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Structure Shareholders  Zanini Equipamentos Pesados Ltda.  Others

99% 1%

Directors    

Marcelo Taparelli Basílio Braga Rolf Ramminger Heinz Koch

Managing Director Project Director Industrial Director Commercial Director


Total Area 163.000 m²


 Employees 327 Third Parties 20  TOTAL 347


The Renk Zanini product line provides the user with the drive solution compatible with the world’s highest technological levels of equipment, specifications and requirements for different market segments.

Sugar and Alcohol Torqmax速 Client : Equipav / Promiss達o (SP) Sugar Cane Mill

Sugar and Alcohol Pentamax® Client Usina Barrálcool / MS Sugar Cane Mill

Energy PCH Client Central EnergĂŠtica Novo Mundo Power generation Small Hydroelectric Plants

Energy Turbo Reducers Client Usina Santa Terezinha Generator

Mining Planetaries Client Vale do Rio Doce Bucket Wheel

Steel Travelling Crane Client Cosipa (SP)

Railroads Client Metr么 (SP) Subway Passenger Car Gearbox

Steel Industry Client Aรงominas (MG) Converter

Cement Client Lafarge Ball Mill

Rubber Client Goodyer (Br) Rubber Mixer

Cellulose Client Celulosa Arauco (Chile) Power Generation

Navy Corvettes Client Marinha do Brasil (RJ)


Technology Renk Zanini has maintained a technology transfer contact with its partner company Renk AG from Germany which makes it a holder of special high technology to meet these specific requirements for a wide range of special gear reducers and power transmission elements. This is led to reliability renowned in the market and to the proven quality of its products and services. Stringent quality control is carried out in each production stage from the arrival of the raw materials to the delivery of the tested approved product. The same care is applied to the tooling use which is released for use after stringent dimensioning control performed by means of modern measuring equipment. Renk Zanini has become the standard for the world market because since 1995 it has been the only Latin America manufacturer of special gear reducers to have its Quality System ISO 9001 certified.

Mining Expertise Renk Zanini, a leader in the manufacturing of special gear reducers in Brazil, through a joint venture between Renk AG, Germany and Zanini S/A, provides technology that is supplied by gear units for small and large size mine area.


Bucket Wheel

Bucket Wheel

CVRD Carajรกs

CVRD Carajรกs


Conveyors drives

Ore Mill


Bucket Wheel

Vertical Mill

Mining – Reference Clients POLYSIUS Brasil

Mr. Helio Silveira Mr. Flávio Hanek

Brigadeiro Faria Lima rd, 1572 An 14 Jardim Paulistano - São Paulo - SP Phone: +55(11) 3811-4500 Site:


Mr. Carlos Alberto Gonçalves

Portugueses rd, Boqueirão beach São Luiz - MA Phone +55(98) 3218 5019/3218 5086/mobile: (98) 9131 4512 Site:

Mr. Cláudio Ferraz

Dante Michelini rd, 5.500 Vitoria - ES Phone +55(27) 3333 5093/mobile: (27) 8816 0710 Site:

Mr. Ricardo Mattioli

Mina do Germano


PO Box 22 Mariana - MG Phone: +55(31) 3559 5187 Site:

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