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What are the best places to visit in New York City? During my stay, I was able to collect a lot of tips from the New York locals. Of course you should visit Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street, but aside from the well-known tourist spots there are so many more places that you shouldn’t miss‌

MAGNOLIA BAKERY Enjoy a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery! The “pumpkin cupcake” is so delicious! Each cupcake costs $3, and it is worth every single penny! A little trivia: Magnolia Bakery is where Carrie and Miranda from Sex & the City devoured cupcakes!


And of course you should not leave New York without having a burger from Shake Shack! The “Shack Shack Burger ” is the best item on the menu, and the best burger in NYC!

If you would like to have a delicious cocktail while enjoying a great view of NYC, go to 230 5th! I liked the Strawberry Mojito best!


CAFFE REGGIO What is New York City famous for? New York style cheesecake! The best one I’ve ever eaten was from Caffe Reggio.

THE LIGHTSHIP THE LIG FRYING PAN If you want to enjoy a drink in a different environment, try the Frying Pan. It’s a bar on a lightship! The white wine sangria with fresh fruits tastes yummy!

STATEN ISLAND FERRY The Staten Island Ferry is free and fun. I had a great view of New York City at night!

MISS LILY’S FAVORITE CAKES The very best homemade lemonade I ever had was at Miss Lily’s Favorite Cakes. It tastes so fruity and fresh! I go there once a week just to have this lemonade!

TOP OF THE ROCK at ROCKEFELLER CENTER If you want a great view of New York City, visit the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center! The view is very unique!

TACOMBI at FONDA LOLITA For a cup of coffee, I usually go to Tacombi @ Fonda Nolita. If you buy one coffee, you get refills for free! The waiters are very friendly, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

BRYANT PARK If you are visiting New York during summer, check the schedule for the summer movie festival at Bryant Park! They show great movies every Monday. There are many other activities in the park including yoga, music, beginner’s fencing and juggling lessons!

PIER 17 I also loved Pier 17! You get to enjoy a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge! Have a drink while you’re at it. I liked the frozen strawberry daiquiri a lot!

GUITAR CENTER If you love guitars, don’t miss the guitar center in New York City! They have a lot of great guitars. Just go there and play the guitar you prefer!

BLUE NOTE JAZZ CLUB I went to the “Blue Note Jazz Club”, and it was so awesome! Whether you like jazz or not, you’ll love it!

BRIGHTON BEACH Don’t ignore NYC’s beaches! I went to Brighton Beach, and it was amazing. You should also go to Long Island! There, you could enjoy the sun while lying on the powdery white sand of Kirk Park Beach.

Hotspots in New York City  

Hotspots in New York City

Hotspots in New York City  

Hotspots in New York City