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Shop 11, 131-145 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037 P 02 9692 0030 W Exhibition dates: Fri 23 October to Tue 10 November, 2009 Hours: Mon to Fri 10am-5pm / Sat 10am-3pm Opening: Fri 23 October 6-8pm by Steven Miller, Archivist, Art Gallery of NSW Research Library ABE COORDINATOR

Wayne Stock P 02 9810 1265 E EXHIBITION COMMITTEE

Cali Andersen, Lorraine Brown, Ted Chapman, Gary Lavis, David Newbold, Wayne Stock, Imogen Yang THANK YOU

Art Gallery of NSW Research Library, Sue Anderson, Leo Berkelouw, Kerry Blake, Keith Chidzey, Bob Edwards, Graig Gilkes, Rosemarie Jeffers-Palmer, Diane Kelly, Steven Miller, Phil & Janine Ryan, NSW Guild of Craft Bookbinders, Helen Wallace and the other individuals and enterprises assisting with this exhibition.

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JCA Steel Fabrication for their generous support.

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Catalogue design: Graham Rendoth, Ingrid Urh Photography: Wayne Stock Text editors: Wayne Stock, Lorraine Brown, Imogen Yang Invitation design: Red Ant Media Cover image: Detail, Selected Stories of Lu Hsun. Bound by Justin Edwin. Cali Andersen (photography), Imogen Yang (creative concept)

TWELFTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION WELCOME This catalogue documents the Australian Bookbinders Exhibition 2009. Established in 1998, and now in its twelfth year, the ABE continues via this annual exhibition to provide a focal point for contemporary practice in the artform known as Design Binding, as well as a challenge to further develop and refine the standards. The selection of works is guided by established criteria the object submitted should: • be a book • maintain traditional structural function as a book • be of strong construction; wherein the binding structure performs the function of practical protection of the text and other vulnerable parts of the book,

What emerges overall is that a book possesses the essential quality of fine design binding when it demonstrates strength and character of the binding in relation to the text in two crucial ways: in relation to the physical attributes of the book, and in the way the design reflects the content. That is, through craftsmanship, artistry, creative expression, and technical mastery of the form, in a way that bestows integrity upon the book as a whole. The annual Australian Bookbinders Exhibition is open to anyone who wishes to submit works for selection, and we look forward to receiving expressions of interest for the ABE 2010. Wayne Stock / Imogen Yang

• possess ‘readable’ content (ie. not be a blank book) • exhibit original contemporary design features, and • must not have been shown in Sydney before. It goes without saying, however, that these conditions must further suit the subjective values of the jury. We hope the works on show are testament to the flexibility of the artform without overly compromising the fundamentals of bookbinding.




SUE ANDERSON T I T L E Poems to Hold or Let Go A U T H O R Rosemary Dobson

Simplified binding, black goatskin and white sheepskin spine, embossed black leather boards, white acrylic image

DINAH BEESTON T I T L E Treasure Island A U T H O R Robert Louis Stevenson

Full navy bookcloth, wrapped in cocoon stripping silk, black design and title


KERRY BLAKE T I T L E Batmagic A R T I S T Kerry Blake

Sculptured boards in Japanese silk cloth, Coptic bound

SARAH BUNN T I T L E Poems to Hold or Let Go A U T H O R Rosemary Dobson

Limp binding, chain stitch with recycled Japanese silk chemise

EDITH CSONTOS T I T L E The Sonnets A U T H O R William Shakespeare

Full red Yapp binding, black onlay

NEVILLE DANIEL T I T L E Cut A U T H O R Patricia McCormick

Full yellow leather with original cover underlay, red hand design, film inlay and razor blade

BARBARA DAVIDSON T I T L E Harbour Bridge and Opera House A R T I S T Barbara Davidson

Simplified binding, brown kangaroo spine, etching and watercolour covered boards

NICK DOSLOV T I T L E Colours of Thought A U T H O R Anne Twigg

Quarter bound goatskin, buckram, relief and intaglio design, gold finishing

JUSTIN EDWIN T I T L E Selected Stories of Lu Hsun A U T H O R Lu Hsun

Simplified binding, brown kangaroo spine, decorative paper covers, gold tooling

JAMES ELWING T I T L E More Church Mice Chronicles A U T H O R Graham Oakley

Blue half goatskin binding, blue bookcloth boards with silk insert and embossed red goatskin, gold tooling 3

CAREN FLORANCE T I T L E Poems to Hold or Let Go A U T H O R Rosemary Dobson

Long stitch limp paper binding, antique cotton, embossed title

MARIE-SOIZIC GARREAU T I T L E Rosalie Gascoigne A U T H O R Kelly Gellatly

Kangaroo vellum, carp fish, rooster foot and snake skin lining, colour pencil inserts, hand-painted endpapers

JILL GURNEY T I T L E Pygmalion A U T H O R George Bernard Shaw

Full bound embossed purple and black leather, multicoloured onlays, gold tooling 4

HELENE HASLAM T I T L E Charming A R T I S T Helene Haslam

Hand-made cotton paper, silk ribbon, buckram, metal charms

ROSEMARIE JEFFERS-PALMER T I T L E The Multiple Effects of Rainshadow A U T H O R Thea Astley

Full kangaroo, hand-dyed and painted onlays, blind lines

ROSEMARIE JEFFERS-PALMER T I T L E The Golden Treasury of Poems and Songs A U T H O R Francis Turner Palgrave (Editor)

Full blue goatskin, paper and silk thread, silver tooling

ROSEMARIE JEFFERS-PALMER T I T L E Poems to Hold or Let Go A U T H O R Rosemary Dobson

Full dark kangaroo, multicoloured onlays, silver tooling

DIANE KELLY T I T L E In and Out of Vogue A U T H O R Grace Mirabella

Tangerine woven spine, purple and tangerine paper, vinyl inlay and onlay

DIANE KELLY T I T L E Diary of an Unknown A U T H O R Jean Cocteau

White vinyl woven spine, black, white and grey paper and vinyl inlay and onlay covers

HELEN MALONE T I T L E White Gloves A R T I S T Helen Malone

Simplified style, black kangaroo spine, buckram covers with vellum panel inlays

HELEN MALONE T I T L E Undiscovered Texts A R T I S T Helen Malone

Simplified style, black kangaroo spine, Japanese paper covers with black tooling

JUNE MCNICOL T I T L E The Art of Australia A U T H O R Robert Hughes

Full blue goatskin, multicoloured goat and calf onlays, gold and blind tooling 5

DAVID NEWBOLD T I T L E A Christmas Carol A U T H O R Charles Dickens

Full black bovine, tooled in gold, silver and pigment foils

DAVID NEWBOLD T I T L E Death of Ivan Ilych A U T H O R Leo Tolstoy

Full black bovine, tooled in gold, silver and pigment foils

MONICA OPPEN T I T L E 69 Reliures de Creation A U T H O R Carlos SanchezAlamo

German vellum binding, painted design


BARBARA SCHMELZER T I T L E Poems to Hold or Let Go A U T H O R Rosemary Dobson

Multicoloured airbrushed vellum binding, black tooling

BARBARA SCHMELZER T I T L E Water A U T H O R G Moss & K Whalan (Editors)

Crocodile split leather spine, hand-decorated paper sides, blue tooling

WAYNE STOCK T I T L E Gone with the Wind A U T H O R Margaret Mitchell

Full blue goatskin, grey kangaroo onlay, blind lines

JOHN TONKIN T I T L E How the Greeks saved Europe A U T H O R J A Brendon

Leather spine with hand-decorated papers and leather fore-edge strips

TERENCE UREN T I T L E The English Woman in America A U T H O R Isabella Bird

Simplified binding, multicoloured spine and boards, polished metal onlay

JOY TONKIN T I T L E Earthly Delights A U T H O R Clair Murray

Simplified, covered in buffalo leather and a collage of corn cob leaves, title piece brown kangaroo

TERENCE UREN T I T L E Backwoods and Along the Seashore A U T H O R Henry David Thoreau

Simplified binding, black capeskin spine, cloth covered boards with wool and nylon webbing onlays 7

ABE ‘COLLECTORS’ CATALOGUES Limited quantities of some Australian Bookbinders Exhibition catalogues remain available. These collectors’ copies are excellent references to the art of Australian craft bookbinding. To order copies email


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2008 $15* (280 x 210mm) This special 36 page publication brings together some of the best work of ABE shows since 1998.

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CONTEMPORARY BOOKBINDING An exhibition of Australian Bookbinders Inc. is intended to be held mid 2010. Contact Wayne Stock (02) 9810 1265 email


2004 $10* (210 x 130mm)

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ABE2009 - Catalogue  
ABE2009 - Catalogue  

Catalogue for exhibition by Australian Bookbinders Inc. Held at Gallery Red in Glebe, Sydney, October-November 2009. Includes binder's works...