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Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy - Canada Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, or PEMF for short, is a common, effective technique used by orthopedic doctors for the treatment of fractures, unsuccessful fusions, depression and congenital pseudarthrosis. PEMF has been around for around one hundred years, after being introduced in the early 1900s and since then it’s become incredibly popular since commercially produced PEMF devices entered the market in the mid 1975s. Since then the technology has been used in thousands, if not millions, of therapy sessions, aimed at repairing damaged cartilage, tendons, muscles, and nerves.

Advantages: Listing every advantage would take far too long, which is why I’m going to focus my efforts towards one specific advantage: Energy levels. After undergoing any treatment you would expect your energy levels to be low for a while as your cells recover, however, with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, energy levels across your whole body massively increase, which is great news for your cells. In a matter of minutes after treatment ends your erythrocyte (red) blood cells will be almost hypercharged, giving them the energy they need to effectively fight disease and remove any unwanted bacteria. As well as increasing energy in Red Blood cells, the therapy also prevents lymphocytes (A type of White Blood Cell that can cause inflammation) from growing, which helps to massively reduce inflammation, with the results being incredibly evident around 48 hours after surgery.

Omnium1 PEMF Device: As I mentioned earlier on, Commercial PEMF devices were first introduced around 1975 and, since then, technology has developed at an unprecedented rate. More than forty years have passed since the first commercial machine was released, and almost one hundred since PEMF therapy was introduced, leaving a lot of time for scientific development. The devices used today are incredibly advanced, safe, and effective and by far my favorite one is the Omnium1. It’s a PEMF therapy device that blends in with almost any chair, allowing you to get the very best treatment available from the comfort of your own home. With a variety of Bundles to suit everyone’s needs, there is really no reason not to pick one up if you are looking to treat your muscle pains, arthritis and nerve damage at home.

My Verdict: I have been using PEMF Canada (Where I live) since a nasty Mountain Biking accident a couple of years ago and, I have to say, I’m amazed at the results. As well as repairing my damaged ligaments and muscles, the therapy also helped to relieve a large amount of the pain, which is why I decided to pick up an Omnium1 for my home. If you are thinking about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy I can’t recommend it enough –It’s fantastic!

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy - Canada