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Asia-Pacific Think Tank Background In an era when health is increasingly influenced by social, economic, political, and environmental determinants, in an era when health challenges transcend borders and require collective global action, it is essential that we, future doctors of Asia-Pacific, are equipped in addressing the social and political forces shaping the health of our populations through advocacy and policy. A cultural change towards healthcare professions involvement in advocacy and policy is needed. This calls for the creation of an Asia-Pacific Think Tank to lead regional efforts in advocacy and policy, to stimulate regular dialogue on a range of global health issues and to sow the seeds of advocacy and policy all around the Asia-Pacific.

Vision To gather a core group of individuals passionate about global health, who will lead regional efforts in advocacy and policy by creating regional stand on health issues, developing resources , brainstorming advocacy and policy strategies and running local education and skill training.

Structure People: a group of around 20 individuals representing diverse NMOs, interests and background Format: regular communication and discussion by email and skype through a google-group. Time commitment: approximately 1-2 hours per week Timeline: the Think Tank will operate from now until the end of October when a new round of Think Tank members will be recruited.

Fuctions 1. Create regional policy stands, briefs and policy statements on issues such as emergencies and disasters, climate change, health systems, infectious diseases and etc.

2. Develop peer and public global health educational material such as the Health in Asia-Pacific primer 3. Assist the DA for advocacy, policy and education to brainstorm APE strategies in the AsiaPacific 4. Act as local and national point-persons for advocacy and policy by disseminating APE resources, stimulating local interest in APE and running local education and skill training workshops.

IFMSA Asia-Pacific Think Tank Concept Paper  

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