to do a no bullshit art show. An art show without juries and people saying you can’t do that or this or anything. So, they went to the El Cortez around Father’s Day weekend of 2007 and did it. DADA!” Regarding the name, Chad Sorg claims that, “After our first year, a museum in Las Vegas invited us to have a NadaDada exhibition, which I would be curating. Someone said ‘that's not Dada, that's Nada!’ and the name stuck!” The NadaDada art shows are anything but conventional. Rather than having their works hung in a gallery, artists purchase hotel rooms and put together a show, hence the NadaDada motto “Get a room. Make a show!” These rooms can range from simple gallery rooms to interactive experiences, such as the Room 12 Reno Tahoe Tonight

June 2014 digital rtt final rev  

Featuring the work of Anicia Beckwith, Clayton Beck, Laura Garcia, Chris Holloman, Ted Varney, Thomas Lloyd Qualls and much more!

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