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Local Band Spotlight Schizopolitans Any band that asks you to refer to them by their alter ego name and states their main instrument as a “Big Black Stick” is begging you to dig a little deeper. As a born and raised local with nine years in the music business, I was shocked when I found out that Schizopolitans have been playing the local music scene for five years. Self- characterized as cinematic avantgarde pop band, Loosely inspired by a Steven Soderberg film called “Schizopolis,” the band definitely holds true the root meaning of schizo. It’s a “screwed up view of the world if you will… the band can explore many voices and genres of music and remain delightfully inconsistent,” Xtevion shares, later adding that his background in classical theatre is partly responsible for the element of eccentricity to the performances. “Lyrically, the topics range from quantum mechanics to a song about being locked out of the house… The topics are usually created through improvisation and often retain the feeling of explorations,” he adds. “If there is an intention [through our music], it would be to evoke different places and emotional landscapes that are meant to be interpreted by 16

the listener. If there is a message, it’s probably a hidden one,” he kids. It’s obvious that Schizopolitans are not a traditional “rock band” as Xtevion puts it. They are consistently trying to find interesting ways to release their music through the web and are even in the process of developing their own iPhone application. Avant-garde to the typical development of an album, they are taking it a step further by adding a series of short films to accompany the disc. The band has even performed “improvisational soundscapes” for the Nevada Museum of Art on occasion. Their stated influences include David Bowie, Tom Waits, Talking Heads, and The Residents. You can find out more about the band at their website – http://www.schizopolitans. com. Their final show of their 2009 “Close To Home” tour will be on Saturday, December 5th at The Studio on 4th St. “It is an all ages, Halloween/Christmas show with costumes encouraged,” Xtevion adds. “It will be a freaky-good time.” Text by Melanie Flores

Photo provided by band, artwork by mothbot

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