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The R4 3DS Cards Are Doing Their Part In Making Console Gaming A Lot More Attractive There are many such instances when we really miss the old days of our childhood when we used to have a gaming session with our friends. That is because now the gaming scene has totally changed since the arrival of the PC games with the show stopping graphics and excellent game story lines. PC games are becoming all the more popular with each passing day. You can have a whole new experience with the usual sports games or the adventure games when playing on the PC. Fantasy games got a new definition by PC games. It is really hard to beat the gaming experience on the PC. That is why the gaming consoles had to think of something out of the box. Take a look around and you will find out what all innovations have taken place in this direction. Have you heard of the DS consoles? Nintendo has been the game changer in the industry. It is also one of the longest players in the market. Nintendo decided a few years ago to come up with inventive gaming consoles and introduced a series of consoles. Now we have consoles which allow direct data access right from your PC with the help of a cable. All these have been possible with the help of the new technology revolving around the series of DS cards. The R4 3DS is one such product which has been very high on demand in the international markets. Compatibility has been on of the major problems when it comes to these cards. But now these cards are compatible with most of the consoles eliminating this major problem. The build quality too has improved making it quite strong for the daily war and tear. The R4 3DS cards support real time functions which allow one to easily save and pause without delay. The R4i series of cards are improving and raising the bars with each o their variants. Now the R4i Gold 3DS goes well with multi language support which is a huge relief

for many gamers. One just has to make sure that the softwares are always kept updated. The cheat functions are quite easy to be loaded and one does not have to wait for the waiting time taken. The slow motion functions haven’t been supported well by many cards but this one does is flawlessly. The R4i Gold 3DS does not have any problems with the compatibility and goes well with all Nintendo consoles. The various Moonshell versions too are supported on these cards.

The R4 3DS Cards Are Doing Their Part In Making Console Gaming A Lot More Attractive