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The R4 3DS – The Perfect Accessory For Your Nintendo Gaming Console Have you checked out the gaming scene lately? The gaming has become more than an activity in leisure and has grown into a sport which is competed at international levels. There






gaming competitions with cash prizes for the winner. Now how did all of this happen? We all remember having small gaming sessions on holidays with our friends. Slowly the scene was changed when computer games came into existence. PC games made gaming more intense and more competitive. Slowly the 2D games started being developed in 3D and the effects were just mind blowing. The types of games that are available too are many. You can go for the first person shooter game, hand to hand combat games, sports, racing, role play games and many more. All these have made the gaming industry quite prosperous. But has all this spelt the doom of the consoles? You are in for a surprise. Though the PC games are quiet common, they haven’t been able to compete with the consoles. The market for the consoles has seen a rise in the demand and the major reason for this has to be the unique experience that one has while praying on consoles. The latest consoles come with the best user interfaces. You can simply feel the whole game and be a part of it, rather than just controlling it. The various innovations that have been bought into this world have just made things a lot brighter for the gamer in you. Nintendo has been a key player in the video games industry now for a considerable amount of time. They have a wide range of consoles for gaming and turned the world around with their DS range of devices. Suppose you get to play your songs and other media files on the gaming console, won’t that be wonderful?

The R4i SDHC is an accessory which does not need much of an introduction. But if you haven’t been a part of the gaming world, you might just need one. The combination of low pricing strategies and high performance delivery has made the R4i SDHC a hot favourite among the gamers. The R4 3DS is another one such card which can make a huge difference for the gamer. The compatibility of this card with the Nintendo devices has made it very popular. This card is quite apt for faster user interfaces. If you are looking for an intelligent card which goes well with saving and retrieving, the R4 3DS has to be it.

The R4 3DS – The Perfect Accessory For Your Nintendo Gaming Console