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FROM THE EDITOR: Winter is still upon us, but not for long. We gladly welcome Spring on March 21. To celebrate, we’re gearing up for baseball season and the upcoming opening of the accompanying Freight House District. Before that, however, be sure to eat at Vivoli Trattoria and Hiroba Sushi, swing by Red Chair, check out Ron Rash’s classes at NMA, safely celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the Cal Neva, and check out the Women’s Expo and the Wine Walk. If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb. Which one are you?

Hiroba Sushi A Sushi Lover’s Haven 3005 Skyline Boulevard - 775.829.2788 - Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-9pm Reno is known for its abundance of sushi restaurants. In fact, regardless of where you live in the area, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a sushi restaurant nearby featuring all-you-can-eat specials. So, how do you narrow it down to the good ones? Which sushi places are worth the drive across town to ensure an authentic, fresh, and delicious meal? Cease your searching, fellow sushi lovers. Hiroba Sushi is the place to go. Nestled in the Skyline Café shopping center, Hiroba Sushi’s bright sign makes it easy to find. The modern Asian décor and warm tones on the walls makes it instantly inviting. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be immediately greeted by one of the friendly sushi chefs. The menu is diverse and even features a vegetarian section to cater to all clientele. Not to mention, the food is delicious. Restaurant owner Osu Kwon has been in the restaurant business for 14 years. He used to work at Rickshaw’s Fine Asian Bistro and developed the entire menu, running the place for a year. Kwon decided it was time to move on and open his own restaurant, and Hiroba was the result. Recently, Kwon expanded Hiroba and has 15 more seats, cutting down the wait time and long lines. He hired more sushi chefs Continued in pg 4 2 3

Sushi 101 Nigirizushi - handformed sushi, consists of an oblong mound of sushi rice that is pressed between the palms of the hands, usually with a bit of wasabi, and a topping draped over it. Gunkanmaki - warship roll - is a special type of nigirizushi: an oval, handformed clump of sushi rice that has a strip of “nori” wrapped around its perimeter to form a vessel that is filled with some soft, loose or fine-chopped ingredient that requires the confinement of nori such as roe, natto, oysters, sea urchin, corn with mayonnaise, and quail eggs. Makizushi - rolled sushi is cylindrical piece, formed with the help of a bamboo mat, called a makisu. Makizushi is generally wrapped in nori. Source: 4

than most sushi restaurants because he wanted to make sure customers didn’t have to wait to get their food. Business is fantastic, and Osu couldn’t be happier. Although some sushi restaurants have a limited lunch menu compared to their dinner menu, Hiroba doesn’t follow that pattern. One can get the exact same menu at lunch as at dinner, but at a discounted rate. And as always, Kwon’s focus is on freshness. “It’s important that the food is always fresh,” explains Kwon. “Limiting the menu forces you to use the same fish multiple days in a row, and that isn’t fresh sushi.” Kwon is also featuring cheaper à la carte menu items as he believes the majority of sushi res-

taurants tend to overcharge. In addition, there are many lunch and dinner happy hour specials throughout the week. Monday, you receive 10% off your allyou-can-eat meal all day. You receive a free bottle of warm sake on Tuesday and Wednesday with any all-you-can-eat meal. Thursday is buy one beer, get one free all day. It’s worth checking out Hiroba not only for the sushi quality, but also for the amazing deals and friendly staff. It’s impossible to leave Hiroba without being completely satiated. Hiroba is open every day of the week from 11am to 9pm, so grab some friends, and don’t miss out on some of Reno’s best sushi. Text by Kate Long

Photos by Arturo Torres

Vivoli Cafe & Trattoria 6795 S. Virginia St. - 775.853.1005  - Hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm Located on S. Virginia St, between David’s Bridal and Magic Carpet Golf, high-quality Italian restaurant Vivoli Cafe & Trattoria has all the right moves. From their impeccably-dressed staff to their beautiful dining room, every atmospheric detail has been tailored for elegance. Owner Nunzio Ciaraulo and his wife Cristina opened the original Vivoli Cafe in West Hollywood in 2003 in order to bring the West Coast a little of the passion and zest for life that their home town of Florence is known. Their incredible success can be seen not just in the five Zagat recommendations they’ve received, but in their expanding empire that also includes two restaurants in Southern California and one in Mexico. Neither Zagat Awards nor success is easily won; quality and excellence are the bottom line in the dining room and the kitchen. The menu features familiar dishes from all different regions of Italy, and creative, authentic entrees to satisfy any pallet. To design the menu for their Reno restaurant, Nunzio brought in Executive Chef Donato Partipillo. With 30 years of experience starting at his grandmother’s elbow in her kitchen as a child - Chef Donato has used his 6

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Come find your center

$11 drop-ins $99 ten class pass Find us on:

* Yoga * Belly Dance * Tai Chi * AcroYoga * * Drumming * HoopDance * ...MORE * 775-303-7366

100 N. Arlingtington Ave *downtown Reno* 7

extensive cooking background in the finest restaurants and homes in America and Europe to Vivoli’s impressive kitchen. Great care is taken in the preparation of every dish: all the pasta is made in house from the finest quality ingredients. Sauces are painstakingly crafted from the freshest, most flavorful (never frozen or canned) vegetables and herbs. Real butter, cream, and cheese give the provincial delicacies and hearty meat entrees an added layer of extravagance. Each meal is layered with complex flavors and aromas that put national chain restaurants to shame. The house Chef Special, consisting of lamb


chops, scallops, and shrimp served on sautéed spinach, is a decadent treat, rich in tradition and spices. The delicate, handrolled cannelloni stuffed with a fresh veal ragout is exquisite in a pink marinara sauce. The kitchen also offers a variety of different complex risotto dishes every day, and a plethora of beautiful, sweet desserts.   No detail was spared in bringing the utmost quality to every aspect of the restaurant. The wine list features both Italian and California wines from numerous varietals in order to complete any meal. The full bar offers a wide range of liquors, beers, and liqueurs, and a professional espresso machine is always ready to provide the perfect finish to your meal. The bar can be sectioned off from the main restaurant for private parties and events, and live

music is featured every Friday and Saturday. Vivoli also offers a to-die-for Sunday brunch menu perfect for recovering after a wild weekend or for fueling up for a day on the slopes. For more info on specials and to see the menu online, visit their website at http://  Text by Becca Donato-Hardie Photos by Arturo Torres 9

The Breakaway 10 E. 9th St. - 775.324.6200 - Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-3:30am Sometimes we all just need to break away for a minute – from school, from work, from life. It doesn’t have to be for long or far away. Just enough to catch our breath, fill our bellies, and possibly get a cold glass of beer. We all know and love the places we go to get away for a break. For nearly two decades, The Breakaway has been one of these iconic places for patrons in Reno. With new owners, a new approach, a soon-to-be-out new menu, and a muchneeded interior facelift, The Breakaway is better than ever. The new floors, carpet, paint, and felt on the pool table spiffs it up quite a bit, but not enough to change the feel and atmosphere of the classic Reno bar. Don’t worry; the 99 beers are still on the wall, waiting for you to drink them all. New owners Lee Gueffroy and Jan Moberg have fallen in love with Reno and have had their eye on this business for quite a while. Gueffroy and Moberg are excited for a chance to provide this community what it deserves. “I want this bar to be a reflection of what I would like to bring to the community,” Gueffroy says. “An establishment that is fun, relaxing, safe. A place where people can forget about their troubles.” 10

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<< march happy hour >> Check out this comprehensive list of Happy Hours deals from the best bars in Reno: mon





$2.50 Sierra Nevada Drafts all day and night

Happy Hour 4-6pm, $1 off Everything! Trivia every Tuesday at 9pm. Your chance to win bar tabs with trivia knowledge

Happy Hour 4-6pm, $1 off Everything!

Happy Hour 4-6pm, $1 off Everything!

Happy Hour 4-6pm, $1 off Everything!

4-6 pm everyday 2 for 1 Happy Hour

4-6 pm everyday 2 for 1 Happy Hour

4-6 pm everyday 2 for 1 Happy Hour

4-6 pm everyday 2 for 1 Happy Hour

4-6 pm everyday 2 for 1 Happy Hour

4-7pm $5 PBR/Jameson, $3 Guinness, Bass, Sierra’s, $3 Wells Special: $4 Jager shots

4-7pm $5 PBR/Jameson $3 Guinness, Bass, Sierra’s, $3 Wells Drink special: $1 PBR’s

4-7pm $5 PBR/Jameson $3 Guinness, Bass, Sierra’s, $3 Wells, $4 Whiskey Weds, Jack/Coke (Jack’s fresh Salsa)

4-7pm $5 PBR/Jameson $3 Guinness, Bass, Sierra’s, $3 Wells, $4 Rum Runners (Jack’s fresh Salsa)

4-7pm $5 PBR/Jameson $3 Guinness, Bass, Sierra’s, $3 Wells. Fri $5 Tangbangs/ Sat $4 Sangria


Margarita Monday $3.50 All Day, 4-6pm half-off domestic drafts & wells (Daily)

4-6 pm daily happy hour half off domestic drafts and wells

4-6 pm daily happy hour half off domestic drafts and wells

4-6 pm daily happy hour half off domestic drafts and wells

HH Continues Sat/Sun Sat 50 cent shots 9-11pm Sunday $3.50 Bloody Mary’s

3611 Kings Row

2 for 1 Happy Hour 5-7pm & 11pm-1am

2 for 1 Happy Hour 5-7pm & 11pm-1am

2 for 1 Happy Hour 5-7pm & 11pm-1am

2 for 1 Happy Hour 5-7pm & 11pm-1am

2 for 1 Happy Hour 5-7pm & 11pm-1am

Daily Happy Hour 3-6pm 2 for 1 Drinks and $5 Pizza’s

Daily Happy Hour 3-6pm 2 for 1 Drinks and $5 Pizza’s

Daily Happy Hour 3-6pm 2 for 1 Drinks and $5 Pizza’s

Daily Happy Hour 3-6pm 2 for 1 Drinks and $5 Pizza’s

Daily Happy Hour 3-6pm 2 for 1 Drinks and $5 Pizza’s

cue & cushion

4-6pm: $4 Jager/Jameson shots - $5 Jager-O Bombs - $3 Well Shots - $3 BV Cabernet and half-off appetizers.

4-6pm: $4 Jager/Jameson shots - $5 Jager-O Bombs - $3 Well Shots - $3 BV Cabernet and half-off appetizers.

4-6pm: $4 Jager/Jameson shots - $5 Jager-O Bombs - $3 Well Shots - $3 BV Cabernet and half-off appetizers.

4-6pm: $4 Jager/Jameson shots - $5 Jager-O Bombs - $3 Well Shots - $3 BV Cabernet and half-off appetizers.

4-6pm: $4 Jager/Jameson shots - $5 Jager-O Bombs - $3 Well Shots - $3 BV Cabernet and half-off appetizers.

Chocolate Bar

2-6pm Check out the $6 Menu $6 Eats, Drinks and Chocolate Fondue

2-6pm Check out the $6 Menu $6 Eats, Drinks and Chocolate Fondue

2-6pm Check out the $6 Menu $6 Eats, Drinks and Chocolate Fondue

2-6pm Check out the $6 Menu $6 Eats, Drinks and Chocolate Fondue

2-6pm Check out the $6 Menu $6 Eats, Drinks and Chocolate Fondue

$1 Pitchers of Miller High Life from 9-11pm, Daily Happy Hour 5-8pm, $1 0ff wells, draft and bottled beer.

9pm-12am $1 Off Wells, $2 Miller High Life Draft w/A Kami Shot, $3 / PBR w/Jim Beam Shot

9-3am Enjoy $1 Off Wells & Drafts, $1 PBR, $1 Miller High Life.

$2 Pints, $5 Pitchers excluding Guinness from 8pm-12. Free shot every 30 minutes starting at 10pm.

$1 Hot Dam, $2 Kami Shots, $3 Dirty Tuaca, $4 Capt. Morgan, $5 Jager and Jameson, $6 Jager bomb and Irish Car bomb.

4pm to 6pm $2 off any glass of wine $1 off any beer

4pm to 6pm $2 off any glass of wine $1 off any beer

4pm to 6pm $2 off any glass of wine $1 off any beer

4pm to 6pm $2 off any glass of wine $1 off any beer

4pm to 6pm $2 off any glass of wine $1 off any beer

4pm to Midnight, $1 PBR, $2 Lone Star, $3 Jameson & Bulleit

4pm to Midnight, $1 Rum & Cokes

4pm to Midnight, Ladies Night – Free Glass of Champagne, $1 Refills, $3 You-Call-It

7pm to 11pm, Black & Blue: $2 PBR, $3.50 Guinness Draft, Ski & Snowboard Giveaways

4pm-7pm, $3 Well, House Wine, $1 off Drafts

5-7pm, 7 days/week $2 Coors light/Budlight drafts, $3 Wells, $5 House wines. Repeats from 10pm12am sunday- weds

5-7pm, 7 days/week $2 Coors light/Budlight drafts, $3 Wells, $5 House wines. Repeats from 10pm12am sunday- weds

5pm to close 25 cent chicken wings

$1 High life bottles $2.75 Blue moon drafts $4 Long Islands

5-7pm, 7 days/week $2 Coors light/Budlight drafts, $3 Wells, $5 House wines. Repeats from 10pm12am sunday- weds

Mason Monday $3 You call it well drinks in a 16 oz. mason jar

Banquet Night $6 Coors Banquet Beer Pitchers

Mug Club Push $1 Off all remaining Beers on you Mug Club Card

$2 Off all Premium Drafts

FRI & SAT: $10 Kulmbacher Pilsner Pitchers

253 West First St. 775.322.7678

6015 Virginia St 775.853.5550

red rock studios 241 S Sierra St 775.324.2468

2195 N Virginia St


246 W 1st Street 775.329.4484

935 W. Fifth Ave.

775.337.1122 Downtown Reno 775.852.9966 Summit Sierra 530.562.1800 Northstar

The waterfall 134 W. 2nd. Street 775.322.7373

West St. Wine Bar 148 West St. 775.336.3560

biggest little city club 188 California Ave. 775.322.2480

150 N. Arlington Ave. 775.324.6399

Lincoln Lounge 306 E. 4th. St. 775.323.5426 11

This is just a great bar in a cool part of town with good specials and a great atmosphere that is free of the pretension and chaos of the outside world. Good food, great drinks, cold beer, pool tables, friendly service, and a comfortable atmosphere are more than enough to keep anyone’s needs satiated. Plus, the daily specials and happy hours are great for anyone looking for a good time and good drinks without draining your wallet. With an eye out for those who don’t have much time, The Breakaway’s new lunch menu coming out will be great for the discerning teacher or student in need of some good, quick sustenance. For those who want to stay and hang out for a while, the pizza is great and all the other hot foods are perfect for these colder days. Breakfast is also served all day long. With free wi-fi, The Breakaway is the perfect place to eat, drink, work, and play. For those of you under the legal drinking age, no worries because the eatery is open to you until 9pm. Be sure to come in on Monday nights from 9pm-1am for karaoke, Tuesday nights for $6.50 pizza, free drinks for women from 9-11pm on Wednesdays, $0.50 well drinks on Thursdays from 9pm-12am, and $2 Coronas on Fridays. So get to The Breakaway and see what’s new and what has stayed the exact same. I 12

assure you this is everything you liked about the old Breakaway and everything you want in a new establishment. Text by Grant DeVore Photos by Arturo Torres

cross ďŹ ngers fight global

3rd. Annual Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration March 17th - Ceol Irish Pub Are you looking to spend Saint Patrick’s Day on the cheap this year? If so, check out the party at the Club Cal


Neva Hotel Casino on March 17. From 5pm to midnight, the Cal Neva will be hosting St. Patrick’s Day Beer Crawl.

Be sure to leave work early on St. Patrick’s Day and head home to throw on some random green clothes. You’ll either want to get an inexpensive hotel room or hitch a ride downtown so that you can catch a cab home later that night. When you arrive at the Cal Neva, you’ll need to stop at any of the five bars on the casino floor and buy a drink coupon book for only $10. This coupon book will provide you with free drink specials at each of bars in the casino. The coupons will give you the following drink specials for free at the following bars: a shot of whiskey and a domestic beer at the Front Bar, a Killian’s Irish Red beer at the Keno Bar, an Irish Car Bomb at the Cabaret Bar, a Harp Irish Lager and a well shot at the Sports Bar, and an Irish Thunder Cocktail at the Skyway Bar. If you are strapped for cash, you should try to win the costume contest. Cal Neva is putting up a total of $300 in cash prizes, $100 each for the most tradi-

tional costume, for the most outrageous costume, and for the sexiest costume. The winners will be chosen at the Cabaret Bar at 9pm, and you must be present to win. Saint Patrick’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year, which is also karaoke night at the Cal Neva. This pretty much guarantees that you will be entertained. For additional information on the event and for inexpensive hotel rooms, visit them online at Be sure to follow them on Twitter at @ClubCalNeva and become a Fan of their Facebook page as well. By Steve White

Photos by

Music by the Twelve Strings Band and Dan of the Blarney Band. Begins 11am at Ceol Irish Pub (538 S. Virginia St.) 15

The Freight House District

“I see great things in baseball,” said Walt Whitman. “It’s our game the American game. It will take our people out-of-doors, fill them with oxygen, give them a larger physical stoicism. Tend to relieve us from being a nervous, dyspeptic set. Repair these losses, and be a blessing to us.” The Freight House District is both a cultural and economic blessing to Reno. The franchise, led by SK Baseball managing partner Stuart Katzoff, is steadily working toward filling a long-needed void in Reno: a communal place that fuses athleticism, the outdoors, dining, and commerce. Named after the historic building next to the emerging entertainment district, The Freight House District has much to offer, including a beer garden, a sports bar, a nightclub, and a highend Mexican restaurant. The ambitious project has come a long way in a short time. The Aces played their first game in April 2009. After a successful inaugural season, The Freight House District is set to open in April 2010, and what began as a baseball stadium will 16

Text by Nicole Seaton 17

be, upon completion, a one-stop year-round entertainment complex. The location of the development represents a natural influx of energy- the Truckee River is just a few feet from the far end of the park, and one can watch the game, hear the river, and can feel the train passing through the trench simultaneously. The integral concept behind The Freight House District is experience. While baseball is the primary reason why families would choose to spend the day at the stadium, the innovators behind the development have taken every creative facet into consideration in the planning of this vibrant, central meeting place. The fact that Reno has historically been considered a playground for adults has long left the community with limited options in terms

of all-ages family fun. The Freight House District leaves no room for grumbling because even for those disinterested in sports, there is something for everyone. The most prominent feature of the project is detail, down to the subtlest embellishment. For example, the children’s area inside the baseball stadium is a replica baseball field, complete with the Aces logo. This attention to design is indicative of the commitment to creating an environment where every member of the family feels comfortable and engaged in their surroundings. There are seating accommodations for everyone: large groups, a family picnic area, VIP rooms, and for those who like to be amidst the action, front row seats. “In the front seats, you’re closer to the batter than the pitcher is,” says TJ Lasita, VP of

Baseball Operations/Communications. “It doesn’t stop there,” he adds, gesturing around the stadium, including the upcoming Freight House District. “We’re really focused on the experience. Baseball is an anchor to the whole thing.” One can come to the ballpark, he explains, see live music, go to a restaurant, have a drink, watch the game, and go dancing afterwards - all while having to park the car only once because all of the entertainment is concentrated in one place. Not only does The Freight House District provide a multitude of leisure activities for the whole family, it will have created hundreds of seasonal and full-time employment opportunities in Reno. There will be a job fair in mid March for the businesses within The Freight House District, and another later in the month for Levy Restaurants, the ballpark’s food concessionaire. Whether you’re

coming to the Freight House District for work, play, or both, it’s worth your while to get a baseball ticket ($7 for single, $29 for home plate) and take part in the great American pastime. For more information on Reno Aces, The Freight House District, and employment opportunities, go to Photos by David Calvert, Courtesy of Reno Aces 19

over the edge The management team of EDGE, the fashionable nightspot located in the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, shies quickly away from the term nightclub when referring to their venue. “We’re so much more than just a club. We’re a lounge, a live music venue…a place to dance, to celebrate, to have fun,” says Brian Kirgin, General Manager. Having opened more than a year ago with the Skin & Scare Ball on Halloween, EDGE has accomplished what many in the industry strive for: remaining fresh, exciting, and relevant in Reno’s competitive nightlife scene. A stunning

8,000 square-foot venue boasting state-ofthe-art light and sound, EDGE is upscale yet inviting at the same time. Kirgin feels presenting an exemplary service standard with a creative mix of live music and specialty-themed parties has given EDGE the advantage. “Who we are as a venue is reflected in our guests and how we serve them,” says Kirgin. “It’s about satisfying their needs and exceeding their expectations. Our VIP service works on setting a new standard everyday. Whether you want a table in the middle of the action or a private room, we can make it happen.”

Continued in pg 22 20

Through innovation and creativity in the parties and live music it presents, EDGE has redefined the image of nightlife in Reno. Annual holiday events – such as Halloween’s Skin & Scare Ball, Thanksgiving’s Butter Ball, and the New Year’s Eve Masquerade party – are complimented by specialty-themed events like Stiletto Bordello and the Equinox Lingerie party. Notable headliners, such as party-rock duo HardNox and electronica darling Peaches, maintain the exhilarating atmosphere at EDGE through live performance. Popular hip-hop artist, Mic Rob, the first performer to ever take the stage at EDGE, experienced the thrill first hand. Rob laughed when describing the feeling of seeing a full dance floor moving to his music. “Of course I had been to EDGE to party and actually Freez [resident DJ for EDGE] played my track that night,” says Rob. “It was cool to hear my song played, but to perform? To see that packed dance floor swaying to my music with the best sound and lights behind me? That was real cool.” Upcoming events include The Mad Hatter party on March 7, which is in honor of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie release. On March 14, check out the Spring Break Fiesta with DJ Jazzy Gems, and in April, both Tattoo You and the Sleepover Pajama parties will be taking place. When asked what EDGE had in store for the busy summer season, Kirgin suggested at great things to come. 22

“We have a few surprises in the works,” says Kirgin. “What I can tell you is that after 14 months, we are definitely not resting on our laurels. We are constantly striving to provide the best service possible in the most exciting setting. We have big plans for Edge.” For VIP Reservations, call or text Megan at 775.232.8095, Adam at 775.342.3666, or Parker at 775.412.2203, or email Chris at Visit EDGE online at Text by Jules Jeffers-Peaua Photos provided by EDGE








Style Specialists:

Extensions Color Correction • Hair Cut Design • Skin and Nails • •

Close to Downtown


Private Cage-Free Dog Boarding In-Home Overnight Pet Sitting Off-leash Group Dog Exercise Cat & Small Pet Visits Pet Taxi Home Care Yard Poop Clean-Up Private Dog Walks

775 787 9090 Belly rubbing and ear scratching at no extra cost Sloppy kisses may be administered as well. 23

Yuri’s Night DJ Lineup Ahn Alcheme Darkemeth d6 Ehsztein 5H-GT Jefr Tale Jeremy Curl Musa Psilogod Str!pe ––––––––––––

“Circling the Earth in my orbital spaceship, I marveled at the beauty of our planet. People of the world, let us safeguard and enhance this beauty — not destroy it!”

YURI’S NIGHT Yuri’s Night is not your typical party; it’s a party….IN SPACE! Since 2001, Yuri’s Night has been celebrated nation and world wide to honor mankind’s very first astronaut to enter outer space, Yuri Gagarin. On April 12, 1961, the Russian cosmonaut was the first human being to enter space and completely orbit Earth. The event is also a celebration of an event that took place exactly 40 years after Yuri’s exploration into space – the launch of the first shuttle, Columbia. Yuri’s Night has been celebrated in over 34 countries

worldwide from Japan to Antarctica to the U.S.A. and everywhere in between. The celebration finally landed in Reno in April of 2006 with the help of a few like-minded cosmonauts: Damian “Jellyfish” Janssen, d6, and Kernal Killbuck. Held at Stoney’s on Wells Ave, the party included a wide variety of attractions, including a giant interactive screen, an EL wire preying mantis, full color planets projected in space, mini theme camps, DJs, and amazing costumes by space travelers. Since the initial

-Yuri Gagarin

–––––––––––– Follow Yuri’s Night on Twitter @YurisNight Continued in pg 28 24

cd release Party Drinking With Clowns

My New Head March 26th - 10PM - @ BohoBar 555 E 4th St. (Back Entrance) $15 adv. | $20 door. (includes a CD) Feat.: Mojo Green, and special guests. Drink specials all night!

Upcoming Live Music SE7EN West St. Market 148 West St., Reno NV

3-13-2010 IZABELLA plus FIVE EYED HAND $7 adv / $10 door, 10:00p, 21+ Rock / Soul / Funk 3-27-2010 SIGNAL PATH plus MO2 $7 adv / $10 door, 10:00p, 21+ Live electronic / Glitch / Dance 4-8-2010 SOULEYE & DC (BLVD) with VOKAB KOMPANY $7 adv / $10 door, 10:00p, 21+ Rock / Hip Hop / Electronic 4-16-2010 THE 808 BAND and PATAFUNK (from Venezuela) $5 adv / $8 door, 10:00p, 21+ Reggae / Rock / Indie / Dub FULL SCHEDULE, ADVANCE TICKETS & MORE 26

Reno Yuri’s Night, the party has grown to epic proportions as more and more space revelers contribute decorations and art every year. This years Yuri’s night is taking place on Saturday, April 10th at the Underground in Reno and is promising to be bigger and better than last years with funds partially benefiting the Jellyfish and crews mega art piece, Ein Hammer. The piece will include a 30 foot tall hammer that people will be able to interact with. Proceeding Yuri’s Night, Ein Hammer makes its full debut at Black Rock City 2010. Kernal Killbuck will also be reintroducing a new and improved airlock chamber that links The Underground and Treehouse Lounge with a spaceship-like door and buttons that will surprise guests in more ways than one. Among the larger attractions will be fantastic interactive visual delights brought forth by Munz /d6 and another debut art installation by Kevan Christiaens.

Besides the visual art, there will also be plenty of thumping frequencies specialized to listen to…IN SPACE! Your audio Captains for the evening will be d6, 5H-GT, and Psilogod, to name a few. The Treehouse Lounge will also be hosting an ambient room with live ambient music to chill out for a bit if hyperspace is too much stimulation for your senses. Last but certainly not least; be sure to catch the special midnight stage performance with Rotwang and the amazing aerial acrobatics throughout the night by The Dragonfly Aerials. If any cadets would like to help out with any projects to make this years Yuri’s Night better than ever, please sign up on the Ning boards @ and find where you would fit the best. There are plenty of projects that need volunteers of all types and skill levels. Jump on, say hello, and hopefully we’ll see you….IN SPACE! Text by Kevin Kolstad

Photo provided by Yuri’s Night.

Red Chair Reno’s Hidden Gem 6135 Lakeside Drive | 775.770.0111 Hours: Tues-Sat 11am-6pm I am an avid lover and believer in the power of small businesses and tend to think I’m rather fluent in the local businesses that frequent the Reno area. When I walked into the Red Chair, I thought to myself, “How have I never been here?” The mellow tunes of Thievery Corporation were playing in the background as I walked through the store that was cleverly and stylishly adorned with modern abstract art, beautiful furniture, creatively concocted displays, chic clothing, and eclectic home décor. Soon after I walked in, I was amiably greeted by Aaryn Walker, the store owner. To my surprise, Walker informed me that the store had been up and running for six and a half years. She used to own the store next to hers, now The Nest, and had two running businesses: Red Chair and Estate of Envy. She then decided to consolidate the two businesses into one and kept Red Chair as the store name. Much of the art one can find in the store is actually the owner’s. Walker’s use of modern abstract in correlation with unique typography that spells out poetic phrases makes it one of a kind. Most of the furniture looks vintage and classic, or as she describes it, the furniture has a “mid-century modern” flair. In reality, the furniture is actually brand new. 28

Continued in pg 30

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The second-hand furniture that she does have is in incredible condition and maintains that modern vintage style. A lot of the furniture and home décor is also custom-made. The throw pillows have funky and rare fabrics that Walker handpicked, and each piece of restored furniture is one of its kind. But it doesn’t stop there. Jewelry, sculpture, greeting cards, candles, and clothing garnish the store with elegance and distinction. Local artists and vendors create the majority of what you can find at Red Chair, and the rest is most likely produced by small businesses outside of Reno. “If Reno had an Anthropologie, this would be it,” explains Walker. Red Chair has the chic style of Anthropologie but with an artistic and local flair. I couldn’t help but wonder how this little diamond in the rough in Reno had survived amidst the recession, but as Walker assured me, business is booming. In fact, 2009 was one of her best years in sales. It seems that once you become a Red Chair customer, you stay a Red Chair customer. It’s virtually impossible to leave empty-handed. Walker’s cheerful nature combined with the vibrant atmosphere and amazing products make you feel at home. Text by Kate Long

Photos by Nico Aguilera

RP Tip: You can find Red Chair online at http://redchairandestateofenvy.blogspot. com. Give the store a visit, and you won’t be disappointed. 30 31

Local Artist Profile Ron Rash In Reno during the late 70’s, a young Ron Rash spent his after school hours at the Ball Sign Co. where his mother worked as a book keeper. He observed as artists diligently finished up their hand painted lettering and illustrations on cars and wooden or metal signs. Perhaps, he saw in their eyes a focus and productive satisfaction which he coveted. Rash was born out of a DIY-punk-rockskateboarder culture at a time when Reno “still had a redneck mentality, and people wanted to beat up skateboarders.” His place in that community, with all of its aesthetic connections, would later prove to be an integral part of his inspiration.


Yet Rash didn’t stand out as an artist during high school, which may or may not have had something to do with his art instructor. “I got D’s in art class,” Rash says, hesitating to name the teacher. “I hated still life, but that’s what he did: western landscapes. Even so, I love images of western culture. I suppose, even though he wasn’t encouraging, his work might have snuck in there somewhere.” Rash set his mind on art at 17, headed to San Diego in 1990, and then continued on an “extended vacation” to New York, Montreal, Boston, and New Jersey. His time on the east coast was marked by solo visits to museums and stores.

Continued in pg 34

“I had a hard time connecting with people out there,” Rash says, reflecting back with little nostalgia for those five years spent in virtual solitude. He shrugs it off as inconsequential. Rash returned to the west coast and settled in Oakland in 1995 where he managed an art supply store. Being in contact with other creative people on a daily basis helped him to grow as an artist. Not to mention, he had an entire store full of art supplies affording him license to experiment. Then Rash, a descendant of “rowdy Scottish sheep thieves,” returned home in 2003. Today at 37, he’s the father of two beautiful children -- Tucker, 9, and Emma, 6. He re-

sides once more on the exact same street, near Lakeside and McCarran, where he spent his youth. Sitting across from me at the new Bibo’s where a painting of Rash’s hangs amongst several others, he explains to me how he currently spends his time on a variety of endeavors, including: • Volunteering as an assistant art instructor at Jessie Beck Elementary School, where he went as a kid and where his children now attend. • Teaching an art class for children and teenagers alike, “Drawing Cartoons,” is scheduled for Saturdays between February 20th and March 13th at Nevada Museum of Art (NMA). • Helping the NMA Teen Art Council develop ideas for a teen art studio that may be ready this spring. • Helping put together local art shows with the Holland Project Gallery Committee. • Working at Ace’s Tattoo (681 South Virginia Street), which is owned by a couple of his skateboard buddies of old, Kevin Cox and Rob Roy. According to Rash, tattooing has proven to be a challenging art form over the last few months, but it is nonetheless positive and rewarding work. For information on viewing his artwork, you can find him on MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, and Blogspot. To register for his art class at NMA, call 755.323.3333. Text by Hunter Blackburn Photos provided by artist


Take it the Lingerie Sale March 20-21

1092 S. VIRGINIA ST. STE B 775.337.6060

nevada Women’s Expo For the eighth year in a row, the Nevada Women’s Expo will be taking place at the RenoSparks Convention Center at 4590 S. Virginia St. in Reno. The expo will take place over two days: Saturday, March 27 from 10am5pm and Sunday, March 28 from 10am-4pm. Led by founder Kristy Hawke, Destinations West is producing this event, which they bill as an expo that is catered to women, encompassing products and services for women. With exhibitors representing a wide range of stores from food and drink, gyms, beauty products, and healthcare, you’ll be sure to find something that perks your interest. But this expo is more than a shopping expedition. There will be a stage with both entertainers and speakers at scheduled times. If the last few years have been any indication of what to expect this year, it will be an exciting and varied schedule. Because the organizers limit the number of exhibitors from any one field, attendees will have a wide range and variety of things to look for. The Nevada Women’s Expo is also a great place to look for career or volunteer opportunities or to just network. Some companies come just to look for prospective employees. This exposition comes with the requisite free items or “schwag” as all consumers crave. 36

Over the last few years, free stuff has been given out from coffee to massages. Coupons and discounts will be abundant as well. Expo organizers have also put together ten shopping sprees of $100 to be spent at the expo. This is part of the door prizes giveaway, so be sure to sign up as soon as you enter. Despite the title and the tagline, Owned by Women and Produced by Women, the Nevada Women’s Expo is not just for women. While the event is geared toward women, men will find something for the women in their lives or perhaps for themselves. The products at the expo will appeal mostly to adults, but people of all ages are welcome to come as well. The price for the expo is only seven dollars, with two-dollar-off coupons around town. As if the five-dollar admission wasn’t low enough, your pass is good for the entire weekend and is also transferrable. Parking is available at the Center for $7, but there will be area parking for free if you’re willing to do a little hunting and walk a little way. Text by Dan Sullivan

For info on the speaker and entertainment schedule and for info on the vendors, visit their website at

Riverwalk Merchants’ Wine Walk A monthly event in Reno for over six years, the Riverwalk Merchants’ Wine Walk is an event not to be missed. On the third Saturday of every month, the members of the Riverwalk District (along the Truckee River and neighboring streets) host the Wine Walk from 2-5pm. Starting at 2pm on the third Saturday of the month, you can visit any Riverwalk District merchant to get a map of all retailers participating in the Wine Walk. The wine-tasting fee is only $20 and includes samples from up to 25 participating businesses and also includes a commemorative glass (some decorated). After you get the wine glass and map, you then walk from place to place, sampling the many different varietals of wine they have on hand. “The wine walk consists of all types of wine from boxed to bottled and can, on certain months, consist of a group of up to 1200 individuals,” said Courtney Barnett, marketing coordinator. As if drinking wine for three hours in a complimentary wine glass for only $20 wasn’t enough, gift certificates are raffled off at the end of the event. “At the end of each wine walk, the businesses donate a gift certificate for $25 each,” 38

said Barnett. “At the end of the event, those gift certificates are raffled off to wine walkers at a host location that can change monthly.” Each month, the Wine Walk supports a local charity or non-profit organization by providing a portion of the wine walk proceeds. The receiving organization changes monthly, and their hope is to bring awareness to the organizations and help to have the community support a great cause while having a great time. In March, the receiving charity is CARE Chest of Sierra Nevada. Be sure to descend upon downtown Reno on March 20 and support the Care Chest take advantage of this monthly event by leisurely strolling through the Riverwalk District, sampling various wines at the participating merchants listed on your map, and maybe even doing a bit of shopping. You can learn more about the Wine Walk, the participating merchants, and the receiving charity by checking out their website and by subscribing to their newsletter. Text by Michelle Montoya Photo provided by organization

The Rat Pack Is Back Dino, and Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr., known as “The Rat Pack,” were three of the most popular and successful entertainers of the last half century. A new tribute show, aptly titled “Frank, Dean and Sammy,” is playing in the Eldorado’s Showroom now through March 21 and the is comprised of Tony Sands, Luciano Correa, and David Hayes respectively playing their Rat Pack counterparts. Sands hails from south Philadelphia and started singing Sinatra tunes from the time he was 12 years old. In addition to singing Old Blue Eyes’ tunes in the style Frank created and perfected, Sands also developed an uncanny vocal resemblance to Sinatra’s. Sands has captivated audiences from The Tropicana In Las Vegas to the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia to The Trump Castle in Atlantic City. Correa plays the lovable lush, Dean Martin. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, Correa’s Sicilian-American family of performers has always listened to the crooners of the era, including of course, plenty of The King of Cool’s biggest hits. Correa’s love of the music inspired him to create a Dean Martin persona that has had him performing in front of sell-out audiences from Las Vegas to Long Island. Not only does he have his vocal impression down to a musical science, but he looks amazingly like Martin as well. 40

Rounding out the talented trio is Hayes, who does a spot-on vocal impersonation of Sammy Davis Jr. and looks remarkably like him as well. Sammy was always the childhood hero of Hayes, who began singing Davis’ songs in his early years. After many years of practicing and performing Sammy, the day came when he actually got to meet his idol and perform for him. Hayes says that Sammy said it was “the best singing impersonation of me I’ve ever seen.” Hayes has performed around the world from supper clubs to headliner showrooms and has opened for The Temptations, The Four Tops, K.C. & The Sunshine Band, Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, and others. The three entertainers will take you on a 75-minute trip down memory lane with classics like “My Way,” “New York, New York,” “That’s Amore,” “Everybody Loves Somebody,” “Mr. Bojangles,” “Candy Man,” and many more. So slip on your fedora and go see Frank, Dean, and Sammy because the boys are back for a limited time at the Eldorado. For tickets, call 775.786.5700. Text by Bob Carnahan

Photos provided by El Dorado Casino

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Rafael San Rancho Rafael San Rancho Rafael SanPark Rancho Regional Regional Park Regional Park


University University Nevada of Nevada of

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Park Wingfield Wingfield Park Wingfield Park
















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downtown map

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5- pearle studios 670 Alvaro St. 775.323.7375

6- se7en 100 N Arlington Ave. 775.348.9526

3- Sierra Tap House 775.322.7678 253 West 1st. St.

9- Java Jungle 246 W 1st St. 775.329.4484

8- chocolate bar 475 S Arlington Ave. 775.337.1122

12- West St. wine bar 148 West St. 775.336.3560

11- Arts dogs and grace 218 Vassar St. 775.324.2787

­­Map © Reno Passport, LLC

Contact us at 775.762.1875 to be included in this map

17- The knitting factory 211 N. Virginia St. 775.323.5648

14- Back of the house cooking 800 W. 2nd. St. 775.284.1080 15- Se7en on west 148 West St. 775.284.3363

16- Aric Shapiro - LMT 712 S. Center Street 775.378.5559

13- The waterfall 134 W. 2nd. Street 775.322.7373


2- Lincoln Lounge 306 E. 4th. St. 775.323.5426

10- the melting pot world emporium 1049 S. Virginia St. 775.322.9445


7- peak performance 275 Hill St. 775.786.7325


4- Jungle Vino 253 West 1st. St. 775.329.4484




1- Imperial Bar 150 N Arlington Ave. 775.324.6399


Virginia Virginia Virginia Lake Lake Lake




OYGG % %OOYYG 6-Lincoln Lounge OOOLLLQQQHHH% \ \ N N\ 6 6 302 E. Fourth 6N Street




3-Divine 95 N. Sierra St. Suite 101 775.329.8088

5-Imperial Bar & Lounge 150 N. Arlington Ave. 774.324.6399

2-Studio on 4th 432 E 4th St 775.786.6460


4-Shooters Saloon 3OXPE/Q 434 N Virginia3OXPE/Q St 3OXPE/Q 775.329.9646

000 DDD \ \ E\EHEHH UUUUU\U\\ ''' UUU





1-The Little Nugget 233 N Virginia St 775.323.0716





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calendar of events

Visit for additional events.

March 4

Jonie Blinman’s Songwriters in the Round: Carson City Edition Songwriters in the Round, Reno, was started/founded by local professional songwriter, Jonie Blinman in 2008. She has now expanded the Round to Carson City.

Plan B Micro Lounge. 8-10pm 318 North Carson Street Carson City, NV (775) 887-8879 songwritersintheroundreno

March 5

Four area songwriters @ studio on 4th Dave Berry, Jeff Jones, Tyler Stafford, Eric Anderson 8pm at the Studio On 4th 432 East 4th St. daveberrymusic

March 5

The Critical Mass Band Indie rock band The Critical Mass Band performs music from their upcoming release, as well as the best from their last two CD’s. No Cover

3rd Street Bar / 125 West 3rd Street /

March 5

Reno Burners Without Borders - Haiti Fundraiser Fundraiser to support 44

ongoing relief & redevelopment efforts by Burners Without Borders in earthquake-devastated Haiti. Ft. Gooferman, Dulce Vita, D6, other artists & raffle. 9pm at The Underground / Treehouse Lounge. / 555 East Fourth Street

March 19

King & His Naughty Bunnies From Colorado this Punk Rock band has punked many! Plus it’s ladies night, where the ladies drink on happy hour prices all night! Bring a Friend!

March 6

$5 Cover / 21+, 10PM / Zephyr Lounge / 1074 So. Virginia St.

9pm at 3rd St. Bar / 125 West 3rd St / jellybreadlove

Crystal Bowl Healing Combining the healing frequencies of musical tones with the properties of high-vibration gems and minerals. Hosts Jeffrey and Kate at the Sleep Shop on the Equinox!

Jelly Bread / Subkektochange Concert Jelly Bread & Subjektochange (tahoe funk/ rock/jamband)

March 13

Saturn’s Risin’ From Lake Tahoe this fantastick group joins up with two locals favorites to give you an evening of supurb music! Ladies night where the ladies drink on happy hour prices all night! $5 Cover / 21+ 9PM at the Zephyr Lounge 1074 So. Virginia St.

March 19

Two Year Anniversary Party for the Waterfall Featuring DJ Tunetangler

Free Keg tapped at 9pm Music starts at 10pm Free Event - No Cover Charge All Night / 134 W. Second St. 775.322.7373 For details visit the Waterfall on Facebook or

March 19

Friday March 19 / 7:30 - 10 pm The Sleep Shop 140 Vesta St, Reno NV 89502

March 20

The Wizard of Oz The classic tale with all the characters and songs from the movie complete with special effects by Flying by Foy, presented by Carson High School

2 Pm matinees and 7:30 evening shows / Carson Community Center, Bob Boldrick Theatre 851 East Williams Street, Carson City, NV 775 283-1600 Ext 1684

March 20

Michael Jackson Tribute The students at the I Can Do Anything Charter High

School proudly present a “Tribute to Michael Jackson” at the Damonte Ranch High School Grand Theatre. Matinee-2:30p, Encore-6:30pm Damonte Ranch High School Grand Theatre 10500 Rio Wrangler Parkway (775) 857-2114

March 21

Unhappy Virgins A popular local punk band sure to tickle your punk bone! Plus its ladies night, where the ladies drink on happy hour prices all night! $5 Cover / 21+ 10PM Zephyr Lounge 1074 So. Virginia St.

March 25

Reno Green Drinks Reno Green Drinks is a FREE networking group that creates awareness about eco-conscious businesses and concerns in Reno and the surrounding area. 5pm - 7pm - St. James Infirmary - 445 California Avenue

March 26

Made In Reno 15 local acts, young and established in Reno’s hot growing scene, play original music. Fund-raiser for public school jazz students. $10. All ages. 7:30 p.m. Knitting Factory 211 N. Virginia St

Reno Passport - March 2010  
Reno Passport - March 2010  

Winter is still upon us, but not for long. We gladly welcome Spring on March 21. To celebrate, we’re gearing up for baseball season and the...