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One of the things we’ve noticed on our travels is how easy it is to have a conversation with a traveller. You sit on a cab, it’s a journey that’s a little longer than 10 minutes and you ask, “So have you travelled anywhere?”, and he says, “yes” and the conversation just flows from then on. You trade stories, he tells you stuff you didn’t know, you tell him stuff he didn’t know, and we talk like we’ve known each other our entire lives. We’re not extroverts, we don’t usually start conversations with strange men back home, it’s just that we have a lot to say when we’re talking about what we’re passionate about. We want to have that conversation here, in India. It’s not that we have never had it here, just by far not often enough. We’re ambitious, we want to change the way people think and we believe we can do it one traveller at a time. We’re romantics at heart, we sincerely believe that travel opens up your mind, frees your intellect and enhances your life experiences. So it follows that nothing is beyond the realms of possibility. Our sincerity automatically makes us almost annoyingly meticulous. The itineraries are intended to serve as a guide to how we think, we are happy to customize/ start afresh if required. Most of what is in there is what we’ve done ourselves; sometimes it’s just hard to better those But you learn something new every day, you evolve, you realize that you can actually better yourself and then you do. It’s not all there on the itineraries page, our knowledge is just too vast to be contained in there. But suffice it to say that, we’ll take you anywhere you want to go, as long as it’s out of India, we believe that the unfamiliar is part of the experience.

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