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Nombre del estudiante Fecha Tarea 1 CINF6208:Fundamentos de Organización de la Organización y el Conocimiento 2012 Flores-Suárez-Chaparro Nota: Para esta tarea pueden reunirse en grupos de dos personas como máximo. Esta tarea se entrega en 15 (días) prepare una versión electrónica en Pdf para entregar. Times New Roman 12 points. Paginación en el márgen superior derecho.

Assignment 1 F ile Cabinet D rawer Content Analysis Exercise Introduction 1. Describe here the organization to whom the file belongs, the type of business they are into and the use they give to the filing cabinet. 2. Tell us who (i.e., secretary, admin assistant, no names are required) is in charge of the filing cabinet and if any other people participates in the filing and retrieval processes. 3. Describe the filing cabinet drawer chosen for the exercise: what type of content is in it? (e.g., Administrative, human resources, orders, clients), does it cover a specific time period? 4. Provide a general description of the filing cabinet: location, access control and security measures, cabinet type, and drawer organization (hanging folders, folders, labeling system and scheme). This is a two to four paragraph segment. Hanging folder/ File name Types of documents Drawer section contained Correspondence Letters to President Original letters (example) Faxed letters eMails received

Summary of the types of documents found in drawer Make a list summarizing the types of documents found across the whole drawer. Avoid duplicity and ambiguity. You may add comments describing some or all document types 1. Proposals: Professional services proposals received by Company 2. Agendas: Of company internal meetings 3. Directories: Of Clients and of Company Personnel 4. Forms: Several forms created by company to manage X and Y businessprocesses 5. Manuals 6. Correspondence 7. Memos 8. Minutes 9. Reports

10. Faxed files 11. eMail printouts 12. Receipts 13. Resumes 14. Invoices 15. Bulletins 16. Promotional materials 17. Newspaper and magazine clippings 18. THESEAREJUSTA FEWEXAMPLES(ojo!)

Physical description of documents found in drawer Describe the physical attributes of the various types of document support media found in the drawer, for example: 1. Letter size, bond paper, 20# weight, white, laser printed, loose leaf, stapled, etc. 2. Folder color brochure, approx. Size 3. Carbonlesscopy of businessform, handwritten entries, 5 x 7� size, pink color 4. Post-it notes, handwritten

Reflection about business case of ECM for this organization Taking into account the characteristics of the organizations and the use they have for their files, reflect on whether installing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System would be beneficial to them and list the benefits or competitive/performance advantage they can derive from this investment.

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