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Portfolio Renjith R

PG Product design

Digital Skills Alias ,Rhino, Pro Engineer wild fire 3.0, .Unigraphics, Auto cad,Keyshot,Adobe photoshop,Illustrator,Indesign ,–Expert, Adobe Flash – Intermediate

Work Experience • • • • • • •

Currently working with MIRC Electronics Limited (ONIDA), Mumbai Worked on diploma project at Honeywell Bangalore. (7 months) Worked on a project for a Korean multinational giant for 3 months. One and a half month design internship at Forbes Marshall Pune- Design of smart burner enclosure One year as Mould designer in Minda Industries limited Pune. Designed over 18 moulds One year as Tool room engineer (trainee) in Minda Industries limited Pune. Graduation project at NTTF Design and manufacture of injection moulds of news paper box for Malayala Manorama news paper Manufactured 16 stage progressive tool for connector for NTTF industries Limited

Personal Data

Academic projects

Renjith R

‘Ragam’, AVS Road, Kottakkal, Malappuram. Kerala- 676503 India Phone : +919833800433 Date of birth : 4th Feb 1986

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Academic Qualification


. PG diploma in Industrial Design (Product Design) MIT ID Pune (2008-2011) . Four year Advanced Diploma in Tool and Die Making NTTF Tellicherry (2003-2007)

• •

Design process 1 - Platform for arthritic patients Techno Aesthetic Detailing - Camp stove Packing Design - Fevicol package Interaction Design - For a smart device to help patients at hospital Design For Special Need -Wire winder for ‘line man’ System design -Water cycle management for the campus Participated in SIAM automotive Design challenge and got short listed for model making stage. (Team of two). Got the award for the best student in Industrial design 2008-2011 batch

Areas of interest •

Power tools, bio-medical equipments, consumer electronics



MIRC Electronics Limited ( ONIDA ) Senior excecutive Industrial design May 2011- till date

wave IGO a sub brand of MIRC Electronics limited wanted a high tech looking low cost LED for the consumers of tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. The brief was to make an LED below Rs.12000/-, with the aesthetic attributes - modern , trendy and slim. Looks should speak it’s sound out put quality. The same design is used for the series 22” and 24” Project status : Engineering sample and T1 finishd, expected production june 2012 Project duration: 4 months

Mood Board Modern Trendy Elegenent


The key design feature of this TV is the stand, which is snap fitted with the back cover. This stand eliminates the neck which is present in conventinal stands and also it is very cost effetive. Also this stand makes the product stable by preventing it’s tendency to leans side ways which happens in conventional stand, By working in close relaton with the engineering team, the slimmest TV in the Onida product portfolio is made (not the total bulk thickness). The front bezel is featured by high gloss and matt finish bands which gives a rich feeling to the product. There is no ornamention to keep the product under cost constraint.

Knob detailing Knobs are designed as integral part of back cover which eliminated many components. To differentiate knob from back cover different textures are given for them

Texture and finish Back cover is provided with horizontal brush texture to enhance slim look.

UE Brief: Develop a high end series of LED TV in the Onida product portfolio.The product should look ultramodern.Since the market requirement is very low in this segment, Fabricated front and back cabinet should be used to reduce tool cost. Project Satus: After completion of ID, the project is in engineering development Phase Project Duration : 5 months

* Representative image, not the actual selected ID


* Representative image, not the actual selected ID

KS70 A entry segment bar mobile phone targeting a tight budgeted urban Indian user. The brief given was that the product should have the aesthetic attributes of high end phones like Blackberry and it should cost under Rs.2000/-. The platform was already there. Our work was to develop a skin over that platform. Project status : Got cancelled Project Duration : 3 weeks

High End Phones High end phone in the market are charecterised by minimal and clean looks.The curves are elegent and subtle.Most phones have a wrap around dark chrome element.The back cover also have fine texture which increase the richness of the product

Low End Phones Most low end phone in India have typical Chinese look and features.Colours are bright and charectors are strong.The styling elements are busily placed.


Shortlisted Concepts

Major attempt has been put to keep the product elegent and neat. In the first concept the buttons are also in flush with the surface to keep surface neat.In the second concept button area is little scooped in to provide ergnomic handling.

NTT Project was to develop a new tub and base for onida washing machine NTT series, with existing lid part. Management wanted, a tall, bulky and tough looking washing machine Project Status : On hold Project duration: 1 month

Form Exploration

iTube Brief: Develop a portal for internet application on Onida high end LED tvs. Project Status : Implimented (in market since september 2011 Project duration: 2 weeks

iTube webworld Interface A navigation system developed for the Onida LED TV with android platform.

Personal Portfolio 2008-2011( Part time works)



Designed a diathemy console and applicator for a Mumbai based firm.The project was done with a team of 3 people.We developed the engineering details also for the same.Project went up to the stage of rapid prototyping

Orthographic views

Generous rounding to achieve soft and bionic form

Large LCD screen

Preset buttons

Detachable handle as an accessory Applicator holder

Applicator control button


Jog wheels

Jack ports

Product Details

Engineering development

Feather Flotters Flotters designed for a local manufacturing company at Calicut

Academic Portfolio MIT Institute Of Design (Pune) Post Graduate diploma in Industrial Design 2008-2011

Smart Burner

Redesigning of the existing smart burner, considering the factors - Optimizing the size of enclosure, reduction in weight, improve accessibility, and making visual unity with the burner. Industry sponsor - Forbes Marshall Pune Project duration: 45 days

Tilt Options for ergonomic viewing

Study of existing Product

Study of components Insights • The first prototype was made in sheet metal (1.5 mm).Hence the whole enclosure is heavy. • There is huge void space inside the enclosure, thus making it bulky. • Access to some components like eagle is very difficult • Ventilation is not provided, • Visibility and access to touch screen is worse • Boxy in nature • Not suitable as a stand alone product

Re-packaging of components

Packaging of components considering the factors, reduction in volume, ease of access and maintenance friendly, and final assembly to the burner.

Selected layout

Lock design for tilt

Ergnomics of viewing



10. 0°

20 .0°


5th percentile

50th percentile

95th percentile

Lock design for lid

8.0. TPH BURNER 4.0°



Post clamp mechanism is selected for tilt lock since it withstand more vibration and it locks the whole tilt assembly in a quarter rotation




5th percentile

50th percentile

The lid has to be locked in a position while doing maintenance and assembly. A linkage system was designed which helps to hold the lid effectively and with reduced effort. A mock up was made to validate the concept 1. Lid opening

95th percentile

For Ergonomic and better viewing of LCD screen, the whole assembly is lilted in a particular angle.This is to accommodate variation in operator heights and platform in each company. Also tilt is provided to prizm to get more angles


2. Lid locks in to it’s position and stay in it’s position even after applying pressure from top, ensuring safe working condition 3. Closed position


Final form and details The upper body is made of FRP to reduce weight and to explore the possibilities of giving visual appeal. The new product was able to reduce the bulk and total volume with respect to original design. The form of the product is derived basically from the packaging and to bring visual unity with the new Forbes marshal burners and to be used as stand alone product. The colour was chosen on the basis of existing Forbes marshal colour scheme and to give a high tech feeling

Exploded view and details

Knob Body - FRP


Rubber Beeding Prizm

Prizm frame Linkage lock for lid

Eagle Post clamp assembly

Power strip Mother board

Cooling fan Body - CRCA Grill


1:1 scale mockup model

Wire winder A portable tool which helps the ‘line man’ to wind/ unwind the service line on the main electric power line with more efficiency in operation, increased safety and better work ergonomics work condition. Project duration : 3 weeks

1:1 Scale mockup model

User Research


Line man -Job profile: • Government Job • ITI or diploma is minimum qualification • Works in 3 shift, (8 hours a day) • Normally two people goes together to a site • Risky jobs and are equipped with safety jackets, boots etc • Body needs to be flexible • Need to travel a lot • They are provided with a bike to reach all nooks and corners of the city • Carries mobile phone (They are given updates regarding complaints, alerts etc through this)

Work area identified and Task flow Job which frequently happens is fixing loose contacts, fuse changing and providing new connections x

Arrange the necessary tools and accessories required Reach the site

Find a support for body to work up on

By bike By walk

Unwind the previously wound wire

Confirm the complaint received


• • • •

Awkward postures while at work Increase the efficiency at work Chances of accidents are more Safety at work can be improved

Clean the service wire/ cut a small portion

Identify the location of loose contact/ breakage If it is a problem on the post, climb on the post (Maximum problem happens in the posts)

Design opportunities

Using ladder( if available) Without using ladder

Clean the service wire/ cut a small portion Wind back the wire descend down

Design Constraints • User wont use anything which reduces the efficiency even when the product makes their work safer. • Woks on live more most of the time • They carry only those things which fits in the carrier attached to bike.

Design brief There is a need to design a portable tool which helps the ‘line man’ to wind/ unwind the service line on the main electric power line with more efficiency in operation, increased safety and better work ergonomics work condition.

Basic concept ideation Basic concept ideation

A Tool using basic mechanisms to wind the service wire on the main power line is designed. The concept provides safethe andservice ergonomic work A Tool using basic mechanisms to wind wire on practices andpower reducesline useriseffort and improves efficiencyprovides safe the main designed. The concept

and ergonomic work practices and reduces user effort and improves efficiency The concept is explained in this video :

The concept is explained in this video :

Mood board

2 1




1. Rugged 2. Grippy 3. Directional 4. Celebrate 5. Sturdy

Details Plier tip Gear ( Delrin) Split sleeve High carbon steel

Rubber grip Spring steel clip Body case ( ABS + PC)

The body is subjected shocks from resulting from falling. Hence ‘ABS + PC’ was chosen as it is good shock absorber. For the working parts ,as in gears and rack ‘Delrin’ is used which is self lubricating resulting in smooth action and is light weighted. High carbon steel is chosen for split sleeves, which otherwise abrade when wire continuously rub against it.

Wire support

Opened postiton

Extendend position

Working position

Bio Bin

A ‘waste bin’ which promotes the waste segregation in the domestic level itself. Project duration: 2 weeks


Analysis Domestic types Waste Waste



Process flow

Wet waste

Dry waste

Hazardous waste

Dry waste includes all items that are not considered wet or soiled items, includes both recyclable and non-recyclable materials

Wet waste includes all food and yard waste, and anything that would contaminate your recyclables.

These items can cause fires, harm those people who come into contact with them, damage machinery or harm our environment.

•Plastic bags Card board, Paper, Plastic bottles, Glass, Cloths, Metals, Etc..

• Battery, Chemicals, Medicines Razor blades, Fertilizers, Glues Alcohol, Etc..

•Vegetables, Fruits, Food left over, Nap kin, Dry leaves Meat Etc..

Waste generation Collection/ segregation Transportation Land fills

Lack of guidance




Done by servants..

Why segregation is not happening? Lack of awareness


By mistake

Not at all bothered about consequences

Don’t have two dust bins


System level problem

Dry waste

Wet waste

In hurry..

It’s not my job..

Earth worm composting

Aerobic composting Manure

Fertilizer for agriculture

Miss using the basket provided by the municipality for using in toilets


1. Same type of bag for both wet and dry waste 2. No timely removal of waste 3. Only one container for both 4. Piled up waste not suitable for recycling 5. Manure made of EM solution and bio - composting 6. Plants grown using domestic waste

This link of the chain is not happening 100%. Hence whole system fails

Approaches • Interactive bins which attracts the user to segregate the waste • User should get some benefit if he segregate the waste in to dry and wet • Forcing the user to segregate the domestic waste

Segregation Recycle


The ideations were based on the approach “ forcing the user to segregate wet and dry waste� . The bin is made of two parts plastic container with lid and a paper bag. If the wet waste is put in the paper bag, it attracts flies and stings and he will be forced to dispose that in Plastic bin. For dry waste user get an advantage of not opening the lid for disposing the waste and there by easily doing the job. The product also needs a solution in the system level where the bin’s will be provided by the municipality and takes strict decision on collecting the waste

Concept validation. A mock up was made and tested in two houses. People where provided with a plastic container with lid and one open paper bag But sill people perceive dry leafs and onion peels as dry and they put those in the paper bag. But the wet waste ( food left over) were able to segregate. Thus product helps in creating opportunity in the municipality end to segregate the recyclable wastes (from the dry wastes), which otherwise could have been difficult. Thus making the recycling of plastic and paper easier.

Details Lid (LDPE)

Paper Bag

SS Frame

clamp Slit

Body ( LDPE)


Fly zaap Fly zaap is a electric fly trap, whose form is inspired from the house fly. The product can be hung in the ceiling or can be wall mounted. By adjusting the legs, it can be used for outdoor applications as in picnic. Project duration : 3 weeks

Abstraction and studying structure

Final motive


Final concept





1. Detachable legs, for mounting on wall using the nail holes provided 2. Back side detail-rubber pad helps to prevent scratches 3. Back cover - To clean out trapped flies in the Fly zaap 4. Adjustable legs- For out door application and for keeping on table.

Details The product uses ultraviolet light to attract flies towards the electrified mesh. The trapped flies will get collected in the glass tray provided in the bottom, which can be cleaned easily by opening the backside cover. The product is designed to be used in indoor and outdoor applications. The form is inspired from a motive, which is derived from house fly structures and postures. The mesh network is also inspired from the actual texture of compound eye, which the flies have.

Camp Stove A product which is redesigned by considering the factors of techno aesthetic detailing. While designing importance had given to enhancing technical details, functionality of the product and overall aesthetics Project duration : 3 weeks

Study of existing product

Defining product desirables







Identified issues 1. Reach of knob 2. Cleaning intricate details 3. Reach of venturi 4. Flatness of assembly 5. Treatment for spark pin 6. Balance of vessels

• • • • • • •

Flatness of the top half should be maintained. Provision to find it in dark. Knob operation to be made convenient. Venturi reach to be improved for cleaning. Burner should be easy to clean. Main frame to be made detachable to carry out cleaning. All welds need to be concealed.


Main frame Stainless steel frame with, legs spot welded with it. Spring steel clips are provided for locking with the gas cylinder and also it helps easy detachment and snapping it back to position.

Self retracting telescopic knob

Detachable burner

This design help to increase the reach of the knob. It has a fool proof mechanism which protects the knob and assembly, in case of removal of regulator with out adjusting knob to the minimum length

The burner is mounted on regulator out put and can be easily be removed and put back, during the cleaning of venturi. A gasket is placed which hold the assembly tightly.

Final product details • • • • • • •

Handling became easy with firm handle attached to cylinder. Cleaning of parts became simple by making parts detachable. Provision to find it in dark with the help of self illumining stickers provided in the knob . Reach of knob improved by self retracting telescopic knob. Technical parts are treated aesthetically considering all manufacturing limitations. Adjustable knob provided in the three legs of main frame helps to maintain flatness in any surface Visual clutter of main frame is eliminated by designing it in single piece structure

Top view

Side view

Exploded view Handle

Main frame

Bottom support Spark pin Bush Burner Trigger

Telescopic knob assembly Knob base

Slit for flexibililty

Coil spring

Retracting part

Illumination sticker

Tricon Tricon is platform intended for arthritic patients which helps them to perform their routine tasks in the kitchen with less effort. Project duration : 1 month

User scenarios

Insights Provision to sit and work. By doing so it should not be a hindrance to other people. Reduce physical movement in kitchen. Provision to do many activities from a single station. Should be safe to operate for all users. Convenient to use. Modularity can be explored. Should work for all age groups and heights.

Arthritic people in India Joints affected by arthritis

Arthritis in knee

Arthritis in hip

normal arthritic Pain areas

Transfer of weight of human body in sitting and standing



This platform clubs many activities in kitchen, thus helps arthritic patients to perform many routine activities from a single place and that too in sitting posture, which reduces the stress in their legs. The height of each panel is different and is decided on the basis of activities -which require force application(Dough making) , Precise action (cutting) and cooking. The closed position helps the normal users to stand and cook and consumes less space in kitchen.




1. Open position 2. Working position 3. Closed position

Spray Gun Form explorations

Model making 1 : 1.2 Scale model of Nikon D40. Materials used were MDF , HIPS, Acrilic sheet

Digital sculpt Model was designed and made in Rhino and rendered in Hypershot

Thank you ! Contact: +919833800433

Industrial Design Portfolio  

Industrial Design Portfolio